Healing Plan for Anti-aging

3-week plan, 20-30 minutes a day

This 3-week healing plan will assist you in clearing and healing all long-standing beliefs and emotions around the negative perceptions and side-effects of aging. You will also clear and heal deeply-held, negative beliefs and emotions that surface on a regular basis as you mature and grow older.

At the end of this 3-week healing plan, you will be free to grow older without prematurely aging yourself. You will be able to create a healthy body, healthy skin, and healthy lifestyle no matter what age you are. You will continue to create an ongoing sense of your personal identity that is not filtered through the perspective of age or getting old. Growing older is not an option, but how you age is an option.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear of your body changing as you get older

Fear of your life changing as you get older

Worry and stress that you are less significant now

Limiting beliefs that you are unattractive as you age

You Want To:

Be happy with your body and the way you look

Feel confident in who you are as you grow older

Create an identity based on your truth, not your age

Stay active, healthy, and attractive as you grow older

The oil customized to support you in this Healing Plan: I am confident.

How to Use This Healing Plan

Under each tab, follow the instructions for healing techniques and sessions. Check off your progress as you go. This process is simple and powerful!

3 Daily Practices

10-15 minutes a day

Do each of these short exercises every day of this 3-week healing plan. In other words, do these daily practices along with the healing sessions for Week 1. When you move on to Week 2, continue to do these practices daily.

The list may look long, but the techniques are quick once you’re familiar with them. Each technique resets your energy so you can create confidence in your aging experience.

Listen here or download and listen on the go. This audio session is highly supportive to listen to while exercising or getting ready in the morning.

Listen here or download and listen on the go. Listen to this every day while exercising, getting yourself ready for the day, or while winding down for the evening.

Each day, choose one (or several) of the following sentences to finish. Write your answers in a journal or notebook. Write quickly. No overthinking. See what comes up. Keep this practice fresh by selecting a different sentence to finish each day.

“The family patterns around negative aging that I notice are…”

“Things that my family has said about growing older that are shaming and limiting are…”

“What I notice(d) in my mother as she ages/aged is…”

“What I notice(d) in my father as he ages/aged is…”

“What I hear my mother saying that is negative as she ages is…”

“What I hear my father saying that is negative as he ages is…”

“What I notice in older people that is creating what I don’t want is…”

“My biggest fear about getting older is…”

“I notice the older I get, the more I feel…”

“Common physical ailments that manifest in my family as people age are…”

“When I look in the mirror, I perceive the parts of me that are aging are…”

“When I notice my face is aging, it makes me feel…”

“The parts of my body that I feel are aging the fastest are… and it makes me feel…”

“I wish I could go back to being…”

“When others see me, I believe they think…”

“Every year that I get older, I feel…”

“Every year that I get older, I believe more and more…”

“What I do not like about getting older is…”

“What I love about getting older is…”

“The myths about aging that I want to let go of are…”

“The stereotypes about aging I want to heal are…”

“I believe I will be less attractive as I age because…”

“What I really want to experience as I grow older is…”

“If I stay vital and healthy as I age, I will…”

“What I really want to experience as I grow older is…”

“How I feel about my current age is…”

“What I really want to believe about aging and growing older is…”

“I will know I have a positive attitude about aging when I feel…”

Keeping your chakra energy system open, balanced, and healthy will help you age positively. Listening to this sound healing track, using Tibetan healing bowls, effortlessly opens and balances your chakra energy. Listen to this track while you journal, take a bath, go on a walk, or go to sleep.

Week 1 Practices

5 sessions

In this first week of your healing plan, watch each healing session at least one time.

Space out the sessions in consecutive days. (All at once is too much!) If you have time, watch each session twice. You can also watch any of these healing sessions at any time when they would be supportive.

(Do not move on to Week 2 sessions until 7 days pass. Consider marking your calendar.)

This welcome call supports you in setting your intentions for the next 3 weeks and shares how to tap into the collective energy of the group so you get the most out of this plan. I also explain why the Core Scrambler and journal prompts are so vital for your healing.
This session will help you clear the conscious and subconscious negative beliefs and perceptions you have about aging. The clearing script includes your own limiting beliefs and perceptions about aging, along with those that were held by your parents and the generations before you. As a result of doing the clearing, you will be free to create your own positive experience with aging.
You have deeply imprinted beliefs and perceptions about aging that interfere with you being able to live true to who you are in the moment. These beliefs will prematurely age you and cause imbalances and disease in your body. Use any of the limiting beliefs in this session: “I am getting old, I am a senior citizen, I am insignificant, I am (insert your age).”
A negative perception of aging can often result in low confidence and self-esteem. With all the negative messages we pick up on in our culture, we begin to believe we have less value the older we get. This clearing session will help you restore confidence in yourself as you grow older to help create a positive aging experience.

This session will set you up to release deeply held beliefs about negative aging. It will help you understand what a psychological reversal is, how it can sabotage your personal goals, and how to clear it. If positive change has become difficult recently, this session is for you.
Your first chakra energy holds your ancestral energy patterns, including any patterns for generational illness and disease. When using this session, set the intention that you will clear all known and unknown generational illness and disease even if it is not mentioned in the clearing script.
Add this session if you have fears that you will not have the money and finances you need to live an affluent life in your older years. This session will help you experience a shift in your energy so you can allow more of life’s riches to flow into your life.
In this Coaching Call for the Healing Plan for Anti-Aging, Carol answers your questions and shows you 3 powerful (but super easy) energy “hacks” to slow down your aging process. The perfect call to watch when you’re challenged by fears, worries, and a lack of confidence about aging.

Week 2 Practices

4 sessions

Watch each of the 4 healing sessions below at least one time. Watch sessions twice if you have time, or again at any time when they would be supportive.

Each day of this week, continue to do the 3 practices under the Daily tab.

This session will help you clear the negative energy you carry mentally and physically around aging, including any generational patterns of illness and disease that have occurred during the aging process in the generations before you. As a result of doing this clearing, you free your body and mind to create vitality on all levels of your being.
This session will help you release from your body any negative beliefs and energy patterns about aging. When using this session with this plan, choose a positive “I am” statement that references positive aging like any of the following:

“I am comfortable and excited about getting older”
“I am excited about aging”
“I am loving the way I look as I age”

As the instructions in this video outline, see which negative beliefs come up as you do the walk.

This session will clear your own beliefs and any generational beliefs that as we age, we will incur some sort of illness or disease and/or we will have to live in pain. As a result of doing this clearing, you can create a positive aging experience free of disease, illness, and pain.
This visualization imprints a powerful energy to support you in growing older while positively creating affluence in all areas until the completion of your life.
This session will teach you how to energy test to determine what resources are supportive for your body as you age. I will teach you the simple energy testing method that I personally use.

Week 3 Practices

2 sessions

Watch each of the 2 healing sessions below at least one time. Watch sessions twice if you have time, or again at any time when they would be supportive.

Each day of this week, continue to do the 3 practices under the “Daily” tab.

This session will help you heal the shameful judgments you have about the appearance of your skin and face as you age. You will slow down the aging process as a result and free your skin to come back to life.

This session will help you heal any shameful judgments you have about your body, especially as your body grows older. You will love and appreciate the body you have at every age, which results in you better caring for it.
With this session, you’ll easily determine which percentage of the energy pattern of negative aging is yours to heal, and how much of it is generational.
Add this session to help you become clear on what you want to create and how to petition your angels to assist you in creating it as you grow older.

Optional Bonus Content

Read Lesson 4 in Mastering Affluence

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Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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