Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose

3-week plan, 15-30 minutes a day

This 3-week healing plan will assist you in removing the subconscious and conscious interferences you carry that keep you from aligning with your soul truth. As you align with your soul’s energy, you manifest and bring your life purpose into form.

As I teach in Mastering Affluence, your life purpose is threefold in design. As you move through this healing plan, you will start to create the following in each of the three areas:

1. Lessons to learn. You are letting go of the lessons of pain and struggle and learning the lessons of joy and affluence. This is what your soul wants for you. As you clear away the old belief that struggle is a necessary part of your spiritual development, you begin to learn how joy is now the mainstay of your spiritual development.

2. Experiences to have. Your soul desires to experience the wonders of this planet through your human form. From healthy foods, to travel, to driving a certain car, or living in a certain environment, the experiences are myriad and broad. As you are aligned with your true self and soul’s energy, you easily attract the experiences that are uniquely meant to be experienced by you!

3. Service to give. As you live your truth, you more easily manifest the money and time to free yourself up to give back to others. That may be as simple as giving a smile to someone in a grocery line to starting a non-profit charity about a cause that would help others. Service comes in many different sizes and shapes, and you will attract opportunities to serve that are perfect for you.

At the end of this 3-week healing plan, you will have started to come more fully into alignment with your soul truth. You’ll feel ready and confident to move forward with your life.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Uncertainty, stress, and feeling stuck

Confusion about what your true calling is

Frustration from all the obstacles in your way

Disconnection from your spiritual support

You Want To:

Move forward with a calm knowing

Gain confidence in your own soul purpose

Experience your life without roadblocks

Feel supported and divinely guided

The oil customized to support you in this Healing Plan: I am purpose.

How to Use This Healing Plan

Under each tab, follow the instructions for healing techniques and sessions. Check off your progress as you go. This process is simple and powerful!

4 Daily Practices

6-12 minutes each day

Do each of these short exercises every day of this 3-week healing plan. In other words, do these daily practices along with the healing sessions for Week 1. When you move on to Week 2, continue to do these practices daily.

The list may look long, but the techniques are quick once you’re familiar with them. Each technique supports you in connecting with your true self and your soul purpose.

This session will show you a powerful way to start your day. In just a couple minutes, you will connect with the heavens, the earth, with your energy centers, and attract that which supports you.

This daily script will help you experience a connection to your inner authority. These affirmations recognize that our soul’s guidance comes from within.

This audio session is supportive to listen to first thing in the morning and any time throughout the day when you’d like to feel guided by your soul and the Divine.

These journal prompts will allow you to have conversations with your Soul. Each day, choose one (or several) of the following sentences to finish. Write your answers in a journal or notebook. Write quickly. No overthinking. See what comes up. Keep this practice fresh by selecting a different sentence to finish each day.

“Dear Soul, where in my life have I stopped speaking with authenticity?”

“Dear Soul, where in my life have I been withdrawing from being fully myself?”

“Dear Soul, what is one of my superpowers?”

“Dear Soul, what experiences would you like me to have more of?”

“Dear Soul, what lessons have I already learned that I can let go of?”

“Dear Soul, what are the new lessons you would like me to learn?”

“Dear Soul, what services can I share more of on a daily basis?”

“Dear Soul, is there anything I need to clear up or learn in this lifetime that I’m missing?”

“Dear Soul, is there anything I need to let go of?”

“Dear Soul, how can I trust my intuitive hits more confidently?”

“Dear Soul, what do I need to know to overcome my biggest challenge right now?”

“Dear Soul, how can I be more kind to myself?”

“Dear Soul, what is going really well in my life right now that I might not be seeing?”

“Dear Soul, if there is one thing you could change in my life right now, what would it be?”

“Dear Soul, something I’ve always wanted to do that I haven’t done yet is…”

“Dear Soul, what keeps me from doing it and how can I change that?”

“Dear Soul, what is my life purpose?”

Sound healing, using Tibetan healing bowls, helps you process, clear, and ground your energy. They activate your energy centers to help you express your true self with more ease. Listen to this track while you do your daily activities, such as journaling, going for a walk, taking a bath, or falling asleep.

Week 1 Practices

4 sessions

In this first week of your healing plan, watch each healing session at least one time.

Space out the sessions in consecutive days. (All at once is too much!) If you have time, watch each session twice. You can also watch any of these healing sessions at any time when they would be supportive.

(Do not move on to Week 2 sessions until 7 days pass. Consider marking your calendar.)

This clearing will support you in clearing any subconscious and conscious blocks, fears, and resistance you have that are keeping you from living the greater purpose that your soul has for you.
You may have conscious or subconscious beliefs that cause you to perceive your spiritual authority is outside of you. This session will help you clear any trapped emotional trauma in your genetic emotional history of your family. You may not have held the beliefs or had the experience of what the script represents, yet it is a strong possibility that one of your ancestors did, and you still may be the carrier of the energy pattern.
This clearing will support you in releasing any blocks and resistance you have that are preventing you from easily moving forward in your life. You need to feel confident in moving forward with ease as you draw to you new opportunities and experiences that will unfold as your life purpose becomes more clear to you.

You may not be able to find your life path and purpose due to the fact you are not aligned with it and your energy is completely disconnected from it. Everyone has a life path and purpose that our souls are guiding us in fulfilling. This session will assist you in energetically connecting to your life path and purpose that was determined before you came into physical form.
As you begin Week 1, this Coaching Call will be a powerful support tool as Carol answers questions that come up as you do the clearing sessions and journaling. She also talks about challenges that come up as you live your life purpose and whether or not that’s “normal.”

Week 2 Practices

4 sessions

Watch each of the 4 healing sessions below at least one time. Watch sessions twice if you have time, or again at any time when they would be supportive.

Each day of this week, continue to do the 4 practices under the Daily tab.

All other healing sessions vary from week to week, but this one you will do for all 3 weeks. Watch it again. Go through the exercise. Let things go.
You may carry the energy of religious abuse from your own life experience. If you have not experienced this in your lifetime, someone in your ancestor line did. The residual energy that you carry in your DNA is an interference that will keep you from trusting any divine authority, regardless of what your religious or spiritual beliefs are. This session will assist you in clearing this residual energy so you can more powerfully receive intuitive guidance about your life purpose.
This session assists you in clearing any feelings of abandonment that are keeping you stuck from moving forward in new experiences. The range of abandonment that causes this interference includes everything from feeling abandoned by God, a parent leaving in your childhood, to even crying for too long in our crib as infants.
You have a unique life path, but you could be spending too much time on someone else’s path. This session will assist you in putting your energy and attention into creating your own life path. You have the power to create a life purpose that is perfectly supportive to you.
This Coaching Call is full of inspiration and guidance as you go through the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose. Carol also coaches her guest, Chloe to help her open the energy and trust what’s next for her.

Week 3 Practices

4 sessions

Watch each of the 4 healing sessions below at least one time. Watch sessions twice if you have time, or again at any time when they would be supportive.

Each day of this week, continue to do the 4 practices under the “Daily” tab.

This is your third week of this clearing session. Notice how different things feel this time, compared to your first week.

You may carry the belief from religious shaming that you are unworthy in God’s eyes and that you have to suffer to be worthy. This clearing session will assist you in no longer equating your worth and value to your spiritual experience. It will help you solidify the truth that you are deserving, worthy, and always have been. Knowing these truths reinforces your right to fulfill a unique purpose only you can fill during your lifetime.
This session will assist you in clearing any trauma and resistance you may still carry from leaving God and coming to earth. This residue is an interference to you trusting and seeking divine guidance and can leave you in a loop of confusion when it comes to knowing and fulfilling your life purpose.
This visualization will assist you in creating a stronger energetic bond with your soul. Your soul knows your purpose. Your soul is there to guide you every day in living a life of affluence, ease, and joy and to help bring into manifestation the unique opportunities and experiences that will manifest in your life purpose being fulfilled.

Optional Bonus Content

This session will help you learn how to petition your angels as a support and help to you in living and fulfilling your life purpose.

Clearing Session for Fear of Rejection

This session will assist you in clearing any residual energy that you may carry from others rejecting you, your ideas, and your contribution. You may be holding yourself back just to prevent being rejected again. With this old energy gone, you will feel more safe to move forward to pursue your life purpose.

Childhood Development Clearing Session Stage 6

This session will assist you in feeling more confident in your ability to pursue and create successful outcomes that make a difference in the world. This session helps you stay true to yourself and create a successful life as an adult.

Read Lesson 1 in Mastering Affluence

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Recommended Gemisphere
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Hearts Wisdom: The Heart’s Wisdom fosters spiritual, emotional, and physical healing by increasing your emotional clarity and the awareness of your soul’s purpose. By supporting you to become more alive and aware, Heart’s Wisdom helps you open to new experiences of love.

Lavender: Lavender awakens you to your true spiritual essence. It gradually aligns and integrates all of your physical and subtle aspects. With improved alignment, energetic blockages are released, old issues rise to the surface for resolution, and confusing symptoms often disappear.

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Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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