Healing Plan for Stress, Fear, and Anxiety

2-week plan, 15-30 minutes a day

This 2-week healing plan will assist you in releasing and healing the emotions and beliefs that keep you stuck in frequent (or even daily) stress, fear, and anxiety.

Consider the possibility that frequent bouts of stress, fear, and anxiety have become a normal state for you. You are used to feeling stress, fear, and anxiety and these states of being can easily be triggered as you have formed a habit of feeling this way. You also may be mimicking a generational pattern that either of your parents may have also experienced.

At the end of this 2-week healing plan, you will have created a new state of being where you will feel more open and free to create a daily experience of calmness and fulfillment.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Emotions that feel out of control

Stress that affects your daily life

Mental loops of anxiety and worry

Fear that keeps you stuck

You Want To:

Be in control of how you feel

Experience more calmness and confidence

Create a new habit of mental and emotional balance

Be a calm, confident, in-control person

The oil customized to support you in this Healing Plan: I am calm.

How to Use This Healing Plan

Under each tab, follow the instructions for healing techniques and sessions. Check off your progress as you go. This process is simple and powerful!

4 Daily Practices

6-12 minutes each day

Do each of these short exercises every day of this 2-week healing plan. In other words, do these daily practices along with the healing sessions for Week 1. When you move on to Week 2, continue to do these practices daily.

The list may look long, but the techniques are quick once you’re familiar with them. Each technique resets your experience so you can eliminate stress, fear, and anxiety.

Listen here or download and listen on the go. In order to feel peace and well-being, you have to believe you can experience it. This audio session is highly supportive in helping you create a new habit of peace and well-being. Listening to it in the morning sets you up to feel good each day.

Listen here or download and listen on the go. Listen to this short audio to train your mind to create new habits of calmness and confidence.
Listen here or download and listen on the go. Listen to this short audio to train your mind to create new habits of calmness and confidence.

Ask your angels to go before you each day to prepare the settings and people you will interact with to support you in experiencing your true and confident self, and as a result, the experiences you have will support you in feeling good.

Sound healing, using Tibetan healing bowls, helps you process, clear, and ground your energy. They activate your energy centers to help you express your true self with more ease. Listen to this track while you do 2 Techniques to Make Every Day Pleasurable, petition your angels, go on a walk, or as you fall asleep at night.

Week 1 Practices

4 sessions

In this first week of your healing plan, watch each healing session at least one time.

Space out the sessions in consecutive days. (All at once is too much!) If you have time, watch each session twice. You can also watch any of these healing sessions at any time when they would be supportive.

(Do not move on to Week 2 sessions until 7 days pass. Consider marking your calendar.)

This general stress clearing will support you in letting go of hidden emotions and beliefs that keep you stuck in frequent or daily bouts of stress.
Your experience with time may cause stress and anxiety. This session will assist you in creating a balanced experience with time, which will lead to more predictable calmness day to day.
Your primary emotional need from 0-6 months old was to know you were loved for existing. If this need goes unmet, your inner child may carry a hidden fear that you are not worthwhile. You may do things to try and feel important, which causes a spiral of stress and anxiety. This session helps you release yourself from this unhealthy pattern.
If you are fearful on a regular basis, it’s possible that this has become an emotional habit for you. Fear causes your body to go into fight and flight, which then triggers your thinking mind to run thoughts that perpetuate the fear. This clearing will aid you in repatterning your biology and your mind to stay calm in any situation.
This healing session focuses entirely on positive and affirmative statements as you tap on your body. Your body is familiar with the vibration of stress, fear, and anxiety. This session will help train your body to hold the higher vibration of calmness and balance.
Stress, fear, and anxiety—where does it come from, and could it really be anger in hiding? This call is a powerful support tool as you move through this specific Healing Plan, including an energy technique to help calm your mind. Carol also supports Cobi live on the call so she can release the burden she carries and lighten her load. 

Week 2 Practices

4 sessions

Watch each of the 4 healing sessions below at least one time. Watch sessions twice if you have time, or again at any time when they would be supportive.

Each day of this week, continue to do the 4 practices under the “Daily” tab.

This general anxiety clearing will support you in letting go of hidden emotions and beliefs that keep you stuck in experiencing frequent and daily anxiety.
When you hold a deeper belief that you are not enough, you try to make up the difference in your doings. As a result, you create patterns of perfectionism, which lead to stress, fear, and anxiety. This session will release you from needing to do things perfectly and help you connect to the innate truth that you are valuable for existing.
You may feel guilty for not being good at the roles you play, for your lack of confidence, or even for feeling guilty! Guilt is an emotional energy that feeds the stress, anxiety and fear you are choosing to heal from. This session will help you release patterns of guilt.
Carrying old “stuck” energy in your 7 primary energy centers (called chakras) adds to your pattern of stress, anxiety, and fear. This healing session will assist you in opening and clearing these powerful energy centers to support you in living as a wise, powerful being who is designed to feel balanced, aware, and confident about yourself and life.

Optional Bonus Content

Clearing Session for Your Energy Type

Not living in your true essence causes stress, anxiety, and fear. Use this session to release the shame energy that is connected to your true self.

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Clearing Session for Headaches

This session will assist you in releasing the deeper beliefs and pent-up energy that turns into the physical disorder we call headaches. It will help you train your body to no longer repress your emotions or take on other people’s energy, which you tend to hold onto.

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Recommended Tibetan
Healing Bowls

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Recommended Gemisphere
Therapeutic Gemstones

Amethyst: Helps you attain wisdom by reminding every aspect of your being of its inherent spiritual nature. It can help you let go of all that is old and all that holds you back—on every level and in every aspect of life—so that you may fully embrace your spiritual destiny.

Quartz: Helps attract nourishing life force that permeates all aspects of our being: mental, emotional and physical. This stream of positive energy alleviates stress by providing support and nourishment to all the systems in our body.

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Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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