Healing Session to Reframe Your Birth Story

11 minutes

This session will help you shift the energy of your life by going back to your life’s original event. Birth can imprint us with a degree of struggle. By reframing it, we change the energy and release struggle you experience in the present.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Struggle in any area of your life

Anxiety about being your true self

Worry that you are not wanted or loved

Emotional pain that you cannot explain

You Want To:

Move through life with more ease and joy

Live true to yourself with confidence

Experience others loving and accepting you

Live in the present, free of emotional pain

Affirmation for this Session:

As I reframe my birth, I create a new story of affluence, ease, and joy.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:08

Session Transcript

In my 25 plus years of assisting people with coaching and healing work, this technique I’m about to teach you is the most-used technique in my practice over these 25 years. It will help you shift the energy of your life because we’re going back to the origin of the original event that your life began with, your birth story. We’re going to reframe your birth today by creating a new birth story. The original event of your life was your birth and it does imprint us with a degree of struggle, some more than others. By reframing it, creating a new reference to a story, we change the energy, and that energy even though it was so many years ago, it’s as if that was the original event and the energy of our current life experience shifts to mirror that. It’s pretty profound, what can happen just by reframing your birth.

So to do this, you’re going to want to…I recommend you sit down, feet flat on the floor, arms uncrossed, so that you have an open expression, so your energy can run openly and very smoothly.

My body’s already getting ready for this with some deep cleansing breaths. Let’s take another one. I find it helpful if you lift your shoulders and then drop them because it just gives this sense of letting go. And I like to breathe in through my nose out through my mouth because I can get a bigger cleansing breath.

Now, think back. You may have been told about your birth story. You may not have had much said about it. It doesn’t matter what the story was. Good chance though, there was a degree of struggle in the experience. And so, if there was something really impressed upon you that was told to you over and over and over because your birth experience and birth story was referenced so often how hard it was, how inconvenient it was, maybe your parents were wishing for another gender, you know, what have you been told? We’re going to group that all together.

Just take all that stuff, all that’s been said. And if you don’t know the story, just take the energy of your birth and, kind of, bundle it in this space here. Just bring that all together and we’re just gonna launch it like a helium balloon. We’re just going to launch it. We’re going to let it go. We’re gonna take all that energy, capture it in an imaginary balloon. Maybe your balloon’s bigger, maybe it’s really big, maybe you’ve carried this your whole life. You’re going to just let it lift. Just let it go, see it go, just floating away.

And now with your eyes closed, again, take a deep breath. Turn your attention inward and imagine you’re standing in the light that your spirit lived in before you were born. I call this the light before your birth. Imagine your soul or spirit presence, standing in the light. And God, as you experience God or angels, whatever spiritual support that you connect with, see that part, that energy, that presence, that being, there with you, reassuring you, supporting you, as a parent would, as a wonderful parent would say, “You can do this and everything’s gonna be fine, and you’ll always have help.”

There is help for you for every moment of every day. And you make the decision to move forward to go into your physical life into your mortal experience with that confidence and that reassurance and that support intact. And this huge cheering section is there to just spur you on, cheer you on, and they’re so excited for your journey. Your successes, your learning, and the difference you’re going to make in the lives of so many. And you hear that and you feel all that support.

And you move forward, as though you are moving down through degrees of light cascading down through the light, to meet the moment of your conception where you’re conceived. And now you’ve met that mortal experience and you feel confident, you feel safe, and you feel true to you. And you’re growing and developing in your mother’s womb, you’re safe and secure, protected from other energy influences. You grow with balance, you feel comfortable.

That reassurance, that confidence, abides within you, you brought it with you. You are grateful to be you. You continue to grow, you’re healthy. You feel welcomed, you’re wanted, you’re loved. Your mother’s making healthy choices. Your father and mother’s relationship is harmonious. It’s wonderful, it’s supportive. It’s inviting.

You feel drawn to this physical place and you feel safe in this physical world, becoming more and more aware of your body and your presence of being in the physical world and you’re fully developed now and it’s the perfect time of your birth. You’re being born at the right time, on the right day, in the right place, and you’re wanted. You’re wanted. It’s desirable. Your life is desirable to yourself, to God, to your parents, to others.

Now, you, your adult self, who you are now, enters the scene. You’re with your mother who’s pregnant full term, ready to give birth to you. You’re with your father. There’s angelic support there. They are serving as midwives. Any other family members that would be supportive to you enter as well. You choose a space that’s comfortable for your mother, whether it’s a hospital room, whether it’s in nature, whether it’s a place in the light. This is your story and you’re crafting it in every way to support your entry into the world. So see your parents as agreeable, as desiring your birth, as grateful to serve you in their roles. You thank them for serving you in this role of bringing you to the world and Mama’s made comfortable and birth’s going to go harmoniously and gracefully.

So you’re now entering the birth canal and mom is in labor, and it’s going very easily and harmoniously. She’s assisted by you and your dad’s there, so there’s a male presence. There’s a feminine presence. You can bring in whatever spirit support that you desire. Even God can be at your birth. And you’re pushed fully to crown, you’re there to support now, receiving your infinite self into the physical world. And your mother with this comfortable ease and to push your infant self is born and you are the one to receive that part, that infant self. You’re ready. You have a blanket of light that you wrap yourself in and you’re the first to hold you.

You look down into the eyes of your infant self, that part of you, that infant you looks up into your eyes, you greet this part, this little self, and you say “Welcome. I love you, you are wanted, you are cherished, I’m so grateful you chose to come. You can now live your life with joy and ease, and the affluence of the heavens supporting you.”

You take that little one all bundled up in the light, who’s healthy, whose vitals are strong, and everyone’s eager to meet this little one. And they greet this little baby with joy, with the reception of love, of acceptance, and of desire. You feel wanted, you feel grateful, and you choose now this to be the original story of your life. Filled with love, wanting, acceptance, care, well-being, perfect timing, perfect day, perfect gender. You tell that little one, you’re the right one. Thank you for starting the story of me.

And you take that bundle of love that’s you and you just bring that true self into your heart. Bring entering that new story, bringing it into your whole being, putting your hands on your heart, in the center of your chest, and just let that melt into you. Let that become you. The truth of who you are. Allowing to now between that original event now that that energy catches all the way up to the current moment to live your life from this new energetic platform, and you’re grateful you have this chance and you receive it and you allow it.

Take a deep breath in. Come back into your physical body into the present moment. Fill your whole body in the space it’s occupying and gently open your eyes. And I like to tap all over my body, just helping that energy become present with me.

Now, you’re going to still have habits where you’re going to play out the old story. In any moment, you can reference this new birth story. You can go through the whole story again and anchor this in more powerfully into your own psyche, into your own energy system. Use this tool as needed to support creating the story of your own truth, who you choose to be true to your Energy Type, true to your self-love and self-understanding that you’ve been increasingly becoming aware of as you begin to live your life from this point forward to be your own individual expression of truth.

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