Tapping Instructional Video – How to Tap

14 minutes

This session will show how to use Tapping, the simple and easy-to-use healing tool, to help your natural mind/body healing system take effect. By learning how to tap, you will learn how to have healthier thoughts and feelings as you clear your personal energy system.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

A struggle with negative thinking

Feelings of being stuck in patterns

Inability to fully live your truth

Self-sabotage despite your desires

You Want To:

Learn how to Tap

Free yourself of limiting patterns

Release blocked energy

Connect with your truest self

Affirmation for this Session:

I am releasing and clearing my old money programs that keep me from receiving more and being blessed with more financial abundance.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 7:20

Session Transcript

I’m excited to introduce you to a really simple-to-use clearing tool. It’s called energy tapping. In its early days it was referred to as Emotional Freedom Technique, and it’s sort of become a more broader use of this technique that it’s now referred to more generally in the world of tapping, energy tapping. It’s a process that’s easy to apply. It helps you clear blocked, stuck emotion along your meridian pathways. You have meridians that actually are the pathways where energy moves in your personal energy system. I was introduced to the tapping practice two decades ago, and it was something that I could easily apply. I’ve taught literally hundreds of thousands of people to use this tool to be able to release stuck emotion, negative thinking, any particular pattern you’re stuck in, because energy is at the really the crux and the core of creating our reality. Whatever energy you’re running, what patterns, programs, energy scripts that you’re running, a lot of them are held subconsciously.

You’re actually vibrating that and radiating that vibration to the world. It’s like a signal, a broadcast you’re putting out that then influences the way your life plays out, how it shows up, the experiences you have, the relationship scenarios that play forth. It really affects every area of your life, and I teach this basic concept in my book, Remembering Wholeness, which I think is a good companion study for any healing work that you’re doing. Now I’ve always taught for years, and I say it right in the very first pages of Remembering Wholeness, that this is actually not a healing tool. I don’t believe that this tool heals us. I believe we come with the capacity for healing, that it’s a God-given blessing. It’s through the grace of God and whatever your particular religious or spiritual practice is, whatever you apply to really be the manifesting instrument of that healing through a spiritual force and a spiritual power, it’s what actually employs this tool to be an effective, functional way of healing.

I like to refer to energy work and emotional healing work as your emotional hygiene or your energy hygiene. Just like you take care of your physical body. God doesn’t come down and brush your teeth or make sure, you know, take a shower and all that. We’re employed through our agency to do that for ourselves. We’re not just physical beings. We’re emotional beings, we’re mental in our experience here, we’re spiritual, and we’re comprised of an energy system. So this is part of your self-care. And, again, it helps facilitate healing, because we get stuck. We get stuck in limited beliefs. We get stuck in shame energies. We get stuck in living a compromised existence, thinking that is what we should expect. We’re highly conditioned to settle for less, and what’s become familiar is a life of pain and struggle—which I teach that’s familiar. Yet our natural state is one of joy, and we want to create joy as a familiar experience rather than the pain and struggle.

I’ve simplified it to make it easy for you. I will use face and torso points. I’ve eliminated some of the extra steps that are taught in other tapping practices, and it’s fine. You can adapt this to your own needs. It’s not the tool. It’s the intent. It’s the readiness of your own healing capacity that this activates. And so the modality becomes very secondary, because the potential for healing is carried within you and your intent, your desire and your own energy system’s capacity for wellness, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, is being activated by this. So don’t get hung up on too many details. In fact, there’s times you can even just listen, and through the function of my applying it, you’re gonna be a benefactor of it, but it helps when you’re saying it and doing it with me.

I’m gonna show you the tapping points. These are key points on your meridians. I’m sure you’re familiar with acupuncture or acupressure. We have meridian points that in the practice of acupuncture or acupressure, you can find tender points or key points on the meridian lines that actually activate energy flow. And so these are key points on key meridians that activate some of the best energy flow for us to make an energetic shift. You’re basically taking your energy from a low vibration to a higher vibration, and practicing staying at a higher vibration is really the challenge these days. Clearing is easy. It’s easy to clear, it’s easy to release ourselves. It’s maintaining a steady state of a higher vibrational state that’s our opportunity now.

So the key points are inside of eyebrow, outside of your eye, under your eye, under your nose, under your bottom lip, your collarbone, under your arm and the top of your head. Now you can do both sides at the same time, or you can just do a single hand. You can start on this side. And switch to this side. Again, there’s no right way, there’s no perfect way. There’s just an opportunity to apply it close enough to get the benefit. So let’s take the issue of money. I wanna actually put this to practice. We come from historically a lot of lack, struggle, pain when it comes to money. We’ve created in our culture a lot of power outside of us that money has more power, and we’re at the mercy of the power of money, that we don’t really have a say. And so I found that most people benefit from tapping and clearing their old money programs.

And so set an intention with me that you’re going to be a beneficiary of this tapping session, and that sounds like, “I am releasing and clearing my old money programs that keep me from receiving more and being blessed with more financial abundance.”

So that’s a simple affirmation. I always start every clearing session, every tapping session with an intent. That’s what I’m seeking to experience. I believe that’s my innate quality, my God-given right to experience that, and it may not feel familiar to you, but to some part of you that rings true, so trust that.

And so you’re gonna just repeat after me while I tap along these different points. Now if I move too slow for you, you can move faster if you’re familiar with the points. If I move too fast for you, you can move slower once you recognize what the points are. Again, do it to your pace. I’m just demonstrating. You don’t have to be in sync with me.

So now we’ve stated our affirmation. We’re gonna go ahead and just start tapping up here on the inside of eyebrow. Gentle taps. Just saying, “Even though I feel money is more powerful than me, I love and accept myself.” Tap on the outside of your eye, “Even though I worry about money and it stresses me out, I’m a good person.” Tap under your eye, “Even though I wish I had more money than I do and I’m scared that I’m gonna run out, I know this can change now.”

And I’m gonna pause for a minute. It’s valuable for you to accept yourself in your current condition. That’s why I did those few statements of, “I accept myself, I love myself, I know this can change.” Now we’re gonna just go into some basic clearing statements. Again, we’re just going down along the tapping points on the face. Under your nose now. Letting go of, “I have no say when it comes to money.” Tapping on your chin, “I’m gonna run out. There’s never enough. I feel like it’s a sin if I spend money. Where’s the next money going to come from?” Tap on your collarbone, “Scared about running out. There’s never enough money. I’m powerless when it comes to money.” Tap under your arm, “Fretting, worrying, always getting into arguments with my significant other about money. I wish money didn’t exist, wish we didn’t have to deal with it.” Tapping on the top of your head, “Letting go of all these limiting beliefs around money, all these patterns around money that keep me stuck in lack and struggle. There’s never enough. Always getting by. Just barely getting by. Never getting ahead. Letting it go. Just letting it go.”

So that was a simple round of face and torso points on something that’s very universal. I made it very universal in the script. Now we’re gonna do a forgiveness step, because it’s important to forgive yourself. Again, that’s an act of love and self-acceptance. So just put your hand on what’s called your heart chakra. This is your heart center and I like to rotate mine. Whatever direction feels right to you. You can even keep it still. And just rotating your hand to say, “I forgive myself for giving so much power to money. I forgive myself for repeating these patterns of lack when it comes to money. I’m ready to change.”

Now we’re gonna move into the reframe part of tapping. This is going to actually activate the truth that you carry. These statements are actually all true. You don’t have to try and create them. You embody these truths. They again may not feel familiar to you, but you are a carrier of these truths. It’s just you’ve become really conditioned to believing the opposing belief. So this is the truth you really want to start practicing as your thought process. And so tapping while you’re speaking to this just really empowers us to come alive in you, to raise your vibration and to be able to carry these thoughts and these feelings so that they become your common experience, “I’m so grateful that there’s more than enough money. I’m a great steward of money. I appreciate how easily money shows up for me. Money is a service to me. I am blessed with an abundance of money. I always have more than enough. I’m grateful for all the money that shows up in my experience. I use it wisely. I use it to bless my life. I can also choose to use it to bless others. I’m grateful that I feel powerful when it comes to money. I’m the point of power. Money is a resource. I’m grateful for the ready supply of this resource. It flows to me easily. I’m making correct choices with it. I’m a great manager of it. Abundance is my natural state. I’m now affluent. I’m comfortable allowing money to grow. It accumulates. I’m becoming wealthier. It’s my natural state to be abundant. I appreciate money and the way it serves me and all the choices and experiences it allows me to have. I’m grateful that everyone deserves money, including me. I’m now allowing my money to show up for me. There’s enough and more money for everyone. I’m grateful. As I appreciate money, money appreciates for me. I’m now connected with the true energy of money. I am now blessed with riches of all kinds in my life.”

With money, I like to now do this figure eight process. Put your hands out as though you’re now pulling in this energy coming towards you, creating a flow to you. And money is a current. It cycles. It comes in, and there’s an outflow, and as you sustain a greater inflow than outflow, your money will accumulate. You know, I always have more than enough. You bring that into your heart, and you receive that with gratitude. And remember, we use the word appreciation when it comes to money. Money appreciates. It grows. So as you appreciate money and the good energy and the amazing resource it is in your life, it will appreciate and grow and expand for you.

In case I get a question from someone with a Type 2 or a Type 4 energy about the tapping, because these are lower movement natures, you may not feel as comfortable doing the tapping right on your body or even doing the actual tapping. You could actually modify this to just hold the pressure points as you say the statements. Just like that. And that might feel more effective for you. It actually could be a very grounding aspect to this process as you hold firmly these pressure points. So it’s your choice again. This tool can be modified to your preferences. The real key is it facilitates healing that’s already wanting to occur. Whatever’s showing up in your life that’s really the presenting issue, there’s a lot of energy, emotion on something. It’s asking to shift. It’s asking for you to clear it. It’s asking for you to change that pattern, and that’s why it’s showing up so poignantly and so directly in your face. So trust that. Let it get your attention.

So enjoy this wonderful tool. It’s easy to do, and you’ll be successful using it.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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