How to Use Energy Circles as a Creation Tool

8 minutes

This session will teach you how to use energy circles to bring your desires into physical manifestation. This technique moves the energy of your thoughts into the physical realm.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Lackluster results from your intentions

Positive thinking without physical outcomes

Questions about manifesting techniques

Limitation in what shows up for you

You Want To:

Set intentions that lead to results

Create your desires a tangible way

Know how energy circles work

Manifest miracles in your life

Affirmation for this Session:

I am grateful that as I use the tool of an energy circle, I am seeing more and more of what I desire come into my life.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 1:07

Session Transcript

An energy circle is a creation technique to help you ground the energy of what you desire to create into the physical world. To take what starts as thought and feelings and bring a physical process to help the energy transform into your physical reality.

If you only think about what you want and match it with positive feelings, you’re keeping it internal. Speaking it out loud while you are moving your body will help you bring the energy into the physical realm. It becomes an external experience which supports it becoming an actual physical experience for you. Use energy circles to help you bring your dreams and desires into physical manifestation.

Repeat this affirmation after me. “I am grateful that as I use the tool of an energy circle, I am seeing more and more of what I desire come into my life.”

Today, we’re going to do a general energy circle to help you create more affluence, ease, and joy in six areas of your life. Your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and your relationship. I teach you how to do this more fully in my book, Mastering Affluence: 6 Lessons to Create a Life you Love.

So, refer to that for more support. To start this process, you’re going to be standing up. Next step, bend over and draw an imaginary circle around you using your hands. Imagine pushing the lines of the circles out, so, it becomes larger.

You want a bigger container, so, about, you know, seven, eight feet around you that circle. You’re standing in the center of this large circle. Every time you repeat the affirmation that I’m speaking, you’re going to say it out loud and throw the energy of it into the circle. Just throwing in that energy, so, let’s get started with your spiritual.

I am my own spiritual authority. I’m guided in my choices. I choose what is correct for me. God is always there for me, watching over me and loving me. I’m grateful for my inner spiritual compass.

It is always working for me. Let’s move to your mental self. I’m grateful for my clear mind. I’m living in the now. I’m thinking about what is timely. My mind is in tune with what is correct for me. My mind is a tool that helps me navigate my life with ease.

Let’s move to the emotional. I am at peace. My feelings are calm and centered. I’m connected to my emotional center. I only feel my feelings. I am free of taking on other people’s feelings. They are responsible for what they feel. I am grateful I feel happy. I’m grateful I feel content. I am fulfilled.

Let’s create your physical affluence. I’m grateful for my healthy and fit body. My body is invigorated and full of vitality. I am listening to my body. It guides me in making correct choices for it. I take care of my body with the correct support of fitness and food that is best for me.

Let’s create financial affluence. I’m wealthy and supported by a lot of money. Money easily comes into my life. I’m grateful for the increasing flow and accumulation of money that I am experiencing. Money is my friend and ally. It’s always there for me.

Let’s move to relationships. My relationships are easy and enjoyable. I’m always honored in my intimate relationship. My partner is supportive of me and grateful for my wisdom and insight. I am loving my relationship. It is a great blessing and enjoyment in my life.

Feel all that energy you’ve now created in this wonderful circle. You’re going to bend over and imagine your pulling the energy up and around, encasing your body in it. Like you’re putting the energy on and dressing yourself in it, pat it into your body. Even bend over, pad it into your feet, legs, your head, breathe it in.

Now, throw your arms up into the air, as though you were throwing the energy into heaven just, oh, ask your angels or your support team to take this energy and help you create what you’ve spoken.

Now, draw figure eights coming out from every part of your body, connecting you with what wants to show up, to start coming into your life easily and effortlessly.

Last step. Gather the energy all up, bring it into your hands, place it into your heart, and thank the heavens for helping you create this. I’ve used energy circles as a creation tool for over 30 years, it has aided me in manifesting many wonderful things in all areas of my life.

When our children were small, we would often do a family energy circle. To do a group energy circle, just have everyone bend over and draw the circle around them. So, you’re connecting together through each drawing a piece of the circle. You’re all standing in the circle. Taking turns speaking your desires, intentions, and affirmations. As a family using this technique, we saw miracles happen and our desires turn into manifestations all of the time.

Use this technique to create the life of affluence, ease, and joy, you are already in the process of creating.