How to Use Spinal Flush & Zip Up Techniques

6 minutes

This session will show you how to use the Spinal Flush and Zip Up techniques to help clear away and shield yourself from unwanted energy you may be feeling from other people. You will learn how to return to your natural state within minutes.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Heaviness after being around someone

Feelings of “ick” after going out in public

Residual energy that isn’t yours

Weight from other people’s energy

You Want To:

Protect yourself from unwanted energy

Clear away lingering energy

Return to your natural state within seconds

Be free to live in your own energy

Affirmation for this Session:

I easily stay grounded and centered in my own energy. I use these techniques to my benefit.

For Repeat Visits:

Clearing exercise begins at 0:59

Session Transcript

Carol: It’s very common in today’s world where there’s so much energy bombarding us for us to take on other people’s energy or to pick out uncomfortable, stressful energy from environments. I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

Anne: Definitely. If I’m like reading a blog and there’s some negative comments on it, I’ll start to feel that. Or if I’m watching the news or I’ve been in a loud, noisy environment and dirty like a carnival or something I need to say that feels kinda, yeah. Like not like you feel like you want to feel.

Carol: When I would share you’d probably pick up energy from me just being my daughter and if I was not in a great place or negative mood.

Anne: Oh, yeah. Like at home, for sure.

Carol: Yeah. You’d probably… Children learn to do this for their parents. They’ll start running their parents’ energy which then will start habitually and subconsciously doing this with certain people and there’s a way to prevent that and to clean off the energy. So let’s teach the first step which is a cleaning off of the energy and this is gonna teach your body and your energy system to just hold its own energy by this cleansing effect. And I’ve known this technique for close to 20 years. I originally learned it from Donnie Eden from her book Energy Medicine which I highly recommend. Still a very relevant book. Very much a textbook on energy healing and energy medicine techniques. So it’s really easy. I’m gonna show you how to apply it to someone else. It actually has a little more pleasing benefit because you can just get a fuller flash if you’re doing it with a partner but I’ll also demonstrate how to do it if you’re just by yourself because I’ve mastered that myself over the years.

And so you’re thinking of the spinal column, that’s why we call it the spinal flush and remember to start at the top here so where the neck and the top of the shoulders meet. So right above there, there is a special effect when you do the whole sweeping right off that tailbone. It actually will feel odd to the person if you stop. It’ll feel incomplete like it wasn’t the full movement. So you want to…just like you swipe a credit card. Just imagine you’re swiping the spinal column right off the tailbone. And it’s good for you to take a few breaths in. And that’s restorative right there. You feel the flushing effect, you feel that just cleansing of your energy. It’s invigorating.

Anne: Oh, I feel it every time. It just feels like a calming, grounding, tightening like, uh within yourself.

Carol: So if you’re getting irritable, if you’re getting sleepy.

Anne: Frazzled.

Carol: Yeah, this will serve in that way too and also it just…

Anne: How many times do you recommend doing this?

Carol: Five or six. What it’s working on is called your governing meridian. You have a central and governing meridian. When you sweep the governing meridian in a cleanse it actually cleans off the whole system. To apply this to yourself, you won’t get a full connection. You just tuck one arm close to your head so the elbow’s really tight to the head and start with a push from the top of the spinal column here so just here then have your other hand finished the line. So you’re just connecting the energy. You could see how, you know, it’s doing that. You still get the same benefit. And so you can do it on yourself. Then a second step to actually now strengthen and kind of keep your energy contained so that it’s your energy and that you occupy your energetic space is called the zip up. So you just imagine this is your central meridian running up the center of your torso to the bottom lip. Pretend there’s a zipper and you’re just gonna zip it up three-four times. That strengthens that meridian.

Anne: Do you always want to do the spinal flush first?

Carol: Yeah, I would.

Anne: So down and then up.

Carol: Because it’s a cleanse-protect.

Anne: And you even can lock it and visualize that, “Okay, now I have my energy.”

Carol: I wanna demonstrate something. Now you should be quite strong energetically when I press on your arm. See, I’m just pushing here and when you use kinesiology you can see her energy holds. Now I want you to zip down about three times, just pull the energy down. So now we’re weakening central meridian and she can’t energetically hold it.

Anne: That’s really true. This is live on the spot, folks!

Carol: Zip it up. Zip it up. So you’re weakening…

Anne: It’s just interesting because going down did feel like not natural.

Carol: It felt off, huh? Like you’re putting yourself into an imbalance stage. Same thing happens when…

Anne: Let’s try it again now.

Carol: Okay.

Anne: You could hang on my arm.

Carol: I know. I’m really pressing. It’s no gimmick here. Your energy now locks in.

Anne: Yeah, I like to also visualize when I am zipping up just kind of like a protective bubble or something.

Carol: Yeah, that’s your auric field. So again, your meridian system has 14 meridians. Central and governing are like the mom and dad of the system so working with what we showed today, flushing governing, strengthening central is like working the whole system without having to work the other 12. Because they control. They are the main frame.

Anne: Like the parent.

Carol: Yeah. They make the others stronger. That’s why these have such far-reaching benefits with such simple practices. And again, you brush your teeth every day, most likely. You know, you do what we call physical hygiene on a regular basis. I call this energetic hygiene. The more you learn about your energy system the more you learn the simple practical techniques to be able to apply. You are strengthening your energy, you’re able to stay more positive, you’ll have more energy, you’ll sustain your own energetic space, more clarity of thought, you’ll attract things to you that are beneficial and what you’re meant to receive in your life. And it just shifts your life into one of success and one where you can thrive.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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