How to Use the Figure 8 Creation Technique

8 minutes

This session will show you how and when to use the Figure 8 creation technique to manifest more goodness in your life. Of all techniques I teach, I use this one most in my personal life.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Exhaustion running after what you want

Frustration at things not working out

Contention in a relationship

Imbalance anywhere in your life

You Want To:

Attract good things to come to you

Enjoy more ease in your efforts

Smooth out tension and arguments

Create balance with food, money, etc.

Affirmation for this Session:

“I am a powerful creator. I effortlessly attract to me what is timely and correct, that supports me in experiencing more affluence, ease, and joy. Life is good.”

For Repeat Visits:

Technique instruction begins at 1:49

Session Transcript

Do you ever feel exhausted by running after what you want, trying to make it happen? Do you believe that what you want can flow to you effortlessly, even find you? I love this quote by Rumi. “When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of distress and anxiety. If I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me without any pain. From this, I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me, and attracting me.”

As you understand that what is correct for you, to support you in experiencing more affluence, ease, and joy in your life, that it’s trying to find its way to you, you will become a more powerful point of attraction to allow it to materialize and manifest. Your energy becomes like a magnet, drawing to you what is timely and supportive.

Figure 8s is a creation technique that will teach your energy to draw to you what is correct for you. It opens energy up and smooths out any tension in your energy fields or others. It creates an energetic connection to what you want and what wants you. There are several ways to use the figure 8 technique to support you in creating more affluence, ease, and joy. I’m going to first show you how to do this very simple technique, and then, let’s look at some applications of how to use it.

Let’s begin with an affirmation. Repeat after me. “I am a powerful creator. I effortlessly attract to me what is timely and correct, that supports me in experiencing more affluence, ease, and joy. Life is good.”

You’re basically going to draw a figure 8 on its side. If you’re looking at it from the side, it’ll look like this. You can see the figure 8, or it’s often called the infinity symbol. It’s like an elongated figure 8.

The most primary way to use it is connecting the heart center, a very strong energy center in your personal energy system, as the starting point of the figure 8. So with my hand in front of my chest, I’m going to go up, down at the intersect, loop under, come up around and go to the intersection again, back to my heart. So it looks like this. You can see me doing this. See the figure 8?

Now, you can use both hands and actually fill your energy field with figure 8s. Just moving your hands, do them above your head, your sides. Even imagine you’re doing it on the back side, all the way down, bend over. Do all the way down to your feet, so your energy is just this really strong attraction field. You’re powering it up with these figure 8s.

Now, let’s say you want something material in your life like more money. Maybe you’re single, you’d like to attract that perfect spouse for you. A new car. What about a new home that you want to attract? So you choose the material item you want to create more of or manifest into your life.

Just put your attention on it. You don’t even have to know what it looks like, what it’s going to be in the details. You just know it’s going to bring you great pleasure and support you. You’re going to be able to say, “That’s exactly what I wanted.That’s even better than what I wanted.” And just do your figure 8s. Throwing that energy out to connect with that to be attracted to you. Remember, it’s looking for you. You’re opening your energy and making it a stronger point of attraction for it to find you. You feel that. It’s going to show up. I’m so excited.

You can also use it in relationships. So you want to create a stronger connection with a loved one or a friend, maybe a spouse, a child, a friend that you want to have a stronger bond with.

Imagine that person, just imagine a holographic image of them out in front of you. Heart to heart, figure 8s connecting your heart with their heart. Let’s say you and your spouse are in the middle of a conversation, it’s getting tense and contentious. You’re starting to argue. You could physically do this or you could do it in your mind and command the energy to draw figure 8s, smooth out the tension, create a heartfelt connection. You’ll dissipate that argument. It’ll disappear.

I’ve even worked with a client who had a son they were estranged from. I taught her how to do this, and said (actually, it’s been a few clients I’ve done this with), I said, “You need to have an energetic connection first before you can have a physical connection.”

So I told my client, “Imagine that child, a holographic image of them in front of you, and start creating that connection, even using, ‘It is safe to connect. We’re creating a different relationship. I’m ready to hear and understand you. I’m there for you.” Throwing that energy to that child.

You can also use this technique for imbalances where you’re experiencing too much of something. Maybe you’re overeating. You’re eating junk food a lot. Maybe you’re on your phone too much and it’s just like, “Ah, I’m overdoing this. It needs to be more balanced.I’m not getting enough sleep. My sleep’s imbalanced.”

What’s imbalanced in your life? Think of something right now. Where’s an imbalance? All right. Put that issue in front of you. If it’s sleeping, imagine your bed. If it’s your phone, imagine your phone.

If it’s food, imagine a bunch of food there. Let’s do figure 8s between you and whatever is representing that issue. Creating balance now. Balance.

I love this technique. Of all the techniques I teach, this is one of the most often used in my personal life.

It’s so powerful and I’m excited for you to see what shows up for you, what comes into balance, the powerful point of attraction that you are. Use this creation technique to be a more powerful conscious creator of your life. It works.

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