Live Coaching Call April 23, 2019

1 hour, 7 minute video

This call is full of helpful insights about relationships, patterns from childhood, and trauma/abuse. Carol also takes you through a visualization from “Mastering Affluence” called Grounding To Your Emotional Truth to help you remember that you are enough, just as you are.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Confusion about when it’s time to end a relationship or job

Fear about opening up to your family about changes in your life

Inability to distinguish when an issue is yours or someone else’s

Excess weight in your body from sexual abuse trauma

You Want To:

Become aware of this pattern early on and know when to end it

Create a positive family experience where you can live your truth

Set personal boundaries and protect your own energy to heal

Release and heal your body from holding onto the trauma

Affirmation for this Session:

I am engaged and opening my heart as I receive insights and inspiration when it’s timely.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 13:28

Session Transcript

Welcome to this month’s Healing Center coaching call. I’m really, really excited to be with you, because I love supporting you and the work you’re doing, and you’re doing such great work. Really impressed with the commitment I see in the group experience, and how many of you are…you’re just really dedicated to this process that is not easy a lot of the time. So good for you. It’s worth it. I promise you that. I’m on the other side, and I know how grueling it can be in some phases. So your tenacity is truly impressive to me.

Thanks for tagging someone that’s a Healing Center member that you might think of that maybe needs to be alerted that we’re on live right now, because this will get on their Facebook feed if you tag them, but they have to be a member of the Facebook group. But that’s always a nice little supportive thing to do in getting this into the feeds of Healing Center members, because maybe they got busy, something else is going on, but they wanna tune in tonight.

These are recorded for your benefit, to be accessed, and we started a new practice of actually when they are coupled with a plan that we’re doing that the call is focused on supporting, they will get published in that healing plans bonus materials. So that’s been updated. So let’s say you’re going through the healing plan for weight loss, I asked my team to put this, my dev team, to put those calls into the plan so you get the benefit of getting the coaching calls right where they belong.

Tonight’s more of an open call because we aren’t focused as a group on a healing plan. We have some great questions that have been submitted. So if you’re new to this experience, the way we spend our time together in the next hour is, I make a few short announcements, I share a success story, I will answer the questions that we’ve selected from the submitted questions when we have a…previous the week prior to the call, we put a request up in the group for questions, and then they’re chosen and selected based on the most value they are to the group at large. And then we’ll take live questions, and then I’m going to take you through a healing process.

Tonight’s process that we’ll be doing, actually I pulled from “Mastering Affluence,” there we go, so look forward to that at the end of the call, then we’ll wrap it up. Yeah, I wanna speak to something first before we get into…well, let me do the announcements and the success story, then I’m gonna give you a little coaching moment about just an alteration you need to make in your own thought process that allows you to make bigger shifts. Okay?

The announcements this week are, many of you are aware that 30-day money cure is going to start in just short of, shy of two.. it was two weeks from yesterday, at the time of this call, that’s offered once a year. It’s a much more immersive program. It’s kind of its own Healing Center for money because of the resources that are in there, and the immersive experience, and the email support, and the bonus content that you get, that you get access to then for life because you’ve purchased it as a course rather than a membership experience. So that’s starting up on May 6th. As a Healing Center member, you do get 10% off. Just go to Carol Tuttle…when you register, use the promo code just for members and you can register at So take advantage of that 10%.

The one in the…let me just…I get asked what’s the difference the one here, and the Healing Center. The one in the Healing Center is not fully immersed of all things money. The one in the Healing Center called The Healing Plan for Negativity with Money is more about your thought process. It’s only a two-week plan. It’s more about your thinking process with money and how to shift that, so the focus is thoughts. And in the money cure, we’re going full-on whole body experience with money, your spiritual, your mental, your emotional, and your physical. And you’re shifting all four levels of energy in the 30-day experience, where the one in the Healing Center is just your thought field. Okay? If you need to know the variable and the difference there.

Actually, the two-week healing, I would do both personally. They both have value. And the section in “Mastering Affluence” on how to create financial affluence is another additional piece. I do not duplicate content. It’s very rare. I make sure that it’s on its own, has value so that you could get value from, at this point, those three resources. So hope to see you in the money cure. I hope that you’ll be attending that and a part of that because it’s very powerful.

And then the healing oils are always there for your benefit, with a discount code that’s long-standing as long as you’re a member. And make sure you’re using this tool as an asset, because it will support your healing process in a profound way. And I’m really thrilled with all of the testaments and stories that we see on the Facebook page about that. And make that investment, because there’s a long-term value in the continuation of using the oils, because we have this sensory memory. And not only does the sensory memory kick in with the oils to help us make a quick shift, we also have the value of the different medicinal, ancient medicinal qualities of the oils that are working with our physiology and helping our body regenerate into its whole and healed state.

I’m a big believer that the body has a level of intelligence and a memory of healing and wholeness. And we have to support it in order for it to materialize. We interfere with that in a big way, and the body runs old habits just out of the fact that it’s been stuck for so long. But once we prompt it, give it support, the body does a lot of healing. So the body needs physical support and a lot…when we shift the energy on the spiritual, mental, and emotional, there are many scenarios where the body needs physical support as well. The oils are a physical support along with what I talked about in “Mastering Affluence” that you might be moved, inspired to seek out physical support through either holistic or more traditional medical resources. And you’ll be guided in that which is amazing. I call them both, and so I’m led to do that.

I want to talk briefly, before I get into the questions, about the saying on my shirt. It says, “Love where you are.” You know, a lot of people interpret that as that you’re settling, and then it’s like you’re accepting something you don’t want. And so there’s this hesitation to love where we’re at because it’s like, “Okay, it’s good enough.” That’s not the message. The message is once you love and appreciate your current experience, you open the energy for what wants to happen to materialize. If you’re in angst with it, resistance, frustration, stress, you’re in a counter-position to allowing something to change. You’re actually keeping yourself stuck. And so you wanna…I think I would add to this phrase on my shirt, “Love where you’re at and believe in what potential you have, and believe in the change that wants to occur.” And so it’s not an all or nothing, it’s both end, meaning both love where you’re at and believe in the potential for what’s possible for you, because it’s very possible that where you’re at you kind of accepted as a compromise and you settled for it and you never know.

You have this awakening that’s going on, and you go, “I know, there’s something more for me, and I can have that, and so I want that,” but that is…don’t put…you know, really notice if you’re putting yourself in a position of resistance or opposition with where you’re at, because that just shuts things down energetically, and you do not want that.

Let’s set an intention for this evening and this call, and let’s intend this for any point that you are watching it, whether it’s live or the recorded version, you’re going to see the manifestation of your intention. So my intention is that I…I actually sketched it. I’ve been…you know, my book that you may have seen because I showed it on my YouTube videos, I may have showed it in these calls, but so this is my sketchbook. It’s full sketches. Sometimes I don’t have it with me, so I’ll sketch on something else, and then I’ll tape it in here. And sometimes I don’t need the whole page so I’ll divide it into quadrants. So you can see that actually this is my sketch for…this is…I don’t know if you can see, this is you sitting at your laptop, watching me. And I see you with light bulbs going off above your head and a big heart. And I see me inspired answers, timely, meaning both I’m staying on time and we’re ending in a timely manner, and its timely inspirations for you. Engaged, you’re able to stay engaged easily. You’re going to end this by saying, “Wow! I can’t believe that time went so fast, it was so engaging.”

And then there’s things I want to create. I want to increase the membership here, increase the income. And I did say here that people are showing up in your lives that don’t know. They’re looking for support and resource and you happen to have that information, and you say, “You should check out this Healing Center,” that they’re gonna be thanking you for sharing that information. So I wrote that down too.

So what’s your intention? What do you want from this call? That could be…maybe either something very specific, “I’m getting the aha about, da, da, da, da. “I’m knowing what my next step is with,” maybe it’s something to do with, “I’m easily coming into closure with the healing of this that I feel has been long-standing.” So you can get very specific or maybe it’s general and you say, “I’m not sure what I want, but I’m gonna know when it shows up, and I’m gonna be really glad it did.” Okay? So you can play on the obvious or the not so obvious side of this, and it will all show up for you. Trust that. It’s amazing. And then it starts showing up for all of us, which is fantastic, really fabulous.

Okay, success story. This was posted by Suza [SP], “I’ve been doing Healing Center work daily since August. I’ve done all the plans, and I’m on my third read of “Mastering Affluence”.” See what I said earlier, talking about that commitment level. I’m just really impressed. “This week I started just doing single sessions. This morning I was drawn to the core beliefs scrambler session to clear negative self-identity. When I did the scrambler in previous healing plans, I had to stop the video at the end to give myself sufficient time to come up with five or six positive beliefs and affirmations. I really had to work at it. Today I was able to speak them without stopping or even thinking about what to say. I’m counting that as evidence of healing.” Definitely, see it was right there for you. It’s starting to become active in your energy and really presenting as a truth instead of just something you hope to experience that it’s there, it’s present, it’s presencing itself. You carry that, it’s not like you had to make it up or find it. It’s now surfacing, and it’s right there for you to verbalize. It’s like your system is now active in its truth and you’re putting words to it. Good for you.

Share a success story of your own in the comment. They’re really wonderful to read. Okay. Let’s get into our submitted question section. “How do I know when to stop or carry on investing in a relationship/job, etc.? I’m very patient and willing to try one time, and give it another try again, and again to solve a problem or wait for things to change. But I’ve experienced that often I could have moved on and have seen the truth earlier. But always seeing the positive and the possibilities makes me try the strategies or even harder. I do this with both relationships and my job. How can I know when there is just my determination that it is time to stop trying and move on?”

Well, you’ve just identified a pattern. So you just have to accept the fact that your tendency is to give it more time than it serves you. So that’s going to be what you would be typically drawn to doing, and you’ll talk yourself into it for various reasons, and you’ll be high if your type…in your type three nature, you’ll be super confident that you’re going to be able to effect a change. Well, ask whatever your spiritual connection is. If it were me, I’ll just…and you sort this out to your own belief system, but if it were me, I would ask my angels to help me see it sooner and to prompt me with the awareness, you’re doing it again. I’d also set the intention that I become super uncomfortable in my pattern so that I’m made aware of it, because what’s not working is you being proactive in your state of awareness. You’re running the pattern, so you need pain and discomfort to get your attention. Otherwise, you’ll just keep doing it again.

So there’s a place, you know, and then hopefully you’ll go to the awareness and pay attention, and choose out sooner. And then why do you keep putting…you know, the bigger picture is why do you keep putting yourself in situations where this pattern gets replayed? Why not create a whole different story where you are actually in a situation that you love, and has great potential, and long term experiences for you? That’s where I…you know, I’d be like, “I don’t wanna just know when I’m being tolerant, and putting up, and compromising. I want to create something that doesn’t even reflect this pattern.” Choose that. Okay?

“Material possessions I can purge without a problem. But romantic relationships are another matter. I experience a lot of confusion and angst when I’m at a point where I feel I will end a relationship or once the relationship ending conversations take place. I tend to stay friendly with men I’ve been in a relationship with. I’m concerned I’m carrying around old energy and old patterns I picked up somewhere along the way. I feel very nervous at the idea of losing these people in my life. Do you have any advice for how to move forward and diminish this nervousness feeling about letting go what no longer serves me?” Seems like that’s the same question. It’s a different language. So pay attention to what I just said in the previous answer.

And again, why are you dating? What’s the point? Are you looking for a long-term relationship or are you just interested in dating a lot of men, and enjoying the variety of having short-term relationships and moving on to someone else, and just experiencing different people? What’s your law…you know, what’s the point of you being in relationships? I don’t think you’ve clarified that to the point where it’s coming to that outcome, because again, this is a long-standing pattern and what’s the value of this? Why are you dating? Why are you getting in these relationships? What do you want from them? And that’s…do you want short-term relationships with the ability to let go and move on to another one? Because that’s basically what you’re asking me, “How do I do that?” Is that what you’re really wanting from this experience? Or are you looking for someone that can become a life partner and someone that has a long term commitment? Because this pattern you just cited, it won’t matter. Great, you get really good at letting go. So what? It’s still not gonna get you what you want, which is, “I want to attract someone that is…” you know, see all of this has been talked about, you know, for years. And so, like, if you had the ideal relationship, how would you know? Have you ever written that out? Have you ever sketched that out? How would you feel? What qualities would this person have? What would be your experience, you know? Are you creating your relationship?

I highly recommend you read two books, “Mastering Affluence” is the obvious, and you really need to read “Remembering Wholeness.” And just a little note to my backend, I feel like I’m a bit choppy as I’m seeing it on the screen. I don’t know if it’s coming through that way. But if we need to reload on the backend, I’m noticing some choppiness in our streaming quality. Maybe you’re not, but I’m seeing that. There’s some really good sections in here that’s important for you to study. The “10 Lies We Think are Love” would be really valuable for you to read. A lot of good relationship stuff in here, and “How to Attract What You Want.” This is like the basics of becoming a manifester. So, if you’ve not read “Remembering Wholeness,” to me this is a Healing Center essential read.

“I’m a type one. I married my husband 10 years ago while I was in active addiction. I am in recovery now, he is not. He does not drink anymore, but he still smokes marijuana. He has never worked on healing himself. I feel I’m carrying the weight of both our problems. We are in a safe place now, but there is no communication and no intimacy, physical or emotional. We have never had any chemistry. We enjoyed drinking together, and he was my best friend. I don’t want to divorce him. We have three young kids. He’s a good man. He works hard. I think he loves me, but he has no intimacy skills. He feels sick when my husband touches me…I feel sick when my husband touches me, and the thought of sex makes me uncomfortable. I have no memory of sexual abuse, but my grandfather molested my aunt. Am I carrying my aunt’s abuse? How do I create a fire with two wet sticks? I just can’t seem to be happy no matter how hard I try.”

Well, if what brought you together was drugs and addiction, you’re definitely needing a different point of…I would do an energy sketch. Watch the one where I teach you in…if support can put a link up to this, it’s the one where you have your partner join you in the higher plane of consciousness, because what you’ve just described is you’ve shifted your plane of consciousness, and he’s still at the one in which you met him. So there’s not this attraction energy, and you can’t get it going when you’re in different planes of consciousness. You’re not living it. You’re almost living in two realities. And you can’t get that sexual energy running when you’re not even…it’s like we’re not even connecting. And I would do that. Anytime that there’s the sexual stuff presenting, I would do the healing for abuse and especially the healing session for sexual abuse. And then there’s just some physiological things.

If you are in recovery, you could have really messed up your hormones, and I would…if it were me, I would look into…and I would do it the path…because I’ve done a lot of this. I’ve done it for several, you know, for quite a while where I do a more holistic approach to hormones where they use bioidentical hormones for treatment, which is matching your panel, you know, where do you need the…it’s more personalized. And I definitely would do a…find a good either a functional medicine doctor, because they look at preventative measures in a holistic view of the body, or find a good integrative body person. I go to a nurse practitioner that does bioidentical hormones, but I’d definitely look into some of your physiology, because if you’ve had an addiction, you’ve kind of whacked out your body, and it needs to get reset. And then do the sketching to help you get on the same plane. And I’d start working with connecting you with figure eights. To [inaudible 00:22:32] on a divorce, and so you gotta start shifting this energetically. And definitely read the “How to Create Relationship Affluence,” because it sounds like you two need to come together and talk. But the talking won’t help if you’re living in two levels of consciousness. So you gotta help bring him to that higher state, which you can with that energy sketching.

“I find that I’ll make progress, have huge ahas, feel like I’m on top of the world, and then the rug is pulled out from under me, and I feel so discouraged. I don’t expect life to be perfect, but I’m hoping for some sense of sustaining a sense of calm within. Any tips for holding on during the rough patches and not giving up? The miracles occur then a slap in the face.” Okay, again you’re looking for…to me, it’s the wrong question. It’s kind of like the first two that came in where you’re settling for something and then you’re asking, “How can I teach me some skill-sets to tolerate and endure my compromised state?” The first two questions were asking me to give you feedback on how do I accept what I don’t want [inaudible 00:23:51] more skills. This is another example of, you told yourself what the pattern is, the rug pulled out from under you. The answer is not how do you deal with this better, it’s change the pattern.

My take on this, what I’m tuning into is something happened in your childhood, around seven or eight, where life events played out that felt like the rug being pulled out from under you. What happened when you were seven to eight years old? It established an energetic pattern that you started to just believe at that point in your life that that’s what happens, and that’s what’s always going to happen. Or you had a series of events and by that time that age took on that flawed belief, because enough of it had happened that you said, “I guess this is just what life is like.” Now when you’re seven, eight years old, and that has been the story and the experience, you don’t have the objectivity and the maturity to say, “I don’t have to accept that.” You’re vulnerable to that being your reality so you take on the belief as though it is the only reality you’ll ever know.

Now this belief operates as an energy vibration in you because it was established as your own truth. It’s not true. It’s a flawed belief, but yet it’s still operating. It’s an operating belief that’s presenting itself because you’re experiencing increased discomfort around it. You want that. You want to go, “This is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable.” Then the next, and this is for any of you, the next step is rather than, “How can I endure this better? How can I cope with this more?” this is presenting because it’s time to change it. It’s amplified so it’ll get my attention and I’ll change the pattern.

Now you go back to that original point of taking on the belief which is seven-eight years old, and you do a clearing session with that part of you. And the clearing session for struggle, maybe Kim can point out a session, what’s coming to mind, because the pattern is rug pulled out from under me so it’s like you have, you know…I forgot what we have in there. You have to accept, okay, what’s the emotional experience? Disappointed, like down, “I can’t have what I want.” You want to go into what emotion is running, because that will address the issues that are creating that emotion.

See the process I just went through? So follow those steps. Those healing plans are set up with those steps in mind without you having to think them out. But when you take a life issue that’s presenting, I just taught you the strategy that I use to go. If you were my client, I would take all this in, I’d hear your story and go, “Okay, we gotta go back and clean up that belief you took on at seven to eight. You now need to be proactive with creating what you want because if you…” and that’s such a great energy sketch visual to go from rug pulled out and being…did everybody that gets this see that and go, “Energy sketch”. You know, the old pattern, rug pulled out from under you. With having a stable foundation, you’re getting what you want. Don’t even put a rug down because you wanna get rid of the rug. You want any chance at a stable foundation with roots, you getting what you want. Good question. I appreciate that coming in.

“I’m a type four two male, 29 years old, yoga teacher and garage door repairman, number seven of eight kids. I am planning to move in with my 67-year-old type one four mom and 69-year-old type three two dad. The current plan is to not tell them I’m coming and to write one letter to all of them, parents and siblings at once sharing some big picture clarity, strength, and boldness, highlighting the good of this shift and showing up for myself first as my own authority because I’m kind of scared to tell anyone out of fear that I will be embarrassed before I ground myself there. How do I move forward with this plan with strength and clarity without shame for the greatest good of all?”

Well, at 29 years old, okay I’m not…maybe I’m misinterpreting this. But you’re about to show up and move back in with your parents. You communicate and you ask them if you can, it’s their house. And then you need to meet and create, establish sort of if they say, “Yeah,” then you say, “Well, I wanna establish some respectful guidelines. I’m an adult now, and what you expect me,” I mean, you’re just kind of go moving right into old energy, if you do it that way.

So in my opinion, you’re going to an extreme in needing to be your bold, authoritarian self that you’re missing some being respectful of others, and we’re now all adults, and we need communication to establish protocols, living guidelines, and this is even the…I’m not why, you know, are you doing this just to as a medium to show yourself you can show up, be true to yourself? What’s the motive behind it? Is this the best mechanism…moving in with…adult children moving in with adult parents never goes well if there is a lot of dysfunction still. Just expect it.

I mean, why would it be any different if people haven’t really changed or shifted, and all these energies are still present? And so there’s some missing pieces in my opinion that from what you’ve outlined here. And what is the purpose of this? Are you just, because financially you need to relieve some of the financial obligations, and you won’t have to…I mean personally, I wouldn’t want my adult children moving back in with me. It’s just we’re…you know, it’s kind of like time to move on and create our own roots, our own energetic space. And yeah, would I deny them of that? I’d certainly put a timeline on it.

You know, I have a certain lifestyle now that doesn’t include them in my home. So I’m sure that’s true for your parents. I don’t have all the information. There’s a bigger story than what I’m reading into this, but some things to ask yourself and definitely where you say, “My current plan is not tell them I’m coming,” that to me is not respectful of their life, their space, their home. And needing to do that to feel strength and boldness. Doing something to try and create a sense of this is the backwards nature of it, when you feel that you don’t need to do something, when you’re really having a life in you, you don’t need to do something to represent it to know it’s there. It’s a natural state of being that then life brings…things show up in your life that allow you to do it in healthy ways, to really live your truth in healthy ways, because it’s a state of being. And you’re not using a function or some experience in the world to try and create that.

“I had foot surgery a year ago and was supposed to be out of work only three months. I started having reactions to things, meds first then foods. I started having to eliminate more and more foods. The reactions included throat and lip swelling, and asthma, breathing issues. I lost 48 pounds. I was down to a very low weight. I was diagnosed with mast cell activation, repeat episodes of allergic reactions in late fall. I had to stop working and my days are now with my own self-care. I want to heal, but when I try using any of the healing techniques, I have more physical reactions. What is stopping me from healing and getting back to work?”

Kim, could you connect in here the unit where I talk about the inner child being scared and not wanting to come forward and this is a cover-up. And it’s almost like let’s create the secondary issue to be the primary focus so the emotional stuff isn’t found out, because there’s a scared inner child that’s afraid to come forward. It’s like, “I don’t trust life. I’m allergic. I’m allergic to life.” I’d do a core belief scrambler and definitely trying to find out…the childhood wounding plan would be very, very supportive for you. Find out what age you decided you had this reaction to life that made you kind of like be in opposition with it, allergic to life. And that’s where the core beliefs scrambler…I’m pretty sure is in the childhood wounding plan, and that’s the…not…it’s scrambling deep held beliefs that are no longer serving you, because any physical symptoms are secondary level issues. They’re a byproduct of spiritual angst, limited flawed beliefs, and emotional disorder, and a lot of carrying repressed emotion that the body’s taken on.

And we live in a culture that the physical body will finally blow out and show the disease and imbalance, and we live in a culture that says, “Take care of that first,” based on the more Western medical model we have, or doesn’t even consider the other three influences. I’ve taught for decades that you need to consider the other three in order to get the benefit of your body healing. In fact, in “Mastering Affluence,” when you get to the how to create physical affluence, I have kind of just this note to the reader, if you’ve gone here first it’s secondary to the other sections you need to read that then are actually a priority to the body. Something’s going on that you’re not getting to. The childhood wounding plan would really help.

“I understand that what triggers me is really a mirror for me to learn from, and that it is something inside me that needs to heal. I know there’s truth in this, but is there a time when some of this is not about me, but about them? When I wake up in a really great mood, but someone in the house isn’t happy about going to work, then they’re reflecting back to me how I really feel about going to work so I can learn from it, or is that about them? I do get the trigger exercise when it’s my reaction to something happening, like how I respond to the person not wanting to go to work is my issue. But is it really me that their actions are always reflecting back to me, where does their emotion and issues come into it?”

It may not be exactly what they’re focused on. It could be, you accept, but maybe the deeper belief is the people around me are never happy or content because maybe you lived as a…and I don’t know if that’s the case, but let’s say you had grumpy parents or one grumpy parent. And so the pattern would be, the people I live with are emotionally unpredictable and they’re grumpy. Okay? So it may not be about what they’re focused on, like your example. It could be like you said, and that’s a great distinguisher, what you just said that if it triggers you, that is a place of reflection to go, “That’s as much about they’re showing me my own stuff.” Now they’re also showing your own stuff by just in your relationship patterns, what are you conditioned to? What is your norm? And that’s what you wanna shift, could that person change their attitude? Would that potential exist, because you decided,
“I’m now creating, the people around me feel gratitude, and they’re not going to be super happy, but maybe they’re they’re pleasant.” So see, it could be that variable.

Is there a place you get where people can have their own emotional experience? Yeah, I’ve experienced that with my husband, where it’s really has nothing to do with me, doesn’t bother me, I don’t feel like I have to do anything about it. Now, because I’m highly sensitive to taking on his energy, because I did for so many decades, that I’m still where I need to create distance or space for myself, so I let him have his experience, and I don’t have to be a party to it. So, yeah, that is potentially there, but you get…you have to do a lot of clearing to get there, which I’ve done and really practiced it being in your own independent energy experience, which I’ve gotten pretty good at, which I’m grateful for, you know, life’s a lot.

I may have shared this too, you get in a place where you’re not pulled out by them, you’re not thinking of the…I don’t really think of the past or the future much. I’m drawn into thinking about the future when I’m in creation mode. And what I’m meant to put forth intention and use creation tools to manifest certain things in the future. But I really live my life in the present moment awareness. It’s a very calm inner state that I have. And I’ve mentioned on other calls that initially when you start to experience this, life can be perceived as sort of boring. It’s something you’ve got to give your energy to that needs to be fixed. It’s just it’s very it’s kind of even. There’s not highs or lows. There’s highs, but there’s not very…there’s not this extreme you’re playing anymore. There’s more of this steadiness that you feel. And, initially, I was like, “Wow, it’s really quiet and things are kinda boring.” And I’m like, “No, no, no, you wanna get used to this. It’s good.” You can just be in places and notice life as it’s happening in the now, to be able to do much more, so it’s become very pleasant. Enjoy that, I’m grateful for that.

All right, let’s take some live questions, then we’re gonna do our energy healing technique.

“What healing exercise plans do you recommend for bipolar especially when confused about my energy, going from high and disorganized and goal oriented to depression?” Now, I’ve spoken to the other members of the group, in Facebook comments, that I don’t know your status of physically treating this. The brain needs attention. That pattern is running. It needs support. It’s like if you got a broken leg, you got to fix the break. You know, you can do Healing Center resources, but we’re dealing with a malfunction of the body that needs treatment, in my opinion, and you need intervention with that. So I’m going to recommend first of all my go-to for this kind of imbalance is Dr. Daniel Amen. He has a book called “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.” I’ve read it, I’ve gone to his clinics, I receive treatment from his docs, it’s been life-changing. My brain needed physical intervention. The depression that I’ve lived with on and off in various cycles that has been very debilitating at times, I finally got…it’s like I did enough healing that I could finally, you know, really fix that, and I now know what to do to keep it in a balanced state. It requires some very proactive measures on my part when it comes to my diet, sleep, exercise, supplementation that I believe all the clearing and healing work I’ve done freed me up so that I could go there.

So that is a condition, that is a medical diagnosis that the Healing Center, if that’s truly the…, you know, can’t make the measure for. There needs to be some other things in place, and meds have their appropriate placement in the sequence of things, and that’s where you need to make clear, inspired decisions based on what your body is asking for. As far as a healing plan, I would do the healing plan for depression to deal with the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of it, but you’ve got to address the physical issues as well.

“I’m in my first week of round two of weight loss. I listened to the coaching call where Carol talked about clearing blocks and how to give voice to specific body parts. I believe the fat I’m carrying in my abdomen has been serving as protection because of many different sexual abuse experiences in my past. This is a major missing piece in my otherwise great marriage to a man who has always been kind, respectful, and sensitive. I feel like my sacral chakra, that’s the creation energy which sexual energy is a part of, has been shut down for a long time, and my experience of sexuality has been very dysfunctional. What can I do?”

Your body has learned that sex is not safe. You have a body memory that says, “Sex is not inviting, it’s not safe, I don’t want it.” You’ve got to retrain the body to have a connection with your sexual experience with your partner. I have firsthand experience with this. Read “Mastering Affluence.” I talked about that in “Mastering Affluence.” I recommend my sex therapist who probably does long distance work through Zoom or whatever, but I’ve worked with sex coaches in the past. I had to train my body that sex was safe. And I had to get that energy going to help my body release the fear from the process of orgasm. I had to train my body to enjoy…the pleasure of sexuality, because it had a fear connection with sexual pleasure, sexual intimacy, I had to train my body that sex could be pleasurable.

And my body and my inner child had a belief that sex is for the pleasure of the person that’s taking advantage of me and not for me, I had to shift that. And I brought my husband into the experience in helping me at times. Some of that had to be done on my own and with my own, working with my body and stimulating orgasm, and really clearing the fear. And I had to do that independent of him, because I had to bring that stuff up, because it was very, you know, it was really horrible, a lot of anger and fear was attached to this experience of orgasm. So self-stimulation became one of my go-to’s to bring that, get it going. I got to get this out. I don’t want to hold this anymore. Then I brought my husband and coached him on, and with the help of our sex therapist, he knew I was in charge of the whole thing and he was given guidance by our therapist and by me in the process down, bringing him into the experience with me, and going through that to get really free of it.

So read the book, and make sure you do the healing plan for abuse because your inner child and your body are resistant to this. And you’ve got to grow yourself up sexually basically. You didn’t get that in your previous experience. And you got to get to a place where you can experience sex as if you don’t have that history that interfered with it.

“What would be the benefit of doing the disease and illness program as preventative measure? Would I benefit from this program or shall I do another program? I’ve done all the programs except the money and health program.” I would do them. I would do every healing plan in there in my opinion, because you’re going to have relatable things. Maybe something is not presenting, but hey, do you want to wait until it does? I think you know the answer to that. So I’d go forward with your plan to do it.

“When I travel and then get back home, my kids are often whiny and just want mom. My husband becomes really upset about this, and there’s a lot of blame energy. When they are with me, they don’t do any of this. I know that he’s kind of using this as a way to tell himself he’s doing a good job as a dad, and that he has some of his own self-confidence issues there, I’m seeing as his own healing work. I’ve told him that I’m not okay with him blaming me for everything he thinks is going wrong with the kids. What are some other things I can work on to clear any limiting beliefs in me connected to this?”

The thing that I’m getting is get a mother of pearl necklace. I’m actually been really moved to where my mother of pearl lately. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve been wearing this on a daily basis for a few weeks now, and might have to do with my mother who’s having a tough time letting go of her physical world. She’s very weak and frail, and her minds good, but she’s bypassed death numerous times, and it’s like she’s scared of something. I don’t know if that’s the reason I’m being drawn to wear this in her benefit, so she has a peaceful passing. But I sense there’s some other issues going on here and that moms take the blame or moms whatever, or he didn’t get what he needed from his mom and now you’re getting the brunt of it. And by putting the necklace you’re gonna bring that energy into your space.

“I was in New York City for a women’s empowerment event during the week and had a moment to get a drink at a bar since I was early. When a bartender gave me a drink for free, I was flooded with memories of how I had wheeled in my sexual power in my 20s. How do I release having misused my sexuality 20 years ago and instead use that power now confidently?” Do the healing plan for abuse, read “Mastering Affluence.” There’s a lot of information in the book about, in the relationship section, on sex and dysfunction of it. And go to do some writing and say, “I did this because…” Do a visualization where you meet with your 20-year-old and ask her questions.

Do your 20-year-old self, why did you feel a need to use your sexuality. It’s a self-confidence, self-esteem thing. You didn’t feel you’re attractive or that’s what you had to do, or were you sexualized as a kid that that’s where the value was for a female. But get to what it’s about, because then you’ll be able to pull from that, what is it that you’re looking to heal based on the limiting beliefs that provoke that, because this again is a secondary function. You did this because of what…you know, you wanna get to what provoked you to do it, a limiting belief or a compromise to [inaudible 00:48:34].

Okay, last question and we’re going to do our healing technique.

“I have a serious aversion to cleaning. I will do laundry, I’ll do the dishes, I’ll vacuum and mop, but please don’t ask me to pick up the floor. Every time we knew my grandparents were coming over, we would speed clean the whole house, which was always stressful. I’m a type one and have a tendency to have a messier space which doesn’t bug me, but my husband is a type four and likes to do cleaning blitzes almost every day.”

Well, you’re just showing yourself that you still are living in the same energy pattern. Your type four husband has replaced your parents and you’re being enrolled in cleaning blitzes. So who knows, maybe you’re the holder of the energy and it’s because you, that he feels moved to do cleaning blitzes. You’re playing in an extreme too that you’re then not wanting to do any cleaning to prevent feeling controlled is my sense.

“And I get triggered every darn time. We only stress angry cleaned in my house as a kid, so not only am I being triggered by the blitzes, I also assume my husband is angry at me.”

You’ve basically shown yourself what wants to be cleared. You could tap on that, you can like do your own tapping script. You can do a clearing session for anger, clearing session…I mean, if Kim or Colleen have ideas because you can think of the sessions, but you’ve got…you can go in and search to stress, anger, being controlled, and see what comes up. So take your key wording here, and you’re still being held by this old childhood pattern, and it’s still creating what you don’t want. So you’re the carrier.

That’s actually the more point, the power of influence that’s provoking you and your husband to play this out. And you just told yourself that you can shift this. And you might wanna get rid of a bunch of stuff because why do you have to clean it up every day? My house just stays clean. I put stuff away because I don’t have a lot of stuff. Why does it get so messy everyday? I don’t know, maybe have little kids in the house and that. But, you know, my whole protocol was I didn’t like spending my time cleaning and thought my time could be used better for other things. And then I hired a house cleaner, but they never had to tidy up. You’re talking about tidying up. So I just always stayed tidy because I don’t want to take my time. I’m like, “Put it away.” So you gotta learn some new skill sets too.

Okay. Success. Oh my goodness, between my own question about sexuality and the other one about sexuality, my entire intention I set for this coaching call has been met. Amazing. Share your intention. What was it? I’d love to share it with the group. But maybe it was just I’m getting an answer to my issue.

Great questions tonight. What stood out for you? What was a highlight of the Q&A? What “aha” did you get? And we’ll share a few of those after we go through this healing exercise. So, I’ll give you a moment to write one. Then Christine can pull some for me to share at the end. So what came through for you? What answer did you get? What insight from what I have shared tonight? It can be brief, doesn’t have to be really wordy. And what is now your next step, you know? It’s like, “I got it. So good.

Just so you know, even if you didn’t have the Healing Center, there are people, it’s interesting because we looked at different models…while you’re writing, I’ll just give you a little bit of business story here. When we were in the early phase of saying, “I want to get back to doing this kind of work, now that we’ve got “Dressing Your Truth” and “Child Whisperer” really in this nice momentum, things that are really very foundational there, you know, we’ve really got some great things in place there, I could give time and attention to this.” And so when we were looking at what to do, there was that model of, “Well, I could just do coaching calls,” and there’s some…you know, there’s a lot of people of my stature that are online influencers that will do high-level coaching calls where they’ll charge if not hundreds even thousands a month to be coached by them. But my energy is all about reaching…I mean, it’s more satisfying to me so now my energy is reaching more in mass so I can bring the price down, so because with that model, you’ll have lesser, fewer customers that are willing to pay you $500 to $5,000 for monthly kind of support and that’s…like they don’t even have a Healing Center to connect with. That’s just for their coaching call. We looked at that, but just never formulated it in. And so I almost didn’t feel like that was correct.

My CEO is the one that my original Healing Center that I launched in 2003 had been retired for a few years. So I think we need to relaunch your healing center, the new and improved version of it. So we knew that was correct. And we wondered if we should do a coaching call on top of that for an additional fee, and I’m like, “No. We need to make that part of their experience.” And so I’m happy to share with you that the decisions were made that for $69 a month or even less than that, if you buy the annual…did you know we had an annual offering? Let’s put the link to that in the comment thread that it’s not something we market in the…we just once you’re in we let you know about it because you now understand the value of this. But there is an annual subscription you can invest in. We’ll put the link up for that because, you know, if you’re committed you might as well save the money. And I’m just really thrilled that we can put this out in the world and charge you only $69 and get really high-level coaching. In my opinion, I think it’s really good. I am grateful.

Okay, let’s do the exercise then we’ll read some of the “ahas” you’ve had tonight. Now, this is found on page 187. It’s not an exercise, it’s in the Healing Center. So if you wanna refer back to this, it’s on page 187 of “Mastering Affluence.” This is in the section on how to create emotional affluence. This is called “Grounding to Your Emotional Truth.” You will need to be sitting down and present with yourself, because you’re going to do some visualization and some inner work. And you can’t be busy doing outer work if you’re doing inner work.

The following exercise will assist you in connecting your emotional energy to the truth that you are enough. And there is nothing you have to do to be enough. I recommend you record the following script in your own voice using a recording app. Listen to this short script every day of this week’s practice. Now, if you run a pattern of always feeling like you fall short, if you were raised in a family system where your doings became your value, if you’re still around the belief “I’m never enough, no matter what I do is never enough,” this is going to be an asset for you. Because your emotional truth, the emotional truth that you carry is you are enough, that’s a state of being, a feeling state, “I am enough,” because once you feel that way, it’s easy to bring forward the belief “I am enough” because you feel enough. And that’s what we’re connecting with is that emotional truth in this exercise.

All right, with your eyes closed, turn your attention inward. Take three deep breaths and relax as you exhale.

[00:57:05] [silence] [00:57:25]

Turn your inner vision on to see a spring of energy bubbling up inside of you in your groin area. A powerful force of light coming up from the bottom of your pelvic floor, just like a spring or a well of water coming up out of the ground. This energy could be any color. See it bubbling up from your pelvic floor internally. The spring is turning on, a spring of energy. You release this energetic emotional spring that has always been there. You have now turned on the flow of this emotional wellspring that feeds you daily with the feeling of “I am enough.” You feel nourished and fulfilled. You can imagine it, you know, filling you, like that just that spring is filling every space inside your body.

You feel peace and emotional well-being. You realize you are fed within emotionally, and you’ll never need to look outside yourself to find emotional sustenance. Repeat the following in your mind or out loud, “I am constantly emotionally nourished. I feel fulfilled. I am peaceful. I am sustained in well-being. I am enough. I feel my worth. I am now connected to the energy of this emotional truth.”

Take a deep breath and just tap all over your body, getting yourself grounded, that energy in your body. Go ahead and open your eyes. Now once you get this established as a point of reference, it can be really easy that once that old habit of feeling like you’re not enough, you can even in that moment imagine that wellspring of “I am enough energy” coming up from your pelvic floor, filling your whole body to shift that. And then choose your favorite statements from that exercise that you can repeat in your mind, And you’ll finally get to the place where that’s your new real-life state of being, because the others an old habit, based on old stories.

Okay. Let’s just share before we wrap it up, a few things that have been shared in the comment thread. “I’m setting the intention that I’ll be led to my next path in life and that God will open doors to a happy, balanced, rich new life.” “This is exactly how things have been going, light bulb moments, connections, gratitudes, celebrating any success.” Fabulous. Another one, “My word for the last two years has been nurture. The “I Am Nurtured” oil, l and the healing center is helping me immensely in learning to nurture and love myself.” Thank you so much. I love all the oils, but it’s almost like I could bathe in the “I Am Nurture” oil. “The core belief scrambler is so effective in removing deeply entrenched false beliefs.” Isn’t that? I agree. That and there’s also the need scrambler and the shed scrambler, so make sure if you’re having positive results from the scramblers, those are some of the most potent exercises. The core belief is the I am one then there’s the need, I need, I need because we have a lot of old beliefs attached to needing things and then the shoulds, things that we were led to believe should happen, or should be, or should do, or be, or whatever. The other one that’s super potent is the mirror session. That one is a good one. “I create physical barriers, clutter, and disorganization in my house, extra body weight, etc. I don’t really understand why, but it’s telling me something.” Hey, it’s a great distraction from getting to the deeper issues, that’s why, because you’re trying…go deeper, go to the healing, and you’ll be moved to clean up the space. These are the outer world creations that are being provoked by inner world issues. So go within, do the inner work.

“I got an answer. Wow, these are always so great. I need to do a core belief scrambler of I am a bad person.” I’m so glad you thought that because that’s not it. There is absolutely no truth to that. Good one. “I set the intention that my confusion about the way forward would give way to clarity and some new insights into my issues with sexuality, I realized the question about willing sexuality in the 20s applies to me too. And it’s most definitely connected to self-esteem. Another puzzle piece revealed. I’m moving forward finally.” Good for you. “My life is boring statement. I’ve caught myself feeling that way. But then remind myself that feeling calm and being in my own energy is not boring. I was just used to living in survival mode. Boring feels amazing.” It’s different. Like if you needed the other to give your…you’re addicted to the emotional drama, then yeah, this might feel boring. But you just, anytime you feel that you sit there and go, this is what I do, I go, “Why, why?” You know, so rather than me having to figure out how to fill my space, I’m like, “Yeah. I’m attracting that,” which supports me in having a very pleasurable life and a very balanced life. So you can start to draw it to you. “My insight is that I can heal all parts of me, not just the damaged area, and I’m really leveling up my life. I am so excited with my life.” And the last one, “This Healing Center is just the very best thing that has come into my life in such a long time.” Thank you.

Okay, get ready because someone’s going to show up that you’re going to go, “Well, if you heard of the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I think that would really help you, and it’s really affordable,” because that’s the intention I set that you’re the best ones to share this with others because of the results that you’re getting. And there are so many people out there that are really, really motivated to get well. There’s a lot of them that aren’t, but there is a huge, huge group of people that want to have the resources, that cut the chase now and go, “I don’t have to keep looking. This will do the job,” because I know it does and you’re great evidence to that. So thanks for sharing this with others.

We are working on this will make it easier for you to share. You don’t have to wait until then. This summer, we are going to open up a free trial offer that people will be able to come in for…we haven’t decided on how many days yet, used to have that in my previous healing centers, the three day trial period, we haven’t firmed up how many days. But that will give people…will get them going. Like, “I can’t leave this. I got things stirred up now. I gotta keep at it. This stuff works.” But thanks for sharing when those people show up. I truly appreciate it. And I hope to see in the money cure. We, of course, will have our call. We’re going to have to switch dates. That is an announcement I need to make. Hang on, it’s probably in my notes because we typically do this on Tuesday nights, so I do have to make a shift in that if you have the money cure because I’ll be doing those on Tuesday nights.

We’re going to be doing this on a Thursday evening in May. If Christine can…I know it’s in my calendar, so I put them all in for the year, I will find that. We will be here May 23rd. So make a note of that. If you love to attend the live sessions, May 23rd, 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time, and I hope to see you in the money cure and keep working. You can still be doing Healing Center’s supplementary because what will happen? You’ll have an advantage to the money cure folks that only have that piece. You’re going to go, “Whoa, got it. I need to do the clearing for self-esteem to supplement what I’m doing in the money cure.” You’ll get these tips, the single sessions that will make it a more kind of full-on experience. So this will be a great thing to have both going.

Okay, we’ll see you in the Facebook group. And thanks to my support team who are remarkable, remarkable. So often, I don’t know, I just have to say great answer. Awesome. Thanks, Christine. Thanks, Colleen. Thank you to all of you for being so incredible because you make my life so much easier and you’re so versed on what’s in there and I love it. And Kim, you are…it’s like you’re waiting, it’s like you know the question someone’s going to have, you’ve already come forward with the answer because it’s like your turnaround time is phenomenal. Like she’s a psychic. She knows what you’re gonna ask, and she’s ready with it somehow. Okay, have a good rest of the week. We’ll see you, just keep moving forward.

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