Live Coaching Call April 28, 2020

1 hour, 12 minute video

Money is on our minds these days as we work through the triggers arising from the pandemic. This money-focused Coaching Call is full of powerful insights to help you clear away old money programming and step out of the collective fear energy. I also take Cat through a guided visualization to tune her root chakra into the new energy of money. (Go to 42:00 for this session.)

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Repeated poor choices with money once you reach a good place

Judgment of wealthy people when there are many people suffering

Frustration from feeling helpless in debt, unable to grow income

Fear that you’re too old, or it’s too late, to do the things you want

You Want To:

Break the cycle of the money reflex you’ve developed to feel better

Trust the process of every soul’s path—as you trust your own path

Easily shift your focus and energy to create more flow of money

Remove the conditions of your timeline to clear old beliefs

Affirmation for this Session:

I am receiving all that I need on a physical level to thrive, including money and great health.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 18:40

Session Transcript

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Carol: Hello, welcome to this month’s coaching call. It’s great to be with you. I’m traveling right now. I’m actually in southern Utah at a rental home that’s why you see a different background behind me. It’s great to be with you. We’re talking about money on tonight’s coaching call. And really I wanna support you and what’s happening right now with our root chakra. Say hi in a comment and where you’re tuning in from, whether you’re watching live or watching the recording. Welcome to the coaching call.

Money is on our mind because our root chakra with the current events of the pandemic that’s been an event that’s occurred in most parts of the world, that’s truly affected our root chakra. It’s triggered a lot of old programming and one of them being with the events of our current economic scenario that has been shifting because of the fact that people are not going…things are not cycling, moving like they used to. There’s been like a stagnancy. So it’s triggering a lot of old programming when it comes to the energy of money and the root chakra.

So it’s actually a really favorable thing that’s happening for us when you approach it from the point of view of healing and what this is presenting for us as an opportunity. So we’re gonna talk about that and how you can help yourself. We are on the cusp of starting the Money Cure in about three weeks. Of course, I would love for you to join us in that. That will be a four-week course. It was the first healing plan I ever wrote. And we don’t house it in here for the fact that there’s other pieces to it that it encompasses. So it’s a little more rich with content, you get emails every day. It kind of stands as its own experience because money is such a big player in helping us wake up here on the planet.

I know it was one of the first scenarios in our life story that really moved me to start seeking to understand our truth, my own truth, my husband and I to do that. So let’s talk about money tonight. What’s coming up for you? We’ve chosen questions that I’m going to be answering. I have a really great guest that’s in a really interesting position. And again, it could be a scenario that could present a lot of fear because of the uncertainty of the time in which we’re living. And then the uncertainty particularly that is layered in her life experience and so she’ll be with me. Cat is going to be joining me later on in the call. I’m gonna do some healing work with her.

And I’ve got a great process for everyone tonight, we’re gonna work directly with your root chakra. It was a process that I used to use in my old chakra healing course and I don’t think I recorded it for this particular new course. So I wanted to make sure we have it here in the Healing Center so we’re gonna do that. And let’s get into some housekeeping. I’ve got a couple of giveaways, a few announcements. I’m gonna share a success story. Then we’ll get into our submitted questions, and then bring on Cat and then answer your live questions.

What’s your intention for this call tonight? What’s coming up for you when it comes to money? Money is such a powerful tool in our world today. It does so many great things. And many of you have heard me talk about this in the Money Cure that I have a relationship with money. Anything that has an energetic presence has an opportunity to have…It’s an intelligent system that you can communicate with. Like I’ve had conversations with money.

Money wants to shift into a space of heart energy. It actually is connected in our heart. We’re gonna be doing some of that work in the coaching calls in the upcoming Money Cure. Where we’re gonna make sure money is anchored both in your root and your heart chakra. Because money is just tired of being the bad guy and used for power control and manipulation. So money is being uprooted. It’s uprooting, it’s recreating, it’s an opportunity for us directly connect with money and create our own experience with it.

So what’s coming up for you? What’s your intention for our calls? We’re together in this time. What do you want? If you could tell money, anything you want, what would you tell it right now? And do it with a blessing. Money is a blessing so call on it to bless your life. And you just have to stay out of the story of the current experience. I put a quote up on…I’m gonna read this real quick. I placed it on my Instagram feed. If you wanna see some cool scenery, join me on Instagram because that’s where I post whenever I travel where I’m out, what we’re doing. And southern Utah is incredible, the colors here and just the green on the red.

This is a quote from Barbara Marciniak, “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you.” So that’s about right now, what’s the frequency you’re choosing to be in with money? Rather than absorbing the frequencies of the bigger story, when you start imprinting your intent. So I see you’re imprinting an intent right now on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence. So your intentions are powerful.

I said to my CEO and to my husband when this thing started coming down at the 1st of March when I realized…I had about two weeks that I moved through the energy of what a lot of people are still in, that are stuck in, the energy of the pandemic. It’s like we’re passing through an energy and I was able to move through that in about two weeks and I was like, “I’m good, okay.” But at the very, very origin of this, which was towards the end of February, I can’t remember the exact timeline. I set an intention and my intention was…Because I knew anytime energy is getting moved it’s changing, it’s shifting, it’s pliable. It’s up for grabs, it’s moldable. It’s do some intent work, it’s powerful.

And I said to my husband and my CEO, “I’m gonna come out the other side of this healthier, wealthier and happier.” I’m gonna come out the other side of this healthier, wealthier, and happier. So you can make a bigger intention for where you’re at right now in your life, or you just set one for this call, whatever serves you. I love that particular…I can post that in the group here. It’s got a cool little graphic with it. Liz if you can text me after our call tonight, I’ll remember to put that up.

So, intention setting powerful, powerful tool. I learned about that years and years and years ago, over 25 years ago when some of the first people I studied creation techniques and manifestations was in the early ’90s.’ I started listening to Abraham Hicks before she became a big player on YouTube and kind of more…I wouldn’t say she’s mainstream. But definitely has reached many, many more people from almost 30 years ago when I started to listen to her. And I have complete faith in that process that the universe honors us regardless of what the other story is playing out.

Okay, housekeeping. Some of you are asking if…you’re choosing to go through the Money Cure. You have an advantage having a Healing Center membership simultaneously with the Money Cure. Should be able to access different single sessions. I wouldn’t be doing a healing plan while you’re doing the Money Cure. You can put that on pause the visual you use for that if you’re in one, and the Money Cure comes up and you’re not done with it you just put it on the shelf. Literally, you see yourself putting the healing plan in a nice little storage box, put it up on a shelf. Ask your angels to remind you to take it down again to then take it out of your storage box and activate its energy once more.

Those are metaphors that we can use that actually will shift energy and have it work in our favor. But definitely single sessions you’re prompted to do maybe a certain age, childhood development session, maybe abandonment. You know, there’s just so many great single sessions that are all available to you while you’re doing the Money Cure. So that you get actually that benefit and advantage having both simultaneously.

I have two giveaways tonight, we’re gonna give away the I am rich oil. This oil was blended with the intent to help you attract the energy of money so that it opens you up. And so you’re maybe asking what oil attracts money? It’s more about creating an affluent state of being, vitality, a high vibration. And so when you then are putting your focus on money when you’re in that high vibration of affluence and wellness and I can have what I want, what I desire, what I need is desirable and what’s desirable is needed, that they’re companion experiences, you’ll attract money.

And then as you know, as you teach your brain once you smell a certain oil, and when…this particular oil helps imprint the brain to think wealth. I am wealthy, I am rich, I am attracting money, money flows to me in ample amounts, and more. See, it’s all about flow and accumulation. And that’s what we go into in the Money Cure. So you want the I am rich oil to really imprint your personal energy system and your brain thinking process to think this way. And scent is a powerful tool to switch on those reminders.

And then we’re also giving away a copy of “Remembering Wholeness.” It’s a book that’s been out for 20 years. I wrote it in 2009. It’s my best selling book as far as the numbers go because it’s been out the longest. It’s a fabulous book, highly, highly recommend it. It’s just a beautiful read. It”s one of those books that keeps on giving because every time you pass through it, it is new insights, understandings come to you that you weren’t able to see or understand before. As you open up the book opens up more to you.

So we’re giving away a copy of “Remembering Wholeness” tonight. And to enter please share a resource in the Healing Center that has supported you recently. We get kind of really heavily focused on healing plans in the Healing Center which I think are fabulous. So there’s a value to doing single sessions. And I just wanna remind you that you might feel moved to say, I don’t need a plan, I’m just gonna commit to three, four sessions a week. And I’m not gonna even…you know, it could be a clearing session, an audio session, maybe they’re healing bowls session, maybe an affirmation session, maybe it’s a daily script, I don’t know. I’m just gonna randomly go in and I’m gonna schedule my days and times and then I’m just gonna show up and see what I’m meant to do.

I like to play that way, it keeps…I like the pass-through healing plans when you’re just really ready to let’s go deep and really get and dredge this stuff up and heal it. And then I like switching it up with a more spontaneous, more playful approach because healing just needs…you wanna keep motivating yourself to stay engaged. And if you’re always just doing this heavy-duty deep work, it can get a little tough on your system and you need to mix it up with some spontaneity and single session work. So what resources helped you recently?

Few announcements. We have a special broadcast on May 4th for the Money Cure that will be on my public Facebook page at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Please join me on May 4th at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Time I’ve got three fabulous guests. I’ve got Jane Nickel, I’ve been fascinated by her story. She’s on what many people refer to as a fixed income, and when she went through the Money Cure two years ago, she was able to shift things and open the flow and accumulation that allowed her to buy her dream home. I just want to hear her story because I’m like, “How did you do that?” Very curious about that. And then I’ve got a couple that…their experience and then someone that needs some help. It’s always good to have someone that’s never done the Money Cure go, okay notice the difference here.

All right, Money Cure starts May 18th, go check out the quiz. And make sure you’ve used that clearing session that’s in the masterclass. If you go to, you’ll take the quiz and right after the quiz, you’ll find the masterclass. If you wanna just go check out the video that has this new clearing I wrote for pandemic financial fears go to Then Mother’s Day sale goes off for addressing your truth online stores May 5th through the 10th. It’s the weekend. Buy these great type three earrings, type threes, and all your other types. Buy yourself a Mother’s Day gift, you know, whether you’re a mom or not. We’re all maternal in our energy in nature.

Success story, then let’s get into the submitted question. Clares wrote in, “I signed up for this year’s Money Cure and I took the money quiz again. I’m so thankful to see my progress since the first time around in 2017. I’ve moved from the yellow segment near the orange to now well within the light green segment. In my life, this shows as having created $10,000 increased my monthly income and I have much greater confidence that money is there for me. So grateful to Carol Tuttle for the Money Cure.” That’s very cool.

So that’s the cool thing. Enough rounds in the Money Cure you get to a place where you know you feel it. Money is your best friend, money loves you, money wants to show up for you. It likes you. It’s like thank you so much I feel that in my life. We’re here in St. George, I’ll just give you a quick story of a trace of affluence I made recently. We were supposed to be in Hawaii right now. We had each of our children’s families lined up that comes in consecutive trips. So it started with our youngest son, Mark, and Julia. And then the next group was Ann and Tanner, and then the next group was my daughter, Jenny, and all her family. And that was extending over about a six-week period that we were gonna start…that was supposed to start May 15th and take us… No, it was start April 15th and take us into May 23rd.

Well, obviously that didn’t happen. We canceled everything and we’ve pushed…we don’t know when they’ll all be going. It’s quite a bit to organize families and children and all the comings and goings. And Hawaii has some really strict quarantines going on right now. You basically fly over there and you are required to stay in your residence or wherever you are staying if someone were staying in a hotel for two weeks. I mean, that means you can’t leave the space. You’re there in a two-week quarantine confinement and that’s not fun.

And so, I decided, you know what, we need a change of pace here. We need to mix this up. And I thought I’m gonna find a home with a private pool because most of the places nowadays that have rentals are in townhomes or HOAs that have community pools, those are all shut down. There’s not a lot of rentals that have their own private pools. So guess what I found? I found a rental not only with a private pool but a hot tub and a splash pad. And we now for this week that we’re here, we have…our kids in there our grandkids coming down in these consecutive different nights. So you can find a way to experience your affluence right now.

And affluence sometimes involves money and other times it does not . But how can you choose affluence and an affluent experience right now? It’s very important to do that right now. For the fact that money energy is very stagnant right now. And one of the key things that you need to do is keep it running, keep it flowing regardless if you have…whatever your circumstances is, you have to act as if money is still flowing, and accumulating. And so you keep the energy running regardless of what the story is telling you. And we’ll do a visualization that will help with that. At the end of our…when, I’m working with Cat, the guest.

So first question, “I seem to be doing really well with finances then I go through cycles of making poor choices like instead of paying off debt I go shopping. I seem to want the quick fix of feeling better by having pretty things. Even though I already have more than enough, I can’t seem to fill the void. I really want to break this cycle, any idea why these cycles happen?” It’s a reflex you have so it’s just a pattern. A pattern is something that you’ve done over and over and over and over so there’s a trigger and you have to intercept the trigger.

It’s very similar to food and the work we do and the weight loss healing plan. Okay, what you’re telling yourself is, I seem to want the quick fix of feeling better by having pretty things. So you’re using a physical product, a physical item to give you the experience of feeling better. So rather than act on that, go in and clear it. And what part of you…what age is asking to feel better? This is a wounded inner child. My sense it’s around 12, 13 years old. Maybe you didn’t feel cute. This is a passage of time that many of us feel kind of ugly and really…you know, you start becoming aware of who’s cute, who’s not, who’s popular, who’s not, kind of how you size up in the social group and all of that.

So my sense is your 12 to 13 year old is getting this quick fix by getting you to go shopping. And it’s like, take her shopping in a visualization, get her all the pretty colors she wants, but don’t do it to your physical self. That’s the cool thing about inner child work, you can play out the same experience that that part of you is provoking you to go act out. You can create that in their world which doesn’t exist in the physical and give her all these pretty things and take her shopping. And then clear…do the stage six childhood development clearing session because that part of you is still believing she’s not attractive and she’s not wanted. So there’s other sessions you could do along with that.

In the process, I have assignments to write a clearing for self-sabotage and a clearing for codependency that we’re gonna release in the next several months. So you can look forward to those. And I’m also going to record the segment that has become very popular of are you trying to heal something that’s not even all yours? Which is the ancestral visualization of giving it back. We’re going in the studio in about two weeks to record those. Those are upcoming resources that you’ll get to look forward to. So is this a self-sabotage. We do have a link to a coaching call that has some self-sabotage clearing help for you.

“I have huge resentments towards people who have more money than they could spend in a lifetime while so many people are crushed by poverty. I have a very hard time believing that money is a neutral energy that wants to be used for good in the world. I want everyone to thrive because I believe that there is enough for everyone. But this seems insurmountable and impossible. My question is how do we globally start to live with money from heart chakras? How do we open the global money heart?”

Well, first, I wanna ask you, why did you assign yourself to be in charge of shifting the experience of money for the global community? You don’t know what people’s souls have come down here to experience. And joy has nothing to do with the amount of money. I’ve been to India twice and to some pretty…what appeared to me to be impoverished communities way out. I flew into Chennai in southern India, drove to three hours into the countryside people didn’t have any money they have very little but they were very joyful, very lovely, very amazing people. And so it wasn’t about money for them. It was about a culture and a lifestyle they’re very much accustomed to.

So, why have you put this on yourself to be in charge over…you can’t have affluence with money and connect your energy with your heart until the whole global community does. That’s not how it works. It’s like, you know, throwing a piece of…one by one, one by one. We all make a difference and your choosing it helps open the energy for someone else to eventually choose it. But that’s their soul’s journey it’s their opportunity to move into. Will they in this lifetime? I don’t know. I think we get so entrenched in the story of humanity that we have this misunderstanding of how people are in states of a lack of joy when possibly they’re not. And that’s what they’ve known.

And so we each need…It’s an opportunity for each of us to choose to shift our own energy. And in that shift, we open the energy for others to choose that in their timeline. They have a soul that’s guiding them. They have a spiritual path they’re on. They’ve come here for whatever learning and growth that they have chosen into. And that’s fine, you know. I don’t feel a need to change the world, save the world. I’m here for those that are ready to change their reality, their world, their experience. And I trust the bigger picture will be taken care of. Because I know I make a difference by making a difference in my experience and supporting you because you’ve chosen to make a difference in your experience.

“Is the feeling of being helpless that is most difficult. I have zero income now. My husband is trying to earn an income from home and it just feels like there’s no way to dig ourselves out of debt that we already had and now it’s just getting worse. Please help.” Hey, you are focused on all the money that’s the debt. Again, where you put your focus energy flows where your energy flows, it grows. And so where do you wanna put your focus? It’s the act as if theory you have to act as if you have money coming in. That doesn’t mean action that means energetically on the energetic plane. You have to energetically imagine that money is flowing to you, that your debt is being paid off, that you are experiencing income and accumulation. What does that feel like?

You’d be a really great candidate for the Money Cure. If you keep putting your attention on your debt, and the lack of money, money cannot show up for you. So go through at least the two weeks. You have time. I’d invite everyone to do this because you could actually go through this in a week. The healing plan for financial affluence or for clearing…Liz, will you text me the official name of that healing plan. It’s the healing plan for financial-limiting beliefs. It was focused on…I wasn’t gonna duplicate the Money Cure. I created a two-week plan that just gave the focus to your thinking processes. It really targets the thinking mind, that two-week plan.

You can move through that plan in a week. I invite anyone that feels moved to do that between now and the Money Cure to do that. That’s a really good choice to be making right now because you’re gonna go in just ready to go. So the two-week healing plan for financial lack I think it is. And you can do that in a week. I looked at it the other day, I’m like, it’s pretty light. That I recommend you do that with your husband.

“My husband is now retired and I’ve not achieved the things I want and I’m not ready to shift down in my lifestyle. I need support to overcome this fear. The time is moving on, and I am not the same age as I once was, and it’s too late.” You’re on a timeline, but your timeline has some interesting…You’ve put…you gotta take off the conditions of your timeline. It’s like I would do an energy sketch on this. And I draw the timeline with your limiting beliefs that are showing up on the timeline, then I do a tapping session and clear that. And I draw a new timeline with the new beliefs and free yourself. You know, it depends how long you think you’re gonna live. If I live as long as my father lived, he was 90 and I, you know, could live…That’s 28 more years. It’s a lot of time. I should think about where was I 28 years ago. So change your timeline beliefs. It’s the healing plan for anxiety and negativity about money.

“I wonder how money became so powerful what led us to all give the energy of money, such power, and what are the best tips to take the power back and realize money has?” I think historically, it was a class system. We’ve lived in the Piscean energy which is a energy of hierarchy. And so the people that had more money became our economic exchange in our more modern-day, but there was a time when people were taxed for goods and products that were grown.

So it hasn’t always been money per se. But there’s been a hierarchical system in the Piscean era, which has lasted for centuries. It’s hierarchy and so they’re in hierarchy. There’s domination and subordination that plays out. That’s been the story of humanity, the dominant over the subordinate, the people that were dominant because they wanted to stay on top they acquired the goods and the wealth and kept the other suppressed. So it’s just been a story that’s been playing out in the human experience for a very long time that’s now shifting.

You know, something like a pandemic, and you’ve seen this and people sharing their stories. And you know, a lot of different…I won’t get into the new stuff there are so many channels. Where you get your news is your business, not mine. But we’ve heard a virus is not selective. It flattens the hierarchy. Yeah, every one has…We’re all vulnerable in a sense that we all are given the opportunity to be healthy and well and wise and make smart choices that there’s this flattening of the hierarchy that’s going on because we’re moving into what’s called the Aquarian energy.

You can read more about this in, “Mastering Affluence In The Modern Chakra” guide, and how our chakras are shifting. And this is…you know, I had no way of knowing what that would look like. I just knew the human story could get very dramatic and show us a lot of things we haven’t seen when you’ve got something happening in our personal energy system that’s causing us to…it’s provoking change. It’s provoking change and going through that change can look messy. But you have advantages because the awarenesses you have. And so how do you get it back? Go through the two-week healing plan for anxiety and negativity about money, that will shift your energy with money.

“Are thriftiness and affluence friends or foes? I wonder if we are truly living a life of affluence while maintaining frugality.” Depends where your choice comes from. If it’s coming from fear and lack. Frugality it’s a way of…You just might be more of a minimalist and you like to find good deals and you like to see because it’s a game. You go, oh, I want to see how much I can get with little supply? You know, how can I make this more profuse. But it’s game and it has nothing to do I have to withhold and I have to be super frugal because I’m gonna run out and there’s not enough. See, when you’re in that place, frugality is a prevention strategy because of fear. When you’re in the place of affluence and you know, I don’t have to do it this way. I just find it enjoyable and really is a preferred lifestyle because I like to create this and it’s more of an experience it brings me joy, then it becomes that choice. So where do you choose it from?

“Well, my husband graduated from MBA school his parents gave him a congratulatory check as a gift. I had worked full time and kept the household the entire time he was in school. When he received this rather large cash gift, he kept it all to himself. I was incredibly hurt that he didn’t acknowledge my part in helping him through school and didn’t offer any part of it to me. Now, 15 years later, we still have an awkwardness whenever any extra comes in. He just got a bonus from work and I don’t have any say in how the money is spent, he is the primary provider. For some reason, I have a belief that if I want to do something with money, I have to earn it myself. I do not feel that I can lay a claim on family finances to meet this need.”

Well, you gave yourself your own answer by saying that belief is influencing the choices that are being made in your partnership. They are not seeing any of this extra money because you have a belief that I want to do something fun with money, I have to earn it myself. So that could be a core belief scrambler. You can go look into your family story. We do a lot of that in the Money Cure, where we look at where do these stories come from, they’re probably not even yours. Maybe your parents played this out, maybe your grandparents, maybe his parents, where’s the origin of this? But you basically you’ve got right in front of you what is keeping this from shifting and with that belief it’s gonna be really hard to have a conversation around it because that belief has an energetic presence in you. So it’s hard to override that and talk about it as though something else is…you would get very defensive let’s just say rather than being proactive and saying I’d really like to create a different experience here.

Maybe he doesn’t even know, maybe he thinks you think he should have it all. He’s saying, “This is great. My wife is awesome. She lets me have all this money, she doesn’t seem to want any.” So you need to shift that core beliefs scrambler could be something like…It would be a need scrambler I need I need to make money if I wanna have any fun. I need I need not. A body clearing walk would also be very good. I’m free to have something like with the body clearing walk on one hand what you want would be I am worthy of…you’ll figure it out. It’s not coming to me right now but you get the gist of that.

“It seems I am graded attracting money abundance for other people, but I have a limiting belief that I won’t earn it for myself. I’m married into money, but I want to feel like I can attract it as an individual. For example, my kids get so many gifts, toys, clothes way more than we need or want but I need things for myself that I really struggle to attract. How do I shift this? What is the difference between abundance and unhealthy consumerism?” Well, that’s again…I’m not gonna weigh in on unhealthy consumerism, that could mean something very different to me than you.

That’s a value system and we don’t all have the same values here. So abundance is an energetic state of being, consumerism is purchasing. They’re very different. Read “Mastering Affluence” I use the word affluence rather than abundance because in my understanding of abundance, we’re always creating abundance, always. It’s our state of being. You’re creating an abundance, what you don’t want or what you want. And so it’s a state of being versus a lifestyle practice. So I guess that answers that.

Money is a current. You’ve got those currents plugged into everybody else but you. And so you’ve gotta take the energy of money and plug them into your root chakra, which is down at the groin area, or underneath in the perenium which between…it’s just at the very base of your torso. And plug them into your heart center on the front and between shoulder blades, plug the current of money currency, plug it into your own personal energy system. Then see what beliefs come up for you. Keep it from staying plugged in.

“The biggest challenge in my relationship with money is comparing myself to others. I would be doing great operating at a high vibration then I will see someone with something I don’t have and feel jealous even though I know I can have it if I choose to. Sometimes I don’t even really want the thing they have I’m just upset that I don’t have it. I’ve done the Money Cure three times, and I’ve had huge successes with it and can’t wait to take it again this year. But even though I know this is a negative pattern keeping me stuck, this is the one thing that is not sinking in.”

I just did a YouTube video on this so that would be helpful for you. It’s on my website as well at this point at The one limiting belief that you don’t even know you have which is resenting other people. And look at the emotion it’s bringing up for you and journal about that. You said it brings up resentment, jealousy, and then do some open-ended. I feel jealous because. Do that 10 times. You might even then switch with your non-dominant hand and write I feel jealous because. I feel jealous because, what’s the inner child have to say about this? What’s this about, get to the deeper issue so you can shift it. Let’s set the intention that you’re gonna have that kind of clarity you need and you’re gonna go into the Money Cure this time around with that awareness.

Last submitted question. “I have an art project financed till June next year, Corona put a stop to that and the community project might be terminated altogether. I see I’m starting to fall into thinking that the current times are bringing in shortages and limitations like not enough money, not enough rain. It’s extremely dry where I am and farmers are having difficulties and not enough water so not enough food, not enough of anything. And from there I go to losing things, losing money, losing my luscious green garden to the dry weather, losing more freedom. How do I stop this thinking?”

Really, you would be perfect for the two-week healing plan for lack of negativity about money because it’s all about the not enough. And so you gotta get your brain thinking the way you want it to. Now is a good time to mention this. I have…this is a gemstone that you can even purchase I don’t think right now. It’s called an Angelfire from Gemisphere, it’s a white coral with blue sapphire. Blue-ray is throat and indigo and blue-ray are your throat and your third eye. So this is the thinking area. So blue-ray gemstones will help clean up negative thinking. Angelfire is like putting an angel on the…think of a mental energy field and you have like guardian angels that have the power to only allow healthy thoughts formulating flowing and formulating in your mental field. So that’s what Angelfire does. But a blue-ray necklace will give you that kind of benefit. So sodalite are a really good one. Any blue ray, so blue-ray choice really helps with that area of our energy system. And it sounds like you need to clean that up but sodalite would be really good for you.

All right, Cat is a type three is my guest this evening and she is a member of the Healing Center here. She is currently a single mom, she was divorced about seven years ago. She has a real precarious situation where not only is she…you know we’re dealing with what’s being called a down, you know, shift in our economic system here in the United States of America. There’s been a big shift in our economic experience. So she’s a full-time MBA student. So she’s been able to as a single mom with two children, she’s been able to live on student loans and child support, and she has part-time work that comes and goes.

And there have been times where she self-sabotaged any work because she didn’t really like doing it. Or it was so low paid, she resented doing it, and then she’s been able to stay in student housing. So that’s a benefit right now but that ends in June. Because she’s worked hard she’s gonna get her degree, her master’s in business administration. Her parents have helped her quite a bit along with credit cards until… And after graduation, I will have to move out of student housing in June and be on my own. I would love to receive guidance on how to open myself up to the new energy of money and remove any blocks that are still preventing that along with being clear on what action I need to take in order to create this reality. So let’s welcome her on. And she lives in a state that’s in particularly severe lockdown status, which is California. Hello.

Cat: Hi.

Carol: Thanks for being willing to share your story.

Cat: Thank you for having me.

Carol: A little bit about growing up. Which child were you in the family?

Cat: I was the youngest of three.

Carol: Were you a planned pregnancy?

Cat: That is unclear.

Carol: How many years between you and the next sibling?

Cat: Two.

Carol: So you’re not sure because you’ve heard things maybe that indicate [inaudible 00:42:53.769].

Cat: My family doesn’t really discuss things like this a lot. But it was my mother’s second marriage and she had two children from her first already. So by the time I came along, she was 44. And so I feel like maybe she was a little tired by then.

Carol: Right. Did your dad have previous marriage and children?

Cat: My mother did, my dad did not.

Carol: Okay, so dad wasn’t a father already?

Cat: Right.

Carol: Okay, so this is just the words that come to me. These are not my judgments, so I’m gonna use the words as they come. Your mother is your nemesis. She’s the one that’s made it hard for you. Now, she was divorced also. Was there a lot of resentment towards her first husband?

Cat: Not really no. I mean, they still remain in contact, and they seem to be pretty amicable. But again feelings were not really discussed.

Carol: Okay, so you don’t know.

Cat: I don’t know for sure.

Carol: Did your mom work?

Cat: No, she was a homemaker.

Carol: Okay. There’s something there with your mom now with having to prove yourself for…you have a fear of having to move back in with your parents.

Cat: Yeah.

Carol: So that though is going to make it…it’s like you’re trying to prevent that or you’re gonna…Tell me if this fits. Prove, not like I’ll show you but not like in a resentment sort of way of proving yourself to them. I can do this, I’m capable. More of a come-on give me some credit.

Cat: Yeah, because I’ve been so dependent on them for so long, like, you know, maybe they’re not sure I can handle it on my own.

Carol: Did they support you in the marriage choices you made you know, getting married, and all that?

Cat: Yes, but not so much in the divorce part.

Carol: Because you just don’t get divorced or I mean, you did. I mean, I don’t get that, okay. So tell me more about that. Like, who led that one out your mom getting divorced?

Cat: Yeah. I was just kind of culturally you know, religious culture-wise, you know, you make the choice and that’s forever and…

Carol: But how is that, I don’t understand when she was divorced?

Cat: That was before she joined the religion that she raised me in.

Carol: Okay, so because of the children, like you don’t divorce like that kind of thinking?

Cat: Yeah, there’s a lot of that and partly, I kind of think that maybe the way that her previous marriage ended maybe she was feeling like, well, you just stick with it when you have it because you don’t wanna let it fall apart or anything.

Carol: There’s any on her like, there could have been an unspoken issue for her too that you’re gonna need…I don’t wanna have to take care of you. Like, it’s gonna cost me money and you’re gonna need stuff from me and I don’t wanna deal with that.

Cat: Yeah, there could have been some of that.

Carol: Like, he should take care of you, not us.

Cat: Yeah, I’m sure that was it.

Carol: I don’t wanna take care of you.

Cat: Hmm.

Carol: Okay, that goes back to why I was…now circling back where you plan this I don’t wanna take care of you thing. So something there for you that your inner child picked up on some kind of with your mom that man, I don’t wanna take care of you. Like she was done having kids so in a way you’re caught in the web of her limiting belief of I don’t wanna take care of you. You’re still around I don’t wanna take care you. Now you’re graduating from college and now you’re gonna move in I’m still taking care of you.

This is what this looks like. You will step into being your mom. And from her point of view, clear the I don’t wanna take care of you, because it’s like she’s got you in her energetic. You’re being held in this [inaudible 00:47:47.973] we charge the viewing audience. I talked to Cat prior and I said the word that comes up with her energy is stifled. This irritation of your mother is stifling you and keeping your energy from creating what you can. So to shift that you go in and do…kind of journal on it with open-ended sentences. I don’t wanna take care of you because.

Then go to the non-dominant hand and from the child’s point of view, I feel sad because my mom doesn’t wanna take care of me. What else do you feel? Ask that part what’s it like to be in this scenario where you’re picking up on my mom not wanting to take care of me. Because that part of you was still waiting for mom to change her mind. So the inner child will keep showing up at mom and dad’s house going will you take care of me now? Do you feel better about taking…I just want you to be able to… You know, that part of you that’s probably eight years old or so is going I still have an unmet need. I need my mom to take you know, care about me, and I want my mom to take care of me.

There’s a need scrambler for you, too. Don’t worry about this you can rewatch the replay and write down what I’m saying. It’s kind of coming to me pretty quick here. So you’re gonna do the find out clear from mom state of energy I don’t wanna take care of you because. Clear the inner child and do a need scrambler. I need I need my mom. I need I need my mom’s approval. I need I need my mom to wanna take care of me. Because it’s basically gonna free you up to then say, “I’m an adult and I can take care of myself. And I take care of all my inner children and my energy can attract to me what I’m ready for.”

And there are a lot of things I answered in the submitted questions that I think you were picking up on about keeping the energy flowing. And writing your own story right now is really important. If things were to play out as favorably, as you can imagine, what would that look like? Write that out, sketch it out, put it out there. Imprint your reality with your intention. So what questions do you have for me?

Cat: I don’t know, I guess, like, how to shift to that energy of relying on other people and not trusting myself to be able to…

Carol: That’s the inner child wanting someone to take care of you. Whenever you feel that get…My sense she’s about seven, eight years old. That’s where you in that moment you go…when you feel it come up, you go meet with her, and you say, “I get it. You deserved to have someone take care of you.” The obvious choice would have been your mom and dad but they didn’t meet all your needs. So now we’re gonna let go of them. And I’m here to take care of you, you know. You can do the session growing yourself up emotionally, where you go through the timelines and you keep taking yourself back, taking yourself back.

Because that’s when you’re feeling that state of…when you’re in that energy, it’s like you’re the child and a child can’t take care of herself in today’s big world. So then you’re gonna kind of get…you’ve gotta keep flexing your adult muscle energy muscles. That’s why you listen to the daily scripts and the affirmations it’s just activating all of that in your energy system. There might be a day you have to flip it seven times see what I’m saying it’s just the way it is because you’ve become conditioned. At least you’re aware of it that’s the good news that you know there’s this…most people live in the compromised state 24/7.

And so you’re in a scenario…Again, notice where you plugged your…are you absorbing the energy of the bigger story or you emitting the story you’re choosing now to create? I mean, you wanna be able to say I created a miracle in a situation that looked like all the odds were against me. And what you’re feeling right now is that inner child that part of you that gets scared. In your adult self, you know, it’s a big job. But look what you’ve done, look back, man, you’re finishing a really tough education program, you know, look what you’re capable of, you’ve done a great job.

And it’s that checking in with self. Just rewatch this. What we’re gonna do today when you’re running this energy and that feeling of being scared and incapable, and you’re in the child energy, what happens…and what we’re gonna do right now and we’ll do this with everybody watching. Your root chakra flushes out. Imagine when you flush the toilet bowl, the energy is getting flushed and you can’t attract money when you’re flushing your root chakra. It feels like you’re just being…you feel super compromised and you feel this kind of full-body…It almost feels like collapsing to the floor.

Well, your root chakra is now operating contrary to its design. It needs to be filling. Actually, in its healthiest state, the chakras are all going up and down and kind of weaving, playing with each other. But you’ve gotta bring the Earth’s energy back up into your root chakra and breathing it in, okay. So I’m gonna take you and all of the viewers through a visualization to change that energy. And what you can do then with this when you feel that sinking and that go, oh, wait a minute, my root chakra is flushing right now. It’s hard to shift my thoughts when that’s happening.

And so this is a real quick shift, you can train yourself to just go oh, we gotta get it going the other way now, coming in feeding me. Because money flows to us then we circulate it back out. So we have to make sure that the energy of the Earth is flowing into our root chakra because money is a physical experience. That’s why it’s a root chakra base connection there. Okay, so just repeat out loud, I am receiving.

Cat: I am receiving.

Carol: All that I need.

Cat: All that I need.

Carol: At a physical level.

Cat: At a physical level.

Carol: To thrive.

Cat: To thrive.

Carol: Including money.

Cat: Including money.

Carol: And great health.

Cat: And great health.

Carol: So now you’ve set that out there, you’ve just imprinted an intention you don’t have to worry about the story and how the story is gonna bring that to you. I don’t know, you don’t know right now. Just that you’ve gotta keep training your mind to think in terms of it’s gonna be better than I could have hoped for. You don’t have to figure the story out that’s the beauty of this. Continue to go back to this trust that is I believe that it will happen. And it’ll be really interesting to see how the story unfolds, okay. And again, you might have to do it 10 times a day [inaudible 00:56:46.324]. I did, believe me, [inaudible 00:56:49.587] do all of this.

All right. So with that, go ahead and close your eyes and put your attention down under the area between your legs, bottom of your torso, and up in your groin kind of from your hip bones on down. And see it like a toilet flushing out and it just keeps spiraling out this energy. It’s like the energy keeps flushing out. You can’t flow and accumulate money when your root chakra is just flushing down like that. Take a deep breath in.

Now imagine you’re gonna be like superhero woman right now you get really…you know how “Ant-Man” I don’t know if you’ve seen that movie, but he get really small. And so you can get small enough that you’re down below. It’s almost like this vortex of energy, it would look like a tornado, a funnel and you’re gonna get down underneath it and grab on to it at the bottom and turn it, correct it so the energy now is flowing up into your body through the root chakra. So you’re just gonna grab it and make it flow the other way. And now take three deep breaths in and imagine the energy flowing up into you. Again and one more, flowing up into you. I was prompted to bring my root chakra bowl just listen to this and it’s gonna anchor that in.

[00:58:44.250] [music] [00:59:24.020]

Okay, take a deep breath in and gently exhale and go ahead and open your eyes. And your tendency is going to be…your reflex as a type three especially is what do I need to do? The answer to that is keep my energy focused on that intention and do the energy work even if it’s 20 minutes a day. And we’re excited to see what shows up for you.

Cat: Me too. Yeah, it’ll be really exciting.

Carol: Okay, thanks for joining.

Cat: Thank you for having me.

Carol: You’re welcome. Thank you. Let’s do our live questions now. Do a few of those, then we’ll wrap up for this call. “When I get money I attract large chunks time and time again for random reasons. However, I want a steady stream and how do I do that?” You know, ask money why does it show you this way. Maybe it’s meant to and you have to then…your practice with it looks different. I’m not getting that…You could add the steady stream and keep this flowing in too. So that’s something we do in the Money Cure is visualization to open up more streams through you could do an energy sketch and draw more streams of money coming in.

I cut my finger I’ve had a few bumps and bruises on this trip, but kept coming off in the swimming pool so I had to extra pad it. “Do you need to identify sources of your limitations blocked energy with money or just do the clearings and it’ll cover all bases?” You don’t need to, a lot of times your energy will reveal it to you but it’s not needed for it to be effective.

This is a follow-up to the question earlier about the person who felt they needed to ask permission to spend money. I think it makes sense in a partnership to talk about money being spent before you spend…or for both parties to have a say in how many you spent what you recommend instead of asking permission. I agree but the thing…you’ve got to clear this. As long as you feel you can’t have it you’re going to feel you have to ask permission. So, see until that’s released and shifts you need to learn how to communicate. “Mastering Affluence” has some great communication tips and processes that are in the relationship scenario. You have a sit-down talk and you set up a time and say, “There’s something I wanna discuss. I know it’s been playing out this way I’d like to change that. How do you feel about it?” You’ve gotta learn how to listen and do reflective listening and really give each other a chance to say what’s going on and create a new approach together.

“During the chakra healing plan, I found that a lot of the clearings had no effect on me. What does that mean? I felt empty afterwards like something was missing or something was lingering in the shadows on my consciousness, how can I bring what is hiding to the surface?” There is a finding out frozen emotions visualization that could be helpful to you. Keep doing the next thing you’re feeling prompted to do. And others have had this and at some point things shift because whatever parts of you…or go through the childhood wounding plan at some point because the parts of you that are hiding are most likely through birth and your teen years and your inner child states.

“My husband and I have worked, saved and we’re in great shape financially, we need to hire some things done around our home and property. I’m ready and willing, but my husband wants us to do them ourselves. There’s no need for this. We have the means and we both are at an age for hiring some things out would be very helpful. How can I support him and shifting his mindset to feel like we can get the help we need and bless others who need the work?” Well, you gotta sit down have a conversation and tell him exactly how you feel. And maybe there’s some things he really wants to do and it’s not about the money, so find out. Maybe it’s not an all or nothing, it’s you can do both. You can hire some things out, you can do things yourself, maybe there’s nothing that you want to do and you need to let that be known. Then you have to put timelines on things.

“What advice do you have for people seeking jobs right now?” You’re gonna act as if…again that act is if you have a job. Get up, get dressed. Keep yourself active as though you had a commitment to go to. Keep your energy running. What would you be saying? What would you be thinking? Act as if, play it out. The universe will give you what you believe your experience is.

“What do you suggest if you feel that your spouse is blocking the full energy of money from coming to us and by the way, he doesn’t believe in energy work at all. Hates when I say what you think about you create?” Well, I’ve had many, many women go through the Money Cure whose husbands haven’t done one thing and it has shifted their family experience with money completely. So what is it that you believe that men don’t support you or get behind you, or provide for you? Or that you’re at odds with him? See, you’ve created your experience with your spouse and what’s that saying about inner beliefs you have that are asking to be cleared and where do they proceed you with your family experience, and family story.

And you can shift your experience with money. You can also choose to say I’m not interested in talking in terms of lack and not enough, it’s just not what I wanna give attention to. I’m willing to talk about our practices and if we…you know, I’m willing to talk about what we do with money and our practices with it, but I’m not interested in putting a lot of lack and doubt and fear energy on it. And if he chooses to do that still, oh, well, you just get really immune to that and it doesn’t have an effect on you. Because anytime you go, it’s him and he’s now blocking money then he is because you’ve…you know. You could just say, well, doesn’t matter what he does, I’m more powerful with…The person that’s the most conscious that practices these energy techniques actually has more effect on the energy than the person that’s in the lack state of being.

“Please explain the difference between the financial abundance resources in the Healing Center and the Money Cure?” The Healing Center is a two-week plan that only focuses on the financial…your mindset. It’s a two-week plan that looks at your thinking processes when it comes to money. The way your mind processes money, so it helps to shift your mental energy feel. The Money Cure is a four-week full body whole experience, it shifts your whole energy system with money. It goes into your family’s story, where it comes from, what beliefs you’ve inherited from your family, what energy patterns are still running through you that came from your family when it comes to money. We look at your flow and accumulation where you have blocks, your set points we change those. How much money that your energy can flow and accumulate? We’ve heard many success stories where people have changed those energetic set points.

So increases the flow and accumulation. We look at your money type, your…I just released a video on that’s on YouTube, Facebook and the website. Your energy type has certain tendency and quality of movement when it comes to money that can backfire, sabotage you, or support you in flowing more money and accumulation. And then we look at partnering experiences with money, your two money types together. And how to work in unison bringing both your energies together. So it’s much…You get emails every day, it’s on private Facebook group. You get a lot of bonuses with it, 51 that I absolutely adore and love 52 creation games. So you could basically do one game a week for an entire year and they’re all focused on energy techniques that are fun to practice and put into play when it comes to flowing and accumulating money. There’s more, go to the sales page and you’ll see everything laid out there. We can put a link to the sales page.

Okay, last question. “I feel as though I hemorrhage money just keeps bleeding out everywhere. I haven’t figured out how to stop the bleeding so to speak, things just keep happening transmission blowing, computer breaking. I ground and work on my root chakra daily.” Yeah, that one we just did with the flushing out because you’re saying it’s you’ve gotta do that every day. And train your root chakra to bring the energy up into your root chakra rather than flushing it out. The exercise we did can be done I’d say every day for at least two weeks to shift this energy.

All right. Well, thanks everyone for all those questions. Thanks again to Cat, hope see in the Money Cure you get…if you’re a former Money Cure student you can sign up for $79 which is $20 less than previous years. And if you are not, it’s your first year, as a Healing Center member you get a discount as well, 30% off. Next coaching call will be May 19th at 7:00 p.m. Again, May 4th is a special broadcast for the Money Cure on my Facebook page at 1:00 p.m. And the Money Cure starts on May 18th. In the meantime, go through the two week, you do even a one-week healing plan for financial lack.

Let’s close with a book excerpt and then I’ll share the two giveaway winners. This is from “Remembering Wholeness.” I have a chapter in there called there is enough money for everyone. “As you shift into a vibration of prosperity consciousness you will create and attract new avenues and opportunities for more money to come into your life. Money is a resource that God has given us to bless our lives, not to interfere with our daily happiness. If you’re creating your experience with money as a negative distraction, choose to clean it up. Create money to be like your experience with air, something you know there is plenty of for you and everyone else. Money like air is a resource to assist you in creating and sustaining a life of joy and happiness. You never worry about air you just trust and let it be there for you. Stop worrying about money and start trusting that you will be provided for and trust that you will make choices and manage it in a way that blesses your life.”

Our two winners are “Remembering Wholeness” goes to Michelle Tipton. She shared one thing that is really supporting me recently was the single session called the mirror work clearing. I was able to forgive myself, my husband, and my mom. Interesting that you recommend to only do it once a month. Thanks so much. Well, it’s just because it does a really deep clearing process on you. And you need to show up in life, wake up, get up, show up. You can’t be pulled out with these big clearings.

And then the I am rich oil. Amanda Hughes shares, you are the winner I’m rich oil, Tibetan healing bowls, “My kids have been listening to them with me and tell me they feel so relaxed. Also, the morning routine yesterday I heard my little four-year-old say, ‘I know my truth,’ and I turn and she was doing the morning routine.” I love that, thank you so much. I’m grateful this is being broadcast in your households to your families. To have your children grow up with these tools, they’ll not know any different and they’re going to be creators of their reality from the go rather than recovering and then creating it so good for you parents. Thanks, everyone, we will be seeing you here in the group. And I appreciate your time and dedication to your own work. Thank you for being a member and for all the support you give each other.

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