Live Coaching Call August 20, 2018

1 hour, 14 minutes

Overwhelm, resistance to affirmations, and uncertainty about doing it “right.” If you’re experiencing these concerns as you start the Healing Plan for Self-Confidence, you will find reassurance to these and other common feelings. Feel inspired as you gain more self-love and self-acceptance.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Overwhelm over all the work you have to do

Negative reactions to the affirmations

Uncertainty about doing it “right”

Heavy emotions that come up after clearings

You Want To:

Create the time you need for the clearings

Experience a positive shift in your thinking

Feel reassured you’re doing just fine

Become lighter after releasing that stuck energy

Affirmation for this Session:

I am seeing my true self. I reflect the truth in myself and that is how others see me.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 17:17

Session Transcript

Hello, I’m so excited that this is the inaugural live coaching call and Q&A for the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. Welcome. And something that will help get into the newsfeeds of our members here is if you make a comment or you like, you know, hit an emoji then it’ll kinda put it out there that we’re live right now for anyone that might not have remembered. And yes, these will be recorded and put on the website, and also maintained here in…posted here in the Facebook group.

You will see a more casual side of me at times due to the fact this is in the evening, and you know, I might have my sweatshirt on. I like this sweatshirt. I am traveling right now. I’m at a resort that’s actually not too far from where I live in Utah in Park City, called Deer Valley, up in the mountains and beautiful landscape, hiking, and mountain biking every morning. So that’s what’s behind me right now, it’s the villa room.

Let’s do some housekeeping items. Let me explain to you how the format this is going to go this evening. I am gonna over a few housekeeping items for you to just have some insights and understanding of using the Facebook group. And then we’ll review what your last week’s topic was and objective with doing the healing plan for self-confidence, what your daily practices are, what your week-long sessions are. Now you’re into week two. I’ll cover that at the end of the live call as far as what you are participating in with there.

I have chosen… There were many, many questions that came in, well over 100 between the email. You can submit questions via email. I’ll ask Christine to just post the email in the comment thread. I’m not sure what it is myself. But a lot of them came in through here, the Facebook page. And some of them were similar in the subject matter. So we took kind of the consensus of what they were asking and would put that into one question, so I wasn’t repeating questions. But we’ve selected what we feel are the most timely and supportive that were supportive to your focus right now dealing the healing plan for self-confidence.

So that’s how we got to them, and then there’s a few sessions where…a few questions, excuse me, that presented me with a situation in a life experience they wanted support with shifting and how to heal that, or shift the energy so things could start to move in their reality and I’ll address those. I am going to share a clip from one of the healing center sessions: the one on how to use energy sketching to shift relationship patterns and family dynamics. Some of them are powerful sessions that are sort of your general sessions, meaning they’re all…everything is powerful in here. It’s just there’s some really great content in the general session category that teaches you energy techniques to shift things in your process of creation and intention, and really showing up in awareness to influence things for the betterment of you and others.

So I really encourage you to check out… You can always add that content in any healing plan. It’s supplemental in my opinion because it’s just tools that help you live more affluence in your day-to-day life. So check out some of that content you may not have looked at yet. The live Q&As; as I said are recorded and will be available here under videos. They’ll, as far as I know, my team said they were gonna be on the website. So that should be happening. I really attempt to, if I’m giving feedback that I feel would be enlightening, supportive to the group at large, I’ll put the #CT.

So I prefer you not to use that. Let me use that. You can always just…many of you might tag me by just putting in my name, and it brings it up so that it gets tagged by Facebook then I’ll see it. That way, if you wanna go back and just see the feedback I give people that would be supportive for you, because it’s really good coaching feedback and healing support, is just to search #CT. You’ll tap it, you’ll able to access all of those and read them. That’s why I do it.

And many of you are aware that we launched the pre-sale of, “Mastering Affluence,” today. If you go to the website, you’ll see that I’m giving away the bonus of chapter one in an audio file for you listen to right away, and all the details are there for you to access that. I know many of you have done that. I’ve had some really good positive amazing feedback from you. So thank you so much. This is something that I wrote as a companion to the healing center. They go hand in hand, literally. You’ll get more benefit out of the healing center by reading, “Mastering Affluence.” You’ll get more out of, “Mastering Affluence,” by joining the healing center.

They’re companion resources. The same categories that you see here in the healing center resources, I pulled them from this book. So you really wanna make sure you… Somebody recently wrote…I’m not sure which group it was in. And if it’s in this group and you’re the author of this comment, thank you so much. You said that “Mastering affluence is a compendium of my healing work.” And it truly is. I’m very honest and vulnerable in the book, and I’ve compiled what I feel have been the most useful and valuable tools, and how to go about using them, being strategic with them so you get really amazing benefits.

So honestly, you don’t have to go through the 30 years of healing… Just what I feel prompted to say, healing hell that I’ve been through. It’s been tough. I’ve had some really tough challenges. I know, you know, anyone that is feeling like you’re hitting the wall, you just feel like giving up, I’ve dealt with, you know, the sort of like, “Why me?” and, “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” and, “Do I have to literally heal everything in my life?” and apparently yes. I chose that.

So now I can help you because I was having a little chat with Jane Olsen [SP], today here in the group, and she was very complimentary and said that she hopes that she can say that, you know… I made the comment that, “Remembering Wholeness,” was what I understood in theory. I understood… I started to understand in the late 1990s what it was to wake up and really take conscious control of your life: to become a creator, to be an active aware player in that scenario. And I wrote, “Remembering Wholeness,” I actually wrote the book in 1999, and published it, and had two editions. 2004 is the edition that’s out now.

And I didn’t know it until I could look back in hindsight that what I wrote, I had not learned to live beyond understanding it mentally. I now embody it. I now know what it is to live what I taught in, “Remembering Wholeness.” So, “Mastering Affluence,” is that text that teaches you how to really embody it now so your life is one of the affluence. And you have…you look behind you and go, “I remember when I was dealing with that.” It’s healed because I truly can say that now and I’m grateful for that. So what I’m being told is Christine is saying they will be added to the site, the recorded calls as a post, but may not be under the specific plan.

So you’ll find them in their own…they’ll be posted so that you can see them as coaching call. They won’t be included in the healing plan you’re in right now, okay? If you have any questions, just search for it and it’ll come up. What would they search for, Christine? What would be the search terms? So I had the question come up, “Could you please define affluence as it relates to healing?” In the search, just put in, “live Q&A,” and it’ll come up. So someone asked me, “Could you please define affluence as related to healing? Typical definition is abundance and wealth.”

I actually happened to write about that right in the first part of the book, and what that means. And so I say in here real quickly, “I went back and forth on whether I should title this book, ‘Mastering Affluence,’ or, ‘Creating Abundance.’ The word abundance has grown popular in the past several years as the consciousness movement hit a mass audience. When you think of the word abundance what comes to mind? An abundance of money is often the most common reference. Abundance can also include a reference to a life of luxury, fine personal belongings, in some cases also include healthy relationships.

Abundance is often thought of as an end result rather than the means to an end. I decide to go against the pop culture of the consciousness movement and chose the word affluence. Let me explain why. The word abundance refers to a very large quantity of something. The truth is you are always creating abundance. You are a creator in the midst of a system of creation called the universe that is always set on the abundance setting. You cannot create lack of anything. You are consistently creating an abundance of whatever you focus on. Where your thoughts and feelings are focused, that is where your energy flows, and where your energy flows, you create more of the same.

If you are focused on too much debt, you will create an abundance of debt. If you’re focused on poor health and physical pain, you will create an abundance of poor health and physical pain. If you’re focused on how hard your relationships are, you will create abundance of painful challenges in your relationships. I purposely chose the word affluence to differentiate from abundance. In this book, the word affluence refers to a state of having a lot of what is desired to experience. A joy-filled life, perfectly designed for you to manifest into existence. The spiritual blueprint for your life of affluence, uniquely designed for you, already exists. Your job is to help it come into material manifestation.”

That’s what I mean, and what you’re doing here in the healing center is basically getting rid of the interference. You’ve acquired a lot of interference to your own spiritual blueprint for what is your God-given design by generational patterns that you were born into, family system, energy, and whatever you took on in your own self-perception, and what you carry energetically in your body, that has a reference to shame, and has a reference to flawed. And so you’re getting rid of all that interference. You can open yourself up to what is truly you.

And so that’s what I mean by being…how the word affluence really matches the healing experience because all you’re doing is removing that which creates interference to what is your God-given design. And then a big part of that is learning how to practice it. You’re more practiced in the habit of surviving and sustaining mediocrity than you are in creating affluence and sustaining it. That takes practice. It’s not something we do. It’s a natural state that we don’t naturally know how to do. And so why this works so well beautifully together, the healing center gives you the resources to clean it up. “Mastering Affluence,” is the book, the textbook for then how to sustain that higher vibration of self so that you can truly make it your new norm and make that your point of reference to who you are in the world.

So this past week in the healing plan, you were focused on cleaning up any misperceptions that you are not enough and therefore do not have enough confidence. Understand that you were born with a complete and full acceptance of who you are. Due to the shaming events and experiences, you took on beliefs that you are an inadequate or unworthy person. These misperceptions block you from feeling the original energy you were born with and create lack of self-confidence. That’s what it does to you.

When you were born, you didn’t have any reference to being an unworthy, incompetent human being. You were just you. There is no point or reference to less than. So we wanna help you connect… I’m here to help you connect back to that original state of awareness energetically. So at the end of this three-week healing plan, you will have achieved a connection with a natural and constant state of self-love and self-acceptance, which will increase your self-confidence.

So your five daily practices are the daily script: create an affirmative mind, affirmations to create an affirmative mind, energy circles as a creation tool, positive self-talk where you are every day to notice any critical thinking, negative references to self, and change it to an affirmative thought, and then daily journaling. So that’s the daily practice. Then your week one sessions were: clearing for low self-esteem, re-framing your birth story, clearing session for dysfunctional family, and the needs scrambler.

It was interesting. I thought I’d get some more questions on the need scrambler. I just wanna talk about that briefly, why we’re doing that. You’ve taken on a certain perception at the subconscious level that you need certain things to feel more whole or complete in who you are. That you need validation from the outside world, that you need, whatever it is. You put anything in there, anything at all. That’s why in the clearing session, I have a space for you to add your own, what is it that you’re still believing you need.

And that will present itself. That’s the beauty of this work, is that as you start doing it, life starts to show you the information you need to clean it up. And so in this case, we were looking at the need scrambler is being used to scramble out the belief on the conscious and subconscious level that you have that need. Because it creates a set up where you are not free, and you are now codependent to whatever that need is. And the truth is all that you need to love yourself is internal. All you need to feel good about yourself and know the truth of who you are is inside of you.

And then as life works to support us with whatever we’re focused on, whatever inner truth that we’re tapped into, it…whatever were running as our belief system internally, life mirrors back to us. And so as we claim that accurate reference to self, life starts to show us that we believe that and it mirrors what we are now tapping into. The needs scramblers are very powerful. They’re meant to confuse you in a way because they’re scrambling neural pathways and really working with your brain to break the energy up that’s held…the energy that runs this sort of function of your brain, so that it can shift. It’s more about what would fall into a neuro-linguistic kind of programming technique that we’re reprogramming the hard wiring of your brain with this. And that’s why you’re doing it. I think it’s obvious why you’re doing the other ones.

So let’s get to these questions. How do you embrace the affirmations when you don’t really believe them? While reading, listening I have a negative or opposite one come in my head. Do I start over? No, you just keep doing it. You’re just retraining your thought processes. That’s all it is. If you did believe them, you wouldn’t need to do it. The reason you’re doing it because you don’t believe this. And so this is…again, you have to understand that your thinking mind is a tool. It’s like a computer program. And it’s gonna run on default whatever has accumulated in your thought processes over the year until you step in and change the programming. So, you know, I wouldn’t necessarily expect you to believe them. You wouldn’t need to do it if you believed it. That’s why you’re doing it. You’ll eventually come to believe it.

What is the difference between the daily scripts and the daily affirmations? Really distinctly two things. One has distinction to affect your outer world reality, which is the daily script. You’re speaking a declaration of what you want your day-to-day experience to be like in this experience of how you work with your mind, and how your mind supports you. So the daily script is sort of the declaration of my experience in my life story. The affirmations are a training tool to train your thought processes so you start to run affirmative thoughts.

I read a quote from, “Mastering Affluence,” in my show yesterday, “The Energy Profile with Carol,” episode I had on. And that’s a great show. I invite you to watch that. A little different focused. It’s more about energy profiling and addressing your truth but there’s always ahas for you to grab for yourself. In that, I wrote a passage from, “Mastering Affluence,” and the gist of it was that you can meet life’s challenges instead of joining them as in pain and discomfort.

You’re able to meet them with affirmation and consider what is possible and in that shift of an affirmative thought, instead of seeing what’s going on that’s challenging you, joining it, creating more of it, you meet it with affirmation, you start to bend reality. And I have that skill now very at a high level. I’ve mastered it. I’ve spent decades training my mind to do this. That’s why you’re listening to the affirmations. So you’re starting to learn the language of an affirmative mind.

How to not create a lack of self and confidence in your own children, what techniques can they be using when they’re confidence level is in question? They use any of the ones that…anything that’s in the healing center can be used by children. Listening to the…running those when you’re in the car. You know, my kids listened to a lot of stuff. It wasn’t mine because I hadn’t produced any of it yet in the, you know, mid to late 90s. You know, we had other… Louise Hay, I was listening to Abraham Hicks in those days. I was listening to Deepak Chopra and I played it all the time. My kids just heard this because that’s what I played in the car. It changes the way they think.

The other place is a great go-to is in, “The Child Whisperer,” I have listed for each of the four types in the stages of development because I think in that book I included five stages of development for your children. I have affirmative statements that your children need to hear for each of those same stages of development that you’re learning about here with the wounded child healing sessions, in the emotional category. We’re not doing that one right now, but you do do one in this second week. You do stage three, age three to six. So there’s this kind of a continuum through all my work that you can start to see and definitely refer to, “The Child Whisperer,” for what does your child need to hear between ages three to six coming from you to affirm their right to their own power, and sense of self, to build confidence. So check out…you know, definitely, you’ll benefit from the those, okay? So check out the child whisperer to supplement what you’ve got going on in here.

Why did I pick the lack of self-confidence plan to focus on as a guide with the group? Is it important to do this one first? Will it help you moving into other healing plans? This is why I choose it. I knew initially…we’re yet to market this outside of my own community and email list. This is sort of our kind of first stage of launching the healing center where we have close to 1,000 members just from basically people that are kinda close to me, that follow me around an email list, have contact. We’ve not yet started to market it on Facebook ads and all the marketing stuff we do to get the word out there, because actually, we’re working…

Here’s a little insider info: we’re working on a similar marketing set up that we used for, “The Money Cure,” with a quiz, a step quiz as I call it where people will be able to go in and take a quiz to see which areas of their life they’re stuck in. And so I knew in my community, primarily women, we’re gonna see this change eventually. You’re gonna have men in the group at some point because they’re gonna start migrating in. But I knew based on my experience with what has been primarily the dressing your truth community, self-doubt and lack of confidence was like majorly an issue.

Women not knowing their type, women feeling uncertain of themselves, needing reassurance, needing feedback, you know, questioning themselves. Definitely, it was the number one issue for the community that I’ve already created. You know the bulk of my community that would have the first experience with this. And I knew we’ve gotta do lack self-confidence because this is pretty much an epidemic in a lot of women’s experience. When you’re on my side of things, and you read so much commentary, you notice patterns. That’s one of my guess. I see patterns, I notice patterns and that one was really prevailing, that’s why I chose it.

I will be hosting healing plans not one right after the other. We have another one that we’re really excited about that we’re gonna do the very first of the year. What we’ll do is then, you know, I’ll continue to support you… We’ll talk about that after on the third coaching call. So you don’t have to concern yourself with that. But that’s why I chose it.

Why do some clearings have a big effect and others not so much? Do one’s that affect me more than I was expecting indicate repressed events? Yes, you have subconscious beliefs, repressed emotion that’s not been acknowledged, or words put to it. It hits you with this poignancy that it’s correct, it’s truth for you and it opens you up to shift it. So you’re feeling a shift in the energy. You’re feeling an opening and an undoing of it, kind of a release in allowing the energy to change its vibrational quality to a higher vibration and letting go of the beliefs. On an emotional level, you’re kind of reprogramming the energy to now rise and hold a higher state of vibration. You’re letting go of belief systems that have been compatible with the negative emotion. So you’re showing yourself what your baggage is, what is your stuff.

Carol’s evolution and personal tapping technique, does it matter that it doesn’t match how others do it? I simplify things. It’s not about the modality anymore. You just have to trust that. If you get too hung up about mechanics of technique, you interfere because you’re focused on that. Your stuff is ready to clear. I could probably tell you to tap on your nose and it would shift. But we wanna work with key meridian points and EFT or tapping is a well-known system. It’s recognized and collectively, we’ve got energy behind it now that it supports a shift in people. It’s based on the meridian system that is really ancient in the healing art of acupuncture.

That these are key pressure points along the meridian pathways, energy pathways where the energy moves that help shift the energy to open and clear. It helps your brain, it helps your immune…it helps every part of your physiology because your meridians affect every part of your physiology. For example, your K 27s are right here, every meridian crosses through those points. That’s a key point. That’s why sometimes you’ll see me… I’ll only do this in certain videos because you’re hitting all of them.

So again, your stuff is coming up. The energy is… It’s not like it was decades ago. In my Rapid Eye Therapy practice, you know, two decades ago, I was having to use the modality just for a good hour of the session to get the energy to open. Well folks, [inaudible 00:26:56] that’s why the world appears kind of like it’s lost itself because it’s flying, man. And people aren’t conscious enough to understand this isn’t about the now, it’s about all the stuff we’ve never cleared and healed in our generational story.

I’m gonna give you the simpler, you know, that it’s simpler, it works, and you don’t need to worry about adding the karate chop or… Just keep it simple and don’t get hung up on methods. Intention is more powerful than technique at this time, which is great. Isn’t that… I’m thrilled about that because it makes it easier for us. It can make it uncomfortable a lot of times. Hey, the energy of the planet is on our side right now if you’re into the healing space.

Is it possible do too many healing topics sessions at one time? What does it mean if you find yourself jumping from healing program to healing program without finishing the one you started? I didn’t realize this would become a thing that I needed to address early on. It was something that… I think I’m such a veteran of healing now. I was glad I noticed this as quickly as I did that if you’re new to this process, you need to be schooled in why you need space and why doing everything on top of each other isn’t supportive.

Now, to answer that specific question, if you’re jumping around and not going through the whole session, that’s like skimming a book and never getting into it. You’re not getting the benefit. You’re not going deeper. You’re not getting… It’s like you’re just window shopping the sessions. You’re not using them for the purpose that they’re designed which is to reach you at a deep level, every level spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, to effect a shift, and to allow it to work with you, to work you in a way.

So that’s just window…you know, that’s just grazing. One of the reasons you don’t wanna be…why I only added four healing sessions and a healing plan a week in most cases that’s the average because you need life to play out. You need space between what you are targeting to come up, so life presents you with feedback. It triggers you. It brings stuff up. It gets your eyes open or things start to materialize that are favorable to you. You need life to live to kinda compliment what you’re doing here. If you’re just immersed in healing sessions, life doesn’t get a chance to support you in the shift that wants to occur.

You’re meant to notice things, things that trigger you, things that catch you and cause discomfort, and things that you’re like, “Whoa, that’s so different than what I was used to.” Like, “My husband never did that,” or, “Man, my mom, like, totally was nice to me,” and, you know, you’re meant to start seeing in between… Life supports you in this process. You need to give room for life to do that, okay? And you need to allow your body to integrate it, to stabilize it, so it becomes a permanent effect. And if you’re just compounding it, thinking, “I gotta get as much as I can in 30 days,” you’re gonna, you know, in two months you’re gonna be back where you were at.

The healing center subscription model was set up so that it would give you the opportunity to craft when you are… I don’t want you signing up for a year if you’ve got a month in there that’s not gonna be real doable for you. You’re able to really customize your work. It didn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna heal your whole life in a month. You’re not. You’re gonna heal your whole life in three months. Probably not, but can you definitely shift your self-confidence in a month? No question. You’ll come out of this thinking differently. You won’t be 100% there, but if I can get you 75% there, you’re on your way.

And then you’re gonna supplement it. So you’re gonna know which ones really support you, and you’re gonna come back. And quite honestly, I think we’re gonna have a lot of people hanging around for maintenance, you know, just because it makes up that difference because we live in a world that’s not, you know, shifted to the place that you’re shifting to. And so it’s great that you have that support here.

All right, is there a relationship between energy healing, and dreams? Yeah, your REM sleep… Rapid Eye therapy is a model of modality based on the REM process which is rapid eye movement in your sleep. REM sleep is a process of clearing the mental energy field. You actually need to sleep more for your mental health than you probably do for your physical health. And so what will happen is during REM state of sleep, you’ll start to clear. And so some of it will look kind of crazy and wild and even be presenting what you’re clearing, and I’d trust that.

It’s like, “Whoa, I had a dream last night that it’s old stuff or it represented the stuff I’m clearing,” well, you are. It was just helping you or it might give you insights or information. And so definitely, we’re tapping into a natural process of healing that you do every night, and you should be doing it every night if you’re not going into deep sleep. I think that questions come up here, we’ll see if I address that.

As a Type 2, the daily requirements and sessions feel like too much and the consistent tapping starts to hurt, what do I do? The daily practices really, I considered it all energy types. They’re very doable. You’re in a healing plan. They’re meant to be targeted. They’re meant to be… You’re immersing yourself in this work for three weeks. You’ll choose which ones on a long-term basis are supportive, but you’re doing a healing plan. So do the work. It’s important that you’re consistent with it.

You don’t have to tap, you can place your hands on the points. You can just even place them off the body. But the body…one of the other reasons I was gonna say tapping is a huge benefit, you really want healing to come all the way down into the physical level. The way we do that is connecting with the body. The body has its own messaging, its own energy vibration. It carries its own belief system. And when we really tangibly work with the body, it shifts for us. It really joins the party, so to speak. And you’re not just working in your mental and emotional fields, you’re working at the tangible physical level with this work. So touching, I suggest you touch rather than tap then.

Best time of day to do the sessions? That’s up to you. I recommend that you do the daily practices in the morning because it sets a certain energy into motion for you that you’ll be the beneficiary of. And you wanna get the energy running early in the day rather than get things kinda activated before you’re gonna go to bed. I wouldn’t do a healing session necessarily really close to your bedtime, but give yourself a few hours between that because it gets things moving, gets the energy moving and your mind moving. And so that will keep you from going into that REM state of sleep in your brain.

What’s happening is you have four brainwave states: alpha, theta, beta, delta, alpha, beta… I can’t remember. Anyway, probably some of you… Delta is REM. It’s your deepest sleep state, okay. Alpha is, “I’m wide awake.” Theta is awake and meditative. Beta is getting into the subconscious mind. You’re getting into theta, beta states here. Some of you might go into delta and fall asleep during a session or nod off. That’s okay. You’re going really deep with it. I had many, many clients that would just like conk out. I’d just keep running the session and doing the work because they knew their system was hearing it. And so it’s okay if you… Yeah, alpha, theta, beta… Alpha, beta… Christine will you text me what the order is.

Anyway, I know that. I studied it for years and the benefits of that. All right, let’s see. I’ve got a few… We’re gonna open up to some live questions in a moment. I wanna help… There’s three scenarios I wanna help some people with. Alpha, beta, theta, delta. Okay, alpha you’re wide awake, alert, engaged. In the beta state, you’re more meditative. Theta, you can be awake or asleep, and that’s for some really deep healing. You’re really tapping into the subconscious. Delta, you’re always asleep. You can hit. You wanna get into those lower brainwave states.

And that’s why jumping around the sessions, you’re only gonna stay in alpha and you really wanna let your brain dip into the beta, theta, delta. Beta, theta is your range you wanna hit, and some of you are really feeling that. And you might hit delta. So be okay with that.

Okay, what would be a good way to deal with the situation that you feel quite confident leaving the house but your confidence crumbles when you encounter people who give you judgmental looks. As in look you up and down and it’s very clear they are judging you, having a negative reaction towards you. I know they are having their own issues, and I do energy techniques when I’m leaving the house to strengthen, protect, already. But some of those people have a really strong presence and I can feel all shaken up after such an encounter. And it can take me quite a long time to find my normal again. Thank you, type two one. Another question came in similar to this. Will this healing plan keep me from freezing up?

Okay, so you’re still operating from a previous experience. Like this is something that’s become familiar to you, just the way you wrote it. This is familiar. This happens to me. So you gotta start re-framing the story. The visualization work would look like it’s… You know, this is where you can write your own script for it. It’s amazing how safe I am when I leave the house, and I only encounter delightful supportive people. And I love the fact that I stay connected to my true self, and I’m grounded in my core center of me. And I appreciate the fact that there’s a loving presence in our energies, and everybody just kind of minds their own business.

It’s like you’re going out looking for it. So you’re going to experience… You’re so powerful that even if it’s not the case, you’ll create in your story as if it is happening where someone else might not even have the same experience. Or even if you were to like…and I don’t know if these are strangers or people you know. But if you were to ask them, “Were you looking me up and down and judging me?” they might look at you like, “No. I mean, I wasn’t even thinking about you.” But you’re projecting out there this whole paradigm that now you feel is materializing and you have a lot of power to materialize that.

Another trick that I use is let’s say it is family, or people that you’re closer to. I’m gonna show you tonight a video where it’s the energy sketching. I am only showing you the second half. But the first half of it where I teach you how to set up the energy for a family experience so that there’s equanimity, and there’s an energy of safety and support in your family group. I teach you how to sketch it out so you create that and it materialize for you.

You know, in this case, I would send angels ahead to set the tone, to prepare the way, to allow me to be supported, to affect the energy, so to speak. Now, your perception of self is that you’re really susceptible to this happening. What will you create with that belief? You know, that you always kinda have to watch out for yourself. Well, that goes back to your childhood. How early, I’m thinking three to five probably in your story, you started to subconsciously run the belief, “I’ve gotta watch out for myself,” just like, “I gotta watch out for myself.”

You’re still running that pattern. It’s still in your operating system. This is just a version of it, a variable of it. You have to watch out for yourself. You’re trying to prevent something here. I have a whole section in this book in the how to create mental affluence section on shifting from prevention thinking to creation thinking. That’s what I’m encouraging you to do here, you’re asking me, “How do I prevent this?” I’m teaching you how to create what you want. And you need to clear the deeper belief that your inner child holds that, “I gotta watch out for myself.”

Okay, so I highly recommend that you do the healing plan for the childhood wounding after our self-confidence one. But self-confidence is helping you with this. A confident person doesn’t have to watch out for themselves. I don’t go… yeah, I was that child as well. I grew up in a very traumatic environment. I had a very abusive father, experienced sexual, emotional, abuse from my dad. And yeah, I learned very, very, early, I gotta watch out for myself. I had to heal that. I had to switch that programming.

That wasn’t necessary in my world anymore once I understood I could create something different, and I had to free my inner child. Your inner child acts like it’s still alive and well. It’s like it doesn’t understand, “Honey, I’m 60.” I mean I had many, many talks with different ages of my inner self where I’d say, “Nine-year-old Carol, you don’t have to run the show anymore. I know you don’t completely trust me because I’m another one of those adults that really hasn’t taken very good care of you, but I’m learning. And I’m in an adult body now. We grew up.”

It’s a phenomenon in our psyche that the inner child still believes it exists in this reality. It’s a powerful energy that runs in our system. And the inner child reference is very much a metaphor. It’s a part of your emotional energy body that holds the consciousness separate from you, see. And so when it gets triggered, when that operating system gets turned on, it’s like you’re that five-year-old kid again. But it’s like the little girl is, you know, still watching out for herself and you gotta change the programming. And help let her…you know, what you’re doing when you’re doing the referenced…when you’re working with now, and next week you’re gonna be doing the three to six-year-old self.

You’re gonna hear a lot of things that that little child didn’t hear, and you’re gonna give them permission to claim it, own it, and not have to make up the difference anymore. You’re releasing them from… Yeah, I told many times to little Carol, “You go play. I’ve got this thing…you know, I’m learning how to run this adult world I’m in now. It’s not our childhood anymore. Thank you. Thank you.” I did many celebrations of, “You held so much for me. You carried the pain.” In fact, the very first time I met my inner child, I was a very avid student of John Bradshaw in the mid-80s, and I remember distinctly the song at the day that was super popular was, “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

It was probably 1986, and I was starting to do the inner child…doing the writing, the journaling. I’ll have to show those to you in an upcoming call after we get through the healing plan. I have three big journals full of my writings. I was listening to that song, and my five-year old presented herself and I just wept. I had no idea that this part of me had taken on all the pain, and the side effects, and the PTSD, and everything I was dealing with. And to this day, that’s just, you know, I hear that song and it was a major shift in my life to embrace this part of me. It’s like a part of me woke up that had been running my life that I didn’t know it. Anyway, a little side note.

So gave you lots of tips there. Now, the next two questions I’m gonna read them, and then I’m gonna show you this video, okay? So I could use some guidance on dealing with elderly parents. They need my care and assistance but it’s a very dysfunctional situation. It’s hard to heal and find self-confidence when I’m still dealing with their issues in the present. Okay, so we’re gonna take a look at this technique that will help you with that.

Next question, my core issue around my lack of self-confidence is that I look exactly like my mother who is toxic and abusive. For my entire life, people have remarked how much we look alike. These comments hurt me deeply because one, my mother has always talked about how ugly we both are, and she is my abuser. For these reasons, it is often painful to look at myself in the mirror. In all my years of therapy, I have not yet found any resources that address how to deal with looking like your abuser. How can I release this and heal? Thanks, for considering my question. Okay, now we’re gonna switch and watch this clip from this video.

And let’s see, get over there. Okay. This session is called, “Clearing Session for Shifting Family Dynamics with Energy Sketching.” I am… I should probably trademark that. I am the creator of Energy Sketching. It’s powerful. I’ve been doing it for the last couple of years, and it’s amazing how it moves the energy. All right.

Another scenario maybe with a parent, a sibling, maybe it’s with a spouse or a child you feel compromised by like their energy takes over. So if that were the case, it would look like this: this is you, and this is them. See how much bigger they are. It’s like they’re dominating you. They’re overpowering you. You’re not equal to them energetically. I know you know where I’m going with this. It’s easy to shift it.

For two adults, sketch yourselves the same size. There’s equanimity in your energy. It’s equal. Both people get to be true to their own energy and hold their own. You can even do figure eights between you and the other person. In the case of a child that can dominate you, if they’re an adult, I would do this sketch. If they’re a child, you’re still in the parental role, you’re raising them, go ahead and make yourself a little bit bigger than them. This is you, then according to their age, this is your child so that you hold your own energetic space as the parent, and show up as the loving, guiding parent in their life, helping them be raised true to who they are. Again, you can add a figure eight. Another scenario might be between you and your spouse.

So many of you submitted questions about your spouse not being where you’re at, and just seeing the real variable between where you’re at and they’re at, where you go, where you…and you’re on different planes of consciousness, that’s why. And I gave you a tool to invite them to come to your plane of consciousness. Women are…you have a great passage and a great section in, “Mastering Affluence,” in the relationship section, how to create a relationship affluence referencing how women are meant to lead when it comes to waking up and the healing work and the spiritual shift we’re going through here on the planet that you are meant to go ahead of your husband.

I have a great metaphor about Adam and Eve I referenced. It came to me years ago year, two decades ago where I’m like, “Whoa, got it. It’s like I get it. I’m supposed to lead the way on this one.” But the old energetic imprints of really outdated patriarchal cultural imprints are still causing women to wait for their men to go along with them or take the lead. So that will help you. But watch that video. It’s super. I love the energy sketching and I can show you more to… You know, I don’t wanna do it in the Facebook group. So we’ll save those questions for insights on that, for the coaching calls. It’s just a lot to ask of me to give you that kind of real specific reference in the Facebook group day-to-day.

In fact, I do need to let you know that if you have a really long commentary and you’re asking for some insight from me or feedback, it might come from Christine, it might come from Colleen, they’ve been team tagging me here. I’ve been really super active. They’ve been really close by watching everything I say, and they’re the two other support people in here that if they know what I’m gonna say, I’ve given them the green light to take care of it, and not wait for me to comment.

Now, I’m not able to read long posts. One, [inaudible 00:50:43] take three and it’s just my time. So if there’s something you’re asking for specifically like a session or what would support you when you’re feeling stuck… And members are gonna learn too. They’re given great feedback. I love the feedback and support you’re giving each other. It’s really awesome. So let’s take some live questions and wrap this up for tonight. Who’s enjoyed this? I have, I love that I’m… I love addressing your truth, I love energy profiling, I love, “The Child Whisperer,” now this has brought me full circle to where I started all this. So thank you for wanting to learn from me because I love this kind of work. I feel that bringing it back into a real strong offering. It’s so timely. The planet is really ready for this. Thanks for being the first wave of people to be the recipients of it and appreciate it.

So any questions will get… Let’s see. Here we go. Didn’t know I had them. Lots. Let’s see if we can rapid-fire these. Where did you learn the needs scrambler technique or did you create it? No, I learned it from my rapid eye training, the truth scrambler, needs scrambler, and core belief scrambler are all….they, I think, adapted it from some other work. I don’t think it was necessary their original method. Powerful method that very few people know to teach you, but everything that you are learning is copyrighted.

I’m able to use it because I am a certified rapid eye therapist, trained in that system at a master level and so I just have a different platform to see clients. Rather than sitting in an office with me, were online together. And you don’t wanna mess with this stuff. Don’t be taking people through this. You can open things up that you don’t know how to bring… There’s very, very specific things you have to do with someone with those techniques that bring it full circle and complete the energetic cycle of it, and you can literally open people up, and you’ve left them hanging in this stuff that they’re now just processing.

So just use it for yourself, send them here. Thank you. You’re all gonna meet people. I wanna encourage you when the spirit moves you, this is a new offering. It’s not what people know…they don’t know it’s available and let them know. Let them know they can sign up and do it here because you’re gonna get in a risky space if you try and do this with anybody. Don’t do it with your kids either, you know, like, “Whoa, what’s going on?”

What is the one intention you think everyone should say for themselves every day? Whatever one you need to for that day. I don’t like hang on to that. Probably helped me… one of the… I don’t think it’s like the one intention. But some of the ones I’ve used that have been very supportive are, “Help me to see what I’m not seeing. Please take… I am now seeing what I’m not seeing. I am free of the blinders. If there’s anything I’m not asking for that is timely and supportive of me, help me to know and help me to ask. If there’s anything that I’m doing, help me to know… Anything I’m doing that is blocking me or keeping me stuck, help me to know what it is and to change it.”

That comes from years of doing this work. So I’m like, “Oh, I gotta be…” Everyone has blinders. Everybody doesn’t know what they could be asking for, and everybody is doing things that keeps them stuck. So I’m like, “Those are good.” But be prepared, you’re gonna be shown. What is your opinion why so many people dealing with anxiety? It seems like an epidemic. Well, because…we’re kind of the first phase of our culture changing dramatically with…you figure that there wasn’t even a smartphone… Those didn’t even show up…

You know, iPads launched in 2004. We’re not even two decades into our kind of high-tech interactive culture now. We’re running old programs in a new time. That causes anxiety. The world is shifting. The energy of the planet is increasing. It’s getting faster and higher. And we’re running old programs, ancestral and generational in nature, that have a lower vibration. That causes anxiety because you’re out of sync with what’s possible and what the planet can hold us at now.

How come the energy frequency go through spirit, mental, emotional, physical instead of the flow through spirit, emotional, mental, physical? I mean, it’s semantics here. I’m not clear on what you mean by frequency or flow. It’s the level of vibration. Our highest vibration is our spirit, body, mental body. Thoughts are the next highest vibration. Emotional is the next. Physical body is the lowest vibration of our holistic self that has the most dense vibration because it’s the only tangible vibration. That’s what I’m referring to as states of frequency, that they decrease, and the physical level is slow enough that it becomes dense.

Do you have certain frequencies running in the background of the healing sessions? Only my powerful intentions that you’re gonna get amazing results from this. Believe me, I’ve crafted all those. You know, one of my…that you’re gonna get results, and you’re gonna be eager to tell…because of that, you’ll share it with other people that will get results and on and on.

No, there’s no, like, subliminal thing I ran. It’s when you’ve healed to the degree I have…and I don’t say this with vanity or it’s like, “Look at me,” I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I’ve gone through. It’s been very hard. I know the gift of that is I can now support people en masse to make major shifts because of the energy intention I can hold, and kind of the plane of consciousness I can offer to you through the work I’ve done. And that is a big reason why this stuff works so poignantly and so potently is I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to prepare to be a catalyst, kind of, like a streaming rod for all of you which I wanna do.

It’s made everything I’ve come through very worthwhile and I’ve known that through the journey that I would be a big player in this space. I’ve known since I was 25 that I would be well known. I didn’t know at 25 why, but I knew that my life path would serve a purpose that would help many, many people.

A writer in the Facebook group asked about burning old journal pages. Okay. Yeah, thank you, Carol said not to burn them, Carol said she would explain in the Q&A why not to burn them. What is a better way to dispose of journals? First of all, there’s a fear. That’s the issue, see? Why would you burn it? You’re afraid someone is gonna read it. There’s a fear. It’s the decision, the choice is driven by fear. You wanna clear that fear.

I have, you know, no one’s ever read mine but if they did, I wouldn’t care. I mean, it’s just stuff I’m clearing, you know. There’s no… My husband reads it. I’ve read his, he has read mine, doesn’t matter. You know, it’s not…as long as you hold a fear it’s more likely to happen and the fear is really provoking the choice I gotta burn this. What’s happening now is you’re discrediting it. It’s kind of a shameful act to say, “It doesn’t matter. Those words don’t matter. I’m gonna burn them up.”

To the part of you that you’re talking to, that you’re inviting to speak, it’s like saying, “Okay, but I’m gonna burn it up because I don’t want this around.” It’s dismissive and you don’t wanna make it dismissive. You want it to really hold and have value. It has a value. You don’t wanna dismiss it. And so I told Ann I’m noticing we’ll occasionally be adding clearing sessions and healing plans.

I recently sent an email to Ann and said, “Put on the list clearing for fear journaling.” You should come up with that on your own because I have a session for you to write your own clearing scripts. So watch that and create your own clearing script for clearing the fear of journaling, okay? Is it okay to do the healing, tapping energy work while pregnant? Are there any particular healing sessions to avoid, or any particular healing sessions that would be of greater benefit to me and the baby?

Thank you, I also asked someone to bring that question into the space. You wanna wrap your womb with white light. Any time you’re doing the clearing work. Reframes are fine, the positive truth healing session is great. Anything that embodies truth and support is great. Clearing stuff, you just wanna create a protective energy field so that your baby in utero is just held in white light, and there’s no interference. Because of the physiological demand of being pregnant, you’ve gotta watch it. I know one of our members is pretty far along in her third trimester, and I recommended to her that she kinda dial it back a bit. Because so much of what’s needed to support the baby physiologically, emotionally, just where she’s at, that’s being really drawn upon. She doesn’t have the resource herself to give to this may be as intensely as some of the plans are.

And so that’s where it’s your own intuitive guidance to know, “I gotta, you know, modify this for my pregnant situation.” If you’re dealing with a first trimester morning sickness scenario, you might need to make some changes and adapt to help your current state of physical…of all states of being support, what’s the priority, because the pregnancy is the priority.

It is okay to do the… Let’s see. If you come from an abusive family and you’ve needed to limit contact, what is the best way to see that? Is it unrealistic to say I’ll see them as I want them to be and it will happen, or better to stay away and work on seeing life the way you want it to be without them? Okay, both in a way can… you ultimately… I know that my father… I moved away into an entirely… My main reason I moved to…well, the time I thought it was, it was really because that’s where I was just supposed to be for different cultural reasons that I was sent to help open up. We won’t get into all that.

But I’m from California I was raised… I was born on the East Coast. I have East Coast kind of roots. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. So you know, I came from a very diverse background. And so we moved to Utah very specifically to distance myself from my father and I needed to estrange myself from him for almost five years which ended up my family kind of going…my father was very strong and making it very difficult for them to have a relationship with me, especially my mother.

So I didn’t see my parents and my siblings for almost five years, but I needed space to heal. Now I didn’t have resources like you have accessible to you here. Do I recommend that? Not necessarily. It’s tough on a family system. It’s tough on your kids. But that was just how much I needed it without other resources to support me.

So you have to navigate this, do the work I’m showing you because people do change. As I started to learn these tools that could affect my father, I was able to start having interaction with him, and a lot of his narcissistic, abusive tendencies, he wouldn’t play out with me. They were still happening with other people, but he wouldn’t very often present them to me. And then there were some times that he would, but I learned to speak up for myself. And that was actually an opportunity that he needed to play out that for my benefit, so I put voiced to things I never had.

Like telling him, you know, “You can’t say that to me. It’s not okay,” and, “Stop treating me that way,” or, “That’s not kind, and I don’t want you to talk to me like that anymore.” See, I knew that that was showing up. So I had… That was a part of my own healing. So there’s no black and white answer here. You need to navigate this through a lot of prayer and meditation in your own guidance that you are aligned with in your own spiritual understanding of things because there isn’t a black and white way to navigate space like that. But you’ll know. Trust that you’ll know. And you have resources to do it differently than I did, and not play the extreme if necessary, if you just don’t need to.

I gonna go back to that one question, though, about the mom looking in the mirror. Now, I played the clip from the video for you to understand that shifting of the energy. You’re still seeing your mother as an abuser, and so when you look in the mirror, you referencing your mother. You gotta like cut the cord on that one energetically. You’ve gotta just be done in giving her that power. You give her that power by that perception you project on her. You know, my dad yeah, was he my abuser? But did I go through my adult life putting that label on him? No, he became my dysfunctional father of my adult years.

You know, my father died in January and he never got well enough to meet me where I could meet him. I knew that. In fact, when my father died, I grieved the fact that my father never could show up for me to be able to embrace him as my father because I was at a place I could. But you’re still being the child, when you look in the mirror you’re like the little girl that now is seeing the abuser, and you’re gonna shift all that. That sketching will help grow yourself up. Take the label off your mother. She’s not a…unless, you know, there are some things you need to say, or you haven’t cleared the energy enough that it’s still presenting itself, but you’re an adult now.

You’re shifting into your child energy in reference to her, and she’s been labeled the abuser. That can all change. I changed it for myself. My father was, I didn’t see him that way as an adult. I changed the label. You know, and I had many, many, many visualizations where I could see him as a healthy father. I could hold him in that light. I saw what was possible. I could envision it, which I know helped our relationship at least become amicable.

And I wasn’t close to him and we had spent a lot of time together, but I at least could have a relationship with him, and other people in the family really became the more involved than me. So it worked out…everything played out to my favor because I’d done all this work that I didn’t play out old patterns with my father anymore. And they no longer presented themselves that that would show up.

Last question. Any advice for people 60 plus years in doing this work when their memory of the past is not that great? Is it important to remember everything to clear it? Not at all. No, you don’t have to remember anything. Good chance your memory isn’t a true recollection of what may have happened if you have to craft the…if the memory is repressed and it has to come forward. The mind will make up memories at times just to give validation to the emotion. The emotion is where the point of power is. And so no healing is dependent on memory of any story.

There are a lot of things I don’t have clear crisp memories of. I know I have body memory. I have emotional memory. I don’t have cognitive memory on some things. But I could tell you a variable of what it probably looked like or sounded like based on my body memory, and my emotional memory. And that gave me the guidance, the feedback I needed. So don’t hang so much of… The mind, I’m really fascinated by how powerful the mind is as I start now work with people in this space again.

You’ll learn about my journey in India where I spent 21 days in a silent retreat out in no man’s land in the countryside of southern India. And what I learned about the mind and it’s so apparent to me in so many of the commentaries and posts in the Facebook group how the mind wants to run the show. And one of the most powerful epiphanies I received on a very deep level, the first five days of my silence retreat…yes, I did not speak for 21 days on a campus with over 200 people. There were 21 of us that could pull that off. Most people were being re-enrolled about every three to five days. And there were only about four Type 1s in the entire group, and they were talking every day and I thought they shouldn’t do this to themselves.

Anyway, I was sitting down in one of our meditation sessions and I was told, “The mind cannot heal you,” and it was a huge, huge wake up to me because at that point, I had been using my thinking mind to figure out how to heal my life. And I was, you know, a couple of decades into this thing, and I was just going crazy with trying to mentally…my mental self leading the healing experience. And I was just told, “The mind cannot heal you.” I was overcome with an understanding of, “Wow,” the thinking mind. There’s a… you learned in this whole…my whole experience, there’s a big difference between the thinking mind, sort of, the manmade mind, the one that’s crafted on fear and prevention and what-ifs, to the conscious awakened spiritually guided mind, the higher mind.

And you get to a point…some of you may have experienced this, but I’m now able to have this presence of mind any time I choose to have my higher mind observing my manmade mind watching my thoughts, observing the story. And it’s a very wonderful place to get. You’ll get there. The thinking mind cannot heal you. And so continue to trust your higher knowing, your spirit guidance, your soul knows your journey, and it will continue to guide you and it’s very excited for you that you’re here in the space because we’ve got some, you know, amazing resources to make it a much easier experience.

You can heal with more affluence, grace, and ease than I ever could. I’m really happy for you. And I’m grateful that you’re trusting me in this way. Thanks for being on the call tonight, and we’ll see you next week, Tuesday night.

What we’re doing this week in the healing center, the work you’re doing in week two, let’s just look at that real quick. I’ll bring that up. It’s like you’ll continue with your daily practices. The week two sessions are clearing session again. We do that three weeks in a row for low self-esteem. You get different hits, insights in clearing, because it’s kinda done in layers. I’m sorry, I said stage three. It’s your stage four development of your inner child self because between the ages of three to six, you needed validation of your personal worth and approval to use your personal power. See, that is at the core of being self-confident.

Self-confidence is a byproduct of knowing your worth and being connected to your own sense of power. And if this need was not adequately met, you can get stuck looking outside yourself for validation which generates a sense of lack of self-confidence, and this session will help you reconnect with your personal worth. And then mirror work healing session, one of the more potent sessions in the healing center offerings. I even say in the session not to do this too frequently. It works at a very, very deep level, and removes layers of lies and illusions that you’ve carried about yourself at that subconscious level and will assist you with creating deep and elastic energetic bonds with your true self and sense of self-worth.

And then clearing for your type session, if you’re in a place of uncertainty, go with what feels the most correct for you for clearing for your type. That’s a big piece of this is really trusting your true nature and your energy type, okay? All right, well, we went a little longer than I had originally planned, but I feel like we covered some great things tonight. Thanks for tuning in everyone. We’ll see you in the Facebook group, and we’ll talk to you next week. Keep doing this great work.

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