Live Coaching Call August 27, 2019

1 hour, 5 minute video

Feel like you don’t belong here? You do inner work but still don’t feel at peace being here. This call answers those questions and many others that will help you navigate life as you heal. Carol takes you through an energy sketching exercise and a visualization to connect with your higher level of consciousness so you can receive guidance for the next steps in your life. (Exercise begins at 38:15)

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Conflicting feelings about giving up treats for your health

Loneliness from feeling left out in different situations

Self-doubt and panic whenever you speak in a leadership role

Rejection of yourself and your body to avoid violence

You Want To:

Create a more supportive choice you can look forward to

Get to the root of the issue that is currently asking for help

Heal your wounded inner child who’s still afraid of speaking

Clear the old energy that is hanging around but isn’t yours

Affirmation for this Session:

I am knowing my next step and receiving the answers I’m ready for.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 16:10

Session Transcript

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Hello, welcome to this month’s coaching call for the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. Welcome. Start making comments. And if you hit your emoji button, what happens is our group members will start to get notifications that the call is live, and that will help people remember to get on and join us here for this call. Again, ask the question, you know, “Does it make any difference if you’re present for the live call or not?” Not necessarily, but you’ll know you’ll be here and present, when you’re more apt to put something off if you think, “Well, I’ll just watch that later.”

So I do encourage people to schedule in the live calls and make it a point to be here, unless you’re in an international time zone where that would be really a conflict to your rest, because you’ll know you got the benefit of this call every month, rather than, “I’ll watch it later.” How many of you have ever said that and then never gone back and watched it later? So that’s just a really supportive practice to make this an appointment as though you were actually coming to see me, and you’re here and getting the benefit.

So thanks for joining. Let me know if you’re one of the new two-weekers that joined up in the last 24 hours, or a little bit more than 24 hours, since we just opened up our two-week trial as a new benefit to the Healing Center. I’d love to hear from any of you in a comment if you are. And I will have a live Q&A. Let me go over how this works. The live coaching call is held once a month. When we do a group supported plan, depending on how many weeks the group plan is, we will add more calls.

For example, we’re doing the group healing, Group-Supported Healing Plan for Disease and Illness starting December 16th. That is a three-week plan. And so there’ll be two coaching calls in that experience. One of them will include a live guest that I will work with, that you will be a beneficiary of as we set it up, that whoever I’m working with live in any coaching call you can receive in proxy the benefit of any work we’re doing. It’s really powerful, and it’s actually quite interesting to see how I navigate the energy to really get to the core issue and know what’s ready to be healed, that you start to pick up on how I do this so that you can apply it to yourself as well.

So welcome to all of our new members, and we’ll continue. September, I mean. September 16th is when we start. That’s on Monday. This is a phenomenal plan. Every human would benefit from going the Healing Plan for Disease and Illness, because everyone has contradictory messages that have been presented through their entire life about disease, illness, and pain, meaning we’re in a contrary position with it. Rather than work with it, we work against it and we create conflict, which actually enrolls it to be more powerful.

It’s fascinating awareness to come to, because once you get that, it changes your experience completely with anything that’s presenting at a physical level. And when you recognize the deeper emotional patterns that are feeding it and the limiting beliefs that sustain it, it’s quite profound to be able to go beneath the surface of the presenting issue and clean up all the potent energies that are keeping you from getting well. It’s really amazing.

I love this kind of work, and I especially love getting into, “What is the emotional and psychological kind of unseen forces that are contributing to an unresolved condition at a physical level, that people learn to live with?” We create our lifestyles around the presenting issue. I know. I will talk about this more once we get into that plan because, or re-read. Where I teach it is ”Mastering Affluence.” Make sure you grab that $10 deal. I’ll throw a link in the comments for all of you to get that $10 discounted price for Mastering Affluence. It was written to complement the work you’re doing here in the Healing Center.

For our new people and even our long-term members, couple housekeeping items. This is especially supportive. When I make a comment, in almost every case, sometimes I have to go back and add it because I forget. But I will #CT, I’ll do a #CT. Kim, our beloved support angel who’s there at your beck and call… I’ve said, “Kim is highly intuitive. She knows you’re coming before you know, but she’s ready with her answer.” And I trust my support team implicitly, because I wouldn’t allow them to support you if what they’re saying to you was different than what I would say.

So their feedback is as good as mine. Sometimes I add to it, but it doesn’t minimize theirs. It’s just adding another piece. And they’re very good about contacting me. I’ll get texts from Kim or Colleen, and they’ll say, “Can you please weigh in on this?” You know, here’s a post that they’re not as confident in giving feedback on, and so they want me to take the lead on that. And those always happen within a few hours of me receiving them.

But you’ll find that Kim then gathers all of this information and puts it in the units. And the units is a learning system. You can actually, in Facebook Groups, you can track your unit learning. It has that in the platform. We don’t require that or anything, but it if that supports you… So here is the desktop version on a computer. You’ll find units over in the sidebar on the left. And on your mobile phone it’s on the top of the group page. You can search the group with any particular condition or issue, and any posts that includes that will come up. The units are a good place to find answers for how to use the Healing Center and to see a collection, quite a large collection, of my feedback.

I’d also recommend you subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter at You get a written blog post all contained in your email on Tuesday, and on Thursday you’ll get a link to watch my most recent YouTube video. A really great article was just posted. It was, “Three Reasons Your Healing May Be Stopped,” something like that. And I teach you why. There’s three things that could be blocking you from making more progress. So you wanna learn about those. That’s up on the right now, and you can get those by subscribing.

And another note, when you need support, use #supportangels, all one word. If you just put in support, they won’t notice it because they’re searching for #supportangels, and they’ll give you assistance in the Facebook group. And we don’t need a lot of details. This is not a place to vent or to process through story. Meaning if you need to talk about your experience, your story, your story of your past, your current story, that’s talk therapy, which I’m totally for when it supports you. A lot of people will compliment their work here in the Healing Center with that piece.

But we’re not a place that, in the group, that if you’re looking for validation for your story and you need to get into a lot of details of your story, or vent because you’re still processing so much emotion around your story, it most likely will be deleted. Or you’ll be asked to edit it to comply with the group guidelines, which is, “Share yourself. Share successes. Share enough, and ask your question.” It keeps the energy of the space very high, and clear, and very productive, and it allows you to maintain that place of accountability, knowing you have every right, and you’re the best one to validate your own experience, and, in that place, choose to change it now.

When you need your story because it gives you validation, or you’re waiting to change your story until you get validation, it will only delay your healing. I could have put that in the post that just went live yesterday about why your healing may be blocked. You’re still waiting for someone to show up and say, “You’re right, you got messed with.” I mean lot of people will say that to you in this group. They’re very good about it. I tend to get more to the point and down to business, but certainly recognize there’s been a lot of hardship for a lot of people.

Let me think. We covered it. All right, success story. This is Megan, who you’re gonna see posting here and there. She’s a lovely member. She’s been in the Healing Center for many months, and she shared, ”I’ve been healing my fear of a life pattern. About a year ago, I realized that I was bordering along the lines of agoraphobic, the fear of going out around a lot of people.” I’m not trying to say it. ”And I didn’t want to live that way. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sell my homemade cookies at a farmer’s market. I love my cookies, and my family loves my cookies. But the thought of asking people to buy them terrified me, but I wanted to try it, especially because I didn’t want to be afraid of it anymore. So I did. I had a blast. And the best part was I didn’t even have to do clearings before to get ready. I just did it. I’m healing. I thank God for the healing, and I’m so grateful for all the things I’ve learned over the last few years from Carol. Such a blessing.”

And Megan is a type one, and you can see due to childhood wounding those natural tendencies would be that she would be. I mean, selling things is a little bit different level of putting yourself out there, and the fear of rejection when that comes to, you know, you’ve put a lot of love and heart into what you want others to appreciate and exchange in the energy of money for. She, in her type one energy, she was able, I’m sure, to just really bring a delightful energy to her experience and allow that to be supportive rather than it being shut down due to early trauma that would have created this fear.

We are promoting right now the I Am Healthy oil. You get a 10% discount. The oil normally sells for $48. It’s $43.20 right now with your Healing Center membership. This is the oil you’re going to want to have when we go through the Healing Plan for Disease and Illness. This is my number one favorite oil right now. I use it daily and I apply it both… I like to get it in this area, so a sensory smell that I can take in, and then I’ll put it whatever part of the body may be presenting some discomfort. And I’m sending not only…the oils have healing benefits to the different body biological parts, but I’m imprinting that message. That’s a big part of my practice with the oils is. The oils really create the energy of what the label says.

If you’ve studied a Dr., is it, Hashimoto? No, that’s the condition. The doctor that studied the water and writing on bottles. I haven’t looked at that for awhile. I’m sure some of you are familiar with that. And the molecules in the water would change formation according to what was put. The crystalline structure of the water would change structure according to the words on the body. So we were very intentional about that in naming the oils, because we knew that the product itself not only compounded from the different oils that are in the blend, but it would take on the energy of the statement that’s on the bottle. And so when I’m applying it to my body, I put that intent into my application, that my body’s receiving that energetically on a molecular level, “I am healthy.” So grab that. It’s a lovely scent. You can learn more about it on the website if you wanna know the different oils that are in it and why it works.

So go ahead and keep commenting and throwing up emojis, because we’re getting more people on. And we’re gonna move now into submitted questions. We request for questions the week prior to the live coaching call. My manager of the live coaching call list selects them. And then after the submitted questions, I think I’ll do the visualization with you that I have planned for this call, and then we’ll go to live questions. For that, I need my journal. Hey, John, can you get my pink journal? I think it’s up there. We’re gonna do a little energy. I’m gonna teach you two practices of energy sketching. And I’ll give you a moment right now before we get into this to go grab a pen or pencil and just a scratch piece of paper or your sketchbook, because I’m gonna have you sketching on this call. Do you see it? Really?

Oh, here it is. It fell. Thanks for looking. Okay. I didn’t bring my big sketchbook on, as I’m not at my primary home right now. So you’re gonna need that to sketch. I love energy sketching. It’s really fabulous. And if you don’t know what that is, we’ve got information on that. Make sure you use the search tool on the website. You can put in anything in the search tool and it will bring up multiple resources that will be supportive to you, and you can read through the explanation of what they are and you’ll be intuitively-guided to which ones you need to use.

All right, “I did the Healing Plan for Weight Loss and Body Confidence with the group in January. I’ve done a lot of healing with my body since then. We’re friends now. I love her, but I feel like my body would appreciate me cutting out sugar and chips. However, I’m feeling challenged emotionally about letting go of these things. Life without sugar and snacks seems boring and no fun. I realized that I use treats and snacks as things to look forward to and help my life be more fun and exciting. I would love some support on how to release these patterns.”

Food is, in my world, enjoyable. It’s entertainment. It’s part of my experience in the world. I love it. And so I understand the conflict here, that to give up all the yummy goodness of some things, it’s deprivation. Now I do have a great video on YouTube. A lot of my YouTube videos will compeiment what we’re doing here. And I think it’s in the Clearing for Weight Loss or Clearing for Body. It’s in one of the clearings. It’s bringing up the feeling of deprivation, “I’m being deprived.”

Now, you’ve associated food with, and you set it right here, ”…sugar and snacks seem boring and no fun. I use treats as things to look forward to. Food is something to look forward to. Food helps my life be more fun and exciting.” You take that away, you’re taking away not just the food, you’re gonna be deprived of what food has been supportive to you. It’s fun, and exciting, and something to look forward to. Now, all of that’s really good.

So one thing is that do the clearing in the Healing Center and then the one on YouTube also. “The Number One Reason,” I think that’s the title of it. You’re not losing weight. I zero in on that because deprivation comes up, but you’ve identified the bigger deprivation, which is great. So, right away, you know you want something to look forward to in your life, and you want something fun and exciting. I don’t know if you’re type one, but type one energy is very much supported by those factors, that you always have something fun and something to look forward to.

So what else can you create that would be fun and exciting to look forward to? Yeah, we’re gonna get back to the food thing in a moment, but what are some other things you could, so that it’s not just represented by food? What are some other ways you can bring that into your life? And to really anchor that in, that could be done with temporal tapping, “I no longer exclusively think this is my left ear. I’m no longer believing that food is my only fun and exciting thing. I’m no longer solely connecting food with something to look forward to. I am finding new things to look forward to. I’m grateful for the fun and exciting things. I’m planning things to look forward to. There are many options.” Okay, so you’re getting a reset there by doing that.

“And when it comes to food, I love food. I didn’t wanna completely take it out of my world. I like that it’s fun. When we travel, food’s a big part of my experience. I wanna try the local flavors. I want to eat different, have different experiences with food. So I want it still to fit some of that, but I don’t want to wholly depend on that.”

Now, it’s rare that I eat sugar, gluten, and I eat very little dairy, so I wasn’t willing to give up the yumminess of baked goods. So yeah, I am known in my Instagram world, for sharing a lot of my low-carb baking and a lot of my healthy food production in my stories feed, so you might wanna follow me there. I have found some great low-carb foodies on Instagram. A lot of them are keto. I’m not a strict keto person. I tend to just be more low-carb than I am sugar-free. And I talk about my sugar-free sweeteners. Lakanto is my number one go to.

I’ll throw out a couple of things. @Californiacountrygal, I think her name is, she has an excellent cookbook, phenomenal cookbook of baked goods, and she got a whole cupcake. You put, like for her red velvet cake, you’re putting in grated beets. I mean, it’s like eating a salad in the form of a cupcake. She uses monk fruit sweeter. You have to learn to cook with plant-based sweeteners. And, for a little bit, it might throw your system, and the erythritol or those sweeteners can have kind of a digestive. You might be going to the bathroom more, but your body will adapt. Your taste buds will adapt, and actually real sugary stuff will taste way too sweet for you.

And so I always have something in the fridge or the freezer that I baked. Right now, I have banana macadamia nut bread that I made here. I made a really great, the best keto chocolate cake. I made them into cupcakes with chocolate ganache. And I made cinnamon rolls. None of them have sugar, none of them have gluten. And I have them for the reason you’re mentioning, which is I look forward to it. It makes it fun. I love having my treats. So I found a way to create that. So follow me on Instagram, and know you have that option, but find other things as well.

“I’ve been benefiting for many of the sessions, but lately I’ve realized I wrote a pattern of feeling left out and not connecting with other people. It hurts my feelings, and I feel very unsupported. What is happening and why?”

When you say, “of late,” when you put that, “I’ve realized lately,” okay, so you know something showing up. Something’s come to the surface. It’s not necessarily something you’re always feeling, “Lately, I’m starting to feel this.” Whenever the lately thing presents itself, you need to go, “There’s a reason this is coming up for me. Well, it’s because it’s surfacing so I can clear it.” So what do you do with it? Journaling is a really great practice to get to the bottom, “I feel left out because…,” “I started feeling left out when…”

You may even have in your memory bank a time when you started to feel this way. What I would do is go back to the earliest time I started to feel left out. Most likely, it’s in a school experience, could be in grade school. That’s the part of you that’s asking for help now. Let’s say it’s a seven-year-old self that wasn’t integrated and really connecting easily in the social network of school, feeling left out. Your feelings got hurt. Maybe even people said things to you that were hurtful. Maybe parents said things that were hurtful. But you’re gonna clear it from that point and work with that inner child. You know, go in and search “rejection,” “betrayal,” and do the clearings that come up, because you’re feeling rejected, because that’s what not being included is, being rejected. Find out the age. Do the work from that place.

“My daughter tends to really panic if a family member doesn’t show up when or where they’re supposed to. She panics like something horrible has happened and they have tragically died. She has become convinced that there’s a generational pattern that goes back to family suicide. We believe that it was the mother who killed herself and the family then tried to hide it.” It was the mother. “So the energy has never been resolved. What clearings would be useful in trying to clear energy created from a suicide?”

And I’m even gonna just go right there, right now. I don’t have a clearing specifically for suicide. I’m looking up right now to see what shows up when I put that in the search engine. I mean, that definitely could be what’s presenting. A live coaching call came up June 18th. There was two live coaching calls that came up, and I’m gonna let the support team weigh in on that, and other people maybe. Yeah, abandonment would be a good one, Clearing for Abandonment, and anything else somebody thinks of. Nothing’s coming to mind specifically, except doing the search and then see what the group members suggest.

And when she’s doing the panic, there’s kind of two sides to this. When you have panic, it becomes on a biological or physiological level, a pattern, a habit that the body will continue to play out. And so that’s when you need to do the three-step psychological reversals when it presents to break state and reset into calmness. So your body won’t keep this going as a sort of knee-jerk response to something presenting, because that’s what will happen. You’ll get a trigger point for it.

“When anyone shows me great appreciation or gives me a gift unexpectedly, I burst into tears out of surprise that someone would show appreciation for what I do. I don’t expect kindness or thoughtfulness. I didn’t realize how important recognition is to me, nor have I sought it out. What could the roots of this be, and how can I change my belief to accept being noticed, appreciated, and able to receive from others?”

I think you’ve answered it yourself. You’ve just said you’re recognizing. It surprises you, because on some level you believed maybe you don’t deserve it. A lot of people will try and cancel it out because they don’t wanna draw attention that that’s the reason they did what they did. Learn to be able to receive with a graciousness and appreciation, “Thank you so much for thinking of me.”

It was just really, “I really wanted to do this for you,” but don’t refuse what’s being returned in the form of gratitude and appreciation being shown. And allow yourself to start to now expect it. Because if you give it, you’ll receive it. And then your child’s self didn’t get enough of it, apparently, when you were little, and so you learned to live without it. And you need to now give it…if it’s showing up, that’s awesome, because it’s showing up for a reason to support your own healing, which is great.

So let it show up, receive it, notice any discomfort with it. And that’s where you can just even do, again, reset. To do something really uneasy, reset, again, is temporal tapping, “I’m no longer believing I don’t deserve appreciation. I’m letting go of believing I don’t need it. I’m letting go of the fear of people thinking I do what I do just to get it. I’m now allowing myself to receive it. I’m noticing it and allowing it. Everyone deserves to be appreciated, including me.”

Then take that back to find out what party you started to set the belief in. What was it a three-year-old, four-year-old where you just decided you weren’t gonna get it, and you were gonna be okay without it? And do a visualization and teach that part of you. Show appreciation to your younger self in that visualization.

“I’d like to hear your perspective on what it means to love unconditionally. Through all my healing, and recognizing how much dysfunction and wounding took place, I’m feeling challenged as to whether I’ve ever loved at all in my life, much less unconditionally. I used to see the effects in this and my family and friends. I find that I’m disconnected from most relationships and find it easy to let go. I am a type two, and we’ll be doing the relationships plan next.”

I don’t think it’s an easy state to acquire. You basically have to be free of any attachment to any outcome and have absolutely no expectations, which I think is fairly impossible as a human. And so is it something that we can really acquire? I think we can mentally make an effort to say, “Does it matter?”, but there’s a rare experience of a human.

Someone like Byron Katie, she had a kind of epiphany wake up experience in her life. And she has this ability to love unconditionally, because she has absolutely no attachments to any outcome. She just loves whatever it is. That’s how she came to write her book, ”Loving What Is.” She has no attachments to anything. She has no expectations. Whatever shows up is beautiful. Everything is just an experience. That’s not a common experience.

And so loving and conditionally, I guess they don’t strive. I strive to love with awareness, be mindful. I’m okay having expectations and some attachments. It’s just the nature of my human condition. And yet I’ve gotta manage that in a way that it’s like, “Well, where is it hurtful to myself or others, and where is it supportive, and where do I need it to…?” You know, it’s just all mindfulness and navigating life to say, “I’m loving with mindfulness in myself and others, but I am gonna have expectations and attachments.” I certainly let go a lot of them over the years, but I still have some.

I prefer a really clean house. I don’t know if I expect it. Am I attached to it? It’s a very strong preference. Can I influence that without involving other people? Yeah, actually I can pretty easily. You know, I am the one that puts in that effort. So that’s just a minor example, that I’ve accepted that as something that I have, it’s a condition. Can I love the people I’m with that maybe don’t aspire to that same outcome? Yes. See, so there’s just that prioritizing.

“I think I have unhealthy attachment to my children. My husband and I have a chance in a few months to go to England for a week, but we would have to leave our three children, five, two, and one, with family. The thought of leaving them makes me overwhelmed with panic. I know it would be important for my husband and me to have this time, but I can’t stop worrying that I will traumatize my children by abandoning them, or that whomever we leave them with will wound them. This may be linked to my childhood. I think I was abused by family friends I stayed with once when my parents traveled. How can I overcome this?”

Well, definitely you’re getting triggered because of an unresolved trauma. So what is that? How old were you? Do the healing for that. I don’t know the degree of what… If you were the Clearing for Abuse, a lot of stuff in the childhood wounding plan. Go into the emotional category and see what you’re drawn to based on what happened to you, and then do an energy sketch and create what you want now. You have a lot of power to create. If you go off with these fears, you’re projecting that energy. And I’m not saying it would happen, but I’m saying you’re infusing into your reality the potential for things that don’t need to happen.

So create what you want with affirmation, energy circles, and energy sketch. Those are all just tools of creation. Writing it out in a script, listening to your script for the week before you go so that you are really putting the synergy into your space. And as you do the clearing and then set it up to create what you want, you’re removing what’s feeding this and then you’re putting into this space the energy of what you want.

“I would love support around leadership in type two energy. How does soft and powerful go together? I’ve had many leadership positions that I’ve enjoyed and yet have also felt insecure, mostly when I speak. I have too many words and I’m not assertive, objective, and precise. Even though I love to express my thoughts, opinions and ideas in meetings, I often end up second guessing myself, not about what I said but about how I said it. It happens almost every time when I am speaking, making it hard to stay in the flow or following my thought process. It creates a lot of frustration and self-doubt. I’m also not sure how the strengths of my energy type show up in leadership roles. It feels conflicting.”

There is many great leaders of every type, so that’s not criteria. You’ll lead with your natural tendencies influencing your leadership style. Your issue is self-confidence in your presentation of yourself. And so do the Clearing for Self-Esteem, and you might even craft some wording about how you speak. In my upcoming book, “The ‘Modern Chakra Guide,” you’ll want to invest some time studying about the throat chakra. And once we have a healing plan, next year, in the spring, you’ll have the benefit of that to support your throat chakra getting stronger. In the meantime, the time in which you learn to speak was stage…would it have been stage three? Yes, because being, movement, speaking, stage three of childhood development. Stage Three Clearing Session is all about expressing yourself. That’s when you started to speak and learn to speak in the world.

As far as the skill to support you in learning some skills, Toastmasters is an awesome support experience. They tend to be seen or known. They’re kind of stereotyped as a public speaking training system when it’s really about leadership. Leadership is what they’re teaching, and how to use the art of speaking as a leader. So you might look into that and learn some skills. So clear the old staff, work on the childhood staff, and then, again, “What do you want, and what do you wanna experience?” You know what you don’t want, so, in affirmation, create what you want.

“I’ve been achieving large growth spurts through the healing plans and I need some tips on how to support my body during these large jumps. I very recently made a few aha jumps in valuing myself in my relationships. One area this presented was deciding to place strong boundaries between me and a male friend. I’ve held strong and respectful to myself, and I decided I just had enough, so I put that friendship into a hiatus. It was a huge step for me. It was self-affirming, scary, and wonderfully me, and wonderfully freeing. As soon as I took that step, I started having vertigo. I believe it is related, as it feels like my energy took a jump and my body is reeling a bit. Any suggestions?”

Well, you’re just needing to ground in your new energy. And what we’re gonna do in this visualization and some phrasing we’re gonna use, I wrote it down here, I think will help you to kind of get everything plugged in. So you’re needing to get your circuitry kind of all plugged in. I’d recommend my daily morning energy routine where I take you through all seven chakra points and grounding, and plugging yourself into the earth, and really connecting to your life path. Do that and see how that goes for you, and you might even do it a couple times a day.

All right. Okay. Does everyone have a sketch pad? You need to go grab that. We’re gonna move into an exercise right now. And with this, we are gonna sketch a little scenario and then we’re going to do a visualization. Okay. The first thing I want you to draw… It’s funny, because I am finding I have artistic abilities, but I don’t put a lot of time and energy into my sketches. So draw yourself at a lower level, like a stick figure. So this is me. So you’re drawing yourself.

Okay. Now one thing Albert Einstein said, and this is paraphrasing it, that you can’t come up with an answer at the same state of consciousness that you created the issue at. You have to be at a higher level of consciousness to get insight about the problem at hand or the scenario at hand than the consciousness that created that. So everybody understands that. So this little practice, it’s going to help you bring in the answers from a higher state of consciousness. And they may not come automatically or immediately, but they’ll present within a short period of time after doing this exercise. And you’ll know it when they do. We’ll set that intention up that you’ll know it when they do.

So, how do you create receiving an answer and insight, a solution to a challenge or problem in your life, from a higher state of consciousness? How do we do that? Well, you know, and this is where we need… And this is what I encourage here in the healing spaces. You choose whatever your spiritual practices as far as a higher power. I try and be as general as I can without preferencing my own. This is where you need to insert your preferences, okay, because I honor all belief systems. And you don’t need to comply to mine.

So I like to connect with my soul. I believe my soul has all the answers for any dilemma in my life. That whatever I signed on to from a soul level, I had to have the solution, the healing, everything in place so I could succeed. It’s like, “Look, I’m not doing that unless I have all the tools that I need to be able to come out of it.” You know, that’s gotta be there. So, for me, I’m going to now make a connection with my soul. Maybe it’s God, Christ, angels. Maybe if you don’t think of things in a heavenly or divine, maybe there’s something in nature. Whatever your preference is. So what I’m gonna do on my sketch pad, I’m going to draw my soul. And just for the benefit, I really don’t think my soul has wings, but for the benefit of just creating the variable, I do create a higher power representing. I put some wings on my soul, so I’m gonna put my soul.

And my soul’s in this higher state, I think, at the unseen world, the world of the energy, the energy planes. Okay, so draw, and it’s gotta be above you. This is representing the higher state of consciousness, okay? So get that on there. Okay. Now, we’re gonna do a visualization. And ultimately when I take you through this, I’m going to use a reference to you leaving your body and disconnecting from your body, and ascending to the higher state of consciousness that you’re…I’m gonna use, for my sake, “It’ll just be cleaner.” If I use soul, you put in there whatever you want, let it be whatever it is for you. But I’m gonna create this idea of being ascended to a higher state, my consciousness and subconscious self are rising up into this space of my soul to meet with my soul.

Then in the visualization, I’m going to see… To me, what comes to mind is just through transference. That would be my soul kind of just putting its hands on my head and transferring to me my answer, it’s downloading it. I’m gonna get a download from my soul. You could see it as like we connect cord. You know, we use cords and plugs here. You could see a plug going into your source and it coming into you, but you’re going to receive what you’re seeking as a download. It’s being given to you.

Now, first, before we start the visualization, now that you have this mapped out, and then we’ll bring you back here and plug you in. You need to have an issue, an issue that’s presenting that you want more information about, an insight, guidance, answer, direction. And write that underneath your little stick figure, “I desire more insight on…,” “I’m looking for direction on…,” “I want support with…,” Any of those will work, okay?

All right. Now we’re gonna do a little visualization. So this part you’re gonna close your eyes. Go ahead and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And as you exhale, feel your shoulders drop and yourself drop more fully into the place you’re sitting. And if you’re walking around just listening to me, you need to sit down if you’re gonna participate in this. Arms and legs uncrossed, energies open. Take another deep breath. And, again, as you exhale, big, deep exhale. And one more deep breath.

And as you’re breathing out, turn your attention inward, letting go of any presenting thoughts, attention to whatever, the past, the future. And think of your body. Notice your body and your breath. Just keep noticing your body, where you’re sitting, the space around you, the climate of the space your in, any noise or sounds in your present place, any light that you’re seeing through your eyelids. Notice yourself in the now. Keep breathing, and imagine you could step out of your body. Your body’s gonna be there when you come back, and you’re gonna see yourself now ascending up to a higher state.

Imagine you’re being lifted as though you were in an elevator or just being kind of like floating up like a helium balloon. Keep going up, and up, and up, and up until you move into a higher space, and your soul or your source is waiting there for you. You might feel like you’ve come into a cloud or a mist. The air feels cooler, and you’re there with your soul, and you’ve brought your dilemma, your issue, your challenge, your condition, and you presented it to your soul. Your soul already knows what it is. They’re glad you’re there.

Thank you for trusting and wanting to receive insight. All the answers are inside of you. I believe you’re one with your soul or your divine source, and this is the practice of now awakening it. So whatever method works for you, see that being downloaded or transferred to you, the answer, the next step, the direction, the awareness. You may not get what it is. You may. You may know what it is right now. You may have it revealed to you within a short period of time, that you’re being a recipient. It’s being downloaded and received by you. Keep breathing. Now, imagine you could just feel like something’s filling you up. Let that just come to a complete cycle now.

Now, imagine you could hear in the distance it sounds like singing, even humming or musical tones. And this is anchoring this into your being, because that vibration of singing or musical notes is higher than speech or thought. That’s why I create the sound meditations. Your system responds, and you might wanna listen to one after this to support what we’re doing in this visualization. Then imagine you could return back to your body as though you were just gently coming back, either being carried down, floating down. You’re rappelling down, whatever method of coming back down, come back into your body fully and completely.

And then repeat in your mind or out loud, “I am knowing my next step. I am receiving the answers I am ready for and which are timely. All parts of me connect with the next insight. I am fully and 100% connected to all parts of me. I connect this information I received with all parts of me, so all parts of me are totally well and vibrant. And this is done with grace and ease.” Take a deep breath, and go ahead and open your eyes, coming back into present moment.

And you’re welcome to share, if any of you had an experience that you feel like sharing. We’ll also open it up for live questions, anything about what we just did or anything else you might have a live question about. And then I’m gonna end tonight’s call with inviting you to do another personal practice that I just did, I think would be supportive for you, that can be a little bit of follow up work that you can then share in the group. So we’ll turn now, open it up for live Q&A or any sharings.

The quote from Einstein was, ”No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” So what we just did was to go to a higher level of consciousness to receive what we need to resolve what our consciousness has created as the issue.

[00:51:09] [silence] [00:51:24]

Let’s see, I can see some of them right here.

“I feel like my question was really large. Would it be helpful to be more specific rather than general?”

I don’t think you’ve talked to your soul in words. I’m sure whatever source you sought out to help you knew exactly what to give you. So now this is your mind now thinking, “It wasn’t right, so I might not get the help I need.” It’s like, [vocalization]. No, the source that you sought out that supports you is very aware of what you need. So receive it.

“My daughter climbed on my lap and covered my mouth when coming back down into my body. What does that mean?”

That your daughter climbed on your lap and covered your mouth while you were finishing this? Does it need to mean anything else? It’s just maybe she was drawn to you for the space were in and wanted to be in your energy. So, you know.

“Can our secondary energy ever change?”

No, you’re four energy types are what they are when you’re born. Your dominant, secondary, tertiary, and quatenary stay the same, so no. That just came out too, “Can my energy type ever change?” That was just posted on “Addressing Your True Side,” I think, recently.

“When does your chakra book come out?”

November 14th pre-sales start. We’re gonna be pre-selling it first on our website from November 1st to the 14th with some great bonuses that you can…we’re gonna do a bundle with the I Am Balanced oil. I created two new oils that will be released when the book comes out, I Am Balanced and I Am Grounded. I Am Balanced is a seven blend oil that supports all seven chakras. I’ve been using it a lot too, but I’ve tried not to talk about it because I can’t let you have it. I try and talk about things that you can get. But it’s a beautiful oil. It needed a few tweaks. We had to go a few rounds with it. It was pretty potent, man. I’m like, “I really don’t wanna be that oil person that walks in the room and everyone knows you’re that oil person.” But we’ve got it just right.

And so we’ll be releasing the book on November 1st on my website, with the opportunity to basically buy the oil and get the book for free at the price we’re gonna put it, and some bonus content that will be brand new. I’m excited. I love this book. It’s so cool, such great information.

“When leaving my body and rising up, I just started crying and didn’t want to come back to my body. What clearing session would help me?”

The clearing session is the Clearing for Pre-Birth would be so powerful for you. That is such a magnificent clearing. It’s a very rare opportunity. Not very many people teach this or think that we might have hesitation to coming into our mortal experience, and some old stuff hanging around from this pre-Earth life experience, our state of being before we came here. Because, you know, as things go, we are probably looking at our family and going, “Seriously? Okay, let’s do this.” You know, it’s just so powerful. So make sure you do that Clearing for Pre-Birth.

“My higher self handing me some beautiful emeralds.”

Emerald is, green is the heart chakra, and yet green also helps physical healing. So in the Gemisphere world, they’ve got a little bit of a reversal on some of the color rays when it comes to what they’re helping with. And emerald is very potent for physical healing, because the green ray, the green color ray, supports physical healing. So is there a message there for you about physical healing?

“I drew my soul spirit, like the cloud, with rays shining down on me. Then you mentioned the soul, like a cloud.”

Synchronicity. Very cool.

“What clearings your best to do to accept a part of yourself you’re rejecting due to fear of violence, rejection, loss of freedom, etc? Since rejecting this part of my body has been experiencing pain, and I feel like acceptance is my only way to be pain-free.”

I’m not real clear on the question. Part of yourself you’re rejecting due to fear of violence. Well, there’s Clearing for Body Image and Clearing for Abuse, and the one that came to mind for some reason was Clearing for Old Religious Shaming in the Healing Plan for Life Purpose. There’s some really potent things there about when you’re dealing with fear of violence, loss of freedom, etc., that’s really generational, because people had to be concerned about that. As a day to day, you know, they had to sign on to whatever they were told to believe, and otherwise they’d lose their freedom or lose their life. Most of us, I think for all of us here listening to this, do not have that risk. But these are old energies and those are found in the spiritual clearings.

A-ha, wonderful. “I got some good information about needing to up my financial comfort zone. I have done this exercise before, and I completely healed my relationship with my husband during a very difficult period of our marriage. I love this exercise.”

Thank you for sharing that.

Another a-ha. “When I joined my soul, I spontaneously smiled, literally. That was so interesting. I must love my soul because it was very happy to be there.”

I would suspect that is the case. Those are all great a-has, insights. And if you haven’t gotten one yet, ask that you’ll know it when it comes. I like to set things up so that it’ll be like silver platter, there’s no way I could’ve missed it, “Let me know. Give it to me on a silver platter. Put it in my face so I have to see it for what it is.” “And whether I want to hear it or not, I open my ears to hear it,” because there may be some things you don’t want to hear.

Okay. For closing, our next call will be September. It’ll be the first call of the two calls for the Healing Plan for Disease and Illness will be September 24th, so mark your calendars to come back. Again, I said at the top of the call tonight, doing them live gives you the benefit of making sure they’re done, and you don’t have to have something to follow up and do. September 24th, October 1st are the next two coaching calls. One more question before I give you a fun exercise to play with.

“I have done the Pre-Birth Clearings quite a few times, but I don’t feel like I’m at peace being here. Wondering what I can do.”

Think about that. What part of the clearing really stands out that needs to be repeated? Sometimes, there’s sections that need to be redone, and some people are having to do portions of clearings multiple times before things really shift. And I think I’d do the 10, the practice of finishing this open-ended sentence, “I really don’t want to be here because…” “I really don’t wanna be here because…,” even if you’re repeating yourself. Now, you’ve given yourself information to do the Body Walk Clearing. You’re in a body. And if you don’t wanna be here, you’re probably dissociating from your body.

So what does your body not want? Maybe it’s your body that doesn’t wanna be here. What’s happened to your body, this physical apparatus that you have put your consciousness into, that saying, “I don’t wanna be here”? And so the Body Walk is a practice where you have to do it to clear the body, because it’s a different toolset. You have to do movement. The body-clearing walk helps clear the physical apparatus. Let that come up. So when you’re saying it, go through that session, and I tell you how to do it, and see what the body has to say about this, and do that clearing. Thanks for everyone’s questions, both submitted and the live ones.

I wanted to invite you to draw for yourself a personal emoji. It came clear to me recently that three states of being are something I strive for, which is calm, peace and joy. Even the point where I wrote this out, let me find it here, I speak my peace, P-E-A-C-E. I know where it is. Hang on. It’s on my Instagram post. They were three words I wanted to incorporate into an emoji to represent them, personal emoticon. I speak my peace, I live my calm, I share my joy. I speak my peace, P-E-A-C-E, I live my calm, I share my joy.

So what I did, because I want to carry that in my heart, I drew a heart. And you can see that I created a C, a P and a J. So the C is the blue, the P is the peace, Calm, Peace and Joy. And that’s like a personally emoticon that I can… Now, when you do illustration, and color, and you’re putting yourself physically into creating something like this, it imprints. It really connects at a physical level to allow yourself to have this sort of…when you look at it, you go, “That’s what that represents for me,” and it just creates a stronger point of reference that you now carry with you.

You can even do things like take a sketch like this and put it under your pillow at night. Put it in the space where you’re sleeping. You know, we teach you that you can use gemstones while you’re sleeping. You can put words, you can put images, sketches in the space. You could draw this small, I could tear it out, fold it up, put it in my pocket, put it on my body. That’s a vibrational effect on me for something I choose to vibrationally be in.

So the opportunity here is to draw a personal emoji, and it can’t look like a human. It has to be something symbolic. So it’s not drawing you. It’s a state of being represented in a symbol, and I didn’t even use the words. I used the symbol to represent the words. And then play with it that way to help. Again, what we’re looking for is shifting your state of being from the consciousness you’ve been at to a higher state of consciousness as your new norm.

Your thoughts are different in that place. What you feel is different. You no longer have those triggers that you’ve had in the past. Your body starts to heal. All the things they teach in Mastering Affluence, that at that higher state of awareness and consciousness affects us spiritually, emotionally, mentally. It supports us physically. It affects our financial flow, it improves the quality of our relationships.

And so it’s just one more tool to give yourself aid with, if it speaks to you and you enjoy that kind of process. And share them in the Facebook group. It’d be fun to see what you come up with.

Thanks, everyone, for taking your valuable time and spending it with me and each other. We look forward to supporting you continually in the Facebook group and on the website. And thanks for sharing with others that there’s now a two-week trial membership that you can let others know about it, and give it a go, and see if it’s for them. Thanks for spreading the word. I’ll talk to you soon.

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