Live Coaching Call August 28, 2018

1 hour, 6 minutes

This call offers clarity on the discomfort and setbacks you may feel as you go through Week 2 of the Healing Plan for Self-Confidence. Carol will assist you in releasing the misperception that you are not enough and therefore do not have enough confidence.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

A nagging desire for reassurance & advice

Discomfort from doing this healing work

Frustration as you slip back into old energy

Distraction as you focus on past life issues

You Want To:

Tune inward and find what is correct for you

Accept and surrender to what shows up

Gain clarity about what to do next

Heal what’s presenting in your life now

Affirmation for this Session:

I am coming into more alignment with my true self.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 19:50

Session Transcript

Hello, Healing Center members, that’s my pleasure to be with you again in the week two live coaching and Q&A session here in our healing for a lack of self-confidence plan. The Healing Center’s been available about a month now. So if you were one of the first to sign up. Thank you. You’ve been with us in this first inaugural month. And my goodness, look at what’s happened for you. It’s quite amazing. And I know some of you aren’t feeling quite the shift you’d like to and I’m gonna speak to that tonight. So just take a deep breath. If you can, sit down, tune in, and set the intention. You’re going to get a major aha tonight, and support the aha you’re going to get is to support coming into more alignment of your true self. So why don’t you say hi in the comments. So far we have about 50 viewers online.

When you comment and hit the Emoji, it starts going out on this…on the News Feed for all the people that are actually in this group. And someone’s gonna see it and go, “Oh yeah, the call right now. I want to get on.” So let’s support everyone with just a little support with comments, lots of comments and lots of Emoji love. So thank you so much. It’s been a great two weeks. You’re in your third week of the healing plan. It’s a three-week plan. It’s what I consider one of the lighter plans. There’s much heavier duty one…a little heavier dutier ones. The four week plans. They get into some pretty hefty duty stuff for some people, but boy, they really move the energy, which is very, very exciting because better you move it out and integrate it, and change that energy so it’s not settling into your body and causing you issues in your life because that’s where it goes.

Few housekeeping items, the live Q&A is recorded. Many of you already know that and will be available here under videos on the Facebook group, where we will be announcing soon that we’re working on the development side to get them on the website, on the Healing Center website. We’ll make an announcement here in the group and get them posted so you can actually…where we’ll start creating a library there of them. Again, any time I post anything that I feel has real significance for the group at large, I put #CT. Thanks for letting that be my hashtag, because there’s a lot of value and if you haven’t been in the group for a few days, if you were to just search for that #CT, you’re gonna see all of my feedback which will support you. And then I’ve been posting my own single posts with healing tips and that’s another hashtag to search for in the group #healingtip, all one word. And that will bring up in the search field on the Facebook…you know, in the…if you don’t know, just Google, “How do you do searches in groups?” If you’re not clear on that functionality and make sure you learn the value of that.

And then we also have the announcement section here in the group that you wanna check on a regular basis. And then the documents section, because Kim Webb Toffel [SP] is actually taking my…those same posts that I create, whether it’s feedback to others that has long-term value for other people to read eventually, or it’s a healing tip, or I’ve made a comment. I’m gonna always make my posts that are instructional or healing feedback, or if they have to do with planetary shifts, things like that under the healing tip. So moving forward you’ll be able to look for that. And Kim’s keeping a doc in the Facebook group that will have those as well.

We’ve also made a decision just in the nature of the support that we offer here in the group. I have three people besides myself that do amazing support work. There’s Christine Bolstridge, who’s my VP of customer support and knows my work inside, outside, backwards. She’s been a personal student of it for years. So she came to me years ago as a customer, and really from the healing space is what drew her in. I think dressing your truth in her mind was a little bit like, “Yeah, whatever.” But she definitely has embraced that for many years and really, really appreciate her support in this group.

And then I handpicked my support angel that I wanted to support the group, who is Colleen. Colleen has a long history of doing healing work, is very, very intuitive, very supportive. She is just one of the most loving, nurturing women, has a very strong mother…I call her…if Colleen were a therapeutic gemstone, she’d be mother of pearl. There’s an association. If you’re a therapeutic gemstone, which one would you be?

And then Kim, Kim Webb Toffel knows my work intrinsically. Shana’s video con-…she can remember when I said something, where I’ve said it, she knows it better than me. And so many times then in making this announcement, if you tag me, there’s very good chance you’ll hear from them. But know they’re only going to reply with anything I would say. So trust their feedback and their support, what they’re sharing with you as much as you would me. We have a clear understanding of kind of what’s my space to handle. They have access to me 24/7, to text me and let me know. We wanna reply to this, you know, we wanna make sure we do it in a manner that supported what you would say. And so there’s just a real…more than any other group I’m in, there’s a very intimate communication between us, so really trust their presence and their support of you.

In an effort to really, kind of keep balance in our lives, our support will be available Monday through Friday. And we’ve made a decision that feels correct for us to back off from this space a little bit, you know, really on the Saturday, Sunday weekend. That’s where you’ll be able to support each other. And I’m gonna make myself really…I’ve been on this group, really just [inaudible 00:06:53] interaction, which I don’t…I definitely don’t see that changing, but it’s in the big picture of where we’re going, how we’re growing, that I wanna be able to sustain the way I support this group. And so that felt correct that me and my team are…we’re present Monday through Friday. So as you know that, if there’s anything that you are wanting us specifically to support you with, those will be our…that window of time.

Now, many of you are getting really versed in the content here. And as you continue to get the coaching feedback that I give on what…you’ll remember, things that I’ve said, and you’ll be able to help each other because you’ll have either been helped by me. You’ll note something that someone else…by giving feedback to someone else. And so that’s beautiful. We love that. You’ll notice that a lot of times I’ll just say, “Great answer,” because you’ve said what I would say. So you get real familiar with the space and the model of healing that I teach and support people with.

So if you have any questions about that, email [email protected], and we can personally address those if there’s any concerns for you. And we have a very exciting announcement, part of…this is the first piece. The Healing Center was the first piece of two other launches that are soon to be in place. One of them is my book. You know about, “Mastering Affluence” that releases the September 18th. Many of you have preordered. You still can and get access to part one and the audio file that we email you immediately once you send in your email receipt to [email protected] If you’ve already preordered, sent that in, and you’ve not received the audio, you should have received it immediately. Email [email protected], they’ll help you get that.

And this is written…the same categories that are in this book are the categories that every session is indexed in, in the Healing Center. They’re compatible resources. I would say if you’re really committed to the Healing Center, this is the textbook that supports it. It’s an essential piece in my opinion, to get the most out of the Healing Center. And then you get the most out of the book, “The Healing Center”. It’s like the chicken and the egg, you know, they go together, which came first? I don’t know, you start where you start. They both have value. They’re really meant to support each other.

And the next launch that I’m happy to share is That’s a site that was my original website I launched with in the year 2000 when I went online. And we’ve definitely given a new fresh look but that site will be the place that you can see what I’m up to, like books, courses, every course links to every course I have, you can access… Many of you wanna share the energy profiling course without the dressing your truth piece connected. That will be there. I have this wonderful quiz called the stuck quiz. If you’ve been through the money cure or if you did my, what’s called the lead generation experience with the money cure, you took a quiz about money, you know, did they have you take that where I showed you what your biggest issues were with money in a short quiz. And then I offered you a free master class to start to shift that.

Well, we chose…that worked so well and people were so responsive to it and received so much help. And it actually for marketing purposes, served our benefit to say we had…you know, we’ve had two years of launching the money cure with great success and we decided, “Let’s use that same format for people to go through.” And so I’ve created a stuck quiz.

There’s several questions that you’ll answer about the six areas of life. And then you’re offered to go through my free masterclass of how to clear your stuck energy. And it’s a great place to send people to be introduced to my work because the masterclass is free. They’ll get three videos and a bonus content piece, and they obviously will opt in and they’ll start hearing from me. The video that many of you have gone through already is, Clearing for Stuck Energy. That’s the number one video. And then I have another piece in there that I don’t have in the Healing Center, which is the body Clearing Work for Stuck Energy. And that’s very specific to the masterclass. I don’t think we put it in the Healing Center.

And then I have a visualization practice using a three by five card, that’s from one of the original authors I studied, Wally Minto. In 1981, I read his Results Book, you know, it’s going way back. And I use a technique that he originally taught in this book that uses a three by five card. And so there’s these three video pieces. You don’t have to have them in the Healing Center, so you’re gonna wanna go through that yourself because it’s pretty magical what happens with this three by five card creation technique.

And then a bonus clearing that you have in here called, Clearing Issues with Time, which is announced…that’s an overall general clearing everyone should do that’s really pertinent to the time in which we live. As time moves very quickly now, I’ve noticed I am constantly making comments about how fast time moves and I’m thinking I’m just making it move faster. It really does.

And there’s actually a passage in, “Mastering Affluence,” who remembers reading that where I talk about the Schumann resonance and how the vibration of the planet has increased five times from 1920, and time is moving faster. There’s scientific evidence that the planet is…vibration is higher and that’s what the Schumann resonance is. And that’s a real fascinating little passage to read and learn about in, “Mastering Affluence,” that it’s not just some sort of weird thing that you’re feeling or thinking is happening. It really is happening, because the vibration they were able to measure the resonance of the planet.

Schumann was the scientist in the first few decades of the 1900s. And that’s why it’s called the Schumann resonance. Anyway, you learn about that in the book, “Mastering Affluence.” I love stuff like that. I find that fascinating because I’m feeling the effects of it. So when there’s this sort of nugget of scientific information, I don’t need it to move forward. But I find it fascinating when it supports what I’ve accepted as truth in my life. I don’t need it to choose to move forward, I just think it’s fun to learn about it.

You’re going to be seeing that on occasion. There’s times you’re reaching out to me or the support team for asking, “What do I do next? How do I move forward?” I talked about this with Christine today. And when we feel prompted that really the answer’s there for you, you might see a response like, “What feels correct to you?” Take a moment and ask yourself that question and write your reply. What are you getting? What are you tuning into? Because what we wanna avoid here is sort of the energy of a parent-child underway, that we’re the authority in the parent role and you’re in the child role of needing to be told where to do, what to do, when to do it. We want to support you in, “I’m learning. I’m trusting. I’m getting my own answers.”

And so on occasion that that’s what my support, three support women in here are incredibly intuitive women and they are being guided in knowing that that’s a response that at times will be appropriate because we know you have that answer. And I believe you do. It’s this being able to trust it, trust what’s coming to you. And in most cases you’re probably checking in to see if what you’re getting supports…what you’re getting, you’re just needing reassurance for. And that’s where you wanna really stress… That’s a big part of self-confidence, is having confidence in your own intuitive hits without needing to check in outside yourself to then give yourself permission.

And I know something’s right. I don’t need to look outside for myself. I might need to communicate with someone, my husband, my team, my CEO, as to what I’m getting and share what I’m tuning into, what I feel very strongly about. And then share maybe the why behind that, but I’m not needing…I might ask what they think from what they feel is correct, but I don’t need their feedback to provide reassurance so that I feel more confident about it. I’m very confident in my own intuitive guidance at this point. And it’s very fine-tuned, and I know how they come now.

So you’ve been doing week two and in this week you were removing more interferences with a natural state of self-confidence that you’re born with. And so the practices continued in your daily practices. And I mentioned last week that this is a mind training process of training your mind to think differently in the affirmative, in the reference to how you use your mind. The daily script is setting intention so that you start to perceive what can show up for you in the world to be supportive, that things start to manifest differently. You’re projecting that…one’s an inner focus with the thoughts, the other in the daily script is an outer focus of, “This is what I wanna create. This is what I wanna affect in my current reality. This is the energetic seeds I’m planting here.”

You continue to use energy circles. If you several to times a few times a week, your positive self-talk practice to notice your critical or negative thinking, make a correction and you’re journaling. And then week two, again, the clearing for low self-esteem. I was glad to see some of you posted that you had a different experience, which is common that things came forward, you noted different things.

And then your inner child healing for stage four. Because Stage four is when you begin to really trust your own personal power. I have a right to be me. I’m supported in being me to have…just to be confident in me making decisions, doing…you know, just being my own independent person between three to six years old. You now are starting to navigate the world and you enter, in most cases, an environment outside your family system, meeting other authority figures in your life besides your parents. And you have confidence that you have your own sort of independent…it’s your first stage where you begin to feel an independent quality of the self, and grow in confidence that you can trust that.

Your mirror work healing session is pretty heavy…you know, that’s one of them where I’ve recommended it’s done once a month because it goes to such deep levels. And it is a really phenomenal process that many of you experienced. And then the clearing for your type, because if you’re at odds with that and not align with your true nature, you’ll circle your healing, but you’ll never get to the heart of it or to the core because that is primary. We’re born with that energy type. It’s who we are. We’re meant to be in full and complete alignment with that and trust it. So that’s why I have that included.

And then the bonus video was, How to write your Own Affirmations, so the automation recipe to take you from chaotic to calm. Now, I had an interaction with one of the group members. I wanted to start with this tonight, and she’s given me permission to actually share our interaction. And I’m gonna just read parts of what she posted because I want you to learn from this experience that we had in our interaction. This was from Jessica Bingham, and she’s a type one. And she interestingly started with, “I finally have a question I can articulate.” She posted this yesterday. “How can I keep myself from moving through this…how can I keep myself moving through this healing process? I have a tendency to get stuck.”

And she shared how she’s done the 30 day money cure, twice, the first time she kind of dropped off after week two, then the second time, it was after week three. And then yet on her own, she did the whole thing by herself once. Then she wrote, “We are in a really bad financial situation. Again, just when I thought things were looking up.” Okay, now this is what I want you to pay attention to because I want you to notice this for yourself when this comes up for you. This is a big, big key insight to now start having an operating awareness of when this presents. And when you want, when you feel like, “Ah, I need to go write this. I need to share this. I need to say…I need to like,” and all these emotions up.

And she wrote, “I’m terrified I will pass this to my kids. I’ve been trying to heal my life for as long as I have been consciously aware of the dysfunction. I’m going to be 40 soon. I wish there was a jumpstart or something I can do to clear this. I’m going along with the current self-confidence. I used to try to make the best of my totally crazy home life as a kid. I would try to make myself visible to others. I would always say to myself, ‘Others have it worse.'” And then she’s telling her story. “I had a lot of [inaudible 00:21:50] but it was mostly directed at my mum.”

And so we’re going into her story now and there’s a lot of powerlessness being presented. A lot of, “This is how bad it’s been.” The whole story is about what she’s experienced over and over. “My dad was in…” you know, and I understand. I have empathy for this, yet I know my job isn’t to pat you on the back and say, “It’ll be okay honey.” It’s to say, “Okay, here’s what you’re doing and nothing’s gonna change unless you approach this differently.” You know, I have compassion and yet I’m here to help you birth yourself out of this stuff because you’re in your stuff when you’re doing this. You’re like thick and running it, and it’s going on. It’s like, that’s not helping anything. You’re just creating more of it right here as you make this declaration and great pronouncement. And so, you know, it’s there, it’s public, you can read it.

But she goes onto more the challenge of her childhood, “And my sister would steal and hurt my other sisters and I. She would eat all the food we had. My mum would jealously defend her while I was literally bruised, bleeding, and hungry. You know, it was pretty bad. I mean, it was pretty intense. I lost my facade in 10th or 11th grade when I was told I couldn’t understand what my friends were going through because I had such a good life. I yelled at them and told them my real life story. They were shocked. I’m still angry, but the only people who know are my husband and kids. I keep trying to move my energy forward a bit. It almost feels like…” it’s a word I don’t know, “like a Sisyphean task. I keep attracting the energy of not enough food or love into my life. Of course, those are my two greatest fears, next humiliation. But I can avoid humiliation by blocking the world out.”

Okay. So I’ll be honest, I didn’t have to read…I can’t repass, I just…it’s just, I don’t need to know all that to know how to help someone. I guess, I’m dialing in…I’m tuning into, “What’s the energy going on here? Which part of her is talking right now?” And this is my response. “HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.” I wrote that all in caps, “While tapping, read out loud what you wrote here. Literally, go back, read your story, and tap while you’re doing it. Read your story. It’s a story you’re choosing to change. Own your story. Feel it. How many times have you thought or felt or said the same thing over and over in your life? When you feel stuck, you have energy energetically taken on the persona of your five-year-old self who feels powerless. Tell your five-year-old it’s not her job to fix it, be the adult and show up now for your five-year-old by owning your story. Keep with the plan.”

Once in…you know, let’s all thank her. This is like super, like, wow, you know, vulnerable. I’m using her as an example, and I’m…you know, just good for you to write this because everyone’s gonna benefit from this for a long time coming because there’ll be plenty of time for me to teach this in here, and now we have it recorded because this is the number one thing people. I’d say it’s in the top five of things people miss in the healing experience. They don’t have an objective way of noticing what part of me is talking right now. Is it an adult me or is it the wounded child me? Who just wrote this? When she said, “I’m terrified.” And if you…you know, the third paragraph down, once she wrote that, she was the five-year-old and the rest of the posts was written from her wounded child who had the job of trying to fix this in her childhood and has never been released from that role.

And I clearly remember the day I went in and told…it was my nine-year-old self, and I told my nine year old, “You, it’s not your job to heal this mess. It’s not.” And I freed her and I said, “You’re gonna have to learn to go play and I’m going to figure it out, and I’m going to take care of you. And I’m gonna learn to speak up for us. And I’m going to learn hold my own. And I’m gonna learn to only run my own energy. And I’m gonna learn to feel all this emotion so you don’t have to, but you need to learn to go play like a nine-year-old.” And she’s like, “I don’t really know what to do. I just try to hold this whole thing together.”

And so this is in the…you know, one of the top skill sets that will take you further in your healing than a lot…you know, a lot of stuff I could teach you is being objective about when this kind of energy is running, it is the wounded child telling the story that feels responsible for taking care of your life, and now has in overwhelm and has no way out, because guess what? Five-year-olds, and 9-year-olds, 12 years-olds, and even 15-year-olds do not and should not have to heal this. They have no clue. They couldn’t do it then they can’t do it now. It’s your job as the adult.

I’ve spent…there’s a period a few years ago where I was really, really heavily into some healing and it was almost a daily basis. I’d get triggered and major stuff was coming up, and I was processing at such, you know, massive… Just sometimes it’d be just like laying in bed, just groaning. It was just so intense. And just visualizing, holding the younger me just telling her it was gonna be okay. And then when I saw her tactics. This is the interesting thing. When I saw that this part of me had actual strategies that were not healthy to try and get her needs met. I became so co-conscious of this part of me that I’m like, “Ooh, that part of me is about to do this again because they think somehow it’s gonna work.”

I had to step in and visualize that part of me and go…and sometimes if you can do the visualization write to this part of you, write them a note, you know, tell them you love them. You’re here to take care of them. Okay? So that’s your big takeaway from this. That’s an incredible skill set to start working with. It takes time. It takes practice, because we’re so much in a habit of letting this emotional energy become us without objectivity and even awareness to understand, this is my emotional energy that Carol talks about in the metaphor of the part of me that never grew up, that’s still running the same energy I ran as a child.

I felt this way when I… You felt terrified when you were five. Hey Jessica, your five-year-old felt terrified. Where it’s not healing is if you say it in the adult body as if it’s…really, honestly there’s nothing for you to be terrified now, as an adult woman. There was when you were five, there was. You’ve got…I mean, you know, if the worst came to worst, you’re always going to have a shelter over your head. You just are, you know. They’ve got systems in place for helping people. It’s not going to come to that, but you know, if you’re going to get…if you’re going to think that way, like terrified. No, who is terrified? Your five-year-old self, she wrote that. It wasn’t your adult self. Your five-year-old wrote that.

And so, I’m suggesting like if you had had this awareness, you might have written this post, not published it, and nothing worked with this part of you. Tell me more. Tell me why you’re terrified. That part of you has never been able to express it as honestly as here now. But the good news is you’re feeling safe enough to start talking about this, but do it in a way that is productive, which means do it with yourself. Have this conversation with yourself, do the journaling. This is where it’d be really probably good for you after we’re done with self-confidence for you to do that healing plan for childhood wounding. That’s when you’re going to even [inaudible 00:30:36] a lot of letter writing to your inner child. So there you go. Was that helpful?

I’d love to share some thoughts, and Christine will pull them and text to me once we get to the live Q&A. I’d like to know is how helpful…I trust it was helpful. How helpful was that? I want to go with it was helpful, but in what way? You know, there’ll be a lot of reminders for this. It wasn’t a one take thing for me. I had to keep telling myself this over and over and over. So that’s okay. And be mindful is…you know, peer members in the group. I think it’s okay if you say, “If it were me, I’d do this.” I’d stay away from, you should do this. We never respond well to that unless it’s a position up, so you are peers, my support team and I are sort of in a guide teacher role, so we have a little more flexibility with that. It’s really good to pose your response with, “Well, this is what I would do with that. This is what comes to mind. Have you considered this?”

But when you refer to what you might do with that, what’s coming to you? And honestly, when you get a hit for someone else, consider possibilities that it’s an insight for you because that’s how you know, because you ought to know it too.

And then one of the group members wrote, “I’m feeling no shifts, haven’t been feeling anything positive. Rather, I’ve been more anxious and depressed than usual and not sleeping well. Waking early from frightening thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, and like I am spiraling downward. I have lost my enthusiasm for the program and feel discouraged what to do in this situation. I want to get better, but I don’t know what to do.”

Well, I’d like to ask all of you, and I’d like Christine to send me some of their responses to this is, what do you think healing is? Feeling good all the time. What do you think healing is? Okay, give me a second for that. I think there’s this misunderstanding of what healing really is. Like, “I’m healing, I feel great.” And then I’m going to talk…you know what, Christine, I’m gonna put off…for the sake of time, I’m gonna put off to how each type can make their journaling experience more true to their energy. Let’s do that next week. If you don’t mind making a note of that, or I’ll remind you after the fact, after we go off the air, but I thought that might be a lot to cover tonight.

“I think what she describes is part of the healing process.” Thank you. Yes, it is. What you describe is what…it gets worse before it gets better because this is stuff you never allowed yourself to get honest about. You get to…you know, if you’re new to healing, you come into this space and you think, “All right, I do this. It should just make me feel happy all the time.” There’s a lot of history there of repressed emotion that’s never been felt, expressed. You’ve owned, you’ve gotten honest about. And if your current life story doesn’t look so good and you feel powerless and stifled in it, it’s like waking up, and, like, “This doesn’t look much different than my childhood that wasn’t very good. I’ve actually replicated my childhood environment. I feel the same as when I was 10. I feel powerless in this story now.” And don’t be so surprised by that. We just unknowingly create what we’re used to. The vibration, the environment takes on the same vibration and storyline as what we knew as a child. It’s just what we’re familiar with. And you’re now choosing to change that.

So I don’t think you’ll feel any positivity until you get okay with this, except this is your healing experience right now. Once you get to be a more veteran in a healing space, you really learn to surrender, and go, “I guess this is what’s correct because it’s what’s happening.” You really stop fighting it. You trust the journey more and more, and you go, “Man, there’s some big stuff I got to feel and be willing to move through.” And it’s like in order you gotta go, yeah, you gotta go through it in order to go out of it. And it’s what it looks like.

Let’s see if I have any more. “Healing is finally seeing and feeling all the garbage we have carried and dealing with it for years. We have to face it and then let it go. Healing is a process like peeling layers and starting over each time. Healing is the process of digging up of wounds and bringing it to the surface. A process to be able to feel your feelings without them detailing your journey.” Yeah. See, those are all great. Allowing a process. It takes time. I mean, if you’re in your 40s, how many years you’ve been operating to this energy? Decades.

I’ve been open a month. You got more work to do. You know, you just do. I’m giving you the best of the best in my 30-year personal experiencing career of healing, and I’m one of the best. I know that. I know I can say that. I’m an expert at this. So you’ve come to the right place. You’re gonna cut a ton of corners doing this work with me because I weeded out the stuff that just is a distraction that doesn’t get big outcomes. I’m all about this, the practices, the modalities, the processes that give you the biggest return and the life practice part. A lot of people miss that. You gotta be complementing, healing, clearing work with changing your life skills, how you think, how you speak, your behavior modification, your body language. You’re changing all that because a healed person has a whole different lifestyle than a victim. And you got to bring that into the mix, which I complement the healing side with the lifestyle changes you need, so you’re in a good place.

So thanks. We got lots of great comments in here. I’d recommend you all read through the comment thread as to other…you know, the many beautiful perspectives of healing. And, what’s the byproduct of healing? Feeling good, that’s a byproduct. A byproduct is feeling good, more and more of the time for no reason. That was years ago. A few decades ago, I was driving alone in my car and I just was…I was feeling good for no reason because I had the…I energetically was so conditioned and attached to, my outer world determined whether I felt good. And it was a very euphoric moment in my life to just notice I felt good and there was no story that was the reason. It’s just because my inner world was starting to come alive and truth was coming into alignment.

Okay. Let’s move through some of these a little quicker. How to stay in the right energy without the fear of slipping back into the old patterns. That’s again, fear motivated. You just keep doing the work because once you’ve made a shift, it just, you know, you go, “Well, I just know I’m not gonna move back into those.” And if you do move back into it, you’re supposed to know what to do. It’s okay, that’s just a process. Again, it’s the process. “How does it take to acknowledge and accept that I move and accomplish things at a slower rate than my type three husband and others? Also true to my nature. I question whether or not this knowledge of myself, does it contribute to let me believe that I can’t do X, Y, X because I’m a type two. I better not commit because I’m a type two and it will be too much for me.” These seem like healthy statements on one end, but where do you draw the line between self-awareness and holding yourself back.

Now rather than saying you are not doing something because you’re a certain type. That’s too much of a collective energy to say, again, what’s correct for me? The more you gain self-confidence and that inner knowing of what’s correct for you, that ability to choose correctly, and you learn from the experiences of when you choose unwisely, you get the body learning, meaning you go through a physical experience that you go, “Okay, I got the lesson, that was a good one, because that was not correct for me.” And you just tally those up, and over time you become more and more aligned with trusting your intuitive guidance in your own sense of knowing where it’s not a…you know, the type information has given you insight to what’s true for you, you know, make that a working knowledge individually as things present. And that’s all through prayer and intention helped me to know more clearly, more clearly what is correct and what is not correct for me. Helped me to know very clearly, handed to me on a silver platter. Correct. “I’m sensing this is correct. I’m sensing this is incorrect.” You’ll now. That’s an energy sketch. I don’t have my pad.

This is my energy sketch book. I have lots of sketches in here. And it was funny, Mercy, those of you who are familiar with my dressing your truth experts. She’s a type one. She likes to give me a birthday gift and it had a cover on it. It was a harder cover and it said, “Life is an adventure,” and she hands it to me last December. And goes, “Happy birthday. I don’t know what you’re gonna use this for, but I just thought it was perfect for a type three.” Well, I turned it into my sketch book. So what I would do…let me grab a pen. Let me show you this, this is for me. And I wanted to get more clarity, opened my eyes, help me to see. See, I like that phrase. Help me to see. Okay. So I would…I use stick figures.

Okay, while I’m drawing this, “And to listen.” So I had to emphasize listen on this. Okay. And so what you’re seeing I’m drawing here is…see where I put glasses on. This is me, if this were me. Let me get that, hope I can see that. Okay. So there’s glasses, I’ve brightened, like, help me to see why is wide open. Kinda like rays of light around the glasses. I’m seeing more clearly, I’m hearing. I’m hearing, I had a figure eight into my ears. And then all the little circles are the things coming at me in life. And then I would do, I’d send out a figure eight into my space in front of me, and said, “I’m attracting what’s correct for me and I’m knowing when it’s not.” So I would do a figure eight like that. Video cam. I’m trying to get it…just. Let’s see. There we go. So you can see the…there you go. That’s a good view. Girl, like, you know, this is very primal, the sketch. But now with that, I’ve set an energy into motion. This is an energy creation right here.

That’s gonna support me because it’s permanent. It’s not a thought that I send into the ethers. I’ve actually grounded it with the drawing. And I now, this, I’ve set this into motion. It’s grounded with my sketch. And I’m gonna start noticing my…and I’ll probably err, I’ll probably still err and choose some things that aren’t correct for me. I’m gonna get the lesson. I’m gonna feel the discomfort. I’d even add, you know, I’m willing to say in a prayer, “Help me to feel it even more, increase my discomfort so I really get the learning.” I’m willing to do that when I’m ready to change something. Done that many times in my life. So it gives you an idea how you could take a…use energy sketching as something you wanna shift… Sorry about that, I dropped my papers. Okay.

Then we’ve got [inaudible 00:44:24]. Okay, I will not speak to this as well. Past life stuff, hypothetical scenario. “What if clearing everything that has come up from this lifetime isn’t enough as in blockage issues are from before your time. Are there exercises we can do to heal past lives or clear chronic Karmic residue.” I’ve also had…we’ve removed some posts that were very entirely focused on past life references and stories. “Where do I stand on that? How important do I think it is in your healing experience?” You ought to know, I’ve been at this 30 years. I don’t know. I have done everything you can imagine. I have. When you’re desperate and tired of feeling as bad as I felt at times, as many times as I’ve been there, you try some really interesting modalities and stuff, and meet everything from the dark side of practitioners to really talented ones. You know, I’ve experienced a lot. I got into that space for a little bit and this is how I feel about it. It’s a story.

Stories are not needed to heal. I am 100% convinced that everything you are meant to heal, destined to heal, on a path to heal, will be shown to you, brought into, beautifully configured, amazingly, dynamically implanted into your life right now in this lifetime. I don’t need to have a position on other past lives and it doesn’t matter to me. It’s neutral. It’s like, maybe there is. Maybe there isn’t. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. It has absolutely no… I don’t need for me to fully and completely heal. I don’t need to have a position on that. It doesn’t affect my potential for full and complete healing in the life I’m currently experiencing.

And what I found it did was just add so many more stories that I was really in a place to even neutralize this story that it didn’t have the power over me in my current life, that it’s a story. I’m living a story. What story do I wanna create? I didn’t need five more. It was just like, the mind loves the story. The mind thinks I need a story to account for the emotion. That’s not necessary, when I started to really, really understand that the real key to healing is emotional work and healing emotion. And it was really beautifully designed in our lifetime to work in the model of your inner child. Past life work can actually cause you to miss your biggest opportunities. Because, isn’t that clever? You’ve got a 12-year-old in there that does not want to be found, wants to hide and is scared to come forward and even show up in life. So the mind’s going, “Let’s go get into past life stuff.” And the 12-year-old is like, “Good. They’re distracted. I can stay hidden. I’ll fight it.” The mind is very clever. The mind’s job, the mind thinks that it needs to help you survive.

There’s a lot of stuff that if…again, I told you last week when I learned, the mind cannot heal you. The power of healing lies in your emotional body, truly. If we were an emotionally mature planet, we’d look very different with the choices we make, because what we call every evil choice, misdeed, evil act, is driven by emotion and mental health problems. Biochemistry issues, biochemical issues of the brain. And so I guarantee you, if I felt they had validity, that you’d see…you’d see all that in here.

Again, I’ve taken the best of 30 years of scouring the healing world. I was doing healing work before a lot of modalities even existed that had come out in the 2000s, and they’re tried and true and they work. And they’ve brought me to a place that is profound. And I have so much gratitude for that. So that’s why I’m really adamant about not sharing religious constructs, that you’re free to believe all that. You’re free to do that independently of the group, but there’s just such a variety of belief systems in which you, in case how healing works. You can put what I do into any one of them. If you believe in karma and past life, you can put what I do into that, but you’re not… I really don’t think you need to figure out what those story…you know, whatever that is. If you have a Christian construct that you believe healing comes from, you can put what I do into that. That’s the beauty of this. And then I’ve done it in a way that it’s not… It will fit whatever the bigger container of what you believe brings healing. And I respect that and I honor all paths that way.

A couple quick answers on proxy healing session, someone said that she wanted to do it for her husband, but when she energetically asked her body if she was doing the energy testing that I teach in a video, and her body tells her no. Is this a sign I’m not strong enough within myself or that his energy isn’t ready to receive the gift? I think it’s about, focus on yourself. Focus on yourself and what you think you need to proxy for him. Do it for yourself. Maybe it’s more about you and you’re projecting it onto him.

Someone posted a question. So I just say to people, no, thank you. And if they were to ask again, I would just say, no, thank you for offering, but no. I don’t feel a need to explain or justify or tell them why I don’t eat sugar. Because it tanks my brain and I eat a low carb diet because I’ve had depression on and off my whole life. I mean, I don’t need to get into the whole story, that’s really none of their business. It’s just, no thank you. In this case, she’s saying that what if they keep pushing it? You’re not overweight. You can have a little sugar. You’re not in your program anymore. You can have a piece. There are some people who don’t stop it. No, thank you.

And so I wanna show you a video. This is what you need to do. It’s called the wrap it up. This is in the video visualizations for folding and wrapping time. So let’s watch this little segment. This is such a great tool to have.

…by using this technique. The second technique is called wrapping time. This technique will help you create an experience with time to give you just the amount of time you need or the time you have planned to support you in your desired outcome. So think of an upcoming event and you’d like it to play out in a specific amount of time. You get a sense that I know it’s starting here at this time and I’d like it to end…it feels correct for it to end at this time. So imagine the bigger picture version of that event and take the energy of time and wrap it around the entire event.

You could be going to a family party and it feels correct, that the time that people start at a certain time and you end at a certain time, and so it’s comfortable to leave because it feels complete. That’s an example of where you imagine the event and you wrap the time around the experience. Wrapping time around the experience will allow the experience and time to work together to support you in the best outcome possible.

This third technique is called wrapping it up. This technique will assist you in bringing an experience to closure and completion so it doesn’t take any more of your time. Think of a scenario where you might have been talking to someone and you were complete or you needed to move on to the next thing. Yet it wasn’t wrapping up. You didn’t know how to get out of it. Think of an event that you just strongly felt that it’s not serving everyone here for this to keep going on. It needs to wrap up. You get a sense and even use that reference in your own mind, “I wish this would wrap up.” Well, whoever’s the most conscious person in the room in the experience can affect time by using this wrap it up technique.

When you’re in that situation, it’s simple to do. Imagine you have a gift. It’s all wrapped in paper and now you’re just wrapping the ribbon around it and tying it in a bow. So in your mind, just do that. You’ve got your gift. It’s already wrapped in the gift wrap paper. Just each step of it, each side of the box, tie the bow. You have a wrapped gift. Now throw that into the energy of the person you’re involved with or the event you’re participating in, and allow that wrap it up energy to now affect bringing closure to the experience. The reason you’re doing this in the form of a gift is because you do appreciate the experience you’ve had and you know it’s correct for you to move on to what’s next in your life. So use this wrap it up technique to see how the energy can shift to bring completion and allow you to move forward in what’s correct for you.

You got two techniques on that one. The one I wanted to share with this…you know, if someone kept talking to me like that, I’d wrap it up. I’d draw the gift, right? I’d be like…I’d say, “No. Thank you again.” I’d wrap it up and I would imagine their energy turning away from me, works every time. It’s amazing and had this experience. She’s in church. She’s at a church event and someone that was speaking lost track of the time, and she kept throwing the wrap it up in the space of the speaker and just didn’t work, so she decided to throw a clock in their face. Literally moments after she threw the clock, the individual whips their head up and goes…looks at the clock and goes, “Oh, look what time it is.” And they wrapped it up. Side note. No, I won’t tell you that. I’ll tell you another time. I just have funny stories about this step. Okay. I’ll tell you.

My father passed away in January and I was really at peace with that. My oldest brother, it was more of a cathartic, healing experience for him, this whole funeral, and the whole passing. And he’s type two and he’s very emotional, and he sent us an email saying that he didn’t know how long he would go. He might take more…you know, could take him up…he might even take an hour. And I’m just thinking, “Oh man,” you know, that time, and go, “Well,” for everyone there. And so when he was speaking, I didn’t speak at my father’s funeral. I let all my brothers do that. I was my mother’s assistant who needs support because she’s elderly too, but I had to send…I had to throw a wrap it up into his space about 25 times because that’s kind of the energy my family has. It’s like, “Okay, I’ll just keep doing this.” And he did wrap it up and everyone loved. Everyone loved, it was like 30 minutes. It was a beloved, just beloved, you know, expression of a son to a father, which would have changed if it had gone longer, to be, “We’re done.” So play with that. It’s fun.

Okay. Someone asked about a birthing experience. They had a tragedy of losing a child when, six hours after they were born, which is a very strong trauma to deal with and very…you know, if we were gonna say, what are the more traumatic life events? I put that on that list near the top that she was asking about. She wasn’t able to focus on her own birth, that this keeps presenting first. So that’s a example of something that holds a lot more energy that your system is carrying unhealed parts, so to speak. And it’s presenting. It’s a presenting issue. That’s the phrase that’s used. And it’s emotionally more potent. It’s presenting. Go to that and heal that. Do the heal…the birth story with that event because it’s presenting to be much more emotionally charged.

All right, let’s take a few live questions, give you some tips for the week you’re in. And we’ll wrap…some of you might be throwing wrap it up boxes at me right now. I’m feeling it. We got to wrap this up. Okay. So if it’s good to tell the story you know, because for me when the story comes up, the emotions do too. Do we then drop everything and actually try to shift it or just acknowledge that the clearings are bringing up old stuff and keep on with the next clearing exercise the next day. You need to express this. That’s the point in the journaling and the exercises of the journaling.

The writing is a form of expression, you’re expressing with the journaling, you’re expressing with the clearings. You’re speaking phrases that represent your emotional, repressed emotion. You’re putting words to things. So you’re telling your story in all of this healing work. I just…to tell your story in a Facebook post just for the needing validation from others, that that’s what gets a little funky because it’s like, “I’m the child that’s looking for validation. I was hurt. Tell me I’m okay.” You can share pieces of it with, “Then, and I got this insight and I’ve been able to heal this.” You’ll see that most people do that. They’re not just sharing a story and saying, you know, “I feel powerless. What do I do?” Like, “Well, go do your healing work. It’s what you’re here for.”

My inner children are afraid of being shot at and they don’t…he doesn’t know how to make them feel safe with everything going on right now. Any suggestions? Well, go with what that’s really strong for them. Give them all bulletproof vests, make sure they’re in secure settings. Tell them they don’t live in this world. They’re a part of your psyche. You’re in the body now. They’re free to go be in the safest place they can imagine, they’re not alive in this world. They’re a part of your psychological and emotional energy. You’re the one in the body, the adult is. You got to convey that to them. You know, say, “Well, how fortunate for you, because you’re not even really…you don’t have to hang out here. You can go to any world you want. You can create any imaginary setting.”

“I’m gonna take two and have some big losses and traumas this last year, I’m trying to grieve and heal. How can I use the Healing Center and be balanced? I feel like everyday I’m just really emotional in general.” Go through healing plan, that calls to you. We’re wrapping up the third week of the lack self-confidence. What healing plan are you drawn to? Ask yourself that, start it.

“Is healing just to change a perspective?” No, it’s growing ourselves up emotionally. It’s a change. It’s many things. It’s freeing, repressed, traumatic, trapped, trauma energy, that’s never been accounted for. It’s being able to change the way your mind is used. The physical body is turned on to its vitality. It’s regenerative now rather than degenerative state. There’s many. This is where you read my book, “Mastering Affluence” because I teach you what…affluence is the byproduct of healing. And I teach you what affluence is in these six areas.

“When I was doing energy sketching the other day, I thought of doing some energy sketching between me and my little child self. I haven’t done it yet, but would that work?” Very much so, a figure eight between you and your child self, that’d be awesome. You can even put, you know, a childhood picture and an adult picture there and connect the two of you. Great insight.

“Can you be not ready to heal something?” Only in your mind. You know, it’d be, what’s the inner child afraid of? What are they afraid of? That’s a good journaling. “I feel I’m not ready because…” “I’m scared because…” keep filling the answer into that over and over, bring it forward.

This week, you’re now enrolled in, again, the clearing session for low self-esteem, clearing session for emotional shaming in childhood. This is a big one, clearing session for emotional shaming in childhood. Because very possibly you were taught that any feeling was not okay, even the positive ones because that can trigger adults, because if they didn’t feel good in their childhood, if you were a happy child and trying to be your spontaneous, true nature, that could have triggered them. So that was even shut down.

And then the positive truths healing session and affirmations for your type. So you’ve got two that are purely focused on positive references. And so for that clearing session, really make sure you get that in, clearing session for emotional shaming in childhood. That’s such a… It’s so deeply healing. Then you got another chance to preorder, “Mastering Affluence,” go to and listen to part one. That’d be a great supplement to what you’re doing in here, and look forward to the launch of on Thursday, and the new stuck quiz. If you got on later in the call, you can go back to the recording and listen to what I have to say about what we’re launching this week.

So that’s it. Very good, your wrapped it up worked folks. So thanks for your participation tonight and being a member of the Healing Center. We’re very, very close we’re about…we’re 50, we’re about 950 members. You’ll see that in any subscription that I offered to people. It’s true for lifestyle. We have about 7,000 lifestyle members, and about half that many joined the Facebook group because it’s just not the thing for a lot of people to be on Facebook hit. The numbers are higher here. We’re over 700, and you could see probably at least close to 80% of our Healing Center membership here in the Facebook group because of its unique offering. But we’re close to 1,000 members, which is exciting a month in. My goal is to get to 5,000, and I’m really excited because I feel my energy’s prepared, been prepared for 30 years to have at least 5,000 clients that I can help rather than one at a time.

So thanks for being here with us and supporting each other. It’s a beautiful community that I’m just so honored to teach and guide, and see how much you do for each other. It’s a rare thing in our world today and in such a beautiful… It’s a commodity that we need more of and you’re affecting the whole planet with the work you’re doing that we have no idea to the degree we are. We definitely are with doing this personal work. All right, well, keep chatting with you on the Facebook page until our third call for this particular supported healing plan, which will be next week. Then we’ll move to monthly calls.

So I appreciate you. Thanks for tuning in tonight.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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