Live Coaching Call December 17, 2019

1 hour, 14 minute video

Want an easy, go-to clearing script to stop misusing your power and learn how to use it in a healthy, effective way? You’ll learn about it in this call when Carol walks Katie through the exact process. It will be especially helpful for parents or those in positions of authority. (Watch the coaching session begin at 45:20.)

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Frustration from being enmeshed with someone else

Resistance that keeps from you manifesting what you want

Confused about which direction to go for healing

Hesitation between boundaries and connection

You Want To:

Feel freedom to shift away from this unhealthy connection

Change the story from your younger self that’s in conflict

Clear the original event where you first felt stuck

Find healthy boundaries while opening your heart

Affirmation for this Session:

I am opening my energy up so I can heal what is correct and timely.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 22:16

Session Transcript

Resources mentioned in this broadcast

Carol: This month, hello, welcome to this month’s Healing Center Coaching Call. It is such a pleasure to be with you. I honestly look forward to these. These are just a delightful part of my professional activities to be able to support you in this space. So, thanks for joining in. Well, it would be helpful if you could start commenting and even tag someone that you know is in the Healing Center. It helps get the notice out that we’re here live in the Facebook group and gets them, if they need a little nudge or a reminder, it’ll help them sign on with us and get involved because it’s really a phenomenal call. This is our last coaching call for 2019 and we have the intention this call, we’re gonna open it to any question that will support you in your healing work.

But we specifically wanted to focus a little bit more on your chakra energy experience since my new book, “The Modern Chakra Guide” is now out and many of you are reading that. So, I wanna give you some support in that process of how to kind of diagnose and work with your chakra energy. And knowing that in the forthcoming months, we’re going to have a full-on support system here in the Healing Center with the new healing plan for the chakras, which we filmed. It’s getting edited, and the production side is in process. So, that is going to be launched in March. Very excited about that. It’s a really, really unique healing plan, in that we’re going to be able to use tapping and reference to your chakra energy. So, very excited about that. It’s a rare resource that you won’t find many practitioners able to support you with. So, I’m glad I can do that.

So, welcome to all of our live viewers. We’ve got some exciting giveaways tonight. The giveaways that I’ve chosen, I have a company that I reached out to that has a product that I really love that I think some of you would like to know about that… Let me see if you’ve got those pictures up for me. I was introduced to this several months ago and I was… When you’ve got inflammation in the body, it’s really important that you’re doing things to support the body cleansing that area and giving it support. Now, the oils are my first go to along with the therapeutic gemstones, but occasionally, the body’s asking for a little more tender support. And I’ve tried a lot of the products out there that are muscle that helps cool off, decrease inflammation. They’re able to… I carry a bottle of this in my purse. It just gives you kind of the pain relief gel.

But it’s got a very natural product base which I like. And basically, it’s used for temporary relief of minor aches and pains. And we need to give ourselves that advantage. I’ve got two of these I’m going to give away tonight. We do have a link. You can look into this in more detail to see if it’s a product you’d wanna invest in. But they were kind enough to gift me with two bottles. And I’ll show you because I have one in my hand. You can see the size of it. Remember when Julia, when she got this because I’d asked her to reach out, and it has a menthol fragrance, and I put it on and I had an instant experience of relief.

And there’s just times when those of us that have had the journey of experiencing pain in different body parts, that we need to give ourselves that relief. You don’t wanna grow dependent on it. You still wanna believe that healing your pain, your experience of pain, is an option for you. But in the process, because sometimes that takes longer than we want, you wanna support your body in being more comfortable. So, check out the Muscle Care and if that speaks to you, pick up a bottle of that little gift for yourself. We’re also gonna give away an I am Healthy oil. I was gifted and I wanna speak to this… I am Healthy oil has been my go-to oil for several months now. I actually will liberally apply it both on my chest area. I do have a little bit of a head cold right now. I’ll put it on my temples and I douse it on my feet before I go to bed.

The body likes to repair itself if you’re getting healthy sleep. So, it’s interesting. I was curious about some of Gemisphere’s latest product launches. One of them is their bracelets. And that’s a very new offering. And I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of two lavender bracelets. You can see here. And I do wear this one with my watch. It’s probably helping cancel out any electromagnetic frequencies. But I’ve got lavender bracelets. They sent me these this week. Really, it was a surprise too. I was really touched by it, because I know we send them a lot of customers, and they’re very, very grateful for that. And so, what I like to do with my therapeutic gemstones is pair them with an oil. I feel that combination is like your power couple. And so, I’ve been using the I am healthy oil along with the lavender.

You know, the bracelets will radiate to a specific area. And if you’ve got inflammation in the joints that are in your feet, if you’ve got arthritis, you’ve got issues with inflammation and pain in the wrist, hands, this area, even because you carry your wrists around your hip, joints, and around kind of that hip area because you’re walking, you’re giving it sort of a targeted attention. I did try to put them on my ankles. I guess I’ll have to ask them to make anklets for me. But you know what I did? Last night, I took my lavender necklace and wrapped it around my left ankle. Your left side is what receives energy more potently. It’s your Yon receiving energy, the Yin [SP] offering energy on your right. And so, they say, “If you only have one bracelet, wear it on your left because it will serve both sides.”

Now, I wrap this around my ankle, my left ankle last night because it’s been my right foot that’s been in repair. Both feet were… My history very briefly is tendonitis chronic plantar fascia. And I’m no longer damaging my body. I’m actually in a repair mode. And I really noticed a real shift in that. I’m using the I am Healthy and the lavender together. So, what oils can you pair with your gemstones? That, again, is that power couple that’s going to give you that just a level of support that the body recognizes as a very organic support system, that I recommend you start pairing these. So, we’re giving away an I am Healthy oil. I don’t have lavender bracelets to give you tonight, but they’ve got Jade, they’ve got lavender. And I felt they were very intuitive in their gifting. Julia works very closely with the person on their side and she was the beneficiary of a beautiful Amethyst necklace. And it was perfect for what she’s focusing on in her own personal work. So, it was a fun week when she came in and was so thrilled to be able to share that we have these gifts. So, check that out. We’ll give away the I am Healthy oil and the two Muscle Care at the end of the show.

In order to enter the giveaway, share one thing. This is the thing we do. When you’re an avid healer, you really get into this work, you stay focused on what’s next. It’s very easy to be engaged in the process of looking at what’s presenting, and we kind of lose sight of what’s been accomplished. So, let’s take a moment tonight and pay attention to what we’ve accomplished. Even if you’re new. Maybe it’s your first week, you’re just here for a moment. You know, you just joined us. Maybe you’ve been here all year. Regardless of the fact, there’s something in your life that used to be a bigger issue than it is now. It shifted. Things are better. You’ve made a lot of progress with it. Share that in a comment.

What is that that, you know, in a former time this year, it was more difficult to deal with it than it is now? Maybe it’s completely gone. What is it in your life you’ve shifted, or healed, or you’ve significantly made progress with that used to be very burdensome. And if there’s anything in the Healing Center that’s been a benefit to that on any resource you’ve used, go ahead and share that as well. Because we wanna congratulate ourselves as we move into the next year and have this opportunity to really pat ourselves on the back and go, “You know, I’m in this. I’ve done a lot more than I’m giving myself credit for.” A few announcements and I’m gonna share a couple of success stories.

The announcements tonight are, we just released, I think it was the end of last week, a new clearing session for sleep. Now, this came about several months ago when somebody posted in the Facebook community so your commentary does get my attention. I can’t always just take it to my team and say, “Hey, we need to do a clearing for.” But I felt very strongly that the clearing for sleep would be a value-added to the resources in the Healing Center. So, that was added last week. Anybody try that out yet? If anyone has, Liz, text me their comments about it. I’m wondering if anyone’s gone through that. I waited to tell you tonight, I thought about putting up a single post to let you know. You will get an email tomorrow that will give you the link for that. Of course, you can always go in and just find it in the single sessions.

But the clearing for sleep is a valuable… It will help you because that’s connected to so many other things. So, if you have sleep issues, whatever healing plan you’re doing, add that to it. I’m going to put it in as a bonus piece in one of the weeks of the healing plan for weight loss. I know it has a place there because if sleep is compromised, there’s a good chance food is becoming a substitute source of energy because the body’s not rested. So, that’s one of my to do’s I’ve gotta follow up with before we start that healing plan for weight loss in January 6th is find the week that needs to be put in as bonus content. It’s an interesting experience. I had a recent opportunity to help a set of parents whose four year old was developing some sleep issues, and waking up at night, not able to go back to sleep. They were in conflict with how to resolve it. They know her type, and there were efforts made that were somewhat successful, but ultimately, it was getting worse and worse.

And in this conversation, I had the opportunity to point out that, you know, “This is the onset of a pattern that could develop into a lifelong issue if it’s not shifted. And so with that conversation, I realized that some of you can trace yourself, your sleep issue pattern all the way back to even childhood, maybe it’s your teens, maybe it’s early childhood. But so when you use the clearing for sleep issues, connected with your inner child, the age this presented, where did sleep become problematic? And also, if you have children that are presenting issues with sleep, you can proxy them or if I’d say they’re five, six or older, they can kind of just play it in the background. If they’re 9, 10, 11, they can do it themselves.

And so, start to pay attention to a pattern developing when it comes to something that has a physiological reference. It starts to become a life pattern. Bring in your inner child, if it developed earlier in your life. Maybe it was your teenage self, but presence that part of you and, you know, take a moment and do that before you do that clearing. And you can do that same process with any clearing when you see a connection to the origin of it. If it’s generational, then you can presence the ancestral connection. That just helps you connect with when it started and you’re kind of addressing the energy in it’s more expansive, creative presence. The fact that it’s been this long-term thing that you can shift, not just my current experience. And you can ask me about that once we get to open questions if you’re not clear on what I’m telling you here.

The two-week trial for the Healing Center, as you know is available. I’m very excited to let you know. I don’t know how much I’ve talked about this, maybe the first time I have. We’ve been in production and we just wrapped up filming last week for a new offering. We’ve been very successful with our Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide as a front end course for people to start to learn about their experience with DYT. So, we decided, you know what? We need something of a similar experience for the Healing Center. The two-week trial still is… You know, you’re just still stepping in. You’re going right in and going, “Okay. Here I go.” And we’ve recognized some hesitation because people, one, may not know enough, and they feel hesitant, and they don’t wanna look stupid or feel insecure. So, you tend to hold back or they’re just not sure how to navigate it.

And so, we have just wrapped up production. Now, it’s in editing and we’re doing what we have to do to produce an offline course. We’re creating the Healing Center basics guide. It’s phenomenal. It’s going to be pre-two-week trial because we recognize there needs to be this sort of introductory experience where I’m not only explaining things but they’re seeing me work with someone so they get this connection with, “Ahh, that’s what we’re doing and that’s how it helps me.” So, we actually had three of our Healing Center members that were very generous in sharing some photos. We had Laura Bingham. We had…

Liz: Christie Curtis.

Carol: Christie, Christie Curtis, Melanie, Melanie?

Liz: I think so.

Carol: Melanie, Melanie, Melanie.

Liz: I don’t know her last name, though.

Carol: She’s a type 1. They all came in, they were phenomenal. They were amazing sessions. And that’s due to launch February…

Liz: Thirteenth.

Carol: …13th. Right for Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s gonna be great because that’s gonna be something you’re gonna be able to share with others. One resource that we’ve created that I’m very, very excited about is a energy healing glossary as a part of it that’s full of all the terminology that we use with a very clear and practical explanation. And the thing I’ve told my team is this isn’t just a body of energy healing work. It’s the Carol Tuttle body of energy healing work. Because I’ve taken my 30-year career in this and literally, in the Healing Center is the best of what I know will give you the biggest return for the investment of time and effort you’ve applied to really help advance your healing, so you do see results.

And so, I know I’m unique in that offering and I’m excited to have this front end experience for you to go through yourself and share with others. So, who do you know though that’s ready to get involved? We won’t have that before the healing plan for weight loss. It launches January 6th. That’s a group supported plan. So, invite someone to join you, someone that wants to really free themselves of their emotional eating patterns, their food issues, their reference to shame in their body and appearance. It’s profound as many of you know. You’ve gone through that. What can happen? So, think of… You know, nothing’s forced here. If someone comes to mind, trust that there’s a reason they’re showing up in your thoughts or you’re feeling prompted and invite them because it’s okay. You know, there’s no… If it brings up rejection issues or fear of rejection, go do the clearing for rejection. We’ve got support for you. But I know it’s a great first plan for people to go through. People are really worn out by that working with the food stuff and where food is such a struggle for them.

Few success stories. I’ll have you go ahead and put those photos up that we have. This first one was just really awesome that Rebecca shared. And this is such a… Rebecca Jordan-Turner. She’s a type 3, which I understand that the patterns of a type 3 very well. We have a tendency to sabotage ourselves when it comes to wellness and self-care. And she’s showing that she finished her prescription. You know, like, meds have their place, folks. It’s what your body is led, what you’re led to do, what’s correct for you. And her tendency is that she’ll sort of decide, “I don’t need to finish that. I don’t need to see that through.” Kind of like this confidence level interferes.

And so, she was just posting how she went the course. She showed up, she saw it through, and how she’s now really in her dental care, she says, “I’ve taken my dental care back from my traumatized little four-year-old self, from my rebellious teen in braces, and I’m being the adult in charge.” That was just evidence of her saying, “I’m gonna finish the prescription.” So, congratulations that you have shifted a pattern there. That’s awesome. Then the next success story, this is a fun one because this very healthy cat, not that one, is a 13-pound kitty, and Karen shared in her story that she needed to get her little kitty in its carrier. And the cat wasn’t really hearing about that. So, she used her Figure Eight techniques and effortlessly was able to help her kitty go into the carrier and just feel comfortable. And that she says, “He seemed to like the vet petting him and talking to him. Success all around, thanks to Carol and the Figure Eights.” I love the Figure Eights. There are such a universal tool that can be applied to so many things.

And then Donna, we don’t have a picture, we have her actual testimonial. But she said, “Since reading “The Modern Chakra Guide,” and really working on opening up my energy centers, I’ve noticed I’m sleeping so much more soundly. My type 4 self can tell you that my Fitbit is showing, on average, a 70% decline in awake and REM cycles, meaning much more solid rest.” So, again, the chakra energy system benefits all aspects of our lives. I’ve talked about it to be in the mainframe, sort of the foundational piece to our whole energy system being its most vibrant self. If you’ve just signed on, we’re giving three giveaways, two MuscleCares and I am Healthy oil. And in order to enter the giveaway, just answer the question or share in a comment one thing that you’ve shifted or healed because of the Healing Center. Let’s congratulate each other on our success.

Now, how we’re gonna move forward tonight, I’m gonna answer some submitted questions, then I have a member of the community of the Healing Center that is my guest, that’s going to… She’s going to stand in proxy for all of you. Katie is joining me tonight as our guest and she’s presented me with a scenario that actually involves your chakras. I wanna introduce you to what I would call becoming talented and skilled at diagnosing your chakra energy, the diagnostic skill set you need to work with your chakras to know that it’s not always the one that might be presenting but something else that’s connected. And again, we’re touching on this because the book, my “Modern Chakra Guide” book is out because many of you are starting to work with that, and we can really openly talk about the chakras now here in the Healing Center because of the book’s ability to support you.

And if you wanna get a copy, we’ll throw the link up if you haven’t yet purchased it. We sold almost a thousand books on the book sale day. Just the chakra book. We sold 2,100 books on the one day book sale day. The leading book, you know, it outsold everything by double. The thing about it, usually it’s “The Child Whisperer” that blows all the other books titles out for me. It’s like everybody wants that one. “The Modern Chakra Guide” had almost 1,000, half those sales. I was thrilled. And then “Mastering Affluence.” So, people are really showing they wanna be empowered to improve the quality of their life. So, there are people in your life that you’re a mentor to and you don’t know it because your lives are changing and they’re watching you. So, after I bring Katie on, we’ll open it up to open questions. So, we’ll be done… We tend to go about 70 minutes on these calls. Okay?

“So, I did the activating your foot every chakra clearing and the next day woke up with an incredibly painful neck, possibly a pinched nerve or something. I also recently found out I’m a type 2, secondary 4. And I know I haven’t honored that energy combo in my life. Could activating these chakras and realigning things have led this to neck and back pain?” You know, your whole system is communicating and if something started to come in to be more open, and activated, and balanced, something that’s out of balance can now be aggravated and present itself more profusely. Or you slept in a weird way and… But even if you did that, that’s something you’re to notice. And if you have been not living true to your type 2 secondary 4 energy, we’re talking about what area that… Where is that in the body? It’s the neck. Which chakra is the neck representing? Throat chakra. It’s important that you read in “The Modern Chakra Guide” about the introvert throat chakra.

Even though a type 2, 4 is going to be an introvert throat chakra. How have you managed that? Have you shut it down completely where you’re not speaking up at all? Are you overriding that and maybe anger is coming? You know, how are you using the energy of your throat? My sense says it’s just there to say, “Hey,” kind of like a little slap in the face, a pinch in the neck. It’s like, there’s something here you need to learn. So, read that section on the throat chakra and pay attention to that reference. I’m the only one that’s ever taught this concept of an extrovert versus introvert throat chakra. And there’s a lot to learn about that and you’ll be able to self-identify which am I and am I living true to that? And where am I out of balance?

“My energy seems to be entangled with my sister’s so much that I can’t even tell what’s mine anymore. Despite not having daily contact and living on opposite ends of the country, I learned how strong this was when a series of traumatic events unfolded in her life in the past few weeks. And I was actually experiencing physical symptoms along with her before I even knew what was happening to her. Along with the roller coaster of her emotions, I’ve since done every kind of release I can think of, but this almost seems practically hardwired. Not sure what else to do.” Maybe you’re being asked and this is where, okay, there’s the, do I want to do this? And then there’s the, is it correct to do this? Liz could even vouch for me. I recently had to make a decision. I said, “But I don’t wanna do it.” She says, “Carol, is it correct for you to do it?” I said it is. Okay. So, what I’m suggesting here is maybe you’re meant to do a little bit of proxy work as if you were her, that you’re gonna serve her in this way, that it’s not gonna shift until you do…rather than just give it all back, maybe you’re being asked to move some energy in her behalf so it can open the space for her to create some more movement in healing.

That’s what I’m picking up on that, you know, that that’s an opportunity that you may not want to do and go, “I really don’t wanna do that.” Yet, is it correct for you to do it? And so, you may ask, “Well, how do you know?” Typically, for me, I have to bring that… I just have to present that possibility into my energy field and I’ll feel it. It’s not a response and a thought because my mind might say, “I don’t wanna do that” and yet my energy is saying, “But it is correct for you to do that.” So, do some proxy for it. I don’t think you’re gonna need to do more than a few sessions and give that proxy to her. You’ve been giving her energy back, so give her the energy back along with the healing of it. Couple it with that. It’s like a gift. It’s the holidays, gift to repressor.

You don’t even need to tell her. I don’t know your relationship. If it’s one that you can converse about these things. But if she’s not open to this, you know, you may need to suck it up and go, “She’s talking about how she’s making progress.” Thank you. I kind of helped you there. But you know what? I’m gonna… It’s like the silent service, that you’re contributing to her wellness. “I’m realizing that I’m not successfully manifesting a home I love because I don’t want to stay in the state where I currently live. I think it has to do with not wanting to be rooted here. I realized that I have been searching for a home ever since I moved to the opposite side of the country when I was 16. How can I clear my version to where I live, so I can find a home?” It sounds like your teenage self has the resistance, I don’t wanna be here was your teenage self that got moved, that didn’t wanna be there. That’s a part of you, she can live wherever. She could move back to the other side…

I mean, in the sense in her, it’s not a physical part of you so you can create her to have a choice to say, “You don’t have to move or you can move back.” You can change the story for your teenage self. It’s not relevant in the physical experience because you’re the adult. But it sounds to me like the teenage self is the part that’s in conflict with where you’re at. Because as you said here, ever since I moved the opposite side of the country when I was 16, this is the party that’s upset about that still. It’s like, she never got heard, no one paid… It’s like, too bad for you. We’re just moving. And so, you need to do some journaling with her so she can finally express why she doesn’t wanna move, why she just doesn’t wanna be there. Okay?

“I need help with what healing path I should do first. I feel I’m on the verge of a huge breakthrough but I’m confused and not sure what to focus on. Nothing seems quite right for me at the moment and yet everything at the same time. I feel so unclear. When I feel like this, it’s hard for me to stay focused. I feel like I know what I want one minute and then definitely don’t want those exact things the very next. This affects me most in my close relationships, husband, especially intimacy and children.” Okay, anytime… Yeah, we got the… As a free offering, we have the clearing your stuck energy master class. You can always go back and run through that. Do we have a URL for that that takes them right to that…?

Liz: To the stuck? Yes.

Carol: Yeah. Okay. I’m gonna give you another, what do you do when you feel stuck or is this moving forward, holding back, moving forward, holding back? Think, where do you first experience that in your existence? The birth canal. Anytime a client would come into me and tell me a story like this, or feel like I’m… Anytime the word stuck came up, I’m like, “We gotta do the birth clearing. They’re stuck in their birth again. Their birth energy is showing up again. So, there’s a… And especially if there was difficulty with the labor where you didn’t move forward easily, moving forward, stuck. You know, because in that, there’s contractions. Labor is contractions. It’s the body doing this push, pull back, push, pull back. And if there is distance and you’re not coming through or you were a caesarian or there was induced late, I go, “Birth, clear your birth.”

You can even go right to the part of the clearing where your down in the birth canal, moving through the birth, stuck there. All the wording in that clearing is about stuck, can’t move forward, can’t move back, don’t know where to go, you know, stuck, no movement. Do your birth clearing. This is new. I know this… It’s funny, I haven’t spoken to this before because it was such a go-to for me in my private practice days. Like, I would whip out my… I used Rapid Eye therapy, which has an eye, looks like a wand. Tapping is just as effective. It’s not the modality. It’s really the scripting and your readiness to clear your attention. It’s hitting the right points, whether you’re tapping, blinking, and, you know, we could probably just sit there and make funny motions. I do think there’s value though in hitting these points. The body responds. It recognizes it. It’s a communication to the physical body.

But I’m just saying that, at the time, I was using a different modality but I would just be like, “We’ve gotta clear that birth and get the energy moving, and then reframe it.” So, you not only do the clarity, you do the reframe of moving forward easily being born into the next thing. Moving forward into my next step. Taking the next step. The next step in birth is, “I’m coming out of the birth canal. I’m here. I’m ready to go.” And some people when you feel that frozen, you’ll start to notice that, you’ll go, “There’s the birth energy again.” You can get to the point where you just do the reframe part. You don’t need to do the clearing side of it. You just in your mind go, “Okay. I’m just gonna imagine moving through the birth canal easily, life supports me. I’m moving out, I’m born, I’m welcome. My angels are there. I’m there. I’m moving forward in my life. My life path is open. I’m moving forward.”

I think I’ve shared in other conversations where my son had a very difficult birth, kind of a very slow, very difficult, a lot of, a lot of… I didn’t use any drugs, a lot of just really pushing. And so, that energy would come up between us a lot, where he felt pushed by me. It didn’t help that he was a type 2/4, and I’m a type 3. And he would just, boy, go into lockdown mode and get super defensive. So, around his 15, 16, he’s now 35, but about 20 years ago, I started to tune into the fact that we’re back in the labor. It’s like I’m birthing him again, and he is just, “No, I ain’t doing it.” He’s not working with me. He feels powerless when that energy would present. Like, he had no choices. And now, he had to like, come back at me. And I would even tell him that I would visualize me giving birth to him and easily moving him out and it would shift the energy right in the moment of our conversation. Amazing. It really is incredible how the energy respond so quickly. And that was 20 years ago and now it’s like lightning speed.

“I recently started having back problems with a herniated disc that was pushing on nerves and causing damage. I even had to have back surgery because I couldn’t walk from the pain it was causing in my leg. The pain has much improved, but I recognize that when I feel unsupported, it increases. How do I support myself and not give that kind of power away?” That’s your… If you have a “Modern Chakra Guide” read and do the exercises for the foot chakra, standing in your truth. Taking a stand for who you are, that it’s joyful and supported. Work with that energy system.

“Thanks to the Healing Center, my life has improved tremendously, so much so that I manifested my part-time dream job. But now I’m experiencing anxiety and insecurity on the job with all the new skills I need to master quickly. I’ve been raising my children and away from the workforce for two decades. I’ve worked myself into such a state, I’ve come down with a super bad sore throat. A cold, I haven’t been this sick in forever. I know I am creating a life of affluence, ease, and joy, so this little hiccup has me confused.” I think this is Donna that wrote this because I read this. I think I know who it is. Okay. Guess what? It’s not like, “Okay. I cleared this. I attracted my part-time dream job. I’m good to go.” Guess what? You put yourself in a new experience, a new environment, it’s gonna bring more stuff up. You’re growing, you’re like, “Okay. Now, I get to clear this.” It’s just because you are now in a space where it’s requiring more of you, more of your wholeness, more of your awareness, more of your stable energy, more of you being true to yourself. That’s awesome.

You can do it. It’s just, don’t be surprised by that, go, “Oh, there’s opportunity here for me to continue this journey of showing up as my true self and declare away the compromises.” And the body’s detoxing too. It may be scared for whatever reason and the body’s just you gotta encourage the body, reassure it, we’re okay, we’re safe. It’s all good because the body’s just showing you some… It’s showing you that it has some concerns. The body can be like a small child that needs the care, and love, and reassurance as you’re the adult. It can get stuck in those, because the body carries old energy from our earlier years. And so, as you’re nurturing it, again, the oils will be a big help to you, the I am Nurtured oil will be a great self-care practice. Your body’s gonna be able to really hold itself confidently in your adult experience.

“How can I best integrate all the wonderful resources you offer, as in doing a healing plan plus therapeutic gemstones, essential oils, working through “Mastering Affluence” and “The Modern Chakra Guide?” I feel all over the place and I know I could gain much more benefit if I could get a game plan going. Type 1/4.” You pick one, you go… The gemstones, the oils are support tools too. The healing plan is… There’s three, really right now, I’d recommend three choices on your menu. Pick a healing plan, pick a short one, see it through. If you wanna get an oil to support with that healing plan, do it. Maybe put the gemstones over here for right now. You’ll make great progress. You don’t need them. You don’t need the oils either. But I know you’re doing a lot of clearing and resetting of energies. The oils are very… They offer you… They work with whatever pace you’re able to go at and supports you so there’s more permanent results.

Or you say, “Mastering Affluence,” I’m going to read the… I don’t get that that’s your thing though right now, but that is a choice. It’s not like you do a healing plan. You work with the book, read the chapter, because every chapter has sessions that you can do, or every healing plan has a section to read, quite honestly. You just read that section when you’re doing that healing plan. It’s listed in your healing plan. Or you play the kind of like spinning a Rolodex card or you may not know what that is. I’m showing my age. I used to flip them, it’s where you had all your contacts. You would just go in and say, “I’m gonna have fun with this. I gotta make this fun. I’m making this way too serious and I’m not motivated to do things that are so serious.” You’re making it too serious.

If I were you, if I were a type 1, what I’d do is say, “All righty, I’m going to put in my schedule, I don’t even know if…I’m just gonna say twice this week or three times this week I’m gonna go in and just randomly choose a single session and do it. I wonder what’s going to come up.” It’s like, getting the it’s like, I don’t know if you’re a Trader Joe’s shopper, but they’ll get rid of their older bags by selling you the surprise bag kit. I don’t know which ones you’re going to get. You might get one from I live in Utah, I can be the bag from Orange County, you know, and it’s like this. You need to make it more fun. So to me, I suggest to get type 1s going get the energy moving with this, do the sorta grab bag, the grab bag approach, but you do need to follow through by at least commit you know, saying I’m going to do three sessions this week. I’m gonna do the grab bag way. I’m just going to see what comes up. Because I think it is gonna help you.

“You talked about clearing your birth energy. What would you suggest for a baby in utero or during a struggling birth? My guess is to talk to the baby and say that it’s safe to be born and come to the world and do figure eights. I’m going back to school to be a certified nurse-midwife. How can I help clients have a smooth delivery and birth without getting stuck both physically and energetically?” Now, it’s important for you to remember you’re the support system. Don’t take over the role of…you don’t know what people need to experience for their own growth and progression. So, you don’t want to necessarily…you can’t override that. You need to know what’s your place, when it’s your place, and what you can do, both in conversation or even doing it more from a place of energy.

But you’ve got to trust that people play out certain experiences because it advances them in what they’re here to learn. And it’s not our choice and our privilege in any way to say, “I need to somehow…” You’ll know. The spirit is very strong in guiding us when we are playing a role of an aid when it comes to assisting people in it’s altering energy and you need to listen to that. And so, yeah, anything you’re learning can be applied in those spaces. You’ll know. You’ll have some fun learning the how that can fit in. I worked with a lot of pregnant moms when I was in private practice, where we cleared away a lot of generational stuff for them. Some of your clients you may want to get involved in the Healing Center if it’s breaking triggering things in their life. That might be that the labor is needing support and you can do figure eights, or use oils, or you’ll just know. There’s a place for it and be led by promptings rather than an agenda, or are they…that is, you know, don’t take on the role of taking on the energy.

“I’ve been feeling called to request healing support, but I keep holding myself back. This darkness is playing out in all areas of my life, with my health, wealth, happiness, and just moving forward in life. Your new Chakra book is really resonating. I feel blocked in all my lower Chakras.” I don’t even need to read any more of this, really. You need to do the birth clearing. This goes back to what I’ve already answered. The lower Chakras, that’s all birth. That is like, your birth imprints are all down in your root, in your first, second, and third chakras. That is the whole area of the birth experience. And when you’re feeling stuck, go to that birth clearing. And maybe, do you need to do it more than once? Possibly. Do you need to learn to do the reframe to get the energy moving? These are just, it’s a long-standing habit that you’re shifting your energy so it opens, because you’re saying here words like, “I feel frozen, unable to move forward.”

I would even add everything you wrote in your question to the clearing. Everything you wrote in your submitted question, I would put that in as part of your clearing script. Because that’s what I did. I would start taking notes when my client started talking. I wouldn’t let them spend too much time in their story, but I needed to see what words they were using and I would start writing. So let’s say you were seeing me in person, which you kind of are right now. I am here. I would write down, “Okay, struggle with an eating disorder, depression growing up, lots of alcoholism, physical abuse in the family, suicidal thoughts on and off for years. Old stuck energy, keep creating patterns of struggle, frozen, unable to move forward with my goals, stuck in the birth canal, can’t move forward, can’t move back, scared, frightened. Don’t wanna be born into this family.” See what I’m doing?

I’m like taking what you’ve said and enter, putting it in the birth clearing. Because from what you’re telling me here, there is a party that was like, “Whoa, I’m not too eager to show up in this life.” So, you go back to that. It’s like you wanna go back into the womb. It’s like, “Well, you’re an adult walking around in an adult body.” It’s not serving you to create that energetic protection. Because you’re not in the womb. You’re alive and it’s time to move forward. So, and pray that you’ll get really tired of going there. That’s the thing that I would go to. Help me to get really, really just so I’m so motivated to do this work that I’m just basically I’m so exhausted and I’m so fed up with playing out my old pattern that I’m like whatever it takes, I’m gonna do it because I am done. I’m so tired of this. I would pray to feel that so I would motivate myself. So, I wasn’t comfortable in my sabotage and I was willing to do the work. All right. That was great. Thank you so much for asking me that.

We’re gonna bring Katie on. A little bit about Katie. She’s been a member of my Dressing Your Truth experience for 10 years. And she is a Type 1. So, I jokingly said to her, “Did you start when you were 10?” Because as you know, Type 1’s are very youthful looking, but she is a young mother. So, she did start when she was 16, her mother introduced her to it. And she’s been reading “The Modern Chakra Guide.” And when she presented her scenario, she shared that she feels there’s a issue with her heart and her power chakra that they seem jumbled, that they seem to not be playing out their roles in a clear manner. And she feels like your Chakras are holding each other back, that somehow there’s this…they’re stifled. And she wants to shift that so she can be…she can really move forward with her different role for herself, for the role she plays as a mom and that the different opportunities that present in her life, that she’s just feeling this kind of a jumbled energy. That’s the best way for me to describe it. So, let’s all say hello to Katie as we welcome her on to the coaching call with me. Hi, Katie.

Katie: I am, actually. I’ve got a whole bunch of notes. It’s like everybody’s question was my question.

Carol: Well, you’re a great student. You know, you’re a young mom, I really admire you that you’re choosing to do this work so early because it is such a blessing to your family. Such a beautiful thing to give your children. Now, you’ve got… How many kids do you have?

Katie: I have three.

Carol: Okay. Is your…? I’ve been able to interact a little bit with Katie in the Child Whisperer Facebook group. You have a type 4 son. Is he your oldest?

Katie: He is. He’s five.

Carol: Well, we had a little bit of a sweet kind of a tender moment before we went live tonight where I have this gift to tune in to children, in their hearts, in their desires for their parents. And I said, “Katie, I just want you to know your son is calling you to really… He supports you so much with your healing because he needs you to be more stable.” Katie is a high energy. She’s a 1/3, and her little boy is type 4. I’m sensing a secondary 2. And so, it’s almost like his little spirit is just saying, “Mom, you can do this and I need you to.” We felt that. We felt that tenderness of that confirmation. And I just wanna acknowledge everyone here. Regardless of the age of your children, you’re doing such powerful work on behalf of your posterity. And your little boy on some level knows what you’ve signed on to, and he loves and appreciates. But there’s a part of him going, “Come on mom. [inaudible 00:46:37]” So, tell me when you feel this, when you feel this, would you say my reference to it feeling jumbled, there’s not a clarity, a sense of your own, like, being overly concerned for others and a lack of your own power?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah.

Carol: Are there settings that shows up more than others? Like, how do you know that’s happening? What’s an experience for you when that happens?

Katie: It feels like there’s so many, it’s hard to pick one. But, for instance, with my son is that it feels like I want to connect with him but I need to be the adult and the parent, and I need to, like, lay down, you know, some kind of boundary. But then I second guess myself and I worry that, “Oh, am I doing it wrong? You know, should I be nicer? Should I be…?” You know, something? Like…

Carol: Not even knowing where it’s almost like… I see this like, you do have a high movement. It’s like you’re jumping from one energy center to the next and you think one is being effective. Like, you’re not able to have these energies work together with when it’s necessary to be firm and create true to your nature to be who you are, and still be firm, and clear, and hold the space for obedience and follow-through in the things you’re asking of your children, and to do it with love and care, that there’s a… It’s almost like I’m either here or I’m here and slipping into then the dysfunction of this, which would be a feeling like they never listen to me so I start yelling, and now they finally obey, which is a lack of using your authentic power. It’s a desperate source of the power to get some response, and then beating yourself up and worrying about that. Then you slip into kind of the wounded side of the heart center, which is then, what have I done? And I’m a terrible parent, and blah, blah, blah.

So, you try. I give you credit for this. What’s interesting, and this is what I wanted to teach the community tonight was when I look at that, I think, well, those aren’t the chakras that need attention, they’re out of funk due to the fact that another chakra needs your attention. And the one that you need to focus on is your root chakra so you can get grounded. You need to get stable in being grounded so that you start to experience your own presence of self. Since it’s happening in this order of… I need to get my charts out that I’ve used for my YouTube videos. I didn’t know I could do this. Some of you saw these on YouTube.

So, what I’m saying is, okay, and I can share this chart too. It’s the on in the book. When this one’s off, it’s the foundation. When you’re not plugged in and stable in your own energy, these all go wonko and your most vulnerable are your heart or those two. They show you you’re not grounded. So, when you’re experiencing those two chakras being wonky, don’t think, “I need to work on my…” The message is, I’m not grounded right now. I’m pulled out. In order for these to be effective so that I have an ability to be empowered as a parent with a loving approach, with a clear voice, I gotta ground myself. That’s the go-to because all of those are going to line up, clean up. They’re gonna come into order.

Your root chakra is such a, whether you wanna call it your matriarchal chakra, your patriarchal, you know, whatever, whether your reference is more yin or yang, whatever it is, but it’s the lead chakra. So much depends on that being in place. Everything at like… You can’t have these other chakras working effectively if this one’s off. So, when you feel that what’s, you know, feedback to me so I can see that you’ve understood this? What are you picking up from my feedback?

Katie: Like, that makes total sense. Like, the idea that I’m just not sure because that’s what I feel like is, like, I’m not present in myself. I can’t claim my own power. Because I’m not grounded, I don’t have that foundation.

Carol: Yeah. So, don’t start trying… Go. You know what? Whatever you’re dealing with in the moment unless it’s a crisis and I always tell myself because, you know, I was pulled out a lot as a parent. I was pretty messed up. You know, when I was in my 20s and early 30s, I was very dysfunctional. And yet I was very accountable and I was committed to healing. So, a similar place you’re at. I’m not saying you’re messed up. I was probably more messed up than you. I’m just saying, I was aware of my vulnerability and I knew what not to ask of myself as a parent in the demands I put that, “You know what?” There were many days that we got, maybe we ate frozen pizza, or we ate cereal for dinner. And everybody was breathing and no one was bleeding because it was a rough day for me. And I knew if I required more of myself, my kids were gonna get it because I couldn’t hold my own. You’ll have moments or even some days that the work you’re doing is a priority for the bigger scheme of where it’s taking you and your family, that don’t go on Instagram and compare yourself to all the beautiful mommies.

Looks like everything’s perfect. You gotta be okay with that and say, “Today’s one of those days. I won’t be fed… The house isn’t gonna get cleaned. And I’m not gonna be real effect…” You know, my kids are gonna be… They’re not gonna get the… I’m gonna keep them from getting the side effects of where I’m at and the healing I’m doing. I’m gonna protect them by not expecting much of myself in the mother role, beyond my kids are safe, they’re all okay. And they’ve had… You know, if you gave them cereal every night, not really cereal you give them… But I’m sorry. It’s okay. Take the pressure. You demand a lot of yourself. Now, they’re saying we can’t and you’re not gonna be grounded. Now, if you practice this and say, “Okay. Just go ground myself. Kids, okay, let’s go walk in the lawn.” Do you have any of the oils?

Katie: I have I am Present, I am Nurtured, and the chakra balancing one.

Carol: Yeah, I think putting the I am Present on your feet and then on your head, and holding your… This will help too because type 1s will get blown out into their… Well, just here and look down at your feet and walk around, put the oil on your feet and walk around. Do you have any of the gemstones?

Katie: Mm-mmm.

Carol: They’re too potent for you right now. But just get things going. You gotta pace yourself. You’ve got a small family. And so, some people might think, “Oh, you should get onyx.” No, it’s too strong for you right now. It’s gonna just, like, take you too far to the other and you’re gonna be like putting…your feet are gonna feel like they are in cement. So these little moments through the day where you feel that, start to pay attention that these are giving you feedback, these energy centers you’re picking up on, the message is [inaudible 00:55:14] to yourself, I need to take a moment and ground myself.” It’s gonna get the energy much calmer in your family system too. And you need to do a good, let’s get rid of a bunch of stuff. I don’t know why I know this but you got too much stuff in your space. You gotta unload. It’s too much. It’s too much going on. You need to clean up. You need to just get rid of stuff and give yourself a feeling of just being more free.

Katie: Okay.

Carol: Like, anything else you need right now? Well, I know, we’re gonna do a quick tapping. All right, I don’t know what you were gonna say but I realize you’re… Okay. What you’re gonna learn once we have the healing plan for the chakras is your chakras carry old programs. The healing plan for the chakras has clearing scripts for each chakra. You have a belief that you carry in your power chakra, I get in trouble when I use my power. Okay? We’re gonna just do a… I want everyone that’s watching this to tap along or just listen, but you do need to stop. If you wanna get the full benefit, you have to stop whatever else you’re doing, close your other browsers, get off your phone, and present yourself.

And so, what we’re gonna do is just a quick clearing for this old program that’s from your childhood, I get in trouble when I use my power. Because that’s what’s tripping you up with your kids that then put you into doing overs with it. Because if you believe you’ll get in trouble, you’ll withhold so it’s not coming through effectively but gets a healthy response from your children, and then you get frustrated and you do the overs. So you wanna get your power running so that your power is… My power is a healthy source of making a difference in my life and others. Power gets confused with misusing power, controlling others, hurting others. And so, we’re gonna just clean that up and free up your power center to be an effective energy source for your mothering it. For some reason, this shows a lot… It was like me, a lot of it showed up in my mothering experience. It was just very blatant.

And yet it got my attention because I didn’t wanna hurt my kids. So, it’s highly motivating to do this work. So, that’s a blessing. And you can shift it very quickly. And they’re very resilient. You’d be amazed. I only have one child that still kind of hold things against me now, Katie. [inaudible 00:57:56] got a similar experience with his kids and he was like, “Oh, sorry about all that feedback I’ve been bringing you over the years, I just did it to my own child.” Well, we make mistakes, it’s what it is. All right, what you’re gonna do now on that when we clear a chakra with champing, we’ll put our energy in this, yours is right in this area. And we’re gonna get present with it, so that part of you knows we’re gonna give it assistance tonight.

Some people can hold it while they’re tapping with their other hand. It’s not a big deal if you can… If you do that, great, if not, not a big deal. It’s just connecting with it to prioritize that as a focal point of the clearing we’re gonna be doing. So, if you’ll repeat and everyone just follow along, and you’ll get the benefit of this because everybody has some degree of this or ancestral roots in this and old programming in this because, historically, if people did execute their personal power in many cultures and societies, people’s lives were at risk. You had to go along with whatever the people in power said. So, we all have this history. And then we all have a variable of it from being disciplined as children. So, everyone benefits from this clearing. So repeat after me, “I am now experiencing…”

Katie: “I am now experiencing…”

Carol: “…my personal power…”

Katie: “…my personal power…”

Carol: “…as a healthy source…”

Katie: “…as a healthy source …”

Carol: “…of accomplishing what’s correct in every role I play.”

Katie: “…in accomplishing what is correct in every role that I play.”

Carol: Okay. So, we’ll just tap here, throw it up on the inner eyebrow and repeat after me, “It’s not safe to use my power.”

Katie: “It’s not safe to use my power.”

Carol: “I get into trouble if I use my power.”

Katie: “I get into trouble if I use my power.”

Carol: “I’ll just hold back my power.”

Katie: “I’ll just hold back my power.”

Carol: “I’ll withhold it and then no one’s gonna notice me.”

Katie: “I’ll withhold it and then no one’s gonna notice me.”

Carol: “I’m just gonna quietly exist here.”

Katie: “I’m just gonna quietly exist here.”

Carol: “But that’s not really me.”

Katie: “But that’s not really me.”

Carol: “When I use my power, they don’t listen.”

Katie: “When I use my power, people don’t listen.”

Carol: “They don’t respond in a supportive way.”

Katie: “They don’t respond in a supportive way.”

Carol: “I see this with my children.”

Katie: “I see this with my children.”

Carol: “I ask them to do things…”

Katie: “I ask them to do things…”

Carol: “…and they ignore me…”

Katie: “…and they ignore me…”

Carol: “…or push back at me.”

Katie: “…or push back at me.”

Carol: “And I have to exert more power…”

Katie: “…then I have to exert more power…”

Carol: “…because I need them to respond.”

Katie: “…because I need them to respond.”

Carol: “I don’t know how to use my power correctly.”

Katie: “I don’t know how to use my power correctly.”

Carol: “When I misuse my power, now I feel bad.”

Katie: “When I misuse my power, now I feel bad.”

Carol: “I feel bad for them.”

Katie: “I feel bad for them.”

Carol: “I feel bad for me.”

Katie: “I feel bad for me.”

Carol: “I’m tired of this.”

Katie: “I’m tired of this.”

Carol: “Frustrated at this.”

Katie: “Frustrated at this.”

Carol: “Angry about this.”

Katie: “I’m angry about this.”

Carol: “It shouldn’t be so hard.”

Katie: “It shouldn’t be so hard.”

Carol: “Why can’t you just pick up your toys.”

Katie: “Why can’t you just pick up your toys.” Really?

Carol: “I have to yell at you?”

Katie: “I have to yell at you?”

Carol: “My power energy is all messed up.”

Katie: “My power energy is all messed up.”

Carol: “Exhausting.”

Katie: “Exhausting.”

Carol: “Letting it go.”

Katie: “Letting it go.”

Carol: “Releasing this old programming that I get in trouble when I use my power.”

Katie: “Releasing this old programming that I get in trouble when I use my power.”

Carol: “Releasing it once and for all.”

Katie: “Releasing it once and for all.”

Carol: “Letting it go.”

Katie: “Letting it go.”

Carol: “Letting it go.”

Katie: “Letting it go.”

Carol: Hey, and just hold your hands on your heart energy and go, “I forgive myself…”

Katie: “I forgive myself…”

Carol: “…for not knowing how to use my power…”

Katie: “…for not knowing how to use my power…”

Carol: “…for misusing my power.”

Katie: “…for misusing my power.”

Carol: “I’ve done the best I know how.”

Katie: “I have done the best I know how.”

Carol: “I’m ready to make changes for the better.”

Katie: “I’m ready to make changes for the better.”

Carol: “I forgive my parents…”

Katie: “I forgive my parents…”

Carol: “…for any example they presented…”

Katie: “…for any example they presented…”

Carol: “…that was a poor role model of how to use your power.”

Katie: “…that was a poor role model of how to use my power.”

Carol: “They did the best they knew how.”

Katie: “They did the best they knew how.”

Carol: Hey, just take a deep breath in. And you can feel that shift, kind of that like, oh, like, a whoo being let go of. So, let’s just tap in some reframes. “I am trusting…”

Katie: “I am trusting…”

Carol: “…that built into my power chakra…”

Katie: “…that built into my power chakra…”

Carol: “…is the knowing of how to use my power…”

Katie: “…is the knowing of how to use my power…

Carol: “…in a healthy way.”

Katie: “…in a healthy way.”

Carol: “I am knowing…”

Katie: “I am knowing…”

Carol: “…when I feel out of sorts…”

Katie: “…when I feel out of sorts…”

Carol: “…with my heart and my power,…”

Katie: “…with my heart and my power,…”

Carol: “…time to ground myself.”

Katie: “…that it’s time to ground myself.

Carol: “I’m taking time to ground myself…”

Katie: “I’m taking time to ground myself…”

Carol: “…I am in my own energy.”

Katie: “…I am in my own energy.”

Carol: “I am stable.”

Katie: “I am stable.”

Carol: “I’m stable.”

Katie: “I’m stable.”

Carol: “I’m stable.

Katie: “I am stable.”

Carol: “My energy is stable.”

Katie: “My energy is stable.”

Carol: “I’m in control of myself.”

Katie: “I am in control of myself.”

Carol: “I am using my power effectively.”

Katie: “I am using my power effectively.”

Carol: “And others respond favorably as I exert my power…”

Katie: “And others respond favorably as I exert my power…”

Carol: “…including my children.

Katie: “…including my children.”

Carol: “I marvel at how effective my power is.”

Katie: “I marvel at how effective my power is.”

Carol: “As I’m grounded,…”

Katie: “As I am grounded,…”

Carol: “…my power can be used in an effective way.”

Katie: “…my power can be used in an effective way.”

Carol: “I am stable.”

Katie: “I am stable.”

Carol: “I am clear.”

Katie: “I am clear.”

Carol: That I am stable is a big one for you. Let’s keep saying that I am stable.

Katie: “I’m stable.”

Carol: “I’m stable.

Katie: “I’m stable.”

Carol: “My power is stable.”

Katie: “My power is stable.”

Carol: “I’m grounded.”

Katie: “I’m grounded.”

Carol: Okay. Take a deep breath in. So, you’ll be able to go back and watch this, and kind of see the pieces that were really resonant with you so you can… Because what you can do with any clearing session is take pieces, and in any moment when you feel things…you’re getting pulled out or things are shifting unfavorably, you just quickly can switch it to what you want. The energy will just play out old habits and you’re retraining it now to go, “No, no, wait a minute. This is what I want. I’m great.”

Katie: Thank you.

Carol: Oh, let us know. I’m excited for you to be able to post in the near future to say, “I experienced… Kind of what I saw as the potential when we did the coaching call that I’m at, you know, in my parenting. I’m asking my children to do things, and they’re being agreeable, and they’re doing it.” So, look forward to hearing that from you.

Katie: Okay.

Carol: Okay?

Katie: Okay.

Carol: All right. Thanks for being a part of our coaching call.

Katie: Thank you, Carol.

Carol: You’re welcome. That was great. Let’s go to open questions now. And we can talk about anything we’ve done and I’ve addressed. We’re gonna go a little bit later tonight. But hey, it’s the end of the year. We’ll move through these fairly quickly and then we’ll do our giveaway. I think I’ll skip the book excerpt tonight for the time factor we’re dealing with. Let’s see. “Can I do the same clearing for myself and as a proxy for someone like the birth clearing for me and my husband at the same time?” That’s a lot to put on yourself, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d say no, no, that’s a lot of energy to work with. So, do your own work first. Consider the possibilities. You clear things. You’re helping other people… Our energies communicate. And as you clear things, people’s energies will shift as a result. So, you’re probably giving him that benefit without full-on, you know, taking on his birth experience. Birth’s a big one to clear. So, I don’t recommend that.

“I’d love more insight on my chakra energy. I feel like my root and foot chakras have been dysfunctional, but I’m not sure where my healing should be focused. I’ve had repeated unfulfilled job experiences in the past 15 years and unreasonable fears, like fear of driving, fear of dogs appearing out of nowhere.” I have a clearing session for fear. I do that. And again, I’ve limited ability to support you based on the fact I really rely on the resources to be able because, you know, my go-to answer would be I’m really excited for you when the clearing healing plan for the chakras come out. And in the meantime, there’s so much to complement that, none of them… There’s so much more to do so that clearing for fear, I would do the self-confidence planning… Healing plan for self-confidence is a really good one. And you’re gonna learn, read the book again, if you’re not completely have read through, make sure you have “The Modern Chakra Guide.” And start using the exercises in that book.

“I would love some help in clearing my energy centers that are the most blocked right now. My biggest challenge, at the moment, is healthy communication on my end with my husband. I’m currently in talk therapy as well. This whole year has been rough to say the least. Thank you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I’m a 3, 2 and believe he’s a 2, 3.” Well, make sure you’ve watched all of this call again. The relationships healing plan is a huge benefit to you. I have the “Mastering Affluence” section called, “How to create affluence in relationships.” I have communication tips and tools and steps in that. Make sure you’re using those. I would go to the book and then do the clearing sessions in the relationships plan. And I think you need to work with that and learn the communication steps that I teach in “Mastering Affluence.”

“Can you show the points of the sacral and root chakra? I would like to see the points for myself.” Well, sacral is just the bottom of your torso around your pubic bone and your tailbone because it kind of… If you look at the bottom of your torso, it would be that whole bottom area and your perineum is down there. It’s the space between your genitalia and your buttocks. It’s the flat part of your torso on the bottom. That’s the point of your roots. Your sacral is right here. Just put your hand between your breast and drop it down about two inches above the… It’s about three inches, about two-and-a-half, three inches above the belly button and the other one was let’s see, yeah, written sequel. The book has them all. And you can look at charts online. You just Google Chakra Energy Centers. They’re gonna show up. Your body knows where they are also.

So, if you’re not yet bought “The Modern Chakra Guide,” I highly recommend you get a copy. And for whatever reason, that book wanted to be published right before 2020. That’s really true. 2020, we’ll talk about moving into, you think it’s crazy now, fashion. Well, that’s the thing, when you’re doing this work, you’re gonna look around you and notice how pulled out everybody is, and you’re gonna be like the stable presence that you’ll be noticed. Because people will feel there’s something different with you and you’re centered. Your life’s going well. Can you show the…? Okay. Winners.

So, I was very excited to announce that Lisa Everett, you have won a Muscle Care. “I used to have a lot of problems getting tangled up in my daughter’s life and energy. I’ve been working on my root chakra and having great success with being a support to her without becoming entangled.” That’s fabulous. Good for you. Kathy Ishikawa, “My anxiety has really decreased. The fear and anxiety plan was very helpful for that. I think all the work I’ve done is helped.” I know it has. Congratulations, Kathy, for your successes. And then I am Healthy oil is going to Roseanne Riley. “Greatest shift has been my thoughts and feelings about money. I used to be so fearful about running out and I’m just not fearful anymore.” That’s huge. Man, that one is just shadowing you every moment of your life. You’ve shifted it. Congratulations. “Money cure and self-confidence, tapping supported me in this.” What a relief. Yeah, I remember those days. It was not fun. So, we’re good to go now for…

We’ll be starting the weight loss plan, January 6th. The coaching call will be on January 21st. And then if you’re interested in gifting yourself with a fabulous gift, you can invest in, we do have an annual membership. We don’t advertise it on the front end of our membership offerings. It’s something we let you know about once you’re already in and you have this experience. And a lot of people have done it. They’ve committed to the year. It’s a great time to make that commitment. It’s $599. So, there’s a lot of savings than paying even quarterly or monthly. And it really enrolls you and it might bring some stuff up but that’s what you want. We’re here for you.

I just wanna, again, thank all of our wonderful support team, the Angels, Binieshaw’s [SP] been now added to our… She’s a member who’s been invited to participate in offering feedback and support. I invited her to do that because I trust her. She knows my work. She’s a committed member and I’m so thankful for her insight and expertise on what feedback she can give you, along with Kim and Colleen. So, let’s all give them a big thank you, and to all of our Healing Center members that’s so proactively so willingly support one another. Such a great community. So, if you’re interested in that annual membership, we’ll put the link up. Do we have a link?

Liz: Like, they’re here. They’re a part of the membership so they just need to go into their account and change it.

Carol: Okay. You can just…

Liz: Or email support.

Carol: Okay. You can go right into your account and I guess you can see it there. If you have questions about it, you can email support at So, we’re gonna close out the year with a big thank you to all of you. It’s just an honor for me to now have a space to really use some unique gifts that I have and be able to be… It’s kind of like the world had to catch up to me. Thank you. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being a member. Thanks for letting me help you. It’s just such a joy for me. And I’m looking forward to all the opportunity we have to help make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others as we enter a whole new decade. Thanks for being here with us and have a great holiday as you celebrate in whatever manner you choose to do that, and invite in the new year. We’ll look forward to continuing to connect in the Facebook group. Thanks, everyone.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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