Live Coaching Call February 25, 2020

1 hour, 15 minute video

What do you do with excessive thoughts that you can’t let go of? Is your mind controlling your healing experience? This powerful coaching call covers topics about the overactive mind and triggers. Carol helps Noelle determine what is interfering with her healing. Follow along with this coaching experience (at 36:55) and see what comes up for you.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Rumination over a past event and how you reacted

Obsession and concern about your health issues

Re-runs of triggers in your mind that you can’t let go

Confusion as you try to fix things with your mind

You Want To:

Heal your inner child who was violated in the past

Receive clear inspiration about what to focus on

Train your mind again to calmly release old triggers

Calm your overactive mind and feel more peaceful

Affirmation for this Session:

I am grateful for the powerful ways I am stopping my pattern of excessive thinking.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 20:04

Session Transcript

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Carol: Hello. Welcome to the Coaching Call. I’m really happy to be with you this evening or if you’re listening to the recording, whatever point your Healing Center experience, welcome. Our intention for this call is to minus, and I put this out there, oh, about 10 days ago that I wanted to support you along with what other questions come in, well, submitted. And in our live questions in tonight’s call was to give you some tips on how to stop the pattern of excessive thinking, and we’ll get into that a moment. So, let’s first set our intention for this call with, in a comment you share, what do you have to experience from this? You can do this in…there’s various ways to set intentions. You can do it in the precursor, ahead of an experience, “This is what I’m going to experience,” or you can imagine you’re done with the call and you’re looking back at it going, “Wow, that was a really great call. I really got a lot more out of it than I even expected.” It can be that simple.

What are you hoping to get from this experience? As you set that… As you declare that, you set the energy into motion to receive it, that is how the universe works. Our words are powerful, our thoughts and feelings are sort of a duality of a dance, they both create a vibration as we put it to language. We give it more power and you’re learning how that’s the case, so even though subconscious beliefs are quite powerful. How are we gonna go? What’s gonna happen? Let me run through the agenda. So, you have the understanding, I have a few announcements. And I’ll announce they do have three wonderful giveaways in tonight in this coaching call. I have a success story I’d like to share. And then I will share another member’s post that I commented on that it has a connection with this overthinking tendency and my feedback to her, so I think that’s one variable.

We’ll do live questions. I have a guest who has been dealing with the challenge of overthinking, work with her. She’ll come online then we’ll take live questions. And then I’m gonna wrap it up with a few more tips in how to stop excessive thinking, and some of the things I’ve done and ideas to support you as well. Sound good? So, make sure to add your intention. Also, tag another member if you know have a connection with someone, go ahead and tag them in a comment. And you can also hit that emoji button. What that does here on Facebook is get us on the feed. So, people start to get notifications, they start to see it coming up in their Facebook feeds that we’re here live. They can join in and participate if for any reason they might have forgotten about it. And, of course, this is recorded and put on the website.

I do have a quick announcement, I have several. Between the last coaching call and this call, we’ve launched the new energy healing basics guide. How many of you have tried that out? Share your experience of that in a comment. If you had an experience with it, yeah. When you go to, you actually will see up on the menu bar, it says, “Start Here Basics Guide.” I encourage you to all go through that, take a look at it. There’s a really valuable personal healing map that will help you assess what to do next, where to proceed. The clearing sessions themselves, there’s two of them in there. We feature Laura and Christy, those are worth and beneficial to your own healing. They’ll be supportive to your healing because the topics that we address are universal. So, make sure you take some time to go through the new basics guide. And my intention is that someone will come to mind that you’ll feel very comfortable sharing the basics guide with, so that they’ll get the help they’re looking for and start the healing process and get it going in their life.

My throat chakra is activating apparently because I have a little cough today. And talking about the chakras, our next upcoming group supported plan is that new, newly published in the Healing Center as we speak, “Chakra Healing Plan.” We’ve loaded it, it’s in there because now we’re promoting it. We certainly wanted people to investigate it as we’re giving it attention. I’m gonna give you a quick tip. You can dabble with it. At the time of this call, we haven’t done the group plan. Dabble with it, try some sessions out. I would recommend you wait to start the plan with the group which starts March 16th. Today is February 25th so we just got a few weeks out. And I’m going to invite you to do something specific with this plan. Move through it and stay with it consecutively. Do what you can each week. Don’t do the bonus videos if you don’t have time. I’d recommend you read whatever little pieces of the book you can but you don’t have to read every chapter. At least get in the meaty stuff. Move through it with the group.

There will be a unique outcome as you stay networked and connected energetically with the group moving through it in that four-week period. Trust me, your mind, we may object to this and say, “No, I can’t move that fast.” Consider the possibility, your energy can move faster than you’re allowing it to. And it might get muddled and keep you stuck longer because what we’re talking about tonight is your mind controlling your healing rather than your energy. Follow your energy. Allow your energy to move through this plan in the four-week period that it’s set up for. Your chakras can handle it. Everybody’s chakras can handle that progression so stay with it. Even if something happens and you have a tendency to create interference or whatever it is that shows up for you to try and kinda sabotage it or mess up your momentum, go to where the next pieces that the group’s with.

Stay aligned with the group energy in moving through this chakra healing plan. That will be really supportive to you. You can ask me any questions when we have the live Q&A at the end about that, but trust me, I wouldn’t be telling you this if I wasn’t strongly being prompted to invite you to do that. There’s something magical that’s going to happen for all of us that do that. It will shift us. Will we stick it? Well, at least we have opened the space to now be there more often and we might have more stuff to do to really get to that next level that we become in the truth of who we are. So, that’s my update on the chakra healing plan. It’s gonna run March 16 to April 13th. If you know people that are interested in this particular body of work, you can send them to Send that link to anybody.

We also will have a chakra quiz launching February 27th. We wanted it to be available before we started the plan. It’s a real easy to take quiz that will give you an assessment of each of your chakras and how they’re doing. Are they weak or are they… Oh, I think there’s three levels, I can’t remember, but it’s a great quiz. I had the most popular chakra quiz years ago with the most popular chakra healing course online. This one is even better, it’s even more powerful. And you can purchase “The Modern Chakra Guide” for $10 as a Healing Center member, Hey, we’ll put all those links in, too. Hey, three giveaways. To win one of these, you need to answer the question, have your thoughts shifted since being a Healing Center member? How have your thoughts shifted? We’re gonna give away a new I Am Balanced Oil. This is a lovely oil. The new I Am Grounded Oil will go to one winner.

These are fabulous oils. I’ve used some other brands oils recently and I can distinctly tell a difference and these are very, very powerful in your healing, support your healing. And then we’re gonna give away a copy of “The Modern Chakra Guide.” So, that will be great. Just answer the question, how have your thoughts shifted since becoming a Healing Center member? Our success story tonight comes from Angie who has been in our community now for quite a while and she is also a member of Dressing Your Truth community. She’s a type three. She shared this recently about her son. She said today, “My son drove a car for the first time and I was the one in the car with him. There was a lot of positive energy the whole time. This is huge. It was possible because of all the healing I have done through the Healing Center. Prior to healing, I would have been anxious and it would have come out as yelling and out of balanced type three reactivity.

Today, I asked my son if a year or two ago he would have wanted me to be the one with him in the car, his response was, ‘No. Honestly, I would have been more afraid of you than driving.’ I regret how many ways I hurt my kids before healing but I’m so grateful that our relationships are healing and growing. I’m glad they can experience and benefit everything the Healing Center provides and I love knowing that it will keep getting better and better. Thank you for these life-changing tools and all of the support.” Oh, great story. Your children are the recipients of the work you’re doing, whatever age they’re at. Always it’s the case, the healing moves forward and they may have some of their own stuff they got to deal with but that’s okay. So, if you’re just getting on, send an intention. What do you want to experience in this call? What are you hoping to receive from it? What’s gonna show up for you? Allow yourself to have that.

I had a conversation with Mariah. I like to say she is our first Healing Center wedding. Since being a member, she met her now fiance and they’re getting married. She posted a while back her gratitude for this showing up in her life and knowing that the healing she had done had opened the space for them to come together, which I think is fabulous. She just said…she had a story recently that I replied to and she shared in it, that she said, “I’m very good at saying the zinger when people are rude to me.” She is a type four, and type fours and type threes have a tendency to be a little more strong in our tone and our word choice at times, and type ones and twos, they tend to take it inward more than outward. But in her case, she had a reason to give feedback. There’s no question about the scenario that played out that her giving feedback in this was appropriate.

She was in trying…she’s saying it after she had this experience. She noticed that her brain kept chewing out the person months after the event. “It’s like my brain is still aching to respond to the rudeness and it needs an outlet.” Okay. So, she was asking, “How do I take care of this because I’m tired of thinking about it? A month ago, I was trying on a wedding dress.” She’s up on the pedestal, wearing the dress, the dress wasn’t completely closed. She was, you know, getting into her dress where another person came in with her camera, her phone, and she was videotaping, and she didn’t respect her privacy. And she said, Mariah says, “I glared at her and a million thoughts popped in my brain. I said, Excuse me, who are you?’ She said she is the mother of a different bride in the store and the grandma on the phone wanted to see the other brides while their bride switch dresses. I was livid.”

I mean, that was inappropriate, you know, personal space, personal boundaries, not a good thing to choose. So, that person needs to learn about that. It’s all about boundaries, this whole story. “She was clearly taken aback as I told her she did not have my permission to film me. The more I think about it the more I keep telling myself that I was right, and would have been justified to make a much bigger stink in the moment than I allowed myself to. I spent an entire…yelling at her in my head. I just caught myself responding to her actions. Again, I’ll take any suggestions for alleviating this mental grind.” Okay, here’s what I wrote. Now, this always incites a lot of like, “That was wrong, you did the right thing. You know, that was offensive. She had…” I like to take it a few steps back. Yes, it was inappropriate. Is it correct to speak about boundary? Yes. Is it okay to do it in a rude, kind of a mean way? That’s questionable, you know? Is it necessary? It depends what you believe about yourself.

So, I’m gonna take it a few steps back. Nobody replied to that. Somebody might have but most people were just saying, “Hey, we’re in the Mariah camp. We’re for you, that wasn’t okay. What you did was okay.” Well, why is she still thinking about? I said, “Have any of you considered this question?” This is me talking now. “Why am I still attracting someone violating my boundaries? The answer is simple, because I still carry a pattern from my childhood that attracts this to me. I now choose to change it. When those of us who have experienced violation of personal boundaries in our childhood, the fear and panic triggers fast. The adult self quickly responds with anger since we could not as a small child. Well, typical for type threes and fours, or typical for type ones and twos is to take the energy on or repress the anger and cause health challenges.

The ruminating is a side effect of trying to justify the reaction. When deep down you really feel bad about it as you don’t want to be a person that is mean to others. As you clear the pattern of violation, you stop attracting these scenarios. If you do attract any, you may want to learn the lesson of stating your preferences and boundaries in a kind and considerate tone and manner, and give people the benefit of the doubt that they really meant no harm. I know all of this as I have to put it all into practice. Please consider the possibility that you are showing yourself what you desire to clear before you get married as these kinds of patterns get in the way in creating deep bonds of trust. With that thought in mind, you can thank the woman with her phone for being a messenger.” The part of her that was ruminating over this was the wounded child, the angry teenager.

I’ve shared before that we tend to move from fear and sadness in our early stage, 12 and under. Fear, sadness, apathy, to anger by the time we hit 10, 11, 12, into our teens. So, the pattern of being violated, what does that look like? Is that mean you were traumatically assaulted? It could have been that you’re just not honored for your true nature. A type four could see this very well, that if you’re not respected as your own authority, you’re violated. See, we tend to take a word like violation impact a lot of, like, this kinda look pretty bad and ugly. In today’s world, especially with all the criminal stuff we see in the media, both in the television movies and the actual stories that we don’t recognize that every one of us has experienced a violation of some kind that we never got to speak up and express how we felt about it. And so, as I shared in that, you had an opportunity, you know, it’s that several step process. “Oh, I’m still attracting this. I haven’t completely cleared that people respect my boundaries and privacy.”

If that were your pattern and you held that, that would have never happen. So, we have to just own the fact that we attract these things to our self. Our vibe brings it in. Once you own that, you go, “Okay.” In that situation, it was correct to give feedback and say, “Because I didn’t get to get feedback as a child, I didn’t get to stand up for myself. I didn’t get to say, Hey, that wasn’t cool, I don’t like that. Stop treating me that way. I didn’t say what you did, I didn’t give you permission to do what you did.'” It might be that some uncle kissed you. I mean it’s really…there’s so many variables there. So, in Mariah’s case, there’s sort of like three lessons to learn here, three things that are big takeaways. Clear the pattern, journal to give my inner child, inner teen, a voice that they can write it out what you’re really angry about. Because if you’re yelling in your car, you know, about this woman, you’re just yelling, finally it triggered, “I’m angry that I was violated.”

Well, go back to those early violations. What are those early violations you’re angry about that you never got to speak up? Give a voice to that part of your life now. Activate your throat chakra. Number three, you may attract it again. I know I have a tendency to be too severe and too strong, it might be back in customer service scenarios and in public spaces, and I’ve set up the intention for this year. Actually, I started it last year was to be polite, be kind, assume the best, and give people the benefit of the doubt, but go ahead and use my voice. It’s like I didn’t know how to use my voice without adding the anger in the attitude. So, I’m learning to use my voice with kindness and saying clearly what I want and what’s correct for me. And then I knew, I’m like, “Great, I’m attracting now.” I have, things have shown up. Delta, I fly a lot of Delta. I’m like, “Okay. The flight attendant and I will see how we do.”

I’ve turned a lot of scenarios into a favorable one. The flight attendant on a recent flight gave me 15,000 extra points just because she saw that another attendant had been kinda gruff with me and I stayed really calm. She said, “She’s on a bad day but I wanna give you…” [inaudible 00:19:48] first-class,” and, you know, they’re trying to like do their PR at this point. But I’m like in the moment, I’m like reminding myself, “That’s right.” I’m practicing using my voice with kindness in establishing boundaries and being clear about what I want, something I never, never, never was able to do as a child. Okay. Hey, let’s get into our submitted questions. If you’re just joining, we’re giving three awesome giveaways, a “Modern Chakra Guide” book, the new I Am Grounded Oil, and the sorta new I Am Balanced Oil. I highly, highly recommend these for your chakra healing experience coming up.

Just sharing a comment. My thoughts have shifted since I’ve been a Healing Center member, how they shifted, how have your thoughts improved. And back to that other story, I would ruminate over things trying to justify my kind of nasty reply, thinking I had the right to say that. I really didn’t feel good about myself treating someone that way. That was a part of I was trying to make myself feel better. When it came down to it, I felt like a jerk. I don’t wanna be a jerk. So, that’s part of, you know, all these things are feeding the ruminating that I dissected for you. Okay. Take some notes on that, you can see the pieces that create that. Which one do you…which ones fit for you? “I’ve had Lyme and adrenal issues in the past. I’m generally healthy but I get stuck in my head overthinking every physical symptom that most people wouldn’t even acknowledge.

I wonder what I did to cause it, and how to fix it. I’m not sure why this has occurred now in my life. It was not a problem in the past. Help on how to break the cycle would be great.” I think you’re really eager to get well now that you feel it’s an option, so your mind’s kind of gotten busy in that pursuit. And so, a reminder for yourself, and the I Am Connected Oil would really help you and the Poppy Jasper would really help you. As you wear those, it draws to you what’s correct to support your body. So, as you set the intention, I am knowing when I’m meant to choose something that will support my health. So, anytime your mind is making it up or reviewing a bunch of stuff, just put it aside. This is me creating these thoughts rather than being given the direction. There’s a big difference. Again, it’s like… I like to putting it on a shelf. I’m gonna put this out on a shelf.

Maybe you see yourself putting it in a box, try putting them on a shelf. You might have to do that a dozen times a day. Oh, there I go again, my mind’s gotten busy. No, not it’s job. It’s job is to respond to the inspiration that is presented to me, and then proceed with the thoughts and support that. “How do I quiet my mind and streamline my thoughts when I’m around screens, computers, phones, TVs all day?” Well, I don’t know if you’re listening to them. I’m on screens all the time. If you see how much…I told someone, it would blow your mind how much I spend…how much time I spend some days in Facebook groups and I’m here for you. So, are you engaged with them or you’re just around them? Kind of a difference. I would get the… I am an Apple user, I have their noise-canceling earbuds, they are amazing. You can still hear but they really cancel out the background noise.

So, they’re a bit of an investment but I put them on and click the cancel mode, noise-canceling mode, and they work very, very well. So, you just need some noise-canceling so you can just start to…that’s not feeding into constantly. “My usual self-help methods of letting go of triggers were either taking bubble baths or going on outdoor hikes. However, now, I’m limited in shared space and responsibilities I’m not able to do these. I need a quiet mental method to stop reruns of old events. They replay over and over. Do you have any suggestions?” Yeah. I think you should use the… Which of the sound healing audios have you been drawn to? I highly recommend you go ahead and listen to…there’s two versions of the chakra balancing sound audio using the Tibetan healing bowls. There is one with me that has the voice-over taking you through a meditation, so that will help because you’re listening now to me.

And then you can then, because you’ll have sort of the practice of the voice-over, you can just play the audio without the voice-over. So, the sound audios are very helpful to train your mind to get quiet. What is it in us that makes the sync we need to fix things by thinking so hard? It seems like it’s hardwired in us. Well, we’re so removed from nature on a day-to-day basis and our brains are stimulated. There’s several things. What is happening is your frontal lobe is overactive. The frontal lobe of human and people in more first world, high tech countries is overstimulated. There’s a very specific part of your brain in the frontal lobe that is overstimulated and most people’s is too active. I had my brain scanned on twice and mine was…the first one showed it to be overactive.

The second one after doing a lot of remedial things and healing, and diet change, and many things that I did, supplementation, it was less active so I improved it. So, I don’t have an active thought process. So, it’s the nature of our culture and I wouldn’t say it’s hardwired into us. I think that our indigenous ancestors and those that were living more from the day-to-day, the lower level of hierarchy of needs where they had to be concerned about staying alive, eating, and just general well-being. You didn’t have time to think about incidentals and things that don’t matter. Okay. So, we have a lot of, you know, you drive around. Unless you live in a more remote area, most people, you know, we live within a mile of several fast-food restaurants, you know, the dollar menu. Going without food is not on most of our minds and having to prevent that. So, we used to have a lot of space for filling that space with things that do not matter, that we allow to run through our thoughts.

“I remember how shocked I was when I learned that people can just not think anything and have quiet. I’ve never been able to even come close in any mindfulness practice ever. As soon as I get somewhat close to quieting everything, my body shuts down and I get instantly exhausted and fall asleep. How do I improve this?” I can get in a place where I can silence my mind. For the most part, no longer, I don’t think about the past. I only think about the future as needed to be prepared but then my mind doesn’t go out into the future. And I’ll give you some tips of things I’ve done, that will be at the end before we wrap up tonight. So, it’s a practice. It’s like anything that you have to train yourself to do, that’s not something that you… It’s a skill set, don’t think of it as something you can just plop yourself down in a chair and do.

It’s a developed skill set working with your mind and I’ve spent 25 years working with my mind and done some pretty big interventions with it. And it’s just little by little, little by little, you have to practice these things, and I’ll teach you some of those. “I am challenged with the overwhelming desire to be perfect. It causes me to berate myself ceaselessly when I make mistakes. I overthink and analyze every aspect of how the mistake happened and how to regain trust and confidence in myself so as to not repeat the mistake again. It is especially bad in my work life when I take great pride in my ability to be a stellar employee. How can I stop beating myself up over every mistake?” I find this interesting. It sort of is really, you know, there’s not too many things in life that there has to be a perfect execution. I recently taken upon myself to learn how to stand up, how to board surf.

Now, there is an experience where within about a five-second window, you have to do multiple things and you have to do them not perfectly but well enough so that the force is coming at you. You engage with it and it carries you, and I’ve yet to experience that consistently. The same is with tennis. You’ll hit a lot of balls out of the court and into the net without knowing certain skill sets in order to execute a proper stroke to hit a ball in the court consistently. I used to play a lot of tennis and I had to practice a lot, practice a lot. So, when you say you have to do things perfectly, what is it that you’re subjecting yourself to and who’s created the standard of perfect? Math formulas, you have to kind of execute them perfectly. You know, there’s certain things in the world that have to operate by perfect systematic approach. But for most people that deal with what you’re talking about, you have created and you will continue to create a standard that you’ll never reach so that you’ll fall short, so you can keep feeling inadequate.

The pattern isn’t needing to be achieving perfection because no matter, and any effort to do it, you’ll create, you’ll set it up subconsciously so that you’ll have the repeated experience of falling short. So, where was it in your childhood? Did you have a parent that it was never good enough and you tried to meet their standard? But no matter what because it really wasn’t even about an appropriate standard, they were never satisfied or pleased. So, you made it about yourself rather than about their broken formula. So, I think your formula is broken and you got to look at why do I wanna keep running this feeling of I’m never enough? I’m inadequate, I always fall short. What’s that about? So, you need to do, I’d recommend you got time between now and the chakra plan to do the self-confidence healing plan, it’s only two weeks long. I highly recommend you do that.

“I’m allergic to many things. I have ups and downs with my allergic reactions. Things seem really good and then something else in my body flares up. It is very discouraging when I’m doing everything I know what to do. In these moments, my emotions are right at the surface and I cry. My question is, what can I do in the moment to help process all these emotions so I don’t hold on to them? And in the big picture of things, is there anything I’m missing outside of the disease and illness plan? All of my allergies started about seven years ago and I keep adding to my list. My daughter seems to be following in my path but as a younger age I would love any insights for her as well.” What I’m picking up on is you seem to be allergic to life. I would do the pre-birth clearing and how did you really feel before you came to earth?

And it’s finally like the…it finally caught up with you, this deeper belief that you don’t wanna be here and you’re at odds with this experience and you’re just gonna keep creating opposition in the form of allergies. So, do the pre-birth clearing for that. “How do I deal with old memories that pop up seemingly out of nowhere that leave me overthinking and overprocessing? Once one starts another is bound to pop up to join.” Pop it out. You just have to…again, you got to like respond with, “Oop!” Like, don’t make it so powerful. I have this pattern, “Oh, it popped up,” and imagine it popping out of your head, like a piece of popcorn. You just got to keep doing that. There’s another one and there’s another one. And you don’t allow it to take momentum, you don’t allow it to get going, give it attention. Resisting it, fighting it, countering it invites it to be stronger. Just there it is, you can always count on these. Yep, there it is. Okay, bye-bye, let it go. You might even tap while you’re letting it pop out.

“Currently, I’m constantly thinking about all the clearing my own children will have to do in their lives. For example, I just did the clearing for the fear of abandonment and I couldn’t sleep last night as I was running each of my child’s birth stories over and over in my head, worrying about abandonment issues and then feeling guilty. I worry about my baby, do I let her cry too much because I’m taking care of another child? I could go on and on, round and round.” You’re not letting your intuition guide you, you’re letting the fear of guide you. I read about this in Mastering Affluence, and are you trying to prevent? Are you making choices in prevention or from a place of fear? Or are you creating what you want? So, what you’re gonna do in that space is to create more what you don’t want because you’re putting attention on what you don’t want, the fear of it rather than switching to I’m gonna focus on what I want. I’m gonna know when it’s correct to get my baby. I’m confident. I have all kinds of affirmations.

I even have one, I think it’s still published on the Child Whisperer blog that taught affirmations for a parent. I’m not sure. I certainly have a lot of affirmations in the Healing Center and the other piece… If you’ve not read “Remembering Wholeness” yet, that’s where I really teach the basics of prevention versus creation, and it’s a really great book to get going with under catching yourself and giving yourself more options on how to use your mind. Great. Noelle is my guest. Thank you for all those questions. We’ll have our guest on tonight, Noelle, she’s a type two. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her at our I Love My Life event about a year and a half ago, and just a little shoutout for that, for those of you that want to come meet me in my Dressing Your Truth team in person. It’s not Healing Center-focused although many of you that we cross lines a lot here.

You are DYTers, but it is a DYT, Dressing Your Truth, event for women. The price goes up after March 31st, so the early bird price is through the end of next month. You might wanna get or grab that. I don’t have the URL for that so they could probably put it up in the comments. So, a little…a few notes before we bring Noelle on. She says, “My doctor had literally said to me, ‘You are trying to control everything, including your body.’ I overthink what my body is telling me, thinking I should be able to control how it is reacting instead of hearing what it is telling me. I overthink exercise, thinking I need a plan and schedule in order to do it. I overthink the simple daily aspects of the healing plans, too, worrying that I’m not journalling about the right things or seeing the right insights. I’m scared of what my body will tell me. I had been overweight my whole life and I have several chronic illnesses.

I want to live at a healthy weight without these illnesses but I have no experience or memory of what my life is without the weight and illness. That feels scary, it feels hard to put it into words but I know I’m holding on to something that is not serving me and not allowing me to transfer my emotional successes into physical experience. As I type this, what keeps repeating through my head is I don’t trust my body.” Well, let’s bring on Noelle. Everyone can say hi to her. Hello.

Noelle: Hi, Carol.

Carol: I saw you taking notes.

Noelle: I was taking notes.

Carol: That’s a type two, you are.

Noelle: A whole page.

Carol: What ahas have you had so far?

Noelle: Oh, I really connected to the boundaries story that you shared. I can’t remember what her name was about the wedding dress.

Carol: Oh, Mariah.

Noelle: Yeah. I really related once you shared that story so I was really reminding myself what you were saying about that and I think…

Carol: What aspect of it? Give it a more specific to it.

Noelle: I definitely related to that. You said that the type one and type two reactions would be to like internalize what you… And I had a lot of memories of overtime when things would happen where I would not say anything or not do anything, and then ruminate later, “Oh, I should have said this, or I should have done this, or I was feeling this way.” And I think that I really related to what you were saying about people who test your boundaries and just not… For me, I think not being able to express how I felt or share my…you know, share, maybe especially for a type two, share emotions, like, process, that it wasn’t appropriate to be upset about something or have your feelings hurt about something.

Carol: Sure. So, that you would then present that as health challenges.

Noelle: I think so, yeah. Yeah.

Carol: Do you think you’re still doing that?

Noelle: I think on some level, I think I’ve gotten a lot better at processing. I don’t ruminate over past events and I’ve been able to let go of a lot of things that I used to, like years ago things would pop up and I would get upset about them again. And I have noticed since I worked in the Healing Center, especially once I started, I did the self-confidence plan, it’s the first one, and I feel like I had a lot of success with that. I was feeling like I know who I am and why I’m an emotional person. It’s okay to feel those feelings and to just tell people, “This is how I’m feeling about this and I’m gonna cry and that’s okay.”

Carol: That’s good.

Noelle: And so, I think that’s been able to help me let go of a lot of stuff and to not have future things. Like I don’t worry about what I say to people. I feel like I’m being myself, I’m presenting myself, and I feel really good about that.

Carol: Good, good. So, you made a lot of progress, but you’re feeling challenged still with trusting your body, it sounds like.

Noelle: Yeah.

Carol: That you’re trying to… Like, give us a little bit of an idea more specifically of what that might look like with something you’re dealing with and what your mind is doing with it.

Noelle: Well, I think that I knew like I should… Instead of just like going through the weight loss plan, for example, I feel like I should also think about, “Well, what can I do to exercise more and can I plan that?” And sort of get distracted by like trying to find the things that I should be doing rather than just doing the plan and seeing what presents to me.

Carol: Okay. So, rather than, so your mind will get engaged in thinking about what you should be doing more of or adding to this, or what else you need to do, rather than it coming from just this kind of more intuitive feeling that feeds your thoughts, this is, “I feel like exercising, I’m gonna do it.”

Noelle: Yeah.

Carol: I need to create an exercise strategy, I feel really good about that, I’m gonna do it. So, you’re putting this…your mind is coming up with things than you’re putting on yourself to do. See the difference? Where it’s like the mind is running all these to-dos out there. You should be doing this. Is there sort of a should thing in there?

Noelle: I think so, yeah, right? Like I mean I’m doing the weight loss plan so I should be finding ways to lose weight or I should be exercising or I should… I think there’s a lot of things where I’m trying to feel like, I don’t know, yeah, like I think I should know what should I be doing instead of doing the plan. I did have a really good experience with… I had done Weight Watchers in the past and I quit because they changed the plan I was on. And I had a really interesting experience because I had been thinking about that recently and I was planning to do the weight loss plan in January. And in December, I saw a random Facebook ad that was Weight Watchers is changing up their plans and I was like, “Well, that’s weird.” And I looked and the plan that I was really successful on was back. And so, that was an example of a time where I was like, “Oh, I was meant to find that,” right? And I felt like I trusted it, I didn’t look for it. It showed up for me and I joined.

Carol: Right, that’s a great example.

Noelle: And I’ve been doing well with that since I did that at the end of December. And I didn’t wait, you know, I was like, well, I didn’t wait until the weight loss plan started, right? I did it right away because I felt like I saw…

Carol: You’re getting to know the difference.

Noelle: I think so, yeah.

Carol: Looking into something. Well, we talked that there’s a deeper issue that’s running the should thoughts. A lot of people have that as their excessive thinking is around that. “I need to, I should, I have to,” that kind of thinking and I do teach about that in “Remembering Wholeness,” that whole idea of that rather than inspired action, that sort of compelling yourself to act based on what’s been projected on you. Now, we had talked briefly before the call and I asked some more personal questions and you were open and shared with me that you and your husband had been married for 15 years. You’ve made a clear choice and feel really good about it that you’re choosing to not have children. Okay. And, again, I know, I mean that’s your personal business. I respect the fact you’re getting it correct for you, but it’s a very countered culture decision, let’s just say.

You know, everyone probably thinks you can’t have children. That’s a weird things in our world, in our modern world where especially religion has been so prevalent that you actually, “Really? You can choose that?” Or like there’s something wrong with you, you know? It’s like you’re just a mean, selfish person, you know, you’re not going to have kids. There’s a lot of stuff that gets projected on you. So, I assume are you… You also told me that you’ve never actually clearly shared with your mom at least, that you’ve never shared this, you never opened about it. Not that it’s…that’s the only sort of line of relationship. I might say there’s some opportunity there for you to feel safe in being open and honest.

Noelle: Yeah.

Carol: Only because of the grandparent thing, you know?

Noelle: Mm-hmm.

Carol: See, I think what you’re dealing with that’s feeding the should is I should be having kids. That’s ancestrally just in your DNA. It’s why you’re here, you know, the whole… Everybody traces back to the religious origin, unless you were…you know? And I don’t care if you were, like, aborigines your ancestors. There’s a religious foundation for most of our ancestral ties. Okay. And the whole point of having children was a commandment. It was like you’re sinning by not having children if you were living in another time period, but that’s in your DNA. See? You can’t get around that. And so, there’s a part of you that’s running a lot of guilt around that, and you’re very fidgety right now.

Noelle: Right. Well, you know what I’m thinking is I didn’t even tell you but I was…my doctor’s appointment was like my annual exam with my gynecologist. And I didn’t say…I mean I didn’t tell you that so I just…just the way you tune into those things. I mean I didn’t say anything about that and that the whole appointment was about this, so yeah.

Carol: I think that’s just the subconscious and it’s an energy. See, it’s not your belief that you run consciously. This is the kind of work we can really get really deep and thorough in the Healing Center because you can go, “There’s something there that’s just a compromise, that’s counter to what I’m choosing to create my current life story that supports my correct path, my happiness.” There’s some interference with that, it’s all this is, it’s interference. But you can see why it would be a very big interference. And you have to decide if it’s correct for you to really just sit down with your mom and there might be some…she might have some… My sense is that it would be sad for her, okay. You got to like embrace her and just welcome her sadness, it’s okay. I wonder if you…I asked you, did you share this with your mother?

There’s something there for you to be more honest about that you’re not, and show up and use your voice because you said, “Well, I kinda have in a subtle way, and as a type two I’m like, ‘I’m sure it’s not gotten through.'” I have too many type twos in my life to go no, it wasn’t even close to being sad. But there’s something there for you to have a confidence to share that and invite any of her response and be able to know it’s okay. You’re not doing what you’re doing for your mother anymore. But to be okay and really steady on your life course and be able to just, “Mom, you know, what I’m about to tell you would probably be very sad for you, but I wanna be honest with you and I will support you. And it’s just best for both of us.” I feel like you could do that with your mom. And you’re gonna…see, again, your body has a tendency which is very, very typical for a type two energy, you are holding that back, it’s gonna turn into things you don’t want. It’s just it’s okay for Noelle to be honest about herself. It’s appropriate. It’s okay for you to feel emotions. It’s okay for you to deal with any emotion from your mom. Are your mom and dad together?

Noelle: No, no. My dad passed away.

Carol: Just your mom, just your mom. You don’t wanna disappoint anybody.

Noelle: Yeah.

Carol: It’s okay, see, you’re feeling it now.

Noelle: Yeah, yeah. I know that’s true, yeah.

Carol: Yeah. And you know this will be a disappointment for your mom.

Noelle: Mm-hmm.

Carol: But it’s okay. You’ll be closer with her.

Noelle: Yeah.

Carol: There’s a lot of kids out there she gets to tend. I’ll put her in the Child Whisperer group. I had all kinds of type one moms that need help, need a break. So, do you know what I’m saying? Okay, what are you taking away from this? You need to do the should clearing, the should scrambler, I should, I should have children. Okay, that’s gonna help you, because that’s what scrambles this ancestral energy is those sessions. What’s coming to your… I know this is faster to have to process…

Noelle: It’s a lot to process. I think…I mean I really feel what you’re saying. I guess I would never…I never would have thought that this is something that I needed to clear. Because like, personally, I’m okay with it.

Carol: No, no, you are. That’s where this deeper energy is the interference.

Noelle: Right, right. That’s why I feel like I don’t…yeah. I never would have thought that this would be something but like while you’re talking about it, obviously, I’m having a really strong reaction. And I do think, you know, I have… I was much closer with my dad than I was with my mom growing now. So, that’s been a long-term thing, I think, to feel that, to have that kind of closeness to where it would be something that we wouldn’t talk about comfortably.

Carol: Yeah. I think it would be healing for both of you.

Noelle: Yeah, I think so.

Carol: You’re in a place that you’re gonna create the space for that. You’ll be the lead on that, see?

Noelle: Right, right.

Carol: Your mom would appreciate it. My sense to her, she’s…there’s the emotion but I think she’s gonna support you.

Noelle: Yeah, yeah.

Carol: Yeah. I don’t see her being objective or making you…being rude to you or anything. But you see, again, it’s aligned with that you holding things in, you’re not feeling you can be fully honest, not wanting to disappoint anybody. The whole, you know, the body now being at odds with your decision because your DNA level, your body is hardwired to think we…you know, as far as your ancestral programming, you got married and have kids.

Noelle: Right, yeah.

Carol: I mean this is pretty deeply hardwired stuff. You replenish the earth. It’s kind of like why people… That is the most foundational thing on this planet, you know?

Noelle: Yeah.

Carol: So, do the should scrambler and then any throw in in the tapping, like the different… Because even though you may not be subjected to it, you’re just with that decision, you evoke an energy. All the things I was saying before, “You’re selfish. How could you…?” All those things that become the perception of other people.

Noelle: Oh, yeah. I had a friend who would always joke when people… If it ever came up in conversation, “Oh, you don’t have kids?” And she would say, “Oh, no, I hate kids.” Like is it true?

Carol: No, that’s not true.

Noelle: Which was it’s…I mean it’s partly funny because like the work that I do is for elementary school students and so we’re around kids a lot. But it’s like it’s a joke but, right, it’s a thing. It’s kind of there’s some…

Carol: But again, you’re being subjected to that lacks compassion, that she makes you feel, again, this sort of like selfish, mean adult.

Noelle: Right, right, yeah.

Carol: Yeah. It’s not true at all. You’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You are. We had a little…our history is I’ve given her… My profiling skills have dramatically improved from our first pass but she came up to me. It took a lot of guts for you to come talk to me at that event.

Noelle: Oh, Christine kind of helped me.

Carol: They would say things straight with me and you didn’t, and I just thought, “Oh, she’s like the nicest person.”

Noelle: I remember you said I’m glad you don’t hate me.

Carol: I said that?

Noelle: Yeah.

Carol: I know, but what, you know? I’m a three-four, I have a different…I dealt very differently than you. You’re two-one, right?

Noelle: Mm-hmm.

Carol: Yeah. See, I always joke. The one-twos and two-ones by a biblical standard while in here at the earth, if any of that is true, then me cooling here at the earth. I’m a bird, you know? You are a good person but you’ve got this stuff hanging around.

Noelle: Yeah.

Carol: And that’s just keeping your body from getting well and this is where your mind now is going, trying to figure out what it is to get well. Yeah, and like I answered that question where I said, “So you’re trying to…you’re so eager to get well, you know, it’s possible now.” Your mind is very busy so I think that related to you as well.

Noelle: I think so, too, yeah. I took the notes on that one, too.

Carol: Good. We’re excited for you.

Noelle: I appreciate your insights.

Carol: Yeah. I appreciate your being vulnerable and being honest. It helps everyone feel supported in choosing correct paths for themselves because we can all go, “Good for you to choose what’s correct for you, Noelle.”

Noelle: Yeah, yeah.

Carol: It’s awesome. All right. Well, look forward to hearing back from you as you give us updates.

Noelle: I will, yeah. Thank you so much.

Carol: Thank you. So, that was you may… You’ll be clued in the things that you are seeing that you’re ready to see to clear. Because there’s enough commentary, there’s enough feedback and coaching calls, we’ve got more than a year and a half of them now that you can listen to. This kind of conversation in the Facebook group, there’s all kinds of these captured conversations that are gonna clue you in. And so just trust that you’ll be clued in, too, that which is timely and important for you to know because you might be saying to yourself, “How am I gonna know what to do because, you know, Carol just told her?” Well, I’m having these kinds of conversations in Facebook group a lot. They are all captured on coaching calls. Kim has recorded anything of value I’ve ever said here in the Facebook group in the unit, so it’s all there to help you trust that you’ll be led to what you need to know to really get to that deep healing.

And you already are because a lot of us are already packed into the sessions. It is one of the gifts I have of writing scripts and tuning into those sorts of unknowns that keep humanity stuck, and so, so many are already in the healing sessions. Okay. Let’s go to our live Q&A. I’ll take a few of those. Then we’ll talk briefly about some tips to work with your mind, to quiet your mind. “Why is it when women don’t want kids they’re selfish, but when men don’t, it’s fine?” Actually, that I think is not necessarily the case. I think, I mean I never thought that. I don’t think that if anything, if that is the case of how some people think, so maybe because women have the procreative power because that is endowed in their biology. Like, for so long in religious cultures and beliefs, that has been the very strongly… And I’m not, you know, I’m not taking… I’m shedding light on things rather than saying what’s right or wrong.

You may have a religious conviction that it is a commandment to conceive and bear children, that’s awesome. Not everyone has that same religious conviction and value, and feels that that’s correct for them. So, I’m not taking a position anywhere, I’m just shedding light on how things get created and what we do with all that we experience in our human story, so please understand that. I’m not promoting any one choice. I trust you’ll do what’s correct for you. But in this case in your question because that has been primarily, in many cultures of our most recent period of history, a woman’s primary role. It’s only been since the ’60s that that started to shift. As I speak about it in “The Modern Chakra Guide” that when the feminist movement was starting its process in the ’60s, from the ’50s prior, a woman primarily in the 1950s and ’40s, her place was in the home.

Culture was very established stereotypically that women had children and raise them. Men were the ones that went to work and earn the income. And so that I think are the tailings and the kind of shadowing of those times when that was the established culture, so that’s why that would probably come up. “Aha! I love that you share your current state. I think it’s easy to see you as Saint Carol, but I love Teacher Human Carol best.” Yeah. I don’t wanna be anyone’s guru, I’m not interested. I wanna be your teacher and a guide, and I want you to be your own guru, and you have your own opportunity to be your own saint. I’m all about empowering you. “Carol, you are a highly intuitive woman. Your word rings of true.” Well, thank you. Any other questions? I appreciate the positive feedback, though.

“Quieting my mind is especially troublesome when I go to bed at night. I used to wait for everyone else in my house to go to bed before I felt calm enough to sleep. What is that say about me?” It’s a pattern and you can change the pattern. One thing that I do, I have a small pillow because it’s soft. One of the tips in shifting the brain, as I said earlier, the frontal lobe is too active. This is a strategy I learned from my study with Donna Eden who wrote “Energy Medicine.” When your frontal lobe is overactive and you can’t stop your thinking process, you wanna put pressure right here on your neurovascular points and breathe. I would recommend I have the breathe app that I use. You can program it to go on when you want it to. See if I can find it here. I don’t have a lot… Okay, calm. No, that’s not it. The breathe, there’s a couple of them out there but it will come on as many times as you program it to in the day.

And if you’ll add this technique, let’s say you get prompts, notifications to stop and breathe for a minute. If you were to add pressing your neurovascular points while you’re breathing, this pressure is activating blood flow to the frontal lobe to create more balance, so the thinking mind will quiet down. One thing I do at night, if you watch, I just put out a YouTube video about my kind of secret anti-aging tips and I have this little pillow that I sleep on. It’s called the Total Pillow. It looks like a donut in the shape of kind of like flower petals. I have a couple of those, and my older one I actually fold in half and I just lay it over my eyes, so I’m putting a slight pressure on my eyes and forehead when I fall asleep. That pressure is gonna help quiet my mind, it just become a new pattern that helps me go to sleep. If I don’t have it with me I might be able to, I could take a towel and roll it up, it’s enough pressure so I put some weight. I’ve also started sleeping with a weighted blanket that is not a correct decision for everyone, it works well for me. And so, that helps induce this sort of fetal, you know, this being in the womb, being held. So, those might be of assistance to you.

“What is at the core of people-pleasing? I can’t bear to let people down or disappoint someone, even I sacrifice what is best for me.” Well, what is in the clearing for people-pleasing script is what’s at the core, it’s all in there. I’ve included those and you’ll identify it’s variable. You’ll have 80% of what I’ve included in the script with some of those phrases that you’re clearing being your hotspots, like it’s at the core for you. So go through, and there’s not one core issue, but I’ve included in the clearing script the primary core issues. You’re gonna sure yours in there. So make sure you’re using that.

Last question, “I have done the childhood plan and I’m currently doing the abused plan. Anytime I do a visualization with my inner child, her face looks scare and she tries biting me, regardless of her age to include newborn. And she has also tried hurting me. Is there another plan or something else I need to do?” No, she can’t really hurt you, it’s all in your mind. Let her bite, pat her on the head, tell her you’re there for her, reassure her. It’s okay, apparently, she’s angry, scared, and it’s showing up in the visual that you’re getting. She’s not to… That part of you is testing in the subconscious, the metaphor of you being the adult. Your emotional wounding is represented as the child self, and that imaging shows that you are wounded as a child, you don’t trust adults and you have to have defenses. And so, she’s protecting herself in showing up but she really, really wants your love and affection. The part of you that never got that safely, consistently, so give it to yourself because she really can’t hurt you. Let her bite you, it’s in your imagination, remember? This is a story in your head but it represents the energies that are asking to be healed, that metaphor of the inner child, that’s why it works so well. All right, one more.
“My husband sometimes feels bad that I am not more present for my family. The truth is my mind is always going from thought to thought, things I’m doing, want to work on. I assumed it was just my type one nature. It could be that I need to practice quieting my mind.” Everybody needs practice quieting their mind. Here are my tips. When you first…put your phone down when you’re going, when you’re ordering food, when you’re talking to someone, you’re with your spouse, you’re with your children. Don’t be texting someone and talking to them at the same time. Practice being present with whatever you’re doing, be aware. See, because what’s happening is you’re doing other things, your mind is preoccupied by something else, you’re now running this duality. And if you’re doing it in your day-to-day life with other things, meaning on your phone while you’re doing something else.

You’re on your phone and you’re going over here and saying, “Kids, blah, blah, blah.” You’re answering your child’s question, you know, while you’re talking. Stop this practice of two, my mind being split, my mind being in two places at one time. Be present. When you’re on your phone, be on your phone. When you’re eating, eat. When you talk to your child, talk to your child. Practice being present in the one activity because you then won’t have this ability, effortlessly, to be involved in something else while your mind is giving its attention to something else. When you’re going to sleep, you’re in bed going to sleep because your mind now is present in what you’re engaged in. And that’s just something people don’t do much these days. They’re stimulating and kinda splitting their mind’s ability to be preoccupied in many places. I could work on that.

The second thing, create periods of sitting down and being quiet and choose to create quietness whenever you can, in your car, in your home, don’t have the TV on in the background or music. Don’t always be listening to something. Get used to being quiet, notice how much your thoughts start filling in the quiet space. Well, you’ve trained yourself to think there always needs to be something going on, something stimulating. So, practice being quiet, anything else going on. I talk about my experience in my book, “Mastering Affluence” of traveling to India for nearly a month and attending a silent retreat. My husband and I both did it but we did it at different times because it would have been an interference to have each other there. I didn’t know anyone there. There’s about 200 people in the campus that was in southern India.

You flew into Chennai, traveled about two and a half hours into the countryside. This was not [inaudible 01:06:06]. You were in a very, very modest facility, we shared a very modest dorm room with 13 other women and there were about 200 people. Idea was to choose to be silent from the very first day. You arrived on campus till the day you left. Out of the 200 people, only about 25 of us did it, I was one of them. I do have an ability when my choose into something I really commit. And I’ve already been practicing mindfulness and awareness of being present in my life, and my thoughts had gone to a crazy place of being overly excessive. I was just like my thoughts were driving me crazy. You know, I was just writing a lot of what even now I consider a legitimate pattern of OCD that’s in my family. Genetically, this is a diagnosable thing in my family system.

And the first few days were like shut up because you’re always with yourself. See, we create other things outside of us to distract us from our thoughts. So, when I had none of those distractions, only head was me and my thoughts, they went on like…they were like on, you know, steroids. And then by that day five or six, it started to quiet down. By day 7, 8, 9, by 10, day 10, it kinda got quiet. It got very quiet, it got very peaceful. It’s kind of a broke state, it finally gave up. It finally just… And it got quiet and it got really peaceful. And I saw how hard people, how challenging it was for people not to talk. There were probably about five, six type one people in the whole group and forget it, they were talking every lunch, it wasn’t their thing. So, you don’t subject yourself to something like that nor is it a scenario that you’re gonna have many chances to go to, that’s one reason I was still fully committed.

But what I took away from that is I can at anytime choose to create a quiet atmosphere in portions of my day. I can set up my life so that I’m practicing some level of being quiet, so I’m just with my thoughts and I can just watch them, observe them. I don’t have to do anything about them. You become observer of your thoughts. You don’t have to respond to them. It’s like a tape running through your head. It’s just a machine, there it goes. Think of a ticker tape going pass you, there they all are, look at all those thoughts. Oh, there is that thought about that, there is that thought about that. It’s when you engage with it that you actually give it momentum. As you observe it starts to break state and become quiet. You might need some supplementation if your frontal lobe is overactive. One of the most…you know, the three supplements that Dr. Amon recommends for every person is a really quality multivitamin, a really quality omega-3 fatty acid, and a real quality vitamin D.

Those will help your brain because you wanna get that frontal lobe healthier. He’s got other information on his site about that. Those are just three basic supplements that most people will benefit from in getting better brain health because you may just have a, you know, high carb diets, sugar. It will, when your blood sugar spikes, you’re giving yourself an overactive stimuli to your brain and it’s not healthy for you. That’s one reason I got off sugar was for my mental health. And the quiet, the breathing app, so we’ve got creating quiet spaces, number one, practicing quiet in a structured way, maybe it’s only for a minute or two. Sitting down and just noticing your thoughts, then you add and kinda build on that. Number three, be engaged in one activity. Don’t give your mind the ability to train itself to be split and running several attention to different things.

Supplementation, number four, and then my last one is exercise your endorphins. Your brain does a lot…does very well. It needs more…that stimulates an endorphin response, that’s another reason I’m really committed to fitness. It’s not about body shape for me or a certain weight level, it’s about mental. A lot of what I do is for my mental health because I’ve been on the other side of this and it’s not fun. So, getting your heart rate up, it even takes only 12 minutes, 3, 4 times a week to really push those endorphins and activate them in your brain. Those are five things you can do that will help quiet your mind. Anybody else has a tip, we can share it real quick and I’ll read it out loud or it can be in the comment thread. I know Rebecca is here, she’s a yoga instructor and owner of a yoga business. And I love what she’s saying, “I say to my yoga students that the things are like a TV playing in another room. You can’t turn it off but you don’t have to go in and watch.”

It’s really great. Yoga is a great practice, to practice getting quiet, quieting your mind. Very good practice for that. I do yoga several times a week, that’s really helped me as well. So, that’s a great tip, Rebecca, thank you. And we got our winners, and then we’ll go ahead and wrap it up. “The Modern Chakra Book” is going to Lindsay Rabbit. “My thoughts have shifted as far as focusing on what is possible and recognizing when my thoughts or words are limiting my outcomes.” The I Am Grounded goes to Kaye Hazel. “Since being in the Healing Center, my thoughts have shifted to that I now believe I can heal myself. It is possible, it’s not too late. I don’t need to rely on or wait for others, or find someone to fix me. I feel empowered. Thank you, Carol.”

I Am Balanced is going to Phoebe Ann [inaudible 01:12:41]. “My thoughts are more positive. I let go with these and any negative thoughts, thank so the Healing Center.” That’s fabulous. Remember, your thinking mind is a tool. You got to train that tool to do what you want it to do. And it’s possible, that’s why we have the clearing script, the affirmation audios that’s training of the mind. Affirmation audios are teaching your mind to think in the affirmative. The daily scripts are a tool to train your mind how to think and thoughts of creation statements, intention, that’s the difference. There’s a little variable between the two but they have a little bit different focus using both for improving the use of this tool called the Thinking Mind. I’m gonna close real quick with a little passage from Mastering Affluence. “By being silent for 21 days, I began to hear the inner voice of my higher self, the conscious part of me. I learned that higher consciousness is different than the thinking mind.
As I began to experience myself observing my thinking mind, I recognize it’s a desire to control my life from a place of fear. The thinking mind can be trained. As you love your mind, it responds to your effort to shift into being a tool rather than a power that runs your life.” Again, it’s process of practicing and I wrote this on “Remembering Wholeness” years ago, 20 years ago when I wrote “Remembering Wholeness,” there’s no effort in thinking, you do it effortlessly. You do have a choice though of what you think and you can always choose again. And that’s pretty much what it looks like, choosing another thought, observing the ones you’re having. Thanks for letting me help you on this coaching call. I look forward to interacting with you here in the Facebook group. And how did your intention come into manifestation during the call? Share ahas or what you received from this experience. Thanks, everyone. And thank you again to Noelle. She’s a great guest. She’s a real active member here. She’s really loving…support and she loves and supports all of us. Thank to everyone being on the call.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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