Live Coaching Call January 15, 2019

1 hour, 17 minute video

In Week 1 of the Healing Plan for Weight Loss, you may have mixed feelings of impatience, confusion, hope, and motivation. Carol offers clarity on these and more. You’ll also be walked through a guided Clearing Session for Self-Sabotage.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Impatience from not seeing results or making progress

Chronic pain in your body that prevents exercise

Frustration from feeling unable to make changes

Confusion about whether an issue is yours or not to fix

You Want To:

Truly notice all the ways you’re healing—big or small

Discover the emotional side to the pain

Cut the ties that are keeping you stuck

Create emotional clarity & own what is yours

Affirmation for this Session:

I am clearing any known and unknown patterns of self-sabotage when it comes to making correct choices for my body and health.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 15:37

Session Transcript

Hello and welcome to the first for this year and for the group-supported healing plan for weight loss live coaching call. I am your coach and healing friend, expert healer, Carol Tuttle. I do have 25 years of expertise in the practice of natural healing with, for many of you may not know this, that I was a private practitioner for almost 15 years with a very, very successful private practice using the modality of rapid eye therapy and tapping primarily. You know, I bring all of my expertise to you here in the healing center. So thanks for being a member and say hello in the comment, where you’re tuning in from. It’s fun to see so many people from all over the world.

We have over 1,100 members in the Facebook group and about 1,700 Healing Center members in the entire membership. Not everyone chooses to join in on Facebook. But I just wanna say I was commenting to one of my colleagues today what a wonderful group this is. There’s such a good energy here, very supportive, safe, and a lot of accountability and proactive qualities and characteristics being shown in how you’re working through the material. So it’s a place you’re drawn to for support, which is what I wanted. So thank you for helping create that. It’s really a phenomenal space to be supported in and to share, share and receive.

So tonight, a couple of announcements. I’m excited to announce that I’ve just published two new resources in the Healing Center. The first one, “Visualization to Thaw out Frozen Emotions,” you know, I’ve produced these in response to some of the patterns and issues I have witnessed that members have been presented with and I wanted to give them added support. So the “Visualization to Thaw out Frozen Emotions” is a visualization I take you through to help open your mind to the practice of starting to feel. It’s actually your brain that’s in charge of this.

Your limbic system is where the part of your brain that controls the emotional experience. And so if that’s been shut down, less active, you may need some stimuli to get it going again and this visualization will prompt that. It may not happen in the first round of doing it. But keep doing it with the intent, “I’m feeling my feelings. I am feeling my feelings. It is safe to feel my feelings.” For many years of your life, it was not safe and not productive to feel your feelings because you were more in survival mode, getting through. But now it’s safe and you want to feel them because feeling is healing. So check that out.

Has anybody gone through that visualization? I did see that Marylyn posted this week that she had experienced that and had a powerful response to it. Anybody else been through that “Visualization to Thaw out Frozen Emotions,” share in a comment what your experience has been with that. And then just found out today a session that I produced a little bit ago called “Clearing Session for Fear of Journaling” has been published. You’ll find the frozen emotions visualization in the emotional category. These are not included in a healing plan. They are extra support resources for any healing plan.

The “Clearing Session for Fear of Journaling,” I decided to produce as I became aware that some people were either avoiding it, putting it off, issues would come up as a trigger to choosing to do it. And I put together a really powerful clearing session with tapping to help you clear that. You always bring in your story, your history, repressed emotion, into the healing center and that’s coming up. And it’s interesting to see what brings it forth. I’m sure you can agree with me on that one and go, “Yeah, I did not know I’d have that emotional response, hmm.”

All right, good thing I’m here. Anybody tried that one? That one’s under the general category. Anybody been through the clearing for journaling, fear of journaling? I love it when you post in the Facebook group, right here in the group, when you’ve tried the new…anything that’s outside of the designated resources in the healing plan, because it lets others know about them and it gives them the opportunity to consider it for themselves because you’re not strictly tied to everything just in the…you know, I certainly wouldn’t start adding a lot on, but make sure you get familiar with all of the different resources so that you can be inspired if you’re meant to use some other tools. Because you certainly can compliment what we’re doing with what’s in the healing plan with some other session work.

And that’s always beneficial for the group to know, “Hey, I tried this and I really found it supportive because…” So thanks for being public about that experience when you do add things on that are benefiting you and they are just add-ons rather than just, “I’m gonna get as much done as I can while I’m here,” because that doesn’t work. You’ll shut everything down because you’re in overload, in overdrive, and your system won’t do a thing.

So that could be the reason some of you aren’t feeling your emotions because you’re trying to force that. You gotta go with what is. It’s truly the practice of healing. Whatever is showing up is where you’re at. And if you try and force things, you’re back being that small child again, with your adult self forcing, “You’re gonna do healing now. All right, we’re healing. Come on. Get on board with the healing,” and your system is going to shut down.

What I refer to as your inner child, your subconscious mind, your subconscious psyche is going, “Uh-uh, I’m not playing, because guess what? I’m done being forced because that does not feel like healing.” So allowing is the status to be in. Allowing is your posture here. It’s your place of beingness, is allowing. And if that’s what’s showing up, your inner child is saying, “Well, I’m seeing if you’re really committed here and if you are safe and you’re not gonna turn into the demanding adult.” And so it might take a little more time for some of you. That’s okay. It’s still working.

And we will be taking live questions. Let me explain how this goes tonight, our itinerary for a live coaching call and they are recorded. I’m going to share a success story. And then I’ve chosen a group of submitted questions that I felt were the most applicable to the group at large. I will answer those and then we will allow time for some live questions. And then I have a clearing I wanna take you through. Clearing for self-sabotage and I’m gonna include in that something that I’ve recently tuned into is what I call sympathy weight.

What do you think that is? I like that title. Sympathy weight, “I’m carrying sympathy weight. I don’t want them to feel bad so I’ll join you.” “Mastering Affluence.” You all see the email that went out offering you a very discounted price as a Healing Center member of $10. You can check. Christine, what unit number is that in? I think you were going to look that up and put it in. Unit one.

So you’ll see here on the Facebook page, there’s a tab called units. Click on that in unit one, you’re gonna see a link to be able to purchase, “Mastering Affluence,” for $10. That’s a companion read to what you’re doing in the Healing Center. You wanna be reading while you’re going through the healing plan, the section on how to create physical affluence. Okay, so $10, click that link, you’ll be able to get the book. It’s the “aha” of why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s the principles behind it.

Also, thank you for all the testimonials and the information I’m seeing come up about that Carol Tuttle healing oils. I was able to get all 10. Yeah, I know. I walked down to my warehouse and picked them up, but these are amazing. I’m using them every day. I’m so honored to have been the one that was invited to work with putting together these blends. I was telling another colleague I feel like these each have a little stream of intelligence coming through them. They are really ready to go to work for you.

And I’ve been using Fit, of course, because of the healing plan we’re in. I’m Fit. The other one I’m really, really enjoying right now is I Am Nurtured. That one I put on at night cause, you know, I beat my body up a lot over the years, not just in shaming it but in being really hard on it at a physical level, pushing it, you know, just really demanding a lot off it with just how I lived my life. And I learned in the last couple of years I was abusing my body and it was taking a big hit and I’ve gone through a lot of healing at the physical level. So I put the I Am Nurtured on at night. I put it on the soles of my feet and I’ll also put it on my neck.

Julia, my daughter-in-law, texted me a couple of nights ago and she said, “How are you using the I Am Nurturing in your application?” And I told her I put it on my feet because that’s a great place of absorption. All the nerve endings are in your feet. And then also I want the scent of it in my face area.

And then I also filled a spray bottle with distilled water and I put about anywhere from five to eight drops depending on the size. This is a really…it’s about that size bottle, it’s distilled water, and I put the drops of the oil and I spray that in my energy field, my auric field before I go to bed. And my intent is to be nurtured during my sleep. And I have another practice when I go to sleep, I ask my angels to come surround me and nurture me and just be there with me as I sleep. And then if I’m kind of dragging out the going to sleep process, I’ll say in my mind, “I’m going to sleep in five minutes or less,” and it works every time. I go to sleep. I just put that energy at my space and there it is. Some little tips.

I hope you’ll please share an experience of using the oils in a comment if you’ve been able to purchase them and put them to practice. And I hope you’ve noticed that we’ve discounted the oils for Healing Center members because I really want to support you in using them as a support tool with the work you’re doing here. And you’re gonna find that they actually have real sustainability in your life. You get used to their scent being a part of your experience every day.

And then, big giveaway in two weeks. Yeah, big, like, bigger than I even anticipated when we decided to do this. We’re gonna give away a Blendtec, $550 Citrine necklace, lots of other goodies that we’ve gathered. And I have a video that I posted today about some more of the goodies that we’ve gotten, some of my favorite healthy lifestyle products. And some of these I have affiliate partnerships with. Others, they’re too small, they don’t offer that. I just love what they put out in the world and I want to support them because they make great products. So that wasn’t a criteria.

And I’m so excited. We actually are switching bowl companies. We’ll have those links switched out in a little bit. Certainly, keep buying from… I mean that’s a reputable bowl company. They just had some limitations that I wanted to find a new one. And the Tibetan singing bowl company we’re now partnering with, they’re sending a bowl as a giveaway. I think it’s a really… No. I don’t know what size it is. I haven’t seen it yet, but I really wanted to include a Tibetan singing bowl as part of the giveaway and we’re gonna have… Yeah, we’re gonna have a lot, all my products too, Carol Tuttle book library, all my books in a set, an oil set. I want to give away a Healing Center monthly membership that you can give to somebody. I want you to give it to somebody that really needs this in their life. So that’ll be part of the giveaway too. Who’s excited? Raise your hand in a comment.

Okay. Success Story, I love this success story. Think of your success stories. It’s really important that you pause. This is the moment. Now we’re gonna pause and you’re gonna look back. We’re a week into this. What’s your success story for the past week? It can be the most minor, something that you wouldn’t even have noticed unless you took the time to notice it. And we’re taking that time right now. What’s your success story for the past week?

We’re so practiced at looking like, “We still have to change, fix, we’re not okay with,” that we miss the moments of success that are showing up every day. This success story, I actually… Christine, I don’t know if you can put this up. I really wanted it in the… I wanted to show it to everybody. If you can throw it up as an image that I can click on here in the broadcast. If you can, I will go to a question and come back to this success story because this is actually a teaching opportunity as well, what I’m gonna share. So text me if that is doable. I wanna just consider that it is.

So I’m gonna go to the first question because the success story involves an image I wanna show you. Okay. Okay, this was asked in multiple ways, this particular question. And so we’ve kinda just condensed it to be an overall question. How to overcome giving up that the results aren’t coming fast enough.

“I do well with eating the correct amount for a day or two then overeat as soon as I feel like I’m making any progress. How do I end this cycle?” Okay. So the challenge in this is that you’re still focused on an outcome of weight, which ultimately is what you want in the big scheme of things. I easily maintain a healthy weight in my life now, but didn’t have it in a week. I was clearing years and decades of negative self-talk, flawed perceptions of myself, practices that I thought would get me what I wanted that were ineffective. I was coming from a place of trying to make something happen rather than allowing my body to create what was possible.

It doesn’t happen in a week. You’re changing the internal process of how you deal with the outer world. Food is in the physical world. Your body is a physical form. You don’t switch that in a week. You may be healing generations of flawed body practices. Did your mom have weight issues? Did your father shame your mother? Did you get put on diets when you were a child? Come on. This stuff goes way back. And if you can get excited about the fact that this isn’t a quick fix, “I’m gonna lose 10 pounds in a week,” because the chances of you reversing that are so high if you don’t change the interior that you’re gonna be bound to an eating practice that will feel confining and restrictive to you in order to maintain health.

I experience freedom with food, complete freedom. I never feel unfulfilled. I never anymore feel I have to withhold. I never feel it’s difficult. I’ve even found solutions that have been very satisfying to me that when I gave up sugar two and a half years ago, I was introduced to…I attracted into my life alternatives where I ate the most amazing what’s considered a low carb. I don’t really do keto. By the way, keto is taught that, I mean, that’s like super low carb. I eat fruits, I eat grains. If you wanna see what I eat, follow me on Instagram Stories.

I eat a lot healthy food, greens, and fresh produce. But I eat very low carb and I do not eat sugar or grains and I have substitutes. But I ate the most delicious and it’s one of the giveaways. It’s a mix. It’s a cinnamon bun, cinnamon roll mix, with cream cheese frosting. I mean, I just don’t wanna throw food in your face here in the group, but it’s healthy. It’s perfect for my body. I mean, what I do isn’t necessarily correct for you. My body knows what it wants and this is working. And so I maintain a weight of between 158 to 163 without any…with just intuitive living every day.

In the morning, I ask my body, “What time do you wanna eat?” I can even muscle test that and find out. I teach you how to muscle test this in the Healing Center. Look under general for energy testing session. You’re still practicing this, getting on the scale, “I haven’t lost any weight.” That’s what needs to be cleared, that whole pattern. Now I do weigh myself, but I took the scale out of the bathroom. I have been able to create weighing myself as an accountability practice that I wanna check in, see where I’m at. I’m actually really pleased with the fact that I’m like, “Hey, this is, you know, it’s maintaining. Let’s celebrate this.” Will it take you three decades like it did me? No. Could this start flipping by the end of the four-week period? Yes, for sure. You are learning lifestyle practices to change the interior of your being so the exterior will be freed up to change itself.

What does that look like? I don’t know your history. I don’t know how deep this goes. You know, so what you’re doing when you do that, all you gotta do is tell yourself, “I’m playing out an old pattern. That old pattern of belief does not get me the results I want. That’s why I’m feeling discouraged. I’m choosing to do this different now.”

So how do you overcome giving up if the results aren’t coming fast enough? Well, who said, you know, again, you’re pressuring your body into something to say, “Come on. I demand this. Come on.” And again, your child, the psyche of your body is like a small child. It’s gonna, like, go, “No way. You know, this doesn’t feel like love. This doesn’t feel like support.” Again, the message you send your body is, “You’re not good enough, Body. You just can’t do it fast enough.” You want to keep clearing. We’re at the end of week one, one week.

I love, who posted this week the analogy of a seed. And it’s like planting a seed then digging it up continually so you won’t have your…you know, “Are you growing yet? Come on, what’s taking you so long? Get going, Seed.” It doesn’t work that way. It’s a completely different approach than any… There’s a few other people that teach what I teach. But it’s rare. It’s a different approach to getting healthy, getting fit, getting to your proper weight.

“So I wanted to know about chronic pain and exercise. I have had a lot of trouble with my feet while exercising and so I mainly just never do. I felt drawn to it as I embrace more of my type one nature and it still bothers me. I’m only 30 and I want to change this.” You know my “aha” right now that I’m getting for you is I’m gonna be giving away a pair of socks. I don’t know if you’re going to win them, but Voxx Socks, V-O-X-X. If you go to, then you can look into this brand of socks that I think could help you.

I’ll let you read about it. I don’t want to take the time, but I introduced them on my public Facebook page a few months ago. I wear them every day. I’ve had a lot of stuff in my feet I’ve had to heal. My big core issue in my childhood was walking on eggshells. So I had to discover what was the emotional energy that might feet took on early in my life. And it was that and my family environment. You know, that’s a whole…

We’re gonna be doing the healing plan for disease and illness later on in the year as a supported group experience. I don’t want to go too off onto that topic, but Voxx Socks, voxxlife,, they activate all the nerve endings in your feet, activate your brain. And they’ve helped me tremendously and my feet getting healthier. So check those out and there’s an emotional issue connected. That’s where you’ve got to CSI that. You gotta be the investigator of your own issue to go, “Hmm, what’s the emotional side of this?”

“Last summer I was doing pretty well. I was maybe 10 pounds from my goal. My husband said I’m looking really good and bit his lip. I internally vomited and gained 15-ish pounds and I’m not able to lose it all. I want to release that control so I can get back to where I wanna be, open to my next love and confident and happy for him. Hubby is not faithful and so there’s no hope for us. I just want to heal myself.

I also have issues with my body weight now and all of my mom’s words have poured on to me the past couple of months. I’m disgusting because I’m overweight.” There’s a lot in that question, the way that it was written, packed in there. Okay, intuitively, I’m sensing that you’re energetically too tied up with these other people. So there’s too much energy that you’re tethered to with these other people that you’re not free to choose then what you want and make that a much easier path for yourself.

So I would do the energy sketching for family patterns. Check that out. That’s in the general section. This question almost has a little bit too much going on. So do you have too much going on in your life so that you’re not able to care for yourself properly because there’s a lot? The energy of this question is kind of a whirlwind. And so I’m sensing that you’re not in your body and grounded in your energies…too distraught, too tethered to other people, which pulls you out easily. So it takes you out of balance because you’re not independently running your own energy and you do, in week one, the clarity for taking on other people’s energy. So that should help you.

Okay. Let’s go back to the success story. This was actually just posted. You see this photo? This was a response to a question that I was asked a few months ago and this is their report. This particular Healing Center member shared that she had expressed that she felt like success was, or what she wanted to do was always around the corner, that she could never get to it. It was always around the corner and it never showed up for her. In her case, it was wanting to do her art. And so I sat and I didn’t know what it was she was wanting. I just tuned into the verbiage she used and said, well energetically she keeps setting her up that can ever get what she wants because it’s around a corner. It’s not there for her. It’s not in her path. She never turns the corner. It’s easy to stay on the other side of the corner and be in fear and hesitation.

I said, “Well, draw a sketch of that,” and you can see that she’s written on the top, “Something good is right around the corner and if I work hard enough, I might turn the corner.” Well, no matter how hard she worked, she never turned the corner because fear and issues would come up that would block it. So I said, “Well, energy sketch this and now show that…get rid of the corner, straighten out your path and put what you want right in front of you on the path,” and she did. “Good things are always showing up for me. I can have and enjoy what I want. My next step is shown clearly to me and my angels present me with opportunities for inspired action.” And she wrote on these little signposts, “I can draw well, a healthy romantic relationship.”

Since then she’s been engaged in an artist challenge where she, from what I recall in her post today, she has drawn and been practicing her art every day for 100 days. Did it work? Yes, I would say so. Wow. That, like, really worked. She shifted it completely and she posted. So check that out in the Facebook group for her post that…I think it’s Gretchen. She’s adorable and she’s practicing her art and she shared an illustration. I’m really happy to share that success story and the power of energy sketching. It’s pretty amazing. It’s really powerful. That’s why I teach it. It’s a Carol Tuttle Original…just like Festivus was a…for you Seinfeld fans. I felt like I was in a Seinfeld moment there that I created the energy sketching model. I didn’t learn that from anybody. It was my own inspiration that brought that to me.

All right, “How do I know when I am blaming someone else for something I need to own, specifically, my complacent husband, who hasn’t changed in 11 years? I’ve spent a decade healing from wounds that came from situations involving him and his family. They all live next door and he won’t leave. I’ve voiced my need to move but also feel like I would be ripping him from his roots. How do I turn around this loose feeling?” There is a session, again, that energy sketching for shifting and it’d be fabulous if my support team could throw up the links to this stuff. Everything I talk about would be nice to have in the comment thread so it’s easily available for you.

It’s the energy sketching where you lift your partner to a higher plane of consciousness And it’s very, very easy to project onto our partners the perception that they’ve made right and we bought into for years. My husband will even say sometimes, “Why do you wanna see me that way? That’s because you are. And so maybe I’d change if you change your perception of me,” and I’m not, “Oh,” and I’ve said the same thing to him.

So we do disable people from changing by our own projection onto them and hold… It’s also changing the script is a very powerful tool. So check out those sessions. And again, you trying to force someone to do something like trying to…your belief is he won’t change. Maybe he’ll get tired and worn out by his family and wanna shift or maybe everybody will change and you’ll enjoy being around him. That’s possible too.

Blaming in every case, you say, “How do I know when I am blaming someone else for something I need to own?” You’re better off owning everything because anything that’s running internally for you is your stuff. And if somebody triggers you, they’re a messenger. They’re showing you, you have emotional issues. It’s very different when you’re emotionally clear and mature and making a decision from that place of awareness versus upset, bothered, feeling powerless, see? That’s when we feel like the small child again, “And I can’t do anything to change this.” That’s a how you know you’re blaming because if a choice is made from a place of emotional maturity and peace and awareness, you just know it’s correct versus, “I got to change this because I don’t like what I’m feeling.”

What does the opposite look like? When I am owning something when I should be setting a boundary with someone else’s behavior toward me. Again, it’s that emotional distinction I just mentioned, when you’re clear, it’s… For example, I have a sibling who I’ve set some very clear boundaries with that were necessary because it just wasn’t pleasant anymore to interact on a personal level with this particular family member.

They didn’t really trigger me and they didn’t take me out anymore. It wasn’t that. It wasn’t like, you know, feeling like I was back in my childhood, replaying the same emotion. It was from an adult space where I just thought, “You know, this isn’t pleasant. It’s not what I want and it’s correct for me to set a boundary,” and I did it in a very civil, polite way, just in an email, in an exchange we were having where he was saying some things that were not, you know…it wasn’t civil and it was uncaring and his remarks and I’m not interested in that anymore.

And so I was able to just say, without accusing, without blaming or calling him out, I just set a boundary. I was very clear and said, “I’ve decided that it’s best not to have a personal relationship with you. I’m choosing to interact with you in extended family matters only. Thanks for respecting that.” And he wrote back and said, “Okay.” So he didn’t say, “I don’t like what you’re doing.” And I knew that would just enroll him and coming back at me. I just stated what I was choosing. “This is what’s correct for me and I respect you dealing with your past and your experience in whatever way you feel is correct and I will do the same for myself. So at this juncture, I’m choosing to only interact with you here.”

That’s the difference. Does it take you out? Are you an emotional mess? You’ve got work to do. And you may need to set some boundaries while you’re doing that work. I mean, I set a major boundary in 1991 by leaving California and moving away from my extended family. I didn’t know how to heal my life living around my family and having a relationship with my father.

I estranged myself from my dad for five years. My mother then chose to estrange herself from me because I think my dad was putting pressure on her to end the, you know, kind of back at you. That is a severe boundary. That’s all I need to do. It was the survival of me and my family at that point. I didn’t have resources like you have. So, you know, there’s levels of boundaries when you’re healing. Yeah. You possibly need some boundaries in place so you could do this healing work.

“Is it possible to hold weight in certain areas to protect that area? As a child, I was teased badly by other kids and even family for my chicken legs. Ever since then, I have been ashamed of my legs. Nowadays because my legs have edema problems and gain weight easily, is it my body’s way of protecting me from that childhood hurt?” Very much. I mentioned earlier that my feet took on the emotion of walking on eggshells that had never been cleared and healed from my body taking on that emotional energy. It very much describes my childhood.

I had chronic plantar fascia, tendinitis, and neuropathy issues all at the same time. I’m, like, it felt like really walking on eggshells. So definitely, that’s where the clearing walks… See, the clearing walk is clearing the body. You don’t clear the body through thought. You clear the body through movement. And so what can you say, you know, if you were to say using the clearing walk in one hand, put your positive statement. “I’m grateful for my healthy fit legs.”

What comes up? Let your legs talk. Let them talk and speak out the energy. You could do this for any physical part of your body. Maybe it’s your abdomen area. Maybe you were sexually wounded or abused and assaulted, and you may have a thick middle to protect that, you’re sexual organ area. Maybe your neck is thick and you don’t have your throat Chakra open and that’s a protective, your voice. Swelling, inflammation in hands, any part of the body, what is the part of the body that has got old energy, the clearing walk, remember? Go back to the session and listen to what I say as to why we’re doing it because the body clears through movement. That is for your body’s benefit, that clearing walk.

I got to the point…and some of you, I think I posted but you may not have read it. My first clearing walk that I did in about 1997, I practiced this for the first time, three hours up and down stairs and around a building. Energy did not move as easily as it does now. I was entrenched with shame and I remember when I would say the words but no emotion was coming. That’s why I’m telling you to do it every day for five days. I’m not hiking. Go hike that mountain and when you come back you’ll be feeling this.

And it’s easier to feel stuff nowadays. If no emotion is coming forward, do the visualization for thawing out frozen emotions. But what I remember, I just dropped to the ground in tears. My body finally just… I recall that vividly, that, wow. I was, like, on my knees just sobbing, weeping. There was just so much that my body had taken on for me and in all that I’d experienced. So your body does a lot for you. It works so dang hard. So yeah, great takeaway tonight, what part of your body needs added support with the clearing walk?

“One of my few problems is in lack mindset. I think I need to eat that because I may not get the opportunity later. Is there something I can do to help this?” Yeah. I have a YouTube video that I talk about the number one reason you can’t lose weight. It’s the experience of deprivation. And so one of my support team can grab that link to the YouTube video. Let’s put it up actually in the group. We’ll put it up as an individual post as well that it is going to help you get to that deeper issue of deprivation which precedes you by many generations because it was a legitimate fear that our ancestors lived in, that they would be deprived of their rights, their freedom, food, their…you know.

Many, many of our ancestors have come from very primitive times. In the pool of our DNA, we have that memory and that old consciousness still did not clear. So I talk about that in the YouTube video. Every week on Wednesday a new YouTube video goes up, Heal with Carol. They are excellent. They get posted on the blog at There are two posts that go live. Make sure you’re subscribed to It will support your healing efforts here.

There’s a short written post every week that goes up and a video from YouTube that we post on the blog that goes live. It goes live Wednesday on YouTube and then will get published on the blog on Thursday. And make sure you get that, subscribe to that. It’s connected with everything you’re doing here. There’s some really good YouTube videos about weight stuff. It’s not uniquely different, but it just…it’s likened to what you’re doing in the healing plan. But there may be something I say just a little different that tweaks something for you, that plugs you in, in the right awareness. So those are an asset to what you’re doing in the healing plan.

Okay. “One of my issues is sleep. I have struggled with insomnia for over 30 years. It can take me hours to go to sleep and I also wake up frequently. I understand that poor sleep and excess weight often go together. I am also doing figure eights [inaudible 00:40:57] and tapping about sleep. These do seem to help my stress level, but I still stay awake for hours.” It’s not fun. Sorry, you’re doing that. I talked earlier. So if you didn’t hear what I said at the front of the broadcast, go back and listen about how I’m using the I Am Nurtured.

Your fight and flight I think is running that you’re on alert status. Do you have, in your history, anything you had to stay alert to in your life? Like your body’s going, “Danger, danger. I’ve got to state my mind, keep my mind active.” I’m sensing there’s some history there about having to kind of like watch your back. What’s that about? It could be anything from… I’m getting that it’s not necessarily severe abuse, but parents fighting. It’s an old, old habit and your system has…it’s in overdrive. It’s a habit based on some childhood patterns that were developed earlier in your life around seven or eight.

And please, I love it when you come back, even right after or, you know, in the next day or week that you…if I’ve given you feedback. For any of you whose question has been answered, it is fabulous to get an update and say, “I’m the one who asked dah dah, dah, and Carol gave me this feedback and, yup. Okay. And this is what helped.” So clear that old staying alert. I think that psychological reversal, “I’m okay no matter what happens. I’m okay to go to sleep.”

This is something you could edit into the psychological reversal session rather than saying, “I’m okay no matter what happens.” Slip in the verbiage of, “I’m okay to go to sleep. I’m okay.” Give it a reference to sleeping that it’s okay to fall asleep and then do my little trick of, “I’m falling asleep.” Now, I get a hit on I’ll either say, “I’m falling asleep in 10 minutes or less.” You might say, “I’m falling asleep in 20 minutes or less,” and check out those steps I gave you about using the I Am Nurtured, because feeling safe and nurtured while you’re sleeping because the pattern has been, “I had to stay alert and awake to any upsets.” I’m now safe to go to sleep. Okay, let us know how that goes.

Several of you asked this question. “How can you tell if your body is hanging onto weight because of emotional energetic reasons or health reasons: hormones, liver, etc., or are they so intertwined it doesn’t matter?” All is intertwined. There’s emotional components to any physical issue. This is why you want to be reading, ”Mastering Affluence,” because you’re going to learn that in the book. I don’t spend time in the session work explaining the philosophy, the principle behind what’s going on here. I do in the book. $10, there’s a link in unit one to get that as a Healing Center member for $10. Always, always, there’s emotional issues that drive physical imbalances, okay? Clean those up, the body can reset.

“I eat a very good diet, whole foods, local, organic when possible. I eat very little processed food of any kind and hardly any sugar at all. I have been following ‘Primal Blueprint,’ for several years. No grains, no beans, etc. I don’t binge. I don’t eat at night. I do Whole30 periodically. I feel better when I’m doing it, but I lose no inches. I worked with a trainee for three months and my measurements changed not one bit. He was surprised. I only weigh a couple of times a year and it just creeps up, never down.” Well, you’ve got emotional stuff that your body is hanging on the weight for. That’s why you’re here. Not once will I tell you what to eat or not to eat while you’re in this four-week experience. It’s all about freeing your body up so it can do the job it’s designed to do. Get healthy. It wants to be healthy. Do you believe that? Are you doing the journaling?

A couple of things about the journaling: it gives a voice to what’s been unspoken and what insights you need for yourself. But it’s very important that you express what’s gone unexpressed that the body carries and you’ll learn a tremendous amount. Please share in a comment how the journaling has been a support to you. It is not the same to type it. There’s a reason you’re doing this with your hands. You need to get the body involved in this practice of using a writing instrument. It comes out differently, okay? Please do it as I have taught it.

There’s a reason you’re doing everything exactly as I am teaching you to do it. Altering it can change the benefits and reduce the benefits. There’s a reason I have you say certain things, tap certain places, that we do certain processes. Please do not go and have somebody do the mirror work. That’s not a part of the healing center. You wanna blow up their life, leave their energy hanging out there? I would never have you that independent of everything else you’re doing. It’s a really potent session. And I’m, like, you can get people processing in their energy without closing it up and bringing closure to it because you don’t know what you’re doing.

I had somebody recently say to me on a Facebook post, “I’m using your work with my clients,” and I’m like, “Well, first you’re, you know, that’s not copyright ethical. And secondly, don’t mess with this stuff. I’ve had a lot of years’ experience of knowing how to, like, get your energy moving and then how to bring it full circle into closure so you’re not, like, energetically down for a week.” So don’t be out there practicing this with people, which I don’t think many of you do. Maybe somebody needed to hear that.

Okay, one more question then let’s go to live questions. “My issue is hiding, so just posting this feels like a risk, hiding, not just from those outside, but also from my own thoughts and feelings. I think I’m trying to fix myself before I allow myself to be seen. And I avoid getting started by overwhelming myself with information. I’m a type four, secondary two, so by nature, I’m a private person. But it’s gone too far. I want to address my weight issue, but something tells me it’s the tip of the iceberg. I’m stuck and not sure how to move forward.”

You know, go there. You may have heard me say on my call…watch my “Energy Profiling with Carol” Facebook show I did yesterday about who saw that about the energy of 2019. And I also published on what the energy of 2019 has in store for you. And so you could read that also to gather some insights. It requires more energy and it’s more destructive to stay hiding than it is to do the healing work now. It’s less work. It’s less upsetting to your life. The scale has shifted. It used to be it was easier to stay in denial.

When I started doing this in 1987, nobody was doing this kind of deep work, very few. If you were a John Bradshaw Fan, you were doing it. He was a godsend in my life. He helped me start healing my inner child. And it was tough. It was hard work to bring it, you know, really do any of this work because the consciousness of the planet didn’t support it and the energy was too shut down.

Nowadays, it’s wide-open, man. People are processing right and left. It’s like it’s easy to shift. It’s easy to clear. What your challenge and opportunity now is to stick it and make it a practice and stay at a different vibrational experience that’s your mainstay. It’s constant. That’s why ”Mastering Affluence” is such a big piece of this. So you’re here for a reason. Commit to a bigger window of healing. You know, I’ve had some people say, “I’m here for the whole year.” Good for you. Good for you.

We’ve talked about offering I’m Curious. My CEO doesn’t know I’m going to say this, but he and I have chatted about offering an annual membership option, you know because that’s something some of you would be interested in. Well, the reason I like it is it commits you. You know, I used to have in my private practice, I required clients to pay 12 sessions upfront. They couldn’t see me unless they paid in full. Here was my reasoning in that. Get it paid so you don’t have to keep thinking about money to do this work. It’s out of the way. You’re here now. You’re doing this.

My healing, money, too many times money wins out when really, there shouldn’t even be any question about what’s the priority. And I gave them a good deal and I wanted them to get results and I knew if they came to see me one or two times, I’m like, “That’s not gonna do anything.” They needed to be in there for a longer term to get a major life change and I wanted him to tell other people. So I built my practice on word of mouth and that was my strategy. I’m gonna build this on people telling other people based on the results they get. How do I make sure they get results? So anyway, this is just a question you might wanna answer.

Let’s do some live questions and then we’re gonna do a healing technique, a clearing for self-sabotage because how many of you do now in this kind of food…this world of food is around every corner? “What is the best support, or way to live stay in the moment and just let, be, and accept what comes to me and is correct for me instead of always worrying and pushing life so hard, trying to force it to happen?”

Read, ”Mastering Affluence.” It’s full of tips and techniques to help you achieve what you’re wanting. What keeps us from living in the present moment awareness is emotional triggers. When you have repressed emotional energy that’s not been accounted for, it gets triggered, you’re no longer able to live in the present and your mind goes to the states of past and future thought processes and over-thinking and worrying and processing things. Do the emotional work. It’s the most potent way you can free yourself up to grow. I have a section in, ”Mastering Affluence,” “How to Grow yourself up Emotionally.” I’d recommend you read that.

“The question about shifting or moving along the energy of others. Energy sketching, messing with their Karma, and their learning path if you go and elevate them energy sketching them up.” You can’t force anything on anyone. You’re presenting them with a…it’s basically giving them the asset of an opportunity. It’s their sole journey. You don’t have that kind of power. It’s shifting your energy if anything more than theirs to go, “Oh, I can hold you in a different perceptual view at a higher energy that you want to join me.” It’s probably doing more for you than them. And it opens the space for that to happen. It’s like an energetic invitation.

Ultimately, their soul is in charge of their own journey, but I’d say most people, their souls want them to heal. You know, I think that’s pretty reasonable that that would be the motive. No. You know, I teach in, ”Mastering Affluence,” the life lesson that our souls want us to learn now is not going through more junk. It’s how to live in joy. That’s like the number one lesson. The soul is seeking for us to say, “You know what, that whole struggle thing, you guys got that down,” you know. You don’t even think twice about it. I think you learn that lesson. Let’s learn joy. That’s a challenging lesson. So I don’t think you’re messing with anyone’s Karma or life path. You don’t have that kind of power. You’re just opening a space for a potential outcome.

“I am doing the weight loss program for the second time. I noticed that some of my journaling is almost identical to what I journaled for the same prop four months ago. It actually depresses me that I have not progressed in the last four months. First thought is to not read my prior journaling but maybe it is good to see that I still need more work.”

Yeah, don’t think… Again, what you’re taking, I never said… I’ve never taught you that if you write the same thing every time you journal you are not making any progress. That is a self-induced measurement, based on what? Maybe it felt so great to be able to have a space to say what you’re saying, you wanna say it again. How many times do you repeat yourself when you’re having an argument or you’re wanting to be heard with your spouse?

You know you’re like, “Okay, yeah. I keep saying that,” because you just wanna be heard. We repeat ourselves in conversations because we are insisting to be heard. So this part of you wants to be heard. Welcome it rather than judge it as, “You didn’t progress again.” Look how hard we are on ourselves. Look how many times this has come up. Look how hard you are on yourself that it’s still not good enough. It’s a week and write it 10 times, maybe you’ll be heard.

I had to write things… I had to pull out my original journals from years and years ago, the early 90s, late 80s, even. I have like at least three or four. Oh, my goodness. Yeah, it didn’t matter to me what I wrote. It was the fact that I was giving myself the chance to say it finally, you know, and just let it express. Your body will carry what’s unexpressed. That’s what’s contributing to the weight issues. Okay. So that’s great. Take away that measurement that somehow if you repeat, you haven’t made any progress.

Okay. “How do you move forward in the program when you’re having resistance to do the exercise because the negative behaviors, bingeing on sweets or providing pleasure and on some level, you may not want to clear them even though they’re not good for you?” This is, again, getting in touch with what part of you is resisting. Is it an inner child, a younger part of you? Wait till you get into… You’re one week into this. Set the intention that this will be addressed in the upcoming three weeks, okay? Give yourself more time. You’re going to find some help with this.

“How do you know what needed to be cleared when you did the energy walk?” Well, I suggest, again, in this session the one…use it with the phrase that I say in the healing plan and then you can even prompt yourself. Other people have been posting here in the Facebook group other positive statements they’ve been using as their setup to see what…through intuition and inspiration, they’ve felt moved to come up with a positive phrase they feel is correct for what they want to create and then they’ll see what will resist it. That’s a really good thing to post in the group and say what are some other phrases other than what’s suggested in the healing plan that you’ve used for the clearing walk? Let the group give you some feedback on that, what they’ve been doing.

“As we do clearings and address past family history, does this also affect our children?” Very much so. You are cleansing the DNA of your family system. It goes backwards and forwards and sometimes sideways. I know my extended family, from my family of origin, are living… I was the one in my family that chose to play this role. No one else has even gotten close to doing this kind of work. No one even asked me about what I do. I’m an anomaly in my family system because they know I’m well known, but no one ever says a word to me. But I don’t have that closer relationship with anybody. So it’s not like I’m talking to them that much.

But yes, my children thank me. They thank me. In fact, I energetically… I have one son, my youngest son, who’s dealt with depression more than any of the other kids, and I am just… I’ve worked so hard on healing that one particular imbalance and healing my depression that I’ve learned through my years of healing this that it was a lifelong state of being. I was depressed as a child. I just had no other reference to being well that to now that it’s healed, I command that energy to move forward, to move to my posterity, to my son and literally pass on the construct of what I have been able to move.

You know, I just like give him this. I’ve done this work. There is no reason he needs to have any of this in his life. I imagine his brain receiving the benefit of the healing work I’ve done and now he’s doing awesome. And now my children are beneficiaries… Are you my grandchildren? Talk about children that are in alignment with their truth. It’s quite a profound experience in your family system. So good for you. You’re giving a massive gift. They may never ever thank you, but you’re doing it.

“What if there is no resistance coming up during clearing walks? I can say I’m fit and healthy over and over again and nothing comes up.” Do that for clearing for frozen emotion, okay? Visualization. Visualization for frozen emotion.

“My first husband choked me and carried butcher knives and threatened me. I gained 100 pounds when I was 40. I weigh 250 now. What can I do?” Why don’t you check out the clearing for abuse session? Add that to what you’re doing. I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s pretty intense. So whatever part of you that… Yeah, there is a component of you that attracted an abusive male that you wanna cleanse your energy of, okay, that your body doesn’t need to carry a protective cover for itself.

“How do I free myself from the negative thought that I will gain my weight back? I have reached my goal weight many times.” Again, keep doing the sessions. Keep doing the clearing. You’re moving into week two now. There’s new sessions to do. The only one you repeat is clearing for overweight, clearing for weight issues. There’s all new sessions to do. For this last question, watch “How to Write your own Clearing Script,” because you can craft your own script based on the fears that are presenting. Go watch that and I teach you a formula to write your own script, okay?

All right, we’re an hour into this. Let’s hang in there for about a few more minutes and do a healing practice together, a clearing session. Real quick though, what helped you tonight? Throw up in a comment. What helped you with tonight’s call? What “aha” did you get? What were some insights that came to you? I’ll read a few here. Hang on. I just gotta move the comment thread up.

Someone is asking me if you should run the journaling through a shredder. Okay, no, you don’t wanna do that because that’s still honoring the fear that you got to get rid of it and it sort of saying, “I don’t wanna keep this around.” Go do the clearing for fear of journaling because the fear is driving that choice. So stay the course. I’m okay with my journaling.

“Weight connected to my sexual organs.” These are insights people are having. “Holding fat around the middle to protect sexual organs. Keep doing the clearing sessions.” Good. Glad you’re here tonight and thank you to everyone that’s watching the recording. You’re picking up on this. Some of you, this is brand new. There’s a lot of veterans in this space. They’ve been doing this work for a long time. Thanks for supporting each other. “Your body will carry what it is not expressed, such an important reminder to speak right and live my truth.” “Never thought about doing other parts of the body. What helped me was knowing we can clear…” Oh, that just shifted. “Mostly, a lot people have the same issues as I do. I’m okay.” Yeah. Yeah, and I had them too. I just [inaudible 01:03:13] them. Okay. I’m just ahead of you. So I’m leading the charge here.

All right, let’s do the clearing for self-sabotage and I’ll throw in some of the statements of, you know, issues people had here. Now, I’m gonna include something I call sympathy weight that some of you may have had somebody in your family that’s overweight. It could have been a mother in a lot of cases and you don’t want your… You know, it’s kind of like you joined the overweight party. There was a post that went up today from a gal that shared that her mum had been shamed.

She said, “Today, in doing the five-minute clearing walk, I found I was living my mum’s story. Today is her birthday. And as I was walking I realized how deeply sad I had for her. She has been overweight and struggling with obesity my whole life. My dad’s way of helping has not always been kind to the point that my mum would sit down to dinner and not eat anything but a salad afraid of what he would say to her. But we all knew she ate while she cooked again and while she cleaned up. It was such a revelation to me that I’ve been carrying weight for her so she could live a better life and not be so heavy and have people shun and avoid her. It was quite difficult to say some of the things they did and it brought me to tears. I do feel lighter after letting it go.”

I call this sympathy weight, meaning, “I’m willing to take weight on so you don’t feel alone and it’s like I care and I don’t want you to be the only one that’s dealing with this in our family and I’m there for you,” and it could have started years ago. And, you know, not a good way to show compassion. Sympathy, let’s save that for people that… Sympathy weight isn’t effective, but it could be a subconscious pattern you’re running so that you relate to that. Let’s let that go tonight.

You can show compassion and support by getting healthy. You have more ability to show compassion and help others from a healthy place than joining them in a sick imbalanced place that doesn’t move anybody. Nobody gets better when you go there. So you send intention, “I am clearing any known and unknown patterns of self-sabotage.” Just repeat that. If you’re walking around listening, it’s time to sit down and join in by being present, okay, because this just won’t work if you’re doing other things.

“I am clearing any known and unknown patterns of self-sabotage when it comes to making correct choices for my body and health. You can come back and watch the recording and write that down, okay? Take a deep breath. Think of something you’ve done recently where you’ve sabotaged yourself or you believed you had. Did you eat something you regretted after the fact? Usually, you feel guilty or feel bad about it after. Did you agree to do something and not follow through? Did you make your measurement too high or your goal too big and then you weren’t motivated to do it? That could be sabotaging you. I need to take this off so I’m not making all this noise while we’re tapping. You’re gonna be tapping with me.

Okay, just put your hand right here on your heart, connect with your body. Put your attention on your body. Thank your body. It’s like, “Dang, body. You work so hard for me.” Just thank your body. It’s a good body. It’s working hard. It’s doing the best. It’s doing the best. You’re letting it. Is it like, “Man, if you give me a chance here, I can show you some pretty amazing stuff.” All right, start tapping. You don’t have to follow me. I don’t want to instruct you to move. If you’re not able to…if you’re new to tapping, you can even just tap right here on your K27 points, which all meridians run through.

If you’re familiar enough with the face and torso points, go ahead at your own pace. You can try and follow along with me or move on your own, move to the other tapping points at your own discretion. “Even though I have patterns of self-sabotage,” repeat after me, “I completely love and accept myself.” “Even though it really bothers me I have patterns of self-sabotage, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though I’m really tired of these patterns of self-sabotage, at least I am aware that I’m ready to change them.” You’re releasing, “I never make any progress,” letting go of, “I’m falling short.” I start with great intentions in the morning and don’t stick to them throughout the day, letting go of eating things I then regret, turning to food for love, not doing the healing work. Telling myself I’m gonna do it and then I don’t. “I’ll do it tomorrow. There’s always a good reason why I don’t. Keeping myself too busy, attracting more things to do, so I neglect myself. Spending money on this and not following through. It doesn’t work anyway.

Now, I want you to fill in the blank. “I’m-self sabotaging myself by…” what’s your pattern? Fill in the blank. “I’m also sabotaging myself when I…” what comes up? “When I do this, I feel… So then I resent myself so much I go and do…” take a deep breath, letting go of the pattern and self-sabotage. Let it go. Releasing, setting myself up for failure, keeping myself in a familiar place. It’s safer here. Let it go. Release it. Let it go.

Okay. Put your hand on your chest, your energy, your heart Chakra, your heart energy, and repeat after me. “I forgive myself for patterns of self-sabotage. I’m now choosing to change those patterns.” All right, start tapping again. “I am making reasonable goals. I am measuring my success with reasonable measurements. I’m noticing my flawed thinking that sets me up to sabotage myself. I’m changing that. I’m recognizing when I’m feeling inclined to sabotage myself and changing it. I’m grateful.

The guiding forces and angels are making me aware before I choose to sabotage myself. I am creating reasonable perceptions of where I’m meant to be right now on my life. I’m noticing even the smallest positive changes. I’m creating success. I’m now used to creating success. Success is familiar to me. I have reasonable expectations of what success is. I’m achieving them. I’m motivated. I’m looking forward to it. This is actually enjoyable.” Take a deep breath. Breathe out-in, thank your body, rub that energy into your body. Say, “Thank you, Body.”

Okay, when we’re stopping here real quick before we sign off here, I want to know what were some of the self-sabotage things you cleared? If you can send me a few of those… Christine, I’ll try and see them in the comment thread. I want to thank Christine who’s on the production side of this. “I just realized that I gained all my lost weight back because I wanted to please my mum, who told me I was way too thin at 145 pounds, which was perfectly healthy weight for me. She’s at least a hundred pounds overweight herself. How did I not see this?” Good for you.

No need for sympathy weight. “All the live coaching calls can be found…” oh, that’s a note to everybody. “Poor food choices. Procrastination.” Okay, so goals are good, yeah. Those can be patterns of self. So I’m tucking in my gemstones. This is white beryl and a Moonstone Flash that I wear. You can read about those at Gemisphere. They’re not cheap, but boy did they kick a punch. “Eating when not hungry, emotional eating, not doing healing walks, candy. When I get hungry, putting myself and my healing first.” Right. Those are all perfect, okay?

Another thing you can do. Let’s end with this little trick. But you wanna get the fit oil and do that on the tongue thing that I do so that it intercepts the craving. We’ve sold more fit than any other oil, which makes sense. I’ve been talking about it a lot. It does go with this plan. I remember I would set out the… I would speak. I would make this declaration because I wanted to change my appetite, see.

I wanted my appetite…I kind of wanted to be like grossed out by really sugary sweet foods, like, “Oh, it makes me sick,” and it does now. I can’t eat things with a lot of… Like, think of eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut to me gags and, like, “Oh my gosh, that’s just…” just no appetite for that.

And I knew that my appetite was part of my own personal programming. And so we can talk about this more next week. But the idea in it is that I started to re-pattern my appetite so that it was drawn to healthy choices. I still like sweet options, but I use Lakanto, Monkfruit, Erythritol sweeteners. I have an appetite for that now and yeah, I reprogrammed my appetite because I’m not drawn to unhealthy choices at all. I don’t have an appetite for it. So we can talk about that more next week if you have a further question about that.

That’s it for the first coaching call. Thanks for hanging in with me for an hour and 15 minutes. You’re doing awesome. A lot to take in. I recommend you watch this again. Take some notes. What are three top takeaways for you? That’s all you need to take away and implement. You keep progressing in your healing. It’s all there for you to draw from. Healing is built-in. You’re just accessing it with what we’re doing here. Thanks again. I’ll see you in the Facebook group, in the comment threads and occasionally, with some posts. Thanks to my support team who are amazing. Shout out to Colleen and Kim and Christine who are there for you. You know, it’s kind of like they even know what you’re going to post before you post it because they’re like right there to respond to you. Look, we got you. They’re all amazing. I’m so grateful for them. See you later.

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