Live Coaching Call January 21, 2020

1 hour, 25 minute video

How do you get past hitting that emotional wall in your healing experience? Carol shares how she recently overcame her own version of “hitting a wall” when old energy came up. This is especially helpful as you move through the 4 week Healing Plan for Weight Loss. Carol also coaches Micki through a visualization to break free from family food patterns. (Go to 51:52 for this.)

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Defeat and thoughts of giving up due to obstacles

Curiosity if it will ever be easy to choose healthy foods

Fear that even if you eat well, you won’t be healthy

Constant feelings of “I am fat” even when you’re fit

You Want To:

Transform the old energy of struggle as you heal

Always want to choose high vibration foods

Choose your own story and create your health

Break free from unhealthy energy moods

Affirmation for this Session:

I am grateful for this timely and supportive coaching call, and it’s beyond what I could have hoped for!

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Questions begin at 24:04

Session Transcript

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Carol: Hello, thanks for joining the first live coaching call for 2020. I hope you’ve taken time to watch the video that was published last week on the energetics of 2020 where I take a look at the numerology, Chinese astrology, the influence of energy profiling, the numbers are all symbolic of energy. And I give you my interpretation of what 2020 has in support of us. Check it out. I know we posted it here in the Facebook group, so it’s there to support you in being a beneficiary of this new energy that’s coming in. So thanks for taking the time to be on the live call. If you have a…tag a Healing Center member to remind them we’re live. And as you hit that emoji button, and like and comment, it actually gets on people’s Facebook news feeds, then they’ll go, “Oh yeah, the call’s tonight,” it helps get the word out to other members. So I’d love to have you help with that effort by your comments and your likes and smiles.

How we’re gonna work tonight’s Coaching Call?

Housekeeping item, we set an intention for the call. I do have two giveaways. And I’m very excited about both of them. But one’s a brand new resource that no one’s ever had access to, I’m gonna give that away. I’m gonna share a success story of a member who had a big breakthrough, and I loved her, “Aha.” I love it when I learn from you and you piece things together. I’ll share that information. And I’m gonna talk briefly about moving through your emotion, when you hit your emotional wall, to keep you going. Then I have submitted questions. I will answer live questions. And then I have a special guest that we’ve invited to be on the call tonight. One of our Healing Center members, Micki, is joining us, and she has a situation that many of you will relate to. So stay on for that. It’s gonna be very valuable. As things go typically in the Healing Center coaching calls, you’re gonna be able to say at the end, “This has been one of the best calls yet,” that seems to be the pattern we create here.

And Micki’s particular situation is very, very relatable to most of you, what she wants to shift. And I have a fabulous visualization I’m gonna take you all through that’s so simple, yet so powerful in shifting energy with what we’ll be talking about, really good stuff. And then we do submitted questions, guests, then live questions, because if anything that comes up during the live question, the guest and the exercise, you’ll be able to ask that in the live questions. And then we close with some announcements. And I have a really great announcement you’re gonna wanna hear about that’s something we’ve never done. Well, yeah, we kind of did. But we’re bringing it back. We did it last year, and it’s the only place you can experience it, here in the Healing Center. So it’s gonna be a great night.

Well, the housekeeping item. A lot of new people here in the Healing Center, and the Facebook group is really designed to support getting your questions answered. You’ll get them answered more quickly, you’ll get the benefit of another member’s experience. You have my expert team that can give you links to resources that are very knowledgeable in what’s in the Healing Center. And rather than send an e-mail…and I know there’s more transparency by posting in the Facebook group when you are asking for support or feedback. But you’ll get what you need more fully and be benefited, I think, with much more support and more immediately by, rather than send an e-mail to my support team with a healing need for some healing support or a question or direction, post it in the Facebook group. You’ve seen as you’ve…if you’re someone that’s not ever posted and you have been more private, you can see, though, how supportive everyone is and the great insights that are shared. Fabulous place to get…it will create a much fuller Healing Center experience by interacting in the Facebook group. So go ahead and rather than send the e-mail, post your inquiry and call for support here in the Facebook group.

Let’s set an intention. I think let’s make it simple. This is gonna be…I like…I’m gonna go with…you can go with whatever intention you want, but I think this will cover everybody. This has been the most timely and supportive coaching call I could have ever hoped for. So I’ll say that again, this has been the most timely and supportive coaching call I could have hoped for. It’s even beyond what I could have hoped for.

I filmed YouTube videos yesterday and I will write out my intentions for the next day the night before. Sort of a new sort of daily intention energy sketching practice in a little journal I have, I’ll have to show you. I don’t have it with me. But I’ve been doing it more actively on a daily basis. And Sunday night, I wrote out my intentions and my little sketches for Monday. My son is my production support for YouTube. And I wrote out…Mark [inaudible 00:05:37] to say to me, “That was even better than I hoped it would be.” And he did. It was so exciting. I looked at him and went, “I wrote that down. And you just said it. That’s so cool.”

So what’s your intention? Share it in a comment. You can add to mine, tweak it. Create your own, what do you want? What do you want to experience here with this experience? Whether you’re watching the live session here right now or you’re watching the recording, what do you want? You’ll receive more by putting out your invitation to ask for what you want.

Two giveaways, it seems fitting that I would give away the I am Fit oil. I love this oil. I use it a lot for suspending… Oh, I have…again, I’m sorry, Liz has this all ready for me. Did you get it? Good, okay, you throw those up. The I am Fit oil really helps generate momentum in your energy. It will help you…I apply it before I work out which is typically every morning. I’ll do the dose on my little swipe of the tongue to cut any kind of appetite when maybe I just need a good drink of water or I need to breathe and get up and move rather than something to eat. I use it in my active waking hours rather than putting it on when I go to sleep. So we’re giving away one bottle of I am Fit.

And this is what I’m so excited about. This just came in, we received the shipment yesterday. And my shipping manager came in and said, “We just got the newest oil, I am Grounded.” Do we even have an image of that? No, because I didn’t tell you. This was my idea. I am Grounded. Every human being needs this oil in today’s world in today’s energetic mess. People, we’re like this. We’re like this. And we’re here and we’re here. And we’re not in our bodies. And children are really energetically easily thrown out of balance because they’re not grounded. Families aren’t grounded. Really, it’s an epidemic, in my opinion, of the human condition is not being grounded to the earth, to the earth’s energy and into really root chakra grounding. Really plugged in, being in present moment awareness. Being alive in the place you’re in, in the moment you’re in without your thoughts being pulled somewhere else, your energy whacked-out or you’re engaged in technology in the space of technology.

So we’re giving away…this goes out, we start selling it February 13th. But I’m gonna give away… I adore this scent. It’s like taking in the multiple…I don’t drink wine, but I’m familiar with the people that do, or olive oils or even chocolates now that there’s a whole…you know, the notes of those. And, it’s the same thing, you take in and one sniff the complexities of the multiple oils that are in here. So we’re gonna give one of these away because I want someone to experience it, because I do. I took it home last night because I just got my first…I just got this yesterday. And I had the tester bottle, but I put it to bed…I put it on me before I went to sleep, that and the, I am Nurtured. Because I think that’s part of what’s creating sleep issues for people is they’re in their head, so you’re not in your body and your body is that…your brain dials down to allow the body to go to sleep. So I think I am Grounded would really help with a good night’s sleep as well.

The success story that I have tonight, Natalie posted this last week and I loved it because it was one of those moments where it’s like, “Ah, new aha for me,” I’m like, “Oh, wow, I never thought of that. But it’s so spot-on.” Natalie shared that “Whoever thought of using the daily affirmations as prompts for clearing walks, thank you for the suggestion.” That itself, I don’t remember who posted that as a recommendation, like, “I don’t know what to say in my positive statement in my clearing walk.” And someone said, “Well, I go to the reframes and I’ll find statements in those that really…I feel a disconnect with and I start to use them to see what resistance is there.” I thought that was genius. Like wow, talk about a just extensive list of what you could use is right at your disposal and the reframes for every clearing session.

Well, she did that and she chose the phrase, “I am saying ‘no’ to the foods that are not healthy for me.” Okay, so she was walking with that, putting that on one side of her body, walking. Let’s just say she put in her right hand, she’d step and go, “I’m saying ‘no’ to the foods that are not healthy for me.”

The big wake-up call was, “I’m not saying ‘no’ to the foods that are not healthy for me, because ‘You’ are not saying ‘no’ to the tasks that are not healthy for you. I had just come home from a school PTA meeting where I felt constant pressure to take on responsibilities that I don’t want in my life right now. I keep creating hours of non-scheduled time in my days because that’s what I want. But I’ve had a belief that if I have free time, others will try to fill it up for me. So I flipped that belief to, ‘I can create my life any way I want, and I do not have to take on any tasks that are not supportive of me.’ I walked until both sides agreed, and guess what? I didn’t crave sweets this afternoon like I have been lately. I am saying no to the foods that are not healthy for me, and I’m saying no to the tasks that are not healthy for me. Thank you, body, for that important observation.”

So good. It’s like she can’t say no to these things in her life in other spaces. How is she gonna say no to the foods that are unhealthy? She had a weak “no,” she had to strengthen her “no.” It was like why did you say no here but not over here? It doesn’t work that way. So thank you so much, Natalie. I love that. So good.

Okay, so how to win the oil? I did miss that piece. Share…where is that? How…share…

Woman: I texted you.

Carol: One thing…I found it. You got it. You highlighted it. You made it really easy for me. Share one thing that has shifted for you doing…okay. Share in a comment one thing that has shifted for you during the weight loss plan or a plan that you’re currently working with, because I know not everyone is doing a plan, just a good portion of the members. Okay, so, to win one of the two oils, the I am Fit oil or the new I am Grounded oil, share one thing that has shifted for you during the plan, the weight loss plan or any plan you’re working on.

All right, so those of you that were active last week, you may have seen me posting. And if you follow me on Instagram, there’s a lot of good reasons to follow me on Instagram. I’ll talk about that at the very end of the show, or the call. That I was posting about my experience. My husband and I attended a stand-up paddleboard surfing camp in Costa Rica. And things didn’t go as I had energetically set into…what I had hoped I’d set into motion. I recreated for myself a pattern from my childhood that I now can see so clearly, observing it all and going, “Wow, there it was, you know, I was right in the thick of it again.” Being in a situation where no one was kind of owning the energy putting words to it. And I’m feeling it all. I’m feeling all the discontent, the discomfort that people are having, and I’m right in this.” And so and In the midst of that, I’m out trying to learn a very…a sport that requires a lot of…it’s challenging, let’s just say that. I’ve been saying way too much…I won’t even say it. It’s challenging.

So I’m out on the water, it was Tuesday, and I probably fell off that board…and it was a pretty big surf, and I probably fell off that board 50 times. I’m not kidding. Think of doing burpees for an hour, getting back up on the board. And I was just…I hit a wall. I was like, “I’m done. Why am I doing this? Maybe this isn’t fun. This isn’t fun. Why am I even here? Maybe I don’t even like this. It’s not worth it. It’s too painful. It’s too…there’s no progress. Yeah, it’s not worth all my time and effort.” I was just given up.

And I remembered in that moment, hanging onto my board in the water…you can show that picture of me if you want. That’s me walking out of the water. But I remember hanging onto the board going, “Wow.” I remember feeling this way so many times during my deep healing work, how it felt like, “I’m back. It’s like I’m falling off the board again.” You know, where “I have to clear this pattern again? You’re kidding me. Is it even worth it? Maybe I just need to learn to live with this compromise.” I’ve dealt with that a lot with healing, the physical issues that I’ve had to address the last few years and like, “Well, maybe I just need to learn to live with this pain, you know, it’s just, I give up. I quit. It’s just taken too much out of me.” I felt so defeated. And I remembered feeling that and I thought, “You know what? I’ve never really talked about that in the Healing Center, that you’re gonna hit these walls.”

Now, I use that phrase because I used to run marathons. I’m a non-runner that ran marathons, basically. I have a history of, in 2001, I ran my first marathon. I went on to run 16 marathons by 2000…in four and a half years, basically. So it was just something that felt correct at the time. And there is a saying in the marathon world that “At mile 20, you hit your wall.” They even have them on the course. And I’m like, “That’s helpful.” Like, they have a big sign. You know, “You’re passing the wall,” you know, they’re reinforcing it, and you’re just like, “Aah.” And the idea of that is you’ve gotten to mile 20 and you feel like you’re on the home stretch, but you still have 6 more miles to go and you’ve really just, at that moment, you feel like this…wanna quit, give up, you feel tired. You really…you know you’ve been out there for a while and there’s just this thing you got to work through in that moment to keep going. And to kind of re-commit yourself.

You know, it was like this phenomenon of mile 20, there was this moment psychologically and emotionally of choosing it again, for the last stretch of this run. And that’s what you’re gonna find, especially in four-week plans. Okay, two-week plans, you can move through pretty easily without that piece. But you may feel this this week, you’ve made enough changes and shifts that you may come up against something that’s a persistent pattern that’s gonna kind of bear its ugly head at you and go, “Gotcha.” You know, make you fall off the board again, in a way, and say, “You just, you know, you blew it again.” And you feel defeated, and you feel like quitting and giving up.

And it’s a moment of decision that if you move through it and see it for what it is, and go…you almost expect it. That was the thing in the marathon running world. You expected that kind of opportunity to present itself of “What am I gonna do with this?” Because it was so well-known. So if you go into this knowing, “Oh, there that is, that thing Carol mentioned, that my old energy is gonna push back at me. And it’s gonna wanna kick me off the surfboard again. Am I gonna get back on? Or am I gonna just drag the board, you know, to the shore and say, ‘Well, I’ve decided it’s not worth it.'” Because Surfing is like tennis and like golf. You have to do it over and over and over.

And I remember so many times having to clear what seemed like the same old thing. And I stopped asking myself…I got to the point where I didn’t feel like I was regressing. I understood that. It wasn’t like, “You’re regressing. You’re back in this.” So it was like, “Well, healing doesn’t work that way.” It’s not an upward trajectory of like, you just keep getting better. It’s very highs and lows, and yet it’s going up. But you will hit those lows and you’ll feel like you’re regressing, but really, you’re getting it at a deeper level of a long-standing pattern that’s either generational. Because you figure nobody’s done this work before. Nobody’s done the cleaning up of this energy and changing it and redesigning the energy and created new healthy energy patterns for their posterity. You’re an architect of healthy energy patterns, you’re creating them, very likely for the first time in your family system.

That requires persistence, that requires repetition, that requires clearing the same…you know, I could probably list for you the five main things I had to clear over and over and over. And I started telling myself it doesn’t…how long it will take? The answer became as long as it takes. I don’t have any idea, but I’m willing to show up and do the healing processes that support shifting the energy. And you’ve got just this fabulous resource here to support you with all the tools that you are using even without having…Your learning them as life skills and things that you’re gonna incorporate into your day-to-day experience without saying, “Well, I’ve gotta go turn that video on.” You just know how to do it now because you’re now integrating this into an approach of healthy living. And that takes, you know, time for it to just build and build and build to now kind of suddenly your life morphs to now look, like, pretty amazing. And you remember when it was in that space of the healing work, because that’s the place I’m in more now. It was kind of like this past week with the pattern that played out…and you can find my post, I don’t wanna reiterate what that was all about. But it was on an old pattern from my childhood. And it was kind of like, “What? I thought that left…” you know, “I was done with that.” It’s like, “I came here to learn how to surf, not heal. Thank you.” But I got to do both.

So don’t be surprised. You know, see it for what it is. Keep your eyes wide open. “Oh, I’m hitting a wall and I’m gonna move through it and as I move through it, I’m gonna completely trans…this energy will transform.” Because the only energy…energy doesn’t have consciousness, but it has…its almost willful in that it’s a life force so it just wants to…it does what it does, which is it exists. It just exists. So energy doesn’t go out. It’s not like it’s coming back at you like, “Oh, I’m gonna get you.” It’s just it’s strong, you know, and it has the ability to continue to be persistent in being your norm, being your familiar. And you’re saying, “No, I no longer choose that as my norm and my familiar.”

And again, I’m an architect of new energy patterns in my family system. And I am the first to do this. So this takes a lot of…it doesn’t take time. It might take emotional and psychological energy. It takes a willingness to show up, more than anything, and just show up and if nothing else, open your phone or your laptop, your computer and push a button, and you may not feel of it, you just have to will yourself to do at least that much. And get a video going. Get an audio going. That’s it. All you need. See, those of you that don’t start, or you pause, you go like…you think you have to have all this energy for the whole four weeks or all this energy to now heal your whole life. No, you just have to have enough energy and willfulness to show up, get your phone, open up, login and push a button. That’s all the energy you need in that moment. That doesn’t require that much energy. But you’re going too far out in what you think’s required of you and then you stop. So in the few…when we get those posts, Kim, in the future, this is where they need to go. Watch this segment of this coaching call to say, your thinking is going to require so much more than it is all…just do this next little thing. That’s it. Get enough of commitment for that piece.

All right. I love that. I’ve never said that, an architect of new energy patterns. That was really good. Okay, answering the submitted question, “When I heal my weight issues, will eating healthy just come naturally, no needing willpower to resist certain foods? Is it really possible? I want to believe this is possible, but I have yet to meet anyone who else says it is.”

You have just met her. I wanna show you what I posted on my Instagram stories. Besides profiling Peter “The Bachelor” last night, we click through. I’ll mention this right now, for those of you who care, the easiest place for me in the platform is the most user-friendly for me and you. Starting yesterday, I am posting what I ate today. And I will post today, so if you wanna see what my diet consists of, I eat a low carb, sugar-free, pretty much grain-free diet. And you’ll be able to… Let me just hold that. See…go join me on Instagram. And Instagram is so user-friendly, you can even just follow me. You can make your account private, you won’t get ads, you won’t…it’s not like Facebook. There’s not all this stuff coming at you. And it allows me to catalog certain things that I choose to keep evergreen in a highlights reel. So it’s the best place for me to do that for you to follow that.

Okay, so I was eating my dinner tonight at the office because I stay here to do the coaching calls. And I brought in a really yummy chopped salad and some butternut squash soup I made, and all day long sitting on the counter are this box of Lindt chocolates. It was literally right in front of where I was eating, and I’m enjoying my salad and my soup, and one of my employees said, “We should get a picture of you sitting in front of that chocolate and you’re choosing to eat the healthy stuff.” I said, “That’s so funny, Tim. I haven’t once even considered eating one of those chocolates today. Not once.” It wasn’t like, “Oh, I really want a chocolate but I better not eat a chocolate.” I had absolutely zero appetite for those chocolates. And they’re Lindt chocolates. They’re considered to be a finer chocolate. I look at them and I just…I have no interest in them. Sugar. It’s like, do I…you know, I had some See’s candy over Christmas. I have occasional, you know…not very often, but it might be one piece and that’s it and I’m satisfied. It’s rare. But I thought that was…I’m like, “Oh, it’s so funny. I didn’t even think about the fact that I had absolutely no temptation.” It was just like there was no energy around those for me. So yes, it is possible.

And you’ll see, the foods I eat are very appealing to me. I’m a big one on presentation. I make my food attractive. I think that’s important that you take the time. They call it your plating. I plate my food really beautifully. My husband gets these beautiful plated meals because I want it to look like not just healthy but it’s just visually satisfying to the eye. This was a bowl. This is what I had for dinner and I made him one and left it at home and took a photo of it because I’m gonna post it as what I ate today. And it’s this beautiful salad bowl with a rice cracker with some almond butter and sugar-free jam. And it’s gorgeous. I have nice dinnerware. I want it to be attractive. I take time to make my food look very visually appealing, and that it’s very healthy. So yeah, it is possible because I’m living it right now. I am drawn to healthy foods, effortlessly. And I’ve been doing this for several…you know, 10 years now, what I’m teaching you in the healing plan.

You know how women jokingly say, “I hate you,” to other women when they are smaller size or having an easier time with food or beauty. I guess that still happens. It doesn’t ever show up in my circles, but I’m sorry if that’s still happening out there and it’s the female network. I realize that this is probably contributed to some underlying feelings of not wanting to let sustaining my healthiest weight become easy. It keeps coming up in my clearing walks with this plan that people won’t like you if you’re healthy and fit. The other thing that comes up is why do you deserve it when some of your loved ones are so plagued by their health issues or issues with food? How do I let these two underlying beliefs go completely forever?

That’s still an inner child issue that your inner child is afraid of not fitting in. That was between 12 and 18 years old. That’s stage six of the inner child work. You can do the clearing session for that. That was the phase we were moving into more social networks, creating our own systems of relationships outside of our family. And it was an emotional need when we were in our teen years that we did fit in somewhere. So this fitting in thing is really connected to that phase that you need to heal, because honestly, a healthy-conscious adult really doesn’t care if they fit in. We live in a world of so many variables and differences, you know, it’s really more cool to be your own unique self in today’s world than to be autonomous, you know. And so that’s where that’s coming from. So add that piece to your Healing Center. I told someone in a comment thread this past few days. I said, “I haven’t fit in for decades and it’s awesome.” So, I love that I don’t fit into the culture, pain, and struggle.

“The clearing walks have revealed to me the belief that I don’t eat perfectly healthy, I will die young. This stems from when my mom died and I started studying food to heal myself and my son but burned out fast. What do I do and there is a fear with something that holds some truth? Asked another way, I just realized my belief is that even if I eat healthy and do everything right, it won’t make a difference, because my dad ate extraordinarily healthy, walked and biked constantly and died of cancer at 58. How can I move forward?”

Again, those are things that are your own specifics to clearing. And you’ve gotta…you know, you’re believing it’s true based on someone else’s story. And it’s not your story. And so you’re using that as evidence that that has to be true because this is what played out. And I think what we’re gonna do tonight in our visualization will be a great help to you so you can choose something differently. So make sure you’re participating in the visualization a little bit later.

“My main issues are more with food allergies and intolerances rather than weight. Is there anything I should do differently with this plan to address these issues with food?”

It’s about your state of health and your weight, so rather than say “weight,” say “health” in the clearings. You just tweak that. It’s, you know, in the clearing statements, modify it to say there’s a relationship with your health rather than your body size and your shape and your weight. Just do that tweak.

“I have had gastrointestinal issues since I was born. Now I know it is generational and all of my weight is focused there. I have done the clearing walks, but I’m not sure what to stay focused on. I did ‘I love my body. I love my tummy’ yesterday to many tears, but I can feel something is stuck and I don’t know what it is. Please help.”

You know, when your journaling…because there’s a lot of knowledge that your body is sharing with you in those two healing modalities, the walk, which has been quite profound. It’s kind of like wow, 2020 just really made the clearing walk, like, the thing in the Healing Centers, because everyone’s just like, “Whoa,” there’s so many ahas. The journaling is also where you get that feedback from your body. And I think some journaling with your body would be of value to you. You say, “I can feel something is stuck.” Ask your body, “What’s stuck?” What are you holding on to that you’re not able to let go of? What… Ask your tummy you know, “What job are you doing for me? What’s there?” Get some information from your body. So the journaling and the clearing walk prompt that feedback from the body’s consciousness.

“Please, help. This weight loss plan is stirring up a lot.”

That’s great, good for you.

“I was sexually abused…” sorry about that, “…as a young child, and ever since, I have been hypersexual, but my arousal is always tied to abuse. Since starting this plan on the first, I’ve been avoiding intimacy with my husband and caving into every food craving. And I’m craving much more than usual. We were intimate recently and I was inundated with…and gave in to bad fantasies to be aroused. It’s less than 10 times I’ve been able to actually be in the moment with my husband and enjoy the way I’m meant to. We’ve been married 11 years. I’m very discouraged and don’t know what to do. I’ve also done the plan for abuse, child whisperer, and disease.”

Most likely, when you were a child, your body was prematurely stimulated. And you would have had those stimulated response orgasms possibly and sexual stimulus responses as a child, which were out of timeline and out of order for your sexual development. So it got all kind of whacked out. And there needs to be…I’ve written about this in “Mastering Affluence” healing my sexual energy. And I wrote it in a blog post recently, and there’s quite a bit in “The Modern Chakra Guide” about it. So if you’ve got access to the website, how I healed my sexual energy…I’m not sure the phrasing of the headline…what we call the art blog post. Then in my two books, I get into more detail.

And basically, you need to…it’s as though the body turns into the age of that child to recreate what its original imprint was. And you’ve got to unwind that and replace it with the adult pattern of the kind of healthy sexual experience you want in your adult experience. Doing visualizations with your inner child helps. I know the healing plan for…you might wanna follow up with the healing plan for sexual abuse after this, since you’re seeing it’s stirring that up a lot.

Even in the access, it may be…I don’t know how much your husband can help you with this or if you will self-pleasure to activate your sexual arousal, because as you do that, you’re using it as a clearing mechanism to bring up your anger, your sadness, your grief, during the arousal energy coming out. Because mixed in with the sexual arousal when it…This was true for me. It was like I had to go through this period where I was allowing the other feelings that were in there of grief, anger, sadness, to come up during arousal while that was happening and putting a voice to it. And it was not enjoyable, but it was necessary, and my husband actually was there to support me. And it wasn’t…it was therapy. It was not, “We’re having a pleasurable sexual encounter.” It was…and he knew. He knew how much this had been a piece of my healing for decades, and how important that was to finally really let that get cleaned up, unwind it. Okay.

“I noticed my repeat feeling is I’m feeling fat. This feeling comes and goes for weeks, no matter if my actual weight is going up or even down. So it is not logical. During these phases, I tend to get myself into baggy clothes and then feel better. But the oversized look is not flattering. Where’s that roundness, heaviness, unfit feeling coming from?”

That’s just a pattern. I used to run…I mean, it was just it’s a state of a…it’s an energy mood. It’s like I remember feeling that way, like, I’m just…I feel fat, okay. So I started to practice feeling fit. The word thin is kind of a funky word in my world because thin tends to go for maybe undersized. Because I’m fit and I’m…but, you know, you saw that picture of me. I’m not skinny and I’m not necessarily thin, but I am fit and I’m a healthy weight and, I don’t know, you might say slender. But I had to practice feeling that way. It’s like whenever I feel fat energy got switched on, I’m like, “Okay, it’s like that is just a feeling state I have constantly. I need to practice feeling fit, feeling slender. What would that feel like?” And I would just pause and switch the feeling. You’ve got to break state, and you can add some tapping to that. Get a piece of the healing for the shaming your body clearing and get some statements in there to let…you know, you’re basically having to recreate a new set point. Your set point is…a familiar point is “I feel fat.” It’s a familiar energy. You have to shift it now to “I feel healthy. I feel fit. I feel slender.” Find your word, whatever it is.

“I could be considered a professional at self-sabotage. What could I do in the moment to snap myself into awareness reminder of what I really want?”

I think I spoke to that with my emotional wall…I’m gonna suggest that what I taught in that segment prior to the Q&A is what you need to do.

“I keep trying to change my clearing walk phrase. I know the statements I’m coming up with are not even near the mark, because I wind up just standing there unable to make the next step. I got to the 40 mark and following the plan precisely, and I completely shut down with the healing work. Physical pain has manifested, giving me the excuse I need to disengage. I know anger, fear, and resentment are feelings involved because of memories that are surfacing, but I’m emotionless at the same time. How do I reengage?”

You know, several things I’ve already said, I think, will be of service to you, and then do the clearing session for thawing out frozen emotions. Or maybe it’s a visualization, I think. It’s just a part of you, the inner child is holding back like, “Whoa, I don’t wanna go there. I don’t wanna feel that again.” And keep reassuring that part of you, “You’re not the one going there. I’m the one getting rid of this for us.”

Okay, last question, “When I sit down to do the healing for your appetite, I feel very upset when I place my hand on my second chakra.”

This is a YouTube video she’s talking about. I released it maybe two weeks ago, how to use Reiki to program your appetite, or something. I know we posted it here in the Facebook group. So she’s referring to that particular video, and it’s on the website and it’s on YouTube. It’s not in the Healing Center resources, though. “When I sit down to do the healing for your appetite, I feel very upset when I place my hand on my second chakra. My stomach feels so large in my hand. When I move down to the first chakra, I can feel my stomach hanging over my hand. This is so distracting and concerning. I’m continuing to do the session, but I’d like to know how to shift the negative reaction I feel when I touch these chakra areas on my body.”

Don’t think of it as…think of it as clearing and you’re releasing rather than it’s a truth that you’re dealing with. You’re responding to it as though “This is true, and I don’t wanna have to feel this.” Refrain that. “Wow, I hold a lot of shame. It’s coming up. It’s processing. It’s clearing as I do this exercise,” because that’s really what’s happening. And let it clear. So that’s good, what’s happening is actually favorable. Just change your perception of what’s happening and work with it and invite it and let that energy go, because that’s what’s coming up for you.

All right, Micki is our guest tonight, and she submitted her request to be a volunteer. I appreciate that. She’s Type 1. And she was seeking help with this being a long standing issue in her family of dealing with being overweight and the inability to successfully drop the weight, get healthy, and using food for emotional reasons and a lot of body shaming in the family system. Both mom and dad had their variables with it, so she kind of got it from both parents. And even she can identify with her mom’s mom played a role in kind of the early days of the shaming and it’s only, you know, you’re only kind of your self worth is attached to your size kind of stuff. And so let’s bring Micki on. Everybody say hello to her and thank her, and let’s get a little more info about her story. I’d like to hear also from Micki, what has helped her in the Healing Center. And hello.

Micki: Hello. Thank you for having me here.

Carol: [inaudible 00:42:29] start with a happy thought. What’s a positive shift you’ve seen?

Micki: Oh, well, my biggest one I think has been asking my body what it needs. And that’s been, like, a huge aha for me because I’ve been using my whole life as food is kind of this emotional filler or, but not really as a kind of a need-based. I knew it was for fuel, like, logically, but I never really asked myself, “Okay, body, you’re hungry. What do you need?” It’s always been, “What do you want?” And that’s been very shifting for me, that one little word is so [inaudible 00:43:10].

Carol: Awesome.

Micki: Mm-hmm.

Carol: Where have you seen some different choices as a result of that?

Micki: Oh, night and day, like, huge amount of choices? And what’s interesting…

Carol: [inaudible 00:43:21] really don’t want French fries.

Micki: Right, you know, or even if I do want them, that’s not what I need. And I know that if I choose what I need, I’m going to actually feel more fulfilled later on in the day than just taking what I want. Because my pattern is, “what do I want?” And then I take what I want or I eat what I want, and then I feel weighed down and guilty about it later.

Carol: Yeah.

Micki: Then that’s, you know, I don’t like that feeling. It’s very [inaudible 00:43:51].

Carol: No. [inaudible 00:43:51] for most of us, it becomes a daily cycle.

Micki: Yeah.

Carol: Yeah, mine was, like, lived out every day. The same thing, talk about “Groundhog Day.” And that’s the thing that we do with food so easily is because these patterns. And so in your case, you come from it being generational. And I’ve already spoken to that, that, you know, we briefly talked about it, I spoke about it in the front part of the coaching call, that, you know, you’re creating new energy patterns that your family has not been successful at. And you’re doing it from a different place, because they approached it by diet.

Micki: Yes.

Carol: Not from their emotional wellness and their, you know, healing of their energy system. And so your approach is very different than what they did not succeed at, but you’re still a pioneer, in a way, by being the fact that nobody else has done this before you. So you’ve got these long-standing kind of potent patterns where you’re a byproduct of.

Micki: They are extremely potent, and I’m just beginning to realize just the layers of onion, you know, of all this junk that just keeps coming up that I’ve taken on and just has been passed on to me for so long.

Carol: Describe a little more detail, because you say that without, like…okay, let’s say the last time this happened when your mind is going, “This is this generational pattern,” and, like, what are you feeling? What is the state of being in that moment when you feel…when this is, like, active for you?

Micki: I feel really frustrated in that moment when I realize, “Oh, this isn’t mine.” Like, especially when it comes to using food as, like, gratification or reward or punishment. That’s a big thing that came down from my dad and my dad’s family, food socially, but then also to reward or dissuade behavior. It was really, “Well, you have to eat this. If you don’t eat it all, you’re saying you don’t love me. Because [inaudible 00:45:55] you.”

Carol: Wow, really?

Micki: Yeah, I got things…

Carol: [inaudible 00:45:59]. Wow, I’ve not heard that one before. Like, relate that to your affection for your parent.

Micki: It was very…it was pretty bad punishment.

Carol: That’s really very manipulative, by the way, because it [inaudible 00:46:13].

Micki: It is, right?

Carol: What, to eat your green beans? “If you don’t eat your green beans, you don’t love me.”

Micki: It’s not even the green beans. Usually, it would be bad stuff.

Carol: What?

Micki: Like stuff [inaudible 00:46:23] like dessert, because that’s…

Carol: That’s what I wanna be, like, join me in my dysfunction or something.

Micki: Yeah, he had this very addictive, bad relationship with food, and it was, “Well, I’m showing you love by giving you this food, and if you don’t accept the food, then you’re not accepting my love.” And then it was this big guilt that…

Carol: You know, that just reminds me, for those that didn’t have this book, I mean, this is a staple [inaudible 00:46:47] you read this book?

Micki: I’ve read bits and pieces but I haven’t read it all. No.

Carol: This one is ageless. But there’s a…what you just said, I have a chapter here called, “The 10 Lies We Think are Love” one of the lies is food is love.

Micki: Yes, that was my dad’s, like, big, big lie every single meal.

Carol: Wow. Okay, so you’ve gotta, like, shift that now. And mom, what’s mom’s, like, pattern that you go, “Whoa, Mom, this is my mom stuff.” What comes up with that?

Micki: It’s my mom’s and my grandmas and my great grandma’s. My great-grandma was very abusive.

Carol: Wow.

Micki: She was extremely abusive, so much so that my grandmother left home and got married when she was 16. And my grandmother pretty much had to learn from my grandfather how to be a loving mother. And that was hard for her as she took a lot of body shame that she had herself had received from her mother and gave it on to my mother. And my grandmother still does this even though she’s just…she’s trying to heal from this. But it’s if you’re not thin, then you’re less valuable or you’re eating too much or something’s wrong with you. And you’re more beautiful, you’re more valuable to society, people love you more, like more if you’re thin.

Carol: Which was actually very strong in her time period for the feminine culture, very much so. And so you’re seeing that…yeah. Okay, so you’ve got all…yeah, and there’s not like the tools that you’re using in the Healing Center are addressing all of that. So what we’re gonna do tonight is how to create an independent state of being from your…when you feel like you’re still a part of the family energy. Okay. And so just to explain where I get this from, because it goes back to one of my…John Bradshaw, in the late ’80s, was my Carol Tuttle. He was my go-to. He saved my life in a lot of ways. And he’s deceased now, but he was a prolific writer of…it’s where I learned to do inner child work, initially. He was the first to really talk about generational patterns. And I would listen to his audio tapes, read his books, and I attended his live seminars. And I learned this visualization at one of his live events, and it was so compelling for me. It stuck with me from the first day I did it. And so we’ll do the visualization. But what’s happening is when you’re in the thick of this, it’s like…the metaphor could be, it’s like you’re trying to clean out a room and your family keeps bringing in all their crap.

Micki: That’s really [inaudible 00:49:40].

Carol: We’re in the room with them all still. [crosstalk 00:49:43] here.

Micki: Yes, because I feel like I’m making progress and then something pops up and it’s, “Aha, I don’t like that. Go out. Go away.”

Carol: Yeah, you know, you’ve decided to make changes. You wanna create new healthy patterns. You wanna create your story, your experience, but you’re still in that room with the family. And you’re trying to clear the…and they keep bringing it in, because you’re still in the energetic space that binds you all together.

Micki: Yeah.

Carol: John Bradshaw wrote a fascinating book called, “Healing the Shame that Binds Us.” And that binding energy is…this has bound us energetically as family systems, is this dysfunction.

Micki: Oh, [inaudible 00:50:21].

Carol: It’s these patterns, see. It becomes the family energy…it’s the energy pattern of the entire family and becomes the family culture when it comes to food.

Micki: Yeah.

Carol: Which is very dysfunctional. So when you’re in that space, it’s hard for you to create your own healthy pattern when you’re still energetically kinda in the middle of the family pattern.

Micki: Well, it’s very interesting too, because when I find myself recognizing a family pattern, I also, like you were saying…I like that you said the shame, because I do get a lot of shame, too. With my mother and my father both being deceased, somehow I feel like I’m dishonoring them when I’m trying to break these patterns.

Carol: So mom and dad are not alive at this point?

Micki: Right, no.

Carol: Did they die young? Because you don’t appear to look that old.

Micki: They did. Yeah, my mom died at 51 from a very aggressive form of breast cancer. And my dad died a couple of weeks ago, he was just in very poor health.

Carol: Oh, I’m so sorry.

Micki: Yeah.

Carol: Well, and so you can see that the choices they made contribute to…whether they knew it or not. But we’re in our holistic system and the food we put in our bodies contributes to a state of disease or not. So motivation for you to wanna change as well.

Micki: [inaudible 00:51:34] huge reason for my father’s decline [inaudible 00:51:39] and he just refused to eat very well because he had such a weird relationship with food. And I don’t wanna have that anymore.

Carol: Okay, so what we’re gonna do, I’ll explain the visualization, then we’ll do it. You’re gonna imagine yourself in the thick of your family, you’re gonna be in the middle, and everyone’s gonna do this together. Okay. You’re gonna be, like, in the middle of your family. You’re in the middle of it. They’re all surrounding you. And they’re all, you know, you can think of them doing their thing. And you’re, like, trying…you’re tapping and you’re trying to create, and you’re like, “Oh, my gosh, how did I do this? Look, it’s all around me,” you know. They’re all like, “I can’t change these patterns easily when I’m right here.”

So then I’m gonna have you make a choice to take some step, you’re gonna work your way out of the center to the edge. Then you’re gonna walk so you kind of are a few steps away looking at them. And so when you repeat a family pattern, it’s like you get sucked back in. Okay, and then you go, “Oh, hang on,” you know, “I gotta step out of this again.” And you take a few more steps out, you keep making progress, stepping out, stepping out, and then I’m gonna…there’ll be an interesting twist at that point in the visualization. I don’t wanna give it away, because I think it’s fun to kinda present it while we’re doing it. That you’re going to make a choice, and then we’ll see what happens with it, okay?

So, if you’re just busy moving around, listening, it’s best if you sit down and get attentive to this process, it does not take long. Sit down. Lying down is a little problematic because if you nod off. So sitting upright, no limbs crossed, and go ahead and close your eyes and notice your feet on the floor. Notice the surface beneath you, both what you’re sitting on, the surface beneath your feet, take a deep inhale and exhale.

Notice your calves and your knees, your thighs, hips, abdomen, back, chest, shoulders. Notice your upper arm, elbows, lower arm, your hands. Deep breath, inhale and exhale. Notice your neck, your head, top of your head, your ears, and thank your body, you know, we put our bodies through a lot. I mean, think of your feet, how small they are, and what they do for us every day, it’s quite remarkable when you think about it, they’re not very big, and they’re carrying all of this. Just so many of those independent body parts that function and work so willingly and diligently in our behalf, you know. Just this miracle called our body and what it can do, without even a thought in our…enrolling it in any of its functions. It just does it and it’s an intelligent, powerful system.

Now, imagine you’re standing in a place. It can be in your family home, it can be…it’s you now, though, it’s you and wherever you are, whatever location, whichever setting shows up. Just imagine you’re standing and all your family’s around you, especially the ones that really run these patterns and you’re in the middle of them. And they’re doing their thing and you’re waking up. It’s like your eyes, your ears, your mind is open and you’re seeing it all, going, “Oh, wow, that’s where that comes from.” “Oh, that’s where that is influenced by that choice.” And this is what preceded me, and even deceased family members or grandparents or great grandparents, and you’re just seeing it all is this whole story, these choices that they’re acting out.

And you become aware you wanna make different choices than them. You wanna have a different set of core beliefs and different emotional states of being that then provoke different behaviors with effortlessness and ease. And you decide you’re doing all this healing work, but you’re doing it while you’re still in the thick of all their energy. And it’s really hard to change when you’re still…your energy is connected to their energy. And so you start kind of walking out, maybe you take a big break and you run out of the group or you start working your way out of the middle of this till you’re on the edge of it. You take a few steps away from it. So you’re coming out just looking at your family, you might judge them now, you might have anger, you might have sadness in response to the fact that you want something different for yourself. And that’s your inner child having those feelings.

And, yeah, the patterns are strong, they’ve existed for a long time, even before you were born. And you see that when you act them out, you’re back in the family energy, and you get to walk out of it again. You finally just get tired of that, going back in it and stepping out of it. And you’re deciding, “I’m ready. I’m gonna really break…I’m gonna choose to be free of this.” So you walk several…you know, maybe you really walk away so you’re in your own space and you’re looking at them. And then you notice something, there’s a rubber band that’s been around you that’s held your whole family together. And that rubber band now is pulled out because you walk so far away from your family.

And now you know that you have to make a choice because you realize what’s pulled you back in is this binding elastic of dysfunction energy pulls you back in, so you’re still fitting in and connecting with your…it’s like, “I don’t know how to relate to my family unless I’m a part of their energy.” And you realize that the rubber band has pulled you back so many times. You don’t want that anymore, but you know you have to take the rubber band from being around you and pull it up from the backside and up from the backside of your head and over so you’re holding it in front of you. And the only choice you have now is to let it go. But you know when you let it go, what’s it gonna do to your family? You kind of wanna walk…you know, you might feel like, “Well, I just wanna walk back, so I let it go gently, but then I’m taking care of them again.”

This…you know, when people need to feel their own energy and the kind of shock and the byproduct of their choices. So it’s okay to just let it go, and it’s gonna snap them and snap them hard. But it’s freed yourself up. You realize you’re your own person. You plug in your own energy into the ground. You feel that you now can create your own patterns with ease. You’re free, you feel it. Take a deep breath in. Maybe twirl around. You feel like, “I’m free. I’m free. I can create whatever I want. I can create new healthy experiences with my beliefs, my emotional states of being, my behaviors and create an entirely different story. And I can still have the pleasure of food in my life but from a whole different place.”

And you take your whole family, you’re the family, you’re the parent of now, maybe your children, then maybe you have grandchildren, you invite any of them to come with you because she could pass that on to them. And then you turn, you say…you just know you can relate to your family from your new place and you’ll learn how to do that, but you’re no longer choosing to be a part of that energy that binds them. So you just turn around and start walking into the sun, or something beautiful.

Hold your breath and tap all over your body to anchor that in. And when you’re ready, open your eyes. And share in the comments what showed up for you. But see, you can learn to do that one pretty quick. I took more time. But when you’re feeling that in that “I’m back in the family system,” you’ve gotta walk out, take the rubber band off, let it go. “I’m my own person.” How did that feel to you?

Micki: Well, I was actually feeling really scared because before you even said, you know, “You know what’s gonna happen when you let that go,” I was really like, “I don’t wanna hurt them.”

Carol: No, you’re not. Yeah, that’s where…don’t take responsibility. It’s their rubber band.

Micki: Right. It then…

Carol: They can all choose to leave it.

Micki: But it was interesting who…I was okay hurting some people and [inaudible 01:00:43] taking responsibility.

Carol: You’re gonna hate…you’re walking around, going, “[inaudible 01:00:46].”

Micki: But once you said, you know, “Think about your children.” And then, all of a sudden, I saw my children in that family rubber band. And I went, “Ah, no, I don’t want them in here. Take them out of there.” [inaudible 01:01:00] I was okay, letting that rubber band go, because I don’t want that rubber band around my children. And I don’t want them to have to do this themselves. And so, all of a sudden, I was okay letting that go and freeing that pattern once I thought of my children. When it was about me, I was more hesitant, but once it was about continuing that family pattern and with my children, to get rid of that seemed a lot easier.

Carol: That’s awesome. When I learned that I…the first time I ever did this was in 1988, that visualization, he guided us through it in a live event. And I loved it because one of the things…I don’t think it’s as strong of an energy now, but in the time when it was…things weren’t really open yet. And so you didn’t talk about family dysfunction. You didn’t…you know, you hid it all, still. So the rubber band also represented that they would all point their finger at you and accuse you of hurting them. Which was exactly what happened to me and my story when I came forward to, you know, really be honest about the abuse and all the stuff that was just messed up in my family. They all turned on me, and that felt like, you know, I was caught…my choosing to heal and letting that rubber band go and… The thing now, you can set that up with letting the rubber band going, “That’s their stuff, and it’s their energy, and I’m gonna quietly go my way and they won’t even know I had anything to do with this.” It’s more possible today.

Micki: Yep.

Carol: So all you have to do when you feel you’re right in the family power, you’ve got to get in your…you’ve got to create an energetic autonomy. This visualization will do it for you. And then what I teach in the chakra guide, “The Modern Chakra Guide” about plugging your energy into the earth. There’s some things in there with the root chakra that are supportive as well. Do you have that book?

Micki: I don’t have that one. No, I have the affluence book, but I still need to get the chakra book.

Carol: Okay, well, I’ll send you a copy of that. [crosstalk 01:03:01].

Micki: Oh, thank you, [inaudible 01:03:03].

Carol: There’s a lot in there, I think, that will support what I just taught you tonight about just choosing your own roots and being rooted with yourself.

Micki: Well, I very much appreciate that. Thank you.

Carol: Yeah, well, you’ve been great, Micki, I think your situation was perfect to support the entire group, so.

Micki: Well, thank you. I’m really excited to start using this and to start freeing myself of that, because it’s really been a huge weight. And I’m glad to let that go.

Carol: Your mom and dad too, you know, there are some benefits to their now no longer being in the physical realm. They want you to shift this. You know, my dad was a pretty messed up human, but I do feel strongly he’s a very enlightened soul.

Micki: Yeah. [inaudible 01:03:47] for sure, it’s very interesting knowing that they wanted to be free of this, like, I knew this was some really bad stuff that they have [inaudible 01:03:56] many generations back. I think they’d be really glad.

Carol: They want their grandchildren to have a different opportunity. So good for you. Thanks so much.

Micki: Thank you.

Carol: [inaudible 01:04:06]

Micki: I appreciate you and everything you [inaudible 01:04:07].

Carol: Thanks. All right, let’s take some live questions. Those will be texted to me if you have anything about what we just did, and I’d love to share any of our comments about responding to that visualization. That’d be great as well.

And our first question, “How do you balance positive mental changes to your health you experience with the lack of physical changes that may not be showing up for you?”

You’ve got to believe that that will…the physical world is the slowest to shift. The mental world is very fast, it’s the higher vibrational energy and you just have to really be willing to…again, that’s that hitting the wall and saying, “This isn’t getting any better.” And I have an impeccable belief that my belief creates my reality. So if I have as many…as long as it takes, it will shift for me. And that has been the case. So it just can be wearing if you’re thinking it should happen faster.

“I have not been attracted to healthy foods for a long time. This is my fourth round of the weight loss plan. But this still hasn’t shifted for me. It seems like I’m missing something. How can I tap into what I’m missing?”

Well, I don’t know how easy you make it for yourself to eat healthy foods and if they’re available. And that something I started telling myself is what’s the vibration of that food? Is it a low vibration or a high vibration? Whole foods have a higher vibration than processed foods that are not healthy. So again, you might need to inject some behavioral modification now into how easy do you make it for there to be healthy choices around you? Is your food attractive? Are the colors?

And I look take in, when I make a smoothie and I’ll tend to put in…I have a smoothie I really like using Athletic Greens, a beet, a mango, a little bit of pineapple. And I just bought this from Trader Joe’s, lavender blueberry almond milk that’s very low carb with natural…it’s not sugar. And I look at that and I see the colors of that, and I take that in that it’s not just about…as I talked about this earlier, it’s not just about… And then I really take time to notice the flavors and the complexities of it. You know, I haven’t eaten any sugar today, but I had plenty of sweetness in some of my food choices for the day, because I noticed those food choices. I noticed the flavors more.

And then I’m gonna introduce you… at the end of the month, I’ll give a precursor to this. No, just look [inaudible 01:07:14] I’ll be sharing a colleague’s…something that I really believe in will help you, so that’ll be coming out in a couple of weeks. You see that you need to get a new relationship with healthy foods and work on creating that.

“I am a Type 3 with secondary 2 since a healing crisis 9 years ago. I feel I have been living in my secondary energy because my Type 3 energy is too exhausting. I am sure that has something to do with my weight gain of 30 pounds. Can you speak to living in your secondary energy and how one can shift this?”

My go-to feedback for this scenario, I’ve said it many times, you got to start moving. You got to start walking. You’ve got to start…What’s your goal? I have a goal and I’ve hit it every day this year so far to hit 10,000 at least. I have an Apple Watch. I close my rings every single day on my watch. I walk 10,000 steps a day. I’m at 7100 and I’m gonna have to do my walking desk treadmill before I leave here tonight or go on my rebounder and I’ll get that in. And your body needs to go out walk, maybe it’s 1,000 steps every day. [inaudible 01:08:29] for you to clock how many steps do you take a day? How much you stand up? The body needs to be infused with this “I’m a moving energy, and my energy likes to move more than I give it a chance to.” So again, it’s like rehab for your energy.

“I’ve been doing everything according to how the plan is laid out and not missed a thing. As a person who typically follows all the rules, I’m very Type 4. I’m wondering if I’m going about the program so mechanically that I’m not clearing issues.”

That’s your head, right? This is very Type 4 of you. I don’t know. Why not? I laid it out so that you would get benefit by following it as it’s laid out. So that’s you’re overthinking it. Trust the process.

“I find myself caught on being jealous of thin people. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I find myself feeling negative things about overweight people. Thoughts on how to clear that.”

I would write it out. I said, “I’m jealous of thin people because… I’m jealous of thin people because… I’m jealous of thin people because…” like, 10 times, what comes up?

“I find myself feeling negative things…” All right, “I can’t stand overweight people because… I can’t stand overweight people because… I can’t stand overweight people because…” Then tap on that, you know, just start bringing it to the surface. And those are all acquired beliefs. It’s a comparison, also, you know, and where do you fit into that? Your “because” answers will probably reveal to you it has…there’s a comparative where are you within this mix of the thin and the overweight? And have maybe a comparison used to throw yourself into it.

“During the visualization, I noticed I had a child not wanting to leave with me for fear of hurting the family. What does that mean?”

That means that your child is…what age was that? If it looks like it was a three to six-year-old, go do the stage three you know, do the clearing session for that age, because they’re just still playing an old role and you just gotta help that part of you clear.

“I didn’t feel bad about letting go the rubber band and that it might hurt someone. The only thing I thought is, ‘How am I going to do this in real life?’ I’m in a group…Facebook message group with my mom and sisters and I’m triggered every time my mom comments, even if it’s nothing bad. How can I do this in real life?”

Well, because you’re still in the room. You’re still in the rubber band with them. When you get triggered as you do the visualization and remove yourself, create your own state of energy, do the mirror woman thing and create your own autonomy with a strengthening your energy exercise, you might not get triggered. It’s because you’re right there, you’re still enmeshed with them. So shift it and then things can change. And don’t participate in any conversations that have to do with weight, body shaming, any of the old family culture around food and body stuff.

“During the visual…is there a clearing or phrase to help your thyroid function?”

Well, that’s just all about your thyroid is just again, what…yeah, 100 of them. That’s a physical, you know…there could be multiple…that’s where you’re gonna find what hits your thyroid, what targets that. And just say, you know… the most obvious one is, “I’m grateful for my healthy, vital thyroid.” And you know, be more than what are the functions of it that you wanna identify and put it into a positive statement.

“I am doing the weight loss healing and I’m loving it. I also started reading ‘Remembering Wholeness.’ Is it okay to do both at the same time? I know you said to only do one healing at a time.”

No, my books are really complementary to the healing work. That’s very different. This is all of it. And these are life skills. My books are about the life skills that support the healing, so please read any of my books while you’re working in the Healing Center. “Mastering Affluence” is written as a compliment to the Healing Center, specifically. When we have the chakra healing plan, it will be incredibly valuable, once that release in March, to be reading the book simultaneously while doing that plan. And “Remembering Wholeness” will just be an added value at any time, so they all complement the work you’re doing.

“Working in the weight loss program has caused many positive shifts, but it’s been so very heavy and pretty awful. I’ve been clearing a lot of heavy things that I didn’t even know were there. I’ve been needing time, one or multiple days, to recover in between some clearings. Why is it so awful? Does it get easier?”

Well, you have some heavy energies to clear. Good for you. I had some days that kept me rolled up in the fetal position for hours at a time. Yeah, it gets easier, and…it does. So, good for you. You’re letting some big stuff shift. That’s really good. Rather than judge it as awful, say, “This is just…it can be challenging, and if anything, it’s a sign of great progress.”

“I’m really willing to do some deep work. I prefer the reference to you’re doing very deep healing rather than it being…” That’s just a perception, an acquired perception that any discomfort is awful. I talk about that in my book, “Mastering Affluence.” Our relationship with pain is a very dysfunctional one. It’s like the enemy, and I invite you to embrace it as your friend and ally to have a complete shift with our paradigm of that…any kind of discomfort.

“Aha, I put on my reflecting mirrors after I let that rubber band go, love that.”

Good for you, because I just…see, you’re a mirror woman. Yeah, that’s a really good piece to add once you let go of the rubber band. Like, “I’m good.”

“Aha, my aha with the visualization is that some pain is really an illusion, because it is gone now.” Very good.

“Thank you for this tonight. I was also blamed when I got out of my family’s abusive energy system. I now know that I was stepping out of that rubber band and it was their own energy creation that came back on them.” Great way to put it.

Did I miss any questions?

Woman: No, perfect.

Carol: Okay. There were a lot tonight. All right, thank you so much. That was great. I appreciate Micki’s willingness to be on, great coaching calling. Check in with your intention. Did your intention manifest? Mine did. I had a [inaudible 01:15:23] tonight I’ve never said before. I love it when that happens.

Now, okay, some announcements and then I’m gonna read the back book excerpt, actually, from “Remembering Wholeness” tonight. Okay, this one I just posted. I don’t think it’s gotten much attention, but I just put up a post earlier today asking for your help. We are releasing, also on February 13th, I think I’ve mentioned this to you, a new resource called, “The Energy Healing Basics Guide.” I’ve been in the studio filming it. I filmed an introductory video about it yesterday that’s gonna go up on YouTube, I’m gonna have a big announcement. Shh, don’t tell anybody. Well, maybe it won’t be a secret. But I’m gonna announce this new offering on February 13th.

And we would love to share, in our sales material, your story. And I’ve invited you to produce a video. It can be holding your phone, just make sure…we’ll give you tips on lighting and stuff. But there’s a tight form page you can go to to learn more about it. You go to It would be such a gift for our team, my team to have your stories. And if your story is chosen, we’re going to give you a one-month membership to the Healing Center that you can apply to your own account or gift to someone. And kind of a short turnaround time here, January…we need them by the 28th. A week, right?

Woman: Yes, exactly.

Carol: Yeah, we need it by next Tuesday. It doesn’t even have to be long. We even give you…on that page, you can learn some short, you know…we give you some props of what you could even say, you know, like, “Respond to this.” So go to And thanks for helping. If that feels correct for you, I would love to be able to use that in our marketing so other people really, really understand the power of this resource and how effective it is. Because your stories give it the most credibility. I mean, I can sell it right and left, but your story is what really brings it to life for people.

And then another special announcement, last year I did my favorite healthy products giveaway. I did it both on my public Facebook page and then I had special items that I saved for the Healing Center group. Well, we decided we’re only gonna do it here in the Healing Center group this year. We’re gonna really, you know…the membership here is a bigger…it’s a commitment of time of really showing up for yourself for your family. It’s a bigger investment for you, and I decided, “You know what? We’re doing my healthy lifestyle products giveaway.” Some of them are repeats of last year, but I love them, I still use them. That’s happening a week from Thursday on January 30th at 7 p.m. you do not have…I mean, I want you to come on live. It’ll be easier just to do that. But because we’ve got people in different time zones, we are gonna leave it active.

The winners will be chosen, I don’t know, that night or the next maybe 20…we didn’t decide yet. It’ll give our people that are asleep right now a chance to participate. Okay, so it won’t just be live giveaways. Maybe I’ll do a couple live during the live broadcast, but then we’re gonna leave it open so people can watch and comment and be entered into the giveaway, really some awesome stuff. So look forward to that as our kind of celebrate the successful completion as we’re in the very last few days of the healing plan for weight loss.

And again, the new Healing Center Basics Guide is going to be launched February 13th. This will be a fabulous resource for you to introduce it to other people. It takes no more than 45 minutes unless you put it all on a faster speed. I could do it in 30, because I put everything on a faster speed. But there’s actually four experiential activities in the Healing Center. First off, you get a healing glossary for free, that’s 32 terms that I explained clearly and make them very practical in…you know, in everyday language, what is it? What is this stuff?

And then the first video is a short video of me teaching the benefits of energy healing, why you wanna do it. And then as you see, our wonderful Healing Center member Laura, was selected from our volunteers to come in, and we had an incredible clearing experience. So what I’m doing on camera for people to watch is what is tapping? How does it work? Let me show you how I facilitate someone with this, much like you’d be watching me on a video. And then I’m also instructing the viewer. So I’m working with Laura, then turning to the camera and teaching the viewer why we’re doing what we’re doing. And Laura had a massive breakthrough. We caught it on camera. It was incredible.

And then Christie, who’s another one of our wonderful members, is in the third video where she had a long-standing pattern. And I love her story. It’s interesting. It’s complex, but we uncovered some things that were really potent for her and timely using affirmations and visualization. And I’m teaching the viewer also, why are we doing this? How does it work?

And then you’re gonna love this. So I know what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna go, “Carol, we want this for the Healing Center for…it’s all the time.” We have a three-question process that generates a personal healing map that will give someone what area they need. We chose five areas, weight, relationship, money, health, and it will generate which area they are ready to heal with then the resources for them to follow to go sign up for their free trial. So that we’re giving people an actual guide…you know, do this with your two-week free trial. It’s gonna be super. I just I love it.

Lots of nice good stuff going on. Our next coaching call will be February 25th. And follow me on Instagram if you wanna see what I eat daily. You like profiling people that are random people in the world. And our winners tonight…stay on, let’s announce the winners and then I’m going to read the little excerpt to wrap up tonight’s coaching call.

Haley Sam [SP], you won the I am Fit oil. She said, “One thing that has shifted for me in this plan is looking for a new body instead of dreaming of what I used to have.” Thank you.

Rebecca Jordan Turner got us off to a phenomenal, like, start when she posted that the first week about getting her old body back, and I’m like, “No, no, no, no, no. You don’t want the old body.” And so that helps so many members. It really just…her 3/1 energy really just enrolled us all to go for it, so thank you, Rebecca, that was cool.

So, “I don’t want those old experiences that went along with that body and I’m so excited for the new body we are going to have.” The I am Grounded oil is going to Kelly Cordova, “The weight loss program has helped me to begin building a beautiful friendship partnership with my body, my adventure buddy.” I love that.

All right, this comes from “Remembering Wholeness” I wrote this book, it was published in 2000. It’s sold hundreds of thousands of copies in paperback and audio. It is not on Kindle. It was written pre-Kindle days, and we would have to go, literally, type it all out to get it on Kindle, so most people want it paperback anyway. There’s a lot of underlying that goes on when you read this book.

“The 10 Lies We Think are Love” number one, and I’m only gonna read this one. “Food is love. Our bodies require love through appropriate touch. When that need has not been met, we often turn to food to fill us. The root cause of all addictions is the body’s need for attention. Food feels good to the body, the body will begin to believe food is love and continually check it out. Seek it out to get the feeling of sweetness and fullness that the energy of real love gives us when it is open and flowing in our being.”

So good thing. Give your body hugs when you’re going to sleep at night. Thank your body. Your body wants to be loved, and it thinks food is love because it’s giving it attention.

So, great call tonight. Thanks, everyone. And we’ll keep seeing you in the Facebook group. And keep it up. Two more weeks, let’s make these next two weeks even better than the first two. Thanks for everyone’s participation.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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