Live Coaching Call January 22, 2019

1 hour, 10 minute video

As you go through Week 2 of the Healing Plan for Weight Loss, Carol teaches a Muscle Testing technique to help you discover the correct weight your body wants to be. (Go to 41:41 for that technique!) You’ll feel supported as you overcome comparison and concerns about your body and self-image.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Curiosity about the safety of ingesting the Healing Oils

Concern around the need to put weight on—not off

Questions about the left/right side of the body

Comparison between your body and other women’s

You Want To:

Get clarity about which oils are safe to consume

Find balance and tweak the sessions to support you

Discover which sides are feminine/masculine

Be free of competition and comparison

Affirmation for this Session:

I am easily knowing the correct weight my body wants to be. I am tuning into my body as it tells me what is correct for me.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 7:10

Session Transcript

Welcome to the second live coaching call for the guidance support healing plan for weight loss. Welcome to those watching live and for everyone watching the recording. Let me give you an overview of tonight’s agenda. We’re going to have a success story I want to share and then I have several submitted questions that I will answer. And then I’m going to teach how to know what your body wants to weigh, my story behind that how I came to learn my foot weight, my body wanted to have it as it set point and how I’ve been successfully able to maintain that ever since I was able to align myself with that.

And I have a guest. She is a member of the Healing Center. Emily is joining me because she asked the question, “How do I know what I should go for when it comes to a focus on a weight, a number on the scale, a size, should go for an ideal, something more practical?” So again, that’s aligned with what I’ll be teaching, how to know what’s the correct way for you and what’s aligned with your body’s energetics. So it can be more readily and easily sustained. So it’s good information to have because once you get that one in place and you remove all that emotional stuff, and you’re eating, eating food is first fuel and subsidence for the body. It’s a big piece of entertainment, my world, I love food, I enjoy food whenever I travel. Food is a big part of the experience. I enjoy a certain experiences with food.

Yeah, I no longer overindulge or overeat or have cravings, everything is easily maintained because of all the healing work I’ve done to free my body up to have that sensory ability of this is enough, this is all I want, this is appropriate to eat now. I’m able to get those responses very quickly and instinctually now. I’ve very tuned in to what my body is telling me. And that can take some time that you’re in the process of achieving that, you are in the process of freeing your body up so it has a strong say and is very present in the vibration of what it wants and sending correct signals to you that you’re able to interpret and follow successfully.

The success story comes in from Carolyn. She shared in the Facebook group this week. This is going to sound simplistic, but stick with me, “To leave the house you have to get dressed. It is not optional. However, in my head, food is optional. I cook dinner and have food at the rate for my kids and husband. But then I try to ignore it for myself. It is no surprise at all that this totally backfires and results in me eating poorly. What kind of belief that I’m here that food can be ignored, that I should pretend I don’t need to eat? I’m so glad I saw this in my head. If I plan my food the way I now plan my clothes, then food will not be the source of desperation or emotional decision making, it will be just one more way I take care of myself.”

So that’s just a really great example of what many of you are experiencing, which is big aha in insights to what tricks you up and made this such a complicated experience. Because when you step back and think about it, you think, “Really, it’s just food and we require food.” And wow, I have created a lot of struggle with this experience that’s meant to be part of our pleasant human experience and one that should happen effortlessly and naturally. But there’s so many things that we’re still running that come from family stories, feedback we were given as children, needs not met, food making up the difference, just to now it’s an interesting experience. And you take all the stories off it and food is just food, our bodies are just bodies, and we’re left to recreate all the drama with it.

So good for you, Carolyn, to check into that and see the differences may you have shift. Whenever you have those kind of light bulb moments, your energy shifts. And as you learn, some of them are so big, you’ll never go back, others you’ll have to have several of the same hit to finally get that resonance of learning that your body takes on to go, “I got it finally,” and that’s okay. Somebody else spoke today in the Facebook group. I actually wrote a reply that they’ve done really well for two weeks, then they hit the kind of emotional eating craving prompt. And somehow they were presented with cookies. I don’t remember the scenario exactly. But they asked their body and their body said, “No, no cookies,” but they ate it anyway. The emotional desire one out, the old pattern played out and there was a headache as a result.

And I said, “Well, this is called body learning. This is where we have to create discomfort at the physical level to get the lesson. It’s like we weren’t willing to get to trust the lesson to embrace the learning just by insight and awareness, we had to have a physical consequence to teach us. And so the body teaches us when we’ve chosen into living at a higher awareness.” So body learning can kick your butt, but it gets your attention and you go, “Oh, my gosh, okay. Got it. I didn’t follow the correct decision and I’m paying for.” It’s called choice and accountability and you’re being made…Because when you’re aligned with this information and you’re saying these things every day you’re like now what you’re wanting choosing to create, and you make a choice alternative to that, now you have to count for that choice and the energy it creates. It can look like a headache.

And hopefully, you get a lesson from that. You go, “I don’t wanna feel that way again. I know I did that when I gave up sugar. I thought, you know, “I can handle it. It’s okay, if I eat, you know, several hundred grams of sugar one day, big cookie.” I don’t remember but I consumed you know, fair amount. And one day and it took me out for the whole next day. It took me a few days to get my mojo back and it was a big body learning lesson. It was just I can just tune into that now and go, “Mm-mm, not worth it.” So choice and accountability is just part of our human experience, the cause and effect of our choices that we get to be accountable for and there’s an opportunity there to learn from it.

All right, let’s get into our submitted questions, “Which oils can be ingested?” You recently learned that I released, it was on January 10th, the oil blends and you’ve seen in several videos. You’ve seen me and actually Calista post a video today in the group where she put it on her tongue The I Am Fit oil which is presented the question which can be ingested. Here’s the answer. All blends can be used with one to two drops in a 16 to 32 ounce of water or smoothie. So they’re all food quality so they can be ingested. I am fit and I am healthy, can be ingested right to the tongue. These can be applied like she showed taking I Am Fit and this is I am healthy, which I was going to suggest tonight being it’s a great addition. This one is designed to help your body restore itself, revitalizing physical healing systems.

And so as you’re making these changes and your experience with food, this could be a real asset for you right now to get the healing systems going. If you listened to my Energy Profile Carol Facebook Live show yesterday I talked about these phases we go through from being in a degenerative disease illness to removing the interferences, which a lot of those are foods and unhealthy foods. When that changes your body is put in a restorative mode and kicks in its healing abilities. I am healthy will reinforce that. So that could be something supportive to you right now that you can actually there’s oil on the threads of the bottle. Is usually enough that you can bring that and then swipe your tongue. Like I’m getting a sensation right now. So I’m fit and I’m healthy can be they don’t need to be put in more liquid but any other oil one or two drops.

In a teaspoon of honey or sweetener, 16 to 8 ounces of warm water. I’m okay with those flavors. I’m someone that…I mean, I’ve been willing to take a lot of nasty stuff in my time. So am okay with the flavor of the oils. I don’t need to sweeten it up. I don’t like the hit.” Would be take through me, right? So there. Good to know. You should probably put that on our website if you’re seeing us eat these. So we’ll make a note of that. I don’t feel full until I am over full. Even as a child my mom says I could eat three bottles at one feeding if she would give me that much. My brother when he had enough he would burp and that was it, not a sip more. Apparently, I never had that as a child and especially now. I can just eat and eat until I have bloated stomach and feel terrible and I learned to feel full.

Well, the fact that you’re an adult and recalling the story so vividly with so much information and you know your brother’s experience, that tells me you heard about it as a child. Your mother told you about this and there’s a good chance from what I’m deducting here is that you’ve been given this feedback all through your childhood that you could just eat, eat, and eat. So that’s now reinforced. See, you’re basically being programmed to have this be your experience by all the reference to it. And so yes, this is an old program. So your body thinks that is correct. That that’s the program you operate by. You can change that programming and of course, you can. We’re changing all kinds of programming with this work.

And so I would suggest you do the not, not scrambler, the…I don’t know, I think those may be coming up in the next two weeks, you say, “I am I am.” And for you, let’s see, the phrase that I would put in there on the I am I am, you’re usually putting a negative in that you want to clear. It’s a negative reference to yourself. Somebody posted recently they were called a nickname that was shaming and I said, ” You really need to do the not, not scrambler on that to clear that reference to being an identity.” So it’s anything that’s been programmed into us at a deep level that appears to be part of our identity. So you’re presenting this in your question as though it is just who you are. And it was reinforced, “Your brother is not this way, you’re this way.” So it sounds something like I am I am.

Will you use the phrase bloated? So you can pick a singular word that references the experience. Okay. So bloated comes to mind and you would say you’ll go through the session. It’s the belief scrambler session. I am I am bloated. I am I am not bloated. I am not, not bloated. And see the trick in this you’re following me in the statements. And when you cannot repeat them correctly and your mind goes blank and you sort of go into a day is that means that is an identity factor and you have to repeat it till you can stay congruent with it and that means you’re shifting it. And it’s an interesting setup.

The first three sentences of the not, not represent that you’ve owned the belief in your own lifetime. If you get tripped up in the second group of sentencing, it references that it was from your parents’ belief system. It was programmed into them, they’ve passed it on to you. If it’s in the third set of setup questions, it’s referencing that it was generational. This has been handed down through several generations in the family, you’re now a carrier for it and you didn’t even create it. You’re not the author. Most the stuff you’re healing and clearing, you’re not the original author of, it’s things that have been inherited. You’ve just put your personal story on it. So do the not, not. You can reprogram this and go back into visualization. Talk to your mom when you were little. See your little self there, see your mom feeding the baby or you feed yourself as a baby and see that baby getting full on one bottle. And it just doesn’t become a thing. It became this thing that you now have to clean up.

In eighth grade. I was sick with mononucleosis, and my mother spoiled me with treats. The tiredness continued. And I spent years of medical testing for ongoing exhaustion. My senior year of high school was finally tested for narcolepsy a condition characterized by an extreme tendency to follow asleep. I’m currently taking 30 milligrams of Adderall every day and I spent years hating my body for being so weak and tired, comparing it to others with more energy than me. I have shifted my self-talk and I’m starting to have more energy. My question to you is even if this is neurological condition in the medical field says there’s no cure, can I eventually go off my medication one day and live a normal life? I believe anything’s possible. There’s many stories of illnesses, diseases, and many things in the medical model that have said we can’t cure that. They may not know how to cure it because they have a treatment model versus a cure model.

Diabetes is treated in the medical world. It’s now being taught sort of in the more holistic approach that it can be cured by diet, type II diabetes. There was a time when they believed that couldn’t be cured because they didn’t incorporate nutritional advice. So see, that’s just two different worlds that are starting to meld, because you’ve got people in the medical world who are bringing a more holistic approach. You didn’t have, you know, your naturopaths 30 years ago, you didn’t have your osteopaths. It’s just starting to meld that we’re bringing in a holistic approach into the medical model. Historically, the medical model has been a treatment approach to a diagnosis to…they would have seen it as medicine would have cured it, meaning made up the difference, not necessarily prompting your body to heal it. So healing, you’re asking, can you heal yourself?

I don’t ever say no to anything in this respect. And if it’s meant to happen in your lifetime, and part of your soul journey. I certainly would be open. Would it be something that would require a real commitment on a high level? Yes, I’ve had to heal something in my family system that was never healed. It’s taken huge commitment to believing it. So many times that I felt taken out by the physical challenges I’ve had that my father had that very well could have been prior. I don’t know the story from the ancestors before him, but my father died with this chronic condition. It got very chronic for me and, and I have so many times I’d want to surrender and just give up and I’d say, “No, I believe. I believe if I keep focusing on wellness, this can heal.” And yeah, I’ve gotten…I’m not 100% so I’m still doing it. And I’m close. I’m in the high 90s. So I’m very grateful for that.

The other thing you need to do is look at why did you get mono here? And I mentioned this because when I was 15 years old, I developed mononucleosis. Well, it wasn’t because I was the sickly person, it was because I did not wanna go to school. I was ashamed of my body. I had just been elected a cheerleader of varsity cheerleader. It was the summer of my beginning of my junior year. I was teased a lot by my brothers. That’s when I gained quite a bit of weight. I always felt like I was a spectacle and putting myself in front of the whole student body as a cheerleader, it was shaming to me. It was humiliating and I created that to remove myself from it. It protected me.

So why did you create that originally? What’s the emotional reason that you created that original event that now…In fact, this give me an idea, I’ve never cleared that my own life story to shift that, to go back to that time in your life until, correct the scene of what’s really going on and not need the health condition to protect you. So I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna go back until that 15. I wanna help her get…I’m gonna see her fit and healthy and jumping around in the student body having a great time. She doesn’t need it. I could just morph her to look like she wanted to look like and give that young lady power and say, “You don’t need to get sick, get out there and do your thing.”

So I’m gonna get rid of the reason you have to have illness, for the illness is representing other things. And this is for “Mastering Affluence”, please read that in the physical, creating physical affluent section. I speak to that very prolifically why the emotional reason we need illnesses, okay, please read that. So important. And you can get that $10, get it for $10. Healing Center members get “Mastering Affluence” for $10. There’s no link in the units here in the Facebook group and I’m sure they’ll throw the link up during the coaching call tonight. “I have PTSD around a cancer diagnosis and I’m using food as away feeling like I have some type of control over my healing. If the food is processed, has sugar or wheat, I don’t eat it. So my dad is very healthy. But I feel like all I do is think about how to get enough calories in me to maintain weight. Do I need to tweak the weight loss plan?”

Yeah, you’re dealing with you’ve got to keep weight on but there’s still issues around the body, so you’re just gonna tweak it to your scenario, which intuitively you’ll know what to do. So, yes, make that alteration and it will work for you because it’s still using food as a substitute for something and it’s taking over. It’s not in balance. “Now that you’ve been practicing these healing tools for decades, how often do you find yourself clearing tapping now?” Well, I just learned something tonight, did I? I’m like, “Oh, never cleared the need for getting sick.” And I mean, maybe that’s still hanging around in my body that’s played a portion of the experience I’ve had in my adult life.

So how often do I do it? When I need to. And my thoughts are pretty pristine and I have a lot of control over my mind. So I’m able to shift my thinking quite easily. Today I was feeling some things that I know are related to my childhood. They’re uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable to feel those old feelings. It’s not fun and I made myself do it. It’s like I choose to just drop into it and tap on that and I do it not with the intent to get rid of it, it’s to help process and help that emotional energy reset itself. So if you go into tapping with the idea of, “I agree with this,” it’s to support your system in doing what it’s designed to do, to feel what needs to be felt and change the vibration of the feeling so you bring it back to your wholeness state of wholeness.

You’re clearing, you’re getting rid of the reference of shame and the negativity in your mind. You’re altering your vibrational state come into a higher vibration. So it’s just a part of my lifestyle now, you know, that I do. It’s like brushing my teeth, I don’t even think about it, I just do these things. And it’s all for maintenance and support. I’m not in a deep healing phase anymore. I’m certainly willing to accept there’s things that may come up and I’m in a restorative phase where I’m really learning to live in joy, which is lovely. I’ve been sleeping more too. You know, we’ve always been told you gotta get…you know. Somehow we’ve admired people that can sleep less and they think, “I don’t know, I accomplished quite a bit.”

Yeah, I’ll be short on my sleep and push myself and get maybe six and a half, seven hours of sleep, my body lately has been saying, “No, I want nine hours of sleep. You let me be in bed for nine hours.” I really enjoy laying so I’ve got to get to bed earlier than later because I get up fairly early. So I just really cherish, my goals to get in bed while there’s still a nine in the first slot on the clock. It’s got to have a 9 and it can’t be the 10. And I don’t make it that often but I’m practicing it and I’m getting better at that. So sleep is a big part of this. Years ago I’ve heard you say each side of the body is connected to either male or female energy. I am clearing quite a bit and noticing that my left side is manifesting pain, hip and the neck, numbness, fingertips, and twitching, eye.

It’s been ongoing since beginning the weight loss plan. I don’t know if what I’m experiencing is connected to this theory or not. But it feels odd to have one side of my body reacting the way it is. Is there anything in particular that I can be doing to help clear that side of my body? Your left side of your body where your heart is considered your yen or what we’ve referenced is the feminine side of your body’s energy and so receiving energy, expelling energy, the right side is young or more masculine. Most of my issues have been on the right side of my body, which is more masculine and, historically, I’ve had more issues with males. I grew up with an all-male family, very subservient, my mother that was very much a doormat, not someone that really presenced [SP] herself in a healthy way. And being a female role model for me, the male energy completely dominated and a lot of it was unhealthy. So that would make sense that I have conflict with male energy and my body took that on.

And so here’s this on the left side where is it that…I would think this is something with your family so same [SP] energy. Family story, have women been repressed? Have women catered? Have they been the hard working ones in the family, doing more than is really reasonable? You’ve got, let’s see, if you say my left seismic pain in your hip and neck. So that’s more structural numbness in your fingers and twitching in your eye and so you can look up a really interesting book is Louise Hay’s “Heal your body.” You can look each of those physical parts up and see what she has to say about that about a limited belief that the body is holding. But what is the story with the feminine and if that’s ringing true to you, it’d be great for you to post and share what came up for you, what do women need to heal in your family that your body’s showing you?

I’ve noticed a lot of stress about food, the kids wasting food, what diet plan I should follow, I end up eating anything. Example eggs and toast even though I know eggs aren’t great and white bread, not best for me. I eat foods and things I shouldn’t be eating. These are fine to eat, right? Also, I know what and why I do. Also, I know what I have to do to help myself but I only do them sometimes and then stop, even though I know they are good for me. Is this all resistance self-sabotage, like you’re trying to do two things at once. The focus of when you’re doing a weight loss plan is to kind of put away what food should I be eating? What plan should I be following? What strategies do I need to employ? You kind of put that aside and do whatever you kind of organically do and see what shows up for you.

So you keep doing the healing work. Clearing the old programming, clearing your body from the programming, that’s what you do with clearing loxalar [SP]. Getting rid of the emotional issues that keep driving these food choices. And you’re trying to make choices as though you’ve cleared all that. You haven’t cleared all that. You know, your body may one morning say, “Hey, eat the egg and the white bread. Have a piece of toast. It’s not a big deal. Your body may be fine with that. It can handle it.” So you’re still coming from your head. All that you just stated, it’s your head. It’s your head trying to figure this out. And the opportunity is to free the body up so the body starts running the show and what you eat.

And I may have completely sworn to some of you right now. What does it feel like? Because some of you are starting to have that experience and go not even drugged out or don’t feel an appetite for that? And start noticing then where’s this coming from, this influence? Is it my head or is it my body? Start paying attention to what’s prompting you. Are these just thoughts that I’ve acquired because I listened to all these podcasts and I listened to all these people I deemed as experts for my body telling me what I should and shouldn’t eat?

Because guess what? What you eat is really singular and unique to you. Nobody has your body. That’s the beauty of this. You may get aligned with…I learned a lot about keto because my husband tends to do the deep dive into stuff. When I realized I’m not keto strong, meaning I don’t do well on 20 carbs a day, and I do very well on about 50 to 60 and it’s super easy for me to maintain, nobody told me that but I had to kind of be introduced to a program and I modified it to my preferences to go, “This works for me. This is what works for me.” So yeah, program may influence some of the that but ultimately you’ll make adjustments to it that are very supportive to you. So you’re getting ahead of yourself. This is all coming from your head. Keep doing the weight loss plans. You can listen to your body and start to notice when you are listening to your body and when you’re listening to those two doos in your head.

“What do you do if you’re gaining weight doing the healing plan for weight loss? I know I’m a stress eater and a border meter. I’ve been doing healing plan since August and reading mastering affluence. I’m seeing glimmers of hope and rebuilding my marriage that I didn’t know was broken. I’m trying to keep my vibration high as my husband has been searching for a job since December 12th when he was laid off. Thursday I discovered a lump in my underarm, which I am trying not to worry about. It seems like life is crashing down around me.” And I’m not laughing at you. I’m sorry because I’m laughing at this experience because it’s like, “Hello. Been there. Done that.” I know what it’s like to be in this experience when you feel like you’ve got to be kidding me. Crashing down on me and I’m losing progress. What am I missing?

It’s I’ve said this before in other live coaching calls, it’s the scene in “The Truman Show” where he’s on the boat and he’s…spoiler alert, he’s discovered he’s in a fake world and there’s this person acting like God trying to take him out and keep him subdued, keep him confined. And he’s out in the water on his little sailboat just like, you know, screaming it this guy going, “Yeah, bring it on. Yeah, right. Go ahead.” And that you’ll have these moments and I’m so sorry. And you’re going through a major shift. So it’s like an avalanche all at once. And maybe you’re someone that likes to do a lot in a short period. And you’ll bring yourself out of this. Just consider if you weren’t using the tools you have, where you might be, and how this could totally ruin your life and take you out. But you’re in a place where you have support and you have tools.

Though, when you gain weight, when you…I want you to be mindful of that the goal here isn’t necessarily to lose weight, that becomes a byproduct that’s nice, but it doesn’t become the focal point. The focal point of doing the weight loss plan is to free yourself of this being captured by food and body issues. That’s the goal to be free of that. Then when if and when you do lose weight, it’s kind of like a bonus. But it’s not why you’re doing this. It’s to free up your mind and your emotions from this struggle with food. And you can live a beautiful life with food being in its proper role and place for you, supporting your body. That’s the outcome you’re seeking.

So I want you ties, when people post and I don’t wanna be too…you know, when you post some weight loss, do it in a way that it’s sort of like, “Yeah, I’m grateful,” and yeah, what are other successes you’re just as excited about in your experience with food with the way you think about it, the emotions you have around it, how is that changing? Rather than weight being the reason you’re doing this, that’s a lovely side effect that I know will happen that may take more time than one pass through this, and it may take you going through some other healing plans because you’re finding there’s other stuff there and that’s okay. You can do in a few months, the work that will change your life for years. And I always say that’s fast because how many years you’ve been, you know, fighting this stuff versus a few months to shift it. It’s not asking a lot.

Recently, Carole mentioned a thick neck could be associated with a weak, throat chakra. What tools are recommended for resolving a thick neck. Well, I mentioned that you might carry weight in certain places as a protection. So your throat chakra is just where you speak your truth. And you were learning to speak your truth in “The Child Whisperer.” I would refer you to that book right now because they don’t have any specific chakra information. You could find some on YouTube that’s really old, they’ve just never been taken down but I am working on some new chakra materials now that you won’t see immediately but that’s kind of my next pass is to bring that information forward again. But in the meantime, the child was Brubeck.

When you’re learning to speak the developmental phase in your life between it’s 12 to 18 months you’re starting to talk, I think it is. I can’t remember which one it is, okay? But in the child [inaudible 00:33:06] sees developmental phases. Go back, refer to that. And there are statements in their, affirmative statements that I teach parents to say to their child and do the clearing that that’s right Halid [SP]. I did coordinate those. The healing session for that age where maybe Christine could text me which one of those clearing sessions it is, the childhood stage where you’re learning to speak that it’s okay for you to speak your truth, share your opinion, say what’s on your mind, and you’re supported for it. That’s what you want to do because that’s involving the throat chakra. And we’ve got the resources right here in the Healing Center and in my book “The Child Whisperer.”

“How do you know when you’ve reached your ideal weight? How do I ask my body what my body weight should be?” All right. Well, let’s get into that. And I am gonna tell a brief story about how I was falsely programmed to think I should be a weight that was not correct for me as an adult. When I was about 14, my father took me to a health practitioner. It was kind of a neat thing and my father was into alternative stuff, acupuncture and different alternative things. He spent a lot of money and a lot of years trying to find something to fix him rather than learning his body could fix it when given the right support. He had a lot of money and he spent a lot of it going to the next person and I would get involved. Occasionally, he bring me along because he, I think, decided I needed to lose weight. He never spoke to me about it as being an issue that would take me to have somebody help me.

I remember when I was about 15 around few years later going into Berkeley, California to an acupuncturist and having little acupuncture needles, put my ears to help change my decrease my appetite. Didn’t work. My father was still the biggest reason I overate because I scared most of my life. But, you know, I was introduced to a lot of stuff early. He took me to this guy that…and I cannot even tell you what his point of reference was. I just remember at about age 15, 14, I somehow became aware that I weighed 150 pounds. All right, maybe I didn’t weigh myself ever before that but I have no recollection of weighing 100 pounds or 120 pounds. And maybe I never got on a scale but suddenly by age 15, 14, I weighed 150 pounds, somehow scale entered my life.

Well, again, at age 12 as you read in my book “Discover Your Beauty Profile,” the supermodel era launched, it still exists that super thin, skinny females were beauty. That was the point of reference to beauty. Twiggy was the first supermodel. Hello, just even her name Twiggy. So by age 12, I’m being introduced to feminine beauty is a super thin female that looks emancipated and starting in a miniskirt and white GoGo boots is beauty. Well, I didn’t have a body type like that. I’m very muscular. I’m very solid, thick. And by age 14, I’m being taken to this practitioner and met a doctor and he’s telling me my proper weight is 135.

All right, put that together. What do you think’s going to happen? I’m 150 pounds. Next week, I’ve got to remember I have a skirt that I was really into home economics. I’m a former home economics teacher in my early career. I graduated from college in secondary Ed. I was really into home economics as a high school student. I have a dress still, a skirt that I sewed and I looked at that waist the other day and I’m like, “It wouldn’t even fit me now.” And this is from the time period I thought I was huge. It’s just ridiculous. So I’m being told I should weight 15 pounds less than I do. And 150 is now I’m overweight. Now, look at that skirt. Now 150 pounds wasn’t overweight for me. But I was told that I should weigh at least 15 pounds lighter.

So somehow I now and living through decades of trying to get to that weight. Well, then that got modified to 150 pounds. I live most of my adult life thinking I should get my weighed down to 150 pounds. I can’t even tell you the last time I weighed 150 pounds. I don’t know. It was about a year and a half ago I was fed up with this. I was so tired of getting on the scale and running the program of I need to lose five to eight pounds. I need to lose five to eight pounds. I need to watch what am eating. I need to work harder. I went, “This is so ridiculous. Look at this pattern. You’re still living out. It’s never good enough. It’s not acceptable. There’s something you need to change about your body. You need to let that go. You gotta get rid of that scale. I have a potent, I know I can be OCD. I have to make some choices around certain things to make sure I don’t play that out. Putting my body on a scale is one of them.”

And I said, “I gotta get rid of the scale on my bathroom. I get on in the morning. I get on in the night. And this ridiculous.” I took it upstairs where nobody lives in our house. It’s like in the bathroom room upstairs. I can’t just get on it every time I pass it. Because every time I got on that scale, what did I tell myself? I weigh too much. I need to lose weight. And right away, I’m at odds with myself. And I’m frustrated, I’m disappointed. And my body is gonna now be unsupported and unable to do what it’s designed to do. So my first instinct was get rid scale, stop this pattern of weighing myself. And the second step in this progress was now accept yourself for who you are. Start loving your body exactly how it is. And I could get up to anywhere from 160 to 165 pounds.

And once I get to 165 pounds mark I’m like, “Whoa, whoa. I’m getting into the scary territory where I got to control this because I’m gonna be out of control.” And it’s just such an old stories. Like I’m still living my teenage years. I’m not completely free of this. And so I made that decision to now accept myself no matter what weight I was. And I stopped weighing myself so that I was only weighing myself maybe once or twice a week and whatever it was, I just accepted it. I felt whatever came up, cleared all the old programming, tapped on the old stuff, kept doing that. I got clear enough that I was able to ask my body, “What do you wanna weigh?” Because apparently 150 pounds is not something we’re getting to very easily and you’ve been trying to do this for decades, what do you want weight?

And I was able to muscle test it. I was clear enough and I teach you energy testing in the Healing Center. Now I teach you an approach that works very well for me, it’s using my fingers. I’ll show you how to do it tonight and I go watch the session. There are other modalities. Some people like the standing up balanced and you make your statement. And if you fall forward it’s a yes, if you fall back it’s a no. Some people use swinging a pendulum and if it goes in a circle versus, I’ve done all these things. This seems to work the most clear for me and I get a clear response. And so my body told me through energy testing it it’s set point was 160 and the low end 159, but more realistically, 160 to 162 and I’m strong.

I take my pinky finger and my thumb. I create a circle. Yeah, you have to be hydrated. So you have to drink water and you need to be free of processing something. And you got to get out of your head. You’ve got to drop into your energy. And it may take some of you moment to get this because your mind is so powerful and it’s like you’re not getting anything or everything is strong or everything is weak while your mind is still running the show so strongly. So just I would touch my body and say, “Body, what do you wanna weigh? What’s a really reasonable weight that you’re aligned with to sustain.”

You know our world, the world we live in, food, choices we have, what works? And I would test that and see when I do that and you can see that my finger stay together, 160 to 162. Now let me do 150. A hundred and fifty, it’s weak. It’s too extreme to sustain that for my build, my lifestyle nor is it necessary. I wear a size eight in clothing, I’m medium. You know, I’ve gone to scale this morning. I wanted to know what I weighed because I knew what I’d be talking about. I weighed 162 pounds, and I’m very muscular so a lot of that’s muscle and I easily fit into a size eight. Yeah, I think size eight is bigger than they were 30 years ago.

Thank you because that’s a whole craziness is the size thing. Would I be willing to wear a size 12 without it freaking me out? I probably would have a little more work to do on that one. Because I’ve been so programmed by sizes and women tend to have that and men’s waist sizes. You know, men get it with their waist size big time. And so you may want to be programming or deprogramming that, the size thing. That could be your need scrambler. I need I need to weigh…blah, blah, blah. Like I would say I need I need to weigh 150 pounds. I need I need not to weigh 150 pounds. I need I need not not weigh 150 pounds. See, I wanna deprogram myself from that. You can do that with a size.

So am gonna bring on my guest now who asked me this question, “When I think of my ideal weight, I feel like I should be more realistic. I almost don’t dare commit to my ideal weight or dress size. I’m five feet tall and muscular. I would love to be under 130 pounds like 125. But it has been a real struggle to stay under the 160s. The last time I was under 150 was in 2000. How do you deal with realistic versus unrealistic goals? Clearly, I need to do lots of energy work but do I strive for ideal or be realistic?” So let’s meet Emily. Say hello to Emily.

Emily: Hi.

Carol: Hello. So what have you already picked up on from what I said because your eyes I see they’re going…

Emily: I know. I mean, when I heard…First of all, the muscle testing would be interesting to ask my body what it wants to be or ask I guess go inside. But I’m also hearing that you too talking about with this healing process it’s less about getting somewhere and more about clearing away the stuff. And so I came into this from the beginning. While I’m doing this, I’m also doing a competition at my boot camp. And so my brain is in I want to heal and I know that’s really important. But I’m also engaged in my type three accomplishment that I’m out to get right now. So I may have to…

Carol: It’s a weight because, is that a weight-based competent, like how much weight you need to lose?

Emily: A percent body fat type of that amount. But that does confuse it. But set that aside my whole adult life in trying to always being overweight and not just in my head, like actually being overweight and that struggle. And now I feel like, “Okay, I think I got this. Like I’m gonna do this now. I’m ready to really take on this area of my life but I wanna have a goal. I wanna be able to picture something but I’m [inaudible 00:46:09] what I want. I’m afraid to go for what I really want.”

Carol: What you really want, you know, where does that come from? See, I had to look where mine came from where that 150 pounds came from and the story of my life. I had to look at. Somebody else told me that. It wasn’t me. So that wasn’t even reasonable. They consider that what I wanted wasn’t truly mine. It was something I took upon myself. I gave someone else the power to make that decision for me. And the other thing that people will do is they’ll think back to certain period earlier times in life when they weighed a certain amount, pre-baby high school, early marriage, that you had a different body. You have different experiences with your body that change your body. That it matures and changes. And hormones change your body as you pass through different phases of life.

And so we also have this ideal that references a different time period, our body had that experience. That time period is gone. That’s not the body’s healthy experience anymore but we still mentally associate with that thinking that’s the preferred experience based on, again, a cultural media influence that says, “Skinny is better.” And that’s really done a number on our, “Now, man, my goodness.” You know, if you look back 20 years, muscular men were not the thing to the degree they are now. So now they have a new thing to deal with in their body reference to think, you know, to be really attractive as a male, you got to be very muscular because that’s become a very visible thing in our culture of late because of all the supplementation and the ability to really enhance the body.

So I’m sensing that your reference is outdated. It’s an outdated ideal. It’s not the ideal, it’s referencing a time that was appropriate then for your body. It doesn’t match your body now. What will happen is if we put upon our body unrealistic, incorrect way to size or it will resist losing any weight because it’s not supported in alignment with what’s correct. So it will now be in resistance mode because it’s got to stay on the defense to say, “I can’t do that easily and nor do I want to.” If the body is a system of intelligence, it has no motive to try and become something that feels so forced.

So with you, now I can just read your energy, but I’ll show you through the muscle testing, I can just tune into your body and I know what it’s telling me. I don’t know if you saw the video Calista put up. She and I chatted the other day. And I looked and I went, “You way off. Your body doesn’t want that and so you’re not gonna have any success.” And so she got it real quick because she’s into this stuff that you’re not gonna…see, you’re gonna think this is what you’re going to have to do some clearing on, you’re going to think this is settling and compromising by the where your head is at. Your body wants to weigh between 135 and 140 pounds.

Emily: Honestly, I can absolutely take that.

Carol: And the only thing that will you trip you up is what your head is telling you. You know to say no. The other is why…If I were you, I would journal on this and say, “I thought 125 is ideal because,” why did that become the ideal? You wanna dissect that and really pick, you know, dismantle that so that you can just say, “Yeah, 135, 140.” I’ve easily set myself at 162. It’s just stays there because I finally aligned with it and went, “Stop all this craziness about thinking you need to weigh less than you do.” And now my body is kind of like free. It’s kinda relaxing into the weight going, “Okay, I can do that and I’m gonna stop eating when I’m full.” You know, I don’t want to have to measure and I’m not into that. I don’t like having to track everything has to take three. I want my appetite to be the thing that really dictates it.

I am someone that doesn’t need to eat all day long. I do what’s considered intermittent fasting. I can go from stopping eating at 6:00 p.m. And I don’t have to eat till 11:00 or 12:00 the next day and I’m fine. That works really well for me. So I eat…you know, my food is consumed between a five to six-hour period. That’s another example of my body. Now having a say and going…I’ll ask it in the morning. I’ll muscle test this. Will say, “What time do you want to eat today, body?” And I’ll find out. You know, 10:00 a.m., 11:00 and I’ll check it. And I’ll know.

Well, if my mind is telling me I should eat, I’ll use the fit. I’ll drink water. And I’m gonna honor my body with what it’s telling me. “Body, when do you wanna stop eating today?” Some days it’s two, because I started eating earlier. And it’s like done. It’s like, “I don’t want any more food. Don’t give me any more food. I’m good.” So you’re still letting go of that. The 125 came from your mind.

Emily: Sure.

Carol: How do you feel about…say, you try that right now. Do the 125. What happens when you test that?

Emily: I’m I’d do it.

Carol: I need to make pinky finger. It’s a little better. Yeah.

Emily: I mean, I can get in there.

Carol: Yeah, you’ll open up. Now say my body wants to weigh 135, 140.

Emily: Right. That’s stronger.

Carol: Feel the strength on that?

Emily: Yeah.

Carol: Yeah, that will be perfect for you. And what a relief.

Emily: Yeah, it’s still far. Do you know what I mean? It’s still a huge, huge…

Carol: Well, the goal, the opportunity is to let it come off more organically by these changes because once you set it, it just stays there, rather than forcing it to happen faster than maybe your body can successfully sustain. Because what you want is to be able to hit that place that becomes a life a point you stay at. It’s no longer the efforting to try and stay at a lower weight and you’re no longer rise and falling. Your lifestyle now, your appetite, your fitness. You know, you’re very active woman. Fitness is not the issue here. You love that. And so to me, this is all of intra fault programming that’s the biggest interference you’re dealing with. It might happen faster than you think.

Emily: Okay, I would love it to be wherever it is. If it’s 140, even if it’s 150. Although, I rather…

Carol: Even 140 is a really sweet spot.

Emily: I’d like it to be easy. I mean, I guess, I don’t know, not like easy, like I’m lazy but easy like effortless. I’m exercising, I’m working out, I’m doing all the right things. I wanna be clear of the struggle around it. I don’t wanna…

Carol: See, that’s the old pattern. What I’ve shared in my story I was still living an old pattern. I’ve completely changed my pattern with this. I’m in whole new energy with it. That’s what you’re doing. And that just, again, takes time to catch yourself, “I’m in the old pattern. Okay, choose again.” And then that’s nice because then you get to just experience living it without all the struggle and it’s sustainable for the rest of your life. That’s the good news. I encourage you to…you know, it takes a little bit longer than a forced diet that drops weight. It’s not a sustainable and you’re still having to put yourself into a program to get results versus it now being created because your body is choosing it, which is very different. So thanks for being here tonight and being a representative for everyone to teach this for.

Emily: Thanks for having me.

Carol: You’re welcome. Thanks, Emily. Let’s open up for live questions. Now, if you have any question about what I just shared, now it’s time to ask them. Can’t remember? The other oil I’m gonna recommend here that some of you would benefit from is called I Am Present. If you’re checking out during the sessions, you’re going off into a bunch of different thought processes, you don’t hear your affirmations, you’re not remembering to do things, you’re blanking out, I Am Present going to get you back in your body and help you stay present. Heal mind and body connection, because what’s happening is you have a pattern of leaving your body energetically when you have to do anything that’s about the body. It’s been a safety mechanism. This one actually was specifically blended for the healing plan for abuse, because that was a safety mechanism to mail it dissociate from the physical. So you’re doing physical, a lot of physical stuff.

You may be disconnecting dissociating from your body because you’re addressing bodily level issues. So check out this, get a bottle of I Am Present and the I Am Healthy if you’ve got other pain, disease, illness, stuff connected with this process of healing food. I can break my finger hold on any weight, thoughts. That’s where you’re not clear enough yet. So another way is to learn the method of…you can go on YouTube and check. It’s often referred…I like to call it energy testing rather than muscle testing because it’s really energy that your energy goes weak or it goes strong, depending on if it’s imbalanced or not. You can learn a different methods see if that one works for you, the tipping or you could do some journaling.

You can ask your body using your dominant hand, “Body, what do you wanna weigh, what’s a healthy way for you?” You take your non-dominant hand and say what I wanna weigh is…” and what just comes out. Then check that with the muscle testing that you’re just not running a clear enough energy to be able to get a good read on that, things are modeled for you. And you’re probably you could change by the morning, you could be processing. There’s a good chance what I’ve shared tonight can bring things up for you so that you’re processing right now and that motion is running and that would interrupt here getting a clear reading.

“When do you know if you are free processing something?” Oh, you feel good, you feel balanced, you feel pleasant. You’re no longer bugged about it. You might have insights to things you need to change, your choices need to be made or boundaries that need to be set or communication that needs to be shared. But you come into balance and you’re getting clarity on what’s the correct direction for you if something’s required. “How often can you use I Am Fit oil?” I use mine up to three times a day. I use it in the morning. I put it on at bed time a little bit and in the middle of the day. Often, I will have topically apply some.

“Will I Am Healthy be useful for someone I know who’s healing cancer, now curing it, I know but would it support his immune system or something?” Yeah, very much so. The oils that are in I Am Healthy were all chosen because they help support activating the body’s healing response. “Can you use the scrambler for physical and chronic pain?” For sure. Excuse me. “Remastering Affluence” so I teach you how pain can become an identity and how pain becomes a function to support us emotionally to get emotional needs met. And so you can, if it’s referenced to an identity. You can do that belief scrambler I am I am whatever the illnesses or if it’s an emotional setup that you need the illness, it can be scrambled with the I need I need, because there is if you have that history and it’s subconscious, you need your illness to meet an emotional needs, you wanna scramble that.

Let’s see, Looking at the clearing for journaling and the clearing for frozen emotions, can they be done together? I mean, the same day?” Yeah, you know them right after another. Sure. “When we remember something from our past that we want to clear, what would be the best clearing session to do?” It depends on what it’s about, what’s it referencing. Just become more and more familiar with the library of traces and you’ll get an intuitive hit on what would be correct for you. It depends what the topic is, the issue. You know, we’ve got clearings for anger, we have clearings for fear, we have clearings for a lot of stuff in there. So what’s the theme of it? “Is it in my head or is it in my body? I’ve always combined the two. Definitely will be separating that from this time forward.” Good for you.

“As a child, my father was calling me ‘twiggy’ and I became very self-conscious of my body. I’m protecting myself with extra weight. And even though I know this is the reason and I know what to do, I don’t do it. How do I get past this block?” I think that I am present oil. So you really present yourself with this and you feel the discomfort at this. So you’ll be motivated to do it. I would even pray at times help me to feel how uncomfortable this is so I will be motivated to make a change.

Yes, I was highly motivated. I wanted to provoke change but I knew discomfort would motivate me. So I prayed that I feel more uncomfortable. If there was something wasn’t correct for me. “Will the energy testing ever result with a weight that is considered obese?” No, I don’t think your body wants…Well, yeah, I don’t know what you’re referencing what skill obese is. You know, extreme overweight. So I would not think so. You’re not getting the correct reading if that’s the case. No. “How do I stop comparing my body with someone else’s?” Notice when you’re doing it, where does that come from? Where is the history of that? Did that…

You don’t do that without somebody modeling that or there is some family story behind that. You don’t just come to, we live in a culture of women…this is how why that became a thing for women. Okay, if you go back far enough, which isn’t that far, in our history or culture, women had more rights when they were married. I was even born in a time period that a woman couldn’t even have a bank account in her own name. That was changed in the ’60s. I was born in 1957. A woman couldn’t even have a name in their own credit card till their early ’70s. Men were considered the legal holders of property and money and women had fewer rights and privileges in our culture when they were single.

It was sort of culturally unacceptable to be single as a female. You go back in the 1800s, this is the culture. You know, it was starting to change in the 1900s but it’s still pretty prevalent. Now women are competition for each other. Yeah, you gotta get married. Other women are a threat subconsciously. You know, they could get the guy and you couldn’t. So this became this weird by-product of this need for marriage and women were raised to believe that marriage made them more a whole person. You know, that they were less valuable as a human being single, and so now other women are a threat, subconsciously. And we’re still clearing that because, you know, in addressing your truth world, it’s very rare thing to have thousands of women saying, “You look amazing. You look great. Well, you’re beautiful.”

Yeah, women check each other out and comparing themselves, which I no longer do. You know, I’m like, “I look good so do you. You can look good and it doesn’t matter. It’s okay.” So you guys just like clean that one up. It’s the clearing that and you can write your own script on that on clearing session. If anyone thinks of a Cameron, Christine, if you think of a clearing session or Colleen make some recommendations of what would support that. Because that’s just cultural stuff that you can free yourself up. Catch yourself when you do it. And choose a statement that will shift the energy in the moment, “I’m good enough, she’s good enough, everyone is good enough. My body is good enough, their body is good enough, all our bodies are good enough. My body is my business, their body is their business, and I choose to mind my business.”

That will be a good one. “My body is my business, their body is their business, and I choose to mind my own business with my body.” And you give back their energy. Because every time we make a comparison, you take on their energy. Anytime you make a judgment about somebody, you take on the energy of the judgment and you take on their energy too. You do not want that. It’s a big price to pay, man, for that kind of thought process. So you’re gonna get real, get very strong, learning to manage your thoughts. That’s why you listened to those scripts every day and those affirmations.

You’re retraining your thinking mind. That’s what you’re doing. It’s a tool and you want it to be useful for you and it’s full of a lot of unhealthy references and those are healthy references that you’re now teaching your mind to make the natural thought processes. You are creating new neural pathways with those scripts and affirmations. And how many of you have had that experience where you used to think something else and these other thoughts now are popping in your head instead? Well, let’s just close with what you get out of tonight’s call, sharing a comment real quick.

What are some benefits you receive? What breakthrough did you have? What was your aha tonight? What was reinforced for you? What are you going away with? What’s the value that this gave you tonight? I want you to really to identify that so you can make that claim to it. And every time you listen to these calls, they’re all recorded, go on the website, look up single sessions and you can click on coaching calls. Every one of them is full of valuable insights that support you. So a couple of announcements, next week is our big giveaway. Yeah, we did one yesterday and gave away 16 different gift packages.

Next, on the 29th we’ll do a brief, we’ll do submitted question, short live question and then we’re gonna dedicate the other half of the call to the giveaway. You don’t have to be live. Some of our members are asleep in other countries. We’re going to keep it open for 24 hours. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re gonna lose out. And it will be a random selection of winners so that everyone has a chance. So a couple going away. Going away with what I thought I needed to weigh is less than what my body is telling me. It never occurred to me to muscle test my intermittent in fasting. What a great idea. My body determines its weight.

Asking my body what it wants to weigh. Awesome. Listen to your body. The body is a system of intelligence. “Going away with what I thought my body needed to weigh is less than what my body’s telling me. My aha was that I need to have my body tell me what she wants to weigh not me telling her. Thank you for teaching me to tune into my body and what my body is telling me is correct for me.” Good for you. Lots of great aha’s here. “I’m relieved that I don’t have to lose as much weight as I thought.” I know, right? Your body is too. It’s like, “Thank you.” Because that’s not happening but this can. That’s the good news. It’s like your body feels that. It just goes, “Huh, thank you. Now we can get somewhere. Now we can make some progress. Thank you for taking that off of me.” It’s very grateful.

We’ll talk to you next week’s. I appreciate everyone that’s active in many, many people benefit from the activity in the Facebook group and I appreciate again my support team that’s so committed to your well-being and knows the contents so well. They’re always right there to help you. So I appreciate them so very much. Thanks for joining in on the call. And we’ll talk to you next week. And just to make a note, the next healing plan we’re gonna be doing is we’ll take I think it’s a two-week break, because the relationship plan is only a two-week plan. And we’re gonna move into the group supported healing plan for relationship challenges.

And yeah, it will be great if your partner joined you. And it’d be amazing for you to see how much you can shift your relationship by yourself, because you can, it’s quite remarkable. And my husband is going to be my guest next Monday in my Facebook Live show at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Time where we’re gonna be sharing, and that he’s particularly gonna be sharing what’s helped him in his healing work that supported our relationship changing. So I thought that’d be great to hear from the Charles Hardle’s partner and what work he’s done because he’s been very active participant in doing his healing work. So talk to you soon. See you later. The relationship plan starts on the 11th.Thank you, Christine. See you later.

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