Live Coaching Call January 29, 2019

1 hour, 6 minute video

This call will encourage you as you move through the final week of the Healing Plan for Weight Loss. Learn how to overcome shame and frustration from incorrect food choices and the weight you carry. Carol also shares 22 of her favorite healthy lifestyle products. (Giveaway portion now closed).

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Concern about generational patterns in your children

Confusion around how weight can be caused by grief

A significant other who is resentful of your healing work

Frustration because you keep making incorrect food choices

You Want To:

Know what clearing sessions are correct for children

Become aware of the emotional connection of your weight

Tune into the root cause of what’s triggering their fear

Create new habits and choices that support you

Affirmation for this Session:

I am easily opening the energy of my patterns so I can choose differently.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 13:35

Session Transcript

Hey, everybody. Thanks for hanging in there for a moment. I’m a busy woman tonight. I’ve been over in the lifestyle Facebook group, giving the type truth bomb reveals. So if you’re a member, we supported six women tonight knowing their type. You may be interested to know that’s the only place I give feedback on energy profiling types as far as helping the community learn the skill set I have in an active experience. That’s something we do in there. You can learn more about that in that group because I won’t take time for that tonight.

But here we go. Tonight, you know, if you didn’t know, we are doing a big giveaway, and that’ll happen at the end of the show. We are going to leave this open for 24 hours to enter because we have many of our members that are not actually in this time zone and we wanna respect the fact that they’ll have a chance to enter as well. So, how do you enter? Well, we’re gonna take entries from comments and want you to share a meaningful comment of in the last three weeks what is your biggest aha that is supporting you and healing your issues with your body and food because that is really the focus of the healing plan for weight loss. It’s freeing the body up so it can do what it’s designed to do, which is get well, and wellness includes being at your proper weight.

What’s been your biggest aha in this experience that will be a lifelong learning for you? You have…you’re into week four now, the fourth week of the plan, which includes your clearing session for being overweight. You’ve done that every week because you get new levels of clearing every time you do it. Because that one has…it’s loaded with a lot of references of shame and patterns and programming that just come off and peel off in layers then you’re doing the clearing session for negative body image, which I love because that’s a big part of why your body feels helpless and powerless because of the shame projected onto it, clearing session for shaming your body, which is similar to the negative body image and then the visualization for burning your patterns.

This is a powerful energy tool to shift energy quickly. I teach it in a generic manner in the session content and asked…invited you to apply it to changing the pattern, the energy when it comes to your patterns with food and acting out. So, use that burning. I’d love to hear if anybody has used that in their experience this week or so far that this pattern burning process is very, very powerful because when you change the energy, you change your state of being. And that’s the function of that session. And then guided visualization to create a healthy body. We create what we focus on, the more you can give attention to what you want in your mental imaging. That’s why you spend a lot of time in practicing in the daily practice the affirmations and the scripts so that your mind takes on a new point of reference to who you are, as you now add an image that will really throw a lot of energy on that for it to come forward.

Energy follows our command. Our commands are given by thought, by feeling, by language, by pictures, and what we run through our minds. So make sure you get through all of those sessions this week and congratulations that you’ve come this far. We will start, as a group experience, a two-week healing plan relationship, healing plan for challenges and relations. This is very powerful, and it will help you shift some things very quickly even if you’re doing it solo for your relationship because very, very much, I’m a really firm believer that our partners are our biggest messengers and they are mirroring to us our own deepest beliefs, and it can be really irritating at times. You don’t want it to be about yourself. You want it to be about them. Another announcement, I’m excited to update you on this. I know I have a…my glare on my glasses is pretty bad tonight, but I opted to broadcast from home because I’m heading out tomorrow. So thanks for just…don’t look at me if the glare bothers you. I’ll take them off whenever I can. Okay. Big announcement.

I mentioned to you two weeks ago, I invited you to give feedback if you’re interested in a annual plan. You know, I had so many people say yes. I texted my CEO literally right after that call and in my own simplistic math formula, I went, “Well, we had about 300 people on that call and about 20% of them said they’d be really interested or they’d choose into an annual plan if we offered it. That’s pretty good.” And we put our thoughts on it and we really looked at that was correct. What we decided was it was correct to offer this to you as a member-only offer and not to make it available as a kind of the initial offer that we wouldn’t put it out there in the public space, but we will make it a member-only offer. So I am happy to announce that we now have an annual plan to offer you. Let me tell you about it. When you purchase it, you are a member of the Healing Center for 12 months, we can upgrade your membership to that. It’s $599, and what that looks like. Let me break this down for you. When you do the monthly, it’s $69. When you do the three-month plan, it takes it down to $59. When you do the annual now, you’re bringing it down to $49 a month. So we’re taking $10 off with each increase of plan. And so for $49 a month, for $599, you enroll yourself in this opportunity to really make a shift in your life.

Couple things I mentioned last time, and I wanna briefly review them. One of the value, besides the money saving value, the biggest value this creates for you is it sets you up to keep moving forward. You’re in motion right now. Your energy is like it’s learning. It’s in this experience of learning. “Oh, we’re healing, we’re shifting, we’re clearing, we’re reprogramming, we’re making changes. Why stop that?” It actually gets easier as you go along when you’re enrolled in something because your system’s holistic in nature and it just goes there in its function to support you in that. I used to run marathons, and I ran my first marathon in 2001. I was in my 40s. And I had this epiphany of…it was very profound experience for me. And I realized I wanted to run more marathons. So my conclusion was, “Why stop running now when I’m in this momentum. I don’t wanna have to build again to that mileage point and start all over. I’m gonna just stick with it.” And I did. And I ran 16 marathons. And it was just under five years, about four and a half years because it just became this practice of mine for this time period. And I never got out of my training mode. I was always building on those long runs.

And the thing that this gives you is that momentum continues and it also removes the psychological piece of having to continue to make the decision to spend the money. That’s why I would require a client in my private practice when I was doing one-on-one practice work, they had to pay upfront. That wasn’t so much so I’d get all my money, it was to remove that process from their experience because I knew money had a good chance of winning out and I knew if I wanted success…I wanted my clients to be successful, they had to be committed for a certain period of time to see a lasting change. And so I was smart about that. It was very successful with my client base, and I shared that with my CEO. I said, “My biggest motive is to give them this advantage to remove the financial decision-making piece every month or three months, so whether or not they should keep paying.” That way you’ve paid it upfront. You’re ready to go. You do not have to make that decision anymore. You’ve made the decision, “I’m making a change.” That’s the link that you can use that’s, say, an offer for you as a member,…no, it’s…sorry about that. They gave me a different one. It’s, Okay. And about that, we should have made it heal with…but

All right. Let’s go over a quick success. I’m excited to hear what you think about that. Who’s excited for the annual plan? Who’s in? We will be doing guided and supported healing plans throughout the year. We have several more scheduled on the calendar. After the relationship one, I am releasing a new healing plan that I’m currently working on called “Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose.” And there are our five new resources that you’ve not seen yet that will be released. There’s also a new clearing session for the relationship plan, “The Clearing Session for Rejection.” I just produced that recently because that play when you have that imprint of being rejected or fear of rejection, we do all kinds of crazy things to create that being the case to try and now prevent it. When your inner child is still running the rejection energy, you’d be amazed all the things we do to set ourselves up to manifest that again or fear that so the inner child can say, “See, I knew it. I’m not worth it.” And yet clear that stuff.

Julie wrote in her success story. “I’ve been amazed at everything so far. When the Healing Center first started, I really thought I would have no need for it. At best, I was a skeptic. I wasn’t depressed. I didn’t have a history of abusive relationships, etc. I had a stable supportive home and family my entire life. Well, my eyes have been opened, how much wounding I actually carry and how it impacts everything in my life. I am so grateful to your guidance, Carol, and to not only make this type of healing accessible to me, but also to show me that I needed it.” Anybody else understands that point of view now? You don’t have to come from these horrible backgrounds. Everybody has stuff to heal. It’s just part of being human. There’s compromises in everyone’s experience. So, I’m grateful that you shared that, Julie. I think that can be the case. Many of you can relate to her story of that being your original thought and now how you feel.

Now, we’re gonna take some time for some. We have six questions I’m gonna go over and then we will do live questions, then we’re gonna get to our giveaway. Again, there’s a 24-hour window from the time of this call till tomorrow until we actually select the winners, and we have many, many things to give away tonight. And I’m grateful to celebrate the success of you being a part of the healing plan for weight losses as we do the giveaway. So that’s how the evening will roll out and we’ll not be doing in lieu of any kind of session or doing any healing techniques with you tonight. We’ll dedicate that time to the giveaway. That will be our healing technique celebrating. Okay. That’s a healing technique celebrating, having a good time.

“What is the best way to heal generational patterns you see in your children? I’m doing the work for myself and know by healing myself, I’m also healing my children and future generations. I sense my daughter needs more and have been doing proxy clearings for her as well this week. What age is appropriate to go through clearings together? I think I have an underlying fear of damaging her by introducing clearings too early and harming her energy.” I would think grade school and up could be…you know, especially elementary school from seven, eight, nine years on up could benefit from clearings if there is some particular generational pattern that seems strong in a child. More than that, I would focus children on any age child could be recipient and benefit from any of the positive resources, the affirmations, the scripts.

There is a positive tapping in the positives healing session where you’re only using positives. I wouldn’t have a child do it alone. I do it with them. They could as they get older. In those older age ranges, they certainly can do it by themselves but we’re talking to a child seven and under, I wouldn’t put them in that position as I wouldn’t wanna suggest that there’s something wrong with them or they’re flawed. And the younger the child goes, the more work you do and even the proxy work and especially, I would proxy their birth. That’d be my first order of healing business, is I go back and clean up their birth energy. Everybody has a imprint of struggle in their birth. It’s just the part of the function of the birth process, is it enrolled us energetically into energetics of opposites and opposing energies. Meaning there was sort of in the beauty of the birth in the opening. And the newness was also a push and a stress and a creation of that through that intensity, which can be experienced as a struggle. So, there’s a lot of variables with birth. As you do the birth clearings, you’ll see there’s other scenarios that get created in the birth experience that can be included if cesarean, trauma, things like that. So, definitely do the birth clearing even as proxy and see their level of interest. I’d never force someone to do this work.

“I’m wanting help to decide, is my weight from my mom dying at 42 and I was only 19. I feel like that is my underlying issue to weight or is that grief that I never resolved? My sister dying at 49 and never saying goodbye to either one of them. Should I be addressing this not in weight loss?” No, if that’s what’s presenting, you’re noticing that weight has an emotional connection to it. So this is the emotion that’s showing itself to you, that grief and unresolved grief, a heaviness, a sadness that the body has experienced as a heaviness, then that would be created as heavy in the bodies form, experience a form, the body feels heavy, sad. It stays heavy. And clearing walk would be very useful to you to set yourself up in a statement. Your positive could sound like, “I am…” So you’d wanna look at what’s the opposite. If there’s an underlying…if your body is carrying the unresolved grief, I think there’s anger there for you too. I would say, “I’m at peace with the death of…I’m at peace with the death of my mother and sister.” I put that in one hand. I’m at peace. What comes up?

Mine, I’m tuning into there’s an immense amount of anger that they left too soon. There was no chance for you to follow through on some things. You mentioned that there’s anger. Anger to me is the most overriding emotion that you’re carrying. And there could be some eating patterns as a reaction to the anger to…when you have unresolved anger, there’s a part of you that doesn’t wanna be controlled by any regiments. It’s sort of your way of going…rebelling and saying, “I’ll do what I want. You know, I’m not gonna be controlled by this. I’m angry. I’m angry,” but you only sell yourself short in doing that. Check the anger out and use the body walk to bring up what the body’s carrying.

“I would like to know what to do about a spouse or significant other who’s resentful of the priority I give to doing my Healing Center work.” Only when there’s a spouse triggered by you in this case that you’re giving time and attention to yourself, where’s that coming from? It’s their inner child taking time. There’s some fears that are subconscious. “She’s gonna change. Maybe she won’t love me anymore.” Or he, her. I don’t know who wrote this. “They aren’t gonna love me anymore. They’re gonna leave me.” See, it’s the inner child. Okay. The inner child is at odds with this, probably a 10-year-old. I’m picking up the spouse’s 10-year-old inner child is pouting, is like, “What about me?” And there’s gonna be a shift and there may be…that may already be noticing. And when you start to change your vibration, it can provoke your partner’s energy to what’s…if you’re changing the vibratory nature of your relationship together, that stuff starts to rise to the surface for your partner, you know, are they gonna make a shift with you?

There’s two things I recommend you do. Individualization, meet with their inner child. Okay. I’ve done this many times. I don’t know if I’ve ever told my husband this, probably have. I don’t withhold things from him, but I would meet with him…I could tell, and it was like, “Well, the inner child’s running the show right now.” You know, I’m talking…I’m dealing with a 10-year-old. I would visualize and talk to that 10-year-old and say, “It’s not my job to take care of you. I want the best for you. I love and appreciate your adult self.” I would turn that child towards…I’d imagine your spouse’s adult self-standing there, turn the inner child towards the adult and see him like I would even put the inner child in the lap of your adult self-partner and say, “This is…that’s your spouse’s job to take care of his inner child.” That’s my strategy. I always would put little John in the lap of adult John in the visualization. And I very kindly explain to the little John. “I’m not your mother. I’m married to your adult self. It’s his job to take care of you.” So however you need, whatever you need to do to get his attention, he’s your caregiver now. He’s in charge of you. “You’re a good boy. Love you, not my job.” Okay? Try that. And also the healing session for shifting your relationships, your energy sketching for family relationships. Okay. Check that out. I have a technique in there to help raise your spouse’s…right, help them get to a higher plane of awareness, higher plane of consciousness to join you there because they may be feeling a big disconnect because you’re starting to raise your state of awareness, it’s though we exist on fields of consciousness and you’re choosing into a field with a higher vibration and he’s like, “Where are you going. Don’t leave me here.” So it could be triggering abandonment and all kinds of things.

“My family has generations of thyroid problems and though mine isn’t severe. My thyroid and adrenals have passed a hindrance…have posed a hindrance in losing weight. How do I work through this? Well, as part of my healing for both…in my book “Mastering Affluence,” I recommend you read the “How to create physical affluence” section because part of the job of once you clean up your spiritual, mental, and emotional inner self when you get that cleaned up, the body is a physical form and it needs support. And I’ve been blessed with direction to be guided as I’ve listened to my body and I teach you about the story behind this and how I came into that realization that my body’s the doctor, but it needed some support from either…I list in the book that it could come from medical, the medical field, the holistic alternative field. It comes from food. There’s these different factors that now affect the body’s level of health.

And as I was changing that emotional state of being and my mental and spiritual connection to my body, it required me getting support in the physical realm and helping my body remember its capacity and not to be stuck in the genetic reference of my family history, so whether that’s supplementation dietary changes, I go to a phenomenal…Well, he’s many things: naturopath, physician of chiropractic. The guy’s like a walking genius here. You can’t get in to see him. He doesn’t take new people, but he trains people to do what he does. And he’s helped me for years now clean up on a physical level, and I might need a supplement, or I might need a flower essence. He just were able to figure out the strategy my body’s looking for to address that and bring it into more of its full health status.

And so there’s a lot, a lot of gifted healers that play in the physical realm, meaning they work with the body. There’s a lot of them now around the world. They’re very good and they work with different resources. And reading my book, reading “Mastering Affluence,” she’ll get a reference to this, so that’s most likely an area you’ll need to explore and ask your body to guide you. I think it’s which gemstone is it that attracts to you what you need. Is it the Poppy Jasper? No, it’s the other, Leopardskin Jasper. Somebody put…Christine, if somebody comments. You wear the gym therapeutic gemstone and it brings into your field. Yeah, Leopardskin Jasper, wearing Leopardskin Jasper, you’ll put out a signal to bring into your reality what the body needs for support. And then I am healthy essential oil would be very good for you also. You’ve gotta turn on the body’s memory. It’s kind of like the body thinks that being alive is to have thyroid problems because that’s the imprint. So you’re gonna reprogram your body to its fuller potential and turn on its healing capacities to now say, “Oh, this is what health looks like. I don’t have to…” The body needs to shift out of the familiar and the genetic influence, which you can do. I’ve been able to successfully do that with my health.

“I’m having a challenge with the Healthy Body Visualization at the end of week four. I can’t seem to visualize what my fit healthy body looks like. Do I just picture my body as it is now? That doesn’t quite seem right to me.” No, what would you look like if you were at the weight that was your body’s preferred weight? What would you feel like in your clothes? What would your face look like? What would your waist, your legs? What parts of your body have you had issues with? How would you feel about them? What would you say about them?

You might start with writing out some statements as though you were now in that body and you could write a reference to it. “I’m grateful for my healthy body. I look in the mirror and I see” What do you see? “When I’m in my clothes, I feel I’m grateful.” And then list the body parts that you used to feel shame about or in conflict with. What’s your level of activity, your physical health, what are you experiencing? So if you’re not able to visualize that, you can either use energy sketching or writing out a new script for yourself as though it’s your current experience and then bring that to awareness right through visualization. It’s you’re putting your attention on what it is you’re now choosing to create as though you already are there.

“This is my third time through the weight loss plan. I am more aware of how badly I eat. I keep thinking I will change it, yet I don’t get sick eating the bad stuff. So my body is responding correctly, yet it doesn’t stop me. I’ve done the ‘stop clearing psychological reversal sabotage clearing’ all several times. I do the daily affirmations every day. I’ve done all the clearings twice a week. Every time I go through the program, I try not to allow myself to slip into my depression. My perfecting nature’s getting the best of me even though I’m trying really hard to not let it. Am I doing something wrong?”

Well, you’re making a choice. See, no one’s forcing this food into you. And so your choice and accountability…so you’re allowing a habit to play out. You have a higher level of awareness without making a different choice. You know, when I got off sugar, it wasn’t like, “Oh, I don’t wanna eat sugar anymore.” It was several months before I really didn’t wanna eat sugar anymore. I had to be willing to say I’m choosing not to eat that. And you need to start building on that function of choice. So your choice right now is really patterning just doing the same old thing. So you’ve got an out practice making a different choice. Do you bring the foods to your home? Do you buy them? Those are all your choices. So if you’re making those trades, do you stop it? I don’t know the kind of food you eat that’s not good for you.

As you’ve qualified it to eat fast foods, well, is someone driving you through the fast food? You’re choosing that. You’ve gotta be more accountable for your choices and get real. And I would ask that if it were me and I really wanted to change and I’ve mentioned this before, I would ask that the discomfort of my choices, because that’s the accountability side, please make my discomfort increase it as much as I need it to do so it provokes me to make a different choice. Because I don’t wanna settle for this anymore. I’m now aware it can be different. Now I want my impulse to be different. So, choice creates an accountability. It’s a cause and effect.

The more uncomfortable you are with…as the side effects of that choice, the less likely you are to do it. So, after I’ve gone about two…you know, my choice to get off sugar was more for my mental health. It contributed to a condition of depression that I was…I had just gone through a cycle that was really severe. I was tired and worn out from the degree of depression I was dealing with. That’s when I flew down to Southern California and went to Dr. Amen’s Clinic and had SPECT scans done on my brain. I wanted to know exactly what I was dealing with. I got off sugar as part of my protocols because…I’m talking really extreme severe depression where I could, some days, be in my closet in the fetal position for three hours without an ability to get myself out of there. I know what it is to be so shut down by mental health…a brain health condition that to get yourself out of bed is monumental and I knew, it’s like my awareness was observing this state of…this condition I was in. And I was no longer willing to settle for it and I was gonna do whatever it took to get well. And getting off sugar was one of those things. So I was no longer willing to pay that price. And it was a big contributor as probably the unhealthiest thing we can put in our body in the standard American diet that we have.

In a few months after I’d gotten off, I felt better. I figured, “Oh, I could do fine with a little bit of sugar.” And it took me out so massively. It was like, “Boy, did I ever manifest my intention that please increase my discomfort with my poor choices.” It was like, “I am not going through that again.” So, increase that discomfort if you’re really ready to make a change. Okay. Few live questions, if we have any, then let’s get to our celebration time question. How long will the annual plan be available to members? It’s an offer that we’ll have long standing. There’s not a timeline on. It’s not like a… Our intention is to make it an offer to all members through scheduled emails and such. So, it is available. There’s not like, “You have until tomorrow. You better sign up now.” I could do that and get you all…I mean, that’s called in the marketing world, scarcity. But I’m not gonna do that to you. I figure if it’s correct for you, you’ll join in.

Can I wait to enroll until my current plan is almost over? Christine, can you weigh in on that? Is there a way for someone to add on to their…like how’s that work? If they have an existing plan that’s not expiring yet, how are we dealing with that? Just email [email protected] We don’t want anyone to postpone this if you’re in a position to commit and we’ll work it out with your existing plan taking that into consideration so that…I don’t know what she’s gonna do. That’s her job. “We are prorating,” she says. We are prorating. “Every time I do the clearing one, it only takes a few minutes, is this supposed to take longer?” Not necessarily. Go with what feels correct to you. And if that’s good for you, if that’s the time you have, it’s more the consistency of it, and that you’re doing it and if there’s anything…So, no. If that’s how it’s working for you, that’s great. “Will I want to part…will, I want to participate in the relationship healing plan if I’m currently not in a relationship?” Sure. Clear that stops so you can attract somebody that you can create amazing relationship with. We attract somebody that’s at a similar level of wounding that we’re at.

“I’m going to try red light therapy to assist thyroid. Is this something you have an opinion on, Carol?” I have never done it. I don’t know anything about it to give you my opinion, so, yet if your body is your…again, that’s really understanding that feeling drawn from a physical level of I know I meant to do this rather than information. This is the difference. Information coming at you this way by learning about it, someone telling you versus, of course, that’s how things come to us by we’re seeing. We read it. We hear it. Somehow, we take it in, but there’s a difference now as you’re noticing when you started to practice this last week with the “What is the correct weight for my body?” The difference was, is your mind deciding that or is your body making that decision? It’s the same thing with resources that we enroll ourselves in that support the body. Is it the mind telling you to do it or is it your body that’s really willing that the body’s being drawn to it? I know I meant to do this. My body is really feeling this. Okay.

“Can I experience better pregnancies in the future using the scrambler? Looks like I inherited the belief pregnancy is supposed to be so difficult. I literally can’t function with all my pregnancies. Which clearing can I use?” Yeah, again, that one…I’m thinking how would you free I am I am, or I should I should, or maybe the need one. I need I need to experience difficult pregnancies. I need I need not to experience difficult pregnant pregnancies. Then checking that…Yeah, that goes back generationally. That goes back probably five, six generations when there wasn’t the medical support when there probably were some pretty extreme cases of pregnancies. And I don’t know what happened, but that’s never been cleared in your family, so good for you to clear that. Okay.

All right. Who’s ready for our giveaway? Yay. See, well, since we were talking about getting off sugar, my…see, here’s the thing with me. All the products I’m sharing with you tonight I personally use and highly recommend. I wasn’t gonna settle for never having a cupcake again in my life or something that satisfied that sort of experience. I love food. I love the experience of food. I love cooking. I’m a very good cook. I love the experience of recipes and try new things. I’ve been cooking since I was in grade school. I’d come home from grade school and read cookbooks. That’s very type three me. I have undergrad degree and home economics education. I taught advanced foods at the high school level. So, I wasn’t gonna…that was the part of the dietary changes that was the most…the least interesting to me to just go without. It’s like, “I don’t wanna live in the world of having to go without.” That’s not fun. I do not enjoy it. So I’m grateful we live at a time that you can easily make up the difference with healthy options with other food products.

Lakanto is a plant-based sweetener that’s made from erythritol and monk fruit. I’ve tried a lot of them. And this is my favorite brand. It’s the most…the interesting thing is, why didn’t we choose this in the first place, it’s why I don’t get? It has zero carbs. It does not spike your blood sugar. It has no sugar in it yet it’s sweet. And it’s a whole food product. Yeah, why wasn’t that what we went with originally? I don’t know. It’s a product that I am a big fan of and I cook…I bake with it extensively. And a lot of…I follow some very good Instagram keto, low-carb foodie people that I get all my recipes from them. I don’t create my own recipes. I just find great recipes and I love trying new things. It’s enrolled me in this new experience with food and creating new using this product. And if you follow me on Instagram, you can see what I cook, and I bake, and what I do with this, and who I follow. But we’re giving away the classic which is like a white sugar. It’s like white sugar and also the Suntella, which is the like Nutella, but this is a nut-based. Nutella, if you watched my energy profile with Carol Shona, tell us one of the worst things you could ever put in your body, super high in carbs, super sweet, full of junk. It’s just not healthy. And Suntella is a healthy version of that. So, somebody’s gonna win that.

Did we put links? I think there’s links to all of these products in the copy. Did you do that, Christine? Most likely you did. So you can go buy these on your own because obviously not everyone’s gonna win them but worth the investment. They’re great company too. This is just a small company out of Florida. It’s a woman that I follow on Instagram. She goes by Kawaii Treats and Eats and then that’s her baking mix company. She just puts out these cookie mixes and pancake mixes and they’re delicious. They’re amazing. And cake mixes. I love the fact that occasionally I don’t wanna cook from scratch. She says they will be posted in the copy at the end of the show. Okay. So we’ll have all the links for you. The Kawaii Eats and Treats, we have two baking mixes there we’re gonna give to somebody. She’s great cook. She’s one of my favorite low-carb, keto bakers and cook. She’s very good at her recipes. Somebody’s going to win that.

Love this sock company. Marcy Brown, who’s in my dressing your truth expert world, introduced me to these socks about three months ago. I wear them every day. They’re called Voxx socks. They have a panel in the bottom that activates your nerve endings, which helps your brain function and helps circulation. I don’t know if you can see I have a pink pair on. You can see that orange panel and the particular stitching in there activates a function of your nerve endings that support a lot of health benefits. You can learn more about them at’s so funny. Are those…she was telling me they were gonna… She requested some animal print ones. I didn’t see these when I was at the office, but it appears she was successful. So someone’s gonna get a bundle of Voxx socks. They’re amazing. I love these socks. In the past, I had a lot of problems with my feet and lower legs. They’re something my body brought into my life. I’m sure that it drew them to me.

Then Lily’s, big fan of Lily’s because they make chocolate that has no sugar. It uses erythritol in it for the sweetener. And this bundle includes three of their chocolate bars and a bag of their chocolate chips, a water bottle and a lunch kit. They sent me this one day and that’s like I didn’t even remember asking them for anything. I reached out to them a few months ago. And they must have put me on some list because this came to my house and I was like, “Wow, I’m so tempted to keep this one,” but I didn’t. Lily’s is a great alternative for baking, especially if you’re a fan of using chocolate and chocolate chips. Their bars are great. They’re delicious. They’re different flavors, but they’re all in their dark cacao, so they’re very healthy for you. One of our Healing Center members donated this. This is a very nice water bottle, Purity and Jane Bolin sent that to me. She say she gave me one a couple years ago and I travel with it. It’s been all over the world. It’s a natural filter. It has a filter in there. That little package you see sitting in front of the bottle is a filter that you just connect to the plastic straw in there and you put any water in it and it will filter it as you drink it. It’s fabulous. It’s easy to take around. It makes water accessible from anywhere and it helps you eliminate buying water in plastic bottles. That’s always a good thing. Somebody’s gonna win the Purity bottle.

Then this is gonna go to somebody in Utah. There is a company here called Keto Cakes that makes cupcakes. They have a food truck delivery setup system, and getting a $25 gift card from them is a fun thing because you’re gonna be able to get at least eight…two four packs of cupcakes, and they have weekly flavors. And these are so good. When I went and met Amanda, they were excited. They were “Child whisperer” fans and they are really excited that I was a big fan of their brand and met them at one of the pickup locations, took them back to the office. And I said, “I’m being real nice because all you sugar eaters, I’m gonna let you try these cupcakes,” because I’m usually pretty strict about that.” I’m like, “Uh, you eat carbs and sugar, so you can’t have my treats.” I wanted their opinion. They said it was as good as any…and better than most cupcakes they’ve ever had. They’re very, very good. And they are setting up now to start being able to ship because they were going to get a brick and mortar…a storefront somewhere and they’re working on a shipping option to ship other places. But that is amazing to find an actual pre-made baked good that’s so well done. It’s amazing. So this is a great gift for someone in Utah.

Then Ella’s is another small company that, one thing, you’re kind of sad…you don’t wanna give up these crackers because you like your cheese and crackers, cheese crackers and fruit. We’re raised to eat certain things in our culture as snack foods. And this is them, probably the best seed-based cracker I’ve had. And I’ve had a fair amount of them. Most of them are flax crackers. These are other seeds. A lot of sunflower seeds are tasty. They’re very good. We’re gonna give away two packs of Ella’s Flats, great crackers so that…for any of you that too you’re new to this kind of eating, once you get yourself in this world, once you… Instagram’s my go-to, I know who to follow because they introduced me to other food items. That’s how I learned what’s out there. A lot of it you can buy off Amazon or directly off their websites, but it’s easy to find these foods nowadays. So you’re not going without.

Another great company, California Country Gal, she makes mixes and you’re gonna get two of her mixes, one for her cinnamon rolls, which are outstanding, and one for a rustic bread I think it is, and then her cookbook which is fabulous. Love her cookbook. So someone’s gonna get these. I made both these mixes. It was so fun to eat in the morning my cinnamon roll with my egg and bacon. Every morning I would look forward to that because they made about 16 cinnamon rolls and I froze ’em and then I had each. They have cream cheese frosting, you know, because it’s fat and very good. It was excellent, and the rest of bread was really good too. Love this company.

This is our Primal Kitchen. They make, in my opinion, the best protein powder on the market that’s a great coconut base. And these are their chocolate and vanilla coconut bars. So, for again, snack options kind of eating on the go, you can have healthy options. And I love all of Primal Kitchen’s product lines or their whole product lines. It’s very good. Again, now I use collagen. I take collagen peptide every day. It’s really contributed to renewing my skin’s health. It’s good for your tissues, your fascia, anything has to do with keeping things flexible and moving. And they put out a great product here you’re gonna see. We’ve got a bundle with travel packs and the container. We’ve got three of these in three different flavors. So three people are gonna win those, but this is a staple in my diet, collagen as a supplement. This is…I’m trying to remember what this is. Oh, my gosh, we’re getting into the big stuff. This is a Blendtec blender. We reached out, they’re a Utah brand. And we’d worked with them before, phenomenal blender.

I have a Blendtec blender that I use every day, and I love this product. This is one of our grand…this is one of our big items. We’re giving away a blend… She just put up…I guess why I couldn’t recognize that, she just put up the container, not the base, but yeah, Blendtec blender. This is the blender that they’ve shown. They’ve put iPhones in and blended them up. This thing is like, you know, it could mow your lawn if it had a blade. It’s just an excellent blender. They stand behind their product, so there’s just…you know, we’ve had to replace the container and they’ve shipped it right out to us. It’s one of the most used small appliances in my kitchen. Probably the most used small appliance in my kitchen, excellent brand. So someone’s gonna win a Blendtec blender, and you really should invest in one, they last for years. It’s a worthy investment to have this kind of when you start eating a more whole plant…whole foods diet, plant-based diet, especially if you do smoothies, soups. I make a lot of cream soups, butternut squash soup. I mean, you think anything and make a cream soup out of it. And I do all my soups in this blender, smoothies, all kinds of things get made in this pancake. My husband makes a very good keto pancake mix that he makes in this blender. So I’m excited for someone to win a Blendtec blender and really encourage you to invest in one of those. We’ll have all the links up at the end of the show.

Then another skincare line… This is a skincare line that I’ve been partnering with and promoting for several years now. Annmarie Skincare is a wildcrafted organic plant-based ingredients in their product line, excellent, excellent products. I use them morning and night. I love them. This has a cleanser, a serum, has four products in it, they were gonna ship up to somebody. I highly recommend you use their product. Your skin is organic and so it loves an organic product on it. And this is like feeding…this is like food to your skin. And I love it, I highly recommend it, and I’ve seen huge result benefits from it, so Annmarie Skincare.

The next bundle was sent to us by Pure Romance who is a direct sales company that sells products for women’s personal hygiene and for sexual intimacy support. This is a really… It’s packed with all kinds of personal hygiene and support fruit and some products to support your intimate experience and really take care of your body in that experience of your life. It’s very important that you invest in that as a wellness experience because your sexual experience is the most intimate sharing of yourself. And it’s meant and designed to be pleasurable and supportive to you first, and your choice to care for your body and support it in that experience really sends that message both to your psyche and your body. So I’m grateful to support them. They’re a really great company and do a lot of appropriately educational things to support women. They only will host female…female parties is their business model, which is great because a lot of… It’s not unique to women, but it’s very common for women to carry a lot of shame around their sexually expressive selves.

And then our new…we have a new partner in our bowl experience. We have a link and there’s links all over the Healing Center to this website that we’re now working with. And make sure you click on the link and there’s a code in the copy that you wanna use that gets you 15% off when you purchase a bowl. They sent us this bowl. It’s about…it might be an eight-inch bowl, but it has this beautiful pad to sit on. It’s got your rimming stick. So, one fortunate Healing Center member is going to win this, Tibetan singing bowl. Ain’t that wonderful. I love singing bowls. They’re my buddies. And then we have our Citrine necklace from Gemisphere. We’ll put a big thank you out to Michelle at Gemisphere for shipping us this beautiful Citrine and a copy of their book energy medicine, which gives the backstory of how this information and this resource manifested itself into the company it now is. The carnelian is excellent resource when you’re shifting any sort of pattern. Citrine was one of the first… It was the first therapeutic gemstone we ever purchased in 1997. The Citrine we own we’ve owned for 21 years…22 years, still works like a charm. The nature of its energetic support is, let’s just say, a pattern has you like this. It relaxes the pattern so you can choose out of it. To the Healing Center member who presented the question to me that I’ve done this so many times but I’m still making poor choices with food, get a Carnelian because it will open that pattern. The energy of that pattern will be opened up for you to choose differently. Carnelian’s very supportive to your whole energy body. It represents the yellow ray and the seven chakra ray system and feeds the yellow…it draws the yellow ray energetics to you, which is power of choice, power of individuality, power of choice and accountability, making healthy choices with your power. I’m sorry. That’s Citrine. Do I keep saying Carnelian? Citrine. Every time I said Carnelian, replace it with Citrine, Citrine, but I’m wearing Carnelian tonight. It’s a good one, too. It’s the orange ray. They work together, Citrine. Thank you, Christine.

And then someone is going to win a Carol Tuttle library. My four books that are in print, “Remembering Wholeness,” which is a must read if you’re a Healing Center member, “It’s Just My Nature,” “The Child Whisperer,” and my newest book “Mastering Affluence.” Those will all be shipped to you. The Carol Tuttle library is coming your way as one of the winners. We’re also giving away style kit because part of healing is dressing your truth. Dressing your truth puts the correct energy on your body every day of your life. So you wanna put the right energy in the form of design line texture, pattern, color, and fabrication to support your body in feeling loved and supported and looking good and feeling good every day. So, this support kit is gonna be…I’m sorry, a style kit is going to be sent out to a lucky winner.

And then we’re giving away a one-month membership to Lifestyle. I’m sure Christine will find someone that’s not a member. That’s a very great healing space for women. And I invite you to be a part of that really wonderful community. And the content is phenomenal. If you really wanna learn to dress your truth true to you as an individual, Lifestyle is the content you need to be studying. Someone’s gonna win that. And then I’m giving somebody a healing…one-month Healing Center membership that you can gift to somebody. Okay. This will be a gift that you can share with someone that would be supported by this experience. I thought you might enjoy that. So, I’m sharing that with you to share with someone else.

And this is our last one. How many we have? There’s a lot, a three oil bundle of I’m healthy, I am nurtured, and I am fit. Those will be bundled up and sent to another winner. All right. That was a lot to get through. Did you have a favorite one? Were you crossing your fingers for some? What were your top three faves? Which are your top three faves? What did you love? Which ones are you going, “Oh, I want that all good stuff?” I encourage you to invest in them as you feel moved to. And the time is correct for you to use money as a tool to support you. I have spent a lot of money on my wellness and my health. I continue to do that. I value it. Money shows up for me in ample supply and more to allow me to do that. If that’s not happening in your life, you’ll wanna be part of the money cheer in May. But I’m very blessed that money flows to me very effortlessly as I now have this partnership with money.

And one of my husband’s and my biggest priorities in using money as a tool is to support us and investing in that which creates wellness on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I’ve shared with you tonight the products that’s the sum up many. We’ve invested in many things, but these are some favorites. And I’m so grateful for these brands. Please support these brands. They’ve been extremely willing and generous with us to send us these things as gifts to us, knowing we would be sharing them with you. They were all sent free of any charge to us. That’s why I didn’t keep the Lily’s because it was for you, but I’m grateful for these brands. So thank you for supporting them. What’s calling to you right now? What is your body feeling drawn to?

There were 22. Twenty-two people will be chosen. That will be posted here in the comment thread in 24 hours. You know, it’s been a pleasure to meet with you every week. Our next call…this is one of the benefits of staying in the Healing Center. Occasionally, we’ll do more frequent calls like we did with this one. For the relationship plan, we’ll do one coaching call. Now as you know, I’m on the Facebook group on a regular basis, giving supportive feedback. In most cases, I’m not even needed to. I don’t need to because Christine’s there or Kim or Colleen. And I’m like, “I wouldn’t have said anything different.” I’m so grateful for my support, they’re supporting you. But when I can land a different insight or a resource that I’m aware of and know how to approach something, I certainly will always add on to the comment to give you that support. So, even though we won’t be doing a call each week, I’m there in the…I’m here in the Facebook group for you.

And our next coaching call will be February 26. Okay. Well, I think, if we’re starting the healing on the 11th, we may alter that. It may be the 19th, yeah, February 19th. It’s gonna be February 19th. Okay. Well, it’s just been a pleasure. I love that you’re doing such great things. Some of you have more to take care of, more to address. Be patient with yourself. Just trust me, it’s guaranteed to work, guaranteed. It just might take a little longer for some and it will. I’ve had a lot to take care of in my life, and it works. And it’s best to be doing it in a place that you are guided and supported. So thanks for letting me be that guide for you and a teacher and a support. I’ll see you in the Facebook group and get through this week. Keep doing the healing plan. Thanks for participating, everyone. Good night.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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