Live Coaching Call July 23, 2019

1 hour, 14 minute video

Stress, fear, and anxiety—where does it come from, and could it really be anger in hiding? This call is a powerful support tool as you move through this specific Healing Plan, including an energy technique to help calm your mind. Carol also supports Cobi live on the call to release the burden she carries and lighten her load. You can do this too.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Stress from the inability to let things go from your past

Guilt from not being stressed like everyone else

Self-sabotage behavior even though life has gotten better

Curiosity about switching up the tools in the Healing Plans

You Want To:

Be free from repetitive thoughts that won’t go away

Own your individual journey of feeling whole and complete

Continue to reset your energy to what is the new normal

Trust the process and follow the plans as they’ve been created

Affirmation for this Session:

I am creating a life of peace, joy, and progress.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 18:40

Session Transcript

Resources mentioned in this broadcast

  • “I Am Calm” and “I Am Healthy” Healing Oils
  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, by Dr. Daniel Amen
  • Visualization to Discover Which Energy Is Yours or If It’s Generational
  • Carol: Hi, welcome to tonight’s Healing Center coaching call. This is a favorite opportunity of mine to support you. Thanks for saying hello in a comment. We can get some more live viewers on a couple of ways if you hit the emoji because you’re so excited to be here. You’ll be like ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, you know, likes and lots of support that way. And then if you make a comment, that also lets everybody know we’re live right now.

    You can also tag someone that’s in the Healing Center and let them know, “Hey, come join us. We’re live in the Healing Center,” because I will be taking live questions towards the end of the show. So, thanks for joining in. Hit the emoji button and tag a member. Let them know we’re live.

    And tonight, we’re gonna be talking about…specifically, many of you are doing the healing plan for stress, fear, and anxiety, so we kind of make that a general theme for tonight’s call, but we will also have an opportunity to support all of you in any way I can that might possibly be doing other plans. And I have a guest this evening that volunteered to come on and allow herself to be in an authentic vulnerable experience with me and get some feedback and some coaching that will help all of you. So, let’s start tonight this experience by setting an intention.

    What is one thing, and just go with the first thing that comes to mind that you want support with. So here’s an easy way to come up with what is it. “What I really want support with is…” what came to mind? Put it in a comment, go with it. So, that can be served. Now, that may show up in the immediacy of this experience we’re having together, or it may show up in the next few days, week, in the very near future, let’s just say that. You’ll know it when you experience it. You go, “That’s the support I called in. I put it out there, and it showed up for me.”

    No matter when you’re watching this because many of you are watching the recorded version, that can be…something like this is timeless, so it does not matter if you’re on the live call or not. Now, in the healing plan for stress, fear, and anxiety, as you know, I have 10 Carol Tuttle healing oil blends that we’ve paired with each of the healing plans.

    These are a huge asset to your progress you make with each healing plan. Because as you use it with the work you’re doing, which is, this is what healing really comes down to, clearing all limited beliefs and repressed emotions. They get triggered and run energy, the thoughts and the feelings run, then attract to us life experience that creates patterns. We’re cleaning all that up. And then as you create space to experience something else, that’s why you do the reframing for the thought for all of them. There’s the daily scripts and the affirmations because we’re now putting into what’s been created as a void what truth you hold. We’re activating the truth.

    We’re kind of bringing it forward. We’re filling the space with your true energy, and training the mind and the emotional body to respond favorably in a way now that says, “I now live my life in the wholeness of me.” It’s a progressive thing. I’ve spent decades in that process. I can say I live more in the wholeness of me than I ever have. There’s still more wholeness to come, I hope so. It’s evolution of the true me showing up, but I’d say I’m in the high percentages of living me.

    I wanna share a brief story after I share our giveaway that will help you identify the progress I’ve made that you’re making because I’ve left a great, big, paved, big old highway for you to follow so that you don’t have to have a machete-like I did cutting a path. Because I’m a forerunner when it comes to opening energy to allow others more ease and healing because that’s just the role I play, and I’m grateful to play it because now I get to help you reap the benefits with a lot less effort.

    So, tonight’s giveaway is the healing oil that is a companion to stress, fear, and anxiety healing plan. It’s the I am calm oil. Now, this is an important asset, especially for this healing plan. Let me tell you why. And it’s true for every healing plan that when you create a sensory memory to a higher state of being, a more conscious state being, a more whole state of being, you’re able to shift into that more quickly because you’ve grounded it in your system, your sensory system, your olfactory system to say, “When I smell that, I feel better.”

    And your physiology responds accordingly. Your neurology, which is just your thought patterns and the neural system, which then is part of your nervous system, which is connected to your immune system, they’re all working together, and there’s this triggered response to, “Oh, yeah, we’re healing.”

    I emember now. This particular scent will conjure up and put into motion, “Oh, yeah, I’m calm now.” This no longer triggers stress, fear, and anxiety. Now, I called it stress, fear, and anxiety because that’s sort of a progressive level. A lot of people can experience stress without fear and anxiety, but it kind of…most people with fear and anxiety have a baseline of stress they’re running.

    If you’re triggered into a lot of fear and anxiety, you could consider the possibility that your baseline, which you don’t want to have as your baseline, is stress, meaning, “Well, at least I’m only stressed. I’m at least not processing fear and anxiety.” That’s what you wanna get out of. Your familiar state of being is to feel…I would call it pulled out of yourself. Energetically, you feel pulled out.

    You either feel kind of scattered, pulled out, or you feel repressed, shut down. There’s kind of the two variables. You can even have an experience with both in different scenarios. And so if that’s become…oh, I held up the wrong oil. Where’s the I am calm? Here it is. Maybe some of you need I am healthy, use them together. This is I am calm. I’ll tell you how to enter the giveaway in a sec. Let me finish my thought process here.

    If that is your sort of baseline, which says, “I know I’m alive because I’m feeling this,” that’s an orientation that you wanna reconfigure, meaning, you’re not used to feeling great. You’re not used to feeling…if you are stressed…because we don’t wanna use the word stress because we read about that a lot, “I’m stress-free.” You still have the reference to stress in that.

    If you are not experiencing stress, fear, or anxiety, what would you be experiencing? So you’ve gotta come up with a point of reference for that. What would you be experiencing? Because you experienced enough of this, it’s familiar. What’s unfamiliar is what’s the state of being free of that? How would you describe that? You know, calm is an option.

    So, calm in the energy profiling world lends itself to type 2. Personally, I prefer for myself, I feel balanced, centered and balanced. So it’s like I am centered and balanced. That’s a state of being where I’m present. I am free of stress, fear, and anxiety. And I’ve experienced all of those, all of the above. I think I lived most of my childhood in stress, fear, and anxiety.

    So, it was these phenomena, for those of us that have very traumatic backgrounds, we had the misfortune of our physiology developing with too much adrenaline running in our system that was really disruptive to our developmental process to say that our brains easily can get triggered. It took me… You know, that wasn’t a quick pass to get into a place of centered balance, but now I can notice I’m getting pulled out, or I’m getting repressed, pushed down, and I need to center and balance. So it’s a function that I have to repeat, but it can shift very quickly where that was something that I’ve matured into and developed ability to now access very quickly. Do I still get triggered?

    Many of you saw the video I posted a week ago, because it was on Saturday, of me surfing behind our wake surf boat. The insider story of that is I’ve been pulled behind a boat since I was eight. I grew in a water skiing family. So all the people that were like, “I can’t believe she can do that,” I’ve been doing it for a lot of years, 53 years, okay? So it’s not like, “Oh my gosh, she just decided to learn how to do that and look at her.” I just never quit doing it. See. I was a slalom skier for a long time, but now surfing is much easier.

    Now, I mentioned in that, I posted it because the point of that story was I still feel anxiety when I’m associating with a boat, or being pulled behind a boat, or doing anything that’s a water sport with a boat because there was a repeated experience in my childhood that my father owned a boat for many years. He loved going boating, but unfortunately, he wasn’t the most pleasant of people to be around in the boating experience.

    It typically ended up in a traumatic event, him getting, not just upset but really angry about getting the boat dirty, getting upset with my mother. I mean, there was just something that he’d lose control over. So there was a lot of trauma in the boating experience. So, even Saturday, I wrote in that little post that I had to center and balance myself.

    Now, I can do it very quickly by just tapping on my K27 points, recognizing where it comes from. That’s an old trauma memory that triggers stress, fear, and anxiety because stress, fear, and anxiety is a response. It is a secondary issue, meaning there’s a deeper issue that’s not been healed or is still just needing to be addressed and recognized in order for you to shift that state of being.

    So, I recalled my childhood trauma, kind of, quickly went in, and told little Carol she’s fine, she didn’t have to be the one being pulled behind the boat, just released that part of me and my psyche, presents myself, very quickly set some clear intentions about what I was going to choose to experience now that I’m a 61-year-old adult. And, I was gonna have a great time, and I was gonna choose to do this, and it worked out fine.

    And it was all within just a few minutes I was able to do that. And that’s what you’re working towards, but you may not be there yet, and that’s okay. That’s why you’re going through this plan to help establish a point of reference for, “If I’m not experiencing stress, fear, and anxiety, what am I experiencing?”

    Share in a comment what you’re experiencing, okay? When you’re free of this, you’ve gotta have a point of reference for what it is that you want as your new baseline. And you’re gonna feel a little weird because you’re gonna go, “Well, I’m sorry you’re used to the drama of my stress, fear, and anxiety, kind of, point of reference. So, wow, you know, I just feel good.” You’ve got to get more and more familiar with, “I feel good.” What is that?

    It’s centered and balanced for me. It may be calm for you. There’s a lot of adjectives you can use, pick a few, and grab the oil because the oils will help you reset and heal more quickly. The oils help you bring stuff up, clear it out. It creates a set point for your memory of going, “Hmm, yeah, that’s right. That’s what we’re doing. This is healing. I’m either healing or I’m shifting,” and just depends where your progression is.

    So, the oils are a valuable, valuable tool. They’re kind of lifeless, and they don’t have a limit to how long they can serve you. They grow with you. They progress with you because once you’ve done the healing and you get to a place, kind of, where you’re able to now…they help you prevent, and they help you create because you’re healing, then you’re, kind of, in this preventive phase, then you’re in the, “I’m just creating my life now,” and they’re gonna help you create what you want. You’re, kind of, doing that through each plan.

    So, real quick story. I just saw “The Lion King,” and this is how far I’ve come. That movie originally came out in…who can tell me? The original is in the 90s. It was one of Disney’s most successful…1994. Okay. Three years after I had really gotten into the energy healing work, very vulnerable still, feeling I was estranged from my family at the time, still…yeah, I felt like Simba, like, I was on my own.

    I didn’t have my pride around. I didn’t have support from a family system. It all, kind of, turned to…you know, no blame here, just a story played out. They couldn’t support me, kind of, in a manner turned against me, not violently or anything, but my dad was very attacking of me, and he was pretty proactive in trying to come, you know, hurt me, still just abusive things that he would do in letters and such.

    I felt this kind of…I remember seeing that movie in 1994 and literally brought to tears. The scene where… I’m not claiming any spoiler alerts because you’ve had a lot of years to see this story, 1994. But when Rafiki finds him after he’s taken off, and he’s sort of given up on himself, and he’s told to remember who he is, his father comes to him and speaks to him. It called me up.

    There were events like that all through, some really tough times that presented to keep me enrolled, to keep me going. And I remember so strongly my reference to that movie that that was a message to me, that that was…that movie was being used as a medium for the heavens to speak to me to say, “Carol, remember who you are. Keep going. You’re on the right path.” And it was so incredibly powerful. And so it was fun to go back and see the live-action version of it.

    I thought they did a great job. I enjoyed it. I took a few of my grandkids to it, and look how far I’ve come, you know. I didn’t cheer up in the movie, but I just was able to really celebrate that memory of how lost and alone and felt like I was just starting a big climb on a big mountain. You know, like I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. There weren’t a lot of markers, and very few people had done what I was venturing out to do, especially in the state in which I lived because I was in a space of alternative health.

    There was no internet to source, no community to really connect with and doing things that did attract some side effects. You’ll be able to read about them in my upcoming book, “The Modern Chakra Guide,” where I’m very transparent with some of my stories that I’ve never shared before. Anyway, you’re on a great journey. You’ve got a great community around you, and there’s no bedtime to heal. Honestly, there is no better time to heal. The resources are phenomenal. The community is so rich here in the Healing Center. We’re grateful for all of you.

    So, to enter to win I’m calm, that was kind of a lengthy introduction, you need to answer the question, “What is a simple tool you use to shift stress and anxiety?” What is one of your go-tools to go? “I’m starting to notice if I feel out of sorts, if I do this, it really helps me,” because that will be valuable for the community to be able to read what you’re doing and give you some support that way. Let’s gather some ideas together and share what are some things that help you.

    So, let’s go through the submitted questions, then I’ll bring my guest on, who’s Kobe, who is still experiencing more stress, fear, and anxiety to her liking. And we’re gonna do some work with her. It will help you as well, and then we’ll take some live questions. That’ll be the way we move through, and we’ll probably go to about 10 minutes after the hour. It’ll be 8:10 my time here in Mountain Time Zone at the time of this live call.

    “Sometimes it’s not the external things going on in my life causing me stress as much as my inability to let things go. I tend to obsess about things, playing them over and over in my mind, usually involving some conflict with another person or regarding things that are completely out of my control. How do I stop doing this?”

    I just recorded a video for YouTube. A great supplement to what you’re doing here in the Healing Center are my YouTube videos, “Heal with Carol” on YouTube. They’re short videos. They don’t go as deep, there’s no plans, but they do have some quick tips. I just recorded a video titled “How to Stop Negative Thinking,” kind of, what’s considered obsessive thought patterns that are just over and over and over.

    Now, there is a brain function to that. Look into Dr. Amen’s work. You could use the supplementation. There’s a part of your brain that won’t turn off. His work will teach you, the “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” book. Find out what part of the brain creates repetitive thought patterns. He’s a doctor, so he makes recommendations on some supplementation that will help quiet. It’s an overreactive brain function.

    Now, another thing you can do that I teach in the YouTube video is once you notice that, you’ve gotta start catching it early and go, “I’m in my pattern in my brain.” Rather than think of yourself as really being concerned about this, because, on an emotional low level, you’ll tell yourself, “But I need to think about this, so I can figure out what to do, or I have to look at. I need to think about this.” That’s not correct. That’s incorrect belief.

    Meet it with, “My brain is on overdrive.” Okay. Think of it as a bring health imbalance rather than an emotional concern that you need to give attention to because what’s happening then is the emotions can get…either your emotions fire up your brain, or your brain gets your emotions into the story. They’re kind of…they dance together.

    Most often, when you have a trigger and emotions are processing, you think you need a story to channel that emotion into. The more you can learn to not play the story out in your mind and just say, “I’m feeling this, and I guess I need to integrate this energy because I haven’t integrated it yet from my childhood,” because the story isn’t about the now. It’s from something in your past. So, I kept training myself to not go into story mode. And that’s where the clearings are helping you do that because it’s opening the energy up so it doesn’t have the potency.

    But a simple trick you can do is to use your…this is part of the psychological reversal three-step process, but this particular one is very supportive to quiet the brain and get the frontal lobes to quiet down. You’ve got to pressure neurovascular points and just…what did I say in the video? I will tell you. I have my notes all right here, my YouTube notes. Let’s see.

    These are all the YouTube notes from all the videos I produced. Let me find that one. I wanna tell you exactly what I said. Here it is, “Stop negative thoughts.” Sayed said, “I now choose to release and let go of patterns of overthinking this. I now choose to release and let go of patterns of overthinking this. I now choose to think positive. I now choose to think positive.” Okay.

    And where do you do this the most with? There’s certain subjects you find are popular, and you probably can see that you have a pattern doing this with certain topics, or people, or scenarios, so you go, “Oh.” The more you start to dissect it and not let it have so much power and say, “I’m doing this again on this topic or with this person, and I do this, and it’s an imbalance. It’s really not a concern. It’s an imbalance. It’s an imbalance in my energy, and it’s an imbalance in my brain, and it’s really not a concern,” and those statements, okay? And look for that video.

    We haven’t been publishing any new ones in the summer. We just got into production mode again, and I think we’re gonna start doing…I think they start going live again in August, so be looking for new ones in August. And the thing is you wanna subscribe to…go to and subscribe because you’re gonna get two emails a week. One is a blog post that I’ve written. You get the entirety of the blog post in your email.

    You can click over to the website if you’d like, but, for convenience, we put it all in there. We keep them down to about a 500, 600-word count. And then we also have the video from our YouTube release and commentary, and you’ll get that delivered right to you by subscribing at And you can take the master class, too, by signing up there. “I generally feel a sense of guilt if I’m not stressed.” Okay. This is perfect because this is what I introduced the call with tonight, the coaching call. “I feel stress is so priced in our society.”

    Yes, it is. If you wanna fit in, run a lot of stress. “I feel like I don’t fit in because it’s so common, which means I feel alone, and I hate feeling alone. As I learn to feel better, I feel guilty for the times I don’t feel stressed about things with those around me. Like, I don’t care as much when I feel I should. How can I turn that around and not feel guilty for not being stressed when those around me are?”

    That’s a great tapping script you just put together in that question, that “In order to fit in, I have to feel stressed. If I don’t have stress, and I don’t fit in, I’m gonna feel alone.” It’s also a good body clearing walk. “I don’t fit into the collective experience, but I’d rather not fit into the collective experience because it’s one of stress, fear, and anxiety. I’m not interested in that storyline anymore.” And you’re not alone.

    Come on over to the Facebook group, and you are going to then. Either people will shift in your world to meet you where you’re at in time, or you’re gonna connect with others that are just more positive people. That’s just your own belief. And what’s the aloneness about? Because in a state of wholeness, you don’t need other people to feel whole.

    You don’t feel alone when you’re whole. You either decide, “I like to be with other people because it’s enjoyable, or I’m fine being alone because I still feel complete. I feel complete with people, and I feel complete and whole by myself.” That’s where you’re wanting.

    So there’s some part of you that still…you know, is it a childhood teen self, young adult self that’s going, “Oh, gosh, I need other people to feel complete and whole?” So that affirmation is really powerful. And tapping on that, “I feel whole and complete when I’m with others. I feel whole and complete when I’m by myself. My state of being has nothing to do…” because either you feel like being around other people, or there’s times you don’t. It’s not about trying to avoid a feeling of aloneness, which is fear. There’s a fear. That’s a fear-based feeling.

    “We found out recently that our former friend office assistant has been stealing money from our company.” I’m sorry about that, that you had to go through that experience. But the good news is she found out about it, so that’s really getting…was brought to the light. “We’re working with the police and pressing charges,” which I think is a smart idea, the route of accountability there. “Her husband commented to a mutual friend that he’s getting his old group together to handle business.

    I don’t even know what that means, but I’ve been having this feeling of my family being in physical danger, always having to look over my shoulder. I experienced similar feelings in my childhood because I grew up, you know, walking-on-eggshells household, but this seems to be playing out in the most extreme way. I’d love some assistance for feeling peace and calm in dispelling situation.”

    Okay. So you wanna give them back their baggage, giving them back their baggage session, so you let them be accountable. Another thing I’d do is rather than continuing them, you being in their story, if they’re gonna continue with this kind of drama and dysfunction in their lives, you don’t wanna be the ones that are a counterpart to their story because you’re choosing to now heal it and clean it up.

    As you’ve said, you can do an energy sketch. So the first sketch would, kind of, like you’re all in the same story, you’re in the… Create, kind of, this circle that represents, “We’re all on this story together,” then create a new sketch where they’re not in your story and they’re on the outside of the circle looking the other way, and put other characters in their story to play those… There’s plenty of people on the planet who wanna play in that kind of drama story. So you’re gonna defuse it by that sketching process, and keep doing the plan.

    It’s just perfect timing that this is presenting when you are doing all this clearing, so it can open and shift. So, consider the possibility it showed up very divinely inspired in the timeline of this work, so you can get the return you want out of it and clean it up once and for all. And keep connecting with that childhood part of you so that you’re going to the original event of that walking on eggshells so that it clears from that point. That’s where you connect with the inner child, so clearings go as far back to the origin of the pattern when the pattern was created that you’re running.

    “I’m at a time of peace, joy, and progress.” That’s excellent. Tap that in, “I am in a time of peace, joy, and progress.” You can even do temporal tapping, “I am in a time of peace, joy, and progress,” because you learned that you’re doing temporal tapping in the plan, this plan. However…oh, what’s that about? “In this, I find I’m feeling almost a sense of lack. Like, I’m not whole, I’m not me without struggle and discord.”

    And I’ve spoken to that all through the call, so you’ve already gotten some feedback on that. “But I’m battling with self-sabotage behaviors, so would love more tips on how to continue to progress. When life seems to have finally got significantly better for the first time, how do we find motivation that is not fueled by anxiety and stressed?”

    And then someone else asked something similar, “I grew up in a tense household with a stressful family lifestyle. Stress, anxiety, fear now play what feels like a positive role in my life, moving me into action to get things done. Without external pressure and stress, I get bored and depressed.” Interesting that I started the call with this theming knowing that this was the case for many of you. And so, again, you’re resetting your reference to what is healthy, what is norm? What’s the norm? What’s the new norm?

    Every time you catch yourself in the old norm, go, “This is the old norm. I no longer…” Let’s see. Right side. “I no longer…” No, left side, “I no longer choose this to be my norm. I no longer choose stress, fear, and anxiety to be my reference point for living. I no longer need stress, fear, and anxiety. I’m now experiencing a great amount of discomfort when I allow this to happen. I’m sensing when I’m going there, and I’m changing it. I’m experiencing my new norm as…” How did this person say it?

    “I’m now experiencing my new norm as peace, joy, and progress.” See, it’s over and over and over. You get to keep resetting that as you live the day-to-day experience when you also are listening to doing your daily practices. Make sure you’re doing…that’s the function of the daily practices.

    Every plan is to, again, keep creating a new baseline for yourself and a point of reference. So, the daily practices in this healing plan are four daily practices, daily script because you’re training your brain to think, “This is my life. This is the norm,” affirmations to create a life you love again. “I think this way, it’s how I think,” then two techniques to create a pleasurable day. So you’re sending that into motion and then calling your angels in and ask your angels to help you stay accountable when you’re trying to go back to what you think is the norm. And you’ll get there. Just don’t…you know, it’s a process that takes repetition. And look how far you’ve come. You’ve come a long way.

    “I have found that I have a lot of stress and anxiety when it comes to taking care of my home. I’m a type one who came from a background of clutter and messy home. It wasn’t a priority to keep it clean. When we did clean, it was a marathon cleaning session. Everyone was angry over it. I’ve kept my family pattern of cleaning being a very frustrating, stressful, and anxiety-filled experience. How can I clear this pattern so I create the home I want without the drudgery?”

    Well, you can decide if you wanna be the one to clean your home. I don’t. Many years ago decided I wanted to pay someone because my time was better spent with other activities as a businesswoman and as a mother. So maybe you don’t even wanna do it, which is an option. I’d also diffuse the I am calm oil in your home and put on some music that generates a sense of peace and well-being, maybe some Enya, maybe some Yanni, maybe, whatever. Well, I don’t know your music preferences, but you’ve gotta reset the atmosphere to now.

    You know, every day, I know the FlyLady’s a really popular system for people that need to follow a system. Diane in Denmark is in our Dressing Your Truth community, takes the FlyLady body of work, and I know she’s extremely popular in her interpretation of it. And so, you can get, under her channel on YouTube, the finest system that will support you and help you stay more accountable, so you don’t let it go so far. You’re creating a new experience with this.

    And this is true for anything that is grounded in that old reference point so beautifully. It was a stressful, anxious experience that your physiology now has a reference point for, going, “Cleaning means…” We go into stress, fear, and anxiety, and your physiology responds accordingly. And that’s where you’re now having to repattern that to make it like, “I love cleaning. I stay peaceful.” I don’t know if you love cleaning. “I’m peaceful. I’m successful in my cleaning, and I’m so okay with it. I don’t even have to do it myself anymore. I’m now flowing more money to pay someone to do it. I’m so happy about this,” if that’s what you want.

    “I sometimes have a desire to change up the tools in the plan since there are certain ones that really speak to me. I know that, generally, you don’t recommend this, but what if you’ve done a certain plan more than once? Can I change things up?” That’s a tricky question because you may be avoiding some things without knowing it. These plans are very, very thought-out, very specifically designed to get to certain issues.

    No, I wouldn’t change a plan. If you wanna add a piece, you can add. But if you add too much, you’re given yourself too much to do. My gut says no because it may unknowingly be an avoidance technique because they’re very specifically designed to get to a deeper level to help you permanently heal. So, consider that.

    If you like something from another and you feel like you can fit it in, or you feel moved to go do another clearing session as an add-on, that’s an option. But don’t start writing your…I have a lot of years of experience that brought me to the place that I could craft these, knowing what needed to be put into a plan that can help you get to a certain outcome.

    “I have a fear of what will happen [inaudible 00:36:46] to me as I face the reality of my childhood. I am in the process of going from knowing to feeling, and the fear, stress, and anxiety feels like it might gobble me up. As I am new to embracing my type-one energy, I realized how overwhelming everything was all the time. It’s affecting almost every area of my life.

    And while I’m making a lot of progress, it feels like there are anchors on my feet keeping me down, which is not fun for my bubbly, sparkly self. I also sense a brooding gloom and doom thing wanting to keep me stuck. Fear will win. It will win or real. How is it possible to heal from such a specific stuff and be whole and healed?”

    I, again, covered a lot of this previously that it’s a progressive experience. And that’s how your inner child’s feeling right now, and that your adult self needs to tell that child self that’s feeling all of this, “We’re gonna be okay. I got this. I know what we’re doing. Trust me.” Your inner child does not trust adults. You’re an adult.

    You’ve gotta convey to that part of you through journaling. You learn how to journal to your inner child and the wounded child healing plan and you learn to continue to do that as a big part of your healing process. I did that for decades, probably 20 years I was journaling to my inner child as I started doing it in the 80s using my left hand.

    The plan teaches you what to do. That’s the child part that’s scared, and you get to keep building trust with that part of you. “We’re gonna do this. I’m aware of your fear. I’m an adult now. I’m learning how to take care of us. I’m really committed. I know you don’t trust adults, but I’m gonna take care of both of us, not your job anymore. It’s my job to keep telling the inner child, not your job.”

    This one comes up for me frequently, the belief that there’s always something around the next corner and life can’t be easy for long or waiting for the next shoe to drop. “In March, I had to leave my home during a very unexpected storm. We thought it would be short-term, but it hasn’t been.” Okay. I’m not gonna read the whole question. I’m gonna get right to the answer.

    I had this come up several months ago. I think it was last year. Kim or Colleen can help us out here because I know you remember when I coached someone in the Healing Center to use energy sketching who had the same pattern of around the next corner, or they never got around the corner. But I had him get rid of the corner in this sketch. So, that’s in the Facebook group. So what I’m recommending is we find that.

    It’s probably in the units because I tagged it with my initials, and Kim is excellent at saving all that stuff. But you wanna do what I taught them. You’ve gotta repattern this, like, get rid of the corners. Like, get a light path that doesn’t have corners that you’re afraid to know what’s around that corner. So I coached her on how to do that in the sketching. So we’ll let you connect with that as the support angels will help you.

    “I noticed that a trigger for anxiety for me is when I feel stuck in a situation instead of acknowledging it’s a phase of my life and I feel trapped, like, I’ve committed myself to this forever. Looking back, I’ve been very blessed to be able to get out of these situations in a relatively short amount of time, bad jobs, relationships, all kinds of situations.

    However, instead of being mindful of the moment, I’ve been negative and anxious that I’m stuck in something. Looking back when it’s over, I feel childish for overreacting and guilty for my negativity about something I thought would be forever and it wasn’t. Like, complaining the entire time you’re at camp, and when you get home, regretting that you were complaining the whole time instead of enjoying the experience.”

    That is a stuck-in-the-birth-canal energy. Every time you feel it, you’ve gotta memorize, in your own memory bank, the birth clearing from going, “Leaving the light into the womb, hanging out in the womb, and now stuck in the womb, stuck in the birth canal, and really feeling pushed and pulled and annoyed, running your mother’s energy, blah, blah, blah.”

    When that comes up, you get to run that, and tap, and shift it because you repeat the stuck in the birth canal over and over and with a…then you’re, like, your energy is pissed off, and it goes, “But maybe your mom had a lot of anger. I don’t know, maybe you ran her I’m-pissed-off energy.” I think that’s your mom stuff, and you just recycle this. And so you gotta shift yourself out of it by repeating that clearing.

    All right. We’re gonna bring on Kobe, my guest. She’s type-one. A little bit about Kobe, and we’re all gonna be my…you’re gonna be a surrogate receiver, and we’re gonna proxy all of you tonight. And then anyone that listens to this call, the entirety of its life, you’re gonna receive the benefits of this. So, you’re gonna be experiencing the benefits of anything I help Kobe with as if you are the one talking to me, even if your story isn’t even the same. So, just set that intention.

    Open your heart, imagine there’s a flower right here, like a rose. Now, let that open. And you’re gonna receive, and it’s safe to receive. That’s your heart chakra. If you wanna stay on at the very end of the call, I drew a chakra chart used in a YouTube video, and I’ll briefly tell you a little bit about it.

    Okay. So, Kobe has been in the Healing Center since January, and she does deal with health problems that I know are a byproduct of her energy system being out of balance. And she will receive a lot of bene…you need to start believing, Kobe, that your health’s gonna get better as your energy gets more clear and solid.

    So she also grew up in a family system that was very chaotic and cluttered and the oldest daughter of a large family. So, she still now feels a lot of anxiety in a lot of variable situations so it’s, kind of, can overrun her life. She’s made a lot of progress.

    She’s been doing the life purpose plan most recently and going through the stress, fear, and anxiety plan last week and this week. And she finds that when she enters a new experience, it gets taken to that place of fear that she’s gonna make a mistake and get in trouble for it, that it’s gonna then ruin the experience, and she will be at fault.

    And she claims that that’s connected to a childhood experience when she tried cleaning out a drawer by pulling everything out to sort it when her father came home and shoot her out for making a bigger mess. There’s a lot of those. I mean, you don’t have one drawer…getting in trouble for one drawer. That’s just the one her mind has a reference point to, but there is probably all kinds of those events playing out of getting into trouble, “You didn’t do it right.” And so she keeps fearing.

    So she’ll hold herself back, draw from things or withhold herself from things to prevent this playing out. So, that’s not an answer. Remember in “Mastering Affluence,” the section in “Mastering Affluence” that accompanies this healing plan is how to create mental affluence. And there’s a section in the book that’ll teach you about prevention thinking and creation thinking. So, let’s bring her on. Let me bring out my notes with her. Let me grab those real quick. Okay. Everyone say hello to Kobe. Hey, thanks for representing me here tonight, Kobe. That’s so brave of you. How are you?

    Kobe: Thank you for having me.

    Carol: Are you afraid you’re gonna mess this up?

    Kobe: You know I’m not. I love you so much, Carol. You’re like a part of our family, my whole family is…my kids all know you on the big screen.

    Carol: I want you to notice that.

    Kobe: Sorry.

    Carol: I want you to notice that.

    Kobe: Okay.

    Carol: Notice that you right now are okay in a vulnerable situation.

    Kobe: I am.

    Carol: I want you to notice that. That’s really big. You’re with someone you respect, someone you don’t wanna let down, someone you have put in a position of influence just like a parent, okay? You’re okay right now. That’s huge. That is huge. [Inaudible 00:46:38]. So, you need to give yourself credit that you made a shift. Oh, we lost her.

    Okay. I don’t know what happened. She’ll be back in a second. Liz is helping I’m sure. That is a big deal. I’m gonna speak to that while we get Kobe back. You wanna ask your angels, or God, or whoever your sources, nature, you know, what is…let me…she’s back, so I’m gonna let her hear this. Okay. This is so remarkable. You just see you…we thought you transformed, you were translated because it’s in your healing.

    Kobe: You’re so funny.

    Carol: What I want everyone to take away from this is you’re gonna…you’ll too often meet these moments. You won’t lock into them, and you wanna ask divine support to clue you in and go, “Help me see where I’m different. I’m healed in the places I used to be triggered,” because you wanna get the credit for it, and you want your mind to go, “It’s working, and I’m making progress. And wow, look at me. I’m being the adult right now.”

    Kobe: It feels good.

    Carol: Yeah. That’s awesome. I am so happy for you because, again, I represent, to your inner child, somebody in a role that a parent played, you know, a person of influence and authority. So, your inner child’s gone, “I like Carol. I can trust her.” Thank you, little Kobe. Now, let’s get to the other places when you get…you’re in school, you’re in online school right now?

    Kobe: Yes.

    Carol: Okay. And where are you at with that? On a scale from 1 to 10, where are you now with the stress, fear, and anxiety of 10’s the worst?

    Kobe: Well, again, same pattern. I’m getting straight A’s. But when I miss a deadline because I have ADD, it’s gonna happen. You know, I missed a deadline because all my classes are due Saturday, except one on Friday, and I forgot. And I didn’t reach out to my teacher. I just, sort of, freaked out about it for a couple of weeks, and I finally turned it in. I hadn’t even figured out how to say it to my teacher, and I got an A. He took it. You know, they’re very understanding and helpful.

    Carol: [Inaudible 00:49:23] Well, your performing, that’s different. How are you feeling with…how much stress, fear, and anxiety if 10 is the worst you’ve ever felt it and zero is none? Where are you at with that? Because the other possibility as somebody had asked the question that that drives you to have a certain level of performance to avoid things, you know, that’s connected to say, “I’m gonna guide…my performance level is super high because I wanna prevent the mistake, the mess,” you know?

    Kobe: Okay. Yeah.

    Carol: Where are you at on a zero to 10 with your stress, fear, and anxiety in this experience?

    Kobe: If I have to put it as far as how much time it takes up in my brain, I would have to say it’s probably pretty high still. Like I don’t acknowledge the fear all the time maybe but maybe seven or eight still, just that I think about all the time, you know, “Am I missing something? Am I gonna do it right?” I take a long time on my papers. And I’m recognizing that I’m getting better with the ADD stuff. I really think there is more of an element of something else, that I take so long to do my papers.

    Carol: Well, okay. We’re bringing the profiling into this conversation because stress, fear, and anxiety keeps you from being in your dominant energy, okay?

    Kobe: Right. Yes. I’m recognizing that.

    Carol: Yeah. For you, it makes it a heavy experience.

    Kobe: Exactly.

    Carol: I’ll go through each type real quick. For type one, it creates heaviness, which is just very burdensome, and it’s not fun. You’re not having fun with it. Okay. A type two, it pulls you out because you’re now running the worry energy so strongly and question, question, question. It really infuses a lot of self-doubt and takes away confidence.

    For type three, it thwarts. It gets in the way. It’s annoying. You’re like, “Uh, I just wanna move forward.” It interferes with that forward push. Type four, it’s just, you know, the all-or-nothing. It’s the extreme of overdoing or the unders of just, again, giving up and that kind of thing. And so you’ve gotta work on that practice, making sure when you engage in this work, check-in with yourself.

    This is an old pattern when I was saying earlier, there’s really no concern here. There is not a concern. You’re gonna be okay. You don’t need the stress, fear, and anxiety to make sure you do it right. But it’s still functioning as though it’s a safeguard to make sure you don’t do the cleaning the drawer out wrong.

    Kobe: Right. I relate to that word, the burden because I say that to myself all the time that my school is a burden to my other roles.

    Carol: You’re making it a burden.

    Kobe: You’re right. I’m seeing what you’re saying.

    Carol: So we’ll now get to check in with that and go that, “It’s no longer required.” When you were…how old were you when the drawer thing happened, the messing?

    Kobe: I think I was a teenager, maybe 15.

    Carol: Then you probably had 10 years of that stuff going on, you know, from the first time. [crosstalk 00:52:49] just locked into your head. So you get to go…I think you gotta go back to your five-year-old self and find her, and tell that part of yourself, “Little Kobe, you don’t need this to make sure you get it right,” because you’re attached to the two.

    Kobe: Yeah. I feel that.

    Carol: You created the equation of, “I need stress, fear, and anxiety. I have to be stressed and fearful and anxious about this to make sure I do it right.” So you need to go back. I’m not gonna take the time to…you guys all know how to do this on your own, so we’re not gonna do it together.

    But you need to go back and find little five-year-old self for you. It’s your five-year-old, and tell her, whether it’s in the journal writing, and write her a letter and say, “That was not accurate, but I understand why you thought it was.” Now, five-year-old mind, in order to keep dad from getting mad, it seemed reasonable, but it wasn’t accurate. Dad would have gotten mad no matter. That’s [inaudible 00:53:55]. No matter what, my dad would have found something to be mad about, okay?

    Kobe: Yeah.

    Carol: There’s no way to prevent…although we were all trying to prevent it, there was absolutely no way to prevent it because my father just manifested it because he had a very unhealthy brain. So, you gotta disconnect the two. And now in the adult self, notice when you’re doing it, and you’re going, “I’m doing it again. I’m running that same equation. I think I need stress, fear, and anxiety to write a good paper. No, [inaudible 00:54:26]. I’m now learning how to keep it light and fun.” You’ve gotta practice that. What does it take to do? “I’m now learning how to stay calm and move through this with confidence” is a type two.

    Type three, “Wow, I’m like moving in and getting this done.” I had to write a piece today for a blog post, and I was so type-three. My co-workers who are across the hall from me, I go, “You guys, excuse me.” It was my CEO and my creative director, Tim. I go, “I gotta read this to you. I wrote it in 15 minutes.” It was awesome because I let it come, and I didn’t need stress to produce anything. I let it come through me. The words come. You know, I do what’s called automatic writing. I kind of channel the stuff.

    So, for type four, it’s like, “I’m gonna find balance.” So I’m in the extremes balance, and I’m perfecting my process of whatever I’m doing because that’s what I do, and it’s good enough for now. So each type has to find their centered balance place with your energy. Yours is, “Wow, what does that look like now to have my paper writing and my school experience feel more delightful?” I like that word for you, delightful, and you have light in there.

    Kobe: I’m gonna write that down.

    Carol: You’re one, two, right? You’re type one…

    Kobe: Yeah.

    Carol: “My full experience is now delightful of success, delightful. It’s a play on words.

    Kobe: Got it. Yeah. That’s very funny.

    Carol: That’s gonna…you’re just now learning that is your new process. When you’re in the old equation…oh, little Kobe showed up again. Kobe, you’re still running the old formula.

    Kobe: Yeah. Yeah. I’m used to telling kids what to do, so I can do this.

    Carol: Well, I know, [inaudible 00:56:33], sorf of, way to do. It brings that…

    Kobe: It’s, sort of, tell her I got this. I don’t need her and…

    Carol: You don’t wanna be your parents to her, but you’re kind of confusing her to believe in you.

    Kobe: Okay. That makes sense.

    Carol: The message really is, “To be honest, I’m learning. Yeah. you’re right. I haven’t taken care of us. I’ve been really lousy at taking care of us.” You also have, when I read through all your notes, you’ve gotta work on what I teach in the…what session is it? “That’s theirs. This is mine. That is theirs. This is mine.” Do you know that one?

    Kobe: Yes. I practiced that this week, and it was amazing. I’ve had some really good experiences.

    Carol: The blog post email that went out today referenced it. Kim know…somebody knows. You’re probably putting in the comment thread, but the clearing session that I teach you this, that is, that you let your energy meld so fast, man, that you don’t even know your energy from who you’re with.

    Kobe: Yeah. I’m getting better. I’m really getting better.

    Carol: Oh, yay. Yay, you’re [inaudible 00:57:51].

    Kobe: Yeah. And, you know, one thing you were saying earlier that really, kind of, helped me get back to really taking it more seriously is the letting go of the story because my story I felt like wasn’t bad enough to really warrant the depth of feeling that, “Now I’m realizing I do need and is really helpful to lighten my load.” But, you know, I…

    Carol: And your load.

    Kobe: Yeah.

    Carol: Good for you.

    Kobe: So, even though I feel like my story wasn’t really traumatic, letting go of my story’s important too because I still have everything associated with it, you know. And I don’t need to place that value judgment. I don’t need to wonder if I deserve to get healed or not. I feel like…

    Carol: No. No.

    Kobe: Yeah.

    Carol: Ending of those conversations you’re the child.

    Kobe: Yeah.

    Carol: That’s the part of you that still…and that part takes time to integrate and grow up emotionally, and that’s okay, you know. Most people die having never done that. So, do you have the I am calm oil? You need the I am calm and the I am healthy. Do you have either one of those?

    Kobe: No, I don’t. But when you held the I am healthy, I knew that was probably for me when you said that.

    Carol: Yeah. I’m gonna send you both of them.

    Kobe: Oh, thank you. Thank you. That’s awesome.

    Carol: Because your health stuff is connected to all of this. You need to start believing your body because when you don’t know your energy from the people you’re with because you’ve just…that’s what you’ve been living. You know, you’re the intersection of everybody you’re with. You’re the energy highway intersection. Your health, man, finally blows out after it just…little by little urge to just fall apart. So you gotta believe that your physical constitution is gonna get healthier.

    Kobe: Yes, and I have over the summer.

    Carol: Good.

    Kobe: I have a good friend that I go walking with, and I feel like, you know, I’ve gotten so much stronger. Like you said, it’s been, kind of, going hand in hand. As I’ve been working on healing, I am feeling better and better.

    Carol: Yeah. You’re gonna…oh, so many of you in this space are gonna mentor in various roles to others because of your stories and how far you’ve come, so I’m excited for you. I believe you’ll be doing that. Now, “The People-Pleasing Clearing” is the one that that technique is taught in, so keep doing that. Give us an update soon of how you are feeling more delightful success.

    Kobe: Okay. I’m interested to see what that will look like.

    Carol: Me too. We are very excited.

    Kobe: Okay.

    Carol: Thanks, Kobe.

    Kobe: Thanks so much.

    Carol: Uh-huh. So we’re gonna take live questions now. We’ll take about 10 minutes, then I’ll give a few minutes to my little chakra thing as an intro to my book. My book is coming out November 14th. That’s the next phase of growth in the Healing Center will be the chakra work. I am a master chakra teacher. It’s where I started all of this in 1991, learning about my…and opening my chakra energy unbeknownst to me where it would take me. Like, what? Chakra what? But, hey, I’m glad I chose in.

    And next spring, we’ll be launching the healing plan for the chakra system. The book’s coming out in the fall. I have two new oils that we’re launching with the chakras, the I am grounded oil. That is the number one support humanity needs. People are not grounded in our techie age. People are not in their bodies.

    And I am grounded oil, I just have been working with my master of oils to craft these. I said I want it to clean up electromagnetic frequencies out of the energy system, and she said, “Done. Got it.” So that’s one of those benefits, grounding and cleaning out the EMF out of your energy system with I-am-grounded oil that will launch at the time of the book.

    And then the I am balanced, and I said, “Now I want an oil that will clean up, activate, and balance each of the seven chakras.” So that’s gonna be a seven oil blend. She is still tweaking that one. It wasn’t quite where I wanted it. That will be launched when the book goes live November 14th. The chakra healing plan will be next spring, I think March. You can only do so much, right? We get a lot done though.

    Okay, question. “I have anxiety and overwhelm about being a new mom and being in a relationship. I feel so much burden from the past about these two roles that I feel totally exhausted, lack self-confidence, feel I have already failed. I want to feel reassured that it will work out fine, even have the hope for joy.”

    Do the clearing for giving back. It’s in a coaching call where I took everybody through a process. This is generational. You come from a line of worrywart women and women who feel incompetent and fear of failing in their roles.

    It’s a generational energy and pattern that you now are creating in your own story. In this process, you can find out what percent is really yours, what percent is generational, and start to shift the work. Start to shift this, understanding the bigger picture of it, that it’s not even yours. You’re a carrier for something that came way before you. So, that’s in a coaching call. So, I trust my support to find that, let you know what that is.

    “I can feel overwhelmed at the vast and hopefully promising future that is in front of me. Any suggestions for managing some anxiety in the here and now? You say in “Mastering Affluence,” for making the transition from struggle to joy affluence, ‘An ease can take some adjusting and getting used to. Just stay the course.”‘

    Okay, another trick. They teach this I think in the “Money Cure Course.” You are an energetic container. You’ve been a certain container of energy to have a certain amount of energy play out in your system as you are used to. You’ve got it, for your specific experience that you have, how exciting? Promising future.

    You’ve gotta create a larger container for more to hold, more joy to hold, more blessings to hold, more money to hold, more promising future to hold. So, let’s say this is you, and your container maybe is right around you. You’ve gotta make it bigger. You can hold more. You just visualize that. Your arch field is a little closer to your body. This is bigger than your arch field. It’s kind of the container of your created reality and what energy you can hold in being the nucleus of your reality. So, grow your container.

    “I’m a type-one. I’m listening to the type on clearing session for your energy type. There is a statement you said that I’m wondering about. I’m expressing my emotions, discomfort, and anger in healthy ways. What does that look like when I’m feeling those feelings?”

    Well, writing them out, tapping them out. When you’re emotionally charged, it’s not the best time to have a conversation with somebody about an issue that might need resolution and active solutions that you come up within in a partnering effort. It means being in present and aware of yourself to be able to have in that conversation the ability to say, “I’ve been really upset about this. I felt frustration and anger.”

    I teach you how to go through a very simple easy-to-follow communication process in “Mastering Affluence” in the Creating Relationship Affluence section, where people are given roles and not interrupting each other. There’s turn for a listener and a sharing person. And so you need to learn some communication skills and then share whatever emotions you have in a healthy way. But you first gotta get balanced if there’s a charge through journaling, or tapping, or a body clearing walk.

    “Is it possible for stress for an anxiety be used to cover up sadness like anger?” Very much. I’m so glad you brought this up because somebody brought up last week that they have a lot of anger coming up. I said, “Well, repressed buried anger gets put in…” It’s like it gets infused into stress, fear, and anxiety. It’s not covering it up, that repressed anger is getting processed as stress, fear, and anxiety. So it’s like, “Good, you’re finally getting to the original emotion. What’s really there?”

    Sadness can be the underlying emotion that’s repressed, that’s getting pushed up to stress to be expressed to stress, fear, and anxiety because that’s a secondary response. Stress, fear, and anxiety is secondary to… the word is the original primary thing you need to deal with. I’m glad…I was inspired because I thought I needed to talk about that, and you made it possible. All right. There you go.

    This has been a great coaching call, I believe they all are. They’re very specific to your scenarios right now. Oh, one more question. “My biggest trigger for anxiety is being around my mother. She’s a type-four and I’m a type-two. I feel like I’m not allowed to be my own authority, which is crazy. I’m 41 years old, married for 22 years, and have two children. How do I shake this? I’ve done the spiritual authority clearing.”

    You need to do that… In Kobe’s case, the next plan for her to do would be childhood…healing plan for childhood wounding. I’d recommend you do that healing plan for childhood wounding, and you’re becoming the 10-year-old with your mother. You’re reverting to feeling like you’re emotionally 10 years old when you’re with your mom, and you gotta grow yourself up emotionally so that you’re 41 when you’re with your mom.

    And you can then communicate to her if she says things that are inappropriate to say to an adult child and say, “Mom, I don’t feel that’s necessary for you to say that to me,” or, “I’m my own authority, mom. I’ll make decisions that are correct for me.” You’ll be able to express that from your adult experience.

    Okay. Our winner for the I am calm…remember you get a discount on these as a Healing Center member. The I am calm oil is going to Bethany John Church. A simple tool to use when I feel stressed is the back and forth movements of your eyes, saying over and over, “I’m stressed. I’m stressed.” And that’s that peripheral vision.

    You’re going till you break state, is what I refer to, and you’re breaking state as you can’t follow, you can’t keep up the tracking, and your eyelids start to flutter and you’ve shifted states, so great tool to use with children. It’s a great tool when you’re having a spousal argument. You could just each take turns doing with each other then give each other a spinal flush, and then you can talk about what needs to be addressed.

    Okay. Jump off if you’re done. The little chakra chart I wanted to show you. I drew this. I’m kind of getting into art as an expressive outlet, and I found I’m actually pretty not too bad at it. I share my art on my Instagram stories. I was given a three-month subscription to “Let’s Make Art for Mother’s Day” from my children. I love it. I’ve done some pieces from that.

    But I drew this up to create symbology and the color references. I used this for what the chakra colors mean, and each of these symbols creates a reference to its function. And you can see there’s seven primary chakras, root connecting you to the earth creation or what’s referred to more commonly as the sacral, but it’s the creation chakra. So it’s connected with pleasure, sexual pleasure, the pleasure of creation. It’s a cycle that never…

    We’re always creating power chakra or…there’s the sacral then solar plexus, its nickname, but I call it the power chakra. This is like the Sun bursting your power outward in healthy ways, your heart, symbol of a heart receiving and giving, throat, flowing out with healthy expression, third eye, your intuition chakra, and then crown connecting you with the unseen realms in heaven, connecting you with God and higher levels of divinity.

    So, my take on the chakras, though, when you read my book, you’re gonna realize there’s a reason I titled it “The Modern Chakra Guide.” Our chakras are shifting. They’re changing. They’re upgrading us as humans, and that’s why life kind of looks crazy in the collective experience. We considered calling it something like, “How to Upgrade Your Energy in a Crazy World” because you’re getting upgraded, whether you like it or not.

    So this gives you a point of reference to how each chakra is getting upgraded, how that’s showing up for you in your life story so you can work with it rather than it cause havoc and chaos and throw you off. So, the more awareness you have as you work with your subtle energies, the more you have a place of command and willing what is divinely inspired for you. So I’m very excited. It’s a body of work that’s never closed.

    I used to teach the original version of this in my “Chakra 7 Course,” but it’s even evolved from that and expanded in what I teach. I formerly was the most well-known chakra…I was the most well-known master teacher of the chakras online, having literally introduced millions of people to my work through my “Chakra 7 Course” and the chakra quiz.

    We had…millions of people took this quiz to see if their chakras were open or closed, and then tens of thousands of people took the “Chakra 7 Course.” It’s since retired. So I’m very excited to bring this work forward again, new and evolved. And I’m reading the book right now for the audible version, and I love it.

    I tell my team that can be a very tedious process for me, so I’m not someone that likes to repeat content and reading because I have to read very articulate and be a little bit more slow in my reading stance, but I love it. I love what I’m reading, and I’m so excited about it. So, I’m excited for you to get your hands on this soon.

    But until then, you’ve got lots of resources here. Keep up the great work. We’ll keep supporting you in the Facebook group. Let’s all of us thank the support team. We’ve got Colleen and Kim in there, so consistently. We’ve got Liz on support. That is the manager of all my broadcasts. Thank you all. You’re phenomenal. You make my life so wonderful because you are so present and so aware.

    And for all of the community that steps in and gives feedback, that such solid feedback, I’m so impressed with the feedback you give each other. It’s such a great group. We wanna keep growing it. Who do you know that would benefit from the Healing Center? Please share it when you feel moved to do so and let’s help more people. Thanks, everyone. We’ll see you in the Facebook group.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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