Live Coaching Call July 28, 2020

1 hour 20 minutes

Childhood brings about some level of wounding for every person on the planet. What triggers have surfaced for you during the Healing Plan for Childhood Wounding? This powerful coaching call will support you as you open up and clear old energies, integrate your inner child, and come alive into the aware, conscious adult you’re meant to be. Carol guides Kelsi through a clearing session to unblock a deep belief that’s affecting her as a parent now. (Go to 58:51 for this session!)

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Triggers as you process old energy from childhood

Frustration and exhaustion from the inner child work

Dissociation that makes you mentally escape

Being at odds with positive affirmations in the plan

You Want To:

Take care of yourself with gentleness as you heal

Give yourself space to fully engage in this work

Get grounded back in yourself and in your body

Be at peace & truly believe the affirmations

Affirmation for this Session:

I am easily integrating and healing my inner child so that I can be the conscious, aware adult I am meant to be.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 20:00

Here’s what we covered on this call:

(9:00) – Success Story! I share my own success story that came through while journaling to my inner child. Allow these insights to help you too!

(20:00) – Submitted Questions:

  • Is it possible to heal from your childhood while living with your parents?
  • I criticize my non-dominant handwriting while doing the inner child journaling. How do I fix this?
  • I get frustrated and triggered doing the Childhood Wounding work. Is there something I’m missing while doing this healing work?
  • How is it best to handle a toxic relationship that recently ended?
  • Should I heal my parent’s emotional wounds before focusing on my own?
  • Is it normal to crave sweets after doing a clearing session?
  • How do I heal from being conceived in an affair, given up for adoption, sexually abused, needing to care for my younger siblings, and narcolepsy?
  • I was raised in my Secondary Energy Type – how do I keep from returning to my Secondary now that I’m beginning to heal?
  • How do I deal with dissociation that causes me to escape mentally?
  • What if I can’t agree with the affirmations in the Healing Plan?

(43:40) – Welcome my guest, Kelsi! She feels stuck in feelings of unworthiness and as though she is too cold or “evil.” We identify her deeper belief that’s keeping her running this energy. I take her through the Core Belief Scrambler to clear it.

(58:51) – Do the visualization along with us to meet your inner child and take her through the Scrambler session.

(59:40) – Live questions, such as: what if my inner child doesn’t have a lot to say? Why do I apologize to everyone about everything? How do I help my child through puberty without shame or embarrassment? And more!

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Session Transcript

– [Carol] Hello. Welcome to the coaching call for the healing plan for childhood wounding. It’s so great to have all of you, and I’m really thrilled for the successes that you’re having and the stuff that’s coming up for you.

And you have so many great tools and such a great community to support you as you move through opening up old energies, clearing them, integrating your inner child truth into your wholeness, and really coming alive into the aware, conscious adult that you’re meant to be.

And it’s especially timely on our planet for that to be the kind of work you’re doing. Because the more you can… I’ll speak to this briefly. The more you can be in the story without taking on the energy of the story and making very wise discerning choices that are accurate for yourself and your family, the more you have the power to contribute to the healing of the planet.

As you become a participant in the story and the fear that’s coming up in rampant measure at the time that this call is taking place, as you network with that energetically, as you, kind of, plug into that, you don’t have that power. You’re now a submissive victim and the story plays you.

And the more you can… It’s kind of like I observe everything, what’s going on. I’m definitely here. I’m in the story and I’m a participant. And so I have to make choices that are supportive to my well-being. But I choose not to become a part of a collective experience in an effort to push back at it.

I choose to open the energy for us to birth something more beautiful. Because really what’s happening right now, and this kind of work you’re doing, you’re allowing what’s been carried throughout your life that’s never been opened. It’s never been processed. It’s emotion. You felt it as a child but you didn’t feel it out to bring it to the completion of its cycle, which is to allow the feeling to occur and honoring it.

And it comes into then, it’s like this…it’s a circuit of energy that finds its way into a place of healing. And you’re now free to do that as an adult. And you’re free to allow this part of you to no longer have to carry what you’ve carried for so many years. So, congratulations in that effort.

You’re doing a fabulous job. How things are going to play out on this particular coaching call, we have a pretty standard template here. Many of you could probably tell me what we’re going to do, but if you’re fairly new to the Healing Center, I always start with a few announcements. We always have a giveaway. I’m a giveaway influencer.

I love to give stuff away because I want you to try it. You know, it serves two purposes. I like to share. I want people to try the products and talk about them. And I want to bring attention to the things that I find valuable to support you. We’ll then set an intention for this call for you to get the most out of it. And then I have a success story that I want to share.

We all share a success story. I particularly like the one I’ll be sharing in this call. And I have nine questions that we chose from the submitted questions I’ll answer. Then I have a wonderful guest. I’m very excited about this guest because she’s going to represent all of you in her experience in doing this plan and her particular…

Her predicament I think will be very applicable to many of you. And you’re going to get a lot of insight from our conversation. And then I’m going to take her through a healing process that will connect with all of you as if I’m doing it with you. And then we’ll open up for…

We will be then taking live questions after my guest. Then we’ll end with more announcements, announce our giveaway winners, and I like to close coaching calls with a book excerpt. So, the group is you don’t even have to tag me in your questions, you know? I look through the group, not every day, but I’d say five out of seven days a week, I’m scrolling through.

If it’s been answered satisfactorily, I don’t need to repeat what a member has shared with you or one of my support members has shared with you. If I feel prompted to add my thoughts or an insight that I’m getting in your behalf, I’ll do that. Kim will always reach out to me if there is a post that she feels would benefit from me replying.

So, that’s consistent. That happens consistently. Please know that the members, there’s many, many members that all are very versed in responding because they’ve been in the group long enough and they have learned from me and my support team, how we would respond.

And so, we really trust that. And my support team is… For example, when we started out with a new…when we have a new healing plan, I tell them I need to be the one responding to the healing plan so you can see how I’m going to respond to things. So, there’s a training period that goes on as we’re actually moving through it. We’ve done this plan several times and so no need to tag me.

I will, if you’re meant to hear from me, you will. Trust that process. We have just started today, the jewelry clearance and the Dressing Your Truth online store. This means we’re clearing out all of our spring and summer jewelry collection. Everything’s discounted, even up to 40%.

So, check that out. And if you’re female, gift your inner…let your inner child go pick something out that they might enjoy. Then the I Am Nurtured oil is a great asset to you during this plan. It was specifically blended to support deep, emotional healing. And that’s what you’re doing in reference to your childhood.

And it’s 20% off right now with the code NURTURED. The giveaways are giving in line with those two announcements is we’re giving away an I Am Nurtured oil to one of our live viewers. And I’m going to give away a $25 gift card to the Dressing Your Truth online store.

To enter this, we have two giveaways tonight, to enter that, just share what has been your biggest takeaway up until this point with the plan. What breakthrough have you had? What aha? You know, what’s hit you? What have you felt a shift with or an insight to? Share that in a comment.

I’d love for you to set an intention for this call. Whenever we set intentions, we set into motion the energy for that to come forward, for that to materialize, for the energy to start creating and manifesting that. So, share in a comment as well, or even make a note, or just have a thought in your head, what do you want to receive from this experience and the time we’re going to spend together?

My intention is that through… I’m going to know how to answer each of these questions. I don’t even pre-read the questions. I really rely on my intuition and what comes through me when I read the question. I have a particular gift that it’s called out of me when something’s presented to me, I get a hit, an insight.

I tune into things. I have a knowing. And so, I don’t even pre-read the questions. Liz is the one that selects them and my intent is to answer them with great clarity and what comes through me to be perfect for those that need that information.

And then my intention is to really be able to tune into my guest’s situation and support her and all of you in what is very timely and supportive to your healing right now. Now, our success story tonight is a little different. I’ve never done this before.

I am the success story. I wanted to share this because I feel it’s such a vital, vital piece of this healing work. It doesn’t happen in every healing plan and it particularly doesn’t happen the way we’re doing it in this healing plan. And that is journaling. Not every healing plan has a journaling process. Most of them do. What’s unique to this plan is the dominant-nondominant hand process to bring forward these deeper feelings and to give voice to what we metaphorically call your inner child.

Our mind relates to that being a point of reference. It’s really just your subconscious mind you’re dialoguing with to bring forward what it carries and what it knows for you to now be inviting out of you so you can help it heal. Now, I started doing this in 1989.

And it was something I learned. I was a big fan and an avid student of John Bradshaw’s work. I even attended several live events that he produced where one of his primary strategies, he’s one of the first that actually developed this as a psychologist, was the inner child point of reference.

And he is the one that taught me to do this handwriting as a therapy tool. And I avidly began to use it. I was actually seeing a psychologist at the time. It wasn’t even from that experience that that was part of school to me. I don’t know if I shared it.

I don’t remember. I went to see a therapist on a weekly basis for close to three years starting in 1987. By ’89, I was doing this inner child work. I want to show you an image of journals that I still have in my own cabinet. These are my healing journals between the years of 1989 to 1994. They have numerous letters back and forth from big Carol to little Carol along with other healing notes.

I was part of a 12-step group at the time that was focused on healing from abuse, particularly sexual abuse. I have a lot of notes in them from those meetings. I wanted to read to you a dialogue that I had with my inner child. And I did this because I really felt the benefit of it over the years.

I knew I felt the healing and it was a tough place I was in, a really tough place. I was suicidal. By 1987, ’88, I was dealing with suicidal depression really chronically. My theory at the time was, you know, the one thing that kept me going, it wasn’t my marriage.

We had a lot of conflict in my marriage. It was my children. I had four incredible children that I knew I was wounding at a deep level with my own PTSD I was dealing with and the depression and the mental health issues that I had. I didn’t love myself enough to feel like I deserved better, but I knew they did. And that kept me committed.

I remember having deep bouts of not wanting to live and never… I understand what it feels like to want to cut yourself, to want to bang your head against the wall. I understand that whole mechanism of self-abuse because that energy is so pervasive when it’s getting triggered so strongly that you don’t know what to do with all these states of feeling and this energy that can be self-applied.

I never acted out on that. Fortunately, I have a lot of self-discipline. But I definitely felt that all-encompassing feeling that would come over me that I could have. And writing these letters to my inner child were massively valuable to help bring forward this story and this…the wound of her life, the pain she carried.

So, I wrote… This wasn’t even the first letter I wrote. This is just one example. I wrote, “Dear little Carol, you seem to be in a lot of pain. Please tell me about your pain. I love you and you are a wonderful little girl. Please write me and tell me how you are feeling.”

Okay. And then, taking my non-dominant hand, I would write back. “Dear Big Carol, thank you for writing me. You are my friend. Without you, I would have died. I don’t want to die. I want to be happy. I want to learn to be happy. I’ve been afraid my whole life and I need to believe I am safe now. Thank you for taking me away from my parents. I want to believe I am safe. Nobody can hurt me now that you are taking care of me. But sometimes you get so busy that I don’t feel safe and it scares me. I want you to take care of me. Please don’t get so busy. You don’t need to work so hard. It is important that I feel safe. Thank you. I love you. Little Carol.”

Then I wrote back to her and I said, “Dear Little Carol…” I mean, is that take three or what? I mean. That was one of my defense mechanisms to survive was stay busy and get a lot done. In my first book that I authored in 1993 called The Path to Wholeness, I write a passage that I said when I came to the realization that when you feel less than nothing, you then overachieve because you add the two up and the averages may be good enough.

And that’s what drove me. Because at a deep, deep level, I felt so worthless and I really pushed hard in life and stayed very, very busy. So, she called me out on that. That was great. So, I write, “Dear little Carol, you’re right. I have neglected you.” See, and the key thing here is there’s a trust developing with the steeper part of me because the steeper part of me as we refer to as the inner child doesn’t trust adults.

They’re too busy, you know? They do the same things that our parents did. We do the same things as our adult self to that wounded part of us that our parents did to us in different ways. Neglect, self-abuse, you know, not… You know, negative self-talk. And this part of us is going, “Yes, right. Like I’m going to trust you.”

So, the good news was, by this point, this was my journal from ’91. So, I’m a couple of years into this. I had at least gotten to a point where this part of me now was feeling safe. That’s huge because when we met, not at all that she’d feels safe or even safe with me. There was sort of this dialogue of when I realized my nine-year-old self was running my adult life.

She’s looking at me like, “You can’t take care of us. You mess up like most adults I’ve ever encountered.” So, “You’re right. I have neglected you. It is important that you feel like life is a safe and fun place. I will not work so hard. I will work no more than 25 hours per week. I will go to bed by 10:30. I will exercise four times each week. I will not eat chocolate or excess sugar. I will take you out out doors into the park. I will get up early and read and pray. I will help my children and make them your friend. You are right. I will take more control of our life.”

And then I wrote all these, you know, bedtime things I was going to do that week. So, I owned it. I owned the fact that I wasn’t taking care of myself, which translates to my inner child is, “I can’t trust you. You don’t care for us. You don’t take care. You make poor decisions.”

Unfortunately, you know, over the years, I take great self-care of myself now. I’m quite good at it. It’s only been the last few years because I did continue to punish my body and beat it up excessively through activities I was doing when I had injuries. And that was a huge aha for me, you know?

And so, you’re not going to clean the slate in four weeks, but you’re going to get massive alignment with your inner child to shift this whole trajectory of your experience as yourself. Now, I don’t think it’s going to take you five years to heal your inner child. No one was doing this deep, you know… Next to no human on the planet was doing deep, deep subconscious healing work in 1991.

I was one of the forerunners. You know, people didn’t go to this depth of their own psyche to find out what’s going on with me. I’m glad I did. I’m glad it took me five years. Because I can make the course much shorter with the work that I offer you here. And we are on a planet right now where just, you know, 2000 compared to 1990, we’re talking 30 years almost, the consciousness of the planet, meaning the energies opened so profusely.

We see the good and the bad of that meaning it looks like the world’s gone crazy. And yet, we have access to this more easily and healing happens more quickly, more readily, and we can tap into things with a lot less effort. It’s just there. People are processing just because we wake up in the morning.

Where in 1990…30 years ago, you had to really go after it. You had to, like, really get in there and stay really committed to the work you were doing to keep the process going. And my soul was really on me, man. It was like, “No recess for you.” But I really live a peaceful life now.

It’s very nice. All right. So, I am your success story. The journaling… Somebody did ask the question in there, and I’ll speak to that right now, that a couple of things that I saw was somebody was saying that they judge the handwriting. And I’m like, “Okay, that’s adult criticize…” You know, that’s an adult self-shaming a child self keeping the pattern going.” Apologize to your inner child for doing that.

Because that is a really just old program that you’re acting out with these two parts of self, the parent shaming the child. So, most likely, you were shamed as a child, maybe for your handwriting. And you’re just now that’s coming up. Rather than act it out, heal it. Go, “Oh, that’s what that’s showing me.” Rather than choose it as a behavioral response, see it, and then choose to heal that.

I’m healing that. I’m no longer going to shame my inner child for any handwriting. And then, let’s see. The other one… It is important to use your non-dominant hand. Someone asked that it takes too long. It’s slow.

It’s tedious. Yes. You’re accessing a child self in you, anywhere from a toddler, even your infant self, all the way up through your teens. Don’t get…again, patience. Give them space. And there is no goal here of getting so much done. If you only get through one question, one, maybe you don’t use…

We have more than you need in the journaling prompts because you’re not necessarily meant to do every one. This isn’t an assignment of, “Okay, you got to get through every journal prompt sentence.” Not necessarily. There may be a few that are really, really for you. And that gets this process going. I had no journal prompts.

I would notice things and tuned in and got the conversations going. So, no need to… There’s no timeline on this, like, within getting so much done in a certain time with the journaling. Those prompts are meant to give you… they’re setup statements to get you going. Because this is new for a lot of you so we want to make it easier so you get to the deeper issues more readily.

And then I think… Liz, if I missed any of that, let me know. But I think I covered what had been asked in that question. Let’s go to our submitted questions. Is it possible to heal from your childhood as an adult while still living with a parent? That’s tricky. It’s possible.

I believe anything’s possible. Now, it might be a setup for you, which is good. And I don’t know that… It depends. Is there active behavior in your parents acting out similar to how you were as a child? There’s a lot of variables there. If they’re compromised in their own health, if they’re dealing with a health issue that they’re not even the same person, then I don’t think that’d be as problematic.

I had to move away from… In 1991, we left California with the sole purpose of distancing myself from my parents. And then I estranged myself from my father for four and a half years. Because of that, my mother chose to estrange herself from me. She was under a lot of emotional bullying from my father to break ties with me and she…

My mother was never someone to… She never stood up for us or stood up to my father so she went that course. And so, I didn’t speak to anyone in my family for close to five years. But that, at that time, this is a long, you know, it’s a long time ago, I knew. Decisions like that are powerful decisions. These are not just, “Okay, I’m going to do that.”

I needed to heal. I was destroying my life, my marriage was at risk, my children were at risk. I was not safe to be with my children alone. And I needed to get in a place where I could… That’s why my inner child was saying, “Thank you for creating our world to be safe.”

Because by that point, I had made that move. And so, again, yes, if that is the situation you’re in, then it’s perfect. Everything plays out to our benefit. And so, well, can you use this to your benefit? And decisions of…just those, kind of, choices around relationships with real immediate family are very unique, powerful personal decisions.

I don’t reckon, you know, it’s… If you could avoid… I’d say if you’d avoid that, the better, quite honestly. We are designed to want to have family relationships. Okay?

And I worked it out through the years that I did connect back with my father. I remember the day I wrote him a letter and said I wanted to heal our relationship. I only had one… I had moved past all the abuse and I needed to now move forward. And I remember telling him I only have one condition that we move forward and we don’t bring up the past.

Because my dad and I were never going to agree on that. And he wasn’t someone that really was motivated to own anything. So, you know, he was still not a well person, but I was able to develop a rapport with him through the years that made it work. It was never great. I never had a father, per se, but I was able to connect back with my mom then and my siblings.

It was what I was meant to do. When journaling using my non-dominant hand, I often I’m distracted by my adult self who criticizes shaky handwriting. Okay, I spoke to this. I lose focus on what my inner self is trying to tell me because my critical brain asked to go back and fix the handwriting. Is there something I can clear to make this smoother?

I don’t want to silence my inner child. As I said before, that’s the critiquing, shaming adult. Where’s that in your past that you’re still playing out now within your own self? It’s time to say, “I don’t need to carry on the pattern here. I don’t need to keep this pattern going.” Notice it and your brain will learn.

Your brain adapts pretty… You know, your brain will make that change as you call it out, and, kind of, own it. Accountability. Often in the childhood wounding healing, I have a lot of frustration crop up throughout my day. Even if I feel like I’ve started my day on a good note, I find myself easily getting frustrated and having difficulty accomplishing my goals.

Is there something I’m missing that will help me stay positive as I’m learning and growing and healing instead of getting frustrated and wanting to go backwards instead of forward? I don’t know if your goals are related to your healing work, if they’re just things you want to try and accomplish day-to-day. I’d cut yourself massive amounts of slack and not trying to be so accomplished right now.

Your number one priority is the healing work when you choose a plan like this. This is one of the meatier plans here in the Healing Center. It goes deep. It takes a lot out of us. Let alone, if you weren’t even doing this plan, the time in which we live with the way the energy is processing on the planet and the cultural events that are playing out and the energy that’s just moving so, I mean, with such aggressive intent, we’re more tired.

The little bit I dip into the world of astrology over and over and over, what I read and what I hear is, “Take it easy on yourself.” You have to give yourself a ton of breaks. We’re processing really old cultural… I mean, think of this, culturally, we’re opening and healing massively old cultural programs of deceit and hierarchy and power, misuse of power and this whole hierarchical thing that has been going on from the, you know, origin of time is being opened and being healed.

Okay? And you’re now doing your own personal work on top of that, okay? So, cut yourself some slack. I have been triggered by a certain individual for the last 20 years. I’ve faked almost all interactions with her but we’ve had a functioning relationship over this time. A major negative event with her gave me permission to be done. I decided to honor myself, keep myself safe, and cut her off completely.

However, I’m sure it’s related to some unhealed childhood trauma and not really her actions. My question is how should I handle this going forward through the plan? I would be fine to be done with her forever but it’s causing my family a lot of stress. Again, I don’t know your context of family. Is this your immediate, like, children, spouse, or is it extended family? That’s where you get, you know, there’s like tiers for me.

It’s like my children and my husband, priority. Extended family, I choose to have respectful relationships, but I’m not close to them. That’s okay. Both my parents have passed away by now. I have three siblings, I’m not really very close… I’m not.

I have respectful relationships. One, I don’t even have interaction with. And so, again, you have to choose what’s correct for you regardless. I have a healing… Listen to the healing call where I talk about being within the rubber band of the collective energy in your family system. My support team will find that and give you the link. And you’re experiencing the pushback, the kind of the snap effect.

Because you’ve said really clearly here, “I am fine to be done with this person.” Even if you want to find out where does this come from in your childhood, you could probably access that through some journal writing. Why do we not like this person? What are they representing to us? And your adult self has a right to not really want to be around somebody that’s toxic.

That’s fine. So, it’s not like you don’t like them, it’s like, “I’m just not energetically aligned with them. We don’t have an alignment. There’s no point. It’s too much. I give up too much of myself and compromise myself too much in order to even pretend there’s a relationship.” And so, you’ve answered it yourself.

But listen to that coaching call about the side effects of making a choice like this. As I journal, I’m hearing my mom’s stuff has to be healed first. Is that normal? Is this the healing plan I should be doing? Maybe I’m supposed to heal some of her stuff to bring her some peace. She’s 91 and lives with me. A little backstory.

My mom was emotionally abused by my grandmother and father and physically abused by my grandmother. No, I do not agree with that at all. Maybe a little scapegoat for your inner child to go, “I don’t want to do this.” There’s some interesting ways to our inner child to avoid us and go, “No way, man. I’m not showing up.”

No, we’d all be… I’ll say it as I’m thinking right now. We’d all be screwed if that were the case. Like, I have to wait for my parents to heal? I could finally, now that they’ve passed away, you know, how many years later after I started all this? Thirty-two years. “Oh, now I can heal my life.”

That would not be viable. She 91. She’s elderly. No, you’re giving a gift to her. I know my parents benefited from my healing work, no question. My whole family benefited from my healing work. My children, more so than my, you know…

It moved forward more potently because they were influenced by me and raised by me and how they use their minds and their paradigm of the world to be creators rather than victims. And yet I know the benefit of what I’ve done has gone, kind of, sideways and backwards.

It’s a gift you give her without requiring anything from her. What patterns, though, are you a carrier of that really initiated from your mom? And make sure you do that ancestral clearing. And what are you still acting out that’s part of your story? That will do that healing as well. I have fatigue and food cravings.

I am finding that I’m a little more tired after a clearing and also craving foods like donuts and sweets. I’m sure this is normal, but do you give into the cravings or is there a substitute that will take care of the cravings without sabotaging food intake? Now, that could come from an inner child connection to food is used heavily in our childhood as reward and sweets are used as entertainment, fun, pleasure reward.

And so, yes, there is a sense of accomplishment of, “We’ve done some really good work here. Let’s grab a candy bar.” I remember my early days of healing, this is when I started doing rapid eye therapy, that’s what really developed my skill to write scripts was my early training in this particular modality.

Because that’s how we worked with our clients was through just really very specific references. And I remember in my trainings and my master level trainings with the organization that I was trained with, you would just want to, like, eat candy after you did all this deep healing work.

Do I do that now? I have a lot of sugar-free… Do I have a sweet tooth? A little bit. I’ve noticed it here and there when I do process something deep, but no. My food choices have changed so dramatically. Sugar is not something I’m attracted to, have an appetite for.

But the sweet thing, because the different products and natural sweet products that I now know how to cook with can satisfy that with less sweet intensity, but not as much. I think it ties back into that whole that’s how the reward comes through, the sweet food.

Take a look at that and see if there’s a connection for you there that you can let go of. And then if that’s going on, there’s a lot of, you know, choose a piece of fruit or something that has a sweet quality to it. This is something else you could do to give yourself acknowledgment rather than food-based acknowledgment. And then, with the fatigue, it’s really important that you drink…

Where’s my water? Oh, it’s sitting over there. Yes, you need to keep hydrating. It’s really important that you’re consuming adequate amounts of water because that really helps the body move this energy. I’m working to heal the circumstances around my birth as well as many childhood wounds.

I was conceived in an affair and given up for adoption. In my adopted family, I was raised by a paraplegic father who endured countless hospital stays. Being the oldest daughter, much of the responsibility for the caretaking of my younger siblings fell on me at a very young age. I was also sexually abused by two different family members.

I developed narcolepsy around 13, which I believe was a way for me to shut down, to not have to deal with things. Help and guidance with this healing would be so appreciated. Well, you’re in the right place. You’ve identified that wit in your story set you up for a lot of compromises. I’d say your soul said, “I’m up for a lot. Okay, let’s do that.”

You can meet the challenge. You may need to spend a little more time in the Healing Center than four weeks. I don’t know your history here because I don’t know who submits these. Definitely want to be doing the… We will do… The next plan we’ll be doing is the healing plan for disease and illness that starts in September because you have identified right there, the narcolepsy that it was used as a defense to protect yourself.

And until these deeper parts of you feel safe and there’s enough emotional healing, you can’t give up that defense and that protection. And so, you’re doing great. Go through the plan. You’re only in the beginning of week two. With what you know, just, yes, little by little, you’re going to, you know, if you were…

I have many members that gave themselves a year here, and we do offer a year membership that you can invest in. And I say, if you spend a year here, your life, you won’t even recognize… You can’t even consider right now who you’ll be and the life that you’ll have in one year.

Because we only can refer to what we have a point of reference for. Our brain has to have witnessed something. And usually, it refers to something past or someone else’s experience to be able to formulate that. So, really, invite you to continue to use the benefit of these resources so we can support you and you can support yourself.

“As a child, I was raised in my secondary energy type. I believe I’m a 4-2. My secondary kicked in strongly because of my two older siblings. My older brother is a Type 4 and my older sister is a Type 3. I played the peacemaker role a lot growing up. I feel like I carried a lot of the family dysfunction. I’m working on healing this right now. How do I keep from returning to my secondary energy type while I’m around my family?”

That’s, again, practice little by little by little. You notice it and you… And I don’t know, maybe depending on the kind of relationship you have, I would, I still probably go into my secondary around my family. I didn’t with my parents anymore. My siblings, I’m more likely to do that.

And I don’t know, I don’t care. I’m just like, “It’s not worth me…” You know, I know it, I’m aware of it, and it’s not a big deal to me. And so, yes, what’s the motive here for it to be any different? The fact that you’re aware of it is huge. And then, when you’re in the moment of it, it’s like, you know, that I write in Mastering Affluence, the story about…

I think it’s mastering of… you’re in the hole and you keep falling in the hole. Then you notice there is a hole. You walk around the hole. So, that’s a really good… That’s the process you’re going through. That is to say you’ll notice it and you’ll still do it.

You’ll notice it and you’ll choose differently. You’ll get to a point where you finally no longer even do it and you’ll look back and go, “I remember when I used to do that.” And that’s what healing can look like in these kinds of practices of life. “My question is about disassociation. My childhood defense against all the bad stuff was to switch off any thinking and feeling and present a cardboard cutout version of myself.

Now, I find it hard to focus. I’m a Type 1 and my mind slips away as soon as I ask it to be present. What should I work on to clear this and develop my concentration and focus? You need to ground yourself. I Am Grounded oil would really help you on your feet, to get a bottle of that. When you notice yourself pulling out, dissociating, you need to, like, choose to come back in.

I have a…I think it’s in the lifestyle content though. I have so much content. I’m grateful for all the people that know where it’s all at. I teach a process for Type 1s to bring themselves back in and put your hands on your head. So, that would help you as well to bring yourself back into your body. Or maybe you’re out in front of yourself, grab your energy and throw it back into your body.

Maybe it’s behind you, maybe it’s on the side, maybe it’s right up over here. The fact that you know you’re doing it is great. Now choose to shift that. And it’s a practice again, of noticing, you know… This is how I would do it. I’d ask my angels, whether you pray… You know, to me, asking angels are, kind of, like, my support team through the day.

It doesn’t replace the prayer and all of that. And I speak to that in Remembering Wholeness, you can understand the whole…my setup. But I would say, “Hey,” I’d ask my angels, “Okay, can you prompt me when I’m doing this? Kind of, like, you know, get my attention and say, ‘You’re doing it right now.'” Because anything that’s a habit, you won’t notice it. And you’ve got to bring attention to it to make the change.

And so, I did that a lot where I’d be like, “Hey, just prompt me, get my attention, help me tune into this so I know I’m doing it again so I can choose differently.” And get that oil, I Am Grounded oil, on your feet. “What if I can’t agree with some of the affirmations? For example, I can’t make myself say, ‘I forgive my parents.

They did the best they knew how.'” I feel there is more clearing work to do here. Well, then, you can…I forgave my parents even though… You got to understand what forgiving is too. That’s what I teach in, I think it’s in Mastering Affluence. And then somewhere here in the Healing Center, I teach you that you’re giving back the energy, for giving it back. Do you want to carry around their energy, the shame, the energy that’s causing the wound?

No, give it back to them. For giving it back. You’ve got to rearrange your whole, what you think forgiving is. It’s like letting them off the hook. It’s not. They’re accountable. Karma is a thing, man.

You know, you don’t want to be… Today’s world, you want to own… Accountability’s a huge, huge, wonderful character trait to have. So, wherever that… I’d like to know. Somebody tell me where…Liz, tell me where do I teach that?

I’m sure it’s a resource in the Healing Center because I know…I remember talking about it. You’re giving back the energy and then it’s easy. You’ll be able to say, “I forgive my parents and I’m giving it all back.” And they did do the best they…

You know, my dad wasn’t a criminal. You know, based on the fact how wounded he was, he did do the best he knew how. And that’s my spirit self saying that, this is my adult conscious, more spirit-minded self saying it. Your inner child can’t say this nor should that part of you ever have to say it. That’s where that’s throwing you.

That’s the big disconnect. You tell your inner child, “No, you don’t have to forgive anyone. You were done wrong.” This is your more aware self to say, “I don’t want to carry this around anymore. I’m done. I’m giving this back. I’m letting this go. I’m healing. I’m changing the story.”

That’s what you’re doing. All right. My guest today has been a member here for many months. She’s dedicated in her healing work, very dedicated. And that’s why I wanted to help her because she’s shown forth such great commitment to really being free of this. She’s a mom of young children. She kind of reminds me of where I was at the same time.

And I know that motivation to not want to, you know, your kids are, you know, I knew my kids were all going to be on drugs, wearing full-on black Gothic clothes by the time they were 15 if I didn’t turn this around, you know? I was wounding my own children. And of course, then, I was motivated within time that my marriage was really valuable to me.

So, Kelsey is my guest. She is a Type 1. I was able to help her see that inner self. That’s been something that she had to, again, it was a bit of a, you know, it’s alarming when we’ve had to dissociate from our dominant self. Claiming that back can be quite devastating and shocking and a lot of resistance to it because that means I’ve got to claim everything that comes with it.

The hurt, that part of me, you know? It’s like dissociating from that part of us, being able to tuck that away and say, “Well, at least I don’t have to feel that every day of my life. I don’t want to go back there.” And so, she’s been really committed to this work. So, let’s welcome her to the call. Hello.

– [Kelsey] Hi, Carol.

– I love that you trusted me in my Type feedback for you because that was a tough one for you.

– Yes.

– At least you know.

– Yes.

– You’re doing it.

– I’m good now.

– I’m glad. Well, there wouldn’t be any hope for healing without that piece.

– No.

– It’s sort of key.

– Yes.

– Kelsey, you sent notes in, so we’ll briefly tell our viewers what’s going on for you. You felt very frustrated because you have done such…you’ve given such commitment, you’ve really done the work but you feel like you’re still… Like, certain things aren’t changing. It’s like, it’s just, you’re still feeling this nagging interference from these thoughts you have, self-perceptions you carry, wounds that you’ve really given great dedication to healing.

Share with everyone what those are just briefly. What it is that just, you feel stuck. You feel stuck.

– Something that keeps cropping up no matter which plan I seem to be working on is, kind of, this deep-seated belief that I am somehow evil or unworthy no matter what I do. And I see that even physically as I, you know, as I walk through my day. I have memories as a young kid, like, my peripheral vision of myself. I didn’t look like, in my mind, what I actually looked like.

I saw a different physical being than what I actually was. And it was definitely someone that was hard and evil and gross and sharp and just negative and icky. And though I don’t feel that all the time anymore, that just, it just will surprise me and crop up like out of the blue in every healing plan.

And I see that…

– [inaudible] does it provoke any dysfunctional behavior or any side effects from when that becomes so prevalent, kind of, [inaudible]

– Yes, definitely. I have a hard time loving my children in the ways that I want to. I have hard time nurturing them. I have to remove myself. I become steely and cold. Or even just in simple things every day. Like, if my husband makes, you know, a very benign comments about, “Oh, hey, could you help me do this? Or instead of doing that, could you do this?”

Instead of just seeing it for a request, I feel something inside like, “Oh, no, now I owe him a major apology,” or I am worthless somehow or I don’t measure up. So, it’ll crop up even in these little interactions every day.

– Okay. Is it happening every day still?

– Yes.

– Are you able to… What is your support system for noticing, kind of, working, or checking yourself or helping yourself in that moment? Is there anything helping you move out of that, shift the energy on that?

– If I catch it soon enough, yes, I can pretty quickly shift out of it just by imagining, you know, like you’ve taught in the past, the deep breath in and then blowing it, the energy into a balloon and just releasing it.

– Okay.

– So, that will help. Or I’ll imagine shedding. I think a lot of times when I see that sharpness now I kind of associate it with my secondary four because I’m all in black and it’s very angled, very edgy, very hard.

– Well, you can agree, that was the safe place for you the secondary…

– Yes, exactly. And so now I try to…

– [inaudible] your safe place when part of you feels threatened.

– Yes. Yes.

– So, we can right away, for you to be aware of some part of me is feeling threatened right now and that’s why this showed up. It’s not your adult self.

– No.

– Your adult self doesn’t feel threatened.

– Right.

– Now, as I’ve tuned into your energy, the part of you… There’s two things going on. Your five-year-old is strong. Like, not your child, your inner child. She’s tough, man. She doesn’t come along with this easily.

– No.

– She only trusts you at about… She’s come a long way though. I think she’s at about 85% now. But she’s tough. She’s a tough cookie. She’s, kind of, like… I asked Kelsey before, in our pre-broadcast chat, I’ve sensed there had been, like, annoying things happening, things to distract her.

This is your inner child going, you know, “I want to be left alone. Leave me alone. I’ve hidden for years. What are you doing? I want to be hidden still.” The other thing that’s going on is you have a belief because you didn’t have the parental support you needed.

Briefly, mom, Kelsey’s mom, a lot of unhealed wounds, massive amounts of trauma, wasn’t emotionally capable to parent. Because of that, wasn’t emotionally available to be a healthy parent to her children. My sense of your dad is…the word that comes to me, he was befuddled.

He didn’t know what to do.

– Yes.

– I don’t know. Befuddled. Just like, “Here.” He’ll make a nice breakfast occasionally. I mean, he wasn’t…

– Oh, yes, breakfast was his thing.

– Here are some pancakes. He didn’t know what to do. It’s like bigger than him. He was just like, “What’s happening? I have no idea.” So, your mom, she’s never done that. She’s not done deep healing work. She was like…your mom is in, you know, different acting out, different ways they did it.

But you know, my dad was such a wounded individual, he couldn’t show up as a father. Your mother couldn’t show up as a mother. So, you have a deeper belief of “I have to work harder than others to get what I want.

– Mm-hmm.

– Okay, so that is happening with your healing work.

– Yes.

– That’s one reason you’re not seeing any results because you’re running this with your healing work. You can have the breakthrough that, you know, Susie posted today and went, “I’ve just changed my whole life right in one clearing.” Relax. I’ve been at this for…how many months have you been in the Healing Center now?

– Yes, a year.

– How many months have you been a member?

– Over a year.

– Okay, well, see, this is not good for my business to teach you all this. I need people. No. But you do. You’re like, “That can’t happen for me,” because the truth was it didn’t happen for you as a kid. You raised yourself. I mean, you got yourself through life.

You are the reason that you got anything. It wasn’t because your parents helped. Your parents didn’t, you know, help facilitate anything.

– Yes.

– So, that’s still part. Now, the thing we’re going to do tonight, though, that one you need to clear. That one is, okay, I’m going to encourage you to do not a core belief scrambler with that one. Which is, “I am, I am. I have to work harder for…” There is this qualification of, “I have to work harder than everyone else to get what I want.”

That’s a long one to have to add, but it is what it is. The thing I want to do with you and I’m going to encourage everyone to then pick a phrase. Because, I don’t know, the evil thing is interesting to me. Was there mention of evil in your childhood? Like, “If you don’t obey God’s Commandments, you’re going to hell or…” where did this evil come from?

– We would get, like, we were often told as young children that if you were bad, you get a black mark in heaven. If you’re good, you get a red mark.

– Oh, seriously?

– Yes.

– Firstly, the one to one reprieve I had, I did not have religious parents. I didn’t get that one. So, God was never like, my, like, you know. You’re right. It was sort of my safe place as a kid was, “Oh, maybe God loves me. That’s nice.” So, you’re told?

– Yes. Okay, how frequently? Were you told, “Oh…” Was it used like, “You just got a black mark?”

– Yes, yes.

– Seriously?

– Yes. Like, if we hit a sibling or didn’t show up to [inaudible]

– [inaudible] shouldn’t surprise me anymore.

– I know, yes.

– Okay, you’d, like, have a quarrel and you’d be on each other as kids [inaudible].

– Or a threat like, “If you don’t listen to me right now, you’re going to get that black mark. We want red marks. I’m working so hard in our family to earn us red marks and you guys are not helping.”

– But you’re a five-year-old [inaudible]

– Right, [inaudible]

– …lost cause. You got way too many black marks. You’re evil. I mean.

– I did, I got a lot of black marks.

– Okay, that’s messy. Okay, you need to do the other thing. We’re going to do a scrambler tonight. This will be great and everyone’s going to do their version of it. But you got to do… There’s a…they’re burning your patterns imagery.

– Okay.

– And all those stories need to be burned.

– Okay.

– And you need tell your five-year-old, “Okay, dad was, like, really messed up.” There’s no chalkboard or whiteboard. You’ve got to, like, clue him in to say, “That’s not real.” And your parents just had super dysfunctional parenting approaches because your five-year-old’s going around thinking she’s got so many black marks, she’s evil.

– Yes.

– Okay. So, what we’re going to do is through visualization, we’re going to connect with your five-year-old. She’s going to be doing the scrambler, the little girl, through you. So, what I want everyone on the call to do is whatever age presents when we do the visualization, whatever child, whatever younger part of you presents, and I know it’s tricky when you’re hearing me saying a certain phrase, but what, “I am, I am,” fill in the blank for whatever that part of you is still running as a core belief is truth.

It’s not. And you’re going to use it instead of Kelsey’s evil. But this is a really good… When something that’s so embedded… Because your five-year-old was taught that that was true. Big adults, the people you trust, the authorities of your life, come to you and say, “God writes marks. They’re red or they’re black.”

Your five-year-old has no way of knowing that’s not accurate. She’s like, “Oh, that’s scary. Really? God’s watching me and I’m getting marks every day?” And then it’s repetitive. So, see, your five-year-old thinks that’s true, which then translates to, well, if you’re not good, you’re evil.

It was red and black, right?

– Yes.

– Did they ever throw out that, “You just got a red mark.” Did you hear any red mark?

– Not that I remember. Maybe.

– “Oh, that was so nice of you. Red mark right there.”

– No. No, no.

– It was all to stop you from behaving a certain way.

– Yes.

– It was all to interject this, “Stop doing what you’re doing.”

– Yes.

– Okay.

– Or help me out.

– Your five-year-old has no clue that this isn’t true.

– Mm-hmm.

– So, when you’re triggered, this is so prominent as a core belief. This is what’s presenting and you go into your defense mode to protect yourself.

– Yes.

– I want to give you some credit though because I know. I know through your sharing months ago, because we’d have to kind of like say, “Okay, maybe not so much information.” You were really having a tough time with your kids and I want to give you some credit because you have come eons from there.

– Thank you.

– You have, and you need to acknowledge that because you were like me. You weren’t safe with your children. I remember having that conversation with you. And it’s a tough one to have to suck up and own.

– Yes.

– I mean, it’s really humbling because it’s like, you know, it’s a tear-jerker. because you’re like, you know, “I’m so screwed up.” It’s, like, so sad. You’re not that person anymore. So, you’ve come a long way. You’ve hung in there. So, good for you.

– Thank you.

– Okay. So, what we’re going to do then through this brief visualization, then we’re going to do the…when we do the scrambler, we’re just going to tap here and you’ll look down to your right knee and you’ll repeat after me the whole, we’re going to do the evil thing. But remember, this is your five-year- old who’s now letting go of this belief. And we’ll tell her, “Your parents just, they got away with a lot, you know? They didn’t have good parenting practices. They weren’t really qualified.”

So, you’re stepping in now like, “Yay. We’re moving them out of the way.” All right. Go ahead and uncross your arms and legs. Put your feet so you’re noticing your whole body. Just take a couple deep inhales and exhales. Have you worked with a five-year-old part of you before?

– Yes. She was the first inner child to show up for me.

– Yes, yes. She’s ready to go. I can sense that. Go ahead and close your eyes. Just notice your whole body as you sit there and acknowledge the progress you’ve made, and how much healing you’ve done. And I mean, really, the odds were against you and you’ve come so far. You’re very strong.

You’re really committed to your own wellness and your family’s wellbeing. If your parents were right, you would have tons of red marks right now. So, go ahead and turn your attention inward and imagine yourself standing in the light. And you might just turn around and see your little five-year-old self right there ready to heal.

Do you see her?

– Mm-hmm.

– Yes, well, kneel down, move towards each other. Well, kneel down eye-to-eye. Those that are listening, if you need to go back to a home you were at a certain age if you need to…if a picture of a certain age is presented, whatever age materializes in your own visualization process, make a connection with that part of you.

Do some figure eights between you and that younger self. If you already are aware of that limiting belief or a false belief that part of you is carrying, tell them you’re there to help them clear it. What they were told was a lie. It’s not accurate.

You understand how they would have believed it though because they’re so young. So, no fault to them. Of course, you would believe what your parents would tell you. You had no ability not to. But it wasn’t accurate. They weren’t qualified to really raise you in a healthy way. And so, you’re stepping in to make up the difference now with help from the heavens.

And then, if you’re not aware of a limiting belief, maybe that younger self, for those listening, can present that to you. If not, do what we’re doing, say what I’m saying, and trust that it will represent whatever form of worthlessness that part of you carries.

Because really, “I am evil,” is a sense of flawed, worthless, not good enough. It’s just one version of saying the same thing. And every wounded inner child carries a sense of worthlessness. So, it will work for everyone, this phrase. So, is your five-year-old willing to join in here?

– Yes?

– Just repeat this after, you know, when you say it, she’s saying it with you. Is she okay with that?

– Yes.

– Yes. She’s going to have more fun. The truth is the world is safe now for her because she doesn’t live in the body anymore.

– Yes, that’s true.

– It’s not her body. It’s your body. It’s an adult body. Show her, “I am an adult.” She’s free. She’s safe. And you’re figuring out how to take care of yourself.

So, is she willing to participate with that awareness?

– Yes, she likes the idea of fun. That this could be fun.

– Good. Yes, she can have whatever fun she wants now. There are no limits in her world.

– No black marks on fun.

– No, no. Those two never existed. Your parents made that up. That was completely made up by your parents. It is not at all… I mean, it could be they were the only parents in the entire world that even made that up.

My parents didn’t say that. All right. So, go ahead and look down at…open your eyes. Look at your right knee as you’re blinking. Repeat after me, “I am. I am evil.”

– I am. I am evil.

– I am. I am not evil.

– I am. I am not evil.

– I am. I am not, not evil.

– I am. I am not, not evil.

– I am not. I am evil.

– I am not. I am evil.

– I am not. I am not evil.

– I am not. I am not evil.

– I am not. I am not, not evil.

– I am not. I am not, not evil.

– I am not, not. I am evil.

– I am not, not, I am evil.

– I am not, not. I am not evil.

– I am not, not. I am not evil.

– I am not, not. I am not, not evil.

– I am not, not. I am not, not evil.

– Okay, we’re just going to run through some others. So, tap on the inside of your eyebrow and releasing, letting go of the belief there are a bunch of black marks on me.

– Letting go of the belief that there are a bunch of black marks on me.

– Letting go of the perception that my parents knew what they were saying.

– Letting go of the perception that my parents knew that they were saying.

– That what my parents said was truth.

– That what my parents said was truth.

– Had to be true because they said it.

– Had to be true because they said it.

– Letting go of giving my parents all that power.

– Letting go of giving my parents all that power.

– That they knew what was right.

– That they knew what was right.

– They didn’t know what was right.

– They didn’t know what was right.

– They were broken and didn’t know how to parent.

– They were broken and didn’t know how to parent.

– Letting go of any belief that I could even be evil.

– Letting go of any belief that I could even be evil.

– Letting go of this as a core belief.

– Letting go of this as a core belief.

– Grieving, what will I do without this belief?

– Grieving, what will I do with this belief?

– I’ve had it for so many years.

– I’ve had it for so many years.

– What will I do without this feeling of evil?

– What will I do without this feeling of evil?

– It’s such a familiar feeling.

– It’s such a familiar feeling.

– I can’t imagine my life without it.

– I can’t imagine my life without it.

– It’s so much a part of me.

– It’s so much a part of me.

– Letting go of that.

– Letting go of that.

– Releasing. I don’t have a life without this belief.

– Releasing. I don’t have a life without this belief.

– I won’t have a future.

– I won’t have a future.

– I can’t exist without this belief.

– I can’t exist without this belief.

– Letting that all go.

– Letting that all go.

– It’s time.

– It’s time.

– I’m ready to let it go from all parts of me.

– I am ready to let it go from all parts of me.

– Releasing it from as far back as it goes.

– Releasing it from as far back as it goes.

– Freeing up this part of me.

– Freeing up this part of me.

– Letting it go.

– Letting it go.

– Okay. Now, do something with your…because this… Follow your finger from left to right and start moving it really fast until you start blinking and can’t follow it anymore. Now, any time you go into that frozen state, do that. That’ll break state.

That right, left, right, left, right, left, left. Because part of you runs this because it’s so familiar, it’s just sort of your neurology. I mean, you’ve got to retrain your brain. That’s going to help break the neural pathway to do that in the moment you go there.

– Okay.

– And okay. Let’s keep tapping. I exist.

– I exist.

– I have a life.

– I have a life.

– I have a future.

– I have a future. What would be the opposite of evil for you?

– Light.

– I am light.

– I am light.

– I always was light.

– I always was light.

– My parents were just confused.

– My parents were just confused.

– Okay. Go ahead and just take a deep breath, inhale and exhale. Then go ahead and turn your attention inward and thank your little five-year-old and say, you know, you can even imagine that she has been wearing this t-shirt that says this. And you go, “You’re ready to take that off and we’re going to put on the ‘I am light’ shirt.”

We’re going to put her in a Type 1 really fun shirt that says, “I am light.” And then say, you know, ask your angels to come in and they’re going to escort her to go do something super fun. Is she happy about this now?

– Yes. She’s still sassy a little bit, but I think in a fun way.

– Yes, she gets me. I, for some reason, I see her skipping.

– Oh, yes. She’s been dancing.

– And then, go, “Great. I am taking care of this and I am changing the story here.” Sorry. Thank her for going through so much for you. She did a great job. She’s a strong one.

– Mm-hmm.

– You have her best interest in mind now. And everyone else, thank your inner child. If you want to see you do something similar with, you know, graphic tees that have sayings. The old one had the old belief, change it to the new belief, see them feeling free and free to now experience their own true self. And then put the image of that in your hands and that inner child in your hands and bring it into your heart to complete that circuit of energy in that healing process.

Good job. And so, your follow-up is to get rid of that, “I have to work harder than everyone else to get what I want, to get results,” so that you can really start to see things shifting. You know, everyone I’ve worked…

You know, so far, I mean, when I’ve had a personal opportunity to assist someone, things have really shifted. So, I trust it will for you as well.

– Me too.

– Yes, you’re doing great. You got to be nicer to you. You give yourself more credit.

– I will now.

– [inaudible] – I don’t have any black marks.

– Awesome. Anything else? You look good. You feel lighter to me.

– Good, yes, I feel lighter too.

– Good. Good for you.

– Yes. Thank you.

– Thanks for showing up tonight.

– Of course. Thank you so much.

– Okay. We’ll look forward to updates from Kelsey. Okay, let’s take a few live questions so we don’t go too much longer. What do you need help with for after that? I hope that, again, you might have to re-watch that if you need to move through that again. I know I moved pretty quick through those. “How can I make sure I am not wounding my own children?”

Well, you’re going to know if you are. I mean, it’s possible not to, to some degree. But you’re at such an advantage with what you now know. Accountability is huge. I knew when I was and I told… One of the things I told my children was if I ever speak to you in a tone of voice that feels frightening or shameful, please say, “Mom, I don’t… Mom, please change your tone.”

I empowered them to call me out so that I was made accountable. And I’ve been super accountable. I’m not one of those adults or parents that super guilts myself, you know. I took on a lot in my life and I was really messed up and it is what it is. Anyway, I didn’t wake up in the morning and go, “How can I screw up my children?” you know?

I have a good heart. And so, I get the bigger picture of it all. But certainly, I am always willing to be accountable. I work with a few of my children and with each of my kids, we’re honest and they know they can share things with me. We don’t have very many…you know, we have next to no upsets, though.

“Why won’t my inner child speak? Or what if my inner child doesn’t have a lot to say?” That part of you… You might want to do the thawing out frozen emotions, thawing out your inner child’s voice, a little different twist on it. That’s a session you can do here in this Healing Center that can help get things moving.

That part of you is probably scared and not sure. Just keep reassuring that part of you, “I’m looking forward to when you can speak. I am looking forward to when you can feel like you can say, “I understand why you might be scared.” You might even ask them, “Why are you so scared to speak?” But there’s a fear there and that’s, you know, understandable. “Why do I apologize for everything to everybody?”

It’s a really bad habit a lot of women have. I noticed it in more Type 1s and Type 2s. I mean, it was funny. I pointed it out to someone recently and I said, “You don’t have to apologize for everything.” And she says, “Oh, I am so sorry I keep apologizing.” Like, you just did it again. You probably learned it from…

It could be you learned it from your own mother. It’s just this old cultural wounding of the feminine that’s somehow… And you’re thinking…you’re owning the energy in too many cases, trying to make it better and it’s not yours to account for. Let somebody be uncomfortable. It’s okay.

“If I am not sure of my type, should I do the daily affirmation of all four types or choose one type per day?” No. I’d make sure you go through the energy profiling course and make sure you watch the face profiling videos. That’s the key assessment tool. You don’t need to listen to all four. That’s a lot to put on yourself. And yes, maybe see which one resonates with you.

Like, choose a different one each day. I haven’t used that. I don’t recommend things like that for assessment tools. Face profiling is the key to knowing your type. “How can I help my teen self heal the shame of starting puberty, deal with body changes that are not controllable, and be able to reframe getting a period as a good thing, not just as an embarrassment and pain?”

Scrambler. There’s a belief there. You just mentioned that that part of you believes this is bad. So, using a word or a short phrase like puberty is bad. The sentence doesn’t have to make sense. “I am. I am. Puberty is bad.”

It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence. It’s you’re taking on to that setup phrase, whatever the core belief is. You can let go of that. “My intention is to find my inner child. I have told my sister that I am scared of her and cannot see her. My question is how do I learn to see my inner child?” Pictures. Get those photos. Did you watch my welcome call?

Make sure you go back and watch that. We’re still early enough in this plan that my welcome call had a lot of great suggestions. You might turn that around. Maybe your inner child is scared of, you know, you’re scared of what you’re going to feel that your energy moves very quickly and processes so much easier these days. It’s much harder to carry the wounds and the repressed energy than it is to access it and heal it.

Believe me. It’s just much easier to do the healing work. “My question is how do I shake the fear of becoming my mother since we are both Type 4s? I keep telling myself that even though we are both the same type, I am not her. I am me.” Core belief scrambler, “I am, I am my mother. I am, I am,” or say her name. Let’s say her name is Jane.

“I am, I am Jane. I am, I am not Jane.” I have scrambled everything. I have scrambled my name. Yesterday morning… no, it was last night. I was scrambling, “I am, I am getting old.” Because I don’t want to be a part of the cultural network of aging. Anyway, that’s another conversation another day.

Stick to what we’re doing. Don’t go there. “My inner child, non-dominant hand, has not answered the question, ‘What do you love to do?’ I’ve noticed that as the adult, cannot identify what I love to do. Can you help guide both of us?? It’s true. I would set the intention.

I am becoming more clear. Your inner child may not know because there was no chance to develop those interests. So, set the intention in your…add that to your affirmations or your daily script. I am knowing what I love to do. It’s starting to come to me. It’s getting more clear. You know, put it into your vocabulary to help put some energy on that, to help me bring it forward.

This has been a great call. Kelsey was amazing. I am really excited to hear your comments about that. If anybody had a aha, share it real quick and I’ll share with everyone. But I really, really enjoyed working with all of you in this call. As we have…we have a pattern in this Healing Center, “It was the best call yet.”

Because it was the one that we needed right now so it had to be the best. How does that work? How can they each get better? So, the “I Am Nurtured” oil is going to Nanette Gertz [SP]. Congratulations, Nanette. “My takeaway is that I can now be the healthy parent that my little self never had.” Isn’t that just the biggest gift?

It’s like, wow, wouldn’t that be horrible if you had to go around with that missing piece? And you’re like… That was like a huge revelation to me in the 80s, in the late 80s, when that became so clear to me that I, through God’s assistance and the grace of divine energies, could make up the difference for where my parents fell short.

Oh, what a gift? And the $25 Dressing Your Truth online store gift card is going to Renee Hillfort [SP]. She is a Type 4. I’ve known her for a lot of years. Love Renee. Thank you for being here, Renee. Her share was, “My biggest aha has been that all the issues I’ve come up against in my life are from childhood wounding. I really thought it was just me and I was causing these things.”

No. Anything that’s the snag in your life as an adult has ties to something earlier. I am convinced of that. So, thanks for letting me share my success story with my journaling work. You learn about me through these calls because I’ve such a prolific story of healing.

And my share tonight is from Mastering Affluence. And you can get a copy of that for $10, highly recommended. It was written to be the companion book for the Healing Center. Go to Emotional affluence is a state of inner well-being with an inner sense of overriding peace. It’s a sense of reassurance that everything is okay in our lives.

This emotional state is not dependent on outside circumstances. We certainly can allow our emotional feathers to be ruffled due to outside circumstances, but in a state of emotional affluence, we still feel an inner current of peace and harmony that is constant. This is not achieved overnight or even within months.

It can take years of practice to develop this emotional state. The key is clearing the underlying feelings inherited from past generations or the repressed childhood emotions that are muddled in our emotional energy body that continue to get triggered and stirred up.

Consider the possibility that any overly charged emotion that is disruptive to your inner peace is repressed from an early time in your life and is asking for you to clear it from your emotional body. Thanks for being here. Thanks to everyone that listened to the recording. And I truly hope you continue to…that you’re starting to feel access to that constant inner peace that’s available to us, a wellspring of emotional steadiness.

I know I feel it. I am very grateful for it, especially at this time as we move through some very tumultuous energies that are…that we’re allowing, that are coming up and we have an opportunity to heal. We’ll keep seeing you here in the Facebook group.

Keep moving forward with this healing plan. You’re doing amazing.

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