Live Coaching Call June 18, 2019

1 hour, 15 minute video

This call highlights questions about the new Birth Clearing Add-On Scripts: why birth energy can keep you in pain for years and prevent you from living life in the fullest. Carol also supports Julie live on the call to clear beliefs that started at her birth that keep her playing small and getting by with less. It’s powerful. Follow along so you can clear this energy yourself!

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You Are Experiencing:

Stress because you lost yourself trying to fit in

Depression that interferes with your high energy

Guilt from feeling as though you ruined someone’s life

Resentment from not being paid for your services

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Be free to be yourself no matter who you’re with

Clear all familiar patterns of struggle so you can feel free

Let go of guilt and pain so you can live as your true self

Value yourself and claim your own worth again

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I am planning my amazing life. All my needs are met because I am wanted.

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Questions begin at 18:15

Session Transcript

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Carol: Hello. Welcome to the coaching call for this month. It’s great to be with you. As many of you know, we’ve uploaded several new add-on birth scripts. So it’s good to have you here. We’re gonna make that our focus tonight in this coaching call. Go ahead and do me a favor. And for all of our Healing Center members, tag somebody that you know is a Healing Center Facebook member, so they know we’re live and they can jump on with us. We can get a good crowd here during this call.

I’ve got a guest that I’m going to be assisting with some coaching and doing some energy work that you’ll be able to be involved in. So it’s gonna be a really great hour that we spend together. And so say hi in a comment as we get the comment thread going, and you do any emoji support with likes, and that all prompts this to get on the feeds of the members that are gonna get notifications then that we’re live on Facebook. And yeah, maybe they forgot or they’re like, “Oh, yeah, that’s starting right now.” So let’s get more viewers on so we can support more of our Healing Center members.

I wanna start… just to give you… let’s overview tonight’s agenda so you know what to plan for. I’m going to share a success story to again feature the great results people are getting here in the Healing Center. And then I have a short excerpt I’m going to read from my book, “Remembering Wholeness,” about clearing birth energy. That’s when I first introduced this in a written format in my book that’s been out now for 19 years, and that’s an insightful way to look at our birth energy.

Then I have submitted questions that we’ve chosen, eight of those that I’ll be answering. Then my guest, Julie, will come on live with me and I’m going to assist her with a pattern that she shared that she’s feeling stuck in. And I’m actually gonna tie it into her birth. That was my objective to say… I particularly used the word stuck when I invited volunteers to offer their situation because the word stuck was always a red flag to me when I was in my private practitioner days to say…people were speaking, “I feel stuck. I’m stuck in…” and that was an emphasis. I knew there was a birth connection tie in.

So I’ve already learned a little bit about her issue that presents itself, a reoccurring pattern. And I know a little bit about her birth. I’m gonna get more information on that and then teach you, by the way I facilitate this, how I come to identify how does the birth energy still… that old kinda original program and imprint is still feeding this current day pattern. And we’re gonna then clear that with some tapping and you’ll all be able to participate. Then we’ll open up to live questions. And then we’ll just close up with a few announcements.

So I will make a couple of announcements on the front end of this. We are starting the healing plan for stress, fear, and anxiety. It will run July 15th to 29th as a group-supported experience. It’s a two-week plan. We’ll be doing that. We decided we didn’t want to do anything too extensive of a commitment in the summer months. And that’s why I chose the stress, fear, and anxiety. And that’s something that presents itself in various times of the year if not certain scenarios in your day-to-day occurrence that we wanna be able to move through that and shift that and also give you some real mobile tools so that when you are in scenarios if that that comes up, you’re gonna have a tool kit to deal with it.

So we’re going to do that starting July 15th and the coaching call will be July 23rd. And I’ll remind you of that at the end of the call. I also want to invite people to subscribe to the newsletter I send out twice a week at It is my blog posts that go up on You’ll get those sent in an email form. The first one goes out on Tuesday each week, and today’s was very insightful about the effects of the full moon on our emotional experience and how we can benefit from that, and what to be mindful of. And the whole blog post is actually written in your email. We keep these to about a 500 to 600-word count so that you can actually read it right in the email itself.

And then the second newsletter of the week features the YouTube video that I have published. I think it’s the week prior one. Now to get on that newsletter, you need to go in and subscribe by signing up for my free Stuck Master Class. But you’ll want to do that anyway, it’s a real good add-on to what you’re doing here in the Healing Center. So if you’ve not taken the free Master Class, it’s a minimal time commitment. Regardless, if you wanna start getting the convenience of the newsletter bi-weekly, go ahead and enter your name and email at and that’s gonna get that to you.

And it really supports the work you’re doing in the Healing Center to have this content delivered to you. It’s all complimentary to the work here in the Healing Center and none of it’s a duplication of the Healing Center experience. It’s a support in how you’re designed to experience. Then tonight we’re gonna give away an I Am Present oil. That’s something I picked particularly in reference to the birth
experience because I Am Present oil was developed around the idea that we can disconnect from our bodies, meaning we get pulled out, that you’re not consciously present within the body.

That’s a little different than being grounded. Grounded is an aspect of being present in your body. It’s an added feature of being present. But being dissociated from your body is a little bigger than not being grounded. You can still navigate your world in a lack of grounding state. But when you’re not present consciously in your body, you get… other people’s emotional energy can really get… you pick up on it. You can’t think in clarity and make present moment choices that are correct for you. You’re more influenced by passive-aggressive styles of people and adapting and kind of doing what others want because you’re not present with your own state of consciousness. You’re not being mindful in the moment.

And so birth triggers old birth energy because you have to consider that you were not present in your body in the physical realm sustainably at the entry level of your life. It was a new experience. And so that could have started happening early in your childhood especially if there is any trauma. So I Am Present is the oil that will give you the added advantage when that is part of your trigger because triggers don’t just kick in negative thinking or uncomfortable emotion. It energetically just displaces you. It’s like they’re not even in their body, you know.

I can sense when somebody is like, basically not grounded or when they’re so pulled out of their own physical state of being. The I Am Present oil is a huge benefit. It was specifically blended and crafted for the abuse plan because that is a big survival technique. When you’re in trauma, and there’s physical and sexual abuse, especially to dissociate from your body is a survival mechanism in your childhood. But it’s not serving you now if you’re still dissociating.

So we’re gonna give a bottle of that away. We really encourage you to invest in that if what I’m teaching you is really speaking to you. We’ve got something that’s something that’s wanting to support you in training your energy to stay embodied. It’s like, “It’s safe to be in my body.” You’ll create a stronger point of attraction when you’re present in your body. You’re a weak field of attraction when you’re not in your body. You cannot draw and attract to you what’s timely and perfect for you in the goodness of your life, in the affluence of your life, if you’re not present. You don’t have the potency because you’re not putting out a strong signal. It’s dissociated, so it’s a very weak signal. So you wanna strengthen that signal by getting present in your life.

And you, interestingly, are more able to attract what supports you in living in well-being than not. To enter to win this, you need to share in a comment, something… an aha you received from the add-on birth clearings, or if you haven’t done them yet, an aha you’d like because I really encourage you to take some time. Most people are seeing that they have an add-on of more than one, that there’s a kind of a combination that you’re putting together, which is perfect because that’s why I wrote them.

So again, tag somebody in the comments that you know is a Healing Center member so they can join us on the live call and entered and choose to get in the giveaway, be here for the live coaching session, and the live Q&A. So our success story was submitted by… that I chose tonight. Many of you are familiar with this Healing Center member. She is very active in the group, adds a lot of support to everyone, Christie Lee. And this is with her son and she says, “I don’t often cry during healing sessions but today…

[00:10:31] [Silence] [00:10:42]

Carol: …and dedicate my Healing Center to him. I’ve always had to brace myself for him, which is not fair to him at all. I’m a type three-one. I’ve typed him as a type three-four, so I’m determined to help us both especially since his stuff is likely mine and it’s his birthright to have a great relationship with me. Don’t get me wrong. We have amazing moments. But we are big energies in good times and not so good times. I’m grateful for that clearing today. It was healing for me as well as him. There was some trauma that I had minutes before he was born with a doctor that checked me and he was extremely rough and it felt very violating. I cleared that today and we’ll do a reframe birth story for him soon.”

I love that because what was coming up, what Christie was tuning into that was still playing out, was that trauma energy that could have been created by the doctors. His, we’ll call it interference, that felt violating and the anger and the kind of repressed emotion around that was getting targeted then when it got triggered towards your son because he was in the experience, the original experience. And that just… when you don’t have a conscious knowledge of what this energy’s about, our kids take the brunt of it way too often because they have this ability to trigger us. And because he was in that original event that became a part of the pattern. So this just then becomes a pattern that you want to clear.

So congratulations, Christie and for setting that example and for sharing your success story. I really appreciate that. So, Liz, my screen went blank. I can’t see myself but if everybody else can see me, I’m good because I don’t really care if I see myself. So just confirm with me, Liz, if I’m coming through with… you can hear me and you can see me, and I won’t worry about things on my end. Okay. I hope I look okay. No. I love the way I look thanks to dressing your truth. It’s really been a value in my life.

Okay, I’m gonna read this excerpt from “Remembering Wholeness.” This is a great book. This is one when I introduced the concept in the early stages of this before it went mainstream was what I call the law of creation, which then the popular mainstream turned into the law of attraction, which was really “The Secret” created that terminology, but I refer to it more in “Remembering Wholeness” as the laws of creation and our ability to be creators in our lives.

And I wrote this book in 2000. And it was really ahead of its time for a lot of people but it’s sold close to…it’s around 150,000 copies when we look at all the mediums that you can buy books now, Audible, Kindle, paperback. It’s just done a beautiful job of sending this message out to the world. Because it’s been published for the longest period of time today, I still hear more people say this book has changed their life than anything I’ve published.

And I introduced this concept of clearing your birth energy here in the book, and I wanted to read just a portion of that. They’re short chapters. They can be read as single sections. They don’t necessarily add upon each other. So I know a lot of people will just flip open the book, and read a section for that day, and get that concept. There are like potent concepts and principles that are taught in short, really tight messages that make you really think. So in this, I teach, what I’ve taught all of you, that there’s an imprint left from birth, that our original experience was a struggle.

And I say in the book, “We carry old energy patterns that influence our beliefs and behaviors not only from our birth experience but also from generational beliefs, unmet childhood needs, and any experience where we perceive that we were worthless or powerless. Our first life experience was purposefully a struggle. So we would be aligned with the consciousness of the planet to learn life’s lessons through struggle and pain. We knew we had to know struggle to know what joy is. We live in a dimension of contrast. In order to know love, we had to create hate. In order to know good, we had to create evil. In order to know joy, we had to create pain. It is only through experiencing these contrasts that we can fully realize who we really are. In order to experience who we really are, we have had to experience who we are not.

We are all pieces of God just waiting to be awakened and fully realized. We live in a time when we can easily and effortlessly clear away the old energies, beliefs, and patterns, and function completely in our new energy. My experience with energy, psychology, and energy medicine is that these new clearing therapies assist us in accomplishing this. At the time in which we live, clearing comes easily because the energy grids of the planet continue to release to allow us to live in a higher state of consciousness knowing our true core self. But it is hard for people to stay in the new energy vibration.”

And I’ll wrap it up with these last slots. “Humans are great creatures of habit and drama. I tell my clients that knowing and feeling your wholeness and true essence is natural but not familiar. What is familiar is your wounded state and dysfunctional life. You have become very good at staying alive in a life experience of pain and struggle. Overcoming pain and struggle has given you a sense of satisfaction and achievement, a false sense of security in love. Pain and struggle is not your natural state. If it were, you would not be coming to see me because you would feel highly satisfied with your life. You would be able to look at your life and say ‘My life is all screwed up and I love it. I’m completely satisfied.'”

So you’re not able to do that because it’s not your natural state but your familiar state is. So that’s a really key piece as to why I asked you to read these books like “Mastering Affluence” and “Remembering Wholeness” because you have to change your life skills, your behaviors, like behavior modification that’s now aligned with the clear being that you are. And so clearing your birth is like at the core level, this like major release valve. It’s like… think of something that’s built on a foundation, and if you just pulled what, you know, you can dismantle the whole thing and open the whole system up to clear more easily when you target the birth because of that original event and how it started the pattern of struggle.

And so I have said before that if you were to ask me what one thing… if I can only do one healing thing, what would you recommend I do? I’d say clear your birth. But because we are creatures of habit and drama, there’s a lot of other clearings you’re gonna benefit from. So let’s get into our Q&A. Again, you can enter to win the I Am Present oil in a comment sharing what aha have you received from doing an add-on birth clearing? How has it helped you?

All right. “I’m a type one and I’m doing so well in my first healing plan, but I’m pretty much feeling like a disaster as far as dressing your truth. I just can’t relate to the type one ladies in the videos. And we have very different tastes in clothing. The online DUIT ladies dig my photos, but I stopped sharing because I feel like a big phony. My makeup looks 100 times better and my hair has improved as well. But as far as clothes, I feel like I’m in a theatrical production or I’m a little kid playing dress up. What I’ve loved about the DUIT program is the process of learning that aspects of my personality that I had previously viewed as wrong, or shameful. Are they really my gifts to the world that made me feel like a million bucks? My husband digs my makeup but when I told him I’m just not feeling it he said, ‘Well, I didn’t want to burst your bubble because you’ve been so happy lately, but it’s just that you no longer dress like your creative, quirky self. You just look like a normal mom.’ How can I turn this around?”

Okay. I chose to address this although it may appear at first glance to be more about dressing your truth. But when I looked in deeper into… I know who submitted the question. And I looked deeper and kind of read her energy. It became clear to me what the issue was, and it wasn’t anything about the clothes, or the makeup, or the hair. It was this issue of trying to fit in, like there is… you have to fit in, in the extremes that you’re playing with either kind of normalizing yourself to fit in or going so far outside the box because you’re now trying to counter this feeling that you have to lose yourself to fit in.

There’s no center point I am present with me so there’s balance because I actually did look into your Facebook earlier photos and you were playing with extremes of not fitting in to say, “I gotta be really far out and quirky as this contradiction to fitting in because I don’t wanna have to fit in.” And then the other side of that is, “I’m not fitting in. I’m trying to fit in, but now I’m losing myself.” But neither is self, neither one is the true self. They’re all a response to, “I don’t know how to be myself in a community experience. I lose myself within the community experience. So I either have to play in extremes or I have to try and fit in and then I lose my sense of happiness.”

So how do you correct that? You choose to be yourself and participate within the community as yourself. That takes practice. That takes a bit of balance. It’s like your center point of, “Am I being me versus am I trying to fit in by choosing this or am I going to extremes so I don’t have to fit in?” But neither of those will honor your true self or reaction to this being at odds with feeling forced to fit in and not wanting to.

So the deeper issue is I feel maybe your parents taught you that you had to be… they tried to get… you know, there was this, “You need to worry about what other people think, and you need to fit in, and you need to accommodate others so you’re fitting in and others don’t think you’re weird or different.” You know, maybe in the generational story, there was a risk to people’s lives because they were a different ethnicity or they were immigrants in a certain place and they had to work on fitting in because their life was at risk. See, it could come from that earlier story that it’s still running this whole program.

So you need to do the clearing for… for some reason the clearing for betrayal comes up that that would help you to… because there’s a level of feeling like betrayed and not being able to be your true self. The clearing for self-confidence would be very supportive for you as well.

I’m actually logging into the Healing Center on my phone to see if anything comes up for me because what I would do with this… here’s what I do. And I want to encourage you to keep using this very functional tool that we have. Just for the benefit of seeing what shows up on my own curiosity, I’m gonna put in “not fitting in” in the search engine. That may bring something up. It may not. While I’m doing this every one set an intention you’re gonna receive above and beyond what you hope for and support in tuning in and giving time to this experience that we’re having.

Nothing matched the words “fitting in.” So it is a self-confidence issue. It’s like not being centered in your… self-confidence is having confidence in being your true self and stabilizing there, not being pulled to these extremes. So I will put that in this search engine. You can find the search engine in the drop-down menu and you can put in what’s coming up for you. And it will bring up the single sessions, the previous coaching call recordings. See sound meditation for healing lack self-confidence, healing plan for lack of self-confidence, clearing session for low self-esteem, several live coaching calls that are showing up that we address this, healing plan for living your life purpose.

All that, a whole bunch. See, now, there you go you could make a whole… your own like customized healings plan from your search by doing that. There it is. All of that is right there. Okay. So use the search tool. You know, when you ask us or the cam or Colleen on the support, there’s a good chance they go to the search engine. I do. I wanna go search that and see what comes up.

“I did the unwanted illegitimate clearing and sobbed and started hyperventilating through the first portion but ended the clearing feeling multiple parts of my body opening up. This session took a full 30 minutes for me to do because of the crying and breathing through it. Why do we say needing scandal? Not sure what is meant or why someone would need scandal if they carry this energetic imprint.” Because the word… this came up several months ago before I had had these published that I asked somebody based on the issue they were presenting in their post… I said, “By any chance, has there been an illegitimate birth in your family?” It turns out I was spot on and yes, there was.

Now then, the question came up… that seems like a really antiquated term. It’s not politically correct anymore to say illegitimate, so that’s the whole point. The shame wrapped into that see, it was scandalous to get pregnant out of wedlock. Like, that’s not okay. In the not too distant past, that was extremely scandalous. That it’s like, “Whoa.” I mean, my grandmother has a birth record of 1900. She was born actually yesterday, June 17th, 1900. Len [SP] my mother, some of you are aware that my mother just passed away in the early like 12:30 a.m. on June 17th. It was her mother’s birthday she passed away on.

I thought that was interesting. Maybe there was a portal that opened for my mom because my mom’s been pretty resistant to passing on. And I was really proud of her. She took the next step. And she’s not someone that took next steps easily. She was very timid. And so my grandmother was born in 1900. We have a record of her parents marrying in 1899 and 1901 after her birth. Dad didn’t stick around. He abandoned mom and baby early on. My mother never knew her grandfather, and she never saw or met her grandmother because my grandmother, my mom’s mom, estranged herself because that was scandalous in her time.

There’s a very strong… That’s very likely that my grandmother was an illegitimate birth. That’s why we used, “Needing scandal.” It’s in the energy generationally. It’s there. You know, there’s still a shame connected to it. Now, there’s variables of some single woman choosing to get pregnant, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. Definitely, the culture has opened to more broader experiences of that’s optional for women, but we’re talking about teenage pregnancy. You know, it’s really not common that you’re like, “Oh, I’m so excited. My 16-year-old got pregnant,” you know. People, that’s still not what… you know, it not as functional. It’s dysfunctional. There’s stuff going on there. So that’s why we use the word scandalous in that.

“I watched Carol’s video about plantar fasciitis.” This is a YouTube video that she’s talking about and that her belief behind that pain was walking on eggshells. And we put a link up to that. It’s published on my website because we take all YouTube videos and we put them on “Do you know what could be a belief for a woman that has male pattern baldness?”

Well, okay, we use phrases like, “Oh my gosh, I’m pulling my hair out.” You know, what is a phrase that you may have even referenced in your thought process? Because that was really like… and I had to walk on eggshells. I’ll even say that today and I’m catching myself going, “That’s not a good reference anymore.” You know, you had to walk on eggshells when I was a kid to keep your dad from getting triggered and going into like this full-on rage. It was like, “No, dad didn’t just get kind of mad. He just like lost it. It was scary.”

So the phrase that comes to mind is, “Oh, man, I’m just pulling my hair out over that” it’s a stress thing. That’s the one that comes to mind. If anyone has any others go ahead and throw those up in a comment. We can share those, but that’s the one that comes to mind or anything that you say that’s stressful that would cause a loss, a loss of something.

“Could you share a bit more on why you consider birth clearing to be the clearing session that everyone will benefit from? I’d like to hear more about this just to see the connection that the birthing experience has with patterns playing out in our lives.” I hope what I read from “Remembering Wholeness,” and I only read a passage from that section, which is about… the whole section is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven pages only. That goes into more detail about that because it’s the original imprint. It’s the first experience you have in your body and it’s a struggle.

Even the best of births, if you go down through a birth canal this isn’t easy. It’s challenging. It creates an environment of struggle because there’s pain involved, discomfort. Just the size and shape of everything does not conform to feeling good. It creates this struggle, this opposition energy, this opposing energy that we’re born into, you know, that you’ve kind of gotta birth yourself through this. How many things have you gone through in life, that felt like you were being born again or being birthed, and it felt like a contraction? It was causing discomfort to birth you into new awareness.

And so you get to reframe that to say, “I don’t have to see that as a restrictive thing. It’s now an honoring thing that’s supporting me in my growth.” It’s necessary within the realm with which we live. And so you’ve gotta take away all these other variables though that create these add-ons that become life patterns then because they’re just setting the energy. It’s like the energy is programmed to create that in your story based on those birth setups. Especially if they were stories that got talked about quite a bit, they get reinforced. The programming just gets stronger and stronger. So it’s playing out.

I think it’s fascinating because the… yeah, what I’ve seen so far is how strongly people identify with the clearing script part of it. They say, “I can totally relate to that based on that being my birth experience.” And that’s why I wanted a volunteer tonight so you can see where I take this and recognize that you know, okay, this that is going on in your life right now is related to this in your birth and you’re still running the pattern, and it’s subconscious. And that’s why birth…You don’t have a recollection of your birth cognitively. But you do have one energetically and you have one in your body.

And so these things… you know, to get this information is a major awareness to be able to go, “Wow, that’s like…” You know when you get like a bag of flour or something and it has that funky stitching. If you pull exactly at the right point, the whole thing unravels. But if you don’t pull you’re picking that thing apart. It’s that kind of a… it looks like an overlock stitch. And being a type three I have many experiences of not pulling on the right string in the right place and then having to like, finally tear the bag open.

That’s the birth. It’s like if you…. the birth is like pulling the string at the perfect place and the whole thing just goes [inaudible 00:32:47] and it’s easy. That was awesome. Now everything else will be… it’s like all these other things you’re doing, some of them may not be as effective. And that’s why I wanted someone that’s got a reoccurring pattern. And my guest tonight’s been in the Healing Center for six months. So I’m like, “Okay, why isn’t this other stuff cleaning that up? Why is this still long standing?” And that’s where the birth comes in.

“I didn’t breathe right away when I was born. I had to be resuscitated at birth. The first time my mother saw me I had tubes coming from everywhere all over you.” Apparently, she was told this or he. “I’ve been prone to clinical depression and emerging from a long tunnel right now. I’m thrilled to find the Life Purpose course and know it’s correct for me right now. The question is, how can I overcome a sickening resistance to writing in a journal? I always did before this depression struck and now journaling brings quick and conclusive insight. But I feel sort of dread at the thought even though I love it and procrastinate and spoiling the opportunity.”

The other clearing for fear of journaling and issues with journaling, make sure you do that. That’s in there. It’s in the single sessions. It’s probably in the general category, but you can just search for that and it’ll come up. And so I would do that because it’s addressing all the variables that will present themselves. It might be…it feels like exposure. It’s a threat. Somebody might find it. And as far as the breath thing, not being able to breathe right away, there would be a sense of being able to take life into its fullest. And so where you limit yourself is still honoring that birth event which says, “I can’t take life in in the fullest. I have to take it in gasps or I have to be aided, given aid. I’m not able to take life into its fullest,” because breathing is that fullness.

When you were able to sustain and breathe like take that first breath on your own, that’s the first function when a baby’s born typically is that. And because that was inhibited for you, you would still have that. Whether that’s connected to your journaling might be that it’s a cause of limiting yourself because, you know, you have this resistance to journaling could be connected there. For that affirmation, I take in the fullness of life immediately and easily because there was that immediacy of your birth that you weren’t able to do. Help me take a deep breath with me. Let’s do that right now.

“I just realized my secondary is a type three. Now that I know that, I am wondering about my chronic illness interfering with my high movement. I am doing the healing for illness and disease but I feel like the depression I experience has a lot to do with not being physically and sometimes mentally able to express my true type one-three nature. How do we deal with illness interfering with my high movement energy?”

I’ll get… because your lymph system is probably clogged up I know it helps me considerably I have a rebounder, a mini-tramp, and I use it regularly. It’s really good if you’re watching television or something, I just go do it. I don’t do it every day. I did this morning. But I’ll bounce on that for 10, 15 minutes and I’ll do really quick bounces. Now that should start building some stamina. You need to create movement. And I know that particular movement starts pumping the lymphatics and you need your lymphatics to help clear out toxins.

Your lymph system is the cleaning system of your body and also energetically. So get a rebounder. You can get them on Amazon. If you read the reviews, they’re very affordable. And you need to start moving. That’s safe and appropriate and a way to start working with the body. I’d move to 10, 15 minute walks outside once or twice a day. I’d just do it in increments so your tendency would be to overdo it, fry yourself, and put yourself back into a state of distress. That’s what’s familiar to you, but not natural.

So again, what I read, the passage I read, start to notice what are your familiar states of struggle? You’ll continue… I’ve prayed. I’ve asked, “Help me to know…” I’ve done this with healing my body and the things that been at and I’ve experienced with the last five years of healing my body that like “Wow, I made choices that put me back at this point of pain,” because I’m so now familiar with it. So distinctly what I offered in my prayers, I would say, “Please assist me in making choices that increase my healing and well-being”. And I’ll be aware of choices that will be detrimental to me because my mind I’m thinking, “This will be good.” I’m like, “This just put me right back in that familiar place.” I’m so used to that. So I need to be stronger, much stronger and I’m kind of like [inaudible 00:38:05]. Hit me with a two by four. I don’t care. I wanna know now like, “Really, am I intentioned to shift this thing?”

“I have been blessed with five pregnancies. Two of these pregnancies resulted in two healthy children. Two are miscarriages and one was stillborn. Would it be beneficial or even necessary to clear the birth stories on behalf of my three angels? I can see clearing them for my benefit from my point of view as a mother but what about their point of view?” I think any… I really trust the spirit realm’s a good place, you know. I mean, I just think like, you know, you’re released from the physical form.

The fact that you asked the question, I think it would be highly beneficial for you to do it for yourself. And I’d also do the clearing for grief along with that because there’s a loss involved. So if I go back again to the search engine, I’m gonna search… I’m gonna put in the word first “loss” because there was a great loss there of losing… sound meditation to heal issues with weight loss. Live coaching calls are in there. It’s probably some of both the loss of something that was desired and wanted. Clearing session for grief and sadness, definitely do that.

And then we’ve got… Yeah, a lot of the… there are several coaching calls, but you can read the descriptive of those and see which ones speak to you because there are several coaching calls that are mentioned in there. And some of those will be more around the weight loss because of obviously the word “loss” in there. So make sure you do that, and definitely, do those for yourself.

“Although my parents wanted me, my mother had had previous miscarriages and often told me how strictly she followed the doctor’s instructions in order to carry me to term. Then when I was six days old, I had a seizure. My mom had a breakdown and never fully recovered. I carry the burden of causing her breakdown for as long as I can remember. My parents were told to watch me carefully as doctors had no idea if I’d walk and talk.

I did the birth clearing for the first time last night where all these feelings of blame, guilt, and fear popped up. Do I need to add or reframe anything to clear these energies? And can you recommend any other clearings? I’m a type one. Would any of these things cause chronic pain?” Yeah, [inaudible 00:40:07] they cause… I mean, you’re not just paying. You’re like you ruined people’s lives. That’s the story you built into that on, that you ruined your mother’s life. You get it. I’m just giving that drama right now to say that’s what your energy is running.

And so the pain is punishment. You’re punishing yourself. You need forgiveness. So, again, the mirror exercise would be very potent for you because it’s about letting go of guilt regret towards yourself and others. That’s a very powerful session. I just wrote a blog post on forgiveness and how critical it is in the healing process and that it’s not…. Because you’re giving it to someone else, it’s truly a gift to yourself. So read that and we’ll put a link up to that in the comment thread.

So for the pain is your punishment, which you don’t need to carry. It’s all a story that’s perfectly played out for you and your parents. It’s all an opportunity. Yeah, those are the main ones. That mirror session is the main forgiveness session I have in there. And your… okay and another hit on your birth. Again, your pain. You’re disruptive, you know. So as a type one most likely, you’ve allowed yourself to be extremely adaptable to others so that you’re not an interference, which is not in your highest good because you’re not again in your body choosing what’s correct for you. You’re letting others dictate the choices you make too strongly because you do not, in an effort to not be an interference.

So I would do the core belief scrambler with the phrase, “I am I am an interference,” and clear that so that you do not carry this at the subconscious level that is a role you play because you’re gonna blow yourself out. And type ones will put on weight when they’re not being true to themselves and cause physical pain.

All right. Is everything good on the technical side, Liz, because we’re gonna move into our guest session? Just give me a… Good job. Okay. Julie is a Healing Center member for the last six months and just a little intro to her. She is a type three. And so the deal with her right now, the pattern is she owns her own consulting business. And her pattern is she doesn’t bill for all of her hours. So then she feels resentful and cheated. But this is being initiated by her in a way. It’s not like people aren’t paying her. It’s like she is setting herself up to not receive the full return. Okay, so that’s an interesting feature of this, to say, “Why would someone do that? Why are they withholding from themselves basically, okay?” By the way, she’s giving away stuff. And they don’t know it.

She said, “I see a repeating pattern of undervaluing myself and I keep track of my time pretty well, but I don’t feel like I can bill for all the time. I don’t know why I feel anxious about this. I know that I’m fair and honest in keeping records. It’s as if somehow I feel I have to assume some responsibility for the things that are beyond my control. There is childhood shaming and the peacekeeper role in my history. My mom increasingly required more of me and found fault with everything I did to the point of frequent personal attacks on my motivation, and integrity. I think it leads to me being on hyper-alert, anticipating needs of others without them asking. This also shows up in self-care and taking time for my own needs. I put my needs last. I stay so busy, almost subconsciously avoiding being good to myself. I have trouble prioritizing time for myself.”

Okay, so I was really interested then in her birth because it was like, “Hey, that’s all good. But I wanna go deeper. I wanna go earlier.” So a little bit I know, Liz and I chat… my show, my call manager, my live coaching call manager, she and I chatted about Julie, and I said, “Well what’s your birth story? What do you know about her birth story?” And the little bit I know, and I’m gonna ask you more about this, Julie, once we bring you on, was that she’s a twin and that her mother had postnatal depression and there was a condition, and her mom really… again, a scenario where it was disruptive where her mom started to really be compromised, and we’ll learn more about that. So let’s all welcome Julie to the show and set an intention that my work with Julie’s going to support you, okay, because it will. Hi, Julie.

Julie: Hi.

Carol: Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your vulnerability here.

Julie: Thanks for having me.

Carol: Yeah, now, you’re a twin correct?

Julie: I am. I can’t believe how much you have, like, intuitively uncovered some things that I never even told anyone.

Carol: Well, I think Liz told me that.

Julie: But there’s more and you were talking about it in the show, and I know I didn’t tell anybody.

Carol: Well, I am very psychic. So, okay, first-born of the twins set up, right?

Julie: So I did have older siblings, but there was a big gap between the last sister and us as twins.

Carol: Were you planned? Did they say, “Let’s have more babies?”

Julie: Oh, no. [crosstalk 00:46:44]. In fact, I was frequently told that I was not wanted.

Carol: You were an unwanted pregnancy?

Julie: Correct.

Carol: Okay. All right. So were you the first-born of your… it’s a twin brother, right?

Julie: Yes, breech.

Carol: Okay, and so brother. Who came out first?

Julie: I came out first breach. In fact, she needed four nurses to help push us out because my brother was 9 pounds, 15 ounces, and I was 6 pounds, 1 once.

Carol: Okay, wow. Okay.

Julie: So it’s kind of got the short end of the stick.

Carol: You were a vaginal birth though?

Julie: Yes.

Carol: Wow. I don’t think that would have happened in today’s world. What year were you born?

Julie: ’61.

Carol: Okay. And I’ll tell everyone why I’m asking all this because these are really key points I wanna pick up on. Okay, breech baby, first-born. Brother is the second. Okay, and so the attention went to him. It sounds like you came out… who was the more urgency of the two deliveries?

Julie: He was.

Carol: Okay, he was… It was like there were… because of his size, it’s like the attention all went to him now.

Julie: Correct.

Carol: Okay, so kinda you’re the out…you’re like, okay, we got this one out, but we really have to focus on this one.

Julie: Yes.

Carol: People are seeing where I’m going with this because this is all…

Julie: It’s very true, everything you’re saying.

Carol: Okay, then mom’s mental and emotional condition, what was it out soon after you were born? What’s the story on that?

Julie: Well, I mentioned to Liz that my sister, who is nine years older than me, told me that… recently before she passed away, had told me that after we were born, she would worry about us while she was at school because she thought no one would be taking care of us. And she frequently had to stay home from school to help my mom take care of us.

Carol: What was going on with your mom?

Julie: Well, she had been hospitalized they said for anemia because she did have I think hormonal bleeding problems but she also exhibited a lot of depression. She had…

Carol: Postnatal depression, and…

Julie: But low thyroid depression, undiagnosed.

Carol: Yeah. Hormone-related because that wasn’t being addressed in ’61 and she would have, you know, been a victim of that so to speak because of the last information we had. So your mother was in a depressed, compromised state then and even hospitalized and so you had compromised care.

Julie: That is correct.

Carol: Okay. Well, the main thing I picked up on you after just getting a little bit of info from Christina is you run a pattern of having to get by with less, okay, and, you know, again that whole idea of you don’t get your needs met fully. And it started again with first unplanned, not wanted. You weren’t anticipated, you know, a pregnancy that was chosen and anticipated and received with a positive. It was sort of you’re an accident, okay? Now you’re sharing the womb with a twin brother. Obviously, if he’s nine pounds, and you’re six, who’s getting more of the food? Who’s getting the nourishment?

Julie: Yeah.

Carol: You’re now going without. And so were you choosing that? You know, no. Was this kind of your soul’s choice on a lesson level? Sure. Probably for you to like, say, “This will be fun. We’re gonna figure out why I make compromises throughout my entire life. I need to set it up, you know. I got it. I gotta turn this program on.” So right away, you’re in the womb. Brother is getting more of the nourishment. You’re going without. You’re born. A couple of things going on with that. You’re female. In 1961 males lead still.

Culturally, you’re not the leader because that will set into place a leadership role when a first twin energetically now really carries that imprint of leader, first to go, pave the way. You’re compromising that by saying, “Well, that wasn’t the cultural orientation. The cultural archetype energy archetype was males lead. I should have come out second. I need to compromise still, okay?” That’s another thing feeding this. Now mom, being compromised, is you’re not getting held enough. A good chance you weren’t nourished adequately.

Julie: Not at all.

Carol: Yeah, bottle feeding was sort of the kind of status quo.

Julie: My sister was kind of almost like my mom. She was only nine.

Carol: Yeah and she could never have filled that space.

Julie: No.

Carol: And you learned at an early age that, “I’ve gotta go without and I can.” There’s almost this weird thing you run about, “Look how well I’m doing, and I’m willing to go without.” It gives you a sense of value because the value wasn’t given for your existence, and that goes back to the unplanned. It’s like your willingness to withhold billing hours gives you a kickback of, “I am such a good human being. I’m even willing not to charge them the full amount. I’m so nice.” So you’re making up this sense of a lack of self-value with it. Do you see the function…?

Julie: It goes back a long ways.

Carol: Yeah, it does. That’s why it’s so… we’re gonna tap on this right now because I’ve got the info I need. I’m like, “I got it. I can see what…” It’s almost like if I were sitting on a keyboard doing a computer program, putting in all the props. And I’m like, “Okay, unplanned. You know, smaller baby, breech.” Breech too. Breech is the whole, “I’m not going in the right direction. I’m messing up still, you know. I have to be corrected.” Did you do the breech clearing?

Julie: Not yet.

Carol: Okay, I’m gonna let you do that one on your own because that in itself is gonna speak to a lot of this of you either resisting correction or setting yourself up where it’s never quite the right way. And you have to keep [crosstalk 00:53:36] because breech, it’s like, “You’re coming in the wrong way.

Julie: Just while you’re talking, I’m remembering some stories, and they were repeated often, unfortunately. Even my two aunts or my Aunt Norma and my Aunt Dorothy got to name us. My mom didn’t even wanna name us. And…

Carol: [Inaudible 00:53:58].

Julie: Yeah. So, I mean, there was quite a few things. And even though I was much smaller than my brother, I walked three months earlier than he did, and I helped to take care of him.

Carol: Yes, it’s this whole playing the role of going without, giving more, receiving less, giving more receiving less, but you do… That’s the big hit I got tonight of which I wasn’t aware of earlier was, ah, you have this built-in sense of feeding your value with it. It gives you a sense of value.

Julie: Unfortunately, that makes sense.

Carol: You don’t have, established in your core energy, your own innate value as a strong operating presence.

Julie: That’s true.

Carol: You’ve gotta run this pattern to feed a sense of value. So again, “Mastering Affluence” has an emotional level. There are some really great exercises and information in “Mastering Affluence” about becoming emotionally affluent, being in your core energy, which is, “I’m valuable.”

Julie: One of your phrases that I love is, “You were born valuable. You were born worthy.”

Carol: Great. It seems like that would be so potent for you when none of that was presented to you in your birth story. It was, you know, the opposite messaging in your birth story. So that’s why that just has such… it’s like your cells recognize that as truth. Like, “That’s truth for me. Like, really? Wow. That must be great.” But the other side of this is you have a habit. That habit is not billing. Now, I’m gonna invite you to start billing. I wouldn’t just cold turkey switch this. I would bill a little more until you get to the point where you’re comfortable billing for the whole thing. So do it so it doesn’t like freak your system out and you’ll sabotage it.

Julie: That makes complete sense.

Carol: Yeah, do it in kind of like, piece by piece. Say, “I’m gonna bill… you know, normally I would shave five hours off. I’m only gonna shave off three.” Keep shrinking that.

Julie: I actually did that this week.

Carol: Good.

Julie: And they didn’t react at all. They are so appreciative.

Carol: I don’t even know you’re doing this. This is the irony. You’re kind of like the Secret Service and like, “I’m serving you and you don’t even know it. [inaudible 00:56:22]. I’m like, doing saintly work here, you know, and it’s like, I’m serving you.” And like, no, it’s a job. The money is your sustenance. That’s your nourishment. That represents what you didn’t get in the womb. Money is that nourishment now as an adult. It supports you. It allows you to buy your food to nourish yourself, to support your well-being. That’s what money is. So the fact that your brother got more of that in the womb is where you’re using money is that going without like the nourishment when you were in the womb. Were you in the same embryonic sack? Were you in the same space?

Julie: No, we’re fraternal. I believe they were separate but I’m not 100%.

Carol: [inaudible 00:57:17]. You’re not identical because you obviously you’re two different genders. So it…

Julie: And he looks nothing like me either.

Carol: Yeah, you’re in separate. So again, he…it’s like… do you have a relationship with this brother?

Julie: Yes, I do.

Carol: Does he still take more than you, like…?

Julie: Recently… well, you don’t know this. When we were 20 years old he had a bad motorcycle accident and he became a quadriplegic.

Carol: Oh, wow.

Julie: So I have a little bit of survivor’s guilt too that I had quite a life that he never had.

Carol: Well, you wanna…I mean, that’s another…

Julie: That’s another show.

Carol: Yeah, I believe you’ll get the insights you need. Okay. We’re gonna do a quick clearing. We’re gonna do a quick clearing and we’re going to just use our K27 points. So we’re keeping it simple and not using the face and torso points. We’re just gonna tap here because you’re already clearing this. Every time you get…

Julie: This is awesome.

Carol: Every time you get those ahas, that bing, bing, bing, your energy is cleaning up. It’s clearing it. So just say I’m now ready.

Julie: I am now ready.

Carol: To receive the fullness.

Julie: To receive the fullness.

Carol: Of what nourishes my life.

Julie: Of what nourishes my life.

Carol: Letting go of unplanned.

Julie: Letting go of unplanned.

Carol: Everybody do this with us. It will just tie it into whatever’s going on in your life. We’ll say it. We’ll support you. Letting go of wrong direction.

Julie: Letting go of wrong direction.

Carol: Causing problems.

Julie: Causing problems.

Carol: Pain.

Julie: Pain.

Carol: Depression.

Julie: Depression.

Carol: Heartache.

Julie: Heartache.

Carol: That’s okay. I’ll give up what I need.

Julie: That’s okay. I’ll give up what I need.

Carol: I can go without.

Julie: I can go without.

Carol: I’ll be the one that makes the sacrifice.

Julie: I’ll be the one that makes the sacrifice.

Carol: I’ll just do it quietly.

Julie: I’ll just do it quietly.

Carol: I’ll just quietly go over here.

Julie: I’ll just quietly go over here.

Carol: Your needs are more important than mine.

Julie: Your needs are more important than mine.

Carol: It’s kinda true your brother had the accident because it’s now he’s in crisis again.

Julie: He got all the attention when I was growing up.

Carol: Yeah, I can see that now. That’s tied in. Letting go of these original events.

Julie: Letting go of these original events.

Carol: I could not be a leader.

Julie: I could not be a leader.

Carol: I could not be an influencer.

Julie: I could not be an influencer.

Carol: I only can make a difference if I sacrifice.

Julie: I can only make a difference if I sacrifice.

Julie: She really zoned in on that one.

Carol: I’m like there it is. Let it go. Take a deep breathe there and blow it out. Let it go. Kind of wipe that off. That’s a core belief. That’s it. That was like boom, to the jugular vein on that one. There it is.

Julie: I’m gonna be doing those meridians.

Carol: Okay. Now, we’re gonna do this without [inaudible 01:00:25] place your hand on your heart energy and do the affirmations. I am planning my amazing life.

Julie: I am planning my amazing life.

Carol: I am planning on having all my needs met.

Julie: I am planning on having all my needs met.

Carol: And beyond.

Julie: And beyond.

Carol: I am wanted.

Julie: I am wanted.

Carol: I’m now wanting to be fully recognized.

Julie: I am now wanting to be fully recognized.

Carol: It is safe and it is time.

Julie: It is safe and it is time.

Carol: I know exactly the direction I’m meant to move on.

Julie: I know exactly the direction I’m meant to move.

Carol: It is safe to get the attention I’m due.

Julie: It’s safe to get the attention I am due.

Carol: I’m now making a difference and receiving the fullness in return.

Julie: I’m now making a difference and receiving with fullness in return.

Carol: That return is in the form of money.

Julie: That return is in the form of money.

Carol: I’m safe billing for all of my services given.

Julie: I am safe billing for all of my services given.

Carol: It now feels balanced to do that.

Julie: It now feels balanced to do that.

Carol: Just take a deep breath in. As you keep working on that it feels balanced. That’s why it was hard for you to do it because it didn’t feel balanced based on this whole program. In order to feel in balance with the compromised state you were in, due to the program that was running from your birth, the energy, you had to do what you were doing because that felt balanced.

Julie: I get it.

Carol: It felt like you were out of integrity, billing for the full amount. Now is you can really get really stable in that energy of truth. It will feel out of balance if you do not bill.

Julie: Sweet.

Carol: That’s cool, huh?

Julie: I actually feel a lot of joy right now.

Carol: Good. And you need to let your brother have his own story and you can have his and that twin… it’s kind of like cutting a cord.

Julie: Oh, very much.

Carol: That creates… the cord of limitation I would cut. If your brother were in a real state of affluence and really growing there’s a benefit from getting connected to a twin. But when one is kind of like energetically in distress still, it’s like dragging around a lead weight, you know. So you might consider cutting that twin energy and releasing that. And then that’s done in a visualization I have. You can find it or support will find it for you.

Julie: Thank you. Thank you.

Carol: You’re welcome. Thank you. That was [crosstalk 01:03:08].

Julie: That was very, very helpful.

Carol: I appreciate your willingness. You were an interesting… that was perfect. That was exactly what I wanted to do with someone with an interesting birth story that really matched their current experience, so good job.

Julie: I couldn’t believe how much.

Carol: Yeah. I know, yeah. Funny, huh? All right. Well, we’ll see you in the Facebook group and keep posting your success updates. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Julie: Thank you. I will.

Carol: Okay. Everyone thank, Julie. That was really awesome to do that with her. Let’s take live questions now before we wrap up. “What gemstone work with I Am Present oil? Sodalite and Heart’s Wisdom are mentioned with the abuse plan.” Yeah, those will work. Again, what is it that takes you out? You create… Sodalite is about cleaning up the native energy of others and strengthening your arch-field [SP]. And Heart’s Wisdom it’s a combination of gemstones. So I can’t single out one gem for that. It would be some things particular to why… you know, what do you need it to serve you with. And I have a great support team that will help you make a choice that would be perfect for you.

“I can see that the birth clearings would be very beneficial to me. I’m currently in the middle of a healing plan for abuse. Can I do other clearings while I’m in the middle of a plan?” I would recommend… You know, I think that’s fine to add on a birth clearing in any plan. I think that can be advantageous to any plan. I wouldn’t necessarily start adding a bunch of other clearing sessions but definitely, the add-on scripts and the birth clearing can be added to any plan.

“I was separated from my mother soon after birth because I was jaundice and had to be placed to under lights in the hospital and blood pricks often for testing. Is there something in the birth clearing that would clear this?” I have a clearing for trauma and anything that was like umbilical cord around the neck, this would fit the trauma script, so do that one.

“I was born with a birth defect that required several surgeries as a newborn in order to survive. I had to be in an incubator for several days, unable to be touched or held by my parents. I know I was loved and wanted from before I was even born. I definitely have times where I feel alone or that everything is up to me and I can’t depend on others to get what I need. Why?” I would do the trauma clearing out on script. Look through the others. See if others like you have an identification. I’d also do the clearing for abandonment. I think we have that one. Do we have that one?

Let me do a quick search on that. I think we have that one. I forget what we have. That’s why I have to use the search tool. Abandonment. Let’s see. Clearing session for fear of abandonment. Being placed in the incubator separated from mom would feel like abandonment. Like, you know, you don’t have the consciousness to be aware of “Oh, I have a condition. They’re treating me for it.” It just so like the natural playing out that would be of the highest value to you would be, you know, now they do this. Place the baby on the mother, you know, connect physical body to body. That wasn’t your experience. So that would set up some abandonment stuff. And if you do a search for abandonment some coaching calls will also come up that can be supportive.

All right. And if you had a defect I would do I am, I am. I would do in the core beliefs scrambler session. I am I. am defective. That’s been something that was identified with your identity from the origin of your life. So I would clear that as well. I am, I am defective. Get that cleaned up. And you can then in your affirmation to switch that I am, I am whole and healed or something. I am, I am whole, I am, I am fine, whatever word really speaks to being whatever the opposite of defective is.

We have a winner tonight. We’re giving away the I Am Present oil. And I’d love to hear… Let’s share real quick if Liz you can copy some ahas or what did you get from… how did you share real quick your experience while I was working with Julie? What did you enjoy about that? Would you like to see me do that more often? What was the benefit you experienced? Let’s get some commentary on that real quick before we wrap up, I’ll read a few.

The last the winner of I Am Present oil is Alicia Wheeler. She said, “My aha was that I had one foot out and they pushed it back in and performed a C-section.” That’s a rare story. I’m not laughing at your story. I’m like, “Wow.” No, I’m just more amazed at what we choose into. Like, you gotta understand that I see our experiences as a, I chose my experience. I chose the story I’m in from a more soul level vantage point. “But I realized I’ve been replaying that all through my life and feeling stopped in my progress and not allowed to move through like how I wanted to.”

That’s exactly what you’re doing is like that event. Now, you can’t come out this way. You gotta come out this way. That’s exactly what you said, that it’s like, “No, you can’t move forward in that. You gotta do it this way.” You’ll attract people showing up to give you that response, see? You’re in charge of that. Your energy runs that whole thing. It’s like, you just keep manifesting this pattern over and over and people will show up and play the parts. That’s what’s so marvelous about this. You think other people have the power. You’re like, “No, that’s gonna shift,” because guess what? You’re enrolling them. Your story enrolls them to play to your story. So that’s good.

“How many times do you need to do the clearings for the energy to shift?” It depends on you and you’ve gotta like… That’s why I say if you’re doing the clearing work and you’re not reading, “Mastering Affluence,” you’re missing the life skills side of it because the thing is, you’ll clear but if you go around not changing your thought patterns, how to handle emotion in the different variables of your life, how to change your language, how to change your behavior to now match a higher vibration, you’ll recreate it and think you gotta go clear it again.

So you need to learn the life skill side of this. And that’s “Mastering Affluence.” You can pick it up for $10 if you’re a Healing Center member. That’s gonna teach you that side of how to heal, and how to choosing now to being the creator.

Okay, couple and, “Aha, wow. So many ahas tonight. “As a twin, I’m amazed. Thank you for telling us how I am present helps us. I can tell is something I need to get because when my kids are upset, it affects me so much. And I have so much difficulty keeping myself in my own energy. I’m so sad I didn’t keep up with my energy work this past week. I wanted to do the birth clearings but everything seemed to come up instead. Your email this morning about the moon affecting us was so timely to keep me from beating myself up about it. Thank you, I can’t wait to get the hits I need.”

Good for you. See? Get the support. We’re most likely not going to follow through without a support system. So keep invested in this. We do offer the annual membership. And I guarantee if you stay with me for a year and see this through, you’re gonna make massive changes.

I’m delighted to see that there are many of our members that have chosen that path. We’ll put a link up to that it’s $599 for the year membership. And congratulations to all of you that have been in for several months because you are really astute healers now. You’re doing so well. You’re getting… look how fast Julie got it. Now, if I had done that with someone that was brand new to this, her mind would have not been able to like go boom, boom, boom, boom with what she got because she knew exactly… she’s like her body, your whole system is now…it’s like, it’s in the momentum of healing. You’re doing this.

It’s like when I ran marathons, I kept running them because I didn’t wanna stop and have to build my miles again. I just kept going and saying, “I’ll just keep going and running them because I don’t wanna stop and have to get up to speed again.” So you’re in healing mode, so as long as you’ve got… you don’t have to give it a lot of time. You just need to give it a little time every week for the longer commitment and you’re gonna see massive changes occur.

Okay. I’m gonna sign off in a second. I gotta read two more shares, and then we’ll say good night. It’s night. If you’re watching the recording, it’s gonna be morning. But, “My aha from the birth clearing so far was the feeling of being invaded and interrupted and having no control over my space. I was an emergency C-section baby, and I focused on healing the emergency near death part. But now I can see how I’ve never felt I had a say, and I’ve been fighting for control over my space and the pace I do things.” Super, I love that. You got it.

“My aha was realizing how my mother’s depression while pregnant with me and attempted suicide after I was born resulted in my search for belonging in life and my own struggle with depression. I actually gained enough strength to see my doctor about depression this week.” Good for you. Medical intervention has its place. I have sought it out numerous times. I’ve taken medication at different times. It’s just something that my body asked for. It was correct. It’s made all the difference to get me in a place to be very proactive. And my whole strategy is a holistic approach. But I don’t rule out any… I know it all has value when used with intention and mindfulness.

So don’t think you have to dismiss certain things. Doctors have their place. You know, I’m grateful for modern medicine. Two of my family members are… my son is alive because of it. And my husband is able to speak because of it. He had a stroke when he was 55, six years ago, and he lost his ability to speak. If he didn’t get TPA within the first three hours of the stroke hitting him, he probably wouldn’t be able to speak today. I’m grateful for modern medicine.

And I’ve taken different medication for my depression in different phases just for the fact that’s where I was and it was correct. And so do what’s correct for you, rather than what… and learn to listen to your body and your energy when you’re doing that. So I’m very excited for you. We’ll see you on the 23rd and we’re gonna do the stress, fear, and anxiety plan together starting July 15th. And it will be a two-week plan, group supported, and we’ll focus that on the July 23rd coaching call. I think that’s it on all my announcements. Thank you so much for being here. I love supporting you in this way. We’ll see you soon.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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