Live Coaching Call June 30, 2020

1 hour, 14 minute video

The energy of the planets and sun is bringing up old, deep-rooted patterns in our lives. We’re faced with a decision to clear and heal them—or not. On this timely Live Coaching Call, Carol takes you through a protocol she personally is using to clear stuck energy that’s lingered since she was 15 years old. Follow along and see the profound effect this clearing has on you too.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Chaos that feels like it’s not getting better

Fatigue and overwhelm from current events

Repeated issues that you’ve tried healing before

Stress that you can’t keep up with life lately

You Want To:

Get grounded back in yourself and in your body

Discover how to harness the energy right now

Uproot the issue once and for all to heal

Create a gameplan so you can thrive each day

Affirmation for this Session:

I am making a big shift around a core issue that I’ve been dealing with my whole life. 

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 19:40

Here’s what we covered on this call:

(4:00) – How the planetary and solar energies are affecting the energy of our planet right now. 

(8:00) – Brand new clearing: Visualization to Release Ancestral Energy Patterns

(18:20) – Submitted Questions:

What is the difference between the Scramblers: 

(22:15) – How your birth energy impacts any new experiences you may have, such as a new job or anything with an energetic struggle. 

(24:00) – Why it’s important to repeat the Scrambler prompts until you can say them without forgetting parts

(25:00) Questions about the Clearing Walk, Frozen Emotions, and how to break the habit of hair pulling and picking. 

(36:30) – Let’s get into the Scramblers. I share the story of how and why I use them the way I do. 

(43:00) – Clearing Session: I take you through the Scramblers – use the unique core belief that is relevant to your life. 

(59:40) – Live questions, such as: how to stay on track with a healing plan or your healing journey, and what to do with guilt about how you’ve parented.

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Session Transcript

Carol: Welcome to our coaching call for this month. It’s great to be with you. I’m especially excited for this call because I’m going to be sharing some of my personal process and how I use my own tools as well as supporting you. So look forward to a big shift tonight. It’s going to happen. I’m going to take a deep breath and as you exhale, just get really present in your body. And cross your arms and legs, you’re opening your energy to yourself. And just notice your feet because anytime you put your attention on your lower extremities, you start to pull the energy down into your body. Spend a lot more time up here in our thought processes, especially in today’s world, and a lot of energy in this vicinity due to the fact that we’re on digital experiences quite often.

So as we sit down and get present and really see kind of like a wave of energy just flowing down all the way down, and as I teach you in the chakra healing plan, you can bend over and imagine there’s a cord from the bottom of your torso with a plug, and you can plug that into the ground and then kind of lift your feet up and down. And that’s a grounding exercise. And grounding is especially… We’ve got a lot coming at us energetically, a lot being stirred up in our 3D experience here on this planet and we have a lot going on in here. And it’s really important to take time to be present in the experience of the now because for most of us, as we look around our day to day world, it feels different energetically at large. Yet as we connect and ground with our present experience, it looks very familiar and predictable for our moment of the now. And that really helps settle down the mind.

The I Am Calm oil is a great resource right now as long…and the I Am Healthy is on sale for 20% off this week. And that does a lot as we’re dealing with, still a virus and then there is talk of vaccine and there’s a lot going on around the different…a lot of thought and a lot of information coming out as…the one thing I do know is you empower your immune system using essential oils. And the I Am Healthy oil has a benefit of a detox benefit. We take a lot of toxins into our system on a daily basis. And especially if we’ve used medications and any vaccination we’ve ever had has a certain amount of residual toxin from heavy metals, because that’s just one of the side effects of most drugs. That’s just saying that something that your body wants to be cleansed of, the I Am Healthy oil will help in a detox protocol as well. So good news there.

I put it on my feet to support a detox experience because that just…the feet are like…they are channels into the whole body system. The whole body benefits when you apply oils to your feet. Tonight, we’re going to talk about how I use some of the most potent tools we have in the Healing Center. I’m going to actually take you through a process with me because one of the things that’s happening for us in the current time, there’s a lot of energy being stirred up. And I do correlate that between planetary positions in our solar system have been more active and intense. It’s like the eclipses we have, the retrogrades, the number of retrogrades, the various solar as arrangement affects our energy here on this plane. And they’ve been more active than ever. I think ever in history.

I’m not a serious student of astrology. I just keep my tabs on it to be familiar because I feel like we are on an energetic gameboard here on planet Earth. And the more information you have about how that energy is set up and is staged, the more you can be a beneficiary of it rather than be a victim of it. And so right now, actually, even today, we’re right in the middle of Mercury in retrograde. And that is a energy that takes us inward. And there’s another setup. I don’t remember exactly all the mechanics of it to tell you which planet is where, but the study I’ve done has suggested that we’re getting slammed right now. And today especially is a great day to be doing healing work. So good news.

So if you’re watching the recording, here’s an energy trick for you. All you have to do is proxy yourself. Do it. You know, let’s say you’re watching the recording right now. If you’re not here live with us, you’ll go, “Oh, I missed it.” Not necessarily. Energy doesn’t have a timeline per se. You can just imagine yourself on this date which is June 30th, 2020, and say, “Okay, I am doing this clearing as if I were doing it on that date to get the full benefit of what would support me and doing some really deep healing work. Because what I’m going to teach you tonight goes back to a pattern that started for me when I was 15. And I would say it is probably the most persistent pattern. It’s a secondary pattern, and I’ll talk more about this as we get into it because they need to go into my announcements and what our giveaway is tonight and all that fun stuff. But it just…it’s something that really presented itself again, and I’m like, “You gotta be kidding me. I’ve been doing this. I’m 62.” I keep thinking, “I’m 62 and 15 years old is when this really became a part of my life.” So what? Forty-eight years and you’re like, “Have I not done enough on this?”

Apparently, there was another big piece but that’s okay. I’ve got the tools, I’ve got the awareness, so I do the work. I do still have my moments of, “So tired of this one.” And then I get busy and say, “It is what it is. Let’s do it.” So our announcements, we have…based on Kim’s feedback to me over this last year, the number one resource she recommends, I’d say it’s in her top five, where she tells members to go to a visualization I taught in a coaching call, she tells you the timestamp to do this visualization to unwind your energy from the energy of your ancestors who are a big part of the patterns you’re running. And it’s like giving back the percentage of the pattern to the ancestors and taking the potion that’s yours.

And she asked if it would be possible to create it as an independent resource. We have. It’s there. We produced it a couple of months ago. It’s now live. It is called “The Visualization to Release Ancestral Energy Patterns.” Highly, highly recommend it. What you’re the author of is your acting out. You’re not the author of the energy that’s provoking whatever behavior that you’ve put on the energy. The energies have receded, let’s say. You have an energy pattern that’s never been obliterated from your system. Now you may have a new story you’ve created, that’s more modern-day with your experience in this timeline, but the energy most likely wasn’t even yours, to begin with. No one’s ever accounted for it and released it and transformed, transmuted it. So this is available now. We’re putting the link up. Everyone would benefit from doing this. I don’t even know if we’ve put it in a healing plan.

Woman: [inaudible 00:09:12].

Carol: Yeah, I don’t know if it’s been assigned. [inaudible 00:09:15], can you make a note of that? I want to talk to Anne about that. I would say approach me in every Healing Plan. So it’s kind of a, “Do it no matter what you’re doing.” It just really, really makes a difference. And I mentioned the I Am Healthy oil. Go to Use the code “healthy.” And the Childhood Wounding plan. This is the parent of all healing plans. This is the foundation to all your other work. It is the number one recommended plan by members to other members. And I always say, “Oh, don’t tell the new people. Let’s give them a little warm-up. Tell them to do the two-week self-confidence.” Because it’s gonna go on for the big guns in your healing and so we’re going to do it as a group starting July 20th. Invite all of your family to join us and really change your life. Invite friends, invite your Dressing Your Truth cohorts, those that you sense are ready to really shift their life and we’ll do it. It’ll be a great plan to be a part of. July 20th is when that starts.

And then we started for all of you that are looking for a discount in sale in our Dressing Your Truth online store. Our Beauty Independent sales started today up to 40% off including style guides. And I will say that knowing your type will be an asset and I will be available. You know, I’m known to support Healing Center members and knowing their types for sure. And so I’ll continue to do that because I know knowing your type will be a support to you in your healing plan. But many people have come to know their type as a result of being in the healing plan for childhood wounding. So it will show itself if that is still unclear for you.

So a few updates in the Healing Center, I’ve started a new practice with this year’s group-guided healing plans, group-supported healing plans with a welcome live call. Starting with we’ll be doing this with the healing plans moving forward. We may be able to within time to go back and add them for the ones I’ve done because there isn’t too many, but we’re going to add those to the healing plans because there’s great value in watching those. So our welcome live happens on Tuesday, the week the plan starts. It will be the 21st of July at 11:00 a.m. Because I enroll you and engage you in some processes that set you up to start the energy in motion for you to create a more successful outcome for yourself with the plan.

And then we’re adding timestamps moving forward with this coaching call. I’ve asked my copywriter, Maggie, who does the copy for these, for the Healing Center resources that she’ll put timestamps for the things we’re doing within the coaching calls so you can more readily access what you’re looking for in coaching calls, okay? That’ll be nice for you to be able to go to where you need to go in that.

And then I’m excited. Our next new healing clearing session is going to be the clearing for codependency that will go live July 6th. It’s a perfect clearing session for the childhood wounding. It will be housed in the relationship section because we act out codependency in relationships, even though it’s emotionally driven and unmet emotional needs, or whatever that root of it, but you can look forward to that new clearing session going live July 6th. I think you’re gonna love it. I know you’re gonna love it. It’s really, as these clearing sessions are, it’s just jam-packed with. I love these clearings because you realize there’s things you need to clear that you didn’t know that are subconscious. And I’m grateful for the gift I have to bring them to light and put words to them. Because I find great pleasure in reading your comments that say, “I didn’t even know that I was dealing with that,” or that, “Wow, that really affected me.” Not that I’m happy for you to have to deal with that. But I’m glad you’re bringing it up and resolving it. That’s what makes me happy, that you’re not having it drive the story and you don’t even know it’s there.

So let’s set our intention for this coaching call. My intention is that we are all going to make a big shift of a core issue that we’ve been dealing with for years of our lives that we are going to open that energy to finally come to resolution, and use that energy to create new healthy patterns. How exciting. Share an intention you have in a comment. And then our giveaway is an I Am Healthy oil so that you give yourself that advantage that we especially need in today’s world. And to answer, just share in a comment, what do you love about being a Healing Center member? Do you love the Facebook group? Do you love certain sessions that you’ve really been drawn to? Is there a session you go back to over and over and over? Or are you a big fan of the chakra sound…the healing, Tibetan healing bowl sound meditations? Maybe you’re an affirmation junkie and you can’t get enough of those. What’s your go-to? What do you love about being a member? And we’ll announce our winner at the end of our call.

Now, this success story is so timely. She just put it up yesterday or today? Today. This went up and we grabbed it because she’s speaking about this new resource of the ancestral clearing. And this is from Natalie. She writes, “I decided to do the ancestral clearing for my kids fighting.” I wish we had a picture of all her kids that would have been fine, but we just didn’t have time for that. She says, “I was in my bedroom. And just as the visualization started, I heard screaming from the other end of the house worse than I’ve heard in a long time. I almost stopped declaring to go intervene but decided to keep going. I heard my kids run off to their bedrooms screaming and crying and door slamming. How much of this was generational? Eighty-eight percent. As the visualization continued to giving back the energy and thanking the pattern for the lesson it’s taught, I heard my eldest daughter gather the upset siblings and talk with them, processing, validating emotions, and helping them understand and want to forgive each other. Now, as I sit quietly, my children are outside playing happily together. Wow. It’s as if the entire visualization took place physically as I was doing it energetically. I’m excited to see more positive outcomes from this process.”

So if you’re a member of the Child Whisperer Facebook group, tell them this is the key to resolving sibling conflict. Well, there’s this visualization you can do and it will probably shift the energy. Anyway, thank you, Natalie. That was just so timely and a fun story to read and so grateful to see the once you change energy, it changes the story and your family members are recipients without even talking to them. I do love that we did the proxy. Was that last month?

Woman: Yes.

Carol: Yeah. Wow. That’s a go-to coaching call as well. A lot of gems in that one about the power we have to shift energy that is then a gift and so many others are beneficiaries of it. So make sure you listen to the June 2020 coaching call as well.

Let’s get into our submitted questions. Then we’re going to get into the practice and I’m going to take you through a clearing session using all three of the scramblers. I’m going to teach you how to use the core belief scramblers. Those are the I am I am’s, the should scramblers. I think my order is… I’ll get my notes out in a minute, but I think I’m doing first the core belief, yeah, then the shoulds, and then the needs because I don’t see… We’ll wait. Let’s get into our questions. I will take live questions after that if you’re still sitting up and able to communicate with me. No. It’s a good live. This one is gonna be good. And then we’ll then…some few more announcements and an excerpt for mastering affluence. So let’s get into these questions.

“I am confused about the difference between the scramblers, psychological reversals, and reframes. Would you be able to summarize that and point out the differences and how to choose appropriately?” Scramblers are when a pattern goes so deep it’s like become a… You’ll always use a reframe in the scramblers that are, “I exist to have a life, have a future.” Your whole world got built around a belief. Your perception. It’s like we say that, “I have a life, I have a future,” because letting go at the soul pattern can really undo your world because it’s so integrated. It’s a deep level integration of a belief that then provokes other behavioral outcomes.

Psychological reversals are when you’re just energetically kind of frozen. You’re just stuck. You’re just like it’s… You’ve got to open the space, kind of open the door to move forward. Because what’s coming up are all the counter beliefs because at some point you created your limiting belief as a survival technique. You needed it to stay safe. Here’s an example. People that have a pattern of controlling. They need to control things because their fear is they’re not safe because the world assaulted them. They were people that were not safe. So now they take control to such an extent that it’s dysfunctional because it’s out of control. But yet when they were small, there was such a threat to their own safety that, that, “I need to control to be safe,” belief got imprinted at a deep level that letting it go feels very unnerving and very threatening and that’s where the cycle… You’ll freeze up. You’ll feel like, “I can’t move forward because I need this.”

On some level, you needed that limited…what now is a limiting belief. It was the only resolution you had to kind of make sense of your world and it’s what got imprinted at a younger age. So it’s either a belief or a behavior, something that you’re fearing to let go of will make the’ll feel threatened again. That’s for psychological reversals really help you become present in the now, “I’m safe no matter what happens.” Because it’s the wounded inner child, that feeling the risk, and you’re showing up in your adult consciousness to say, “It’s time to change this pattern. It’s now hurting me.”

And then the reframes are training your mind to think in truth. Reframes are just mind exercises. It’s like programming. You’ve been programmed and you’ve programmed yourself with a lot of limitations and a lot of lack and beliefs that create suffering. Your thinking mind has to have a new script. So reframes are a practice of changing…you know, and it changes the energy and it creates new neural pathways for you to activate this new thinking process. Your thinking mind is like a computer program. And until you step in to kind of rewrite the program, it will do what it’s just used to doing. And that’s why reframes are essential. And it closes the energy circuit because if you were to stop after just saying all these things that you’re clearing, all the lack limitation and struggle stuff, you’re not closing the energy, you’re leaving it open and you’re processing. And in order to close that energy circuit, you’ve got to go into the reframe cycle, take it all the way. And now it puts you in a positive energy because otherwise you’d be left just processing. So I hope that answers your question.

“I’m just six months into a new career role and every day is filled with so much pressure and anxiety. I’m working 12 to 16 hours a day and I still feel I’m in a constant state of scrambling to keep up. I believe God opened this door for me and I have no intention to give up. I just can’t seem to get past the self-doubt and anxiety that’s overwhelming every day. Most days I break down and cry, at least once. I want to beat whatever this is and thrive in this exciting new role. What do you think is the problem?”

I think it’s related to your birth. It’s a new experience. Birth is a new experience. Birth regardless of any add-ons…and make sure you do those add on scripts there in the birth clearing if you have any of those scenarios, but birth is in and out of itself is an event that is a energetic struggle, a lot of push and pull, resistance, the discomfort, the stress invoked on the body, on the baby. There’s just a dynamic of struggle even in its glorious celebration. The energy is one of push/pull, and you’re creating this kind of push/pull overwhelm. Did you have a really long labor? I bet…

See, you’re in this new experience and I bet this settles down in a few months. It’s like you’re in the labor of it and this period of real intensity that you’re just replaying it has to do with your birth. So you got to do the birth clearing and reframe your birth so that you’re not in this extended period of really push/pull and overwhelm and it’s just you’re scrambling. Did your mom have to… What does that have to do with your birth? There are some key phrases in here you might look at that could definitely related to your birth.

“Do we repeat the scrambler until we can say without forgetting parts of it?” Yes. And I teach you in that, that if you’re standing up, because when you move your body, you’re able to shift that energy. Because what’s happening is you’re blanking out and the energy is stronger than your awareness. And as you get your awareness engaged, the energy breaks up. And the thing you do if your minds learn to just memorize them, you put them on double speed, you got to move them faster. So that takes a lot for your mind to keep up with it. Because at the regular…you can adjust the settings on our videos because they’re hosted on Vimeo and there’s a speed setting. And I’ve been using them with the higher speed because I know them so well and I have neural pathways on not, nots. And I need to kind of challenge that and set it up so that it’s not so rehearsed. And I found speeding them up does support that.

“I’m not sure how to use the clearing walk. Every time I try, I don’t seem to shift anything. How do I decide what to say? What if things don’t shift, I find I don’t know how to voice the issue and quickly run out of responses to the positive statement even though I’m still feeling whatever I’m addressing with the walk?” Do the walk right on that. “Feeling stuck. I don’t know what to say. I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.” The other thing you might do is the clearing session for frozen emotions. It’s like you get to a point then you shut down and disconnect from it. And I would just keep doing the walk, even if I don’t know what to say right now and then say, “I don’t know what to say because… What I’m really feeling is I’m feeling this way because…” Go deeper go set yourself up with these open-ended statements.

That’s a good question. You can even give a trial what I’m saying, see how it goes, follow up with a post in the Healing Center group, report back. And then if you need more support, we’ve got units that we can refer you to that talks about the clearing walk and a lot of people use it with great success, can give you tips. Okay? And others who have had your same question and they can even weigh in on it. So there’s a chance to even get more support for this with a post in the group.

“I find that I don’t notice much of an effect when using the scramblers. I can usually get through them easily with no forgetting or stumbling even when there are issues I know are affecting me. Am I not connecting with the issue if I’m not stumbling, forgetting, or noticing much of an effect?” No, you don’t always stumble or… Try it on a little faster speed and see if you can keep up with it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not if you’re able to repeat them. I used this tool on many, many, many…you know, hundreds of clients when I used to have a private practice. And some people just were ready. You were ready to clear it and they were able to stay at pace with me, they were able to repeat them as I spoke them. No tuning out, no stumbling on words, because they were ready. And it’s still effective because it’s just…

I learned this through my Rapid Eye training years and years ago. The founder Renee Johnson had developed this tool and I think there was a similar modality in the…what’s the tool? The NLP world. Yeah, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She developed it from studying some NLP techniques that it’s all about…NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about retraining the subconscious and the conscious mind. And so it has its origins in that, and that’s what we’re doing.

How does it work? I can’t tell you. I mean, there’s brain stuff with it, I’m sure, but a lot of it is you. It’s just those…it scrambles a belief. It’s just the energy responds by just scrambling it and then it’s like you can step out of this pattern finally. It’s like you can just, “I can leave it now.” It doesn’t mean that some of the things will go away instantly but you will feel a shift.

“I’m currently working on healing my inner 12-year-old self. I’ve been doing the things chakra clearings, childhood wounding clearing, clearing locks, visualizing, journaling. I’m making progress. I feel that a scrambler would help significantly but I feel stumped to know which one and what issues are truly at the core.”

My first tip when I read this was you might be moving a little too fast. I have this vision of your 12-year-old self going, “Okay, okay, I can’t keep up with you.” It’s like, “Okay, you’re really committed. That’s really vigorous approach here.” So maybe calm the pace down a little bit. You might even do… Yeah, I don’t know if you’re working with the childhood learning plan. It’s not… Maybe you’re doing your own kind of piecing things together, which is great, which continue to do and then join us in the Childhood Wounding plan because we use different tools in there that you’ll be guided through a four-week process. And I think what you’ll learn, as I do this tonight, will give you some insights on, “What do I work on? What do I choose?” So we’ll get to that.

“I have an issue pulling my hair out. When I was young, I used to pick scabs in my nose. Then in ninth grade, I felt an odd hair on my head and pulled it out to investigate which led to me investigating for more. It turned into an obsession then became a lasting bad habit. Over the next 17 years, it’s become its own emotionally charged issue while dealing with other issues. It’s had flare-ups of bad and worse. I’ve tried so many times to stop but haven’t been able to. My mother recently said she thinks it’s a symptom of something else that I need to fix the core issue. But at this point, I don’t know what that is anymore.”

This is where journaling with your inner child… You said you started when you were young. So whatever age that was, I need to… You can do the dominant/non-dominant handwriting that you will be doing in the Childhood Wounding plan, where you write to your inner self and say, “Dear, little self…” So the Childhood Wounding plan will be a great resource for you. “Why do you feel a need to pull your hair out?” You take your non-dominant hand, for me, it’s my left hand, and I go, “I need to pull my hair out because…” I’d see what come up. You make a note list to… I have my old journals way back from the early ’90s when I did all… I have three journals full of writing to my inner child, and I want to show those. I did massive amounts of that in my early days of healing. So powerful. So I’m so happy I can teach that tool to you.

Now, tonight when we get to… I’ll teach you how to set this up so that tonight you would see your scrambler for this would be, “I need, I need to pull my hair out.” What we’re missing is the core belief that’s provoking the need. And I’ll show you how I build on this because you may not know that, but let’s just say anyone that’s not sure of a core belief you’re going to be able to work with, we’re going to just set it up that whatever core belief is ready to shift this will work on whether you know it or not. So you’ll get the benefit of it. But when we get to the need part, your need to scramble is, “I need, I need to pull my hair out.” That one is clear. But there’s something driving that. You say that your mom… And that’s cool. You got a mom that’s like talking this language. Very nice. Is she in the Healing Center? That’s awesome.

“I’m a type two. And it’s just my nature. Carol mentions that due to their sensitive nature type twos can be sensitive to foods, chemicals, and an aha moment. I had an aha moment last night realizing that I have had a pattern of health problems related to every single one of these triggers going back to my teenage years. This over sensitivity to external products feels like my gift to being sensitive is in overdrive and completely out of balance, especially as it relates to my health. What can I do to help regain balance in my sensitive nature so that it works for me, and it doesn’t continue to affect my health and body in such a detrimental way?”

What’s been created is that’s an outward experience. It’s an external world pattern. Consider the possibility it’s deflecting you from having to deal with your inner world issues. So you didn’t know or keeping you from having to feel whatever pain and turmoil is there because you have this other thing to put your attention on. It’s kind of like, “Well, my life’s gonna be uncomfortable. I don’t know what to do with all this so I’m going to subconsciously create this outer world issue to act it out with because I don’t know what to do. And quite honestly, I’m scared to feel at all. Because what would I do with all that immense amount of feeling of overwhelm and sadness?” I mean, I keep going back to that. I’m not trying to necessarily sell you on that. I just feel all things work out in beautiful timing that I can even support all of you by knowing this is what’s coming up. So I take that to be more of the case than just trying to pitch this thing to you, but I know that’s going to be a great resource for you to get into that internal.

It’s kind of like you’ll still have to deal with kind of just that’s there. So rather than altering that, we got to help you get inside and alter what’s in here so this can start to be altered. Because that’s my take on you is why this has been put into play. And that you just have to be patient with physical world shifts. They take a little longer. And your body needs to be free of the emotion that… Oh, sorry. Don’t touch my trackpad. Okay, last question on this. We’ll get into what we’re doing tonight, “I’m working on childhood emotional trauma and a challenging relationship with my mother to this day. It’s manifesting as persistent allergies and terrible eczema on my part and a general lack of trust for myself and others. I have trouble making life decisions and finding my path. My mother still throws tantrums to this day. She’s 75-ish. She’s confused why we don’t have a close relationship. I’m a type one who lived my secondary [inaudible 00:35:06] to keep some resemblance of order in the house from an early age. My mother always said I was her parent.” And, in fact, I know that story. That’s what my mom used to say.

“She named me after her mother.” Sorry. “I can’t heal her issues but I want to find a peaceful way to reclaim my own inner compass and the strength to set boundaries without feeling guilty that I’ve turned my back on her.” Well, you’re going to have to learn to set some boundaries because if she’s not going to change then you just have to take care of yourself first. So what we’re going to do, and you can use the I am scrambler to I am, I am my mother’s mother, or use your name, I am, I am, whatever your name is, as if… Think of your grandma, that you are that energetically to your mom, and you can scramble that. That is a core belief that you are your mother’s mother. So energetically, this keeps playing out. And your mom is like a little girl throwing a tantrum, and you’re having to take care of her. And it’s like, take care of yourself first. But when this energy is all set up to stage it as if you’re her mother, then that’s real tough for you to make a different choice.

So the scramble of I am, I am… So let’s get into this. Core belief scramblers can be used to address any really deep core belief that your life kind of has been formed around and other patterns have been developed as a result of that deeper belief. So the one I’m going to work on tonight, the pattern that I’ve been dealing with for 48 years has to do with food and weight. When I was 15, I started that pattern of being at odds with my weight, my body, and my appearance. Very, very consciously in conflict with it. I created an eating disorder. I had bulimia and I was OCD and depression that I was undiagnosed. And I gained quite a bit of weight to the point where I then created mononucleosis that kept me from going to school. I didn’t have the benefit of the whole kissing side of it.

I was a cheerleader and I was incredibly embarrassed and ashamed of my weight gain and that kept me out of the public eye was the physical disease. And at that point, I started to create my core belief which came to me. So this came up again during the…What’s happening on the planet is root chakra stuff is just coming up and bucket loads for personal, familial, and society to a point that it’s created extreme amount of chaos and acting out. A fair portion of humanity is not emotionally mature enough to know how to be kind of bigger than the energy and not let it drive behavior, but a portion of humanity. They’re very vulnerable to the energy provoking behavior.

Now, and I noticed this about three, four weeks ago that this was up for me. I was actually acting out the pattern of…in the guise of fasting because my… “I am, I am at odds with food,” is what came to me. I’m at odds with food. Since age 15, I have been energetically at odds with food where I’ve been just…it’s not been easy. It’s been… You know, I don’t even have… Money is easy. Money, I’m like best friends. It’s like I always have more coming in and out. That’s my core belief on that now. And I’m at odds with food. And then the should was, because when I distinctly remember at age 15, my father took me to a doctor. My father, I guess, decided I was fat. I don’t know if ever came out and said that to me that he was really…he despised people that were overweight. So I knew he despised people that were overweight whether he… I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had. I don’t have a recollection. My dad said a lot of shaming things. But he took me a doctor and the doctor declared that I was overweight at 150 pounds at the same height I am. I now currently weigh 162. I wear a size eight. I mean, I’m fit and strong. My body is very substantial. I have that kind of type three bodies of composition.

And that got imprinted like bam. So, “I should, I should weigh 158 pounds,” has been my internal rhetoric for years. And I’m always above that. See, my pattern has been, “I can ever get to the weight I should be. I’m always at odds with food and I need, I need to starve myself.” And guess what the popular practice of the day is that I actually started to… I’ve done it in a healthy way, but in the latest round of this presenting, I was doing it in an unhealthy way and that was fasting. But I was starving myself. And this all came to me after about a week of really probably not even 1,000 calories a day and I didn’t budge. In fact, I was gaining weight.

And I’m like, “There’s something going on. This isn’t right.” And it all showed up. “I am, I am at odds with food. I should, I should weigh 158 pounds. And I need, I need to starve myself.” Boom, there it was. And I actually was going to jump on and take you all through this when it showed up. I was gonna like go, “I’m going live. I’m going to take the group through this.” And then Liz and I were planning this coaching call and I said, “I need to do that. I need to use the… We don’t have an actual subject matter we’re dealing with. I’m going to teach this and yet I don’t want to wait for the benefits. So here’s a trick you can do.” I said, “Liz, I’m going to receive the energy of the clearings I’m going to take the group through that’s about 10 days out. I’m going to give that to myself now as if I have done the clearing.” Because, again, energy doesn’t work on a timeline. It’s very pliable.

And guess what? I have felt a huge shift. Huge shift. And a big aha came to me. I thought I had really been done with this. I realize my mind was still running the whole program, when I should eat, what I should eat, what I shouldn’t eat, what I should weigh. My body, I had not 100% allowed my body to make that decision. It was all coming from here. And since we’re going to now physically do this, but I have felt a shift and I am trusting…this body knows. This body knows what it wants to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. This body knows what it wants to weigh, and it’s working.

So what I want for you is…see, we’re going to go through these. I’m going to use my phrasing. If you know what’s coming up for you right now, do you have a core belief that you’re going, “Boom. There it is. What is the…? That’s a byproduct of it?” See, the core belief is that… So let’s just take our last question where you’re running, “You should be,” or “I am, I am my mother’s mother. I should, I should take care of my mother. I need, I need to sacrifice my own happiness.” See, that would all fit there. Now that might not be the exact phrasing for you, but do you see where the one births the other two? And you can do these all in the same round before you do the reframes. See, we’re going to go from, “I am, I am not, not” to, “I should, I should” scramblers to, “I need, I need,” ones before we then go to the reframe. I’m pulling them all together and I’ll add some other things in the clearings statements between each of those. Does anybody have some… Are people following me on this?

Woman: Yes.

Carol: Okay. Any questions before we get going? Okay. And it’s okay. Even if you don’t have…you go, “Oh, no, I don’t know what I’m going to say.” Just like I set the intention that I received the benefit as if I had done it to give myself the energetic side effect and benefit of it, you can give yourself that advantage right now to say, “I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to say. So I’m just going to say what Carol says, and I’m gonna get it…it’s going to apply to what is my stuff.” It could be completely different. Could have nothing to do with food or weight or any of that. And you’re going to receive that and then you will have it reveal to you what fits in those pieces and because you’re going to get the benefit. The wording helps our mind but intention is actually even more powerful in your intention to say, “I choose to receive the benefit of this work,” because your system knows what it’s ready to shift. I’m so grateful to trust that just 100% because your system is built to heal. It’s designed to heal, it wants to heal, you’re just allowing it through that intention.

Okay, make sure your legs and arms are uncrossed and just take a deep inhale and exhale. Put your feet flat on the floor and close your eyes and just see yourself standing in the light and just say to yourself or out loud, “I’m grateful I’m receiving the benefit of this healing session.” If you know your phrases for these three scramblers, just be aware of them. Now I know the age in which this started so I’m going to invite my 15-year-old self into the light and thank her for taking this on for even being willing to choose to play in this story and to be compromised by this dysfunction, and I want to set her free today. She sacrificed a lot to take this on. Her social life suffered from it, her self-esteem suffered from it, her own opinion of herself, her body suffered from it. She took a lot on at that young age to create a setup that would kind of get us on a path of healing. What a champion she is to me. I’m really grateful for her.

And so with your eyes open, just start tapping up here repeating. And, again, I’m going to use mine. Put yours in if you have something different. “I am, I am at odds with food.” Well, I’m not sure what I do in the… Do I tap all the points in the session? I can’t remember. Maybe someone can answer.

Woman: [inaudible 00:47:29]

Carol: In the actual…what I have in the Healing Center. Am I tapping in one place? Am I just tapping here? Or am I doing all the points? I should have watched it probably before this call. Just pause a minute here. And we’ll push the play button again once we get our answer. May not matter.

Woman: Sorry. [inaudible 00:48:02].

Carol: Okay, I know why I do that. You need to look down to the right at your knee and blink your eyes while you’re doing this. Okay, let’s start over. Play, here we go again. “I am I am at odds with food. I am I am not at odds with food. I am I am not not at odds with food. I am not I am at odds with food. I am not I am not at odds with food. I am not, I am not not at odds with food. I’m not not I am at odds with food. I’m not not I’m not, at odds with food. I’m not not I am not at odds with food.”

Okay. Now I’m going to do regular tapping because I’m going to put in some other statements. Letting go of foods a struggle. It’s been a struggle for 48 years. What should I eat? What shouldn’t I eat? I eat too much. Letting that go. Releasing this conflict I’ve created with food for 48 years. Angry, so sad. All the sadness, my 15-year-old felt around this. All the oppression that she took on. The lack of esteem, the lack of his social life, no dates, not attractive to males. Let that all go and it all goes back to this core experience that I’m at odds with food. It’ll never be easy. Food is the conflict. Let it go. I’m just kind of run through the last few here. Okay, now we’re going to go into our shoulds.

For me that’s…take a deep breath. “I should I should weigh 158 pounds. I should I should not weigh 158 pounds. I should I should not not weigh 158 pounds. I should not I should weigh 158 pounds.” What did I just say? I should? This is good. We’re getting to it. “I should I should not not weigh 158 pounds.” I’m gonna start there. “I should not I should weigh 158 pounds. I should not I should not weigh 158 pounds. I should not I should not not weigh 158 pounds. I should not not I should weigh 158 pounds. I should not not I should not weigh 158 pounds. I should not not I should not 158 pounds.”

Letting go of all the years I believe they weigh too much, letting go of that original story that I was told I weighed more than I should. The doctor told me, “You’re overweight,” looked at a chart, stupid charts where they even told you to put on two-inch heels to know your height. Oh, he said a big frame, always chose to the column with the big frame, “You should weigh less. I’ll never get there.” And I’m living 48 years believing I’m heavier than I should be. Still trying to lose that extra weight. Stuck. Let it go, releasing all this “should weigh a certain amount” that my mind thinks is the should. Not even giving my body a chance. I know I’m going through these really quick. People can’t repeat them. Even if you have to just listen to me, you’re good. Let that all go. Release it. Releasing this old programming. I’ve carried 48 years of this, never getting there. Still trying to get there. Let it go. Release it. Oh, that was a good one.

Okay, now we’re going to I need. So still looking down at the right knee, the excess, the feeling part of your brain. “I need I need to starve myself. I need I need to not starve myself. I need I need to not not starve myself. I need not I need to starve myself. I need not I need not to starve myself. I need not I need not not to starve myself. I need not not I need to starve myself. I need not not I need not not I need not to starve myself. I need not not I need not not to starve myself. Letting go of, “That’s the only way all let the way extra weight go, that’s the only way I’ll get to what I should weigh.” That keeps feeding the core issue of, “I’m at odds with food. I can’t even eat food because I have to starve myself and refuse food.” So it keeps the whole pattern going, just keep it running. It’s all pattern. Release it for my mom’s energy, from my ancestor’s energy, my grandparent’s energy. Release it from as far back as people in my family line that really did starve and they were at odds with food because they didn’t have enough. All the way back to that. Letting it all go. Releasing this pattern once and for all and all the known and unknown parts and pieces of it. Let it go. Let it go.

Okay, just tapping here now, say, “I exist without this pattern. I’m creating a healthy new pattern. I have a life without this pattern, a real-life of freedom. I have a future without this pattern.” And it’s, “I’m at ease with food. I’m at ease of food. I just follow my body’s appetite. It’s easy now. My body knows when and what it wants to eat. My appetite influences my proper weight. I trust my body’s processes and its intelligence to run this new pattern and programming. I support it. I’m grateful for my healthy body and my healthy experience with food. It’s easy now. I exist, I have a life, I have a future. I am happy.” Letting go of any grief for this old pattern. Sadness, that I have to let it go. It kept me safe at one point. Kept me protected, is what I believed. My 15-year-old needed this pattern because she felt very threatened. Grieving the loss of the pattern that at one point served me, letting that go. I am happy to be free of it now.

Take a deep breath. Okay, and just like… Best coaching call yet as we say every month. That was awesome. Okay, I think I teach this in the video. I’m not sure if I do, but the first grouping is you…it’s your stuff. It’s you are the main primary holder of it. When you mess up on that second grouping and the trip upon it, that represents your parents. Notice that when I was doing the…one of them, I tripped up in that middle section. And I’m like, “Dang, that was my mom because I will lose the weight. I should I should weigh a certain amount.” Because my mom, I think, ran out her whole life that she weighed more than she should have. And because that’s the place I tripped up and I’m like, “Mom.” Generationally, what came to me when you get to that third level, you’re talking about generations and I really had to focus in on the starving thing because I’m like, “Whoa, roots in my family history way back when there probably was starvation and people [inaudible 00:58:25] foods because they couldn’t get it.” I really, I sensed a connection with that.

Okay. And then we do the…we wrap it up with the letting go of any grief. As I said, part of you needed this pattern at some point. Oh, let’s go back real quick into the visualization. I need to finish the energy on this one. I’m seeing my 15-year-old self healthy and free looking savvy and hot as her type-three self, doing figure eights. She’s doing them with me between me, she’s doing as well and food. Food is easy. Creating that harmony with this experience. And I set her free. She’s kind of skips away. Thanks a lot. She’s got stuff to do. Gotta go enjoy your life. And I take that image, shrink it down energetically to fit into my hands and put it in my heart, completing the circuit of the process.

All right. So that’s how I use them all together. So let’s get into our submitted…our live questions. Love any feedback as well of how you enjoyed that. “Aha, this is so helpful. I’ve never quite understood how to fully use these to my benefit.” Yeah, they are like…that in the mirror session are like the big guns in the healings. I mean, they just really… And they’re only useful if you’re getting rid of other layers. It’s the piece of it. It’s like to go straight there, you haven’t addressed enough of the tentacles that come from this to allow you to kind of basically open that energy to say, “Let’s really clean this up now.” That’s why they’re placed in certain weeks in certain healing plans because that’s when you’re ready for it.

And so you can’t necessarily skip to these because it won’t… And that’s why some of you might not be getting the benefit if you just go, “I’m gonna go do those,” because there may be a lot of preliminary stuff that you need to do. Maybe not a lot, but there needs to be these other layers that need to be addressed so this really can get resolved. And, again, you’ve seen something I’ve dealt with for 48 years. I’ve worked on this on and off through those 48 years. Had a lot of positive success from it. I certainly have a really honoring opinion of my body. I never look in the mirror and feel any degrading thoughts or in any way shameful emotions about myself. But, again this pattern showed up with the food thing where I’m like, “I really want food to be easy.” And my body just tells me what it wants to eat and I’m fine with that.

“Aha, wow, makes a lot of sense. Love it.” So any questions you have, and we’ll take those. “Can you do the general visualization as a proxy for someone else or only tapping sessions?” No, we actually had a great success story. We picked between two. One, I wanted to share but this other one was relevant to this new session. Someone did an energy sketch for a friend and proxy to help her sell her home. And I don’t know if she told the friend or not, but I loved that. You can use any of these resources as you feel moved to. Again, feel the promptings, be led by spirit or your own intuition, and when to use them and for who. Because if you do it from a place of a lack, or fear, or need, they’re not effective. It’s just your move to do it. “I want to give this to them.” You can use any of the sessions for others to help shift the energy, for them to make a shift, and the household, apparently, for the friend.

“I feel like I can’t keep up with the things that present themselves this week.” Well, that’s part of what’s going on. So, your mind can’t keep up. Let’s insert that. “I feel like my mind can’t keep up with the things that present themselves this week. I have extra time because of quarantine. So I was planning to give all my attention to finishing my manicure but other things started to pop up. While I was clearing the first issue, another one popped up. I started working on that but then I got a migraine and I needed to do healing on that and so on. I feel like I’m all over the place with healing attempts and not getting results. How can I do it in a more organized way?”

Kind of write it out and trust at what you’re doing is beneficial rather than thinking it’s not, and maybe don’t go to that. Maybe you were probably detoxing and rather that necessarily being something you need to address with that particular healing session was a part of what you were already doing, stay on track. That’s where the healing plans are really built to move you through it in a way that gives you an outcome of a shift. But you’ve got to stick with it rather than going all hard on yourself and jumping around. So stick with how it’s set up for you. Just decide you’re going to do that and create a schedule with it. Because it’s one thing to say, “I’ve got this time,” but if you’ve not set it up like an appointment with yourself or with me, think of it as meeting me… there’s a lot of people that will either be [inaudible 01:03:54] the manicure, we see it in the Healing Center. They use the group for accountability that they show up and they say, “Did this for today,” it’s a place of accountability that you can use it for that. We’re fine with that.

“And most of the energy work I’ve done so far, my intuition is handed over answers and guidance since I’ve needed it. With scramblers, however, I haven’t felt any intuitive hits.” Typically, I’ve no idea what core belief to scramble any thoughts assistance on that. You can take… It was in a thread a while back. “Any of the limiting beliefs in the clearing scripts that really ping for you, have a lot of energy on them?” There it is. That’s a core belief. “What presenting issue are you working on right now?” You can always go back to the quiz we have in the basics guide, energy healing basics guide. There’s a self-assessment tool in there to tell you what you…is presenting as your priority to heal. That’s available any time, to any of you to go to that tool to give you… And then with that notice which of the statements really have… Kind of a hotspot for you. There it is. That you’re giving yourself that feedback.

“I’m finding that I feel guilt in clearing sessions when it talks about anything connected to parents because they feel like I have done so many of these things to my children. How do I clear these feelings so I can move forward and changing them?” Well, maybe you have done it. I mean, I was a highly dysfunctional parent. That’s what enrolled me. That’s one of my number one reason I was motivated to heal my life. It wasn’t because I love myself enough. It was because I did not want to ruin my own children. I saw that I was. I was willing to be accountable to that and see the dysfunction I was spewing out due to my own toxicity because I was so broken down as a young mother that, “Hey, I’m willing to own that.” So what you do is throw that into the clearing. You’re practicing out that as well. You’re just clearing it. You’re healing it. That’s fine. Be okay. It’s just a byproduct and it’s good for you to show up and change the…chart a new course for your posterity by changing the energy.

So that was great. Thanks for going through that with me. We’ve got our winners in a moment. A few announcements, again, that were new resources, make sure you try out that visualization to release ancestral energy patterns and let us know how that goes for you by sharing that in the Facebook group. And thanks again. And shout out to Kim and Denise are so active in supporting everyone. They really lighten my load because they’re so versed in the knowledge they have. Another place you can get real support, our Healing Center resources. We’ve got a lot of YouTube content, the sort of the introductory level of healing. A lot of good stuff at YouTube that goes on the website. It goes on

So rather than having to go to YouTube, just go… If you’ve got something you want added insight on, go to We have really fabulous search engines on our website. Just type in your issue and you’ll get a website article, a YouTube, a healing video that I originally produced for YouTube. It’s now on the website but you’ll get added value there. Also, remember to use the search engine in the Healing Center. I use it when I’m weighing in on the comment thread for someone. Quite often I’ve gone to the website and used the search engine with a key phrase from that person’s question and request for support. I put it in and then I say, “Here, do this.” It’s what came up. It’s great. We have really great search engines so make sure you’re using those.

The I Am Healthy oil is 20% off. Use the code “healthy” at Excited to…our next coaching call will be on July 28th in the third week of the Childhood Wounding plan. How exciting? We’re glad to be supporting you in that. Our winner is McKenna Tucker. Says, “I am loving finally having answers I’ve been looking for a long time. Learning about energy work has given me ground to stand on again. It’s explained my patterns that have made no sense, continued to shop in my experience and it’s given me the tools to shift those patterns to create what I want. That’s what I’ve been searching for years and to finally find it, it’s just amazing. Soaking it up.” I’m so thankful for that. I put it out there that more of you will show up because I know there’s others that are looking and let’s just everybody do a figure eight out to the world to say, “Look, our world would look a lot different right now if people were healing their patterns, limiting beliefs, especially the childhood ones.” Lot of inner children acting out right now.

Okay. There are things that need to be resolved, changes that need to be made. I like to make changes within a civil, mature… You know, everything I teach in my book, “Mastering Affluence,” of when it comes to relationships, parenting, it’s done. It’s like you got to have both people willing to show up, conscious enough to want to work things out, and create mutually agreeable changes that support the differences that we experience in marriage. So I’m all for positive change and I’m all for being a civil human being. I know what it is to be caught in toxic energy and acting out as a mother. And it doesn’t work.

So the book excerpt is from “Mastering Affluence.” “Sometimes we treat our body as if it were a small child that needs to be shamed or punished. You may be treating your body now the way you were treated as a child. Do you believe that your body is not good enough, that it is flawed and dysfunctional? How do you speak to your body? Do you feel dissatisfied with its appearance, size, and functionality? As long as you view your body as inadequate and believe it needs to be fixed, you’ll be frustrated with it and not be able to access affluence your body has to offer you. The truth is your body is a beautiful intelligent part of you. It responds very well to respect, patience, love, kindness, and it has its own healing abilities. You have an amazing system of healing held within the body. Your body is an affluent system of nature of natural healing, repair, and regenerative powers when given the chance to perform these powers. All bodies have amazing systems that are capable of physical affluence.”

So, thank you for tuning in, taking your time, whether you’re watching live or the recorded coaching call. We are here for your growth and healing to create a life of affluence, ease, and joy. You’re a great gift to this planet right now, so keep the healing coming. We’ll see you in July.

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