Live Coaching Call March 19, 2019

1 hour, 19 minute video

As you start the Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose, this call will guide you through the blocks you may experience as you do the clearing sessions and journaling. Carol also talks about challenges that come up as you begin to live your life purpose and whether or not that’s “normal.”

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear that your life purpose will get pushback from others

An all-or-nothing approach to your dreams

Anger for getting derailed from the life path you wanted

Physical sickness from doing the emotional work

You Want To:

Clear any blocks that keep you playing small

Create space & balance to pursue your desires

Shift away from the energy from that experience

Support your healing—both physically & emotionally

Affirmation for this Session:

I am engaged in my present moment and in my wonderful future that awaits me.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 23:20

Session Transcript

Hi. Good evening. Welcome to this Healing Center coaching call. We are in the process of doing the Life Purpose Healing Plan for opening yourself up to your life purpose coming into play in your life. So I’m excited to hear about your experience with that. I have been keeping up on your posts in the Facebook group here. So thank you for the updates and reaching out for support from my team, from myself, from other group members. It’s really fabulous to see so many people in the process of showing up and choosing out of compromise and into thriving in their life.

So tonight we’ve got submitted questions how these…if you’re new to the coaching calls, I’ll give you a little rundown on how the agenda works. I review what you’re in the midst of in the healing plan we’re working on if there is a group focused healing plan which there is going on during this coaching call. And a few announcements, sharing a success story, and then I will answer several submitted questions that were selected from all the questions that were posted here in the Facebook group.

And then we will open it to live questions. And if I feel so moved to do so, I’ll either recommend a session that would support all of you to go do based on what’s presenting itself in this coaching call or we’ll move through a healing process together as a group tonight. So it’s always smart when you’re in a space to receive more, that you’re obviously here to support your own journey. You’re giving your time and your money those are investments that have a valuable…they’re valuable commodities. I feel even more so time is becoming more valuable in my world than even money. And the opportunity to get the most out of this, you wanna get the most out of this experience. And that most can be even unknown to you.

So you might come in thinking there’s a certain need that you have or a situation you may be stuck in, and it’s kind of like what’s wanted comes from over here unbeknownst to you that you wanna be open to that. And so you wanna open your energy full circle, 360 degrees to whatever you’re meant to see, notice, become aware of, have it presented to you that it’s brought to your attention. Because we’re very conditioned as human beings we’re highly…we operate on a high level of patterns. And we block ourselves, we all carry blinders and you wanna remove the blinders, you want them removed in a graceful way.

Because we can only process so much and allow ourselves to shift so much where it becomes effective. You don’t want things to take you out to the degree that it’s now a problem, it’s now causing a different stress in your life.

So set the intention, the blinders, I’m ready to take off are being removed, and I’m seeing what I’m ready to see as a result of tonight’s coaching call. And that’s a fabulous position to put yourself in, there’s vulnerability there, which is great. Because honestly, I’m convinced having journeyed through a lot of patterns of pain and struggle in my life, and opened the space for joy, that it’s a lot harder to exist in the turmoil than it is to see it, to own it, and do the healing work. It takes less effort.

And then what many of you are discovering, it takes a reconditioning of who you are to establish new patterns of existing in more light, truth, grace, and ease, comfort, affluence, joy. Those aren’t familiar…you know, the constant of that takes some working on it, acclimating to it, becoming congruent with it, because we have a lot of habits that keep us going in the struggle.

That’s why this book is such a vital resource, I hope you’ve gotten a copy. To me, it’s essential reading as a Healing Center member, I created both resources to be in partnership, in tandem with what they support you with. The Healing Center is the space you do all the clearing work, re-patterning, shifts that you make, this is the… Now, how do I sustain this new experience that’s wanted, but not yet familiar of joy and more affluence in my life? This will teach you the skill sets for that. So we’ll put a copy for the $10 offer that all Healing Center members receive and make sure you get this.

The other resource that we’ve offered, that I’ve put together for you, is the healing oils. And they’ve been very specifically designed to support each healing plan. We spent six, seven months crafting these, they were all from my original… I was the one that led this, and in the choices that were made, and what the oils in these blends needed to support you with when it came to the healing outcomes that you were seeking. And the I am purpose oil is a super lovely oil. It has some very potent essences in it and the quality level is superior.

And that’s how I feel about essential oils, that’s how I feel about gemstones, there’s a lot of options on the market and unless you get a really superior quality, they don’t have the healing properties. They are…it’s like comparing a Volkswagen engine to a Maserati. And you wanna really go invest in the therapeutic value. That’s why I only recommend Gemisphere gemstones because if you go to a crystal or a rock shop, you cannot find the great that they source. And they’re very, very particular about their supply, and what they then produce, and product they use, because they know it has to be a very high-level quality to produce a healing benefit.

And that’s the same with oils. And so we made sure with the aromatherapist I work with, that she really chose very carefully sources that were of the highest caliber of quality. And they are, and many of you have noted that. So if you want oils and gemstones, this is the big healing value, they do the work for you. That came to me in the late 90s when I was introduced to therapeutic gemstones. It was about 1998…’97, ’98 it’s been at least 20 years ago. And it just hit me so clearly, I don’t have to have to use my cognitive mind figure out what needs to happen to heal. I just put this on and the healing gets turned on.

And I’m convinced that our own systems know how to heal just like a physical ailment, wound, broken bone, has imprinted and its holistic nature of its creation it knows how to heal. We know how to heal emotionally, we know how to heal mentally, spiritually. We know how to heal on all levels when given the support to do so. When given…removing the interferences to allow that. And so that’s what you’re doing in here, you’re basically removing interferences, and sabotage patterns and the things that keep us in these compromised states so that healing can occur in your life.

I used to say in the early days of my career as a healer, in my private practice days… I made a lot of money in private practice. I had very high… I got to the point that I could charge them really high premium rates even now, you know, I rarely see a private client, you’ll be the first to know if I open those up. We did that last year, and they were $1,200 an hour because I’m very, very good at tuning into what you’re ready to shift, it’s very quick for me. And I’d rather help thousands of you at once, than one on one.

It came to me that people weren’t paying me for healing, healing is free, healing is available to all of us. What I’m really good at is helping you identify and remove the interferences that are preventing healing, so healing can occur. So, I’m not creating the healing, I’m not giving you the healing, the healing is there for you to receive at any time. We get stuck in these conditions and patterns, you’re learning that your wounded inner child is a big player in this, because a part of it shut down and got very scared by life, you know, fairly noted, for good reason.

I’m amazed at the stories many of you have lived through, I’ve lived through my own. And there’s just a part of us that feels like, you know, don’t move this thing I kind of like hiding in the closet, or keeping a low profile. What do you think you’re doing? And that’s the resistant part, we’ll speak to that tonight with some of the things that have come in.

So with that said, I’m glad you’re in the Life Purpose Healing Plan. Share in a comment what it’s doing for you so far. Any surprises that have presented that’s it’s providing some support that you weren’t expecting. Like, oh wow, I didn’t expect this shift, I didn’t expect this insight, I didn’t expect this healing experience. What’s the value you’re getting so far? I’d love to share a few of those thoughts and just wanna know. Christine[SP] is so good, she’s on the production side support side of this. She even picked the banner that matches my outfit tonight, you’re so funny. We’re going with the purply wine color.

So success story. There’s so many it can be difficult to choose these, but this is a good one. And just notice that it does represent so many of your successes. This success story was shared by Angie Sparks[SP] O’Keefe. She said, “I wanna thank you all for sharing your stories and successes, it is so helpful. I just had a conversation with my husband that was a huge shift for our marriage. I did [inaudible 00:11:08] before the conversation, practiced Carol Tuttle’s advice of pausing and sending him loving kindness during our conversation. So calming and made such a difference, and wore I am connected oil.

We’ve been married for 15 and a half years and for the first time I felt fully heard and understood. So much of what we talked about I have brought up in the past, but from a wounded and angry place, which caused him to get defensive and shut down. Since it was coming from a healthier place with loving kindness this time it went so differently. I’ll admit it’s scary because it brought to light some big things for us to work through. But I see it as such a positive thing because we both hurt each other and supported each other. It means we can grow and change and heal together and have a truly affluent marriage.

I know the timing of this conversation and how it went was related to energy that he shifted already with the Life Purpose Healing plan. I think some of these emotions tried to surface during the Childhood Wounding plan and Abuse plan, but at that time I wasn’t quite ready to let myself fully feel them and process them. So I was not ready for the conversation then it was all in divine timing.”

So many great insights and examples given there. Thank you, Angie, for posting that. And from your own understanding the power of these tools, using them, believing in them, seeing the benefit of that, understanding the timing that needed to play out for you, really is supportive so that you’re patient with the process which is very supportive. I had to learn that many, many times. I wanted things quicker than they were happening.

Most recently if you’ve read “Mastering Affluence” I share in detail [inaudible 00:12:59] detail for me, the experience I’ve had the last several years with chronic pain. And yeah, that was a tough one to deal with and be patient with, and allow my body the time it needed to heal. And I’m so happy to report that, you know, as I’m taking care of my body, what I’ve learned from that experience is there’s a lot I was doing that was hurting my body, and my body had a lot of stuff it had never let go of yet.

And it presented mostly in my feet, my feet feel so great. Like today, they felt normal. I’m like, my feet feel normal, I’m so thankful for that and they just feel really loved. I’ve been applying the I am healing oil on my feet every night. I’ve noticed that if I use the I’m healing oil on the parts of my body that are out of balance or presenting discomfort, it’s really supportive to activating a healing response.

It’s like my body’s remembering what healing is because the body can get stuck in kind of dysfunctional state of imbalance thinking that’s now the new setpoint or the new norm. And I was like no, no, no, no, no, what if it’s generational? I’m like no my father died with this, I’m not, I’m choosing something different. So I’m healing oil has been so wonderful to work with in my body’s healing process.

Announcements, I just told you about Mastering Affluence and that opportunity get that for $10, and all Healing Center members do get a discount on your oil purchases. Such a worthy investment and use of your money to support you. They really are powerful. Now you’re learning in the Life Purpose plan, and I teach this in “Mastering Affluence,” and I’ll lead with this before I start into answering the questions. People get a very narrow vision of what life purpose is [inaudible 00:14:58] it’s been pitched over this sort of… Its consciousness has become a thing, and the spiritual movement is really progressed into becoming a process of awakening and self-discovery.

Along with that, there’s been a lot of kind of stereotyping Life Purpose, in my opinion. Where, are you living your purpose? Which is, are you starting a nonprofit and feeding the children in Ethiopia? We put a grand expectation in my opinion, on Life Purpose, and I really don’t want to use my… you know, Am I okay if I weren’t doing what I’m doing, would I still feel that I have a purpose in life? I believe I would because I don’t need this to feel that I’m living on purpose. It’s an opportunity, it’s a role, it’s a place to provide service with a slash business connection.

And I consider that if I put my identity, or my sense of value, into the role. And I choose to disconnect, you know, remove that connection. I choose to be me that chooses into a role as an opportunity. And so too often we hook our value on to that sense of life purpose, and, “I’ll feel better about myself, I’ll feel more useful when I’m making a bigger difference.” Now that’s different than refusing to respond to callings from your soul, resistant to taking risk, it’s very different.

So you wanna… in the process of aligning with your life purpose there’s this funky playing out of…you know, your soul is kind of checking you to say, look, there’s opportunities here, but the more you need it, the less potent you’ll be in the role. The more I need this to give me a sense of value, the less power I have to make a difference. Because I’m gonna cancel that out by my own neediness for it. Did I start this needing it? Yeah, pretty sure the fact that I wasn’t given a chance to speak, or be heard in my childhood being who I am, as a Type Three and a secondary four energy in my energy profiling system, you know, I have a lot…I have a lot to say that didn’t get to be said.

And so yes, did that compel me to use my voice? It did, because I needed it then in the early, early days. I did need this sense of… I need this as much as… probably more so than what I was able to give at the time. It was more for me, and my own learning, and my own opening, my own healing, my own awakening, than maybe the contribution I was making. But then you hit a sweet spot where you get to shift that, and you actually get put in a place of kind of being brought to your own knees to say [inaudible 00:18:10] to a place where I don’t need this anymore. It’s served me, it’s helped me grow, I’m a better person because of it, it’s blessed my life probably more than anybody.

You know, I wanna be independent in my self-actualization and my self-identity so that I have no attachments, and so I don’t hook my energy into certain outcomes playing out. That I can just really follow the promptings, follow the energy, follow God’s guidance, follow the spirit, and do what I’m meant to do, and do what’s correct. And more and more I’ve grown into that space.

And so you’re gonna see that life purpose is more for you at first, it is about your own growth, your own…living in alignment with your own truth, opening your energy centers, learning to show up. And then it evolves into you settling into yourself, and you then being able to choose to serve in your purpose. But in the book Mastering Affluence, I teach that there’s a three-fold prong to the life purpose experience. That our souls have…you know, it’s like we’re co-conscious with our soul. That’s the goal is to say, you know, I’m operating with an awareness of my greater design, you know, my purpose that my soul came here to play out. So in that, it wasn’t just what am I supposed to do to make a difference in the world?

The first two are well, what’s in it the lesson? See, I’ve talked about that, what lessons…the first stage of your life purpose is more about you and the lessons you’re meant to learn. The second opportunity is experiences you’re meant to have. And that goes beyond just experiences of growth and expansion in your own showing up. It means maybe you like gardening, you know, maybe you wanna go hiking. What do you wanna experience? I know what I like to experience, I like to travel. I really like seeing diversity, I love seeing other cultures, I love studying humanity, human nature.

You know, if I weren’t doing this, I could have easily been an anthropologist. I’m fascinated by cultural trends, and changes, and the ebb and flow of humanity, and observing the bigger picture of that. And noting, you know, my own timeline on the planet of what was humanity, like in the ’50s, the ’60s, the ’70s. I’ve been able to track this whole evolution of humanity in my own life story and where I lived, and what I got exposed to. So experiences, what experience… that’s why it’s part of your journaling. What experiences are you denying yourself of that are supportive to your whole being human, the experience of being here in a body and experiencing the mortal realm?

And then the third is service to give. Once you have that opportunity to really step into your truth you have gifts to share. To what degree of influence that’s meant to look like? Once you are settled into…you don’t care what level of influence, it’s not like it has to be a certain level of influence. Do you always get paid for your life purpose? Not necessarily. Do you need a real distinct title or role to fulfill your life purpose? No. It could be and you can bring it down to is your…and I just did a video on this on YouTube. It’s about an 18-minute video.

There’s the, what’s the purpose of the day, and what’s the bigger purpose that my soul’s calling me into. Yeah, I’m gonna speak to some of that because some of you might be getting some trial runs right now. Meaning it’s not the real deal yet, but good chance you’re gonna screw it up. So you gotta go through some trial runs to work out the kinks, so when the real deal shows up, you don’t mess it up because you’re gonna sabotage it. And that’s okay, you’re getting prepped, you’re getting prepared for something more.

Again, there’s that putting a value on it, it’s gotta be big, it’s not big enough, or well how can it be that valuable if it’s only benefiting my family? Maybe your purpose right now is healing, so you can help shift humanity. That’s a pretty big role because as we’re networked energetically the work you’re doing… I like Remembering Wholeness you know, your neighbor is gonna wake up more enlightened one day and not know it’s because of all the healing work you did, and will never know that that was… You’ll go, oh my gosh, they’re like they woke up, they’re a different person. They didn’t even have to do anything but be here.

But all the people that are doing all this sort of grassroots healing everyone gets to benefit. You’ll go, pat yourself on the back, thank you. That’s because of the investment I made and the neighbors aren’t even gonna know. That’s a funny story but that is in Remembering Wholeness, which is a great read as well if you’re in this space. Let’s get into these questions.

I loved music for as long as I can remember. I took 12 years of lessons and still loved music. I feel like it is my purpose to teach it to others. I’ve been teaching piano off and on since high school. For some reason, I’ve experienced all kinds of dread, anxiety, worry, e.t.c., when it comes to teaching. I would love to love teaching. Is this something I just need to figure out? Or is this the difficulty and indicator that teaching piano isn’t correct for me? Oh, you’re pretty passionate about you love it.

So if you love it… this is what’s interesting to me, I can’t have what I love, okay? I can’t do what I really I’m thrilled about. So could that, whatever opposing energy you feel or your own anxiety…and I have a lot of healing stuff on anxiety on YouTube. It’s a big topic we decided to get heavy in content with due to how often it’s searched. So I’m like, got a lot of anxiety content how to heal it on YouTube. It’s Carol Tuttle videos.

So see is the deeper belief really, I can’t really have and do what I love, so I’m still creating this angst with it. Because the way you share that I love music for as long as I can remember. I took 12 years of lessons and still love music, I feel like it is my purpose. Okay, I want you to notice you said I feel like it is my purpose. You said, I would love to love teaching. You use the word love here a lot, it’s an indicator. Then your mind comes into play and you’re thinking.

This is where you’re no longer… See, this is so great. Thank you, Christine, for putting this question first. Because you feel this is purposeful, that it’s part of your life purpose. Now your brain gets involved, your thinking mind. But I’m thinking, I need to figure out. Okay, what part of you is now involved? The cognitive thinking mind. Is this something I just need to figure out? Or is the difficulty an indicator that teaching piano isn’t correct for me? So the mind is now questioning this, maybe it’s not correct for me, maybe I wanna do this.

So I’m gonna get into this more, but I’ll note this and then I’m gonna talk about this a little more and coach you on this. When you’re in your purpose that doesn’t mean every obstacle’s been cleared. Good chance you’re gonna meet some of them that have hindered you so you can go… consider the possibility enrolling yourself in your life purpose is about boot camp in a way. It’s not free and clear of obstacles, and challenges, and things you’re gonna show yourself that you need to shift. And that there’s fears that come up, and issues presenting. Because your true self is meant to show up in your life purpose, your self realized, your whole self, not your wounded self.

So you’ve gotta keep healing that wounded part of you. So whatever that is that’s showing up, dread, anxiety, worry, do some journaling on that. When it comes to teaching piano I feel dread because… Okay, when it comes to teaching piano, I feel anxiety because… You’re writing a script for yourself, a clearing script. And then you use the word worry, when it comes to teaching piano I worry about. Okay, bring it up, what is that about, and then do the clearing go ahead and clear that, and replace it with the, “I am” statements that reinforce your confidence with it. Then let us know how you’re doing with a follow up, with a post in the Facebook group.

I feel like I’m in a weird place because I have a business that I absolutely love. There’s that reference again, loving it. But I just know that there is something more that I am here to do. I get shiny object syndrome and will think I have found the one thing I’m supposed to do, then two minutes later it’s something different and so on. What do I do with this constant shifting? Knowing your energy type would be a benefit, based on the basic information…you know, the most basic reference to energy profiling that would suggest you’re a Type One where you get distracted easily.

So you’ve presented yourself with a tendency here, you have a pattern, that you easily get distracted, and you’ve allowed that pattern to play you. And so if something is really meant to be…you’re meant to have enrolled yourself in a longer period you have to catch yourself doing this again. Oh, there I go again, I’m ready to change course, I’m ready to drop this and go to this. I’m ready to disconnect from this and connect to this, will that serve me? Is that really correct? Or is this just my pattern playing out? Here I am again, playing out this pattern, I’m so good at it. What do I really want?

Because most things take more than two months to create some sort of momentum, to see the fruits of them. Is this a distraction for you because there’s some deeper fears that you have going on? That’s an opportunity for you to look at it. You’ve presented to me you have a pattern, wake up in the pattern and know I’m choosing this again.

And when you say, there’s something more than I’m here to do, maybe any one of those could be the more, but you don’t stick with it long enough to get to that, to get to the more. Is there one life purpose? Possibly not, maybe you have six options, you know, is it for a long…you know, years and years and years? No, especially if you’re Type One. Maybe your life purpose is to experiment and try new things and contribute in different places, and different timelines, could be.

I referred in my Dressing Your Truth expert, Mercy[SP] Brown, she’s had four or five major career paths in her lifetime all in her adult, you know, years. And they’ve all have played a purpose in her own growth and learning, and the contribution she made. And not one of them are even remotely related, you know. Phil probation officer flip to filmmaker but she just knew it when it showed up, but she stuck with this for years…you know, they weren’t short term experiences.

I feel like I don’t have a life purpose, I feel like I’m just floating aimlessly through life. I have a career that I used to love and now it’s getting to me and becoming a trigger of negativity, but I don’t want to leave it, I have mortgage responsibilities. I don’t know if leaving my job would solve my problems. I also am single and lonely and wish for relationships, friendships, and romantic, but fear leaving my home to interact with people. I’m so exhausted once I come home from work, all I want to do is lay down for 13 hours till the alarm sounds. And then I just repeat my day all over again miserably failing at the teaching that I’m supposed to be doing. What do I do?

Well, your life too limited, where are the…okay, lessons to learn? There’s no lesson, are you learning to overcome your fears of taking a risk, going out and meeting some people? What if you were just to say… you know, that doesn’t mean at large you have to do this frequently. But what if you were to just say, just for now, once a month, I’m gonna choose to create a social experience so I become more comfortable with this? You’re lacking in some of the nurturing things of life, you’ve just described that you work and you rest and sleep, and have very little….you’re lonely. I think the issue here is you’re lonely and then you settled into the security of not… you know, probably you tell yourself, it’s not that bad, it could be worse.

You know, you’re convincing yourself to keep it the way it is by making it not that big of a deal to yourself when it is, you’re lonely. Do the core belief scrambler for I am I am lonely, I am I am not lonely. My sense is you did feel really lonely as a child even though you had a family, but nobody understood you. So you are alone in your own inner self, you go within a lot. And it’s the more you wanting to just go internal and hang out inside the inner world. So it’s becoming increasingly exhausting being a part of the outer world.

But you’re in the outer world, you got a body, you can’t just, you know, become a…if you try and become a recluse when it’s not purposeful for you and go within, because that’s what you’re doing those 13 hours, you’re turning your energy inward. And when you go out to a social experience, you can literally flip your energy. I have a real connection with my inner world, I like hanging out in my inner world, even though I’m a Type Three and considered an extrovert. But I do spend a lot of time in my inner self, the world of my inner thoughts and my inner space.

And I talked about what that looks like in Mastering Affluence, what is your inner world. If you’re a Type Two or Type Four and have a combination of those energies, it’s really, really easy to wanna go in and make that your primary direction, your energy is turned to. I just wanna go internal, so it becomes increasingly challenging for your energy to be turned outward. Where I can actually flip my energy, when I’m in doing a lot of inner processing… Because you know, when you write books, you create meditations, you’re doing a lot of what’s considered automatic writing, some people call it channeling.

But things just come through me… So I shared with you recently that I just finished my first draft of my next book in five weeks, lot of turned inward. And then I’m in Hawaii at the time where it’s a very outward focused…you know, the energy to go out in the water, do physical things. So I would literally have to just flip my energy and I would see it like it was like, and I’d go, “Okay, time to focus outward.” Okay, all right, now I’m connecting with my outer world [inaudible 00:34:31]. Connecting with my outer world and getting active. Because I’ll get really wonky if I don’t do that and manage my energy because there’s a lot of time spent turned inward when I’m in certain writing periods.

And you need to flip your energy outward and train your energy…find that little girl that felt so lonely that wants to be the recluse in life. She doesn’t have to be the one out socializing, you are choosing that as an adult. It’s not serving you. You’re lonely and it would support you to have some physical social interaction. Don’t overload yourself with it, do it very delicately, and ask your angels to help you set it up. And that you’ll have a successful experience because you need to be nurtured by other people’s energy. So even if you were to just maybe not get together with someone, maybe you just go to a coffee shop and you’re around other people. That can be the first level of turning outward. It’s a safe world, I’m creating a safe world.

Okay, try that. I wanna hear how that goes for you. Love follow-ups on all these. Some of you are really good about that and others, I don’t know, you just don’t post on Facebook. But please, we’re a safe place, love to hear your updates.

In your journey, Carol, when you came upon your own truth and knew it would make waves, or put you at odds with those in your community, especially religious, what did your personal process look like to work through that? What did you let go of to walk that path? Did you have to leave one community to be in the one that only knew the healer Carol? When you are with a group that’s stuck in old patterns, what does it take for you to just chit chat? I’m not a chit chatter.

I don’t really chit chat, especially where I’m at now. I used to be able to pull off chit chat pretty well. Type Three’s, Four’s are typically not big at chit-chatting, you’re like, “What’s the purpose of this?” So good question. I actually go into more depth and I tell my story of some things that played out for me in my…as this kept showing up for me to play this role. And you might wanna know that I wasn’t even fully in this role and starting to gain momentum and become recognized online till about 2005, I think it started to hit some momentum. And I would have been at the time, that would be 14 years ago, so I was in my 40’s okay.

So I tell my kids I’m like, “Thanks for hanging around here and helping me out, because whatever your purpose is apparently doesn’t show up until you’re in your 40’s, and you’re gonna still have a chance to do it.” You know, whatever that looks like for you. For my kids, they work for me here and their spouses. But yeah, I share in quite a bit of detail some things that happened in this process of being one…the first… I can make this claim, I was the first person in the state of Utah in the world of metaphysics, energy, psychology, energy medicine, to really put out my banner and start having a voice and teaching things that were considered contrary. Mostly cultural things but at the time, the cultural thing was still wound pretty tight.

And I go into this in my book, The Modern Day Chakras, still subtitles up in the air. But in The Modern Day Chakras, in the section on your voice chakra, I tell the story of how…as I was to use my voice to teach certain things, what presented itself. So I won’t give it all away here, I was very blessed to be guided in what to say, how to navigate that and to hold through my sixth chakra, a bigger picture what was really playing out. And did my best to not… I made it about me as far as if I’m experiencing this on some level my beliefs are creating it.

So I really got invested in clearing what was presenting itself to say if I’m being put in position of being…kind of being playing the role of a martyr or I’m at fault here, or there are some…you know, I’m a risk what I’m doing, what is it in my own belief system. And one of the primary beliefs it has is I’m not supported by authorities, because that’s easy to see in my childhood. If my father and mother, my primary authority in my life didn’t support me through my developmental years, because they were… my father especially, was an absent parent and a very volatile parent. That’s it, you know, that’s a pattern I still was healing from, and clearing, and shifting, so I would own that.

And I knew I had a chance to shift the consciousness, so to speak, and open the energy and help things…change the story. And this was… I was in the late ’80s when I first ran into some…what we might call opposition or push back. But I was always given the bigger perspective of what I was a part of. And I always felt tremendous support, didn’t make it easy and it was challenging. Sure anger would come out and frustration. The biggest thing is, once I really had continued confirmations that what I was doing was correct, as I really powerfully sought that out, I didn’t need outside approval.

The approval was so profoundly endowed upon me that what I was doing was correct, that I was okay with the fact that not everybody approved with me. I didn’t need permission, I didn’t need someone to tell me, “Yeah, you can do that.” And as we’ve seen, things have shifted and the energy of our cultures have opened so that what would have been considered 10, 15, 20 years ago as what the popular stereotype is as woo, woo, isn’t considered that woo, woo anymore. It’s like…so I’m calling it the “Modern Day Chakras,” like this is self-help material folks, it has nothing to do with Hinduism. It’s really just self-help stuff, it’s really all it is, it’s not religious in nature at all.

So did I have to leave one community to be…? No, I’m still in… I haven’t left any communities, I’m still a member of my religious faith. I feel very much my own authority in my spiritual experience in that experience, and I do what’s correct for me. And I think the key is, I just kept healing from needing permission and needing validation, and sought out divine guidance and was given it.

So I hope that answers your question, but I don’t wanna tell the story, you’ll have to read it in my next book. I have several stories in there I’ve never shared really very often about… I love the story I share in the book of how…literally now my husband and I can see where his crown chakra was blown open with the event of a major stroke seven years ago. And what happened as a result of that is pretty phenomenal. So I share that story as well. There are good stories in this book, because, you know, just more interesting to learn about the chakras through story than just reading about, what color does it represent? What body parts does it connect with? I share the generality of that, but it’s really about what the chakra energy is doing and shifting our stories in the modern days.

I have come to the realization that I have this belief that once I find my life purpose, and I fulfill it, I will die. Yeah, that could be when you’re 120 though. I would say that’s somewhat accurate. Because you’ve learned your lessons, you’ve experienced what you came to experience, you gave the service you were here to give, and yeah, you’re gonna die. So that is accurate. But if you fear that if you choose it and know it somehow it’s gonna bring on death sooner, that’s a flawed belief. That’s a flawed thought process. That’s a fear that’s unreasonable. I feel like God will say, Okay, you’ve done what you came here to do, your time on earth is over. I feel I’m putting off finding my life purpose, and even if I did find it would put off accomplishing it because I don’t want to die.

Well, you’re gonna die, everyone’s gonna die, it’s a given. We’re all going to die, it’s part of the life experience. So maybe you need to clear your fear of death, and where does that come from? Maybe say right here. This is especially essential now is my dad passed away in December, and I fear my dying would traumatize my mom, especially since I live with her. Is there an exercise of clearing I can do to rid myself of this belief?

Well, what’s your timeline on this thing because it’s like, okay, I’m living my life purpose, bam the next day you’re gonna die. I mean, life purposes play out and they can change, and evolve, and shift. I could have never predicted the direction of what my company is now 10 years ago, I didn’t know where it was going, you know. I’m in a space that’s constantly changing too, the internet. This thing morphs itself about every five years, you know, we can’t make a mission statement for five years from now because I don’t know what we’re gonna be. You know, things don’t look the same five years ago when it comes to the medium my businesses offer…you know, plays out on.

So there’s something there around…you know, this could be your mind’s way of messing with you too where it’s, what’s the real fear here? Because when you work this out rationally you know you’re gonna die, the chances of you dying within days or weeks of you sort of accepting I’m going to live my purpose. What if you were to answer the question, what I’m really afraid of is… I think I’m afraid of dying, but what I’m really afraid of is. What’s underneath that is? What I haven’t even identified yet is. Because this just seems a little…it’s like it’s being used to deflect you from the deeper issue that you just don’t wanna feel or face.

But I really feel…what I really am afraid of is I’ll fail miserably. What I’m really afraid of is I’m just inadequate and I don’t really wanna put into what it’s gonna take. What I’m really afraid of is maybe there’s not some big thing I’m meant to do and I’ll be disappointed. Maybe I’ll be disappointed in my purpose because I’ve really overbuilt this in my mind. So get to what the real issue is because it isn’t…doesn’t jibe with me that that could be… It’s an easy one to fix, just with your more adult mature reasoning to say, well, maybe that’s not the real fear.

Twenty-two years ago, I moved continents with my family. After being married 37 years, I left my husband six months ago because I didn’t want what he wants. I was broken in spirit, I worked on inner healing and now we are planning a future together. He wants to sail the world and I get motion sick. I am committed to doing what he wants. The journaling yesterday brought me to the conclusion, I am only my authentic self in two areas of my life, with my grandchildren and my job, both of which I have to give up to commit to sailing. I have given notice at my work, and I have…also leave my mother in resident care. My children have their own lives and families now. All these blocks I have used as my purpose, but what is my real purpose to myself in the world?

Well, it sounds like your most immediate purpose is to be your true self in your relationship. Okay, you left, now you’re back together, but you’re still playing some old patterns out. So what if your purpose is to find your voice and use it. Because sometimes the lesson you’re meant to learn and your purpose are really tied together, and are you meant to be on a sailboat is… You know, it is possible to say, well, I’m gonna go on the sailboat for this many days, but then I’m gonna fly home. And I’ll meet up with you here or, you know, what do you want from this? Sounds like you sort of want some of the experience, but you’re just going along.

Then you say, I’m a Type One. During childhood I taught myself to play several… Oh, this is another question. So anyway, your purpose right now is to learn the lesson of using your voice and showing up and saying what you want. Because every time you don’t, you’re gonna think the only answer is I have to leave. It’s either I only do what he wants or I leave, because you’ve not learned the lesson of being true to yourself, and the opportunity to use your voice, speak your mind, say what’s correct for you in a partnership. That’s very purposeful because guess what, you won’t be able to fulfill another life purpose till you learn that, you have to have that skill working.

That’s something that’s just baseline fundamental skills to be functional in a bigger life purpose. You’re gonna be able to say what’s true for you. You can’t attract your purpose if you can’t use and speak your truth. You can’t use your voice to speak your truth, you’re just energetically not able to draw it to you. So that’s the opportunity before you.

This is… I’m a Type One…Four second youngest of eight, two girls and six boys. During childhood, I taught myself to play several instruments and wrote songs to lighten my family life. The brother right above me often said to me, “Why are you here?” in a resenting tone, and I was often made fun of, or bullied by my siblings, till I’d cry. It’s also kind of a joke in my family, my brother would give me sleep medicine when I was in the crib because he didn’t want responsibility to watch me. Three years out of high school, my dad gave me his garage door business. I had to fire him when I discovered he was taking more money than was agreed to.

My passion is songwriting but I make easy quick money with garage doors. And the past family energy leaves me feeling heavy. I also had fear to release, I sold pretty much all my instruments and equipment to keep the business afloat. How do I release this so I can live my life purpose?

Well, again, the all or nothing is a real extreme way to like, I’m just gonna quit the business and go into songwriting, because you don’t have a stream of income for that. I also would invite you to take the Money Cure and get enrolled in that when it comes up. We’ll open enrollment in a few weeks. Because there’s some issues with money that are playing out for you here that you can’t do what you love and have money be a function of it.

So you need to stay with a stable income but create space for your songwriting, and allow that to get the juices flowing there. You’re being shown the issues that you have from your family, the Healing Plan for Childhood Wounding would be excellent for you. And I’m sorry that your parents thought your brother was capable of tending to you because and they seem to think that’s funny, that’s abusive. And actually, it’s negligence on the role of your parents if that was happening, that your brother was feeding you medication when you were a baby. Yeah, that’s just all off.

And so you need to become your own independent energy of your family system energy, and that’s a process. And the Healing Plan for Childhood Wounding is a really powerful four-week plan to help you establish that energy independence from your family. So that your adult self is pursuing the songwriting rather than the wounded little boy that feels inadequate to be able to do that because that’s what you’re gonna shift. We’re going to do that plan as a group in the fall. It’s an awesome plan. Every human would benefit, well from any plan but that one especially. Because as I teach in Mastering Affluence we are not emotionally mature human…humanity is very emotionally immature, and very much that triggered emotion influence decision making in so many places.

When I was younger I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I headed to the college that I chose for my specific major, I was excited to start down that path. A religious leader back home made the decision that I shouldn’t be doing what I was, and so gave a direction to my father that I should be brought home to go to the local college which didn’t have the major that I had chosen.

Okay, good for you for doing the clearing for religious abuse and claiming your own spiritual authority. That’s a real misuse of someone’s ecclesiastical role. What did that have to do with guiding a religious community? That’s just interesting, you know. That stuff still plays out, unfortunately. But, hey, it showed up in your life for a reason, we gotta trust that. At the end of the first year of college, I felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath me. Okay, you just gave yourself a big clue of an energy that occurred for you. You just wrote a descriptive, the energetic rug was pulled out from under me, all right?

So that’s a root chakra issue, you don’t feel routed to your own life path. It’s like they intercepted you, they took over the reins. It’s like, I’m not even driving the bus anymore, somebody else is. So that’s a great clue for yourself right there what energy is asking for attention. I’ve struggled ever since. I tried a couple different times after that to go back to college for that major music and felt lost. So I ended up finishing a degree in business. Now I feel like it’s too late to do that and the time for that has passed. I do have a good job and have created a niche for myself, but I still feel unfulfilled in that area of life. I really want to be able to break this feeling of lostness and let the past go.

So the visualization for getting on your life path, do it with that self, okay go back to that event in the visualization. And do it with that younger self who was at college… I assume you got a phone call or something from your dad who then…was he not gonna pay for… I don’t know the financial setup so that you weren’t able to continue going. But let’s just put the ideal replay on this, let’s re-script it. Go and do the visualization and reenact the events of it. Like if it was…let’s just say it’s through a phone call, I don’t know but I’m gonna just…I’ll do my best to reenact this.

Get a phone call from your dad, he’s telling you…the better scenario, most ideal is, ecclesiastical leader calls your father and your father thinks what he’s suggesting is ridiculous, and tells him no, I’m gonna support my daughter in what she’s choosing to do. Okay, if you can see that happening that’s like really supportive. If you’re not able to see your father play that out and it serves you to be able to see your father calling you when you were younger, reenact this and say, “Dad, thank you for your feedback, I’m gonna do what’s right for me.” I’m gonna choose to stay on this path, okay.

And then do an energy sketch of that part of you on that path. And if you had stayed on that path, what would be the feeling state you’d be in now? What would you have been able to progress to sort of what those dreams that were lost, let’s reinstate them. There’s certainly a lot of options when it comes to the musical world. Maybe I’m confusing music with the other question so whatever you’re doing. College isn’t the only path of learning these days. So consider the possibility, if your soul is in charge of your life journey and it played out perfectly, it’s not too late, and it’s perfectly played for your benefit that whatever is meant to now make up the difference can show up. But you have to correct this energy because it’s keeping you stuck.

You can easily shift that by doing this visualization. And every time you feel that as you describe it, lost… Okay, while I’m waiting for those to come in, I wanna mention that, the thing I’m noticing when people post comments and little housekeeping reminder, keep your posts brief. You’ll get more support and reply and interaction if… I would say you might…if you had to…you’re gonna have to…where it says read more, if it were like 5 to 10 times with the visual copy…you can see visually, that’s gonna… I don’t have time to read those. I’m not able to take the time it’s… I trust my support angels to be able to serve anybody that’s writing lengthier. But you don’t wanna make your posts your journaling space, where you’re working stuff out.

So get to your question, what support…what I want is, even be helpful if you first posted, “What I’m looking for is,” or “I’m going to share a success story.” Well, just share the real focal point of the success story, looking for support for, here’s a few details. So that it’s not you’re processing while you’re writing, do that in your own journaling. And then use the Facebook group as a place to receive support, give support, share successes. Posts will get removed if there’s too much information shared, especially about other people. I’m a big believer you have your version of your story.

And when we paint somebody to be sort of the bad guy in the story, you’ll get a lot of, “I’m so sorry they’re treating you like that” when I don’t know maybe, you know, we can’t… I don’t wanna judge people. That’s the thing, I don’t wanna put things up where we’re now thinking whoever’s part of your life is this horrible person and you have to deal with it. Because it’s like they got…you know, we all add to the story.

My husband and I can make each other sound like we were both horrible, well, we both were at times, you know, it’s just the way it is. So just be mindful of how you’re using the Facebook group, and let’s use it with more awareness so that we get the best value out of it. Because it’s a fabulous space and I’m just thrilled with the interplay that goes on there. And hey, shout out to the support team because these ladies… I’m like, I don’t do anything. Kim, and Colleen, and Christine they’ve handled it already. Great answer. So many of you too, I’m like, “That was a really great reply.” Well, I will comment sometimes, “Great answer.”

All right, here we go, let’s see. We’ve got a few shifts. I’ll mention those after the questions. I think I was taken out these past few days with significant intestinal distress, should I back off the plan for a few days? [inaudible 00:59:41], it’s very unusual for me to get sick but this is pretty intense and uncomfortable. Yeah, it can get that away. If it’s possible for you to stay with it and ride it out I would recommend that, and move through the intensity, it’s gonna truly open up. Do you have any of the healing oils? Put it on the abdomen area, really nature your body.

What else can you give up rather than disengage from this? What things can you let go of where you’re not so many demands on you right now. I’ve definitely had many phases of healing where I had to just basically, you know, hang out in the day, it just wasn’t real productive. It was, I’m healing and this is deep stuff, but I’m willing to go there because I’m done living so I’m committed.

I’m a Type Two. I’ve been really challenged by letting go of my history, I’ll revisit events again and again in my mind, and it distracts me from sleep and from moving forward fully into my present life. This is actually a new revelation, it has been such a habitual pattern for me that I wasn’t even aware I was doing it. How do we detach from past events? You know, here’s what I would do, this will be a cool visual for you. The biggest thing you said was you now notice it, that you didn’t…you had blinders to it, so your blinders got taken off and you’re like, whoa, I do this.

Okay, now that you know it, remember the poem I read about falling in the hole, it’s a classman’s [SP] coaching call or one of them in the past and it’s like you’re walking down the street, I fall in the hole, I fell in again. It’s a process of shifting now but the biggest thing is, I know where I do this. Good for you. Okay, when you find yourself doing it, because you still will do it because it is a habit, you know, the shine events where the luminaries, that they let go into the sky at night, put those in the…you know, put whatever past event into… Let’s say, there’s three of them, you’re processing.

Imagine, you put them in the luminary and they’re lifting and you’re letting them go. Thank you. Goodbye. Then see yourself on your timeline looking at your past and you’re letting those float up, let your angels take them. Turn yourself around in the visualization and literally do that in your physical body. Swing yourself 180 degrees so you’re now faced to the future and you turn your energy outward and walk 10 to 20 steps forward. I’m engaged in my present moment and my wonderful future that awaits me. Okay, so write down those steps. Okay, that was really good.

That will really help you, you’ve gotta… You might have to do it seven times in one day. See repetition here is the key, like I’m doing it again. All right, turn around, you wanna get it in your body, imprint this in your body about putting your energy towards the future and all the beautiful, amazing things you’re drawing to you, that you’re attracting and materializing in your life.

My pattern is discounting my needs and elevating the needs of others, often it really seems the needs of others are more important. I’m a Type Three, when I get disrupted for a time or note a lack of support I tend to just stop in my tracks. I realize this speaks to giving my power away. Why do I allow these excuses, distractions? Because you discount your needs, that’s the main reason, and there’s a pattern. I use a simple fix [inaudible 01:03:31] awareness of it and choosing differently when it shows up. This is again a skill set that once you note it, I don’t get that there’s a deep under…the work you’re doing is clearing underlying stuff that keeps provoking it, but it’s just not choosing differently.

And what comes up for you when you do? What is it that presents as you choose yourself and you choose to be honoring of your own and you train people to now treat you in favor of this pattern. See, people will do what you’ve allowed and accepted to be the norm. So you’re gonna shift patterns and see everyone supporting you.

When inner child is doing things, I have memories, but no real interactions. I’ve done all the clearings but wonder if I’ve actually addressed my inner child concerns. That’s an evolving thing, it’s not a one and done thing where, “Okay, I found my inner child, they’re healed.” You know, it’s why I use it in so much of the healing work because there’s so many little pieces that we get to resolve and kind of bring that part of us into healing. And so, just keep doing the healing plans and the work that involves your inner child is really well thought out to support you and healing whatever’s hanging out as an old wound.

Could you provide any insights about how to balance taking action in the now without putting too much energy into thinking about the future? Yeah, I would love to talk about that. In fact, one of the misunderstandings I think when people feel like…again, it’s not a clear open highway, you could see that in your energy sketch, I see a big old paved highway for me. I’m gonna energetically create what I want. And there’s going to be opportunities for growth, and learning, and evolution of me along the way that’s gonna feel like obstacles when they’re really just opportunities for my own self-awareness.

And so, no path purpose is free of that being a big, big part of it. I’ve had to see myself through uncomfortable situations. I’ve had to feel the fear, I felt the risk of it, I felt uncertainty. I’ve been really blessed with a confidence of knowing when something’s correct and being instilled with a body level confidence. And that’s the difference when you’re feeling a more whole body experience, this is right, that doesn’t mean you’re gonna have mental processes that are more about worry and fretting and…

But that bigger knowing is what carries you, that will overpower and take you through what can be these inner things you have to deal with because you just know when something is right. You don’t let the thinking mind overplay that, and you learn to trust it and build on it. I’ve had a lot of challenges through living my life purpose. I mentioned in the video I put up last week, as we started this healing plan, that I will end my morning shower on the coldest water I can set it to. One of my biggest reasons for doing that is it teaches my mind I can do what my mind judges as uncomfortable.

It feels uncomfortable to the body at first but boy, the body learns to like to want it. My body likes it now, it really wakes me up, it’s an anti-inflammatory benefit. But I’m teaching my mind it can’t win, it’s not gonna have that kind of power in my life. I’m like, even when my mind is thinking, “I really don’t wanna feel the cold water right now, this warm water feels really nice,” I make my hand go to the knob and turn it, even while that’s playing out. I just do it. And I know it’s teaching my mind, you just don’t get to have a say sometimes, and it quiets down. And I’m going through that process.

So that is one of the reasons I do it. I’ve been willing to do things that cause discomfort to my mind and bring up issues. Many of you may know that I used to run marathons, that started when I believed I couldn’t even run five miles. My husband and I were in the shuttle bus at Disney World, and it happened to be the day of the marathon. And all these people were getting on the buses that were…having just run the marathon. And I always thought marathon runners were really slim, sleek, running people, you know, they looked…have a certain physique.

And I’m like, “These people just ran a marathon? Oh my gosh,” you know, “some of them don’t even look that healthy.” And they just finished a marathon. My husband and I looked at each other like, we should run a marathon. And then we were going, what did we just say? And it’s like we enrolled ourselves, the universe took us seriously. And we attempted to do it without any support, and it fizzled out. Well, about seven months later, we got a postcard in the mail that was from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, inviting us to go to a meeting to learn how to be a part of their fundraising system that involved running marathons. So we both signed up.

And then it was that we each had to raise like $3,000 each to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego. So we weren’t just training to run our first marathon, we had to raise money. I was tapping all the time during my training runs. I even wrote… I wrote several newsletters or posts for Gary Craig’s original EFT site on how I used tapping in these really offshoot ways. I would be running while I was tapping, I can’t run, I’m too tired, I wanna quit, I wanna stop and walk. And I would do the run walk thing. But we were given the support we needed. See, that’s what you wanna enroll yourself in supportive places so you can…you’re not gonna be able to do a lot of things on your own effort, you’re going to bail.

So this is a great place for support to really realize some of your dreams and to fulfill your purpose because we’re here to support you with that. So I had a support community of other people that were training. And we even got into an argument one day and I said, “I don’t have time to raise the money, you’ll have to raise some money for me.” “I’m not raising your money, you have to use your own money,” I said, “I don’t have time I’m building a business” blah, blah, blah. This is 2000, we ran the marathon in 2001. And we did it. We would do energy circles around the money showing up, the checks would come in, people would respond to us favorably. And every time a check or some money came in, we would woohoo, we’d celebrate it.

And was that part of my life purpose? Yes, because I was learning so much and it was a real coming into more fullness of me. It was so exciting and it was hard, it was challenging. I’m not a runner, I’m really not it. It takes me 5 hours and 15 minutes to run a marathon. I mean, the average time is at least four, the rock star runners come in under three. But we did it, we raised our money…because the deal is with that particular fundraising scenario, you have to put it on your credit card by a certain timeline, you can’t bail on them, you basically have to say, I’m in this. We did it, we ran it.

One of the most spiritual moments in my life was crossing that… I mean, it brings me just…it really moves me, right now, to cross that finish line. I did something I once thought was impossible. Our coach, that was a volunteer for this organization, he ran in the last mile with me, he said, “Carol, look at you, you’ve been willing to be out here for over five hours those people that do it in three, he really built it up.” He’s a Type One guy and he was awesome. And I literally dropped to my knees in tears knowing I just accomplished something I never thought was possible.

And so, I know being moved to do these things were in a direct connection with kind of this purpose, but did it help me develop as a human being, and really believe in myself? In a huge way, huge way. So what are you doing that’s helping you… And you may not think…see, this has anything to do with my purpose when it’s spot on connected to your purpose because it’s preparing you.

As I said earlier, if what you’re meant to do in the fullest grandest capacity showed up for you now, you probably…there’s a good chance you could sabotage it, and it would come and go. You are being prepared in many ways, you’re being given opportunities to allow yourself to show up, to work out your kinks, and your patterns that cause struggle and sabotage.

So you’re getting a lot of preparatory experiences and trial runs so that you can be in a place that when it’s forming and its fullest, bam, you’re there. And you’re able to step in and that your fullness of you without bring in all that stuff into it. And some of you are in that space, of really now coming into your own because you’ve done a lot of work and you’re fine-tuning. And you come into my space, having been a veteran of healing, and we’re tweaking it, and you’re really seeing that now. That you’re tweaking and fine tuning and polishing. So good for you.

So it’s all good, it’s all perfect. It’s just what are you choosing today? What are you gonna choose tomorrow that’s gonna support you in showing up rather than settling and living a compromised life like so many people do?

Last question. How to tell if you are doing something because you really want to or if you’re doing it because you’re trying to please others. That’s easy, where’s it coming from? Those…did you hear the energy of those I love, love, love this. You feel it, you feel it in your body, you feel it in the wholeness of it, versus a mental thing that you think you should do. You’re learning to know the difference, to trust that and to, again, not give the mental mind, that chatter in your head, so much preference and power.

Your knowing comes from beyond a thought, it comes from your whole being, and it moves you, and to be discerning and trusting of that. And like I’ve said, does that mean you’re free and clear, it’s gonna be a cakewalk? No, is it gonna call you up to things that you don’t think you’re ready for? Yeah, that’s okay. Because you’re gonna fall to your knees once you cross that finish line and go, “I just did something that I once thought I couldn’t.” And you’re gonna go to the next thing that you once thought you couldn’t do. And it’s gonna form…and God’s gonna keep saying to you, “Good for you, I can give you more.”

Because I had that experience multiple times as I’ve shown who I’m willing to listen to. And I’ve been willing to listen to the inner workings of my spiritual promptings and to really allow them to be loud and clear. And you can just say, if you have a tendency to have that get drowned it out, then ask for it to get louder and more potent. Say, could you put that on about 10 loudspeakers for me because I really, really wanna hear it. I really want to have it so strong that I cannot ignore it.

And I’ll close with this, knowing what’s correct comes from a place of faith and knowing and you feel kind of filling of it. The other shoulds, have tos, need tos, fears, come from a place of sinking, the energy feels like you’re losing energy, and it feels like you’re settling for something. And you know, can you choose into something that’s correct, that’s really purposeful and still have some fears? Yeah, because you know, you have some…it’s challenging you, it’s kind of enrolling the parts of you that aren’t realized yet. Yeah, so you’ll know, you know, trust yourselves, you know the difference, keep trusting it.

So real quick, let’s just end with an excerpt from my book “Mastering Affluence.” And I’m gonna go through…share how this call has helped you tonight, it would be nice to read those in the comments. What’s your takeaway? Remember, keep it brief. “My take away tonight is…,” What’s your big takeaway tonight? How did this help you?

“Is it okay for you to do something just for the money? You may never need to because we live at a time when we can blend a purposeful cause with making money. But let yourself get there in your beliefs and feelings so that you can completely free money up to be just what it is, an energetic resource and tool.”

That comes from having…in the book I teach that…people say, “Well, I’m just doing it for the money.” Well, you know, that gets deemed as, “That’s so worldly.” Maybe that is a good thing, you’re just doing it for the money. Let yourself have that, I’m just doing this for the money. I don’t feel that’s what [inaudible 01:17:45]. I’d go sell high valued real estate if I’m gonna do something just for the money. I’d be really good at it, you know, I’d be like the lady on “Shark Tank.” I could sell really valuable properties, I’m sure of it.

The whole message in this is, you may never need to do something just for the money. Meaning, you could do other things that have a purpose and can include money, so you can blend that. It’s okay to open yourself up to money being that spiritual of an experience for you.

We’ll be on next week. I’m gonna ask for a volunteer to join me, so be looking for that invitation in a post in the Facebook group. Because I wanna do some one on one work with someone in next week’s coaching call. So you can all get the benefit of them being in proxy for all of you. So that’ll be fun. I do that quite often and it’ll be fun to bring on another person. Thanks for giving me your time and your attention in tonight’s call. I trust that it was supportive to you. We’ll talk to you next week.

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