Live Coaching Call March 26, 2019

1 hour, 14 minute video

This call focuses on the questions or frustrations that may arise as you go through the Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose. You will learn how to tune into your body to know what’s correct for you. Carol coaches her guest, Chloe to help her open the energy and trust what’s next for her.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Frustration because you want your life purpose to be “grand”

Feeling as though your life path is not yours to claim

Shame that caused you to let go of your passions

Staying in your head trying to know what’s right

You Want To:

Allow your life purpose to unfold as it’s meant to

Shift the energy that helps you let go of fear

Heal the inner wounded child that keeps you triggered

Lower into your body to feel what’s correct

Affirmation for this Session:

I am clearly seeing the next step of my life path and moving forward with ease and confidence.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 16:28

Session Transcript

Hello, welcome to the Carol Tuttle Healing Center Life Coaching Call. I’m Carol Tuttle. You’ve been seeing a lot of me and you’re healing worked. Thank you for trusting me and being a part of this fabulous community. It’s always inspiring to read your success stories, your updates, your questions, your outreach for help and support. I’m grateful for all of the like-minded and very mutually hearted people in this community. And it’s my pleasure and honor to be a support and a guide to you.

We are now in the third week, week three, of Healing Plan For Living Your Life Purpose. If you know someone that’s a Healing Center member that if you want I tag ’em we’ll notify them on their Facebook page, tag them in the comment that we’re live right now. So we can get more people on the call. We will have time for a live Q&A after the submitted questions. And then I have a live guest tonight, one of our healing center members who volunteered to receive support from me, who’s feeling blocked and stuck in moving forward in what she’s feeling very passionate and very drawn to in her life’s work.

So that will be really supportive to everyone to have her be in a manner as a proxy for you. So you can get your own insights. It’s always best to start these call with an intention and my intention is to serve and support you and to really be able to tune in to what is the most supportive to the group at large hence provide answers, insights and even techniques where it’s valuable to give you more information and tools to support your own healing. I’m a big believer that we have powerful healing capacities when they are employed. When we know what’s keeping them from doing their thing, get out of our own way and actually step in then to activate these healing properties that we’re all carriers of. Both spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

So tonight’s call we’re looking at this third week in the Life Purpose Plan. And the work that you were doing for this week and week three was you’ve been repeating the clearing for blocking or resisting your sole purpose. That’s been repetitive in each week to really help you go deep with that. Certain clearings, when done repetitiously, will take you into deeper issues and blocks to help you lift and clear those. So hopefully you’ve been doing that and then clearing session for old religious shaming.

This is a clearing that you inherit a lot of belief systems that may not even be present in your thinking mind but they’re present in your energy imprint. Meaning you’re a carrier of it energetically and that causes an interference based on what more people in your family line have embraced as beliefs and the time period of your DNA. And so we’re cleaning that up. And so even in the instructions I make a note to tell you, you may not believe this personally but there’s a good chance someone in your family line, your ancestral line, did and there’s residue of that that you’re clearing.

Has anyone had an experience with that where they really identified with that connection to say “Wow this wasn’t really me, but boy I know where this is coming from, this was grandma. Or wow, I know the story of my, you know, second great grandfather and that this energy has been hanging out in our family since then.” I know I had a lot of revelatory aha’s doing this kind of work when I was immersed in it very deeply. That I was very fascinated by my family genealogy more for the healing potential than I think for any…rather the stories were fascinating to me you know. What happened to them and what did they get stuck and what’s there feel?

So that information was really…it wasn’t necessary to know it and nor do you need to know it for this to work. Your energy knows what it wants to get rid of. It’s just fascinating to the thinking mind to know some of those stories. Anybody had any aha’s or insights from doing that session. And then this is to my opinion one of the most powerful sessions they offered in the healing center. It’s called Clearing Session For Pre-birth Trauma. You may not have gotten to that one yet.

A lot of breakthroughs for people on that one. Because it sets you up to consider that you may have had hesitation, resistance to come to your physical experience, the family you’re being born into. It’s kind of pre your life story to clean up anything that could have been potentially created in that point of your experience in the internal spectrum. Or the ongoing spectrum of the existence of you. And I know personally, that was very powerful for me when I first did that many years ago to even consider it was to put myself in the position that I could actually observe my family and before joining them and going.

All right, I’m sure like good to know, I’ve made this choice, I can do this. So what’s been your experience, have you had a chance to do that one yet? The pre-birth trauma, it’s a good one and it’s not research you’re gonna find…I don’t even know anywhere else you can find that. And an online support resource that I’m the only one offering that specifically to my knowledge, so it’s a good one. And then bonding with your soul, making a connection, yeah, once you move through your life experience there may be in shifts, and turns, and changes and what may have started as within a religious experience that you may have made different choices to exit from or make alterations on how you choose into that. Or there’s just so many variables that can kink up this connection to our soul. Because in our formative years we’re taught to believe a certain way and we’re presented with a certain construct of belief that then creates that reference to having a connection to God, our soul, and divinity. And so is that’s changing in our lives that we’re redefining it. We can’t mentally make disconnects and emotionally disconnect from this source for us, this higher power, the higher power of us, the higher self. There’s a different terminology used, they do reference the same thing, in my opinion, your higher self, your soul. The part of you that’s all conscious and very aware and guiding your life journey. And really that session’s meant to plug you in again. So that that’s an ongoing energy feeding you, guiding you, supporting you. And if you have a break, or disconnect, or a kink, in that you’ll feel the struggle more, you’ll feel the angst and sort of I’m on my own.

And I don’t wanna be here because really there’s a sense of separation from God. A sense of separation from your own divinity and we’re meant to have that be a very open clear channel. And that’s the part of us that fully 100% sees the bigger picture and knows our life purpose and knows our timeline and things play out according to our highest good. And so you want to have alliance and alignment with that so you feel a patience in the journey. Because when you’re not really…if you’re not fully connected to that divine aspect of your true self, you won’t feel that patience, you’ll feel it’s all on you.

When you feel you’re in a participant more rather than just it’s all up to you. How many of you were on my call earlier today? I don’t think I’ll take time to repeat the story. But I highly recommend you listen you go to my Facebook page, You’ll find pinned at the top a recording, a broadcast I did with my daughter, announcing some new updates to dressing your truth site. Addressing your truth experience and how we’ve updated the website to be much more user-friendly to experience the content-rich assets we have there.

And I told a story about how I felt so…like I wasn’t living my life purpose anymore about a year and a half ago. Someone asked the question about why I stopped selling clothes blah, blah, blah. Well, that prompted me to tell the bigger story of my prayerful quest to just say, “Look, you know, I don’t feel I’m living my purpose but if this is what I meant to do I will live this as my purpose.” And there’s a lot for you to learn from that because even telling the story today I thought, oh, the Healing Center members need to hear the story. Because I didn’t try and force a change, I basically surrendered to God, to my soul and just said you know, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. And if this is it you know, then fine I’ll do it. I’m not gonna fight it or try and change it. I will comply. I’ll do it with love in my heart. I’m a little surprised, but hey.

So, go watch that and you’ll see how things shifted for me without me efforting. It showed up as I surrendered to a power greater than myself to put things in order and just say, “You know if I’m meant to be doing something else some other things will show up. And I’m gonna just keep doing what I’m doing and trust the bigger outcome. And it changed, powerfully, my whole…our whole business model changed as a result of me saying this prayer and surrendering and trusting and being willing to do what I was doing at the time. I think that was the big difference is even though intellectually it didn’t feel. And you know, on many levels it didn’t feel aligned with my gifts and what I’m able to share and contribute to the world, I was still willing to do what I was currently doing. And I wasn’t gonna force a change.

So go watch that because it’s a great example of really how do we navigate all of this, in a way that we’re being conscientious of our role as a creator. But there’s this constant balance of “I’m creating my life and yet I still need to surrender.” You know, “Where do I play? Where do I come forward? Where do I allow?” And this kind of balance of the two that as you become more clear of the baggage you carry, you have your sensory mechanism to know this is an opportunity I need to take, be proactive and really apply myself. I need to now just really be patient and let myself be here and see what develops and trust, trust a power beyond myself.

I have a quote I want to share with you before I get into the questions. Well, I’m gonna share a success story. This is a quote that I’ve saved for many, many years on my note app. “Rise by kneeling, conquer by surrendering, gain by giving up.” And it’s knowing when that’s the correct proactive choice, is very inspired action because that’s when you create space for the energy of the divine, all things that represent that God. Whatever your belief system is, if it’s Christ, if it’s your higher self, it’s the force of nature, you create space for this power beyond you to come in and manipulate the circumstances to open the way and realign your life. And it’s knowing when that’s the case. And you’ll know, that’s again that deeper knowing that all-compassing knowing. And I love that quote “Rise by kneeling, conquer by surrendering, gain by giving up.”

There was a very significant time in my life where that was my mantra. Because that was really the stance I needed to take was to let go and allow. And there’s a lot of that out when it comes to your life purpose because your timing may be off or you’re just not getting it quite right. And I will also say if you’re not living through your energy type, you’re not in the right vibe. So that’s a very important piece so if that a piece you have not taken care of yet, you do have access to that for free That’s where I offer the energy profiling course independent as a separate offering that’s not connected to the dressing your truth. So that’s a piece that you just need to really get yourself really clear on and facial profiling is the key to that. And I’ve just produced some really great facial profiling that you find on YouTube or both are free to the public. You can’t get your purpose into manifestation if you are trying to live contrary to your nature, which I call your energy types. So make sure that’s in place.

The success story I have for this week was shared by Mary Hendrickson. “Just want to share that I was very inspired by the last coaching call. I absolutely love the part about the cold shower and the idea of telling your mind that it doesn’t always get a say. I was very inspired and thought well, I want to be like that so I’ve started entering my showers on the coldest setting as a start. Surprisingly once I catch my breath, I love it. It is so invigorating. I was also inspired about the marathons. I couldn’t quite quiet my mind enough to do a full marathon but I did sign up for my first half marathon. And I’m genuinely excited about it. Since starting the life purpose plan I’ve done a lot of things for myself that I have always wanted to do. But have just needed to get myself to start. Maybe my life’s purpose is to simply be joyful.”

You know it could be that simple, really. And to make the best of the day-to-day that you have and the opportunities you have each day, you know. And it can be that simple for some people. So how many of you have tried a cold shower? Share in the comment. My God, we could call ourselves the cold shower club, that was not my intention in sharing that. Like I was just telling you what I do, the idea was, do things that you talked yourself out of. You don’t want your mind to have that much say because, in order to really stick it out in materializing your life purpose, there are so many times you need to be willing to go through some challenges and not quit. And just say throw in the towel kind of thing and it teaches your mind to just go, “Not listening to you because I know the correct thing to do. And my mind’s gonna chatter away and tell me I don’t wanna any of this. I’m gonna just stop.”

So good for you. If cold showers are your way to train your mind. I’m honored you would take my suggestion. This was asked in a few different ways, the question I’m gonna share and there are variables of it that we’ve chosen parts and pieces to represent this. “I’m 55 and feel like there’s something really big out there for me. How do I tap into my intuition to gain clarity on when that might be?” Here’s another variable. “I’m having trouble seeing my path clearly. I am 40 now and ready to step into my own power. What is keeping me so stuck?” And another. “I’m wondering if my life purpose is something truly grand or if it’s just as simple as helping people?” And “I so want to live my purpose and they feel that just in the last two weeks my understanding of my purpose has catapulted. But as I said I am unsure of where to go now with what I am learning about myself and the pieces of purpose I’m finding?”

You know, that’s again the mind qualifying things grand, small, little, big, I don’t, you know, maybe. I had a gentleman write me and that was very depressed years ago and he said, “Carol, I just wanted you to know I was potentially at a place where I wanted to take my life. I did not have the money to invest in your paid content, but I used every YouTube video you put out there and I healed my life. And I’m active and I’m out of that slump and I’m doing great. Thank you.” So, see, if I had done nothing else but produced on YouTube…if I helped that one purpose isn’t that grand, that one person, isn’t that grand? Isn’t that phenomenal? I was just so honored by that because he…for him to take the time and share that, you know. Is it only grand if I reach…so I’m looking at my experience. Is it only grand if I reach so many people?

This is where you’ve got… I encourage you to drop these references to big, it’s grand. Right away you’re setting yourself up for overwhelm to go, you know, and do you need that to enroll yourself like it’s not worth your time unless it’s a really big deal. I just think you get in your own way when you put those adjectives on it. You know, when I wrote “Remembering Wholeness” years ago and it was 1999 when I wrote that book. And it was really ahead of its time in what I was teaching. It was published originally in 2000, the first edition and I highly recommend you read “Remembering Wholeness,” it’s just full of a ton of aha’s.

I thought I’d be going on Oprah within the next few years. Yeah, I thought for sure this is like right down where I’m healing from sexual abuse, it’s her story, we have so much in common, we’re a similar age, I’m the first person to write a book that really teaches where it is metaphysics and healing fit in the world of Christianity and yeah. I’m for sure going on. Well, I didn’t and I never did. I heard from so many people, “You should be on Oprah, you should be on Oprah.” You know, as if it was a phone call away. Did I try? Yeah, but it never was. And I’m at the point where I was like I’m just gonna be my own Oprah. I’m not gonna think I need Oprah. But it was the thing of the day if you’re an author, if you’re getting on the internet, it was like “You gotta get on Oprah.” I didn’t, a lot of things that I thought would happen in the front end of this never did. And they certainly did not happen on the timeline I thought they would. In fact, I had the impression very strongly as I moved into my 60s that this would probably be you know, I was told this will be your most successful decade of your career.

But I thought that was gonna start happening in my 40s. So see this is where you set yourself up totally feeling frustrated or disappointed because grand, large, whatever. You may misinterpret what promptings you’re getting nor does it matter. This is what I learned to do as things didn’t happen as I thought they would and this is in response to the question I can’t see my path. Well, then see the next 10 feet of it ask yourself and this is what really got me on my path and got me moving, it was what’s the next correct action item? What’s the next correct thing I need to do? That’s all I needed to know was what is the next correct thing I need to do? Because I’ve been at this a while. I launched my first website in 2000. I’m not a newbie online, I’m a veteran. I was online before they had Facebook. Before blogs existed, before social media was a thing, I put myself out there on the internet. I had the original healing center launched in 2003. It was you know, it was a very beta version of what you’re experiencing now.

And I started to practice the correct next step approach to my purpose. Because, wow, in 2000 could I have predicted where we were gonna be with content sharing in 2019? No, none of it had been created yet, no one even, it didn’t even exist. I couldn’t have seen where this was going. So you will be given the next correct step and I was given that and then I did it. And then I said what’s the next correct step. And I did that and I didn’t have many…in the early days, I didn’t have much more than a few steps that I was even made aware of. I wasn’t shown the whole thing, there was no way I could have been shown it. My mind didn’t have any way to conceptualize it. And so take the adjectives off of grand, great. You know maybe it’ll be grand to some person in the site. But the thing is if your grand doesn’t look like what you thought grand would look like, you’ll think you didn’t fulfill it.

And if you’re big doesn’t look like you think big looks like whatever your interpretation of that is, notice the feeling, you’re getting a feeling, a sense of things and putting a label on it. Just notice the feeling. I feel moved, I feel strongly moved, instead of this is a big deal. I feel moved. Okay, what am I moved to do? Get me clearly honest over platter my next correct step. And I’m feeling really moved that this is going to be significant in what manner? I have no idea. Because that’s kind of how our soul plays with us because you gotta keep signing on and trusting and saying you’ve got to just learn to follow. Hello, quit trying to drive the bus you know, and I had to learn to do that all through these years.

And that’s where my story on my other broadcast today really shows how far I’d come in that, that you know, I’m not even my own CEO. I’ve given that the reins of running my business to someone else and have for several years. Ultimately, I don’t get to say what we’re doing, I get to advise, I get to share. But it’s in I fully let him be the one that makes the final decision. So two things from that answer. Feel the energy of it and maybe the energy is feeling grand. But that’s maybe just to get you going, it doesn’t need to look like a certain outcome. And what’s the next correct step? And even if you’re shown 10 feet of your life plan then be willing to see that. Okay?

“I’m wondering in my purpose is something truly grand?” Oh, here we go again, grand. Or if it’s just a simple as my purpose being to help people no matter what I’m doing, whether I’m earning money or not. I used to think I had some big, great purpose but I’ve come to realize and accept that my purpose is as simple as helping others. Am I missing something?” No, helping others is grand, I’ll tell we”re really doing any of us you’re helping animals, you’re helping nature, you’re most likely your life purpose is gonna have something to do with helping people, helping animals or helping wildlife or trees or nature. Okay? You’re contributing to the betterment of some system. Okay? Does that mean that it has to be thousands of people? Not necessarily. It could be you work in a classroom and you are making a difference in helping the children with whatever that system needs from you. Okay? But there’s always that connection with a system that’s affecting a network of something.

“My biggest challenge right now is feeling like I can’t change. Like what’s the point putting in all that work because I’m afraid it won’t work for me. I’ve started a couple of different healing plans and I’m just having trouble with follow through and recognize that it’s because I feel like I will just always be stuck in not enough.” If you were sitting with me in my office, because I had clients like this, I would then proceed in this manner. I would say, okay, I’d first in my mind think, okay, could this be a cop-out? Because there’s really fear here. There’s fear of failure or there’s fear of taking on response…there’s a fear of being seen, being noticed because that part of you is still hiding out. Is this a cop-out? Is this like they think this is the issue when it’s really just a facade and it’s not the real issue? The real issue is I’m scared. I’m really scared and I’m just gonna keep pretending I’m stuck but the truth is I’m paralyzed, I’m so scared. So you want to find out is this really it or is it a facade that’s keeping you from the deeper issue?

So what I would do would be the scramblers and I would do, “I need, I need to stay stuck. I need, I need…” now go to your needs scrambler session and plug in the phrase “to stay stuck.” “I need, I need not to stay stuck. I need, I need not-not to say stuck.” What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna hit two things with that one clearing. First, if it really is you’re just stuck and that’s a pattern then you’re gonna open that energy up. If there’s something underneath it you’re gonna move that out of the way and get to the real issue, what’s the deeper issue that’s running that’s keeping you from showing up.

I’d also go do the birth clearing and I’d really run through the birth canal. I’m stuck in the birth canal, can’t move forward, can’t move back. I’d do that segment of the birth clearing multiple times, three, four times because that could have been the original stuck energy. Any time a client came into me and said I feel stuck rather than it just being this attitude, I really believed in sense, there’s an energy here that they’re getting compromised by. Where does it come from? Were you stuck in the birth canal? Was your birth slow and difficult? Was there a long labor? We’re you hesitant to come out? I always went back, I threw that in, I might be doing a clearing and this is the thing you can do. I haven’t because I could move pieces around in a live session. But you could be in the middle about clearing for anger, stuck in anger and I’d throw in stuck in the birth canal, clear it, release it.

And I throw that piece in, to another clearing, because the theme’s still related to this original energy imprint. And I want to share a quick announcement. You wanna hang around here because like that’s some new resources we’re gonna publish in June. I just met with Turner, my CEO and I said, “You know, I’d really like to get this released in June. But I have multiple variables of clearing script through every birth variable. Well, I’m gonna say nearly every birth variable out there that I’m gonna publish as an adjunct resource to the birth clearing, meaning you were born C-section, what energy does that set you up with? Breach, we’ve got adoption, we’ve got possible miscarried you have got…I’ve got all these variables of your birth that I’ve been working on in creating the clearing scripts.

I’m not gonna create separate videos for life journey and any energy that may have gotten imprinted at birth. And I’m really excited for those to be completed by and published by June for you to start working with because it’s so fascinating. I had someone ask me recently, last week. they were feeling like they just didn’t have the right to succeed. That they felt like a phony. Right away I go in my intuitive hit was they’ve got illegitimate births in this family. I know it because energy is…that’s what creates that. And sure enough, I asked the question has there been any illegitimate births in your family system?

And there were many several accounts of it. And I said, “That’s where this coming from.” And I gave her some suggestions on what to clear, sort of a very brief synopsis of the clearing saying that’s where it is. And someone else asked “Why are we using that word illegitimate? Isn’t that kind of antiquated?” And I said, “You exactly want to use the wording that’s been culturally used for decades, that shaming, you wanna go after the shaming labels that are keeping us from really thriving and that’s why we use that word. Because that was a very shaming reference, “Illegitimate, born out of wedlock,” you know, that is just not okay. Lot’s of shame attached to that one.

And so I’m not trying to be politically correct. I wanna be fine let’s fight all the politically incorrect verbiage and let’s clean it out of our energy because that’s what we’re dong. So I look forward to that in June. But in answer to your question, that stuck energy, do what I’ve just told you to do and move that. Rather than let it win out every time. Okay? You’re letting it be the stronger influence and that’s ready to open the energy. Another citrine would be a great gemstone for you to get because it opens the energy of patterns for you to break free of that. And then as far as an essential oil I would get “I am present” because you’re dissociating, you’re just checking out and you’re letting yourself feel it’s okay to compromise. So you wanna get really uncomfortable in your compromised state like you’re so tired of this. So “I am present” is gonna make you more fully present in your discomfort. So you want to choose differently.

“During the visualization for connecting to my life purpose I saw myself on my life’s path but the edges of my path were curled up, that was very narrow. I imagine myself smoothing out the edges and widening the paths to allow my fulfillment and purpose into my life. But I hold the fear that if my path were wide and contained multiple aspects of my life’s purpose, I would get destructed and lose sight on my role as a mother. Which is not only my highest priority but also extremely demanding and all-consuming leaving no time or energy for much else. What would widening my path look like? What would fill that space? I am trying to hold the image of a wide path.”

Sounds like you need the wide path to give yourself more energetic space for your role as a mother. You just said it was extremely demanding and if there’s not enough space to hold you, widen the path and it’s filled with that. If that’s your purpose and calling right now to serve your family in the role of mother, then fill your path with that. But don’t make it all tight and stretchy so you feel all overwhelmed in it. Spread out the energy, give yourself more space to operate. So this is an unrealistic fear it’s unnecessary and this is your mind doing its thing, so ignore it.

“My biggest challenge has been to believe that I can live the path that is mine. To release the belief that it’s not for me, it’s useless to try, has felt like a mountain to me. I feel displaced on my own path, I can’t seem to ever land on it or claim it. The clearings give me some relief but the mountain feels bigger.” Every time you feel that I suggest you do this visualization. It’s a quick one and I also suggest you do an energy sketch, a before and after of the energy. You just made a claim that you feel like you’re this tiny person standing in front of a big mountain, then it’s surmounting you, these challenges seem overwhelming. Okay, in that moment the visualization is the mountain gets really tiny, you get really big and you step over it. Change the energy, the visualization will change the energy. Do a sketch of that, see that mountain really big, you’re really tiny. Do the, how are you changing the energy? “You’ve just morphed it, that mountain is really tiny, you’re really big.” You go, “Look at that little pile of dirt I’m stepping over it.” That shifts the energy, that all opens the space for you to move forward. Now you’re gonna show yourself, “What am I really scared of here?” And clear that, clear your fear, do that clearing session for fear.

“I’m pretty sure about my passions and gifts, but I stopped bracing them out of a feeling of shame and fear of what my family expectations are. For my family, it is very important to keep the facade, fit in and act normal. Even, in reality, everything is breaking and painful. I start laying out details of my dream and then I panic and give up. Adjust my plans to what everyone else is doing and what seems more realistic. These plans, their plans make me cringe and take out the joy from me. I quit before starting. But my dreams never go away. How can I overcome this feeling of shame and follow my dream? Where does the shame come from and what triggers it?” You are flip-flopping in your adult-aware energy of “This is my dream, this is what I want, I’m making plans.” Then you’ll flip into, “I’m the wounded child, I’m scared, I have to say a part of this family system and do what they want me to do.” Then you flip back into adult-aware state and you’re like committed and you’re gonna do it.

And then you get triggered and you flip into wounded child state and you’re the 8-year-old again. Eight-year-old comes up for you, something happened at 8-years-old where you gave yourself up and you signed onto the family system energy and went along with it. And so you keep flipping into it, that’s where it comes from, you’re getting triggered into your wounded 8-year-old self that goes right back into that role. You’ve got to hold and the more healing work you do, any time you do that flip go clear that wounded inner child till it’s not a job to be in charge of your life plan. Eight-year-olds cannot live your purpose. Their purpose is to go have fun. Enroll her in her purpose. A child’s purpose is to be eight. Enroll her in being eight. Her purpose is to not worry about the family, send them off with healing angels, give her the safety and support she needs, what were her interests? What would have been her life if she’d been supported in living true to herself, give her that life? So, see what you’re doing? That’s where it’s coming from and you’re just flip-flopping and you’ve got to keep working on the work you’re doing, it’s gonna help you remain stabilizing your adult aware energy. So you’ll kind of just go, “Well, I’m an adult and they can do what they want.” And you know everybody gets that choice.

So keep doing the healing work. I’d recommend after this you do the healing plan for childhood wending. Excellent, excellent plan, every human being would benefit from going through that. And get the “I am nurtured” oil. Start nurturing your own inner child with the “I am nurtured” oil, very powerful. The life purpose affirmations and script talk a lot about turning, within what exactly does this look like? Do the different types have different ways of turning within? Have you read “Mastering Affluence,” I teach this in more detail, what does it mean to turn within our outer world comparative to our inner world? The first part one of the book talks about this variable of our existence. The outer world is all of this, the physical world. The inner world is the inner experience of us, our thoughts, our feelings, our visions, we read and feel energy. The inner world of self, our spiritual experience. It’s all inner. And we’re now exploring our inner world, we used to primarily exist as humanity with outer world exploration, we’ve turned within.

I heard an interesting… I was listening to a podcast I really love, that I listen to frequently is this…it’s the NPR Podcast “This American Life.” And did you know that before the 1950s that the psychologists in the medical field and psychiatrists believed that the child… they didn’t believe in love that that doesn’t exist. That it couldn’t be quantified, it didn’t exist so they couldn’t see it as a thing. And they started doing tests, radical tests, that they really felt all the child need was physical needs being met, there is no reference to emotional support. And they started to do studies to now show the evidence that emotional bonding was critical for a human being’s welfare and being healthy on all levels. And that was interesting to me that even practically in my own lifetime, I was born in 1957, that they didn’t even believe in love and the power of the emotional experience of who they are as humans. It’s kind of like the emotional self didn’t exist and their reference to being human at least not by science and the medical experts. We are now just in the very early stages of exploring our emotional selves and that’s why children are coming into this world emotionally alive and connected.

Those of us that have been through this major shift on the planet in the last 50 years, we’ve had to claim our emotions and learn how to feel safe in feeling them. Children have no problem feeling their feelings, that’s why parents read my book “The Child Whisperer,” So many do because they’re like there’s too much emotion because they’re riding a lot of their parents’ emotion too. It’s like they’re willing to account for emotional energy, they’re turned on emotionally. So they’re gonna not only run their own emotion they could be running the emotion for the whole family. And then they think something’s wrong with their child, they’re overstimulated, they’re over-reactive. It’s like now they’re just a conduit for emotion because they are so emotionally powerful. So they become the intersection that everybody’s emotion is running through and they don’t even know they’re doing it. Because they come with their emotional self turned on, that’s the inner world, your inner self is training your mind, growing yourself up emotionally, becoming your own spiritual authority. And really now having your inner world is active and strong as your outer world reference. And read on that “Mastering Affluence,” we’ll put a link in the comments, you can get for $10 because it really teaches what I just shared in this brief comment.

“How do you move forward on a life purpose that involves someone else if they are not ready? I feel strongly that my family is being called to adopt. We have three biological kids and are planning more. My husband is on board but feels it isn’t until after we are finished having biological children. With the impressions and dreams I’m having I feel like it is now. I keep seeing our next child being handed to us instead of me birthing it. FYI I’m a one-two and he’s a four-three if it helps.” I am an adopted mother. You don’t hear much about my adopted son right now because he’s 31 and he’s chosen to be on his own. And we’ve had some criteria in order to have a relationship with him due to some really big dysfunctional patterns we all played out together. That in order for us to work that out we felt it was correct to see a therapist. And he didn’t want anything to do with that. So we kind of said, “Well, you know you do your thing and we respect that.”

And so I’d go with your husband, I would not push it. I would not. It is going to be you…I’ve learned a lot about that space. I did have to adopt a boy who was not an infant, he was older, he actually came into our lives when he was 11. He came into our family full time at 15. He was adopted by then the next year. And you will have things and if you cannot be congruent in your decision if one is coerced to do it, you’re gonna have issues on top of everything else you’re gonna have to deal with. And make sure, I would say as an adopted parent, you really, really know what you’re getting involved with, you need to talk to you know, type one you might be like, “Yeah, we can do this.” And I’m not suggesting that this is not…obviously, it’s correct for a lot of people and it’s amazing, it’s just be very informed so you’re not wondering why it can be so hard at times.

That you’re expecting what’s gonna show up and you’re prepared and you get the people that are qualified to support you. My biggest mistake was we should have had a professional involved from a much earlier stage than when things had gone too far. But hey, I’m a type three and I’m like in the healing world. So I think yeah, I can handle this. Well, I wasn’t qualified in all fronts to do that. So I certainly wouldn’t talk him into it and to try to get him to do it. You’ll have issues with each other because he’ll feel like that he’ll hang on to that and his recollection of he wasn’t ready when there’s challenges. So just from my personal experience, that’s what I recommend. Let’s go to some life questions and then we’re gonna meet our guests for tonight.

“I got a super specific message from my soul on the first week, write a Victorian mystery. And after doing the light path sketch where I drew myself holding a book and a pen and lots of dollar signs I’ve been getting messages to write contemporary romance and to move ahead with an old blog idea called Craving Peace. I feel bombarded with ideas and I’m a little confused to get any hits on this.” No, I don’t know, I can’t get a hit on something so specific to you, I get hits on what’s blocking you. If I can just ask what order am I to do this? Which is the…and it may not matter and maybe whatever one just start with one. Here you got two options, if you didn’t like the Victorian one here do this one, but do something, that’s my hit. Do something, we gave you two choices, go for it. “Carol mentioned somewhere that she’ll talk about her word choice between right and correct. I’d love to hear some on that.”

What would happened in the use of the word “right” because there’s a big history of what’s right and wrong in our family systems and our value systems? Right and wrong has had a lot of morphing and changing over the centuries and cultures that preceded us. So you can’t get as clear and I think I’ll hit is that the right thing to do? Because now it’s more in a mental space where when I ask myself the question or I have my husband ask me the question, “Is it correct for you to do this?” I get a more whole body response rather than a mental processing response. So I prefer that languaging, it worked better for me. See if that works better for you because it keeps you out of your head and more in your whole body knowing.

“I keep feeling a lot of guilt and fear when I call down the powers of heaven to help me. I have read “Mastering Affluence,” and worked through the worksheet on religious shaming including generational. But I still feel a lot of guilt when I do this one routine. I feel this tug of war inside me that I could feel so much joy when Christ suffered so much pain. I know that is the whole reason he suffered but I don’t know how to get past these feelings.” That’s your constructed belief and how you’ve been led, either been taught, or you’ve interpreted it. I don’t think it’s an either or experience like somehow you’re not meant to feel joy, you just have more clearing to do. And to keep lifting this guilt and maybe a flawed perception of how you’re interpreting this that somehow that’s a really old concept that the penance you know, pay your dues the benevolent God versus the angry vigilante God, you know where you’re meant to feel bad. So where’s the benevolence because benevolence would suggest that you’re meant to feel joyful and that would have been a great pleasure to Christ as you experience Christ.

“Does illegitimate include unplanned or unintended?” No, that’s very different, illegitimate is very specifically conception occurs out of wedlock, but there is scripts for unplanned and unwanted and look forward to those in June. So thanks for not asking me for those beforehand. We’ll get those published in June. Look how fast time goes by, it’s practically April. It will be June before you blink 10 times. I mean I’m amazed at the speed of time. When journaling sometimes I have something come to me right away and other times nothing even with the question, “What is my superpower?” One day, immediate response, the next nothing. What causes that?” Are you asking the same question over? It’s like something like that, like that might be because well, you got your answer, it’s not changing. Or you’re just meant to be in stillness like it’s okay. Like that’s okay, be with, see that what comes of it.

“Is there a healing session that would help with feeling imprisoned? I realize I’ve created many situations where I felt imprisoned in my life. My soul even told me to stop creating these situations for myself. Thanks for saying it. Joy, thanks for saying it like it is, dear soul, but I’ll also easily feel imprisoned in normal situations where others wouldn’t. I think the roots are generational apparently probably from my grandpa who was a prisoner of war for some time. And probably also from my own childhood.” Yeah, I would definitely that I would trace it back to your ancestor who was a prisoner of war for sure. And there could be others that were imprisoned within their cultures, that were imprisoned within a hierarchy and systems and we go way, way back into our family line stories definitely can be there. You can see the sun’s going down, it’s getting darker in here.

But definitely script something for yourself about what’s it feel like and tap into your grand…as you say your grandfather’s experience and write a clearing script that’s very specific to being imprisoned. And then write their reframes based on the opposite to that and you can have a really powerful tool to work with. I think you’re right on with that and what you’ve tuned is spot on. All right so we’re gonna introduce Chloe who has been feeling frustrated and a little stuck in being able to materialize what she feels is her purpose in an actual employment opportunity. And I’ll give you a little briefing intro to her so that we make the best use of our time so we can wrap up in the next 10 to 15 minutes. But she’s been trained in the skill and has the skill set of being a registered dental hygienist. And has not successfully been able to get involved in that employment for where there is some momentum with that. And she’s able to really get that going. So she’s been doing temp work for almost five years now, she did work at one office rather than tempting but she just doesn’t feel that’s really…it’s taken on, it’s kind of life of its own.

Like I’m doing what I love and it’s really happening for me. You feel the energy take you now where it’s really where she’s in the phase of like “I want this to happen and I want to create this and I’m doing what I can to make this happen.” When you get to that I’m in it, I’m living it, I’m experiencing it. And that’s where she wants to get. So her questions to me were if dental hygiene should be…is where she questions it then why isn’t this happening? Is it where I should be? And if the nos is the fact that it’s not happening trying to tell us something that she’s being told that she needs to go on a different direction or career. So let’s meet her and see if we can get to the bottom of this situation in her life. Hi, Chloe.

Chloe: Hi, Carol.

Carol: So did I describe that pretty well?

Chloe: Yes, you did, yeah.

Carol: Nice. Can I share anything like what you shared in your notes? So can I be sharing that?

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: You recently moved back in with your parents probably for economic reasons.

Chloe: Yes.

Carol: You’re one of the statistics. Of 27 to 35-year-olds who are still living at home. And now you know your energy type and your type four.

Chloe: Yes. Four-three.

Carol: Okay. A four-three, okay. So my one first hit on you is you get really in your head about this.

Chloe: Yes.

Carol: When you were talking to me before this show you were giving me every variable of why this probably…why this wasn’t happening, down to it’s really hard to be in dentistry in Utah. I mean you’ve just logically built this list of why it’s not happening with all these statistics and everything.

Chloe: Yeah, definitely.

Carol: Okay.

Chloe: I overthink for sure.

Carol: One thing with that though you’re going to resign yourself to…it’s most likely. Now those are all reinforced at not happening. Because statistically, it’s putting you at the odds where you don’t want to be because it’s saying if you hook onto it’s a really…everybody…what you shared with me and I share this with the viewers. Well, everywhere and you made it pretty inclusive meaning this is just the options that everybody hires part-time hygienists so they don’t have to…they can pay ’em on a part-timer’s pay level scale and then they can avoid paying benefits. So it’s like you see you’re now convinced this is the system you have to work with.

Chloe: Well, partly I did get offered a job in Alaska where I’d be making twice as much. And that was partly the reason why I moved to Illinois to begin with. But because I would have to take board exams again, it would take too long the doctor…

Carol: Now you’re into it again. Oh, I’m gonna stop you. See all the thought process you’re going through?

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: Okay. Let me show you the difference when you know something’s right first of all is it correct to be in Utah? Do you feel really strongly that that’s the correct and you’ve received inspiration if you wanna call it personal revelation. “I know this is where I’m meant to be, I’m very sure of that.” Okay, then you don’t have to worry about all that other stuff. You have got to learn to dismiss all that. And you’ve got to then trump this knowing with all the logical data, it’s gotta outweigh it.

Chloe: It’s hard because that’s where I wanted to be and I’m having to let go of like where I wanted to be to do something different.

Carol: Yeah, but does it feel correct to you to be in Utah? Are you in Utah right now?

Chloe: No, I’m in Illinois.

Carol: Okay, so now you are…where are you meant to be first of all? Does it matter? Are you supposed to go wherever just to get the job? What are you getting on that?

Chloe: I kind of feel like I’m gonna end up wherever and it’s gonna be not expected.

Carol: And how are you okay with that?

Chloe: I have a lot of…

Carol: I didn’t ask if you are comfortable with it. I asked if you’re okay with it? Very different.

Chloe: I’m trying to be okay with it.

Carol: All right so maybe you’re being asked to give…like the sense I got from you when I looked at the energy of this was. The space you’ve created that you’re trying to fill in far as how your mind has set this up is about this big, it’s very small.

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: And you’ve got to blow it open that it’s a much bigger space for this to materialize. Meaning you’ve got a lot of beliefs you’re projecting on it. And what about this? What about that? It’s just oh, feels really cramped. Like your energy is bigger than what you’re thinking you have to fill. That’s my other big hit on. I see you running an office or running a team, or being a leader in some way, of a group where you’re thinking very small right now. I’ve really gotten dark in here. I apologize my lighting has been bad, but you can hear me, that’s what counts. So I think you need to open the space. So just imagine in your mind right now that if I see this tiny little circle that only you know it’s like you standing there, there you’ve got your job as the dental hygienist. But it’s tight and there’s not a lot of room for growth and it’s kind of like being a chimp it’s like what you’re doing right now, okay.

So you’ve got to like push the energy out, make the space bigger, broaden the circle about 5′ 6′ feet out around you. But what you’re looking for is bigger than you, it’s bigger than what you expect right now. And you’re capable of it and it may not be immediate but what if you get hired at a place where there’s opportunities and you develop, and you advance, and you be…see what I’m saying? It takes you into more, into something but you’re just trying to find a job right now. It’s been reduced to I just wanna be a dental hygienist. But my hit on you is no, there’s something in that. I get that you’re fine doing that. That’s great, do it. It’s just you’re limiting yourself with your thinking and what you think is possible. And you’ve got to go. I don’t know… I know it’s a little bigger than what I’ve been expecting but I’m really, really excited about that. And I don’t know how it’s gonna happen but you’ve got to open the space for more for something to show up that looks a little different than what you’ve got your sights on right now.

Chloe: Okay. So my question is how do I move forward, should I move forward… [crosstalk 00:57:42]?

Carol: You’ve got what’s the next correct step. Keep…you get too far out in your head, you will get in your head about this [crosstalk 00:57:50]…

Chloe: I really just need to see the whole thing.

Carol: Yeah, sorry.

Chloe: Like it’s so hard, like one little step at a time and the rest is really dark. I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing one step at a time. And it’s been leading me to a lot of different directions.

Carol: We get clear and possibly sometimes we’re put in experiences to see what we don’t want. Before we sign onto something bigger and we go, “Don’t want that, well, that didn’t work out, learned that one, I didn’t want that either.” So you’re already sure of being also given a chance to see what you don’t want in the process. My biggest thing for you is open the space. Any time you get real linear with your thoughts and you go off on the logical thinking tangent, the space gets really tight and restricted. And go there just give yourself tangent. I taught this in the energy profiling world. I’ve said give yourself moments of being on…okay, here’s my 10-minute tangent. I’m gonna give my brain…let my logical thinking mind do its thing. All right, enough. And be honest, say yeah, it is uncomfortable not knowing. That’s okay.

Chloe: Yeah. Oh, this is so hard, but I can do it.

Carol: You can and that you know certainly it’s…how about instead of it’s hard, how about you switch that to this is so different for me

Chloe: This is so different for me.

Carol: You’ve probably proudly navigated your experience. May I share the other thing you went through?

Chloe: Yes, go ahead.

Carol: You’re only 27 and you’re divorced, correct?

Chloe: Yes.

Carol: Okay, you didn’t expect that, right?

Chloe: Nope.

Carol: Nope, no way was that on your life planning purpose, you thought you were getting married and you’re getting married for a very, very long time?

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: Okay, so there’s a part of you that has a hard time trusting without knowing. Because you just got put through something that you had no idea it was gonna end up where it did.

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: And that’s why your logical mind is trying to keep you safe from getting hurt again. And you’re trying to prevent getting involved in something that can end tragically?

Chloe: Yeah. I lost my daughter too. We decided that my husband would be best to have her. So…

Carol: You don’t have visitation or anything?

Chloe: I can’t see her and he’s pretty good about that. But he’s 100% custody right now.

Carol: Is that right. I mean we’re getting pretty personal. Was there a condition you have or something going on with you, you felt you were not…?

Chloe: When she was born I had a lot of trauma and I never bonded with her as well as I wanted to. And because she would have more support he would be living with family whereas I would be a single mom. In Utah, so she would be around cousins and…

Carol: How close are you in proximity right now?

Chloe: She’s in North Carolina.

Carol: Do you have contact with her?

Chloe: Yes.

Carol: So you’re in her life?

Chloe: Yeah, not as much as I would like to but…

Carol: Okay, so this puts a whole another angle on things, see there, you’re grieving.

Chloe: Yeah, I am.

Carol: In a huge way and you’re grieving a loss, and your grieving maybe a choice you made, that you might have regrets for. So not only again it’s this trust thing, you don’t trust yourself. So you’re really trying to manage this whole job thing in a really highly controlled way because it’s like, man, I don’t wanna make a choice again that gets me somewhere I wish I wasn’t.

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: So there’s a lot of precaution and a lot of fear around it. And so you’re in a good place to keep healing this and you can through your own thing shifting. Be able to continue to be present in your daughter’s life and if you had…what I would do if I were you because you don’t think the ideal is available to you. If you could have everything you wanted and I don’t want you to answer this to me right now for time purposes. But if everything worked out ideally for you just in every way like to live…if you could get a job in North Carolina you could have more close proximity to your daughter. Like what would it look like if you could have everything your heart desired and you would feel so grateful that it all worked out for you what would that look like? Because a part of you is to believe you can have it.

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: And believe in that dream, believe in that possibility. And to believe in the fact that you’re of value to your daughter and would be a welcomed participant in her life by other people as well. And respected for the fact that you are her mother. And if they perceived you that way but I have… My feeling is you’re the first one to condemn yourself. Before it’s kind of like “I’ll judge me before you have a chance. I’ll call…I’ll take the guilty card so you don’t have to.” But those are all just things we go through and as you continue to heal and clear these old residues and show up. I believe you can have that. I believe you can have that ideal. Because God would want you to be in your daughter’s life as a healthy mother that was making a difference and that you had the ability to have rapport with her dad in a way that was respectful. You see what I’m saying?

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: See what I sense what’s going on is you’re trying to just find a job when it’s what you really want are a bunch of other things?

Chloe: Yeah, I just wanna feel supported like I can support myself and…

Carol: You’ll be able to do that.

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: You’re a smart woman. My sense is one of your greatest desires is though to have an opportunity to be in your daughter’s life.

Chloe: I’m really scared of that though.

Carol: Oh, you can clear that too.

Chloe: That’s true, yeah.

Carol: My children made it through me. I thought it was pretty scary at times let me tell you and I’m being honest. I made it through my father lifetime and he was really scary so. I could say and yeah, again you judge yourself very, very harshly in my opinion. And you’re already saying you’re proactive in your own taking accountability. So I’d say there’s a lot of hope for you compared to a lot of parents. Anyway, keep doing the work and do the session for healing grief. Have you done that? You’re carrying a lot of grief and it’s hard to get excited about what you want when you’re really very sad about what you’ve lost.

Chloe: Yeah, I’ve done rejection, abandonment I’ve done those, but grief. I’m not sure if I’ve done that, yet.

Carol: Yeah, I think we have that.

Chloe: I might have done it but I should do it again for sure.

Carol: Yeah, I know, this is not something that you’re gonna lift in one clearing. I mean this is a lifetime decision you made that has major impact on you.

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: But you still have a child and you still have that bond with her. And you still have an opportunity to keep shape-shifting the heart for the good of all that’s the power of this stuff. It’s phenomenal what can come of our lives when we are willing to be accountable and the grace of God steps in and makes up the difference. It’s incredible I’ve seen amazing things happen in my life you know. I never even knew at one point in my life if I’d ever see my father again when I had to stop seeing him. And in the end, it’s just the things that I’ve been enabled to do have been powerful because I was willing to do my part. And timing is a big part of it, timing you know you should tune into the timing. And to allow things to play out. So we kind of covered a lot of ground. Do you feel like you got any help from this?

Chloe: I did yeah, it’s certainly before I went on and doing this so thank you, for sure.

Carol: You’re welcome.

Chloe: Yeah, I’m very grateful for it. I think I have to look back on it and process, it’s like…

Carol: Yeah, you already watched it.

Chloe: Yeah, I feel a difference though.

Carol: Good.

Chloe: I’m widening my balloon, I guess, but I don’t know.

Carol: Your space, allowing more to happen than is in your limited perception and yeah, that could include getting a job in North Carolina. That could include you know what I’m saying that you’re able to be a mother to your child more physically.

Chloe: Yeah, I had a friend that talked to me that he felt really prompted that like I would have a really good relationship with my daughter and it kind of surprised me. And that he could see that happening. But it made me hopeful that that can happen so.

Carol: That’s called the sign.

Chloe: Yeah.

Carol: That’s called the sign from your soul.

Chloe: Yeah. I think there’s a huge possibility I could have a really good relationship with her so.

Carol: There’s definitely. I mean that exists for every one of us. Yeah, it exists between even adult children, and adult parents, if the parent’s willing to sign on. You know, that’s the only time that it’s limited in that space is because you know, just certain people now aren’t willing to change. But you definitely have that potential, definitely. Your child was born as a very conscious human being, all children are these days. So consider what way she would like to have you in her life.

Chloe: Yeah, that’s cool.

Carol: I think every child would.

Chloe: Yeah, that’s awesome, thank you.

Carol: What a noble idea. You’ll never be replaced. I mean I’ll be even with people that love and adore their adopted parents, their strong bonds there. There’s an original connection that just has to be healed if it’s not present in someone’s life. It’s the way we’re made and it’s a very vital part of our…who we are that we long for that connection with our biological parents. And if we don’t get it we get to heal it and be blessed in making up to being given the ability to move forward.

Chloe: That’s right.

Carol: Yeah. Thank you so much in being so vulnerable and open with your experience, we’re all rooting for you. Keep us posted as things develop for you.

Chloe: Okay, thank you so much, Carol.

Carol: Thank you so much. It’s time to wrap it up since the sun’s gone down where I live. And I don’t have a nice spotlight in front of me. Thanks for your patience. As I sit in the dark here. It’s really not dark in my room though, it’s just not picking up on my little webcam light. Let’s stand with a couple of announcements. We’re wrapping up this healing plan. And we have the next healing plan that will start.

I know we’re not immediately starting another one maybe Christine could find that for me and we can announce next. So we’re gonna wrap up this one and then you’re going to have free time like recess. Choose another plan, maybe give yourself a week break. If you need two weeks, supplement with individual sessions. You could even do that would be a great way to move through the healing center for a few weeks is just open up the single sessions click, click, click, see where it takes you. Do it kind of like pulling a card for the day you know, do three sessions for the week, which ones randomly show up for you. And you’ll be amazed at how perfectly suited for where you are. That I think is a great way to use this time between plans and also pick another plan that’s calling to you and get involved in that. And get the healing oil for that plan so you’re really enrolled in that progressively.

I do recommend once you join a healing plan, keep it going, stick with it. If you get in the pattern of starting-stopping, starting-stopping you don’t get to the deeper spaces of healing and it becomes this pattern that keeps you avoiding that deeper healing process. So try and really make note that you’re…oh the Money Cures is the next plan. Although that’s happening in a different platform, but you’ll be getting a special price as a healing center member so look for that. We’re gonna start the Money Cure May, the first part of May, we open enrollment in April. And I highly recommend you doing that it’s a very immersive experience, it will change your experience of money for the rest of your life in a positive way.

And the next coaching call in this space is actually going to take place on a Thursday, April 23rd. It’s no, Tuesday, it’s in May when I’m doing healing, Money Cure. So four weeks from now, Tuesday night April 23rd’s is our next coaching call here in the healing center. So what are you gonna accomplish between now and the next healing center? What is calling to you? What healing work are you going to proceed with? What are you feeling moved to do? And I’m there to support you as long…as well as everyone in the group and my support angels are there to keep you feeling motivated to do this work.

Let’s end with an excerpt from “Mastering Affluence,” “How can you take the energy of struggle that keeps materializing in your life and consciously choose a challenge to provoke your growth instead? What is something that you really, really want to pursue but have been too afraid to pursue it? Use consciously crafted challenges to feed you rather than allowing drama, disharmony, and struggles, that deplete you. How long have you been standing at the edge of the water? It’s time to sail beyond your current reality. As you perceive it, your affluent self is calling you to make the journey to creating your truth.”

With that choose to turn that shower on cold. Choose to be challenged, choose into healthy challenges and growth. So that you don’t subconsciously or unconsciously keep creating the drama and struggle of life because we’re meant to grow and expand and to wake up in our lifetime. So keep choosing into that.

Thanks for tuning in, everyone. Thanks to Chloe again. Appreciate everyone’s attendance tonight. Thanks for sharing an update. If I answered and gave you support in your question I’d love to hear from you from any coaching call, how did my feedback help you? What did it help you shift or heal? I always love to hear those updates in the Facebook group. We’ll talk to you soon and will talk to you online right here in the Facebook group.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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