Live Coaching Call March 31, 2020

1 hour, 17 minute video

Do you have difficulty experiencing pleasure, or a fear of being seen in an intimate way? On this support call for the Healing Plan for the Chakras, I guide Patty through a Core Belief Scrambler so she can heal from the belief, “Sex is bad.” This is a very prevalent belief that most of us experience to some degree. Follow along with us so you can find deeper healing in your second chakra too. (Go to 50:00 for this process.)

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Limitations that prevent you from experiencing pleasure

Heaviness and tightness in your chest from current events

Confusion as you settle into the stay-at-home lifestyle

Scarcity mindset you can’t shake during the global pandemic

You Want To:

Open your creation chakra to experience pleasure again

Feel more confident and at peace while staying informed

Discover how to take this into your new life moving forward

Ground yourself and prepare for the future with joy

Affirmation for this Session:

I am healing the chakras that are weak and closed so that I can be open to all that life has to offer.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 17:10

Session Transcript

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to our coaching call, specifically to support your experience with the healing plan for the chakras. I’ve been actively doing this plan as well and I have to tell you, I amaze myself. It kinda blows me away…you know, what the plan is supporting us with right now considering our current events. And I know many of you have expressed that same gratitude that it is a plan that’s very timely and…who knows? Maybe we’re gonna shift the whole planet and in two weeks, we’ll be moving out of this pandemic experience. But we’ll do what we can, at least for ourselves and each other.

So thanks for being on this call. Say hi in a comment and where you’re tuning in from and also tag and hit that emoji button because it does get it into the feed and reminds members we are live because, you know, maybe they forgot. And this is gonna be a great call. Liz, my broadcast manager and I have decided it’s gonna be the best coaching call yet. So that’s my intention. It’s gonna really serve a great purpose in a timely way for what we’re dealing with both at large as a collective community here in the world. There’s never been experience in my lifetime where there was an event that the whole world was addressing and having to make decisions and navigate themselves through. And it will also be a call that will support your micro reality, whatever’s going on in your world will be addressed and you’ll be supported.

We are gonna specifically reference that most of us are at starting week three and so how we’re gonna proceed in the call…let me give you the agenda here. We’ve got a few housekeeping items. I have three wonderful giveaways tonight that we’ll be sharing. I’ve got a success story I wanna share. Then we’ll answer the submitted questions. I will answer those. Then I have a guest that was selected. Thank you for everyone that volunteered. It’s not easy always to choose. Every one of you could’ve been a fabulous choice but we felt prompted to invite this particular guest who I’ll bring on. Stay on, watch this. It’s a great topic. We’re talking second chakra stuff with her. And then I’m gonna take…we’re gonna do a process together with our guest and you. Then we’ll take live questions. And a short book excerpt and the giveaways. Do we wanna save any giveaways for delayed since a lot of our members will watch this tomorrow? Twenty-four hours? Let’s save the…well, we can’t. They’re usually out of the country. We can’t ship out…we can’t ship abroad right now so we’ll just…we’ll do the giveaways at the end of the call.

So few announcements. COVID-19 resources. My team is amazing. They really know how to move quickly and we compiled…you may have seen that, a COVID-19 support resources. If you go to, you’ll see a little banner at the top of the page. You click on that, and we have put together a list of videos that are beneficial for you right now. It’s great supportive content. And if you like the energy profiling info for support, you can actually go to and you’re gonna see a different list that’s more relatable to energy profiling and understanding yourself and your family members in that lineup of resources for our COVID-19 response. So both websites have fabulous watch lists, different from each other. Take advantage of those and use your time to help yourself.

We do sell “The Modern Chakra Guide” as a Healing Member price, always for $10. You can go to You’ll get the book for $10. I think you have to be logged in when you do that and it will give you that price.

Our three giveaways. I’m excited because one of them is a very last minute and they always come through. The first one is the I Am Healthy oil. This is a great oil and I recently sent out an article…email where I showed that I actually put that in a spray bottle. I put about 8 to 10 drops in the bottle, filled it halfway with distilled water, shook it up, got it dispersed, added the rest of the water and I actually spritz my bedding and sheets at night before I go to bed. And I’ll just spritz myself and spray that just kinda all over my body and in my energy space. It’s a great resource to have right now. You get your discounted price as a member. So we’re gonna give away…because it’s a very timely oil to have in your healing toolkit right now. We’re giving away Chakra books since that’s aligned with our focus right now. And I reached out to Gemisphere, well, actually, Jalia [SP] did. We’re gonna…and they donated a set of Lavender bracelets and I have a pair.

And it’s interesting how I felt…I’d never worked with the bracelets. That’s a new offering for them. And I have found I’m drawn to them by putting them on at night. I’m sleeping with them and I’m also sleeping with…so I’m spritzing with I Am Healthy. I usually put I Am Balanced on my feet before I go to bed. I mean, I’ve got it all going and I go right to sleep. My Lavender bracelet’s on my wrists and then I’ve been using, during my sleep time, my Bloodstone which builds immunity and a product they don’t offer right now because they don’t have the resources called Angelfire that helps really clean up the thought. It’s a coral and sodalite necklace. It’s one of my favorite. I bought it years ago. I found using the bracelets at night, it just really…it works. I sleep with my arms straight and even if they’re up a little bit, they’re working with the whole body and it’s a gentle expression.

They have limited supply of the Lavender but the good news is they have a lot of the Quartz. And if you were to ask me, “Well, which one would really align with the chakra plan?” It’d be the Quartz. Lavender, Quartz is similar in its function but Quartz itself is very pure in its function that it radiates all seven color rays, the color energy of the seven chakras. So either Quartz, a necklace or the bracelets and they’re very affordable. I think that Quartz bracelets start at 39 and that is a real…if you’re even able to invest in one and just have it near you when…in your bed, that’s gonna really feed your color ray system which is the chakras. So Quartz is a great, great investment.

And we had asked them originally, “Can you give us a discount code for the members for the bracelets?” And they said, “Well, actually, it would be better for us if we could give you a 20% off discount code for the Mother of Pearl.” And I’m like, “Well, everybody needs a little Mother of Pearl right now because everyone needs to be soothed and nurtured. Kind of like, “Honey, it’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be fine.” It’s like a mother’s hug and reassurance. That’s Mother of Pearl’s energy.

And years and years and years ago, I bought my first Mother of Pearl years ago. As I studied the function of Mother of Pearl, it was just so beautiful because the whole purpose of Mother of Pearl is to flow the energy of divine love from a divine mother energy to really assure and nurture and help you feel like everything’s gonna be okay. And they keep Mother of Pearl in an affordable price range because the whole world needs it. Boy, they need it more than ever. So for that, you can get the Mother of Pearl…what’s the code on that?

Liz: MOP20.

Carol: MOP20. And it’s good though…did you see that? I know Jalia said…look at that, we’ll tell you in a minute. When you add the code MOP20, you’ll get any Mother of Pearl purchase for 20% off, even more affordable. Mother of Pearl loves you. It wants to soothe you.

Wonderful if you have a child acting out right now. And acting out may not look like, “I’m scared, Mommy.” It may look like, “No. I don’t wanna do that.” It may look like hitting their sibling. It may look like lots of whining. It may look like distracted and pulled out right now. Kids don’t show up saying, “I’m sad.” They don’t know that. They just act it out because they don’t know what they’re feeling. They need to be coached on what they’re feeling and help…given the language of feelings.

In order to enter any of our giveaways, you need to answer the question, “What is the favorite clearing you’ve experienced so far in the chakra plan?” What’s a favorite clearing?

I’ll tell you mine. I think every human being needs to do this clearing. It’s in the bonus section in week two. Put it on your to-do list at some point. If not now, later. Every human being would benefit from the clearing session for abandonment. Hands down. Every one of us has some degree of feeling abandoned. You feel abandoned even if you didn’t…if your moms didn’t even listen to you. They just always tried to tell you how it wasn’t that bad. You know, there’s so many levels of abandonment. There’s actual abandonment, physical abandonment. There’s emotional abandonment. There’s even intellectual abandonment for those that have that need to be heard, to be…you know, share their thoughts and use their minds. So everybody could benefit from that.

But what’s your favorite clearing so far? Which ones have just, oh, pinged you? Like, “Oh, man. Boy, I needed that. Wow. I had no idea.” Okay? That’s how you know.

Success story. This is from Rachel. “I had a cool experience last night as I was doing the journaling exercise for the foot chakra. After writing my fears of why I can’t move forward, my brain started arguing with what I was writing. Typically, when I write down my fears or frustrations, my brain spirals downward into negativity and self-abuse. But last night, when I wrote that I was afraid of failure, my brain said, “There’s no such thing as failure. Only learning.” When I wrote that I might make a wrong decision, rather than remind me of every wrong decision I’ve made in the past, my brain said, “That will just show you which path not to take.” It was so amazing. Thank you, Carol Tuttle for training me to have an affirmative mind and for teaching me to hang reminders all over my house.” Now she’s putting these around her house. And her brain’s starting to coach her instead of reprimand her. I love that, that your brain is starting to now engage in supportive coaching responses.

So I had an experience in the journaling. I realized that my current self is, you know…I’m in my current state of being because I’ve done so much healing for three decades, more than three decades. I’m in a really good place, you know. I’m in a place where my chakras are healthy and vibrant and yet, I felt prompted because I wasn’t in that place as a child or a teen. So instead of using my dominant hand for the journaling, I felt it would serve my needs more to use my non-dominant hand to, again, support any deep cleansing of those fears, deeper beliefs and hidden emotions. And so I took my non-dominant hand because I wanted to hear what my inner child had to say from her experience. That’s when stuff started to come.

And it’s just again a pass…you know, you’d say, “Well, if you don’t think…you know, you may not need it.” Well, you know, I’m human. Any pass through more clearing and healing is always good. And that just allowed that to come forward. How did my five-year-old…did my five-year-old feel like she could speak her truth? No. So you might try that on some of them that you’re not as easily able to finish the sentence or there’s not a lot there or you feel good with it. Change hands and see what comes up. And the reason…and I teach this in the childhood [inaudible 00:13:42] plan that you actually do all your journaling with your non-dominant hand because it mimics the child’s handwriting and it also accesses the right side of the brain where emotion is stored. And so we get to the real heart of matters with that process.

And then I had an experience when I was doing the clearing session for abandonment. This is a good tip too. I actually do it when I’m walking in the morning, if I happened to…you know, good four out of the seven days a week, I’m out on a good, solid walk. And I’ll listen to the daily activities in the clearing sessions while I’m walking. I call it my chakra walk. And you get the body clearing with that when you’re doing that. And I was doing the clearing for abandonment and all of a sudden, I started to see all my ancestors in my mind, tapping with me. My uncle Lester who was…severe abandonment issues. He was…before there was a designation of being homeless, he was homeless and alcoholic. I started to see all of these ancestors tapping along with me that had carried this in their lives, that had experienced this to much…to a real severe degree. And I couldn’t even…I just knew, “Oh, there’s Uncle Lester. And there’s my dad and my mom. And they’re all tapping along with me.”

And so as things come to mind and open your own thought process to say, “I wonder which ancestors are tapping along with me?” And you might have an interesting visual. It was really awesome. I didn’t [inaudible 00:15:17] It just came to mind. I’m like, “Oh, there they all are.” Yeah, it’s sort of like, “Hooray. Let’s cheer Carol on. She ended that story of abandonment in the family system, you know.” I think my children may have had it. You know, but they’ve cleared that, you know. I’m passing on to them and they do a lot of their own healing work. So, you know, we’re really shifting this. I’d say my grandchildren are gonna be the generation that grows up with absolutely no sense of being abandoned, you know. So not anything real deep. It might be very minimal if there is anything.

So check that out. Try those different techniques that will just…just as we’re moving into week three and four, good for you. It’s easy to choose out of this in a time where there is a ton of repetition in our lives right now as we are in stay-at-home orders to varying degrees whether it’s an actual legal scenario. You’re having to stay…
[00:16:17] [silent] [00:16:30] …so good for you to keep up the repetition of the daily activities and to enroll yourself and to keep engaged in this. And those additional techniques are just a way to add a little new flavor to it or spin on it because honestly, you can just do exactly what you’re doing and you’re gonna be doing great.

So using the I Am Healthy, the I Am Balanced and the I Am Grounded oil, any oils that you have will be advantageous. This is the first time we shot video where we actually had oil resources that I actually recommended you put them on the tips of your fingers. Just an added benefit there if you have that and that’s another practice that we’re doing that’s new in the Healing Center.

Let’s get into our submitted questions. “Can healing one chakra be a key to balancing other chakras? My third chakra closed at age six and I couldn’t speak for a while. Later, my power chakra mostly seemed to shut down. I feel they are both still affected. I wonder if healing both is a key to opening my heart chakra more or could working with the heart chakra affect the other two?”

Well, see, when you don’t know how to speak your truth or correctly use your power, your heart’s gonna feel vulnerable because you won’t know how to speak to set boundaries, to ask for what you want, to use your power to make correct choices. So then the heart feels vulnerable. So I would work on the other two and the heart’s gonna follow because you’ll feel I have to keep my heart safe. I have to keep myself from getting hurt again. I have to keep myself from being taken advantage of. So when you have a voice and you have access to your true power, you’re less…you’re not gonna…you’re gonna create differently and no longer be playing that out where you’re taken advantage of and people are…you know, all the things that connect with the heart. Good question.

“Just today, I had a breakthrough about why fun isn’t safe. When I was two, my disabled sister was born and because of that, my energy grew up way quicker than I was ready for. I’m not…I’m really tired of carrying around this energy. I want to play with my kids and fully come into my truth. What should I do to uproot this limitation that has been ground into me my whole life? What chakra do I need to open or support?”

Pleasure is your second chakra, opening up the pleasure center. A really good trick is the mind doesn’t care if what story you’re running in your mind is real or not. What does it…how does it affect your energy is the question to ask. And so your sister…I don’t know her status right now, if she’s alive, she’s still… You’re an adult though now so you can create your own story that supports the well-being and function of your energy. So I would rewrite your story and put that and actually see that being written in your chakra energy. It’s probably your second chakra because there was a birth involved when this shifted for you. It was the birth of your sister. And all of a sudden, you had to grow up faster than you had to and there was no more pleasure in life. You had to be functional at a level to help the parent…you know, the family situation. And so we’re gonna put this new story in your second chakra. How do you do that? Through visualization. You go back. If you don’t know how to do this, use the visualization to heal your inner child, right, to get the understanding of it and how to use the visualization process of going back to your childhood, the home in which you lived. Find that part of you. But see your sister being born healthy and functional. See her able and fully functional in her health.

There’s no disability, as you phrased it. She’s fine. And you get to have fun with her and you’re rewriting your history because again, is that accurate? No. But would your energy respond favorably to this? Yes, very much. That’s why we redo the birth stories so that you can get the benefit of that being the new imprint in your energy system to support that, to free yourself of the old story so you can create that new story because your little self, your…how old are you in this? Two. You’re not two anymore. She doesn’t exist other than in your subconscious. So let’s create a new story to work from and your energy will respond. And then I would do a journaling process. Do the second…make sure you do the second chakra journaling and really focus in on this particular life event that, “I couldn’t have any more pleasure when I was two because all the fun stopped when my sister was born because…” So just make it a little more personalized in what you’re gonna bring out and then clear that with the tapping session.

“I’ve been feeling so heavy lately like there’s this weight on my chest that won’t lift. It’s been affecting how I show up, especially for my Type 1 husband who is already feeling stifled by the lockdown. I’ve been trying to figure out how to clear that heaviness so I can just be free and available to my husband and children.”

Well, your chest energy is your heart chakra so do you…you know, [inaudible 00:22:10] that sentence finishing, “I feel a heavy heart because… I feel sad because…” Is it about the current events? It could very well be just right now of just there are people…my daughter’s one of them. We’ve had several conversations with her that she’s really taken on a lot of energy and I talk about her in seven…in her junior high experience. I talk about her in my book “Remembering Wholeness.” She’s my oldest child. She’s 38 now. When she was about 11, 12, 13 years old, she’s had these nightmares about global crises and the world ending and she would just get these terrible headaches and feel the weight of the world and really be just sort of energetically plugged into this sort of global catastrophe. And it’s hit her…it affected her with this particular current events with being a global crisis and we had…my husband and I helped coach her to stay informed, keep…you know, you need to have facts. You’ve gotta keep yourself clear. I encouraged her to do my coronavirus clearing. She did it. She texted me after and said, “I feel so much better. Thank you. Thanks for reminding me I’m susceptible to that.” For whatever reason, that’s how her energy runs. And she’s gotta care for herself that way.

Maybe you’ve got something going on like that and it’s just like really weighing on you. Like, “Really? Really? Why, you know…” And then, you know, if you live in Utah, then you get to have an earthquake on top of that and then I heard there was one in Yellowstone and then…oh, my gosh. Last week we got a text from our property manager in our home in Hawaii saying there’s a tsunami warning because there was an earthquake in Japan. I’m just like, “Whoa. Please, come on.” But there wasn’t. It was a false alarm. Apparently, they have a lot of that in Hawaii. I mean, it’s an interesting place. We won’t get into that. But we were okay. But it was just a… So check that out. What’s going on for you that’s causing this heavy heart?

“I was wondering, do animals have a chakra system like us, and plants and trees or maybe even Mother Earth?”

Well, I teach in “The Modern Chakra Guide” that the Earth’s chakra energy are the Hawaiian Islands and I go through the actual cultural and what that…those islands, how they’ve developed and what they’re known for both in their social and cultural function that they represent like spot on, each of the seven chakras. So if you understand that chakras are just energy centers… Everything has energy centers, vortices, energy expressions. Do I know what it looks like for [inaudible 00:24:46]. Not necessarily. I don’t see energy that way. I was…yeah, I would say yes. Everything has energy centers, energy vortices and is expressing energy. It’s a breathing life force. It’s like your breath that holds the primary energy systems that create your primary program, the programing of you. I’m sure animals do as well. I’m not versed on that. I’m sure there are people out there that are teaching animals and chakras. That’s not my space but you’d have to Google to find them. But I would…my answer to that would be yes.

“Is there anything we can do to specifically clear the different archetype roles discussed in the root chakra chapter of “The Modern Chakra Guide?”

Yeah, I think too it’s removing those labels by doing visualization work and doing the core belief scrambler. So any time that you related to one of those roles…you played out the rebel, the…I don’t remember them all off the top of my head but the… You could do I am, I am.

Let me find them here real quick. It’s in the book, in the root chakra…

Yeah. I am, I am the black sheep child. I am, I am not. I am, I am the good child. I am, I am the sick one. And yeah, I do the core belief scrambler with those…if you carry that role and that label.

Good answer, Carol. Just kidding. I mean, it was because I was really glad I thought of that because I think that will catch it.

“I’m a 3/2 whose depression has lifted during isolation. I’m exercising outside, doing the chakra plan and reading. My energy levels are excellent. However, when I’m working as a middle school teacher, I drag through the work week. I do not like the rush, rush pace and I’m overwhelmed by the energy. My passion is reading and I’m proud of all I’ve done to get my students to enjoy reading for pleasure. But my gift isn’t really valued because my school is focused on state tests preparation. Which of my chakras is healing during this isolation? Which chakras need the most attention when I return to work? I don’t want to go back into depression.”

Your root chakra. You’re feeling healthier, you’re vital, you feel more alive, you’re feeling balance. That’s all root chakra. That’s all…that’s just, “I am alive and well and balanced in my physical world.” And you’re not living true to what you need to stay grounded and balanced in your root chakra in the lifestyle you’ve created when you’re going to work. And so it is your creation. That’s an opportunity for you to look at what this is asking you to change. That is the one thing I think…I think people are starting…that we’ve settled into a stay-at-home lifestyle now a little more and a lot of people are realizing, it’s not that bad. There’s a lot of benefits to this. The air is clearer. I am resting more, you know. Life’s not as push and go and crazy. How do I now really bring…maintain the level of that I need is I…as we recreate the life after this experience? And that’s what this is…you know, if you set the intention that you’ll know and you’ll be able to create that, you will.

I’ll give you a little…no. You follow me on Instagram. A couple of my coworkers, there’s about four of us here in our company that have gotten into “Tiger King.” Warning, do not watch this if you think it’s a nature documentary. It is not. But they show the Types in the most extreme forms. But I said now that we’re all acclimated into stay-at-home lifestyles, we needed something of entertainment to distract us. I think that may have done the job for some people. It’s pretty rank though so don’t watch it if you’re sensitive to people living very unhealthy lifestyles and not…and doing not so nice things.

Number seven, “Since the COVID-19 situation, my mind went completely into a scarcity mode which causes me lots of stress. I’m currently working in a healthcare organization and I need to stay focused and productive but I can’t concentrate. I’m doing all the assignments of the plan. I’m doing meditation but I can’t seem to ground and balance myself. I’d like to receive some guidance on how to balance and ground myself.”

The I Am Grounded oil would really help you and the Onyx necklace would really help you. I’m not sure if they’ve got Onyx right now, but you need to like basically do the minimals. Lower your expectations and…you know, we’ve started a phrase here in our company that says, “I’m perfe- …” You know, there tends to be, “I need to prepare for the worst so I need to prepare for financial fallout or I need to prepare for something that doesn’t sound real good.” And we’ve said, “I need to prepare for more success. I need to prepare for more vitality. I need to prepare for more joy.” You know, we’ve reversed that and said, you know, it’s a singular choice. We all have our independent realities to…we create amidst our collective reality. What do you choose for yours?

But if you’re not grounding, then it’s like your scarcity thinking has got your energy running up here. And so the daily morning routine would be really good for you to really plug in. They do have Onyx but you’ve gotta get out of your head and get into just being more in the moment without trying to predict your future other than trusting that it will be great and you’re gonna be able to navigate the experience to be able to create that and be inspired to do such.

“I feel like my root chakra just isn’t rooting. I did the clearing twice during the first week in addition to everything else and I am now in week two. Should I just continue through the plan as designed even though I still feel the root chakra is still closed?”

I think so. Definitely because, you know, you’re still doing the daily activities and that’s supporting that. And you don’t know if that’s compromised because some other chakra’s playing into that. So carry on with the group.

“I struggle at keeping commitments to myself. I can make a plan but then I don’t show up. I am out of integrity with myself. I’ve been doing the root chakra clearing and finding that very interesting. I was in foster care for the first few months of my life and then grew up as a twin with a single parent. I am almost 50 and I want to clear this stuckness so that the second half of my life is meaningful, purposeful, filled, and successful.”

Well, foster care, first three years, I don’t know how many places you were moved around, but there’s a lot of uprooting. You were really moved around or not rooted in a place on some level that was permanent, you know. Foster care creates a lot of instability in the root chakra. So that in itself… You could rewrite your story because, even though whatever played out with your single mom with the twin, maybe if it wasn’t ideal and the most supportive scenario, it was…it allowed you to root. So you could go back and imagine being placed with your mom, being with your, I guess, your adoptive mother or maybe… I don’t know your bigger story but I’m saying is rewrite the story so it helps ground your root chakra. And the story needs to look like what you needed. Or energy sketch it. That’s another way to rewrite the story is through an energy sketch. And to give yourself that energetic advantage through rewriting the energy.

Thank you for all those great questions. No. One more. “Is it actually more difficult for some Types to keep certain chakras in balance? For instance, Type 1s and root chakra, I know it’s a place that I’ve had a lot of wounding but I’m also wondering if maybe my Type 1 also makes it more difficult for me to stay grounded.”

Yes, I used to have four videos published. We took them off. They were published on the Dressing Your Truth site years ago but once we had a Healing Center space, a healing space, we decided it wasn’t really congruent with that brand’s messaging. We still had them on YouTube. We pulled them off a few years ago. And I’m actually, tomorrow, redoing them, the strong and weak chakras for each Energy Type. I do not know when those are getting… I don’t pay attention to the publishing calendar. I’m on the production side of things. I let those people…I let Anne and my son Mark take care of that. I know when I need to produce it. So that’s happening tomorrow. I was just reviewing the old videos. I have access to the old ones. Yes, that is a weak chakra for you. You have to give it more attention because it’s easy to disconnect and be hanging out up here because the earthly physical world can be really discouraging at times and heavy.

So what you gotta do to keep your world light and energized and enjoyable and even…can you have fun during stay home and there’s a worldwide pandemic going on? Yes, you can. Feed that energy to the world. We need it. But you’re gonna go… You’re gonna disconnect when the world feels heavy and serious. You’re going to disconnect. And so in order to stay rooted and grounded, you need to take care of that aspect of who you are. And I have a lot of content in Lifestyle to help you with that of how to support your Type 1 energy and being true to yourself.

My next guest, many of you are going to… I don’t see. Is she there? Okay. I don’t see her in the little square. Patty is a super, super great lady. She is a…you’ll recognize her from…if you’re a Lifestyle member especially, she’s an active poster of her very joyful happy Type 1 self in the Lifestyle group and she’s recently been spending time in the Healing Center and posting very actively. She’s willing to be vulnerable and any time that…when you’re vulnerable and you put yourself out there, your healing systems all fire up and go, “We are ready and you’re gonna get what you want because you’re choosing to engage and go for and choose into your healing.” So congratulations to her for that.

Let me tell you a little bit about what she wrote that…her submission to volunteer to be helped today. She says, “My entire married life, eighteen and a half years, I have found it a challenge to embrace an intimate relationship with my husband. I have never been sexually abused or mistreated. I am just not comfortable exposing myself to him or even doctors or allowing the feelings of pleasure to show up in that way. It’s like I’m afraid of letting go of control of myself in front of others or allowing others to see my flaws. Even every natural childbirth delivery attempt I’ve made, I was not able to relax and allow the process to happen on its own. They have all been cesarean. The midwife at the hospital said I was literally holding the baby in. I was so tense.”

A lot of blame there on herself and a lot of being blamed. You can’t let go. It’s your fault. I want you to notice that. There’s a lot of subjected to “I’m flawed, I’m blamed and I…they’re even telling me I can’t and it’s my fault.” So just a little…I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that’s what I’m noticing.

“It’s not a subject I open up to others about easily but when I have had the courage to seek outside professional help, I’m given advice about things like technique. This leaves me frustrated because I know it’s not about that. I know it’s an issue I’m holding on to inside me and I haven’t known how to heal it. I’m a Type 1/4. My husband is a Type 2/3 and this has [inaudible 00:37:18] been a challenge in our marriage. On the chakra quiz, I tested weak on the creation and no surprise.”

And so good for you, Patty, to open up even in a public space. Let’s bring her on and we’re gonna chat more about this and then we’re gonna do some healing. Hello.

Patty: Hi.

Carol: Your vulnerability has enrolled your high level of desire to heal so…

Patty: I do want to, yes.

Carol: Yes. So we talked before and I had Patty’s permission. I wanted to get a bigger understanding of what’s playing out here. I had my own sense of things and what she’d be comfortable in talking about. And I’ve shared this in the group. It’s not a surprise to some of you but my second chakra was the most wounded, the most damaged from just…on many levels of complexity from sexual abuse to religious wounding, cultural wounding, abuse in the generation. Just a lot of stuff that was just my second chakra was not functioning. I didn’t even have access to it for a lot of years. And I didn’t have my first orgasm till I was about… I was in my 50s because my body wouldn’t allow it.

So I asked Patty, you know, what her experience was and so this is a delicate subject and I wanna applaud you, Patty, for being open about this because we’re…let me reassure you. Everybody’s pretty much sexually messed up so…just in different degrees and different ways. But we have honestly not come from households with healthy parents and a healthy culture that has honored a woman’s sexual energy so.

Patty: [inaudible 00:39:12]

Carol: Everybody could through their hat in this ring and go, “Yeah, me too.” We just have degrees of how our body has dealt with it. And you and I got to be in that, you know, group that things shut down, you know. So I asked Patty about her…two things were standing out for me was there had to be a religious piece here. I knew that when I read your story. Like there’s something going on within a religious construct. It either was something with your mom. And I needed to know about how…if you had ever allowed…you know, there had been an experience of orgasm within your marriage. And I honor every belief, whether there’s abstinence till marriage. That’s not what this is about because when dealt with in a healthy way, none of that would shut down your second chakra. You have a healthy second chakra and have your spirit…religious and spiritual moral commitment to abstinence. See? That has nothing to do with it. It’s how’s that handled and how is that taught and what went on?

So my first question…and if you’ll share with our viewers, what is your background when it comes to your having a religious piece that was part of the moral sexual piece?

Patty: I was raised in a nondenominational background and my parents didn’t want me to attend any of the sex education classes but they gave me very, very limited information on anything sexually-related. So it was pretty much you learn it from your peers at school, you learn it from movies. You don’t understand it and you’re trying to figure it out as you go along.

Carol: Was there an emphasis on not touching yourself, not… Was there a, “Don’t do this.” They weren’t telling you…they weren’t guiding you in what it is, this is what we want for you, this is a beautiful thing. Were they telling…warning you or giving any kind of feedback on, you know, the consequence if you do anything?

Patty: They just expected me to not have any sort of relations before marriage and that was just the…

Carol: Like don’t have a boyfriend?

Patty: No, well, you know, they allowed me…

Carol: Or don’t have sexual…like don’t have intercourse before you get married.

Patty: Exactly.

Carol: Okay. Was that added to with an, “If you do, this is what’s going to happen to you?” Was there the…

Patty: Yeah, well, there’s the whole old saying that if you can have the milk for free, he’s not gonna buy the cow sort of thing. That’s what my mom would always tease me.

Carol: Oh, my. You would hear that?

Patty: Yes.

Carol: And what was she meaning by that?

Patty: That if I participate in any sort of sexual activity beforehand, he’s not going to marry you because he’s…

Carol: [inaudible 00:42:10]

Patty: [inaudible 00:42:11] Well, he’ll get what he wants without having to marry you.

Carol: All right. So he’ll use you?

Patty: Apparently that’s…yes, the…

Carol: He’s using you for sex. Now what did I tell you? Isn’t that interesting because what did I say? We talked about…I said, “There’s something going on with your mom.” You know, so share a little bit of what we talked about because this fits right…I’m like okay. That just substantiates what I picked up on and what her belief is.

Patty: Right.

Carol: So…

Patty: The whole dynamics…my parents, they’re wonderful parents but it was just always…

Carol: I just have to tell you, all Type 1s say that, you know. They don’t want to say anything bad about their parents. Fine. We know they’re wonderful parents. They did the best they can.

Patty: [inaudible 00:42:52] struggles, and they still do have struggles with communication in their marriage and it was always my mom feeling the need for more and my dad almost pulling back. The more she asked or wanted, the more he would pull back and resist. So it was very…I could see it playing out and…

Carol: [inaudible 00:43:10] The bottom line is when a woman doesn’t feel heard and understood, she’s not as sexually open with her partner. That’s just something my husband and I learned in our sex therapy. Attending…you know, seeing a sex therapist that was just really helpful for my husband to understand, you know, “Your wife’s emotional. She…this is an emotional experience for her to open herself up to you where it’s a little more like caveman for you. But she needs to feel safe that you’re there for her, to her to open up.” See, your mom didn’t because my comment to you was your mom has a belief that women are used for sex. And you just really…and not one she’s even aware of and maybe she is but she resents it. She doesn’t like…she’s angry about it. She resents it, that women are used for sex and the fact that she’d say that saying to you, you know, “If you give it away for free, there’s [inaudible 00:44:10] want that from you. Like that’s all they want, you know, the milk thing.”

Patty: Yeah.

Carol: I never…thanks for explaining that one to me. I never quite got it. It was kind of like a story problem to me like, “What? What’s that mean?” But okay. So mom had that belief operating for her. I don’t believe you have that belief. The belief you run subconsciously is sex is bad. Now your adult self, who you are sitting there right now, wouldn’t even…it’s like, “Well, no. it’s really not.” You know that. You’re rational adult, happy Patty mind can go, “No. I know it’s not.” Well, there is a compounded progression of you acquiring this belief throughout your life that that’s a bad thing because when you’re learning it through…you’re not picking up on sex as a beautiful, wonderful, spiritual experience that I get to look forward to. This is gonna be something…you know, really be this wonderful, pleasurable thing I get to feel in my body. You’re learning it from the street. It’s [inaudible 00:45:10] I mean, it’s not like, “Oh, wow.”

Patty: No.

Carol: No. no, you didn’t get healthy sex education and support. Now and I do think this is key. You talked to me about…as I shared with you my story, you were open with me about yours that we’ve had a similar experience of challenge with orgasm with our spouses. I don’t have that now. I’ve healed that. You’re in a place where that’s ready to heal. Now you said you did experience that, kind of, that sexual high, that orgasmic feeling just in your pre-marriage. And you’re abstinent but you were still kissing and affectionate. You experienced that.

Patty: Right.

Carol: Well, see, on some level, not knowing…being informed like a mother sitting you down and saying, “You may…your body orgasms. This is what it is. These are the body parts.” You know, educating you on your anatomy and this is how it works and here is how you can stimulate it. It’s a good thing. And you might even experience it before you get married. And that’s okay.” You didn’t have any of that. All of a sudden, a part of you is like, “Whoa. I’ve gotta shut this thing down. No, I can’t let this control me.” But it’s… I see your second chakra is under lock and key. And you’ve gotta give yourself the key and unlock it.

You know, I’m gonna take you through…and everybody through…a core belief scrambler using the phrase sex is bad. Everybody has some degree of that based on our cultural influence. I mean, even recently, I think they’ve stopped but I couldn’t even watch a Carl’s Jr. commercial because they sexualized the hamburger. I’m like, [inaudible 00:47:04] Have we not outgrown this? I mean, let’s quit using women in this… I’m not a, you know… As someone that’s had to heal sexual abuse, I get it. I’m very aware of the sexualization of women. And we fortunately are cleaning that up in our world which is great. But we each can clean it up in our own energy system because it’s a very prevalent belief, sex is bad. So we’re gonna scramble that energy and I’ll lead everybody through that shit scrambler.

And then your opportunity is to, in a visualization on your own, I would do…and one I would recommend for you… You know, I don’t know if you’ve ever used it. It’s actually in the childhood wounding plan. It’s the timeline visualization with your inner child and I take you through your timeline all the way up to your current self.

Patty: Okay.

Carol: And I would do it with the focus of kinda [inaudible 00:48:10] when we get to that next stage, educating that child about the beauty of sex, sexuality. You were taught that sex is an act rather than sex is…that there’s a sexual energy. You were taught sex is an act you don’t do before you get married. You wanna…you get to go back and re-parent these ages of you in your developmental process to bring to them the truth that your sexual energy is beautiful, that your creative power and it’s the blessing and it’s meant for you and… I don’t think there’s a…there’s no problem with the religious… It’s like you didn’t know what… It’s just there is so lack of information for you and you have to fix that and then I’d unlock the key… I don’t [inaudible 00:49:05] not even lock it up. I’d see if that part of you has it all locked up. Trust that you’re…once empowered and given knowledge, all through your childhood and teens, you would’ve made choices that supporter your belief system. There’s nothing that needs to be locked up here. Keep on unlocking [inaudible 00:49:23] change. Say, “I trust you.” You’re gonna be fine. You’re a smart, little girl. You’re a smart adult. You’re a smart teen, you know.

Patty: Yes.

Carol: You’re gonna…you can handle this energy. That’s the thing. Parents are afraid that, you know, “This energy’s so powerful.” They won’t be able to handle it. When they’re empowered with information and given support with how to manage, you know…people are fine with this. It’s okay. It’s when we don’t have that, it runs amok. It takes…because it is a powerful energy that you wanna be empowered to manage in a really healthy way.

So we’re gonna do that and then I’d also [inaudible 00:50:08] I’m gonna give you this kind of feedback now before we go through the process. The…I would recommend that with your husband’s support…because in your notes, he’s a 2/1, so he’s a very gentle guy. He’s gonna support you. He’s not demanding and, you know…my sense of him is he feels bad.

Patty: He does. He’s…

Carol: [inaudible 00:50:33] He thinks he needs…somehow, it’s his fault. Like no, no, no. we just have to… The system isn’t firing correctly. We gotta get everything cleaned up and turned on. With his support, I think you need to do some self-pleasure activities to stimulate and bring yourself to orgasm with his support and own it for yourself. The pleasure from an orgasm is first and foremost for you and he’ll pleasure in that as well. But you wanna do that with his support and [inaudible 00:51:06] if you had a different reference to that, you know, there’s a lot of women that would feel like doing it on their own is fine. Your particular preference is to include him.

Patty: Yes.

Carol: And he’s a guy you can. And you’re gonna have…as I’ve shared previously in bits and pieces, when I had to do that, to really open up my sexual energy, there was a lot of…a lot of mine was anger and rage for what had been taken from me. My sense with you is there’s some…there’s a lot of sadness that needs to be cleared as well. And it’s interesting as you start to stimulate that orgasmic response, you know, you might be crying. You might…it might bring you to tears because that’s part of the mix that you’ve gotta open up. And I realized, as I was raging angry, as I was provoking my sexual climax and I’m screaming, I had to do that. I had to go there to clean it up, to get…let it go.

Patty: I can see if I can…that’s, I think, also something that trips me up is it’s like I don’t want…I don’t like to let my emotions show then too. So like [inaudible 00:52:17]

Carol: [inaudible 00:52:19] you gotta go. If you want what you’re asking for [inaudible 00:52:23] fun. It was embarrassing. It was…I didn’t wanna have to do it but I knew I had to to get what I wanted. And it was with someone. In my case, I knew my husband was capable of supporting me and it was time. And I did it from the place of, I am, in my own Type 3 way, in my anger. I am an effing 55-year-old woman. This is ridiculous. You’re an adult woman. The part of you that gets shy and timid is not your adult self.

Patty: Yes.

Carol: As you do that timeline visualization and Kim [SP] or somebody can tell you which session that is, you’re gonna find out which part of you wants to still go hide with this. They can’t run this anymore. It’s not theirs. None of them have…they just have to be informed and allowed to grow with the understanding that’s a natural part of them. They don’t have to do anything with it. They’re not having sex with your husband. I used to do a visualization where I send all my inner children and my teen self away and say, “You need to leave because my adult self is choosing to do this right now.”

Patty: Yes.

Carol: Because that’s not your adult self that that’s coming from.

Patty: That’s interesting. That’s a good perspective. I would agree.

Carol: Yeah. So let’s do the core release scrambler. Now I teach in this that you need to blink your eyes and look down at your right knee because you’re positioning your…as you place your eyes in that eye…as you put your eyes in that position, we’re accessing a part of the brain. Because your eyes will access different brain functions by where you are looking. So as you look at your left knee and say…

Patty: [inaudible 00:54:16]

Carol: What’s that?

Patty: The right knee you said?

Carol: The right knee. And repeat after me. I’m grateful.

Patty: I am grateful.

Carol: For healing this.

Patty: For healing this.

Carol: I am ready to experience.

Patty: I am ready to experience.

Carol: The full pleasure of my sexual energy.

Patty: More pleasure in my sexual energy.

Carol: The full pleasure of my sexual energy.

Patty: The full pleasure of my sexual energy.

Carol: I’m an adult woman.

Patty: I’m an adult woman.

Carol: It’s time.

Patty: It’s time.

Carol: Now repeat after me. I am, I am sex is bad.

Patty: I am, I am sex is bad.

Carol: I am, I am not sex is bad.

Patty: I am, I am not sex is bad.

Carol: I am, I am not not sex is bad.

Patty: I am, I am not not sex is bad.

Carol: I am not, I am sex is bad.

Patty: I am not, I am sex is bad.

Carol: I am not, I am not sex is bad.

Patty: I am not, I am not sex is bad.

Carol: I am not, I am not not sex is bad.

Patty: I am not, I am not not sex is bad.

Carol: I’m not not, I am sex is bad.

Patty: I’m not not, I am sex is bad.

Carol: I am not not, I am not sex is bad.

Patty: I am not not, I am not sex is bad.

Carol: I am not not, I am not not sex is bad.

Patty: I am not not, I am not not sex is bad.

Carol: Okay. Start tapping up here. Repeat after me. Sex is bad.

Patty: Sex is bad.

Carol: Stay away from it.

Patty: Stay away from it.

Carol: Nobody talks about it.

Patty: Nobody talks about it.

Carol: [inaudible 00:55:48] It’d be easier if it didn’t exist.

Patty: It would be easier if it didn’t exist.

Carol: Now just keep tapping on other points. It’s such a hassle.

Patty: It’s such a hassle.

Carol: Why do I have to deal with this?

Patty: Why do I have to deal with this?

Carol: I’d rather just ignore it.

Patty: I would rather just ignore it.

Carol: Everything else in my life is great.

Patty: Everything else in my life is great.

Carol: Tell me what’s coming up for you.

Patty: All of those statements are very true. Those are things I thought so many times.

Carol: I’m flawed.

Patty: I’m flawed.

Carol: I’m broken.

Patty: I’m broken.

Carol: Can’t even have my own children.

Patty: Can’t even have my own children.

Carol: I’m too closed up.

Patty: I’m too closed up.

Carol: I’m a prude.

Patty: I’m a prude.

Carol: Give me more on that piece of it, the flawed, prude, broken. What else is there for you? We can cry. It’s okay. I know you don’t like displaying emotion in front of everybody but you’re on the verge. It’s okay.

Patty: Just stupid and not able to do things right.

Carol: How does that make you feel?

Patty: Frustrated.

Carol: [inaudible 00:57:09] I feel really sad.

Patty: I feel really sad.

Carol: I feel really sad for my husband too.

Patty: I feel really sad for my husband too.

Carol: I failed him.

Patty: I have failed him.

Carol: Makes me sad.

Patty: It makes me sad.

Carol: I’m ready to change this.

Patty: I am ready to change this.

Carol: I’m an adult woman and I can change this.

Patty: I am an adult woman and I can change this.

Carol: I can have what I want.

Patty: I can have what I want.

Carol: And I’m happy about that.

Patty: And I’m happy about that.

Carol: Okay, tap out. I can’t exist without this belief.

Patty: I can’t exist without this belief.

Carol: I don’t have a future without this belief.

Patty: I don’t have a future without this belief.

Carol: I don’t have a life without this belief.

Patty: I don’t have a life without this belief.

Carol: It’s always been there.

Patty: It’s always been there.

Carol: Release also women are used for sex. We’ll throw that one in too.

Patty: Women are used for sex. Releasing it.

Carol: Letting that go.

Patty: Letting it go.

Carol: Okay, now repeat I exist.

Patty: I exist.

Carol: I have a life.

Patty: I have a life.

Carol: I have a future.

Patty: I have a future.

Carol: I have a great sex life.

Patty: I have a great sex life.

Carol: I have championed this.

Patty: I have championed this.

Carol: [inaudible 00:58:32]

Patty: I have…I didn’t hear the last one.

Carol: I have healed this.

Patty: I have killed this.

Carol: Healed, healed.

Patty: Healed.

Carol: [inaudible 00:58:43] I healed it and I am benefiting from my healing.

Patty: I’ve healed it and I’m benefiting from my healing.

Carol: So is my husband.

Patty: So is my husband.

Carol: I’m supported.

Patty: I’m supported.

Carol: I’m grateful.

Patty: I am grateful.

Carol: I’m looking back and seeing when I use to have…when it used to be what it was.

Patty: I’m looking back and seeing what it used to be what it was.

Carol: I’m in a great place now.

Patty: I’m in a great place now.

Carol: [inaudible 00:59:13]

Patty: I’m healed.

Carol: Take a deep breath in. One thing I think you’re doing… That was really good by the way. And one thing I think you’ve used your Type 1 to do is counter the sadness to a point though that it’s blocking stuff. And you just…you know, you did an amazing job allowing things to come up and to be honest with yourself because in that, in that honesty, you have so much power now to shift this. I feel really confident you’re going to do that. You know, maybe all that, whatever you had been taught about technique will come in handy now but, like you said, you know it was something that wasn’t about…it was this compilation of generations, quite honestly, and your lifespan that brought you here to be the one to heal this. And you have children, correct?

Patty: I do have seven.

Carol: Oh, seven? Anybody married?

Patty: No, the oldest are 15.

Carol: Okay. Good news. As I healed this in my life, my daughters — I have two beautiful daughters — have not had to deal with this. And they have great…I don’t…it’s private to me. I’m not interested in hearing about my daughters’ sexual experiences but I know because I stopped it and changed it. Make that your motivation too.

Patty: Yes.

Carol: [inaudible 01:00:39] to make this…it’s basically like, kind of like, I take a cold shower every morning for at least 30 seconds. Do I… I’m getting so I like it actually but I don’t do it because, “Oh, this feels so nice and cozy and awesome.” I do it because it builds willpower. And I don’t want fear and I don’t…I want to be willing to go into the discomfort. [inaudible 01:01:09] with a lot of stuff in my life. And so the discomfort’s very, very minimal for the return of what you will…where it will bring you and what you’ll have. So we don’t need to have you report to all of us how…if you’ve had an orgasm. You just say, “Things are going well.” [inaudible 01:01:33] you know, we’re…everyone, I mean, you’ve just… What a day. Between my husband broadcasting with me, you being willing to talk about this, wow, we’re shifting. We’re doing all kinds of good work but never getting any credit here on this planet, the small group of us. That was really powerful.

Patty: It was, yes.

Carol: So you’re gonna…the thank yous on this are just coming in, aren’t they, Liz? Lots of appreciation for your willingness to be open.

Patty: Well, thank you. I appreciate your help.

Carol: And the I Am Connected oil too, do you have some of that?

Patty: I do, yes.

Carol: Good. That’ll help. I feel good about this for you. Hey, if I can do it, so can you.

Patty: I’m encouraged. I’m very encouraged.

Carol: [inaudible 01:02:19] Have your husband watch this so he has a bigger understanding as well and he’ll let go of any…there could be…like for example, my husband had his piece. I’m like, well, from his point of view, why is he creating dysfunction in his relationship? Well, because he had the religious wounding. Very heavy.

Patty: Okay.

Carol: So we’ve told that story in Mastering Affluence. His version, mine, that was really affecting our intimacy and sexual connection. And so read that. Your husband…you should read that together about what’s his background that would…if he…you’re playing a role for him. What’s his story in this to say where does he come from that that’s where he’s now experiencing because as he shifts that, the whole thing gets opened up?

Patty: Yes. I will.

Carol: Yeah. Thanks, Patty.

Patty: Thank you so much.

Carol: You’re awesome.

Patty: Take care.

Carol: Okay. That was great. Let’s do some live questions. Then we’ll do our giveaways. Whoo. Told you it’d be one of the…we did say this is gonna be the best coaching call ever.

Remember to enter to win, you just have to share a clearing session that’s a favorite in the chakra healing plan right now.

“Is chakra healing something that one heals and just needs to maintain over time? Can they be operating fully and healthfully or can an open chakra rapidly close after a bad experience?”

They’re breathing, they’re like…they’re just… You know the flowers that open in the sun and close when it gets dark? It’s sort of like, yeah, if the energy’s toxic and you don’t have clean, healthy boundaries, they’re gonna close. Is it supportive to you at times? It’s just…are they doing their job to support your greatest and highest good? I think yes. You always have to be mindfully running them? No. As you clean them up to do the job they’re designed to do, they help you. They know how to function. It’s that when the…you’re still recreating toxic life experiences that keep putting you in scenarios where your chakras cannot heal, that’s what we’re shifting. But trust the system and then as you become akin to its function, you’ll even…able to tune into it and just give it support through your conscious effort as to what that part of your energy system needs.

“What would be a good resource to use to help guide parents to teach our children about sex?”

Well, you all learn about it yourself. I’ve promoted a book for years. There’s two that are my go-to. Women…something of anatomy. Do you remember that one? It’s a red book. Some of you might know it because I’ve spoken about it. You gotta learn the anatomy. You gotta learn the function of the body. I like it. It’s a little more…the author, you know, she may…you might not line up depending on what your different value system is with the experience of sexuality and the act of sex. That doesn’t matter. She does a phenomenal job of teaching the anatomy of the body, the correct names of the body parts and all that you need to be informed. And you need to really be mindful of not… You know, we have a great podcast on this. Somewhere. I don’t know if it’s an old one that’s just archived. But we have a podcast on this, about teaching healthy sexuality. So let’s give you that as the resource in the Child Whisperer world. You gotta get in a healthy place with it yourself because until you’re there…like you can see how open I can talk about sexuality and the sexual experience and orgasm and…

One of my most sort of challenging moments of my life, I was a 23-year-old high school teacher, [inaudible 01:06:19] High School teaching sexual…I was teaching physical anatomy and sexuality, sexual intercourse. One of the most awkward moments of my life at the time, because I certainly hadn’t healed any of it, was having to identify a male penis in front of a bunch of teenagers but I did it and I carried on. But at the time, it wasn’t comfortable for me. You gotta get comfortable speaking these words. There’s a lot of shame around the language of the anatomy. There’s a lot of cute, little nicknames that it’s like call it what it is.

And you need to teach that separate from the… What we do on, I think, that podcast is we teach sexuality from the place of it’s a part of your human experience, it’s an energy, it’s blah, blah, blah. There’s the sexual act that involves…it’s in partnership. And then there’s the moral. Separate all that. It’s like wait, don’t teach this, the base foundation from the moral value position. Just, you know, it needs…that needs to have its separate conversation because it gets confusing because it’s like, “Oh, so…” It’s just [inaudible 01:07:39] your children with a lot of the information they need and to trust their good decision-making abilities to be a spiritual authority of their bodies and their sexual energy.

“[inaudible 01:07:55] hormones and how our monthly cycle affects our chakras. I feel like some time of the month, I am more creative, and other times of the month, I am more reflective. Do you have any tips on how to navigate this?”

I’m not…that’s not a space I have been able to correlate that information. It’s very possible. So for you, that could be a hit that you’re to pay attention to that. And if it serves you and you’re able to benefit from that, if it’s taking you out of balance, then you can address it from that point of view. But from my position as someone that’s…understands healing, as an expert in healing, I know enough about hormones and cycles from my own personal well-being because of the care I take to that part of my body but I can’t speak to the relationship they have.

“What is the most efficient way of going from a vicious internal voice to a calm, kind and respectful delivery while caught in the moment?”

Is this inner talk we’re referring to? You gotta journal that inner talk out. [inaudible 01:08:57] If you’ve got a vicious internal voice, whose voice are you carrying on? Is this…whose voice is it? Is it yours, your mothers? Is it a parent’s? Is it a sibling’s? Whose voice are you letting keep repeating in your mind? And if it’s your voice, what are you not expressing that you could through tapping and journaling to get it out so it’s not running in your head? Because you’ve gotta be able to really let go of that so that the mature adult civil voice can be heard.

“When we repeat a clearing, do we do it from the beginning each time or do we start in the middle? Why does my mind wander during a clearing?”

We do put timestamps on each one when it starts. You don’t have to hear my intro. And maybe sometimes you…I recommend never do the clearing part without the reframe. Can you do just the reframes on their own? Certainly, yes. Maybe you need to really, really get that benefit of those reframes but don’t avoid the clearing statements because we’re putting voice to the living beliefs and emotional energy and the patterns that we have kept running that we’re…as we put voice to them, we give…we open them to change them. We open the energy up.

It’s “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal” by Sheri Winston. That’s been my kind of textbook on learning about my body and it’s got a lot of tips in there as well about how to orgasm, how to involve a partner and the things that would…and you can just…depending on your…particularly your value system, you just have to put your…filter it through yours but the information is really solid.

Another really good book is “Vitamin O.” The power of orgasm to really, really…this chemical, a chemical release in our bodies, it’s like a vitamin and it has de-aging effects. I mean, I’ve been de-aging. Is there a relationship between my being able to orgasm and be easily aroused to my de-aging? Yeah, there is. It’s not the only thing I’ve done but there’s definitely a parallel to that, you know. If you had told me when I was like 25, “Carol, you’re gonna be on a call…you know, you’re gonna be like talking about this,” I probably would’ve said, “I probably will.” I don’t know. But I want you to get that comfortable with yourself. And we’re talking about it in a place with…that’s appropriate, within appropriate context. So if any of this is making you uncomfortable, you’re showing yourself through stuff there.

All right. Well, we’re gonna wrap up. This has been a great, great coaching call. Thank you again to Patty and her vulnerability and her willingness to represent so many of you. What a great lady. And please again, that’s private. It’s not for you to share anywhere, what she shared here is kept within this coaching call experience. And not to be…I mean, you know this, but I’m just covering my bases here, you know. And we appreciate her being willingness to open and us all receive the benefit from that.

From the book excerpt, this from “The Modern Chakra Guide,” I’m gonna close with that and then announce our winners. The next coaching call, let me give you the announcements real quick, April 28th at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time. And this is a great time to gift the Healing Center membership to someone that would really benefit. That’s a great gift, even if it’s just for a month and give them some feedback on what they might…serve them in this space and you’ll be there with them to help them and to support them. Think about gifting this experience to anyone, and of the healing… There’s just a lot of great stuff that we have in our world that’s very timely and pertinent, supportive to people. So if that’s something you can do and someone comes to mind, that’s a great, great support tool.

And then we are running…right now, we’re talking a lot about the Money Cure and when we’re…we’ll be giving, sharing updates on that but our plan right now is to run it in May and we think it’s super timely again. We’re like “Oh, isn’t this perfect timing?” But you’ll be hearing some updates about that. It is a separate experience, then it’s not housed in the Healing Center. It’s worth your investment and your time. And we’ve got some offers that are for Healing Center members specifically, for you to participate because you’re so committed. Good for you.

We do have annual memberships that you can commit to and many people have done that because they enrolled themselves in a year of healing and as I’ve always said, “You will be a different person by the end of that year.” And we hear from those members reporting that. We just had someone post a couple of days ago. It said…she was moving on to some other things. I was like…nature of my work is I’ve gotta like…I was like, “I don’t wanna say goodbye. I love these people.” It’s like they’re part of the healing family here. And you’re like, “No, don’t leave. You’re…we love your posts. It’s so great to have you, you know.” But my work is designed to graduate you at some point. But we hope you’ll hang around just because you enjoy this and you want the support. Not because you need it like you used to, you just wanna…it’s kind of like exercise. It just keeps you where you wanna be.

Okay, book excerpt. “Pay attention to what you notice in your own life experience. Pay attention to what is happening in your own chakra energy system. Don’t worry about anyone else. Ask yourself: What am I ready to learn? Which lessons are showing up right now that are being energized by my chakra energy system? As you awaken in your energy and step into a more powerful, balanced version of yourself, you will naturally help others through this transition to the new energy without even trying. Focus on your own energetic system first. Your chakra energy is calling to you. Are you listening? Let me help you listen and translate that energetic messages that are speaking to you so you can benefit from all they have to offer. It’s time to awaken to the more inspired life that’s waiting for you.”

So timely. Thank you for being here today in this call. The Lavender bracelet set is going to Rene Helfert [SP]. Congratulations, Rene. “I love the energy circles as well. Creating what I want is something I always thought was just bunk but now I’m starting to create what I want in my life by doing energy circles.”

The I Am Healthy oil is going to [inaudible 01:16:02]. “The clearing session for the root chakra in week one was so powerful. There were so many things Carol said during the clearing that were exactly what I thought and never knew were connected to that.”

“The Modern Chakra” book’s going to Dana Tucker [SP]. “The abandonment clearing was the most powerful one for me. After doing that one throughout the day, three separate memories of people asking me to choose between them popped into my mind. These memories that I didn’t even know I had came forward so I could clear them.”

Congratulations and thanks to everyone and the great work you’re doing. We’ll keep seeing you here in the Facebook group and keep going with week three and week four. And we’ll continue to support you on your journey. Thanks to all my support team and everyone that is there to make this a really great place to be at this time. We’ll talk to you soon.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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