Live Coaching Call May 19, 2020

1 hour video

If you haven’t tried Proxy Healing for someone else before, this is an amazing time to start! Since it’s such a powerful healing tool, Carol dedicates the entire call to offering clarity and direction to support you on this path. She takes you through a timely tapping session to clear the pandemic energy that’s being projected onto your children and grandchildren at this time. (Go to 39:36 for this clearing.) You’ll also learn the Energy Spin Technique to dissolve negative energy off of someone else.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Discomfort while watching others go through life’s challenges

Concern about the virus as businesses open back up

Frustration that your marriage doesn’t feel aligned anymore

Curiosity if doing proxy work will open your energy up to pain

You Want To:

Know when to step in vs. when to back off and allow

Clear your fear so you can feel supported and safe

Feel confident about knowing which direction to take

Have energetic boundaries to protect yourself as you heal

Affirmation for this Session:

I am knowing who would benefit from my gift of proxy clearing, and I’m knowing what to do for them.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 19:40

Session Transcript

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Hello. Welcome to this month’s coaching call. I’m excited about our topic because it’s such a useful tool, especially right now when there’s a lot of energy processing, and knowing how to work with the tool of proxy clearing on the energy plane is so powerful. I’m excited to have this conversation with you and give you some extra tips and support. And actually what we’re gonna do at the end is I’m gonna take you…we’re all gonna do a proxy clearing. The primary focus will be for your children, grandchildren, and help create a shift. And then I’ve got a really cool tool that I’ve used for years that I’m gonna teach as well. It’s a way to clear the energy and clean energy off someone so that they can show up in more lightened truth.

It’s a really interesting little energy trick. It’s kind of like the…it’s powerful. Like, you know, the wrap-it-up. You know how powerful that is? Make sure you watch those videos in the general category in the Healing Center. There’s some just useful techniques and strategies that I teach in some of the videos. You just have to scroll down to the bottom, and there’s several of them there. So welcome and thanks for saying hi in the comment thread. And hit that emoji button so we’re out in the feeds of all of our members to let them know we are having a coaching call right now, and they can join us live.

A couple housekeeping items. The Money Cure just started. Many of you are active in that group as well. My intention is to keep the energy strong and vital here in the Healing Center. And some of you are in both spaces right now, and you’ll be dipping into both places as you understand the resources available to you here. And I’m glad to support you in that. But we do wanna keep all Money Cure-related posts in the money cure Facebook group. We have over 700 people that have registered for the Money Cure. People are still getting added into the Facebook group. We’ll probably have close to 600 in the group. Not everyone chooses to be on Facebook. So we’re excited about that number. And thanks if you shared that with anyone and are a repeat student in that space.

We do have some sales that are coming up. If you’re in the Dressing Your Truth space, we have new jewelry we released, and we also will have a Memorial Day sale, a flash Memorial Day sale on Monday. And I’ve heard the discounts are really great. So that will be in the site. Then we wanted to make the oils more visible. And so we’re adding…we actually share…we actually are doing… Many of you are customers of Gemisphere and you know that they send a weekly email with the gemstone of the week. And we decided, you know, let’s use a good thing. That’s a good marketing strategy.

We’re gonna start having a oil of the week starting Monday. We’re gonna start with the “I am Rich” oil, and they will be 20% off. So we’ll select one oil each week that will be included. It won’t have a separate email. It will be basically announced in a little image at the bottom of…we send every… Every post that goes live on, every article we post or publish there, we send an email about it, and it will be included in that. It’s not a separate email itself. So I just got to write all the copy about what each oil’s benefit is, little one or two-sentence lines. And that was refreshing for me to remind myself how powerful these oils are.

For a giveaway this evening, we’re gonna do the “I am Nurtured” oil and a “Child Whisperer” book. We felt this was a good combo for the topic for this coaching call with proxying your children. Now, we’ll talk about proxy at large for anyone and when it’s a good idea and maybe not. But children always…like, I kinda throw, you know, especially children that are still underage. They’re minors. I think proxy benefits them. I don’t think there’s ever a time… There’s a big difference between your 30-year-old son and your 10-year-old son. So I say if your child’s a minor, they are always a candidate for proxy healing, and you need to gift them with that and help them. And we’ll talk about how to do that.

So we’re gonna give away a “Child Whisperer” book and the I am nurtured oil. We probably have images of both those, huh? There you go. And those will be gifted to one lucky winner. To submit your…to be a participant in the giveaway, just share in a comment. If you’ve done any proxy clearing, how have they helped? And if you haven’t just say, “Well, I’ve not tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to that.” And that’s maybe why you’re here tonight to learn more about the ins and outs of that because I know some people it can bring up some concern thinking we’re stepping in and it’s about agency and how can we be playing that role in someone’s life? And there is that fine line of taking someone’s…you can’t be in charge of someone’s healing. So there’s a proper role in doing proxy work. So let’s set an intention for this call that… I think a really powerful one and timely would be that who you’re meant to serve in this capacity that supports your highest good and their highest good will come to mind.

So let’s just share…I am knowing who would benefit from my gift of proxy clearing, and I’m knowing what to do for that. Because I know we have a tremendous amount of power in shifting the collective energy by being a network of our own collective energy as a small group affects the whole because everything’s networked energetically here on the planet. So, again, you don’t wanna be proxying people in place of your own healing. And sometimes you can loop them into the healing you’re doing. We’ll speak to that as well. A success story I wanna share with you is from Maryanne. She shared in the Facebook group. “I woke up realizing how much is shifting for the better in my little world. We have so many things going on in our house, but the thing is we are not where we would have been even a year ago. We are handling the shutdown and actually expanding our space somehow energetically. Slow and steady shifts are happening, and good things are coming our way. Bless all of this work.”

You really can feel the energy in your homes, in your space. It’s very obvious. And there’s, again, things you can do without even including everybody or anybody in working with energy that benefits the whole and everyone that’s there. The two oils I recommend the “I am Nurtured” that we’re gifting and then the “I am Rich” is also up for… It’ll be discounted next week. But those are really valuable and timely right now. I said, you know, whether or not you’re in the Money Cure, there’s an opportunity in our space right now to…you can do the two-week money…the healing plan for clearing negativity about your finances even in this space. Because I’ve spoken to this in other broadcasts that I’ve done that when the large economy is in upset and the energies in motion, you can create…it’s more available to make a change and change the energy for yourself. So that it’s, like, the doors are open. What do you want? You’ll either…whatever path you choose, if you choose to stay on the lack and scarcity path and struggle, it just gets bigger and more intense. If you shift into more affluencies and joy, it’s more open to create that. It’s more available to create that. It’s easier.

So we’re gonna go through some submitted questions. Oh, we’re gonna show a little… The first two minutes of the video for how to use proxy healing and it comes from the Healing Center, we’re gonna watch that briefly because I think it really speaks to some of the foundational things that are important to understand when it comes to proxy healing. But I have several questions. I’ll add some commentary to that. And then we’ve got 10 questions that we’ve selected from the submitted questions. Then I’m gonna do the proxy session to clear any negative side effects of the current pandemic and quarantine lifestyle on behalf of our children and grandchildren. And then I’m gonna teach you the quick proxy energy cleanup technique. Super easy to do. Then we’ll take live questions. Then I got a few more announcements, a book excerpt, and we’ll wrap it up for this evening. So let’s watch that clip.

Proxy healing is the practice of helping another individual in their healing. You are not doing the healing for them. You are just offering the potential for healing to occur. It’s like opening the energy so they can make a shift in their life. Think of it as opening a door. Yet they still have to move through the door. You do not need their permission as you are just creating the potential for them to make a shift in their life. Proxy healing is similar to the energy of prayer or giving a blessing. You are sharing the potential with someone. It’s a gift. They have to take the gift and do something with it. It’s important to remember that proxy healing being a gift is something that needs to be given from the heart. If you have needs attached to it and a motivation that you need them to change, it will not work. It will no longer be a gift.

So that sets you up to understand basically the motive behind it. You’re never doing this work for people. It opens the energy for a shift to occur and that person to choose and to creating something different because the energy has not kinda got them held so strongly in the program or pattern they’re running. It loosens up the energy. It creates an opportunity for a new choice to be made. Now, in some cases some…let’s talk about the scenario of children. Children run more than not. Their issues are either reflecting yours back. They’re marrying you. So that’s for you to kinda take back the energy and do the healing for yourself. And what I would do if this were in my situation, if I had a child that was at home, a minor, and they were marrying my stuff, I would own it as mine kind of, like, I just imagined…It’s as though you could grab the energy and yank it off and you take it back.

Let’s say it’s a clearing for anger, and they’re marrying your anger. And they’re acting it out and showing you you’re really angry. I would do the clearing for anger session and then I would set it up to loop them in. Basically, I’d see them with me maybe my arm around them. They’d be in my energetic space, not physically, but just intentionally. Their energy is looped into this clearing. You can even do figure eights. Imagine doing figure eights with them. So they’re connected to you, and they’re gonna get the benefit of releasing this energy they’ve been running through their system that’s really more primarily yours. Now, let’s say…I’ve seen in my own children that they have tendencies to run patterns that have been in the family line, especially based on their type. I’ll take my youngest son, for example. He’s a type four, and I’ve witnessed at times a minor acting out or a certain pattern playing out that was… The origin goes back to my type four brother that goes back to my type four uncle, okay? Beyond that, I’m not… Well, there was a type four grandfather.

See, so if we go back one, two, three, four generations, there’s a good chance it started with my type four grandfather, went down to his type four son, which then transmitted through my type four brother that now is running through the energy of my type four son, and I don’t ever… I know that we’ve had conversations about it. But rather than me making it about my son, I’ve done the proxy for that. I’ve thought, “This has nothing to do with my son. This goes back to my brother and that lineage of energy that is connected to the types.” And I’ve found that to be fascinating. It’s the first time I’ve ever taught this. This is new information right here, that specific types can run the generational pattern that’s never been cleared from family members of the same type.

And now you can also see it may not be the same type. We had an experience recently in my oldest daughter where we felt like we were experiencing some energy that was more…the origin of it was her grandma on my husband’s side, see. So it’s like your mind. You get these hits where you go, that’s not you, you know. That’s, like, you’re channeling that almost, like, that’s just never been accounted for and cleared, and it’s manifesting into these next generations. That one wasn’t type-specific. It was more about lifestyle dynamics that were seeming compatible, but it was just something that had an opportunity to shift. So again, I wouldn’t make her the accountable one. I would again see the bigger scenario and go, “We’re just gonna clear that. We’re just gonna… I’m not even gonna talk about it with them. We’re just gonna take care of that.”

So now, in that case, I would assist an older child in a proxy experience without even them having to be a participant or even cognitively aware of it. Now, if they’re creating beyond…Tthere’s always a generational hookup even at the most core levels of patterns being created. But if there is acting out beyond that that they need to learn from that is sort of their soul lessons that they need to get the cause and effect to play out for them, that’s where there’s a real being very discerning and guided by spirit and in a prayerful way, approaching this to say, “Where am I meant to serve? Where am I meant to withhold and allow and hold space for their growth and learning and for their accountability to have this energy teach them?” And that’s a personal experience that you have to be mindful of. I know when you’re hooked into it by…It’s triggering you like I said in the short video clip, you need them to change that’s when you will not… It’s not really a gift. You have your own stuff to own and take care of because your motive is about freeing yourself up where you’ve got your side of a pattern that you need to free yourself up from first or are you just…? It’s, like, you know, you need your child to turn out a certain way as kinda your own parenting paradigm that, you know, you’ve failed and you’re trying to avoid that because of my need.

My biological children have really been able to show up and be accountable in their lives. I have an adopted son I’ve not seen in several years. I think we will shift into that reconnection at some point, but I’ve really been able to let go and allow and let the energy teach him without a judgment on it whether it’s good, bad, wrong, whatever. It’s just it’s his experience, and I hold space for that to be healed. I didn’t have boundaries and terms on it in years past. I needed it to heal. I had a lot of my own emotional stuff hooked into it. It’s like I needed to fix this person and that went all the way back to realizing even from my youngest years wanting my dad to be fixed and doing everything I could, you know? I remember having a conversation with my father when I was 15, 16 years old just trying to enroll him and wanting him to better his life, become a more responsible parent, to be more interested in our lives, become more spiritual. You know, I was trying to enroll my father. I was trying to fix him. What was my motive? Well, I wanted a dad. I wanted him to show up for me. And I played that out really the most prolifically with our adopted son, interestingly enough. It was a delayed repetition of the pattern in a big way. It was really, really blown up. It was really in my face.

So that’s where proxy healing wasn’t a benefit to me. And I had to let go of that and just say, you know, “Now, I have a space of…” It’s almost like I’m at this level of vibration and you’re gonna have to be at that, you know, it’s kind of like if you’re down here, we just can’t connect. But if you choose to raise your vibrational awareness to join me, then you’re welcome. So I just through intent hold space for that, and there’s nothing I have to do about it. It will show up when it’s meant to. We actually did have some interaction recently, when we haven’t had any in, like, six years. But it was very brief, and it was friendly, and that was it. And I let go of it, you know. So a lot of moving parts in this. But as you draw upon your sixth chakra, your intuition will guide you as your crown chakra is open to your spiritual support team and that which is guiding you. You will know and you’ll be… And sometimes you’ll learn through error, and we call that body learning because things don’t always work out. And you’re, like, you get the slam dunk discomfort and go, “Got the lesson. Thank you.” So, if you have any questions about what we’ve covered so far, go ahead and submit those, and we’ll add that to the live Q&A. Let’s get into the submitted questions.

Can the childhood wounding plan be done by proxy for a spouse? Can you do a proxy plan or just declaring? See, my hit on that is, like, you can’t journal forum. You can’t… There’s a lot of parts of that that are very personal introspective. So, no. That’s where it feels like you’re trying to heal them. It’s, like, that’s just… That’s their job. They’re an adult. And the reason we do a lot of those… You know, clearing, again, opens space. To do a plan is more about trying to heal their childhood. Can you heal someone’s childhood? I would think that’s theirs to account for and not yours. And that’s just taking on way too much of their energy and to what benefit? Because as you all know, look at the ahas and insights you get from this work and the awareness. You know, you don’t think the same after this. You don’t see the world the same. You don’t have the same expectations, perceptions, paradigms of your reality, and you can’t do that for someone else. That’s the internal operating system that’s changing. Can you open space for change? Yes. Can you energetically redesign their interior? I wouldn’t suggest it.

I could do so much proxy work for so many members of my family. For example, my mother is in her 80s and lonely. My daughter and her husband are working trying to buy a home and taking care of his elderly father. We have 13 grandchildren that are having issues with no school. Some of them cannot go to their special needs classes that help with autism and speech. It has been a lot. I would love to learn more about proxy healing. Can I help multiple people with proxy work or is this too much? Well, the kind of things you’re describing I wouldn’t necessarily say are even qualifying for proxy. They’re life experiences that, you know…your mother…for example you say, “My mother in her 80s is lonely.” But, you know, she may be telling you she’s lonely or are you perceiving her that she’s lonely? She might be better off than you think. You know, it may not be so uncomfortable for her. That’s the thing. It’s where is this…where have you drawn your conclusion? And have you had a real conversation with her about it? And that might be adjusted more from just what would support her in not feeling so lonely rather than a proxy healing session.

Children are displaced right now. Things have shifted. We’ve all been shifted. We’re all being uprooted. Read “The Modern Chakra Guide.” I talk about taking a stand. There are lots of people taking a stand out there. Just notice it without having to stand with them. But you’re hearing this so much. If you watch or even listen to the news, it’s like they’re taking a stand. I’m taking a stand because people are the energies being activated in us to stand up for what we believe to be right and correct. And then we have a massive uprooting with the pandemic of that. We’ve all been uprooted. Children are uprooted from their life as they’ve known it. Will they be rooted back in the same place? No. We’re gonna get rooted differently. A lot of that’s up to you. Where do you wanna root yourself? And you can help ground and root your children, and so we’ll be doing that. They’ll benefit from what we’re doing here in the session we do together.

And then there’s a reference in your comment about your daughter and husband are working trying to buy a home and her husband and taking care of elderly father. That’s just life playing out. And that’s okay. These are not…you know, these are common life…be okay with growth. We grow when we’re challenged. Now, when it goes beyond that to great discomfort and dysfunction, that’s when proxy is a benefit because it’s, like, “Wow, they’re really acting out. This is dysfunction,” and there’s an opportunity to help open the energy so they can make a new choice.

My business is reopening. I am concerned about exposure for my family to the virus. My job has no protocol, and I am concerned I will become sick or infect my husband. My husband and I both have asthma. I’ve been working but want to walk away. The company has never been supportive. Would proxy work help at all in this, or do I need to clear my own fear? I would clear your own fear. And, personally, you know, do the pandemic clearing that I made available as a public offering. It’s here in the group. It’s on YouTube. It’s on my website. And use that to clear your fears because your fear will make you more vulnerable. And consider the possibility that your company has not been supported because there may be an issue with you not feeling supported in life. Can that all change? Yes, it can as you get to those deeper issues and shift your energy to one of I am not supported to one of I am supported. And then, make mindful, wise decisions based on data of what is correct for you to do concerning the well-being of your health. And that’s what I do.

And we’re in Utah. We have a…you know, we’re almost back to normal. And I’m really grateful for our particular leadership’s been making decisions based on data of what’s happening in our state. And that really makes it nice, and they’ve put out a plan. So you kinda have to do that for yourself and not by… There’s so much conversation and opinions and different points of view on this. This is where you, again, as I teach in “The Modern Chakra Guide,” we are finding our own path amidst all that is around us and who is aligned with our own energy to… You know, you’ll know when you’re meant to be influenced by someone or not. If it lines up for your highest and greatest good and your own soul purpose versus no because all kinds of chances to be in… There’s so many podcasts. There’s just…we’ve got a world of influencers. I happen to be one of them. Thanks for trusting me.

I am currently wondering if my husband and I should divorce. I want to focus on my own healing, and doing proxy work for him feels so overwhelming because his energy is extremely heavy and full of so much. I wouldn’t even know where to begin for him and frankly, I don’t want to do it. Is this yet another patterning missing, or is it ever possible for marriages to end just as other relationships do and you decide to no longer play into those old rules and patterns? Basically, how does a marriage differ from family and friend relationships that they end up needing to put boundaries on because they are not mutually beneficial and they’re not moving out of the old roles and patterns? There’s a lot of layers to that. Marriages, officially if you’ve had children together, are much more complex in that you’re affecting…it’s a ripple effect into the generations. And are you keeping a pattern going that’s been established way before you came along because people in your family line get divorced? The chances of you creating another… When I told myself one day years ago, “Who am I fooling? I would have created the same story with a different guy because it was exactly what my energy would have created for me,” why do I think…you know, that was my 16-year-old inner teen’s pipe dream of, “It’d be better with someone else.”

I’m, like, “No. I would have created this with whoever I would have chosen to marry. This is my story, and this is mine to heal.” Now, I’ve always kinda held to the position of you heal. They’ll change, or they’ll leave. Now, John and I never left each other. I’ve talked about that in the past where the bottom line was we’re both quite stubborn and strong-willed and neither one would move out. It’s like, “I’m not leaving. You’ll have to leave.” “Well, I’m not leaving either.” So. I’ve got a lot of content on this. I’ve got stuff on YouTube. I just filmed six new videos today for YouTube about toxic relationships. And for me, if it’s we have our ups and… I actually shared this in a YouTube video today. There’s a spectrum of relationship issues. Ups and downs is kinda here, dysfunctional, toxic, dangerous, this ain’t changing, you know, and that’s yours to decide. But as far as what I’ve spoken to, I have a great video on YouTube. If you haven’t watched it about should I get divorced or not, I think it’s titled, that’s really helpful. It makes you kinda look at yourself. Where are you at with this? We have both sides of this in the Healing Center. We have people that definitely, hands down, it was correct for them to leave their relationship, and I respect and honor that. And they certainly put forth every ounce of effort they could in healing it.

And we have those in our community here that have single-handedly shifted their entire relationship for the better. That’s not, you know, some of you…of course, you’re gonna have conversations on your own outside of, you know, with your own direct messaging and that. We just are really careful not to have any kind of counseling conversations here in the Facebook group because we’re not here to counsel you. We’re here to help support you in your own personal healing work. And again, proxy is something that you can offer to others. You can’t heal your husband. You can open the energy for your marriage to shift because I guarantee you’re contributing to the story you’re in. Your own energy is helping that story manifest every day of your life, and that’s the piece you need to be accountable for.

Can I do the clearing for myself and a proxy at the same time? Thank you for asking that. I was gonna speak to that. So, as I already said, you can loop people in. People will come to mind and kinda drop into your awareness, even loved ones that have passed on, that you’re, like, yeah, I’m doing this for them. It’s almost like they’re stuck in that energy. I don’t know how that all plays out or that works. I just know it’s presented to me, and I don’t try and figure out the divine workings of our life beyond this realm.

I go with it. I follow the spirit, and I just go, “I’m just gonna…” I know I’ve done a lot of clearings that were connected to my grandma on my mom’s side. She had a horrific childhood. She has thanked me just over and over and over. Interestingly, my daughter, Anne, has felt very strongly connected. She’s picking up some of the loose ends. It took a couple generations to turn that one around. And my mom was a real victim of that damage done in my grandmother’s childhood. And my grandmother was a very sweet woman. No fault to her. It was just, you know, it’s what her soul chose and the story is played out, and we are changing it. So definitely you can loop people in. I more often do it as a…just set the intention that if you’re meant to come to your awareness. I operate more from that space intuitively rather than having a list of people I need to loop into my healing sessions.

Can proxy healing be hard on me in any way? I’m considering doing some proxy clearing on behalf of my mom with whom I’ve had a great amount of conflict. I guess I wonder if in focusing some of my healing towards her, will I be messing with my own progress or in some way, allowing her wounding to affect me more? Is it ever advisable to not try a proxy healing session? Again, you’ll know if it’s too much for you to take on. But understand this is where we’ll be releasing very soon this, “Is this Not Yours to Heal?” I can’t remember the formal title we gave it, but it’s basically passing the energy back to the generations that preceded you and only having to account for your portion.

My same son I spoke about earlier, my biological son, the type four, he is with me when I… He oversees all my YouTube production. And so we have these really wonderful, honest, open conversations when we’re doing this production of the YouTube. And I said to him today “You know, I think you’re just running some real generational stuff that comes from both…” It was about marriage patterns because we were filming stuff about relationships. And I said, “I think a lot of it just comes from both your wife’s family system and ours, probably 90% of it. You need to give that energy back so you two only have to account for your 10%,” because that feels correct and very tight for him. He took that in and said, “You know, I’m gonna do that.” I’d say what I’m getting for you is stick to your own healing. I don’t get that your mom’s real motivated. You’ll feel defeated again, and it’s like that small child. Like I said earlier, you know, if you could just show up for me. You just gotta keep telling that inner child “I’m sorry. It’s just…they didn’t sign on to wake up in their lifetime, but I’m here for ya.” So I think it would do more damage for you than benefit right now.

I’d like to hear more about when to do the proxy clearing sessions. My four-year-old daughter has a very definite need of birth trauma clearing. I’ve waited to do a proxy session for her in case when I’m clearing in me will naturally clear her emotions. Should I just go by inspiration? A big theme of the answer’s yes. Go by inspiration. Four-year-olds, unless they’re marrying you and you’re going “Woah.” And you’ll know if it’s your stuff being shown to you and they’re a channel for you. They’re very open emotionally, and they’re streaming your energy for you. But if there is a birth-related behavior that that energy is from their birth that’s provoking a behavior, then I would clear all of my children’s births. I probably did several times because I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time, and I’m sure I do proxy clearing for each, and they’ve done their own clearings. Each of my kids have done clearing sessions with me so. You could even have her do it with you. You know, you can make it a…you can talk about the birth. You can invite them to participate. If there’s any part of the session you’re not comfortable with them being a part of, just take a segment off it and have them come join you. Teach them how healing works and how powerful it is.

I’m seeking guidance for proxy healing sessions I can do for a family member and her children who just went through a divorce. The father is a drug addict and abusive. Are there any healings or proxies that would offer protection from further instances? Would proxy healings for the father be helpful to help his brain health, or should the focus just be on the children and mother? Yeah, I’m not getting that the father’s real motivated there and then, you know, it’s a great opportunity to invite this family member to learn more about their own healing. I have so much free content. YouTube and on is just loaded with free support. So is it correct for you to invite them to learn more so that they can help make this shift for themselves? Because we’re talking about a toxic relationship. What can you share with them that will invite them to join you in this? The proxy clearing would be done first. Open the energy to them. That’s the whole idea is let’s open the energy to… Then ask your angels to set up a opportunity to share with them so they’re motivated to get involved to doing their own work. That’s the best scenario of doing proxy for adults, to be able to open the space so that there can be an opportunity in an appropriate manner that you’ll be guided in to invite them in to do their own work.

I have a friend who struggles to find his path. He is a war veteran with some mental health issues from his time in the service, and he can’t settle on a future career path. He has changed his path no less than five times in a year. I felt pulled to do a proxy clearing for him several times since starting the Healing Center. So I figured it was time to stop resisting the calling. My only issue is that I have no idea on what clearing would be most beneficial for him. Any suggestions? No, you don’t have to just do clearings. The immediate thing that came to me was there is a session on how to… It’s a visualization for your life path and purpose getting on your path because I’m, like, throw the dude’s path in front of him. Put him in a highway. Put him on his path. You do a proxy clearing for him with that visualization. It doesn’t have to just be tapping sessions. They can be any of the material, but this guy just needs to be, like, like, just… I almost see it, like, “Dude, here’s your path. Get on it. It’s a highway. There’s a road map. There’s, like, markings, road signs. Get going,” and do some figure eights for him on the path. So you can do that visualization.

Last submitted question. One thing I’m wondering about as far as energy clearing for the kids is the ideas and imprints they could be taking on right now by having to social distance, wear masks, and not be in proximity to our loved ones in France. The ideas that they are hearing repeatedly during this time could very well leave a lasting negative impression, ideas like we shouldn’t get close to people. They can make us sick. I’m wondering about the lingering effects of the pandemic on our children as a whole.

That’s why we’re doing the clearing here. We’ve been living with viruses and bacteria our entire existence. Our biome, our whole… That energetic system is a part of our health. You know, that we should… I’m not getting into the whole conversation about Coronavirus dah, dah, dah. It’s more that it’s an opportunity to release ourselves from fear-based realities and to make wise decisions based on receiving information from sources we feel we can trust, okay? That’s kind of the foundation of all of this, and it’s just gonna get noisier and louder. So the more you can set your path, and follow it, and attract to you what supports your wellbeing with those that influence you, the better off you are because we are shifting as a humanity in massive ways, and the opportunity presents itself bigger and more powerfully than it ever has for us to own our reality and create it, which is a beautiful opportunity.

So what we’re gonna do right now is a group session. I felt it was correct to do it for children, grandchildren. And if you feel someone else come to mind, obviously, follow your inspiration. But we’re just gonna do a tapping session then I’m gonna teach you a quick trick called the energy spin. This one you can use for anybody, but let’s start with an affirmation as we do. Yeah, actually, go ahead and close your eyes.

Here’s how you set up a proxy session. And I teach you that in the video we watched a clip from. It may be a little bit different than what we’re doing right now. Just close your eyes and see the children you’re meant to assist today and imagine kneeling down. So you’re now down at a more eye-level with them. And there might be some teenagers in the mix but you’re, like, they all run to you and you gather them together in, like, a group hug. They’re all there with you, and they’re all just, like, they’re drawn to your energy, and they love you. I’m seeing all of my grandchildren. They’re all there. They’re very excited to be in my space. They’re very thankful. Thanks for doing this for me, grandma. My children are welcoming this. Do figure eights between you and them to connect your energy with them. Now, we’re gonna do this in first person as though we are them.

So now we set it up. Go ahead and open your eyes and repeat after me. And again, we’re acting as if we are them. I am clearing the fear and uncertainty that is being projected onto me at this time in my life. I am grounded to my own personal truth. Take a deep breath in and out. Now, add anything that comes to mind. Just as it passes through your thoughts, it’s being added to the clearing here. All right, tapping, repeating after me. Sudden changes releasing what’s happening. What’s going on? My life changed overnight. Ripped out of my life experience I knew. No one’s talking. No, I don’t understand. Confusion. Letting go of all the uncertainty, taking on my parents’ energy, taking on their fear, taking on the confusion and stress. Let it go.

Releasing. Isolated. Stuck inside. Can’t see my friends. Why can’t I go back to school? Adults are crazy. What’s wrong with them? Why are they all so scared? Releasing. Angry. Frustrated. Have to stuff my feelings. Can’t add to the commotion of the home. Acting out all the energy. Being the child that acts it out. Being the child that represses it, and shows up being super responsible. Can’t add to the overload of energy. Tired of being in this house. Too many rules. Too much structure. No rules. No structure. It’s a big mess. Can’t get away from it. Letting go of fear of being close to people. Don’t touch them. Don’t hug them. Stay away. I’m the problem. I’m the little transmitter of this. Do I have to wear a mask now? Okay, why is everyone putting on masks?

Hiding myself. Have to be hidden. Let it go. Releasing. Uncertainty about the future. Will life ever be fun again? We’ll go through each of the types. Will life ever be fun again? This feels so heavy. Will life ever be safe again? This is so uncomfortable. Will life ever have an adventure? Will we ever have adventures again? Feeling so confined. Will life ever be rational again? Can’t make any sense of this. What’s the future hold? Let it go. Okay.

Throw anything else in there that you’ve been sensing in your own children. Take a deep breath and just feel like a balloon deflating, letting it all go out. Now fill it up with light. We’re gonna do you one little forgiveness statement. I forgive the adults in my life. They’re doing the best they know how. Okay, let’s reframe this again. The children…these are your kids who are saying this. I’m at peace. I am knowing the future holds great opportunities for me. I’m trusting this shift is for my highest and greatest good. I am safe. I am wise. I am clear. I am protected. I’m grateful my parents are making the best of this. I’m grateful my parents are making wise and smart decisions on my behalf. I am watched over. I am grateful the energy is shifting to serve my needs and my wants. I am creating a bright, new future for the reality that I’m ready to live in.

My energy is vital. I am grounded to true source of energy. I am safe. I am loved. I am balanced. This is all happening for my benefit. Everyone’s coming out on the other side of this in a better place. I am whole and healed. Okay. Now, close your eyes again. Take a breath in and then exhale. Feel yourself as you inhale more light. Now, imagine you can wrap every one of those children in white light, every one of them, just white light. I actually did this in a visualization earlier inside, and you can do that after the fact just for the sake of time right now. I have 11 grandchildren, and I saw each one in their birth order all the way down, well, some family systems chronologically, and I wrapped every one of them in light and their parents. All right.

Now, the spin technique, this can be used at any time when somebody’s triggered in processing, their stuff’s up and they’re processing. I use this all the time. Learned this from a good friend years ago. It’s probably 10, 15 years ago, and she taught me this. I was gonna make an energy sketch of it. Let me see if I can do that real quick. You’re going to imagine the person standing at the top of a funnel. Okay. So, you see that? There’s a funnel underneath them, okay? Now imagine you could take their head as though it was the top of a top. That’s what they’re called. It was the top of the top. So you’re gonna imagine you can take their head and spin them really, really, really fast. Okay?

Now, they’re spinning. And what’s happening is this yucky energy is literally melting off of them from the top of their head all the way down to their feet as they spin flowing into the funnel going down. And I don’t know where it goes. You’re getting rid of it. So that you spin them. It just goes down into the funnel and then, close the funnel off. Now, wrap them in white light. Stop them. Plug that cord… Imagine a cord from their tailbone into the ground and plug them in so they’re grounded, then wrap them in white light. It works every time. I’m not kidding. It’s pretty profound. It’s just called the energy spin. You can reset somebody’s energy right in the moment.

I just did this a couple of weeks ago. You know, we’re family here. We work in our office. The majority of the people here in our office space are family. And a couple of family members were at odds with each other. I could read their energy, and it wasn’t that. You know, it wasn’t obvious unless you can read energy. But I could tell there was kind of, like, they were both processing, and they were triggering each other. And so I was going out running an errand and as I left in my car, I imagined did one, then did the other, and then I did figure eights between them. Came back. They both came and sought me out to do a little clearing session with them and boom, massive things shifted because of that. It was just, like, “We need to do that more often.” Come ask me for clearing support any time because it was really interesting to see the cause and effect of that energy changing. It was like, “Whoa, good work.”

So that’s a way of doing proxy. See, proxy just isn’t sitting and doing a tapping session. There’s a lot of ways to proxy, you know, all the techniques that I use. When you’re doing a wrap-up, you’re basically proxying you’re working with someone’s energy. It’s a proxy. It’s shifting the energy of the person you’re aware of. So good stuff. Let’s take some live questions and then we will wrap this up. This is the fun side of the hearing the healing work, in my opinion. I love this stuff. I think it’s so cool to know how to work with the… When you’re doing it in integrity with good intent it’s such an awesome thing to be aware of the energetic plane and how to… I use the word manipulate but manipulate it favorably.

Can I do a proxy scrambler session or does it not work that way? You know, you could. I’ve said don’t think a lot of just tapping sessions. Again, follow the spirit on that, know when it’s inspired and yeah, let us know how that goes. Can you do proxy work and oh, on animals? Yes. We were gonna actually include animals, but I said, you know what? That’s a whole different live coaching call. We’ll hit that another time, and we’ll talk about proxying animals and even their chakra energies and working with their resets and definitely, dogs are big energy. They love to stream your energy and help you out that way. It’s a benefit, but it can be a detriment to them at some point. So it’s good to know when they’ve gone too far. So that’s another… We haven’t set a date for that. We’ll make sure we do that though.

My 16-year-old son still holds onto wounding that happened when he was 12 when he was carrying extra weight and really started to get bullied for his IEP, for reading, spelling. Will this proxy help clear that, or is it best to have him go through the childhood wounding plan himself? The plan itself is a little heavy for a 16-year-old to go through. I don’t think they need that extensive support. If he’s open to it, I’d always sit down with the child at first to introduce them to this, a teenager, and do it with them, kinda take the weirdness off it. And then if they’re willing to do some sessions on their own, he’s old enough to pick the ones he wants, but make it really approachable. Healing plans are a little more intense and you might turn them off to this. It’s like…and I don’t think 16-year-olds have…Yeah, we’ve carried stuff longer, so we need the more progressive plan to help us shift it. So just approach it with a little less intensity.

When does the energy type come into play in discerning if that is their nature or a generational pattern? Well, is it triggering you because that energy is representing something in your childhood, so it’s not about them and it’s about your triggered response, or is it a dysfunction? And you can read in, “It’s just my nature,” when energy… You ought to get familiar with what’s the dysfunctional side of each energy type to be able to assess that correctly. And I have a lot of content in Lifestyle that really teaches you. That is the go-to place for really understanding the depth and breadth of energy profiling. So I have a lot of videos in my Dressing Your Truth Lifestyle membership that you have access to over 500 of them, probably over 525 by now or more, that teach you that variable in the four types of dysfunction. You know, what does anger look like for each type? What does worry look like? What does taking on other people’s energy? How does each type do it? So there’s some real complementary content, and that’s only $13 a month. You’ll know because you’ve educated yourself about the energy types.

What’s the difference between generational healing and proxy healing? That’s typically your ancestors that have gone on before you. They’re not here. So it’s almost like you’re the carrier of an energy pattern that’s never been cleared and removed from your family’s energy system, and you’re a carrier for that. And so it’s your soul took that on for your own life lessons and learning and growth, and now you’re ready to clear it. And it benefits your generations. If you’re meant to help someone that’s deceased in the manner of helping clear energy that you know they’re connected to, still, that would include proxy.

Thank you. I just wanted to say thank you. You have changed my family experience and I’m so very grateful. My kids are thriving, and my husband and I are closer than ever. Well, thanks. Did you do proxy clearing or they joined in on all this? My marriage is the best it’s ever been. It was a long haul getting there. You know, it’s like we’ve hit our sweet spot. We’ve hit our zone. We still can trigger each other but not a lot anymore. It’s really amazing. I’m just really glad we… It’s so funny. My husband, he reverted to some really old things he used to say. “I don’t know if you’re the right one for me.” I’m like “Well, apparently I am. You’ve had me with you 40 years.” He goes “Yeah, you’re right. You’re perfect for me. You shifted it.” It was like, “Where’d that come from? That was an old one. Let go of that one once and for all.” He kind of laughed at himself then.

The last question. Is there anything that needs to be tailored differently if doing proxy clearing for young adults who were adopted and family things generational issues are unknown? Now, you’ll know based on the evidence they’re giving you. I have an adopted child and he did do… I was a little too proactive in my type three energy. You don’t wanna assist him in his own healing. He wasn’t ready. And so he was enrolled in a lot of clearing sessions. I do know it made a difference. Where it was needed it took. But it was probably more than he was ready to participate in. But definitely birth clearings with the adoption add-on is a great one to do.

We have got our winners. The “I am Nurtured” oil is going to Louise Holt. She shares, “I’ve done proxy work for my son and saw him dramatically shift what he was stumbling with right after.” Thanks for that share. And “The Child Whisperer” is going to Jenny Lange. “Proxy clearing is amazing. I did some for my roommate who had always had a problem getting a job. After the clearing, he received a job offer within 48 hours.” See? That’s so cool. What a gift. They may never know but on some level, they do know. That’s so cool. The gift of shifting energy. I’m doing it all the time. Shifting the state of Hawaii is a big job. And I’m having way too many conversations about being at odds with it because we have a home over there and right now we’re not able to… We’re choosing not to travel because if we do, we’re in quarantine for two weeks, blah, blah, blah. But I’m certainly not helping things shifts. So yeah, I’m committing myself to shifting to support things opening.

Again, the Money Cure started. You can still sign up if you wanna join in. The jewelry’s out. Check out the new stuff. And starting May 25th on Monday, we’ll have an oil of the week starting with the “I am Rich” oil, 20% off, and then our next coaching call is June 23rd. I’m gonna read to you in closing an excerpt from “Remembering Wholeness.” I wrote that book in 1999, and I projected out to the year 2020, which I find it very fascinating that’s the year we’re in and this is what I wrote about that year.

“The year is 2020. My four children have all married, and I am the delighted grandmother of several grandchildren. I am pleased that my grandchildren are growing up with a deeper knowledge of who they are and an awareness of their spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities. The Earth has increased in its vibrational frequency and so have the people on it. We are a more spiritually evolved, enlightened, and compassionate people. We understand that at the finest levels of our being, we are a system of energy. We are actually vessels of light and sound. We no longer look at a person as a physical body. We see the physical body as a vehicle that also incorporates emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. We have awakened to our spiritual blueprint the information that lies at the fundamental level of our being, guiding us as life unfolds.”

I find that remarkable that what I wrote I’ve actually seen materialize and manifest. I did not even have any reference or had not been given the awareness or inspiration for the four energy types. And yet, I wrote here that my grandchildren were growing up with a deeper knowledge of who they are and an awareness of their spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities. And every one of them knows their true nature and is raised in and aligned, and they’re honored in that. Every one of their parents know their type and respect that and who their children are. And they have profound intuitive gifts. We see that in them already and their awareness. I was chatting with… In my conversations with my son today, I said, “It’s like my grandchildren are, like, little adult people in small bodies. They’re so aware.” It’s just so remarkable to see that.

And then more than ever compared to 20 years ago, the awareness of us being vessels of light and understanding our cells as a system of energy has become a mainstream popular conversation, especially for younger generations. It’s a more common knowledge. And so I’m really grateful that I was able to have a foreknowing of what could come and help that manifest.

Thanks, everyone. It’s been fun and I really enjoyed this topic of proxy healing. Let’s continue to share your success stories. Reach out for support in your ahas that you’re having. It’s great to be in this group, and we’ll make it a great month here in the Healing Center. We’ll see you on our next call on June 23rd.

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