Live Coaching Call May 23, 2019

1 hour, 5 minute video

This call speaks about why you may not feel self-love or self-confidence—even though we have both inside of us. Maybe you feel invisible, left out, or are used to disappointment. Carol also talks about the dilemma of feeling like the “grass is always greener.” She closes by reading a portion of “Mastering Affluence” about the healing nature and inner guidance of your body.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Disappointment when small things ruin your opportunities

Frustration that your addiction is always around, tempting you

Anxiety about family members with whom you butt heads

Hurt from your children’s perspectives of their childhoods

You Want To:

Clear the pattern of setting yourself up for constant let-downs

Be free from addictive urges any time you choose

Protect yourself energetically and support your own healing

Let go of guilt and regret so you can heal your relationship

Affirmation for this Session:

I am opening myself to receive and feel the love that’s already inside of me. I truly love myself.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 8:45

Session Transcript

Hello, welcome to this month’s Healing Center coaching call. It’s good to have you all with me. Tag someone you know that’s in the Healing Center and they will get notified here on Facebook that we’re live in the group, so they can join us in the live call. They may not know or have forgotten. So who do you know is in the Healing Center that would like to be on the call tonight? I will be taking live questions here, so if you got a question we’ll call out for those in a little bit. And in the meantime, what are you all working on these days? What’s the plan you’re working with? We’ve got no supported group plans going on right now, so it’s individual focuses that are happening, which is really the original design of the Healing Center, is to support you with whatever is presenting in your life right now. Share in the comment what’s been helping you in the Healing Center of late, the resources that you’ve used. And I always say a great way to use them is to be spontaneous with them rather than always calculated. There’s probably a few dozen sessions you may never, or even more than that, that you’ve never even experienced yet. And so it’s always a great idea to select a category. Think of it like jeopardy.

Select a category on the board, open it up, and scroll down to something you’ve not used before, and see how that serves you. Because I would sense that there’s value and every resource, to some degree, in the Healing Center. Be curious if anyone’s done that kind of spontaneous engagement in the Healing Center. I know it’s something I would do to keep it interesting because I don’t always want to be enrolled in a strict protocol. There’s times when playing with more spontaneity and allowing what shows up to show up and to be gifted with that unique offering of saying, “That was perfect for this time in my life.” So thanks for tagging someone if you’re just getting on. It’s in the Healing Center so we can get more of our Healing Center members on the call tonight. We had to change…we typically do this on a Tuesday night, but due to the fact that I’m supporting the money care group right now, we moved to this Thursday night. So welcome, and welcome to everyone listening, watching and listening, that’s enjoying the recorded version of this call.

Let’s see. We have two success stories I wanted to feature tonight, and I’ll share why I’m featuring these after I read each of them. Emily shared, “I joined the Healing Center just a few days ago. The first day I looked around the site and thought, ‘Oh no, I’m not sure this is for me.’ But oh my, I am blown away at what I’ve taken away from this in just a few days. I feel like such a burden has been lifted. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next several weeks. I just wanted to express my gratitude. This is an amazing thing you put together, Carol Tuttle. Thank you.” And as we’re using alternative methods, logically, they may not resonate initially for some people. If you’re new to this kind of work, there’s a suspect that you come in with to wonder if it’s going to give you any value, but they’re all designed to work with an organic system of healing that we each carry around, yet we don’t employ it.

We are so programmed to look outside ourselves for answers that we forget we have this healing mechanism built in, when given the right support on all levels to allow that to materialize for us. So we’re using these alternative approaches to enable the mind, the spiritual mental, emotional, and physical healing systems. So I’m really happy that Emily got such quick results to show her the power of this. And then Susie shared, “I want to share some success. I’m on day three of the childhood wounding. Today writing to my little self I asked, ‘What do you love to do?’ And several fun memories of things I love, I love to do came to mind and they just kept coming. It filled me with such joy. I found that I really actually like myself and love myself. I love myself is still a little hard to say, but I’ll keep working on it. Thank you, Carol, and everyone on this journey.”

You know, it’s an interesting phenomena that we can all relate to that sort of personal moment of feeling a state of true love for ourselves, because we can all sit here and hear that story and go, “Well, of course, you’re lovable, Susie, everyone is.” Yet this internal dynamic of self-love is not activated to the degree that we have the capacity to experience it for most people. And that’s due to childhood, you know, issues that we still carry around. And so logically, we can all agree that, well, everybody’s lovable. That makes sense. Why wouldn’t they be just because everyone is deserving of that, you know. And even the most horrid people at some point weren’t horrid, and they were lovable, and things went awry in their life. And, you know, it played out in the manner in which it has for people that we might consider having done some really extreme acts of violence and such. But at some point, they weren’t in that wounded state necessarily, and so for… Have you had that experience? I remember the day I had that experience when I was in a very deep dark depression in my late 20s. My children were quite young. I was getting by barely each day, I had a lot of suicidal thoughts and feelings, and nothing measured up in my life to understand why is this happening to me. Depression wasn’t something spoken about in the late ’80s. I didn’t know my family history with mental illness at that point. There’s a lot of things that were unknown to me. I was just kind of doing what you’re supposed to do in life and things weren’t…

The formula which I existed by was do the right thing and you’ll be happy, and that wasn’t proving to be the case for me, but I remember a morning when I was in real desperate prayer, and I was struck and overcome with the state of love for myself, that was so all consuming, it took me to my knees. And it wasn’t something that stuck at that point. But it gave me a witness to what I was worth, so that I wasn’t proactive in some of the disturbing thoughts I had. At the time, my motive for getting well was more about my children, because they deserved a better experience with a mother. And yet when that occurred in my life, that instilled within me a motivation to say I’m worth it too, and I am lovable not because of anything I do, because that had never been imprinted in my childhood as an emotional bond with my parents. They weren’t capable to set up an environment where I would naturally know that. And so it was a gift in that moment to help me carry on in a way. And now, I feel that all the time, it’s never a question. You know, it’s kind of like, well, yeah, I feel lovable. And it’s a steady state of being, which I have an interesting practice in mastering affluence that supports acquiring that, connecting with that energy that is constant and available to us.

So with that, let’s get into the questions that we chose that were submitted for this call. “How do we know when we are taking a leap of faith and try something new as opposed to when we are off of our soul’s purpose? I just accepted a new job starting in September and I don’t know that it meets all of the criteria. I love trying new things, but in the back of my mind, I worry that I’ve made a wrong choice. I see the pattern of questioning myself and can work on that, but in the meantime, how do I reconcile these feelings?” Well, there are kind of two questions going on here. The first one is, how do we know if we’re following what’s correct and inspired versus we made a wrong move and we’re acting out an old pattern because it’s one of the two. We’re either creating what’s inspired, and timely, and on purpose with our lives, so we’re acting out an old pattern of dysfunction.

And how do you know what moved you did to make that choice? Was it desperation fear? Does it replicate how you felt and, of course, that you’ve experienced in other times in your life that didn’t turn out? How does it mimic other, you know, the same pattern that you’ve replayed previously? Because if it feels new, if it feels different, then it’s more likely on purpose for you and it is going to bring up some uncertainty. Because, even though struggle is uncomfortable, it’s familiar. Even though old patterns of dysfunction we are in conflict with and we wish you weren’t there, we know them. We know them and they’re familiar. So there’s this gauge of familiarity we get really comfortable with, and when we pull or take ourselves out of that, now we feel vulnerable. And that vulnerability creates uncertainty and some inner child concerns because that was a part of us.

You know, if the inner child carries the belief of, let’s just say, abandonment, you know, if there’s an energy of abandonment that’s not been healed from your childhood experience, the inner child’s going, “Well, I just expect to be abandoned.” But, you know, now I’ll play out patterns like, “I’ll abandon you before you abandon me,” now, I can control the abandonment. So the inner child is playing out this role now, say, well, based on the limiting belief in the old pattern, at least I feel I can control of it, where the inner child’s going, “I don’t feel in control anymore.” You don’t want your inner child to be in control of your life. So that part of you may be the part that’s coming forward saying, “I’m nervous and scared. What are you doing?” You’re putting as…you know, the adult selves making new healthier choices and the inner child is going, “We’re at risk now.” At least I know, you know, the other scene. So that part of you, that’s where the psychological reversals really support calming that part of our psyche down and our nervous system that gets flared up as a result of those thoughts.

“I have a pattern to having great opportunities that I’m super excited about and then something little will happen that will ruin it for me, such as someone forgets my name or my meal doesn’t come out with everyone else’s, or I’m really excited to order a specific item on the menu and they are out of that item. Am I creating a pattern of disappointment? And how do I clear it?” Yes, you are. And it goes back to your childhood that you probably were set up to be hopeful and encouraged about certain things in your life only to be disappointed that parents didn’t come through. They didn’t keep their word. They let you down. You started to accept that. The fact that you’re still feeling hopeful is a good sign that you believe that you deserve it. Because a lot of people get to the point with this pattern that they go, “Well, I’m not going to hope for anything.” You’d be saying, “Well…” I don’t know, how do you respond to that? Do you say things like, “Well, it figures. I never get what I want”? Because that’s going to reinforce it and that’s telling you, you have that belief that you don’t get what you want, and so scramblers are a good thing to do. That’s a core belief, scrambler. “I am, I am, I never get what I want,” or, “I am, I am, I’m always disappointed.” Something that…really a statement that replicates the original that.

There’s probably either a series of events where it was just the way you had to…it’s what happened in your childhood or there was one big opportunity that you really hoped for that stands out, and it didn’t come through earlier in your life. And maybe it could be a parents’ divorce. See, that’s a big deal that, you know, you just wanted happy parents had stayed together, they divorced and you have to deal with that disappointment based on their choice and their inability to get along. So it could be series of lots of little events, or some big events, or both. Or you’re just told, “Don’t hope for much.” I mean, kids are told things like that. “Well, don’t get, you know, don’t get your hopes up. It probably won’t work out.” As rare, again, mastering affluence is a big key to the languaging that it’s probably a little more valuable as a resource in your changing, your thinking mind that the section on how to create an affluent mind and affirmative mind, it gets really zeroed in because it’s written, it’s a, you know, 20, 30-page section that’s getting very specific on different languaging that we’re taught to believe in. So that would be a really great resource for you as well.

And watch how you respond. And the next time if it plays out again, you go, in your mind you go, “There’s that pattern again. I’m now choosing to believe I can have what I want,” and pretend you got it. Gotta act as if . Let’s just take the item on a menu. Imagine you got exactly what you wanted. You’ve got to play it out in your imagination to set the energy into motion and put out that energy signal so that it starts to show up because the other pattern is just like a broken record playing over and over and over. “How can addictions be clear that are in my face all the time? I’m addicted to electronics, specifically phone time. And it seems as though everywhere I go, everyone else is always on their phones as well. I’m always on Facebook or playing a game on my phone. As much as I need to get other things done, the moment I feel stressed or bored, I go straight to my phone and ended not doing what needs to be done.” So you’re using it as a distraction, so it’s something that…so are you going about what you’re enrolling yourself in in a way that’s true to your type?

So this is where the four types come into a benefit to know which of the four types you lead with. Because if you’re approaching your activities and things you’re pursuing that are contrary to your type, you’re not going to want to stay involved with them. So there’s something about how you’re forcing yourself to do things. See, this is a secondary issue, meaning, what’s making you distracted and bored? Why can’t you stay on task so that you’re really engaged with what you’re doing so you’re not even interested in getting on your phone? So you need to look at that, well, how are you approaching these activities? And what are they, you know? So you’re setting yourself up to easily switch to this.

And so rather than when it happens, let’s just say whatever you started and you decide you’re not interested and you’re bored with it, or, as you said, you don’t feel it’s very exciting, which, I don’t know, doing laundry isn’t that exciting to me that I like the benefit of having clean clothes, I find that exciting. That’s a great thing. So I’m excited about the outcome of the purpose of the activity, not the activity itself necessarily, because I want the value I receive. But let’s just say it’s something you’re distracted or you’re not excited about and you go to your phone. What if you went to the Healing Center on your phone and do the clearing session instead and were able to keep confronting that pattern? Because it’s right in the moment of you choosing it, then it’s really great to do clearings. Right in the moment where it’s up, it’s really great to do those clearings. So find a session that supports you. There’s clearing for addictions that’s in the Healing Center. And we all have some level of we’re addictive in our nature in today’s…the world in which we live today, meaning we repeat patterns over and over, so everyone would benefit from doing the addictions clearing. I’m just looking at my shirt right now, truly a peacock blue. It looks like it’s royal blue on this camera.

“With summer family reunions coming up, what recommendations do you have to make the experience better? Everyone gets along just fine, but I get anxious about the planning and time involved. The thought of being so close to people I don’t see often makes me nervous, especially since I am easily…especially since I’m easily triggered by a couple of them. I’m currently staying the night at my parents’ before our trip and I’m already bumping heads with my mom. She just doesn’t understand me. I’m currently doing the childhood wounding plan, and I’m afraid of playing out my old patterns with them and causing drama. I know it’s my choice how I react, but I already feel like crying, withdrawing from it all. I’m a two, four and the lowest energy in my family.” Yeah, if you’re processing, you’re going to be vulnerable. So you gotta kind of let it…keep people at arm’s length energetically, meaning, you know, notice your vulnerability and create in your mind them to be really busy. There’s a Catch-22 here. If you’re feeling needy and you’re wanting certain attention from them, you’re drawing attention to yourself then, and that’s from your child self playing old needs out. That will get then turn into what you don’t want. So you got to take care of your emotional self and not assign that to your family in this time. I would recommend you energy sketch that you’re having, pleasant interactions, do the figure eights with everybody.

But if it were me and I saw something that was being stirred up, I had in my mind would turn my parent away from me and get involved in something else. Like something else shows up that keeps them busy. And so the fact that you’re doing this healing work at this time, you’re gonna have to get through this with heightened awareness so that you don’t let the energy you’re processing feed into the family system to stir things up. Sending angels into spaces to, you know, set the energy up for everyone’s success to energy sketch is very valuable. Really taking care of your emotional self, because if you play it out that you need them to do it, you’ll be disappointed and drama will get created. So it’s like you have to be co-conscious, aware of your inner child, as you’re aware of the experience of the family you’re in and navigate kind of both sides to that, which you can do. It’s actually not that hard. It’s just being very attentive to it.

I’m curious if you…who here is a viewer of my Facebook, not my Facebook, my YouTube channel? Every week we put out a “Heal with Carol” video. On tonight’s…who watches those? I highly recommend you go to and subscribe, because you’ll get it in an email then every week. They get posted Wednesday, you’ll get the email on Thursday, plus we do another written post every Monday. And it’s all in support of what we’re doing here in the Healing Center. So I just read somebody’s addicted to live your truth, dress your truth, and Carol’s Healing Center and like, yeah, we’re somewhat addicted, we might as well get addicted to things that benefit us. So I get that. It’s a good thing. So just to get that call out for YouTube and every…and what I’m doing on is in support of what we’re doing in here.

So get on the email list at and you will be glad because it’s an added value and they’re very short pieces. The videos are typically 9 to 12 minutes. You can put those playback speeds at one and a half, two. And then also, the written posts are all…actually you can read them right in the email. You can click over to the website if you wanna make a comment, but they’re all transcribed right in the email. Read them right in your inbox. “I’m having a hard time with visualizations. I’m childhood healing. When I picture my life timeline, I can’t get it to stay still, it spins around. I usually just push past to start to visualize my younger self, but it seems weird. Is this something that I’ll get better at with practice or is it not a big deal? Also, I did frozen emotions and my ice block was enormous, and I saw a brain in the forefront of my child self in the back. I cannot pick up the block of ice. Any suggestions there too would be great.”

Well, just let the ice…take sections of the ice and melt it and let what’s there ready to heal come forward, and you can shrink it down, your mind can create anything. In fact, when you do the burning patterns imagery, there’s a session called burning patterns imagery. I have you put all of the stuff, old patterns into a garbage. We’ll, you draw a garbage can first of all on a sketch of paper. Now, you put all your old patterns in the garbage can. Now, you imagine that sketchpad getting really, really, really big, then you get it as small as you can imagine, even down to this micro dot. Then you make it…you know, you see the power you have to make things bigger or smaller. And then you bring it back to the size it was when you were first imagining it. And then because it’s on paper, you burn it. So what is it teaching you? The reason that it’s done in this, the steps is, one, you can make those patterns seem really big or really small. Then because you can burn the paper, it teaches you, it reminds your energy system, “I can transform things, I can change the energy and create something different with this energy.” So do the burning your patterns imagery and you can make that ice block smaller, it doesn’t have to be so big. Make it compact, you know, make it a size that you feel like, “Yeah, I can work with that. It’s not so big.”

“So what in your life…?” That’s interesting. “What your life to make bigger than it really is?” So that’s showing you maybe, that’s symbolic. The ice block doesn’t need to be this big, you have a tendency to, you know, get overwhelmed, make things bigger in your mind. Worry about things that really don’t matter. That’s a message that would be coming through with that imagery. And about the timeline, just do more work and see how that shifts. I wouldn’t just notice that that’s what it’s doing right now without any concern. “I just started the mental healing plan for self-confidence and I’m realizing how little confidence I have. This affects every aspect of my life from work to relationships, weight loss. I always distract myself by watching too much TV, or eating things, or drinking soda to try and bury and avoid negative emotions because I don’t have the self-confidence that I can handle all of these things, or even know what to do with them. Is there anything I need to do in addition to the mental healing plan?”

Confidence is something we always have. That’s how I think first, and I introduced tonight’s conversation with this. We really do love ourselves. That’s the truth. We cannot…we may not feel it, we may not have a concept for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It is there. We love ourselves, and we have an innate quality of love that we carry about ourselves and we also have confidence. Now, we may not have been raised so that we can employ it, but to think that you have to try and create it may be tripping you up. When living your truth and making correct choices, confidence isn’t an absence of some degree of fear either. That’s the thing, if you’re charting new territory, and life is presenting you with new experiences, yeah, you may feel a little nervous about it or a little bit fearful, it’s new. But that doesn’t mean it’s an absence of self-confidence. Confidence is the willingness to do what’s correct, in my opinion, to take that next correct step. Not, “I feel so confident, I’m amazing, and I’ve got this.” That’s a quality of it. That’s one aspect of it, but I don’t… I’ve done many things with uncertainty in my life completely based on faith and knowing this is the next correct thing.

Is it new? Yes. Is there some risk? Yes. Could there be some pushback? Yeah. My next book coming out about the Chakra system, I might share some personal stories that I’ve never shared to the degree I’m sharing in this book about what brought me to make these choices and how the Chakra energies were really the compelling forces that moved me to do it. So was I confident in that I was choosing what I deeply felt was correct? Yes. Was I confident in the face of some things that played out that I felt like, “Yeah, I got this?” No, I wasn’t, but it worked out, and it all played out to support me. So I think you might be looking for that, what we might consider in the self-help world, what we tag as self-confidence, like you’re always sure of yourself. You may not be sure, but you know what you’re choosing is correct and you have confidence in that. So work with that initially and the other grows.

“My husband and I bought our first home in 2017. After renting for 11 years we have 8 children and this home is great for us. We put a lot into this house to fix it up and make it beautiful, but I’m already feeling restless, I’m ready to sell and move to a better home. How do I not feel restless anymore? My husband was in one house his whole childhood and my family was constantly moving, even homeless for a year, so I don’t want that for my children. But I do want more. Is the grass just greener on the other side and I need to be more grateful? Because I truly am grateful for this home, but I’m still dreaming of more.”

So a couple things could be playing out here. My sense is because you were moved so much and you even were homeless, and I’m not gonna get to and I’m gonna give you a simple technique to address this. But your root Chakra is quite weak. You didn’t get deeply rooted anywhere and learn how to grow roots so that you could feel grounded in the place you are. The fact that you feel restless means to me of a shallow root system. And you don’t have to…I mean, even people that tend to move a lot can be very grounded, but this is a common side effect when you’ve had that kind of momentum and changing of location as a child. And if you were moving a lot or even homeless, it says to me, there could have been abrupt moves that you weren’t even made aware of or there was preparation for because that definitely would have a play into you not having a deep root system.

I have an adopted son who’s now in his early 30s that he had that scenario as a kid. And it’s because his mother was always living on the system, and was doing drugs, and she was always having to move herself. He had a lot of being moved, moved suddenly, put into foster care without any notice, you know, just things were very abrupt. So it’s interesting, even in his adult life, he has to be with somebody that has a stronger root system than him for him to feel grounded. He very quickly will move in to…he’s next to never lived by himself. He has always been with someone and part of that is he’s not aware of this. He’s not asking me for this kind of feedback right now and I respect that, that’s fine. But he’s to work on his own being rooted. How do you do that? You need to imagine through easy visualization and even go connect with the earth that you’re growing roots out of your feet and your system is well-grounded. And wherever you go, you feel grounded. So take a few minutes every day. I have my morning…do my morning energy routine that you can find right here in the Healing Center, right on the website, morning energy routine. And just to add to it, have a quick visualization of roots growing out of your feet, but it helps you connect with all seven Chakras, all the way down to the root, and ground that, and even feel that you’re on a path.

“I recently chose to leave my 18-year career where I was making $70,000 a year because of the mental abuse from the administration and people I work with, although I’m excited to see what shows up for me. I’m also feeling pressure from my husband to get another job, and my personal fears of lack. It has taken me several years to get strong enough to know. I deserve better and to walk away from the money. This has been the hardest part because that is a lot of money to remove from our budget. How do I surrender and trust that the universe is going to support me?”

Well, it sounds like you already have. Now, you just have to continue. I mean, I imagine, unless you did it on a whim and you did it from a place of upset and just said, “I’m out of here. See ya.” It sounds like you did surrender by choosing out. Now, you have to continue to trust. Okay, there’s a really good video on YouTube on how to create your dream job. So watch that video. We can link it right here in the comment thread and believe that something’s going to show up very quickly for you. So start focusing on what you want and creating that rather than worrying about what you don’t want, is the key thing. Keep focusing on what you want using the tools. When you’re in the midst that brings up old stuff, great. It brings up fear, do the clearing session for fear. If it brings up abandonment, clearing session for abandonment.

If it brings, you know, what is it? Just take whatever state of feeling you’re in, or state of being, or the story, and use the search function on the Healing Center to find support. That’s the best way to get individual customized support. We have a very well-developed index search tool. You can put in a phrase, a word, couple words, and you’re gonna get several options presented that will be supportive to what you’re experiencing currently. All right, let’s go to some submitted questions. All right. “Regarding the scrambler sessions, do we continue to look down to the right one saying the positive affirmations at the end?” No, you don’t have to with the positive. You can look up.

“Your video on plantar fasciitis was very timely.” Thank you. “I see the connection with not…” This is a video on YouTube. Using energy healing to heal plantar fasciitis and other pain. It’s called something like that. “I see the connection with not making my mother angry walking on eggshells. You also mentioned stomach issues and I realized that I feel my stomach drop and nausea when I hear a child getting a spanking and its connection to my stomach issues. I appreciate you and your role in showing me these issues. Which plan would you suggest during or after the money cure?” I’d wait till the money cure was done then start. Childhood wounding plan is a really good one. If you had to walk on eggshells as a kid, or the healing plan for abuse, because that’s abusive environment right there. “How do I clear the issues of hearing stories from my children of their perspective of their childhood that sound hurtful and nothing like how I remember the event?”

Well, that’s interesting because no one’s going to have the same relay of…the story is never gonna sound the same from different family members. We have our own perceptual intake of things. And so, yeah, you definitely wanna get to a place where it doesn’t trigger you so you can support them and just tear them out. And I’m more than happy to apologize to my children. There’s a lot of dysfunction that played out in their early years. And I know I was a big part of that. So I’m not…I mean, hey, you gotta remember you did the best you can and they’re just finally getting a voice. The good news is, they feel safe enough, you know, to talk to you. That’s a good thing. So you don’t want to shut them down. So you could, if you’re hearing them, imagine you’re tapping while you’re listening. Like, you’re clearing it as you…any energy you may carry. And if they’re doing in a blaming, accusatory way or in a very demeaning way, you wanna make sure that you can invite them to share without necessarily put downs or anger that you wanna talk about this in a civil, adult way and work things out with them.

So you want to use good communication skills with that. I would do the mirror session to let go of any guilt and regret. Because if you carry guilt and regret, then you’ll get triggered. I don’t carry any guilt and regret, because they don’t do it anymore and I did do it intentionally, I see it for what it is. So, did I feel guilty at the time? Yes, but that was good because it motivated me to get well. But I don’t feel guilty now because I’ve changed and I knew how compromised I was. “I might take two, four and feel like I’m invisible sometimes. People seem to overlook me and sometimes don’t seem to hear me. I will say something and no one responds and then someone else says the same thing and everyone else will agree with that person even though I had already said the same thing almost before. How do I make myself heard and seen?”

One, are you dressing your truth, because you wanna make sure you’re doing that so you’re seen, you’re clearly visually seen for who you are, and then I’d listen to the type two audio. I do the clearing for type two and type four energy and the clearing for… Do the affirmations for type two, so you really… That’s just showing you you still have that belief. You’re the carrier of the belief, “I’m not seen or heard. I’m invisible.” You do a core belief scrambler on that too. I am, I am invisible. I am I am, not invisible. “I have fallen behind in many areas of my life lately and I am pursuing my…punishing myself each time I get on Facebook I see success in each of the Carol groups. I am part of the money care, and dressing your truth lifestyle, the Healing Center. I know some jealousy is coming up and also the feeling that this definitely works for others, not me. Which clearing should I do to clear this? There’s a core vibe running along the lines of despite my best efforts, I can try as hard as I want, but it will never work.” I know I wrote a response to someone that said this in an earlier post, and I’m sure Kim saved it in the units. So I don’t have to repeat myself. Kim could grab that probably where you do have a belief, “This works for everybody but me.” That’s apathy. And again, that is connected with disappointment. So you don’t get your hopes up. You don’t expect things to work because you dealt with a lot of disappointments, so then you don’t try, and it’s a way to avoid disappointment. And so you want to do clearings, again, this is where you can search that fear of disappointment, procrastination, “Things don’t work for me,” and see what shows up for you.

“I just started the second week of the weight loss plan. I’m a type one and I can feel myself disconnecting, I need to check this page every day to keep me motivated. And I know I’m keeping this extra weight to hide behind. But how do I love myself enough to be at a healthy weight and feel comfortable there, not vulnerable?” That’s why you’re doing the plan. If you were there, you wouldn’t need it. Because you don’t feel that yet. And so, again, the weight loss plan hits a lot of deep core issues. There may be more work to do, though, like the childhood wounding plan because that’s really about that lack of self-worth as a kid. And so you’re in process, and the work you keep doing will get you there. So don’t put up a false expectation you should be somewhere you’re not yet. You know, I had to get a point in my work that I just gave up anytime and thought…and honestly, I don’t think you’re going to have to do what I’ve done. I really don’t. I think I’ve forged a big, fat highway for you.

Because I’ve done tremendous amount of deep work. I’ve spent tens of…if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in healing my life, and still coming off the very tail end of the physical stuff that I’ve been healing in the last several years. Still fine-tuning that. So, yeah, I’ve learned to be patient with the process because I’m looking for deep, full, and permanent healing, not quick fixes that can help me feel good on a day where it’s tough. So I don’t have to feel those tough days. There is still just gonna be some tough days. You live on planet Earth and you’re bringing up, dredging up some old stuff, and you’ve got to be kind with yourself as you move through it and let yourself feel what needs to be felt. It’s okay, let yourself be in that place. And so you’re only on week two of the weight loss plan. You have two more weeks to go. And there may be more for you to do that will support what you’ve done with the weight loss plan.

“In a marathon journalling session as part of my abuse plan I made at list of 21 core beliefs that I need to release. I can see how each of them would work well for the core belief scrambler, but there are so many. What’s the best way forward, use the scrambler with one or two day, create my own clearing script with some or all of them?” No, I use that burning pattern imagery. I dump them on the garbage can. Literally I’d… And then, you know, you’ll burn the paper in the garbage can in the burning patterns imagery. You know, list all 21 out on a… This is an example of now you’re making more work for yourself, you know? Because guess what, you don’t need every single little bitty core belief. You need like the few that have the biggest compelling hold on us, not every tiny little thing you believe that’s limiting about yourself. Core belief scramblers are for the big, juicy. That’s like created so many others because that one’s at the root of it.

Yeah, and the others are just secondary to it, there they were offshoots of it. And so use the burning patterns and then go burn the paper in real life in a safe way. “I’ve been working on the childhood wounding plan and have gained back the seven pounds that I lost doing the weight loss plan. Do I go back to the weight loss plan?” No, you get to what that weight…associate that weight as a protection. And again, keep bringing that inner child into a safe place. This part of you no longer exists in your body. Technically, it never… You’re an adult now and you’re now shifting into that space of understanding consciously and subconsciously, “I’m the adult,” and creating a safe reality. “My inner child is growing up within me emotionally so that part of me is aligned with my healthy adult self.” And so that’s just evidence that that part of you, the weight became that protector, and keep letting that inner child now it’s no longer needed. It wouldn’t switch back. See, this is true, I believe you will lose that pretty quick. You could supplements and things that were very supportive to you from the weight loss plan, but I wouldn’t jump over to it now.

All right. “The life purpose plan was so fantastic. It led me to get on a new path to exercise and eat right so I can lose 40 pounds, which is a reasonable weight that my doctor and I agreed upon. I’m working on acting as if I am already my ideal weight. I know that dressing my truth is more important than ever right now. The problem is, I’m doing the promise I’m going through a case of the uglies. I’ll do my best to choose rmy hair makeup and outfit but I’ll look in the mirror and still feel like I look old and ugly. Seeing the beautiful women on our dress your truth lifestyle page just scourges man. I’m 53, and a few weeks ago I bought some fast food and I saw senior discount on the receipt when I had not even asked for it. My closest friends do not have weight issues and they take very good care of themselves so they all look much younger than I do. They never would have been offered a senior discount. Perhaps it’s time for the low self-esteem plan, or have any of you experienced this and then you found a good clearing?”

I would go back to when you first started feeling this way in your early teens and get it from the original timeline, and then how many women have felt this to do a generational clearing and clean it up because this is old, old stuff. This goes back at least to your mom, maybe even grandma. And you took this on much earlier that you were unattractive, and so you wanna go…you work at it from… It’s showing you there’s something to clear, there’s something to heal. So do that healing work and letting go of the belief that you’re ugly and unattractive. Okay. “Which oil would correspond with that grounding exercise? I am feeling called to do that.”

Well, we put those up real quick, the screenshot. “I am present” would be really good. “I am connected.” Those are what’s coming to mind, “I am connected,” “I am present.” Yeah one of those two would be good. So thanks for asking that. “I’ve been told by my teenage daughter I have an almost constant soft snore when I sleep. I’m planning to attend several overnight events summer where I’ll be sleeping over with people I don’t know well. I’m already worried about keeping people awake and it’s increasing my stress level about attending those events. Is there a clearing or plan I can do to help me release the stress around snoring? Or even better, can I clear whatever is causing me to snore, kind of like how we can release symptoms of pain and illness that is connected to emotional energy?” Well, most likely, there’s something going on physiologically for you or snoring, I would do some research on what are those most common causes of snoring. You can seek out a doctor. It’s very common in today’s world that this happens to adults. And a lot of times it’s the position you’re sleeping in too will block airways so you’re not getting enough air and your body is making those sounds because the air intake isn’t open enough.

And so there’s not a snoring clearing. There is a clearing for stress, there’s a clearing for fear, there’s other clearings that will deal with the emotions that you’re experiencing, yet you could write your own script as well for that. I’m looking in the physical right now, I just went over to the website actually because this is where I would look around if I were you, then go in the physical section. So when you go to single sessions, you go to… Oil may help you. Open that up. “I am calm” oil can be helpful. And come back there in a sec. All right, let’s take a couple more questions. “When doing a healing session, when doing a healing session for abuse, what do you do when a graphic memory surfaces?” I’ve done a certain abuse clearing. I was shocked when a memory that was totally buried and I’d completely forgotten surface. I had that experience in the early days of healing my abuse and I would go in and rescue my inner child. My adult self would go and stop the playing out of the events of the trauma and the violation and I would get rid of the…

The perpetrator would get busted. And even got pretty intense at times, because it was in a time period that Rambo was really popular as a movie. I bring Rambo in, and pretty much wipe out in the perpetrator. Like, I had a lot of anger. So that was a way to display. You know, my anger being kind of put into this scenario because I couldn’t, as a child, and I couldn’t stop it as a child. So I would reframe these to my benefit, and I’d intercept and keep it from happening. “What do you think the issue would be if you cannot remember very much your childhood? There are things I remember, but they’re usually major events, how I felt and what I loved as a kid. I don’t know why that is.” Most likely you as a child were shut down or repressed enough that your mind’s not even recalling the details of your childhood and oftentimes the visualization that can help us is to go back to a childhood home in which we were young, and had…we were young and felt disempowered and repressed in that part, that child’s hiding in a closet somewhere. Those parts of us that are hiding, you can do the visualization of growing yourself where you go on the timeline and find the parts of yourself and you could find what parts are hiding or lost.

So I’m on the Healing Center right now, and as I look in…I was looking at for that snoring thing, the physical sessions. Use your sound meditations too to help create…as an easy comfortable, kind of a lovely way to continue to help you clear. See, right here, somebody was asking about, you know, feeling ugly clearing session for shaming your body. That’s about your body and appearance, you want to make sure you do that. You could do the clearing session for resistance to exercise and customize it. For the question that was asked earlier about, “I don’t get motivated, you know. I go to my phone because I’m not excited and I lose interest.” So there’s resistance there. So you can even take any of these that have a specific focal point and customize it, use the base of it, and put in your particular issue.

Daily script to create a healthy sleep. See, I don’t have that with daily script create a healthy body, that could be customized for your benefit. All right, so you get an idea how there’s so much here that you can easily get, not just one resource to support you with, there’s several, I’m sure that. It’s just teaching you how to make good use of the variables here. To the question that was asked about not remembering your childhood, I would do the clearing session for fear of abandonment. At some point you abandoned yourself in your experience. Visualization to grow yourself up emotionally. That’s where you’re integrating and you’ll be able to see which parts of you you’re not connecting with, that’s information then to go, “Wow, what was going on in my life? If I don’t see this, you know, three to five-year-old self showing up, what was going on?” There’s some stuff there. That’s a direction for you to go with your healing, all right?

All right, those are all of our questions tonight. Couple announcements. The next live coaching call will be June 18th. I’m very excited that I just finished writing, and they’ll be coming out prior to the June 18th call is the add-on scripts for your birth clearing. And looking at those, which I can right now. Let me just even get you excited about some stuff here because these are gonna be so amazing to help you really get to the nitty-gritty that your birth may have created an interference that you’re still experiencing in your life right now. Those are going to be published before the June…I think they’re gonna go up around June 10th. So what I’m going to invite all of you to do, you kind of put this in your Healing Center planning timeline, I’m gonna invite you to go through the ones that are particular to your birth experience before the June 18th call, and then I’m gonna be able to support you on the June 18th call specific to this new content that’s going to be published.

So the add-on birth clearing scripts will include unplanned, unwanted, illegitimate because that grouping right there creates certain program and set up limiting pattern. Late, past to your due date is another one. Too soon or fast, you came before your due date or your labor was very quick. Held back, your labor was slow and long, and things just weren’t happening. Wrong sex, your parents were hoping for the other gender. Your birth was induced. That creates some stuff. Cesarean sections, another one. Forceps, these each have their own clearings and reframes. Drugs, you raise your hand. I’ve got at least three of these, full on in anesthesia, forceps… Oh no, I think I the story was my mom did not wanna inconvenience the doctor on Christmas day so she was really glad I came the day after Christmas. I don’t know if that ain’t my time. Transverse, breech you, or posterior.

Attempted abortion or miscarriage, twins and adoption. So good stuff that’s gonna be published in June. And our June 18th call is going to be dedicated to supporting that. You can ask other questions, obviously, but I’m gonna especially…I think it’ll be exciting to have this content that you can use and then we’ll be able to talk about it here on the coaching call, and I can add support to that. Who’s excited about that? I love these. I think they’re amazing. And the cool thing is you get tons of benefit because you not only can clear your birth, you can proxy every birth, every human you’ve given birth to. So all your children can be practicing with this, which is awesome because…and I’ll share this next call, but I had…my son was breech. And it’s interesting how often that energy would present itself in our relationship with each other and how often I felt this resistance from him that like don’t change my course. What are you doing? Get out of here.

And then Chemisphere [SP], you may have noticed, is extended. They were very generous to give a 15% discount to the money cure student body and they wanted to make sure you got the benefit of that as well. So they’ve extended that 50% off to you as well. It’s through the end of May and you need to use the code TUTTLE15. Remember, you can get your oils at a discount as a Healing Center member. Go to And if you get that full…the entire ensemble of oils, which includes 10 oils, that will be only $468, which the full retail is $520. So you save quite a bit and there’s a time that each oil has great value. And it’s nice to have all your…it’s a great essential oils pharmacy to have, those 10.

I’m gonna close tonight’s call with an excerpt from Mastering Affluence, and I’m going to invite you to do something that would be of great benefit to Mastering Affluence as if you were to take time and write a review on Amazon. I greatly appreciate that because the reviews do bear a lot of weight there in people purchasing and thinking that the book is credible and has value in their life, and we already have a lot of five-star reviews, but I always love to have more, if you can take time to do that. That would be…I really appreciate you doing that. Authors really appreciate those supportive reviews on Amazon.

So in closing thanks, everyone, for being on tonight’s call. And in closing, this is from Mastering Affluence. “The truth is your body is beautiful, intelligent part of you. It responds very well to respect, patience, love, and kindness, and has its own healing abilities. You have an amazing system of healing held within the body. Your body is an affluent system of natural healing, repair, and regenerative powers when given the chance to perform these powers. All bodies are amazing systems that are capable of physical affluence.” I just realized that was all right here for you to read along with me, but that’s been a lesson of my life, is that my thinking mind had to wake up to the truth that my body had the capacity of healing and intelligence way beyond what my thinking mind knew. Even recently, I had the stomach flu this past weekend. And sure, is it the flu? Yeah. Did we get stuff like that here on planet Earth? Sure, we do. Does it also represent a shift? Very much so.

But I remember laying in my bed pretty motionless, and my mind’s thinking, “What do I need to do to aid this or help myself get better?” And then another… It’s like my conscious mind slips in there and goes…reminds that thinking mind. There’s nothing you have to do. Your body knows what it needs to do. It’s like take the thought off of your body. That thought, take that thought, you’re projecting onto your body that your mind has to do something, come up with the answer, and my higher minds telling me, “Take that thought off your body so your body’s freed up to heal.” And I got…over, you know, I went through that very quickly. I moved through it and was pretty much back to myself by Tuesday. But that kept repeating every so often. And these are habits that are being retrained in our whole process. So be patient with yourself, because you’re learning a lot of new things. You have an innate ability to do them. It’s just they’re not the norm but they’re becoming more than norm. Congratulations on all your successes and future successes. I’ll keep seeing you here in the Facebook group. And thanks to all my support team, they’re amazing. Let’s all give a shoutout of gratitude to them for their continual daily support and how consistent they are in offering amazing feedback to everyone. I truly appreciate their presence here in the Healing Center. See you soon.

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