Live Coaching Call November 19, 2019

1 hour, 14 minute video

Why do you take care of everyone else, but resist taking care of yourself? Why doesn’t your anger go away when you try to heal it? What’s going on when you’re unable to forgive someone? This packed coaching call answers those questions, along with many others. Carol also guides you through a Cho Ku Rei exercise to clear away stagnant energy from a person or object. (Go to 51:41 for this exercise.)

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Uncertainty over knowing when it’s correct to divorce or not

Deeper depression due to SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

Anger that continues to surface and hurt others

Stress from obsessive handwashing habits & eating disorders

You Want To:

Gain clarity as you heal to trust your own decisions

Feel calm and happiness each morning with this mantra

Give your inner teenage self a way to safely express her anger

Bring balance to your inner wounds so the obsessions go away

Affirmation for this Session:

I am easily knowing what’s showing up for me that needs healing and attention.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 12:30

Session Transcript

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Carol: Hello, welcome to the Healing Center Coaching Call. So it’s great to have you say hello and a comment and share anything you’re working on like a healing plan you’ve been using or where you’re at since we’re not doing a group supported plan at the time of this call. Let’s hear from you and what your different resources have been in the Healing Center. And then tag someone that’s a member in the group so that they know we’re live on the call right now, I’ll be taking your life questions and taking you through a healing experience in the call. So that’s what we have to look forward to.

A few of you are jumping on there, I was mentioning just say hello and a comment. What are you working on in the Healing Center? What plan are you working with right now? What sessions have been beneficial? I’d love to hear any particular single sessions you’ve done that you really got a lot of benefit from and take away from. Let’s share some of that in the comment thread because there’s so much in the Healing Center, it’s supportive when you share what’s working for you in the Facebook group. That’s a really supportive thing to do because it might jog someone’s awareness of “Oh, I didn’t know that was there or that benefit was actually something I could receive from doing that session.”

So thanks for continuing to share what you’re using in the Healing Center, what’s working, what’s helping you. Especially those single sessions, I know we talk about healing plans a lot. So whether it’s a session within a healing plan that you received a lot of takeaways from and you felt a lot of healing. Or you’re going through single sessions as your strategy right now. All the sessions are available as solo sessions when you click on single sessions. So that’s great. And as you hit that emoji button, that starts showing up on our member’s Facebook feed. So commenting, tagging people and hitting the emoji button, some thumbs up and some hearts is going to get the word out to remind people.

Oh, it’s been a big week. It’s not even been a week since the official launch of “The Modern Chakra Guide.” It’s been so great to see so many of you posting with photos of yourself with the book and the I Am Balanced oil. And it’s been an interesting commentary that some of you are stirring things up with the oil because there’s a certain sense in it that are not appealing and when there’s a…that is going on, it tells us we need that support, we need the oil, we need it to stimulate a chakra. And so, thank you so much if you have not yet done so and you’re either reading or have read the book. Thanks for going to Amazon and leaving a review. There’s some really phenomenal reviews right now on Amazon. And I’ve loved reading, I read each one, I love reading your experience with the book, I’m really touched by it and I am grateful we will now have this resource and more coming to use in the Healing Center. So, that’s great.

The last day for the bundle pricing is November 26. So you’ve got about a week till that expires that you can still get the book for free by buying the I Am Balanced oil. So go to where you can invest in that bundle. And then there are chakra resources are in the…they’re on the website that you can find the links to them in units 22 and 23 right here in the group, the chakra resources specifically. Or you can go to the general healing tools category and you’ll see them right in there on the website. So use those in conjunction with reading the book. In lieu of the fact, there’s not a healing plan yet that focuses on your chakra energies. There’s some supportive videos for you to use that will support your whole energy system.

I want to share a few success stories that have been posted here in the group that are really lovely. This one was shown a while back. This is beautiful art. I love this. It’s so cool. I showed this particular diagram or illustration in a YouTube video, it was my symbolism of the seven chakras. And this particular member, she actually Julie, she says, “Watching Carol’s chakra videos and working here has led to realizing my sacral chakra has been blocked. I haven’t been able to be creative or read for several years. The video in which Carol shared her drawing of the chakras which I copied on the left side inspired me to try creating one of my own on the right side in one of my favorite mediums, paper crafting. It’s both a start and a breakthrough. I’m feeling happy, sad, tearful, relieved like I can breathe more deeply, exhale fully, let things go, be open for more and grateful, only better to come.” And she cut…that’s all crafted from paper and I love it. I don’t know if she used an X-Acto knife or a little crafting knife or scissors. Gorgeous. Thank you, Julie, for sharing that.

And then Joanne shared this picture of herself. When she shares, “I was doing yard work and listening to “The Modern Day Chakra Guide” just as it told me to create an energy circle. I realized I was standing in a pile of leaves. So I created my energy circle in the leaves and then I threw the leaves all over me and literally had all those leaves representing the energy of the energy circle in such a literal way. It was the greatest thing ever. I kicked off my shoes and just did the rest of the leaves barefoot.” Great idea. So yeah, it’ll give you see you can be doing yard work and activating your chakras. It’s so cool.

Then the last success story I thought this was such a beautiful photo of the book, is it’s like this beautiful display that might what a lovely table centerpiece and the book just connects there so beautifully. And Carol shares “I received “The Modern Chakra Guide” today, I’m so excited to learn more about the energies our bodies hold and how they relate to healing ourselves. I have been using essential oils for years in my diffuser, but haven’t understood the healing powers doing. So thank you, Carol, for writing this guide so I can make better sense of it all.” That’s such a pretty picture.

Thank you for all of your…there’s so many more I could share because so many of you have been sharing so willingly about the actual experience of the book. And keep sharing this is the best space for us to talk about what you’re learning in the book. It’s an open topic now, folks. And I might not be able to give you all the healing information you need because that’s forthcoming in March, but we certainly can play off everything that’s taught in the book. This is the Facebook group that we’re gonna direct people if they wanna have a conversation about chakra energy. This is the Facebook group. So that’s… I invite you to have those conversations, anything that you’re learning about the book, questions you have regarding what’s taught in the book, experiences that you’re having by reading the book, please share in this group.

The other groups, the Dressing Your Truth groups, there might be some posts with people posting “I’m wearing red for, you know, the root chakra or green for my heart chakra, or today I’ve got on blue for the throat,” and those are style photos. Those aren’t instructional about the chakras or questions about the chakras. So that is, you’re perfectly fine if you just wanna, say, share an outfit of the day, in another group with a particular color representation of a chakra. Those are fine because we’re not talking about what’s taught in the book in regard to instruction and feedback. And if somebody shares in a group and experience they can do, I see a lot of posts in the groups, that people will share a success story as a result of reading one of my books, and that’s always fine as well.

Two. Here’s where we get to talk about it and learn more about it. So we’re gonna get in the rest of the call. We’re gonna set an intention for tonight’s coaching call. Then we’re going to do the submitted questions which we have 11 questions that were selected, then I’m gonna take you through a healing process. And then we’re gonna open up the queue and a to life questions. And we’ll wrap up the call at that time. And how many have been using your wrap it up? I love that story that someone posted within the last between now and the last coaching call where they used the wrap it up technique to wrap up the experience with someone and they wouldn’t…it wasn’t shifting and they finally just threw a stop sign in their energy field and it was like, “Done. Yep, done.” They were like shifted gears and off to something else. That was great.

So first question, oh, intention. What’s your intention? What is something that’s presenting in your life that you want more awareness on? What’s coming up for you? What’s showing up? We call that you’re presenting issue. What’s getting triggered? What’s got kind of the hot button? Where’s the energy running right now?

Follow the energy. That’s the best thing that I did with my healing rather than follow some process in my mind. I followed the energy of what was coming up for me. So I knew that was the next opportunity for healing is to follow what was being shown to me in the form of discomfort most of the time. And learning from feeling more joy and understanding that I was and I’m experiencing more joy within the spaces of the discomfort. And now really I’m in a state of just peace and joy and calmness, majority of the time, I’m rarely triggered. In fact, my face all cleared up. You might have seen my pop up picking clearing that I added a few weeks ago and everything’s looking… I have one tiny little speck here still, but I feel that there’s now wanting to do anything. It’s just okay, I’m okay. Will that come around again? I don’t know. I mean, if it does, I deal with it. I learned that years ago because it would you know, there’s so much I already cleared that I’m done. And I’m like, “Darn it, that’s not how healing works.” It’s not a start and finish experience. It’s very altruistic. It’s just very organic and we’re like, “Okay, here we go again.” So once I gave up the start and finish mindset, it was like “Oh, I guess there’s more to clear here, there’s more to heal.” So hope that pop up picking experience was supportive to you and I’ll do those as I’m inspired to.

So what’s your intention? Share it in a comment. What is it you want to receive from being either listening live or listening to the recording? What are you going to receive as a result of being present here?

“I am receiving more,” you could say it like that. “I am experiencing more clarity with…” “I am grateful for…” “I’m appreciating this, that I am gaining awareness in this area.” And if it’s private, you can just say in this matter, and you’ll know it’s not something you wanna put out in the public space, just put it on the matter that’s presenting in my life. You can make it more generic because you’re gonna know what that is. That’s important that you know that you don’t need to like put it in a public forum if that’s not correct for you.

Okay, our first question, this was posted a few days ago or even yesterday maybe but a couple of the questions came from post rather than the thread and she actually posted this in the thread. She said, “I need some help trusting my power and trusting that the best outcome will come. I want specifics to protect my five-year-old daughter from my impending divorce. I want to fully forgive myself for choosing a man with similar issues to my unwell father, bipolar, and protect my daughter from playing out similar patterns. One issue that was the same with my father and husband is they both came to a point where I wasn’t allowed to love them. They just couldn’t accept mostly the physical forms of my life. I’ve been working through fear of rejection and making progress but I want to put this pattern to rest once and for all.”

And there was another post by this member asking when do you know if it’s correct to end a relationship or choose to divorce?

And I wanna start with just a kind of housekeeping reminder that we, as our group guidelines, and I stick to this myself. I can tell you through my own life experience, I can guide you to healing resources, but I cannot give you life advice. It’s not my place. I’m not a therapist in the realm of doing talk therapy. I’m an expert in healing. That’s my forte. None of…this is not a space where we advise people in life decisions. And sometimes we get close to the crossing that line by how you work things if you have your own story, and you can only say, “Well, this is what was correct for me.” I wanna respect, share respect with all of you that I respect the fact that you’re very cognizant of this and you’re not advising people. So I’m not suggesting that’s the case. It’s just in posting questions that particular question was asking for some advice about how do you know how to make a certain decision. Versus “I’m dealing with this, what are some healing resources that will help me so I get clear answers on what is correct for me.” See the difference? Rather than how do you know when you need to make this decision versus thanks for sharing any healing resources that have helped you get clear on making a critical life decision about whether or not to end a relationship. Very different question, that’s the kind of questions we can really support.

This the second one, I do have a great video, it happened to be posted in the comment thread. Thank you, Kim, for putting that up there. That I talk about how do you know if you should get a divorce or not?

Now, the thing that I wanna respond to your post, your question here, you already have decided that your husband is like your father and you have to protect your daughter. That’s a setup that you’re now injecting and infusing your reality with a prolific energy belief that you now see the same story playing out. That’s not necessarily going to happen, it will unless you shift this, you will create and repeat the same story of your childhood. Thus you will need to create protection for your daughter because you now are going round two with this. You need to clear your original story from your childhood. Can your husband morph and become a person that’s committed to healing and wants to show up and kind of wake up and get well, so he can have a loving, kind experience with his partner and his child? Yeah, I think at a soul level, every soul would provoke and want to move their human self in that direction. And so you’ve already made some decisions here based on how you wrote that question. You’re…could you be creating your husband to be playing off the script of your father? Are we that powerful?

Just, I believe we are. And you know, I’m willing to go there and give it a chance to say, because guess what? If I go…if I don’t clear this, and this was the number one thing that really supported me and well, there were a couple of things. John and I were met with that in that inner…that crossroads of it’s just too hard, too painful maybe we should just end this whole thing when numerous times we face that. And we always kept moving into the next phase. And one of the things was neither one of us would move out, we’re both very stubborn that way. It’s like, “You’re gonna have to live, I’m not leaving, you leave.” So neither one would leave so we both stayed. And ultimately, we both knew that we take our story with us, we take the energy of our background, our childhood, and we would attract someone to now play that role for us again. And I’m like, “I’d rather face this with the father of my children.”

And he was motivated, but sometimes they’re so stuck. And they’re so unhealthy at a brain function, that you need to move some energy forum. Because there’s a quite honestly if I were given the choice to say, “Can I help heal this because I’m that powerful versus divorcing and going through all that and dealing with custody.” And you know, let’s really create struggle and single motherhood. I mean neither one’s necessarily easy. But having been through this, and walked this path very intimately, I’d go for the healing path and give it a chance, give it a shot.

Now, that’s what I’d do. You ultimately have to do what’s correct for you. But I can tell you and I do remember asking this member the question, were your parents…so I knew it. I knew it when I just tuned into the question I went, I bet her parents were divorced and she’s carrying divorce energy. You got to clear that 50% of all relate marriages end in divorce. Do you think this is not prolific in our culture nowadays? It’s huge. Go do the declaring… Don’t we have a clearing for divorce?

Woman: Yeah.

Carol: I think we do. Let’s throw that up. There is a declaring…are you declaring for divorce? Because that’s in your family system, man. And then people will say, “Well, they should have been divorced.” Well, that’s a broken…That’s as though they were and they just never went through the function of it. You know, it’s like, “Well, their marriage was really, you know, my parents should have gotten a divorce.” Well, then that says it was highly dysfunctional and that energy is there still. So you got to clear the patterns you carry. Otherwise, you’re gonna go into your next experience and recreate them. Yes, we are that powerful. It’s incredible how powerful we are.

Look at everyone’s success stories, how when they start to shift their beliefs, and they really clean up the energy of their old story and the true story of their childhood, then it’s pretty amazing the stories we read here in the Facebook group, I think it’s like, “Wow, these people are just amazing, very powerful.” I’d also write a new script for your husband, I’d also heal the energy between your inner child and your father. There’s some anger and fear there and so there’s more work to do for sure.

All right, on to the next question. When a particular chakra is out of balance, would you recommend wearing the color of your week chakra in order to receive extra support?

You know, there’s where I stand on the whole color thing. I teach in the book “The Modern Chakra Guide” there’s universal colors that have kind of been embraced universally, you know, as a collective to say we’re all the color orange in our second chakra. Well, that’s not the case. You have a personal color system for your chakra energy. Could I…you know, could we sit down and could I help you tune into that and? But that can change maybe one day it’s one color maybe it’s pink you know, maybe it’s your truth. So I don’t know. It’s just we have a color spectrum that’s so expansive, and the energy system that our chakras are playing with that for us to then say any…there’s not just seven colors. Now, will that color feed your chakra? I would say if I were to rate one has the most potency and helping us open and activate and balance our chakra energy system I would put wearing the color on the low-end.

Essential oils, I grade them higher. Getting your…I have a YouTube video about the different chakra therapeutic gemstones for each chakra. And we are pairing those in the healing plan that’s coming out in March but I did share that already in a YouTube video. Because I did a lot of short YouTube intro videos about the chakra system to you know, as a support to the book launch for marketing and educational purposes. So there’s a lot of content in the YouTube space that we then put on Make sure you’re subscribed to the e-mails Because we send out two e-mails a week that are a written post and a video. And the video is fed from YouTube. So all the videos that have been published on YouTube are also at And so you can get that information. I would say so therapeutic gemstones and essential oils, definitely, I’d rank them as the highest in affecting your chakras. And then the exercises that I teach you in the book are actually even more potent. And then as we move into the healing plan, that’s gonna be the Maserati of getting your chakras really healthy and balanced.

So can you do it as a reminder that you’re working on that chakra?

I think that’s where it serves the greatest purpose is wearing the color, it’s a reminder “Oh, that’s right, I’m really, I wanna honor and activate that chakra.” It’s a visual reminder that there’s an intention there more than anything than actually feeding it energetically.

Do you have any suggestions for seasonal affective disorder?

For me, this is the time of year when my mood energy and motivation take a nosedive. As soon as Daylight Savings Time ends and it starts getting dark early, everything just seems harder. This typically lasts roughly six weeks before and after the winter solstice. I take vitamin D and try to get outside most days which helps. I just finished the depression plan which prompted some deep ancestral clearing but doesn’t seem to have altered the SAD, looking forward to receiving “The Modern Chakra Guide” and hoping that working on my energy center will help.

So interesting, I just filmed today. I think I stuck it in my drawer. I want to show you what I got here. I do all my YouTube videos…here they are, here they all are written out. Because I do script it to what I’m teaching, this could be another book but I just filmed that exact video. How to beat winter anxiety and depression. Yeah, looking for it right here, here it is. So I’m gonna give you a tip from this but it will be coming out early January and then published on the site “Beat Seasonal Depression and Anxiety Naturally.”

All right, one tip, the first tip I gave you’re doing vitamin D, that’s awesome. Essential oils are gonna really help as well. Root Chakra works. So when you get the book work on your root chakra because you just need to connect with the marine… We had the circadian rhythm of the Sun-Moon cycles. I’d like to get rid of the daylight savings time it’s sort of antiquated in our cultures, we don’t need it. And it does throw our system off and our circadian rhythm with the earth meridians. And so you want a root chakra at work. Yeah, one thing I have experienced seasonal anxiety and depression and one thing I was doing that I don’t have to do it right now, I’m gonna start this so again because I love it so much.

When I woke up in the morning, it was hard to get out of bed. And so do you delay you’re getting up? Are you getting to bed early enough that when you wake up, you’re gonna choose to get up? Because the longer you lay there, the more you kind of let it settle in and take over. You got to get moving, get your brain moving. Do you wake up when the sun’s coming up? Or do you wake up and it’s dark?

I tend to wake up most of the week when it’s still dark out because I get up around 6, 6.30 and it’s not the lights coming out around seven. And you can get this is a side tip that you can get the light-activated alarm so the lights coming on in your room so your brain is getting light to wake up that would help. But what you do is you’re gonna use a mantra, I wake up, I get up, I show up. Okay, so when you realize my alarm went off because I wake up to an alarm and I go I wake. I tend to hit the 10-minute thing on my phone but then once it’s like that’s it, I guess it’s time to get up because I mess up my schedule if I don’t. I wake up, I sit up, put my legs over on the side of the bed, I get up, I stand up, I show up. I wake up, I get up, I show up. And I’ll say that and that creates intention, that creates movement, that sets the energy into motion. And then I typically get I do extra, I gotta get my endorphins going through exercising at least three to four times a week, that is outdoors. But that will be in the video, you can learn more about that when that video comes out that was very timely for you to ask that. I wake up, I get up, I show up.

For some reason, my anger is coming out strong. I’ve done the anger clearing several times over the past month but even so, I find myself screaming at my children. They don’t listen to me unless I’m screaming, which I know is just making this even more present, but I’m at a loss as to what else I can do. Something is clearly not releasing, what should I do?

And then someone else asked what do you do when the anger clearing isn’t working because the anger just seems bottomless? I have a feeling that I may be shutting down my throat chakra because I’m afraid of letting loose the anger energy I experienced from my third chakra. Would it be better in this instance to start working first on the third chakra or on the throat chakra?

You don’t necessarily wanna expel your anger through your throat chakra. It’s not usually a good thing unless you’re by yourself. It’s very private, or you’re writing it. Because throat chakra isn’t always about putting it to a verbal expression, it’s about you could be expressing it through playing music, through… It’s expressing how you’re feeling that’s appropriate for what it is about. It’s not appropriate to expel your anger through throat chakra at other people. Usually, unless it’s adult mature “I’m really upset, honey, I’d like to talk about something, I have an issue I wanna work out with you, can we set up a time to discuss it?” Then in a mature, present way to say, “I’m really upset or it really angers me.” That’s bandaged anger, mature, present, adult, using your throat chakra in a civil way to work something out in your adult life. The kind of anger you’re talking about, I don’t think the throat chakra is the place that needs to come out. Unless you got to find someplace all by yourself where you gotta yell and scream.

I just know that when I had a ton of anger, I’m an expert on clearing anger. I had a lot and I had to do a lot of my dominant nondominant handwriting a lot. In fact, I know I’ve said this before “I need to take time at home and go through some storage boxes and find my journals.” I’ve got three binders that I collected over a few years period that have all this writing in it. And that is where I expressed a ton of my anger because it was more…your anger typically comes from your teenage self, sadness, fear, and those sort of worthlessness feelings are 10 and under typically. Anger starts to really now be the response to what happened earlier in your life, pre-teen and teen. So it’s typically that teenage self you need to get in touch with to say, “What are you angry about?” Rather than because what’s happening is that inner part of you is using you and your children to be expressing anger. Give that part of you a place to express it by prompting them through the dominant hand and nondominant handwriting. It’s taught in the childhood living plan.

Find out if the anger clearing isn’t working that’s a general clearing for anger. Repeat the question 10 times, ask your inner child, “What are you angry about?” I wanna hear what you’re angry about. I wanna hear your anger rather than I wanna fix your anger. I wanna heal your anger. I wanna just hear your anger. Let me have it. I’m the person, I am that place you give it to. Not the kids, not my spouse, teenage self, you give it to me.

Now, I had a really, really angry teenage self. I mean, in the form of I did a lot of reframing of my abuse memories with bringing “Rambo” in. Because “Rambo” was when I started this healing work in my late 20s “Rambo” was like the movie and so I didn’t know I was type three but you know, Sylvester Stallone is, full-on textbook take three. But I was like, “Oh, there’s some big anger in there.” I took plates one time when I was all by myself we had an unfinished basement. I bought plates at like Goodwill and I went down to the basement and I wrote on them what I was angry about and I just threw them against the wall. That’s a very creative body walk. But I had to do it by myself and then it cleaned it all up. Did that help? Yeah, I think it did. It helped me get it out of my body, but it had to be very private I didn’t really…it was just uncomfortable for anyone to hear me.

And so write the question 10…write the question “I really wanna hear what you’re angry about?” It’s safe to now share your anger. Take your nondominant hand and write “I am angry because…10 times, maybe you repeat yourself and maybe you add some real colorful language. I am…my teenage self… Well, even my adult self occasionally probably likes to use a few swear words when I’m angry. So it’s like, “I am effing mad about this.” “I am so…” Whatever gets it out in an appropriate manner. So you’re not dumping this on everyone because I said this I did an interview today with Jessica Ortner for her podcast about my new book. She’s one of the leaders of the Tapping Summit, which I will be on this next season in February, just a heads up. But I said, “Our throat…the throat chakra of humanity as a collective energy is throwing up right now. You do not wanna lose control of your throat chakra with your family. So do this work. Do not put your children in that position. I did that, a lot of healing needed to happen because of my inability to have the tools to do it differently. You’ve got tools, use them.”

I’m dealing with obsessive-compulsive handwashing to the point that my hands are frequently cracked and bleeding. I think this comes from the fact that my mother has always been very sloppy when preparing food. She would prepare food in unsanitary conditions. It really bothers her that I will no longer eat anything that comes from her house. I’m polite when refusing, but it really annoys her. I think I also have an eating disorder. I constantly worry that food will make me sick. I’m not sure how to resolve this issue. I have had massive food sensitivities frequently if I really like a food item it develops a sensitivity and I’m not able to eat it anymore.

And so you’ve got some brain health stuff going on I’d recommend Dr. Amen. That’s a case of obsessiveness that’s part of your brain function. And you can go through Dr. Amen’s book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life,” he can help you self diagnose this through symptoms that he shares for different compulsory behaviors. Because this is now run into an extreme. Now you can help energetically balanced this by going through the healing plan for weight loss which we’re going to do as our first group supported plan starting January 6. But there is a compulsory extreme running out there that has to do with and there’s some…he’s got some great tips on how to get some balance in your brain health. Because that’s very compulsory, very obsessive and what you’re describing.

Now, what would I do for? I would do the clearing for perfectionism. That one stands out for me and the clearing for betrayal that you’re feeling betrayed by your mother and this is again and also the clearing for anger because it’s almost like you’re not willing to speak up and say what you’re really upset about, what really bothers you. And the synergy is coming out in these more compulsive excessive behaviors that you’re sharing or going on. So those three sessions will be very helpful to you.

How do we reach the place where our heart is healed enough for forgiveness to come naturally? My head wants to forgive and I understand that it is forgiving the energy back. But I still find it challenging to fully forgive certain people in my life.

That’s actually I’ve taught that in my book, “The Modern Chakra Guide” make sure you read this. That healing is…forgiveness is not a function of the mind, it’s a function of the heart and you don’t put a timeline on it. We tend to think I need to get…I need to forgive. Kind of how you’ve presented this is like I’m expected to forgive, I need to forgive. I’m just not a good person unless I forgive. But healing as healing occurs forgiveness is a natural outcome of that, it’s effortless. And I tell them, I think I share my story of how that played out, I’m pretty sure I do. Where I was it’s almost like my heart…your Heart Chakra opens up the forgiveness, it carries forgiveness in it. And as you clean away all the other energies that keep that from presenting it’s a natural byproduct of healing that your heart opens and the energy of forgiveness is embedded in, kind of programmed into us. It just is who you are, you are willing to forgive. You’re not there yet, there’s more healing to do. Don’t put it on a timeline and make sure you read it’s in the heart chakra section of the book so go make sure you read that.

I forgot to tell them about our giveaway tonight. Did we have a giveaway?

Woman: We always do.

Carol: Okay, well now I guess I’m in giveaway mode. I thought we were giving away an I Am Balanced oil. Well, now we are.

Woman: Yep.

Carol: I’m like “Oh, forget it, I’m not gonna do that.” Well, let’s just put it in the annual poll, a lot of good comments coming up so.

Woman: Perfect.

Carol: I thought that was in our agenda tonight but apparently not, but it’s giveaway week.

Okay, so, which chakra is in need of healing when you overeat and crave sugar? I carry nearly all my excess weight in my stomach area.

Ah, so funny. Guess what I just videotaped today the synchronicity here is nuts, it’s like I just did I’ve gotta read the exact title. You seriously just filmed this. It is and it basically is teaching you what chakras help you lose weight. I don’t think that’s the official title. But I just did this today. I was like, “I hadn’t ever done a content piece on that.” And I was thinking about that going “What are the chakras that…” Chakra Healing for Weight Loss” it’s what I did. So now I’ll give you all of it because that’s coming out in the next couple of weeks, it’ll be out in December. And it was really fascinating what I taught, your throat chakra. Okay, I’ll tell you real brief. It’s the fifth chakra which is throat, second chakra which is creation, which is down in your belly area and root chakra, which is your grounding chakra.

Now, throat chakra interestingly, because this is where we chew, and we swallow and we’re swallowing our words were stuffing ourselves because we stuff our truth, we stuff our voice, we stuff it and so we aren’t using our voice and then this energy is all pent up and so you are wanting to like, choose to eat something because all this energy’s provoking that. And also you’re craving to be heard. You’re craving to speak up. You’re craving to get your voice out there to use your voice, use the synergy. And so the cravings that are fed through these secondary means that never satisfy it, they’re just are a substitute that because an energy is running there. And I teach you the net…then the week after that I have a video called “How to use Reiki to Reprogram Your Appetite.” And so I introduce you to just a really simple practice of Reiki and that’s gonna come out the first part of December right after the Chakra video.

So what are you not saying that you’re stuffing in this area of the synergy center to keep yourself silent and what are you…? My sense for you is your craving to be heard, but you’re not setting it up and believing you deserve to be heard. And again, go to the childhood, the clearing for childhood wounding for Stage two, I think, because that’s when we start to learn to talk no, three. Do you mind looking that up, Liz? Because you weren’t safe to be expressing yourself, okay. To me, you’re saying, “Craving to be heard.” Wow, that hit home.

All right, can things in our possession have a vibrational imprint generated by negative emotions or memories from its previous owner? Whether we have knowledge of negativity or just feel it’s negative energy affect our current state of energy vibration. Can a material object be part of the reason my personal energy is misaligned?

It can be like if you’re to buy a used car, I clear that. We’ve been putting our homes in Hawaii, we have two homes on one property, we’ve been…They’ve been vacation rentals and I’m like clearing the energy. I do energy sweeps and clearings there on a routine basis. Now they’ve just passed laws in Oahu, where there’s no more vacation rentals, it’s illegal. So they’ve been taken off the vacation rental market. And I’m kind of relieved because it was like, they’re worn out, man, all the synergy coming in and out of these houses, and I want it for myself. And the energy is very, very specific to my needs there and my family’s needs. And so, yeah, it was like, whoo, definitely, if you’re picking up on something, you can just… You know, maybe we’ll do that tonight, I’ll teach you how to use a clearing tool that’s taught, that’s related to your chakra energy, it’s called a Cho Ku Rei. And I’ll teach you about that and how you can use that to clear anything in yourself. Now, you can use it to open the energy clear the way. Okay, so we’re gonna do it.

I told Liz, who’s my…she manages all this, and she, the reason I look so good is because of Liz, and we’re so organized. I told her today, “I’m gonna know I wonder what will show up,” is the healing technique we’re supposed to do? So there it is, so we’ll do that and I’ll teach you how to do that.

I seem to have a strange resistance to taking care of myself. I take good care of everyone around me, family, pets, friends, but I feel resistance to treating myself as though I deserve care. I don’t make or keep appointments for preventative health care, hair cuts, etc. I don’t take advantage of free time when it’s offered. I don’t feed my body well, or exercise or sleep as I should. I know what I need to do. I just resist. I’ve done childhood wounding five times. And most of the other plans I want to clear this resistance to self-care.

Now, I need you to take exactly what you wrote and tap on that. And finish the sentence before you do that, finish the sentence with both your dominant and then switch it to your nondominant hand. You’re gonna get both your conscious and subconscious brains responding to this. You’re gonna need to say, “I don’t take care of myself, because…” and let’s see what comes up and you’re gonna tap on that. What is this about? What comes to mind for me, my sense is there’s some self-abuse going on here, I’m not worth it. And so the clearing for self-esteem would be very valuable for you and the clearing session for abuse and add in sexual abuse there. This is your second chakra, pleasure, doing things that bring you pleasure. That it’s somehow risky. There’s some side effect to that. There’s some punishment. There’s like, rep…you know, if you receive or give pleasure to yourself, you pay a price for that later. But find out through those strategies and those clearing sessions I’ve mentioned.

And then the second chakra read about that in my book about this. I’ve got some great questions in the first part of each chakra section. It’s self assess what’s up for you and it will show you that chakra is wanting attention. But there’s something about denying yourself and then self-care is taking pleasure in the self, giving…doing pleasant things for yourself sustaining your own self in a way that’s pleasing to you. That is the second chakra, okay.

Hey, this is from a post that went up today. This member, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and have a lot of anger about this coming out.

And I’m gonna condense this. It’s basically, that she’s at odds with what she feels are her dominant and secondary energy types, Type 1 and Type 3. And I know I’ve met her in person because I have a recollection of that. At the I Love My Life event and I thought I conveyed to her maybe it wasn’t clear there’s some resistance to it. But I thought I had given her feedback on what type she led with. So I’m gonna be forthcoming in that and giving her direction by helping her see what type she is. And she did share that her mother was a Type 3, and she says her husband is a type 1, too. So I did my little bit of snooping around Facebook, but hey, it’s a public platform. Then I looked at her photos again, to kinda just again confirm what I felt was correct when I met her. And also I looked at her husband and I haven’t seen her mom so I don’t know I can’t wait on that. But I’m telling you what’s going on here.

My…I feel confident that this member is a type one, secondary three, that’s a high movement that’s second in line to the highest movement. The “Yin-Yang” video series in lifestyle is valuable, valuable content to understand your movement. When you’re at number two in a lineup of 12. And you…and who knows, maybe mom was I don’t know if mom’s either a 3/1 or 3/4 she’s on. I’m the third in the lineup so 3/1, 1/3, 3/4 but my movement looks very different than a 3/1.

And then we’ve got Julia, who’s a 1/4 and then we’ve got Sarah, who’s a 3/2. So the take threes are in the top five positions in a kind of push forward intense way. And so, unfortunately, and I categorize myself in this group, but a lot of wounding occurs from Type 3 moms, especially if you have a light, bright or soft, sensitive energy. Type 4 just distances themselves from their Type 3 mothers, I corrected I course-corrected. And I got an opportunity to do a lot of healing between me and my children as they’ve grown because now I have an awareness of what didn’t play out so well in their behalf. And I’ve been very accountable and willing to hear them out and understand why they’ve had problems with me without feeling bad about it or resenting them or getting triggered by it. It’s like just what’s happened I had you know, I didn’t know any better.

So what’s going on is and then husband is a type 2/1. Okay, so we’re starting this all out. Cassidy who’s the member is 1/3. Mom, I’m gonna go with that and say most likely mom’s a Type 3. Husband’s a 2/1, which is way down there on the other end. We got people running everybody else’s energy. So we’ve got Cassidy, who can’t decide if she…it’s safe to be a Type 1. So she’ll show up in Type 3 feeling safe because that’s who mom needed her to be in order to please your mother. So she’ll run her mom’s energy or and then hubby’s running wife’s energy. It’s just an energy scramble. It’s like, “Okay, everybody needs to get in their own energy system and get grounded.”

So Onyx is a super amazing tool when you need this. This is where healing becomes problematic when your energies are scrambled. I remember when I reached out to my mentor and my instructor years ago was in the ’90s, the founder of Rapid Eye therapy, Ranae Johnson. I was working with clients that were not progressing and I was just like, “Why aren’t they getting better? Why isn’t this working for them?” And she said, “Carol, they need to read Donna Eden’s “Energy Medicine” book, their energies are scrambled and their energies can’t respond to the healing techniques because everything’s sort of going wonky.” And so I’ll make it easy for you. I think I even have some of this information in mind, but you can just go on YouTube and look up “Donna Eden’s Morning Energy Routine.” There’s five things you do, the cross crawl, the three thumbs, the crown pull, the some of you probably know because you’re students of hers as well, but she was also one of my mentors and instructors early on. And she…what I learned from that is you’ve got to get your clients doing the daily energy routine to get their energies organized.

There’s also a therapeutic gemstone that organizes your scrambled energy. I think it’s either Rhodonite or Rhodochrosite. It’s one that deals with emotion. It’s when all the emotional energy scramble, so you can’t…it’s like it’s got to be. It’s like you can’t clean up, you don’t know what papers to keep or get rid of if they’re all just thrown around a room. You have to organize things so you can now decide I’m getting rid of this and I’m keeping this. This is good and this is not so good. And your energy just doesn’t know how to start getting healthy because it’s running the scrambled energy and getting grounded. So in doing grounding exercises the I Am Present oil would really help I’m giving you some variables on how to correct this.

The daily energy routine. Could you look that up on “Chemosphere” to just…look up Rhodochrosite it’s R-H-O and Rho…they both are an RH and then Rhodonite?

And then using the energy scratch…it’s Rhodonite we got somebody who already looked it up. Yay. It’s Rhodonite. Wearing Rhodonite helps get your energies organized so healing can happen. So those are some options. The energy scrambler is to scramble once you’ve got the urge to organize, core beliefs go very deep. They might be…in most cases, they’re generational and they run as though they’re the truth. Now, that’s a different function. That’s when we’re getting to some really deep-set energy lines that we wanna open the energy line up, scramble it so it can’t keep…it just basically can be cleared then. We’ve got to disrupt it because it’s been too deep it’s like a river. You know, it’s like the Grand Canyon. You know, it’s just been there for so long.

Somebody wrote it’s Rhodonite. I used it to organize emotions last year. So helpful. Thanks, guys. Thank you for your help on that. So that’s where we’re going with whether you know, you’re gonna… I just trust I know you’re I’d go with this, you’re gonna make some progress. Part of it is you’ve been avoiding…it’s also a way to avoid it’s become a habit to bestay in this familiar place of avoidance. And that’s why I was real I felt it was correct to give you very clear direction because I’m here to help. That’s why you’ve paid for this membership.

All right, what we’re gonna do now is I’m gonna teach you this Cho Ku Rei energy technique. And this is something I learned in my Reiki training. It’s a symbol, you learn in the early days of Reiki in 1991, it was still very strong in the practice of Reiki. And Reiki is just working with energy to bring it back into balance. If you go see a Reiki practitioner most likely they’re placing their hands in your energy field or on your chakra points, your different meridian points, to help clear and balance the energy. It’s moving energy around, you’re doing energy with your intentions, you’re doing energy with your tapping your…Reiki is just working with energy. It is the kind of being the alchemist with energy. And so I feel that I never practiced Reiki, in a hands-on practice or working with people. And most people can’t touch your body unless they have a license to do that most states as a massage therapist, so their work in your energy field would be more appropriate. But I understood that Reiki for me was learning how to…I was introduced to it early on. Because what I was told as you’re learning how to just be an alchemist with energy, you have every day in your life energy is responding to you learn to work with it intentionally. And to me that is Reiki.

So what we’re gonna do is Reiki, something that’s asking for it in your life. Now, the question that brought this forward was inanimate objects like car, or I don’t know a piece of clothing. You know, some people won’t shop it thrift stores or consignment shops, somebody else wore that and they got their junk energy on it, you know, you can clear that, you can wash it, and clear it up. You still may not want to do that because there are these kinds of nasty smells that come in the shop, do you shop at consignment stores, Liz?

Woman: I don’t.

Carol: Yeah, she’s Type 1. Type ones have the most aversion to it in my experience. Okay, so think of something that wants to be cleared. And it can be I’m trying to think you know, can it be, it can be a person, it can be yourself, it can be your own body because then I’m gonna show you how to use this, it can work this way. But let me show you first what the symbol looks like.

Cho Ku Rei means basically open the way. When in Reiki I originally learned all these kanjis, they’re Chinese characters. In the Chinese language, they use kanjis, which are characters as part of their…is how they write their language. My husband actually is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and he started to learn the kanjis and how to write in Chinese. So he can look at a lot of them and know the interpretation of them. This particular one I don’t think is used in the Chinese language but it is a symbol, it’s a symbol, a character, and it does work with your seven chakras. And I’ll show you how. Now, I’ll spell it out for you. And if this interests you, you can actually probably Google it and learn more. Okay, Cho Ku Rei, open the way, opens energy, it cleans energy off. And what this is symbolic of is that energy comes down through the heavens into our seven energy centers starting with the earth, coming up through the third eye. Coming through our second…our creation chakra, heart, power…no, throat, power center into the heart. So the heart is the center point.

And so let’s say I’m driving along in my car and there’s a traffic jam or something and I’ll do the symbol with my hand and throw it in front of me. I’ll send the…I’ll clear my home like if I’m going home and I wanna make sure there’s…I’ve been away from my husband all day and I wanna help us connect in a heartfelt way I’ll throw a Cho Ku Rei into my house. Or I’ll see my house, I’ll make this really big and I’ll move it through my house. Let’s say my house is this… In my mind, my house is this big and this is really big. I just go like a car going through a wash. But there’s the wash, you know, you’ll go into those car washes where the machinery moves your car stay still. That’s what it is like. If I’m having turbulence on an airplane I’ll throw it in front of the airplane. And I surround the plane with angels on all the wings. And then I have them in the cockpit with the pilot guiding them. So what you can do is like, if it’s an object, you just like the car, the washing thing, you move this both ways. If it’s a person, what I would do is I’d start above their head and here’s the symbol, and I move it down to their feet and backup and that clears them. Then I plug in their root chakra for ’em, ground them.

Now, a lot of people will create an umbilical cord to you through their power chakra. And I teach this in the book, that they’re plugging into your power source and they’re kind of accessing their esteem is low, and they’re hijacking your power to feel better about themselves and subjecting you to repressing your power. So they’re the one you’re giving your power away to them. A whole another take on giving you power away. It’s not like just stay near, it’s like energetically and you can unplug that it’s like an umbilical cord into your power center and you can just unplug it and hand it back to them so they’re standing with it. “Like you go find someone else to plug that into.” You know, if it’s a partner that you’re married to, or in a relationship with, how I’m plugging into God into their soul have them another person. It’s like, but let’s say, it’s somebody that’s a family member or someone you work with a colleague or friend. It’s like, “No, you go create that somewhere else in your story, and I’m not gonna the one that assists you that way anymore.”

I’ve done recently with the chakras because I’ve been in chakra thinking mind so much. Where I’m like, I need that person just needs to own their chakras and I’ve seen the chakras like colorful balls and I like I put them all in there or I’m like, “These are yours.” Own your chakras. Don’t keep asking everybody else take care of them for you, you’re stealing our energy.” It’s like this is your stuff.

Okay, so that was pretty simple, anybody asking anything about this we will open up for live Q&A now but.

Woman: Let me pull out comments.

Carol: Cho Ku Rei. I knew I was gonna introduce this somewhere in a coaching call because it’s not in a video, in the videos I produce for the healing plan. So we’ll probably come back to this in other coaching calls too, maybe I’ll do a video about it. A useful tool, I don’t use any of the other I was told early on in my Reiki experience you don’t need all those characters, you don’t need, your mind is what moves energy. Your mind, your heart, your chakra, your energy system using your mind intentionally is what has the greatest power to affect energy. The only one to kind of keeping your tool kit in your pocket is the Cho Ku Rei. I helped my son’s Little League football team make touchdowns with this. I’m not kidding. I stood at the end of the end zone, and I threw a Cho Ku Rei, and I did figure eights between the offense and the goal. And they won. I like to think I helped John Elway win his Super Bowl ring because I was working the energy on that because he really deserved it. He was just something, he was shy of that one championship. And thought, “Oh, he’s a Type 2, he keeps shutting this down, he can’t get there.” And I don’t know whether I did that or not, I have no idea but I was there with them. It was intentional at the time.

I noticed stomach issues when I’m wearing my quartz necklace, nausea mostly. I’m working on healing from Lyme disease and infections. Plus I’m working on emotional healing. What could be causing this?

Could be stirring it up. Maybe you’re wearing it too long. I’d also go ahead and ask if it’s specific to wearing the quartz, give Gemisphere a call, they’ve talked to lots and lots of people over the, you know, 30 years they’ve been in business. And they will have that ability to give you feedback as to its use and respect. But it can just be too potent for you. When you’ve got those conditions you’ve got a lot of stuff to clear from the physical level and it could be just creating overwhelm. And there might be counterpart gemstone to support you so that it kind of backs it off a little bit to create a little more comfort, but my sense is It’s overuse, it’s too much. You might just need an hour a day, a couple of hours a day, get their feedback as well.

We also have a new person from Gemisphere in the Facebook group. Is it Nathan, maybe? I don’t remember him.

Woman: It’s him.

Carol: Maybe Nathan, you can tag him but you have to tag him with his Facebook identity because he won’t see it otherwise and he can respond there. It will be nice to get a response where everyone can get the benefit of that since you asked it here. Kim, or if you do call them, come back and share what you’ve learned.

Can we do both the chakra and Healing Sessions at the same time?

Yeah, you mean like read my book while you’re doing a healing plan? For sure, but you’ll be…they complement each other. I think that’s what you’re asking. Yeah, we recommend you don’t do more than one healing plan. But definitely you’re working with your chakras in every healing plan, it’s just that I didn’t coordinate all that and teach you what that was. I’m starting to do that now that we have a book to reference that I can add that piece because you know, when you’re doing certain clearings guaranteed that’s helping your chakras. Your chakras are involved in all of your healing. Everything you’re doing helps heal and clear, it’s going to add another piece that you work directly on that energy, rather than not knowing you are.

Sciatica pain, pain from the lower back to the buttocks and leg related to root or second chakra?

That I think it’s your nerve. So what are you nervous about? Or what’s on your…what’s gotten on your nerves? And what have you not you know, it makes it painful? Is your pain more about sitting or standing to like you have to take a seat, get back in your place? It’s uncomfortable always being put in my place having to sit or I can’t take a stand. I get knocked down. I pay a price for taking a stand, you know, any of that could be relatable to that being the place of discomfort in your body.

Okay, if I’m married to a man who was divorced before we married is that divorce synergy in our relationship? Can I clear that?

Yes, you can. And yeah, I mean, it’s all part of the story. So we carry what’s unresolved or unhealed in our life stories. It’s just the story, everything we’ve ever experienced is part of our energy and could it become an interference? Yes, so clean it up. It’s easy to do, they’ll do the clearing for him, the proxies clean it out of your relationship, you know, again it’s like cleaning a space, you’re that space you’re cleaning up.

Identified with the rebel role in the energy archetypes in the root chakra chapter. How do I give the anger back to my family? How do I know how much anger is mine or how much is theirs?

Okay, anger, I noticed in my family system, anger was a very, probably the most, common emotion. I had an angry father, angry grandfather, angry grandmother. And that was on my dad’s side, it was mostly on my father’s side. You know, it’s like, my heritage on my father’s side is German. There’s a lot of anger from that culture, that whole DNA line. It’s like so you’ve got to clear it and then include I’ve gotten some of the coaching calls where you can do a percentage test of what’s mine, what’s there’s. One of our support people can put that up and I teach you how to turn into that through visualization. To know what percentage is yours and to give back the rest and ask it to be, you know, that in your work of healing, it’s gonna just disperse and clean up the rest. But you don’t have you know, it’s typically less than 20% that’s yours. But you’re the point of being able to clear it because you’re the one in the physical body. But historically, it comes from your family system where those people are deceased, not in the body. So that 20% will clear it for everybody. It’s just it’s inundating and it doesn’t seem to work when you’re trying to clear such a great percentage, and it’s just a pattern in the family to always have it. Again, that’s that long-standing, how many generations three, four or five generations of anger that’s never been healed. It’s kind of like it’s stuck. So that visualization will really help you in knowing those percentages.

What is wrong when I’m told by someone that they don’t like my voice? Is that my throat chakra?

I was told that people didn’t like, they still don’t to this day. I have a very tight…I get loud on my video. Like, if you have issues with a Type 3 because we have similar voice connotation, rise and falls, pitches, volumes, trace of language, how we say things, you’ll get triggered by people of that type of similar voice. You probably don’t like your own voice so you again now that is throat chakra. And how does someone tell you they don’t like your… I mean, I understand how that can shut my world because I’m a public figure and people put up not recently, apparently I’ve healed that, I’m okay with my voice now. Is that a mirror for you? But I’m curious how that even got expressed to you. “I don’t like your voice,” We don’t generally you know, I’d question that relationship. I mean, there’s other stuff going on there that someone would say that to you. But yeah, that is throat chakra.

Last week. I find I am unsettled about my purpose. I have done that healing plan. I’ve continued with plans and redone plans. So there is this feeling I’m still in process and in the middle, I know there has been much to heal for me. It is as if I can’t begin or don’t know where to begin, I see limitations, I question why I can’t connect.

I talked about that in the foot chakra energy about being true…you know, in your path taking or moving forward on your path, stepping onto your path. I sense right now your purpose is healing. I know I’ve talked about this, I think watch the coaching calls when we did the group supported “Healing Plan for Your Life Purpose” that’s earlier this year because I speak to this specifically that your purpose right now is exactly what you’re up to. And to try and…I just, I teach in these coaching calls, how we distorted this perception of what a life purpose is. And to really get to redefine that, because I think it’s really distorted that it has to be something grand that’s so, you know, obvious, it’s like, apparently your purpose is right now to heal because you’ve just said it, “I’ve had a lot there’s been much to heal.” So good for you, you’re right on purpose. But those coaching calls, when we did that as a group, very specifically are focused on feedback about your life purpose that will help you.

All right, let’s everyone share. Everybody share. What was your Aha? You set an intention to have an insight and aha to have a takeaway tonight. What was it? We’d like to…I’d like to read a few of those, what was supportive to you? And or what’s the session that you really benefited from? We put some of those up at the beginning of the call when I started going and how did you like the Chu Ko Rei?

All right, aha, from Charlene, you know you are healing in a different place when your sister that hasn’t spoken to you in four years says, “You are in such a different place than you were four years ago.” She was so right. That’s when I started on my healing journey. The Healing Center oils and Gemisphere necklaces have been so instrumental in accelerating my progress. I’m starting to read your chakra book, life keeps getting better and better. Buying I Am Balanced oils is amazing. I have been wearing it on the bottom of my feet the past few days. I have noticed I’m calmer, grounded have more energy and mental clarity. Thank you so much. That’s so cool, especially when it’s your sister that you said has hardly spoken to you. She acknowledged you.

Aha, so excited for help with the seasonal.

Woman: Affective

Carol: Affective.

Woman: Disorder.

Carol: Disorder. Thank you. Aha, I love how you suggest divorce. I love how you suggest divorce the energy, not the person. Now, that was in… I know I’ve talked that’s in my video, that’s in the YouTube video, I talk about that.

Aha, going to use Cho Ku Rei at bedtime. Yeah, that’s another time I’ve never… it’s something that really, really altered, I think I’ve shared this in other places, I don’t know if I put it in this book. My husband and I sleep in different beds, that saved our marriage, that was like a huge shift, knowing our energy types. Yeah, intimacy is better, communication is better, we just need to be in our own energetic space, on our own at night. And I know culturally that is like we wanna do some content on that and talk about that more because that is just so taboo. What? Like I’m sleeping and I need reset, man. I put a lot of energy out in the world. I got a lot of people plugging into my energy and he really needs to be in his own space too, it’s so incredible.

We say if we were ever building a home, we’d each have our own bedroom with a central bathroom because we still share the same space, living space for our closets, our bathroom we are. He just sleeps in a different bedroom. I call it a sleep lab because he has like lights and different stuff he’s using for his sleep. Just kind of what he does to support healthy deep sleep states kind of biohacking stuff. And we’ve talked about that we’d have to like we share that central space and just have our own sleeping quarters, but that your energy is really wanting to become your energy.

Aha, energy scrambled running other people’s energy.

Aha, I’m in need of getting my energy balance. Thank you for the Donna Eden info, I often feel I’m not progressing as quick as others. That speaks to me I need to organize my energy. Her book’s awesome “Energy Medicine” is if you love this stuff, it’s in my top you know, there’s a handful of books I can tell you to read, that is definitely one of the books I would recommend for adding to your knowledge base.

Winner of the I Am Balanced oil, Mary McAllister Daly, you are the winner. I often use the Cho Ku Rei when I’m driving. I like the idea of using it as I’m returning to my house too. We will ship that out to you just e-mail [email protected]

So, for announcements, we are starting the group Supported Healing Plan for the new year, January 6, please invite your Dressing Your Truth friends and contacts and anyone else you know would really benefit from that come through it again and I’ll be letting everybody know who’s ever been a member of the Healing Center. But let others know that might be interested in that. We have some awesome success stories come through in the last few months. That some people have immediate responses. Some of you are still invested in doing the work so you can get that weight off and the body will finally let go of it. We’ve seen a lot of people recently showing that weight loss and their bodies being restored to better health, which is incredible who. Again, patience is a real attribute when you’re in this healing work because things don’t always happen as quick as you’d like to do because quite honestly, you’re kind of wanting that new experience and you’re kinda done with what you have had to experience. So I get that.

Our next coaching call is on December 17. Again, it’s not anything specific, we will support you and what you need. Keep reading the book, we can now talk about chakras like we did tonight. Make sure you’re subscribed So you get that great supportive content to what you’re doing in here. And I think that’s it. Oh, I was gonna say on December…no, that was in the type talk. We’re doing type talk come Thursday. So you’re in lifestyle, I’ll see you there. Is that it?

Woman: Gemisphere giving us the lead to their winter sale.

Carol: That’s right. And we had that discount. It was starting Friday, if you…

Woman: Thanks 2019.

Carol: Using the code “Thanks 2019” Gemisphere is giving you the lead to their winter sale, you’re gonna get the lead on that by several days, starting Friday that code will be activated, you get 30% off. And as you know, they sell out of certain tools. So you might wanna use that to your benefit. Give yourself a little Christmas gift there and get the next tool you need from there, awesome resources. So thanks, everyone for your participation. And thanks to those that are listening to the recording. And I’ll continue to support you and again, big, big thanks if we can all do a hip hip hooray… We’re not going to just do it on your own. Let’s do a hip hip hooray for Kim, for Carlene, for all of our awesome members that extend themselves and lend support in such a generous way. Thank you so much for being a part of the Healing Center. We’ll see you in the Facebook group.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

This glossary defines energy healing terms and techniques, to help you feel more confident in your healing knowledge. Each definition also includes the link to an in-depth resource you can access by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. As you watch the Basics Guide, you can look up unfamiliar terms at any time.

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