Live Coaching Call October 1, 2019

1 hour, 7 minute video

You’re doing better than you think! As you move through Week 2 of the Healing Plan for Disease and Illness, this affirmation is something you need to hear. On this packed call, Carol supports Fiona with live coaching to clear the shame and guilt she carries from her sickness. Do you unknowingly punish yourself with sickness or a rigid lifestyle as well? Watch and learn how to take your power back.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Shame over not having been able to prevent your disease

Repeated upsets every year on the anniversary of a trauma

Skepticism about healing genetic issues through healing work

Fearful of hospitals and medical emergencies

You Want To:

Let go of the need for things to run smoothly and perfectly

Become incredibly aware of the pattern and be able to change it

Act on the truth that your beliefs are more powerful than genetics

Awaken to gratitude for conventional methods when needed

Affirmation for this Session:

I am blatantly showing myself evidence that I’m doing much better than I think.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 12:05

Session Transcript

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Carol: Hello, welcome to the second live coaching call for the Healing Plan for Disease and Illness. The many, many reports I’m seeing is people are starting to feel worse or better, go figure, it’s okay. You want that, you want movement, you want to create a shift so that’s a good thing. Sometimes you start feeling worse as I mentioned last week because you’ve got a lot of toxic energy your body’s hanging on to, it’s being given permission to clear and be free so you know, it can be uncomfortable.

Trust that you can get well, that’s the biggest piece you have to embrace. Like I’m getting well, I am whole and healed. So go ahead and say hi, in the comment when we get those comments going and the emojis. Click on your emoji button with smileys and likes because that gets people into the space to let them know we’re live in the Facebook group right now. You can even tag another fellow Healing Center member, let them know we’re live. And here we are and here’s tonight’s agenda so you know what’s going on. I’m gonna go over some housekeeping items.

I’m gonna announce a giveaway, I have two giveaways. I have a really…well, I love them all. But I have kind of one that showed up, a full of surprise, and I decided to share it with one of you. So I’m excited. A success story, then I’ve got 10 submitted questions that we’ve chosen. Then we have a live Healing Center member that’s coming on as a volunteer that’s gonna be representing all of you. And I’m gonna assist her doing some live coaching and giving her some insight as to what’s going on with her, so she can really get to the core issues. And get the most benefit so you’ll get the benefit of being represented by her.

Now we’ll do live Q&A you’ll be able to submit your own live questions. And then we’ll announce the giveaway winners after we do a few more announcements, book excerpt then we’ll do the giveaway winner. So my goal is to be done by 8:00 p.m. because we don’t have any bonus content. Last week we talked about the gemstones. Have you purchased any of the recommended Gemisphere gemstones for physical healing? I’d love to hear what you’re feeling connected with and what’s working for you.

I have on my… This is the first gemstone we ever purchased 21 years ago, looks as good as new. Citrine, was in 1998. And you couldn’t even go online, you had to call Gemisphere, didn’t have a website. I know I had a computer at that time. But we weren’t logging in, we weren’t buying online much. So bought this in 1998 actually, I remember the feedback they gave us. They said, “Citrine is gonna help you open your patterns up so you can choose differently.” So they made this physical…this is the pattern it’s got you, it lives you. In fact, we don’t even know we have these patterns a lot of time they’re so familiar, it’s what we know.

So this is what citrine does, opens the energy so you can go, “I’m gonna choose a different pattern, a healthy pattern. I don’t need this pattern.” Also works with your posture, your back, energy, it’s third chakra. Citrine is golden yellow, it’s your power energy. So it really gets you connected with your core essence. So I just felt moved to wear citrine the last week.

And a couple of housekeeping items. Welcome to all of our new members. Are you on your two-week trial right now? Let us know in the comment, how’s it going. If you’re new, you’ve just signed up, you actually decided to hang around and it’s a good thing. We love having all our new participants and your eagerness to learn and grow, you’re surrounded by tremendous support here.

The units link is where you need to go review a lot of the basic questions that you may have. Kim, one of my support angels, has done an excellent job in compiling the most asked questions and some very interesting more complex questions that I’ve weighed in on over the last year. And she’s compiled them in the units. They’re very well organized. Facebook allows you to track yourself as you go through the unit so you know which ones that you’ve read. It will be a added value to your Healing Center experience by going through the units. And you can skim those pretty quickly because the ones that are pertinent and timely for you, they’ll catch your eye and at least gain a familiarity with it.

You can also… I’m not sure. Can you search the unit specifically? You can search the page and you’re going to pull up anywhere that subject has been discussed in any timeline of the Healing Center. I’m not sure maybe Kim or Colleen can answer that in the comment thread if you can actually just search the unit’s function for specifics.

So for our giveaway, we’re going to give another bundle of I am healthy oil, and my book “Mastering Affluence.” The oil book bundle will go to a lucky winner. Again, it’s especially important to be reading “Mastering Affluence,” the how to create physical affluence section during this disease and healing plan. A lot of added insight into why we aren’t healing our illnesses and we’ll recreate new ones. So you can get to the emotional and mental influences to clear those.

The second giveaway, I’m associated with some low carb foodie bloggers and they kind of position themselves in the keto world. Although I don’t think this particular brand is strict keto but it is low carb, gluten free, sugar-free so it can qualify. But I’m a big fan of Kawaii Eats and Treats,, is a producer of baking mixes. And they’re a small company out of Florida and I’ve gotten to be good friends with the owner, Suri, on Instagram. That’s where I share my lifestyle habits and traces and things I do for my own well-being on a pretty consistent basis.

And so tonight I need to still upload it but she sent me these… I got these yesterday. The pumpkin spice cake mix. It makes an eight by eight cake. These are excellent. I have some really great low carb, sugar free, grain free from scratch recipes but as far as mixes go, these are the best out there. She’s got a great collection of mixes one of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. This was excellent. Made it tonight, made a crumb, walnut, cinnamon butter topping and had a dollop of whipped cream on it. And I think I’m eating a salad.

So we don’t, interestingly enough, bring up what you should be eating in the Healing Center. But guarantee, you’ll be called at some point. There’s two plans, especially that you get enrolled in cleaning up your diet. This one, because a lot of what we put in our body causes inflammation. The standard American diet, look that up. It is not healthy. And you’ve gotta go outside what the common practice is when it comes to food to get your body well, you know.

And I’m not…this is me and I’ll move on from this because we’ve got so much to do tonight. But I’m willing to give up grains, I gave up gluten, I gave up grains, I gave up sugar, but I wasn’t willing to give up my tasty treats. I like cookies, I like cupcakes, I like food. I love yummy food the baked goods I like that. I don’t miss candy or anything. And I eat very high-cal, like 80% chocolate very…and Lily’s is my go to chocolate because it’s sugar-free. So I have been on a search for the last three years for the best products out there that are fun to make, fun to eat, and satisfy that part of my palate. And I’m not giving up anything but all the junk.

And I enjoy tasty treats, so you can check them out. We’ll give away two giveaways and you have to answer the question, what’s your biggest takeaway this week from the healing plan and your work in the Healing Center? This week’s big takeaway share in the comment. And keep hitting the emoji button because we will get more people on here. Last week we had at 80, let’s get the count up. There are benefits to coming on the live call because I do the giveaways.

I have a really fun success story. Mary shared in a comment. I don’t have a photograph of her. She said, “I wanna share a cool success story,” Mary Cutler. “I wanna share a cool success story. I’ve been drinking around three to four Coke Zeros a day.” I assume those are the… I’m gonna assume they’re the cans. Maybe they’ve been the 48, I don’t know how many ounces that is, that a lot of Coke Zero, okay, three to four Coke Zeros a day. “And have never been able to go without at least one when driving, driving stresses me. Now I don’t drink even one. They’ve started to taste horrible and my body had been refusing them. I didn’t try to quit, it’s just happening naturally, with the realization that I was hurting my body and with the help of the disease and wellness plan.” And I had started saying that this plan will get you to a place once you clear all this stuff that you’re gonna be enrolled in eating healthier because your body’s gonna compel you to…just like Mary saying you’re gonna want healthier choices.

The other plan is the healing plan for weight loss. I don’t, in any part of the plan, tell you what to eat or not to eat because I know your body knows once you start listening to it. And you really reduce your… I have no cravings. I enjoy some fun foods that are seasonal and you know, the things that I make that are more along in the world of baked goods and such. Because it’s just pleasurable for me, I’m an avid cook, I love cooking. I’ve cooked for years. Some of you may not know my undergrad is in the home and family sciences. I taught advanced foods classes in high school, I was a Betty Crocker family leader of tomorrow my senior year of high school. And here I am being a leader of healing.

All right, let’s get going on our questions, enough about me. “I started off the illness plan with a list of several things I wanted to heal, but within a few days, my body let me know very clearly that my thyroid is what wants to be healed the most. I asked my body, when was the last time we truly rested? And my body responded never. Also, I just started snoring. Is it all related? I would really love any feedback you have about my thyroid and or allowing the body to rest.”

Well your thyroid is what blows once you’ve exhausted your healthy energy supply and your adrenals, your thyroid, your hormones go out of whack because you’re not listening to your body, you’re not getting good sleep. So sleep is a huge factor. Diet is a factor when it comes to thyroid and so is sleep. So you know, you can Google a lot of information about healthy sleep habits. I sleep with a weighted blanket so I get a really deep sleep. There’s apps you can get that track your sleep. You have to have a device that goes in your bed it just…there’s a lot of information about sleep these days. Because so many people are sleep deprived and their conditions are a byproduct of that.

Snoring often is airway issues. Again, that could be inflammation. There’s just variables here but keep going through the plan. And this is where when I talk about this in “Mastering Affluence,” as I started to heal the emotional and psychological layers, my body was really attracting the correct practitioners, the correct information to study. Things started showing up for me that were very, very effective.

So that’s where you become very magnetic to attract what’s going to support you. I’ve got, a week from Monday on the 14th, I’m having a special guest on my Monday, Facebook Live show at 1:00 p.m. Magdalena who’s an expert on hormones and thyroid and hypothyroidism. And she’s a coach, she’s an expert in this and done a lot of work. So that’s an opportunity as well to tune into that.

“I have shame that is attached to me being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Practitioners tell me I’ve had it for 20-plus years, and I spent the majority of the last 15 years healing and strengthening my body. The shame comes in the form of me shaming myself for not preventing this disease and allowing it to happen. Just typing that sounds crazy I know I didn’t cause a tick to bite me. I believe this need to be able to prevent or control is generational. When I did the birth clearing several months ago, this came up too. My birth was very traumatic. I was delivered breach and was stuck in the birth canal for a while. So when I was visualizing my birth, the thought came to me, how did I let this happen or not control a better outcome? My question is why in the world would I feel shame and embarrassment about these two things that I had no control over?”

I would make sure you do that clearing session for blame, being blamed, others blaming you. Could be that you were disciplined a lot in your childhood and blame or you took the blame to take the heat off somebody else in the family, or you wanted that…somehow if you’re to blame or you catch it, you can prevent things. Why do you need to prevent something running amuck? Were you trying to do that in your childhood? Were you trying to keep things from getting worse in your family system?

So now really, it’s not about shame. It’s about you believing you need to keep everything running smoothly, or you need to keep it running perfectly. So that’s where the needs scrambler can be helpful. I need, I need to keep it running smoothly. So that’s what your deeper…the shame comes from the fact it’s a response to this deeper belief. The deeper belief that I’m picking up on is, I need to keep everything running perfectly.

And what age in your childhood did you take that belief on as some… You never could do it, it’s an impossible task for a child. Probably around seven, eight years old this presented for you and you subconsciously took on that role, and you will have failed. And so maybe you are expected also to reach a certain standard that was unreasonable and you were disciplined for that and shamed for it. So those are all moving parts of the puzzle.

“I have been having problems breathing. I thought I covered in the childhood wounding video for fear in going over certain memory of my dad and not breathing so he wouldn’t find me. But I still have this issue and it affects me daily. I find myself holding my breath and then suddenly needing to breathe.” We all do that, by the way, not maybe to you’re doing it but we all stop breathing quite often during the day.

“I breathe shallow throughout the day and as I’m trying to focus on breathing deeply, but my body is resisting it. I will also become more still around my kids and breathe quieter when we are at church or at a restaurant when I see my kids moving and talking too much to try to bring down our energy as a family. I realize this doesn’t help anything and I’m only hurting myself. I would really like to breathe again. What do I need to do?”

Well, you’ve got a lot of the insights so you’re doing great with the ah-ha’s, you’ve gotten a look at how much you’ve put together and how much you’re noticing yourself doing this. So you’re in a really good place with this because you have so much awareness. Now you want to change the habit because you’re just physically doing something that became a condition that was the norm.

Couple of things that I recommend. The Tibetan healing bowls, use the one for the disease and healing plan. And it’s not a very long soundtrack, but during it, practice deep breathing while you’re listening to the healing bowls. Also, the breath app that you can download prompts you. You can actually program how often it prompts you. Now I have an Apple Watch, an iWatch and I have an iPhone. And so this comes up on my watch, my breath app prompts me that it’s time to breathe and to do typically 30 seconds or a minute of deep breathing. And you feel it literally prompt you, you feel the watch vibrate on the inhale and then the exhale.

So you’re training yourself to have a new norm and those are ways you can set yourself up to create new habits with your breath. Because you’ve got the ah-ha’s you need, now it’s shifting the habit.

“I had a significant health scare three summers ago. I noticed this year that around that same time I manifest something into my life that brings back that feeling of not knowing, fear and almost excitement. Like what will happen now? Is there some pattern that I’m trying to repeat? I feel like there is some need that is wanting to be met and I’m going about it by creating some sort of upheaval each year. I’d like to stop the pattern and heal the original wound before I manifest something I really don’t want. I guess it could go back even further to childhood. It’s always the summertime and even makes me dread summer because I subconsciously know I will create some sort of drama.”

Again, the good news is, I refer to a poem in my book, I’ve shared it in other coaching calls about walking down the street and falling into a hole and actually published it. It’s by Portia Nelson. I’ve known this poem for years since the late ’80s. It was such a life changer for me this poem of walking down the street and falling in a hole.

And there are five chapters, the first chapter you fall in, you don’t know you’re there, it’s someone else’s fault, it takes forever to get out. Second chapter, you fall in the same hole, you know you’re there, it’s still someone else’s fault takes forever to get out. Third time, you own it, you fall in, you own it. It’s my fault, it’s faster to get out. The fourth chapter, you walk around the hole. Fifth chapter, you walk down a new street. This is what healing is and this is becoming aware of patterns.

These last two questions have been great examples of, I’m in the hole or I fall in the hole. I don’t wanna do that again, you’re in chapter three, which means you know you’re creating it. That’s awesome most people are walking around the planet in chapter one, they’re falling in a hole, it’s someone else’s fault and some people never get out of them.

So I think tonight’s theme is…in fact, this will be our intention. I forgot to have you set an intention. So the intention of this evening is, I’m doing much better than I think. So set that intention. I am seeing, I am showing myself how I’m doing much better than I think because the thing is when you get involved in this kind of work you’re always on to the next thing. You know, you’re like, okay, next one, okay, next one.

And you’re kind of like, you have this trail behind you of successes that you’ve gotta stop and go look at all those. Look where I was a month ago, two months ago, three months ago. Are you kidding me? A year ago you’re in a brand new place you’re not even…for any of you that have done this for a year, those of our a year to clear students in here, clients, members, you’re not even the same person.

So I am showing myself… And this is your one of your takeaways to notice this week. I am blatantly showing myself evidence that I’m doing my much better than I think. Because both these questions are really resembling that. You’re doing great. This awareness is phenomenal. So now with your summer thing, you know it is. So where in your childhood did something go amiss in the summertime? When you were about four or five years old, some disappointment, some drama occurred in your childhood and now the pattern just keeps repeating itself.

And now you just gotta do like a core belief scrambler, like I am I am creating drama every summer. I am I am not creating drama every summer. Core beliefs scramblers, core beliefs are your…they’ve been adapted to be your identity. And so you think they’re true when they’re just a belief that… it’s a false belief that the system’s taken on as a truth and you wanna release that. For those of you… I would do any condition that you are… And I think I say this in the Healing Center for our members that asked about the Lyme disease.

I would do I am I am Lyme disease. I am I am not Lyme disease, I would do every diagnostic label you’ve been given up to what’s wrong with your health. I would scramble every one of those. Because your body has an identification through that and you want to scramble that energy. So your body can let it go, your emotions can let it go, and your mind can let it go your psychological energy field.

“I am definitely feeling lighter than I was before starting the plan so I believe things are shifting.” That’s great, you planned that, how synchronistic. “But I have recently been having memories of things in my past that have bothered and upset me on my mind each morning. I’m wondering if these are things that need healing to improve my disease or illness, or is that just typical type one’s roundedness? I have been doing additional clearings that seem to fit and I’ve gotten emotional during each one.” Okay, you’re doing great just adding that support you’ll know set the intention. Know if I need to do anything additional with what’s coming up. Because, you know, you’re just processing, some things are being fed through your mind.

Dreams are like that we hear a lot of members start dreaming more. Your REM state is the state of clearing so I always…just bizarre weird dreams where me clearing bizarre, weird energies that my mind just put into weird stories. So I just never took…you know, to me it was I’m healing. I positioned it all as this is good I’m healing. So sounds like you’re doing a great job with that.

“I’d like to get any tips for muscle testing when one has whole-body muscle pain and extreme lightness from chronic Fibromyalgia and tips about talking to your body by the shifting attention to painful pain-free areas of your pain when it feels that everything hurts.” Really zero in on the most…like does the strand of hair hurt? So you can find does your eyelash have pain in it? You could have the tips of your fingers because nerves are very prevalent in the extremities. Really zero in on any tiny little fraction of your body that holds a sense of being pain-free.

And then the muscle testing, there’s a lot of different approaches to that. You can go on YouTube if the one that I teach is problematic for whatever reason. And there’s one that a swaying where it’s yes, you come forward. If it’s a no, you go back. You’ll find a feedback system that works for you.

I use, you know my fingers. My name is Carol, my name is Sue. I don’t use muscle testing hardly anymore. I’m very keen on my intuitive hit on things that I don’t really use it very often because I have a sense of knowing that’s developed. So that’s where you wanna progress to. In the meantime, look at the different offerings, you would also apply kinesiology, muscle testing, energy testing, those are all different verbal references to it. Find one that works for you if mine isn’t and really identify even the most minute part of your body that you can connect with that is free of any pain.

“A while ago, I noticed that a pattern of self-sabotage specifically related to honoring my body with foods and activity it is craving. I have periods where it is very easy to eat and move intuitively. During those days, I feel great but then it’s like my mind realizes it’s been easy and then I start craving sugar and processed foods and not getting enough sleep. A limiting belief I thought I cleared was things have to be hard for them to be worthwhile. Now I’m wondering if that’s still hanging on. I have done the mirror work and scramblers and I’m wondering how I can clear this pattern once and for all since it’s currently affecting my overall health.”

Do it with the body walk. So the phrase things have to be hard for them to be worthwhile. So use the phrase with the clearing walk. Things can be easy and worthwhile, things can be easy and worthwhile. What is the body carrying? Because you’re mentioning physical cravings, the food that it’s at a physical level that you’re…this is kind of sabotaging yourself. So add what you did in the clearing to the physical level now.

“I have so many issues going on from childhood trauma, marriage, and friend issues to health concerns, I don’t know where to start. I have opened the healing sections and have just sobbed not knowing where to begin.”

Well, you are clearing by doing that, but you’re tapping into your wounded child self, and that’s the part of you that’s sobbing. So that’s why you’re frozen, is the child is overwhelmed. When you’re in that deep emotional state and overcome by emotion, it’s always your wounded child. It’s not your adult self. So now you’ve shifted into the little child sobbing so you know, the child doesn’t know where to begin. I’ll finish the question.

“I’ve also started with addressing your truth and was so frustrated not being able to realize what my born truth was so I decided the Healing Center would help along with counseling I am receiving. But I’m just feeling so overwhelmed and depressed with the uncertainty of not knowing what to do or where to start. Any help would be appreciated.” You’re doing a lot, maybe a little too much. I do offer in the lifestyle membership for all annual members, you can be eligible…you can volunteer to be a truth bomb and get feedback on confirmation of your type. We do those twice a month in the Facebook group. So you can have that avenue to support you for confirming your type.

Now when it comes to the…your little child self is overwhelmed and that’s the part of you that’s sitting there going I don’t know where to start. She doesn’t, it’s overwhelming. There’s just emotion that’s overcome her. She didn’t know where to start or what to do as a child. And so the adult needs to step in there and I’m gonna recommend that you start with the…this is a pretty juicy one. But I think you can…if you’ll stick with it, even if you do most of it, the childhood wounding plan. Because this part of you is presenting so profusely to say, “I need to process I need to get this out, I’ve got a lot of stuff I’m ready to heal.”

And there’s a fabulous journaling process in the childhood wounding plan that allows an avenue of expression for that inner child rather than her just sitting there sobbing. She needs to speak to you and you need to…the adult self starts facilitating the hurt child, the wounded child and the healing plan for childhood wounding. So I recommend you start with that. And it’s all laid out, just do what I’ve laid out for you to do, no more, no less, just that.

“I’m excited for what I’m learning and the various things I’m healing, but a part of me believes the idea of healing my genetic disorder, defective connective tissue throughout the body, is asking too match. Is that something I could potentially heal as well, or should I expect things at the genetic DNA level are just too set a part of our bodies?”

Well, I’ve dealt with numerous genetic influences: depression, tendonitis, a form of neurological disorder in my feet that I didn’t even… I don’t go get diagnoses, you’ve gotta know that about me that I’m not someone that goes and looks to get a diagnostic. I work with naturopaths, functional medicine, I work with holistic practitioners and none of them are real diagnostic oriented either.

So I work with conditions, rather than, this is what yours fits into. I work with what’s my body showing me. And so I recommend you read “Mastering Affluence.” There’s a pain and medical culture that we’ve all signed on to that we get to birth ourselves from and say, “Do I want to subscribe myself to this and be a member of this culture?” That basically says if you’ve got this, you’re gonna have to live with it. There are numerous physical health conditions that have previously said you don’t heal from, people have.

And so again, belief is more powerful than genetics. The book that has been around for quite a long time is Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief,” you can change your genetics by changing your belief. I’ve healed a lot of genetic influences in my life because I believed. To me, you receive a confirmation from your source of divinity that you seek out if it is in your lifetime to do that. I was told I could it would take a lot of my own commitment, faith and, you know, beyond something I had ever done with my body. And yeah, I did believe that because it was confirmed.

So that to me is the piece that needs to be received. Once you receive…you know, because there are some things that people choose…their soul chose a path because of the experience they’re meant to have with that condition. So you’ve gotta know that truth first. And then once you’re clear on that, yeah. So read “Mastering Affluence” if you’ve not done yet.

“I’m always cold. When doing the birth clearing it really stood out to me how cold it is coming out of the womb. I’ve done birth clearing many times and still experience coldness. As weather changes to fall and winter, I always feel on the edge of getting sick. Any insights to this?”

So maybe you’re not comfortable in your body. It’s like you wanna get out of your body so that’s a little different. Did you do the pre-birth clearing where you see…you’re basically in spirit form looking down at your family and you’re like, okay, that’s where we’re going. Pre-birth clearing, I recommend that it’s very powerful. It’s a very potent session.

The other one is I do a clearing walk with I am warm and comfortable in my body. What comes up? I am warm and comfortable in my body. What comes up? I am very warm and comfortable in my body. What comes up? Okay, those are submitted questions.

Now I wanna introduce to you my guest. Someone you will recognize, many of you will recognize her from both here in the Healing Center in lifestyle. I’m gonna show you, she just posted this recently and she’s so cute. This is Fiona who is going to be joining us all the way from Australia. Don’t you love Australian accents? They’re so fun. And she’s just adorable. I love that she’s found her type one truth and that’s giving her a base to understand herself. That it is the value of energy profiling, you have a point of reference that you now can work with to say, “Ah-ha, I know what I’m supposed to feel like, who I’m supposed to be amidst all this stuff I’m healing.” So let’s all give a warm welcome to Fiona for being on the coaching call tonight. Hello.

Fiona: Hi.

Carol: Good to have you.

Fiona: Thanks for having me.

Carol: You’re welcome. And run down briefly the health issues you deal with, because who knew? You look at the picture of health. You look like oh.

Fiona: I get a lot, “But you don’t look sick.” So the quick list is as a child, I was sick quite a lot with bronchial things and I ended up with measles and then pneumonia as a complication and struggled with that, and asthma, and then the gut issues have always been there. So basically, the doctors put it under the irritable bowel syndrome umbrella when they don’t know. And then…

Carol: That was more adult years, correct?

Fiona: Well, that was when they diagnosed it, but I had had problems with it I remember as a child just being [inaudible 00:37:24].

Carol: When you say child, how young are we going back?

Fiona: Maybe sort of three, four, so quite early, yeah. And then…

Carol: Were you sick in bed as a child?

Fiona: Sometimes yes, I would get chest infections a lot and very prone to any gastro, flu things going around. Lots of tonsillitis, lots of yeah, flus, cold, yeah.

Carol: How did your parents respond to you being ill as a child?

Fiona: I wasn’t overly sort of protected from it, but I often felt like I missed out on a lot of things because like, oh, man, I’m sick again, I have to miss out on swimming or…yeah, there was often activities at school and out and about that I’d end up missing because I was sick at home and being very frustrated.

Carol: Were your parents attentive to you, were they [inaudible 00:38:43] were they [inaudible 00:38:45]?

Fiona: They were attentive but not overly so. Like, it wasn’t something that I felt was smothering. It was just they were there and they were comforting.

Carol: Your mom wasn’t like, “Oh, you’re so annoying?”

Fiona: No.

Carol: Okay, so you had told me prior to coming when we chatted beforehand, your mom had lost a baby. Tell me more about that.

Fiona: So I know he was born at seven months, stillborn. So seven months pregnancy and they actually thought that they weren’t able to have children before they got pregnant with him and then they lost him. So I can’t even imagine what that was like. And then they thought, that’s it we’re never gonna have kids. And I think four months later they got pregnant with me. So I know that there would have been a lot of anxiety for them with that. Which I’ve also been working on with the birth clearings and the pre-birth clearing.

And in a lot of my visualizations I have felt that a lot of my health issues have come through right from the start. But not all, some of them came later. I think I did the generational percentage one and I felt that with the gut it was about fifty-fifty, so half and half from generation.

Carol: Well what was your birth like? Were you on time, were you early, late? What was…?

Fiona: Slightly late but only by a few days.

Carol: Were you healthy?

Fiona: Yeah, healthy, big, apparently quite happy.

Carol: Okay, so you weren’t like sick as a baby, like newborn or that?

Fiona: No.

Carol: Okay. Now you think your mom was a type four correct?

Fiona: I think, she was either a two or a four but going on her face, it was very quiet square. She’s one of those people that I’ve sort of looked at in photos and thought four straightaway.

Carol: How old was she when she passed away?

Fiona: She was only 61 when she passed away. So she had…

Carol: Like, has there been a history of that in her side of the family, people dying of cancer or diseases?

Fiona: No. Not at all. They were yeah, all fairy healthy. I think it was quite a shock for everybody. [inaudible 00:41:30]

Carol: But she didn’t have a history of irritable bowel and [inaudible 00:41:35] she did?

Fiona: Yeah. We suspect that she also had celiac disease which I have, that went undiagnosed. And I wasn’t diagnosed with that until I was 25. So that would have done a fair bit of damage before then through diet.

Carol: Okay, so when you were young, was your mother having gastrointestinal problems, too?

Fiona: Yes.

Carol: All right. I’m getting a lot of hits on you. First thing is your mom wants to help you, okay. Your mom doesn’t want you to suffer anymore. I get these… I mean, when I had a private practice and I worked with a client that had a deceased loved one, they’d show up. Well, your mom’s here, she wants to help you.

Fiona: She’s shown up before with various things actually.

Carol: Wants to help you, she doesn’t want you to carry this on, okay. Now you have to believe you can get well, that’s gonna be really foundational for you. Because you’re dealing a lot of stuff that becomes a lifestyle, especially the food part. And so there’s a lot of, I can’t do this, I can’t have that, I can’t…so what you’re doing now like you just said it, when you were a child you missed out on a lot of things.

Fiona: Yeah.

Carol: Okay, you’re still doing that and now you can’t enjoy the foods of the world. You’re missing out on a lot of foods. You’re…

[00:43:23] [Silence] [00:43:54]

Okay, now I’m here and she dropped. Oh and you’re back. We’re just getting going. Here we go. Little, blip, that was your mother. Okay, your mom, it’s almost like you were willing to suffer with her, you know. So maybe she didn’t feel so bad or you did share, you were in a very conservative environment, a lot of do’s and don’ts, a lot of proper behavior, a lot of strict protocol to life but done in a kind way.

And I told Fiona it’s an interesting scenario that when you have very kind parents but still very, very strict sort of rules of life that you’re required to live by, you know the lines, you know what not to cross. You know through subtle messages and sort of silent responses of body language and just again, repetition of teachings, repetition of what’s gonna happen to you if you do certain things. Like very fear, guilt, shame-based ways of teaching you to make correct choices.

That’s where the religious…that you’ve done the life purpose plan that does a lot of the clearing for religious abuse because that’s really the history of religion is that you gotta do what’s right or you know, guilt shame and fear. We’re going to compel you to do what’s right from a…well that’s hard to stomach that when you’re type one three year old, okay, that’s a lot. The phrase that came to me, I can’t stomach this, I can’t stomach this life.

Okay, so you need to clear that and by doing like in a clearing walk, I can easily stomach this life. Okay, what comes up, say no, I can’t, it’s too hard. It’s a lot easier to be sick in bed to do everything they’re expecting of me. I can’t make the wrong move if I’m sick. You can’t, you can’t make a wrong move if you’re sick. So that’s another really strong phrase for you. I can’t make a wrong move if I’m sick, I’m safe.

But when you got to be a teenager, you started to become your own person and that’s when you shared with me also, prior to the call that you had some real pushback from your mom, there was some real heated battles. And so for you to explore and learn what your values are all through those developmental years, you weren’t given that chance to say, “We’re here for you, we believe you’ll make right choices. We’re here to help you flourish and grow you know, you’re a good human being, we’ll think you’ll do well.”

It was, your mom was scared. Your mom was scared trying to prevent something bad from happening. And you appeal to that because you’re three. And so the other phrases that came to me is, I’m a burden, okay. You’re still really feeling a lot of shame and guilt from that because you’re a burden to your husband, you’re a burden to your kids because you’re not healthy. If you’ve been living, I’m a burden since you were three it became an identity. That’s why you need to do a core belief scrambler on that. It’s part of your core identity that’s not true. But at three, you took it on as truth. I’m a burden.

And you don’t like that and you feel really bad about that. So in a way you punish yourself by not being able to…kind of your own self-punishment is having all these health problems, it’s this vicious cycle. I’m a burden, I’m no fun you know, I’m still…can’t go have fun with my family. I can’t go have fun with my friends. I can’t go have fun with my family, I don’t feel well.

And you’re also…another one that’s really strong for is I’m sick and tired, but not sick and tired in the sense of physically it’s more an…it’s just you…that was your teenage self. I’m so sick and tired of all these rules in life. Okay, that’s about 13. So that’s a part you, you need to clear that one. That’s like a journaling thing with your 13-year-old. Dear 13-year-old self, I’m aware now that you are sick and tired. What are you so sick and tired of? You’ve never gotten to express a lot of this stuff.

Fiona: No.

Carol: So you express it through this irritation. I mean, think of the term, anytime you get a diagnosis the phrases actually are very spot on for what our emotional state is, irritable bowel syndrome. You’re really ticked. Well, your 13-year-old is she’s irritated, there’s way too many rules. I mean do you have a memory of anything type one in your childhood and teens? Anything that was type one you, type one experience, type one quality of life?

Fiona: No.

Carol: See…

Fiona: A little bit with dancing where you’re still rigidly controlled within the guidelines of what I was allowed to do.

Carol: Well you’re still living a rigidly controlled life. Look at your dietary, what you can and cannot eat, it’s rigid, man. You’re still living in the same energy, you lived in as a kid.

Fiona: And I feel like every time I try to go and have fun something happens. Like the morning after we got married, my husband and I, we were both walking in a stream in New Zealand and I slipped fell on a rock and fractured four vertebrates.

Carol: Of course, but that’s because the old beliefs are still running. So you pay a price for that because you’re out of line. Life is not meant to be fun. That’s basically…like your mother, subscribed… I don’t know where your dad is, he’s sort of this shadow hanging around. Mom was the dominant parent, man, she ran the show.

Fiona: Yeah, very much. I think [inaudible 00:50:51].

Carol: Your mom is like, there, that’s why she’s there for you now. Like, it’s kinda like, go have fun. You’ll break through this, you just have to be willing to show up and do it again. You just gotta say, “Oh there that is again, there it is again. I’m choosing a light…” You don’t know what it is to live a light, free life.

Fiona: No.

Carol: You don’t, you know what it is to live a very rigid, very conditioned experience that your illness is now providing for you. You gave up the religion and you have the illness to replace it. It’s calling the shots now. But there’s some power greater than you that’s creating your life condition. And that’s where you gotta show up as the power and you’re disassembling that power. Because it’s not, it’s just a pattern, all it is a pattern. You’re more powerful, you’re the central power of your life. Have you read “Mastering Affluence?”

Fiona: I’m halfway through.

Carol: Okay, so you’re getting there, it’s just, you know, this takes a little bit of time. I mean, I’d say if you’re like 80% more well in five months, that’s gonna be like unheard of in most places medically. So you’re on your way, you’re committed, you’re doing it, all I’m getting for you tonight is helping fine tune what’s going on for you.

So listen back to what we recorded and I gave you some very key phrases that you just need to clean up, you know. And then that 13-year-old needs some support. Okay, because that’s a part of you that wanted to break free and you felt you could and you got a pushback. You know, it was just…and my sense is what you even wanted was really not unreasonable, it was normal stuff.

Fiona: Yeah, I don’t think I’d ever really [inaudible 00:53:18].

Carol: “Mother, I’m going to move in with my boyfriend.” No. What you want to do is normal teenage stuff that was healthy quite honestly. That’s an interesting one. When I do what is healthy for me, my health gets worse. Again the illness is your mom coming…you know, is the disciplinarian. The illness is the disciplinarian saying, “No, you can’t now you’re being punished.” Because you get punished that was the big…when you don’t do what’s right, according to how that was taught to you, you get punished for it.

So my illness is my punishment, you’ll piece this all together. It’s coming up, I mean, it’s right there. I’m sure other people, you know, read through the comments, people are getting all kinds of ah-ha’s for themselves and they’re like, I get it. I’m excited for you.

Fiona: Yeah, I’m really excited as well.

Carol: Yeah, I’m really happy you know you’re a type one, too, that’s awesome. And that you found that and you knew that on your own, good for you. I did not tell her. I’m so thrilled about that when it was not shown in your childhood.

Fiona: No, I didn’t think I would be a one at all.

Carol: Yeah, you’re addressing it, you look fabulous.

Fiona: Thank you.

Carol: Well, thanks, Fiona we’re excited for you and we’ll keep hearing great updates in your Facebook posts.

Fiona: Thank you very much.

Carol: You’re welcome. Let’s do some live questions. Everyone say thank you or anything you learned from Fiona. What ah-ha’s did you get? I saw a lot of comments coming up through the conversation we had. So that’s good. Let’s get into our live Q&A. Here we go.

“Is there a specific clearing for stuttering I proxy for my child?” Well, the healing session for child development stage three is when our speech is developing between the ages of three to six. And there’s a lot of good stuff in that clearing that’s around not feeling confident to speak.

“What could it mean and what to do when I’m able to recognize pain shifting around but not really lifting, leaving?” What’s that talking to your pain, having a conversation with it that’s part of the healing plan? Why is it doing that? Ask it these questions.

And the condition that you’re used to is, having pain somewhere. So that’s the habit and it’s just again now greeting it with love versus resistance. And that’s something I talk about in “Mastering Affluence” at length that you respond to it very differently. Somebody wrote in the Healing Center a really beautiful comment about is they are now being friends and loving their pain. Their pain is free to leave. It doesn’t have to keep showing up and they’re noticing that.

“After listening to last week’s call, I related to the inflammation and ankle issues. I discovered how much I hate my body and everything about me. Is that why I have no clarity on my next steps?” Not necessarily again, it could be which party you is the one making the decisions here. Our inner child likes to come forward in this space and a lot of times it’s like, “No, don’t heal. I like hiding amidst all the pain. And I want you focused on that health issue. Because I don’t wanna feel all that stuff again.” Well, it’s not your inner child feeling it, it’s you the adult self and that part of you is being set free. And so ask your adult self, “What’s next?”

“Could you elaborate on the clearing walk? I’ve been doing the phrase, I’m healed and whole, but it seems to clear very quickly. I’m supposed to change the phrase daily or just keep using the same phrase?” Now I have you start with that one and as a point of reference, and again, it can be universal because I’m teaching this to a large number of people, but you can use any positive belief. Let’s say you notice something that…the clearing walk can be used with any reference to a negative, say the positive.

Like I’ve pointed out all through this call several instances that you could use it and what to say. So rewatch this coaching call to see my examples because no, you don’t have to use that same phrase. And I’m pretty sure I say that in the session that you can use other statements.

“I got taken to the hospital yesterday afternoon because of numbness of the left side of my head and face and left arm. I don’t think it’s serious but they are investigating it. I hate hospitals. My question is, what can the symptom symbolize or wanting to tell me?” Well, first of all, I’d get rid of hating hospitals. They have their place. I’m not an absolutist in saying it’s all or nothing and we need to be all holistic or all more conventional medicine. Everything has its purpose to support us.

I’m very grateful for hospitals. In April eight years ago, this coming up April, my husband was rushed to the stroke intensive care unit. I was very grateful for a hospital and he was given…I can’t remember the name. TPA. A medication that if administered within the first three hours of stroke, it suspends the side effects. Very grateful for EMTs and ambulances and the whole thing, very grateful. My youngest son was born with pyloric stenosis he would have died if he’d not had surgery at one-month-old. His pyloric valve was closed, he started projectile vomiting.

So get rid of the hating hospitals. Sure, there’s certain things that aren’t real great about them, but they serve their purpose. And what can the symptoms symbolize or want to tell me? I get that you’re meant to inquire about that. Left side is your…last week’s call we talked about the left and right sides. Left side is the yang energy which we often refer to in our culture as masculine. So do some journaling around that, what are you trying…give the symptom an identity through maybe call it pain, call it numbness. Dear numbness, what was your message to me? And see what it says to you.

Last question, “Having done the disease and illness plan for the second time, it’s clear to me that the origin of many of my illnesses have been a result of a terrible fear of criticism. As a child, I would stay home sick if I felt like I couldn’t put on a perfect show. The deeper truth is that when I spoke out as a child, the consequences were either withholding of love or threats of physical punishment. The words that come to mind are crippling, beaten down, and out of control. What can I do to help overcome this?”

I would tap on what you just wrote. You’ve just wrote yourself a clearing script right there and tap on it and see what else comes. Keep it going, let that inner child speak, let it just start sharing. I feel and I feel this way about that and I’m scared because…just let it come. And you just wrote yourself something that you can tap on to clear it, so that’s really right there, good for you.

All right, we’ve got…that’s all of our questions. 8:03, we’re almost done here. Couple announcements before I read an excerpt and announce our giveaway winners. We do have yearly memberships available. We do not advertise this when you first sign up, but now that you’re in the space, you see its value. Your yearly membership can actually save you $229 from a monthly plan. It’s $599 and you can email support at to help. And also there’s information in the units here in the Facebook group.

But for $599 I invite you to commit to a year of healing, a year to clear, and I guarantee you will not even remember the…you’ll look back and go, “I remember that person and I’ve come so far.” There are several of our members that have committed to this and they’ve got some great stories to tell. Your 10% off with Gemisphere is good through the end of the month, just choose healing 10 in your purchases.

Our next coaching call will be November 19th at 7:00 p.m. Now the November 19th call we’re going to have a special focus. That call will be focused on my book, “The Modern Chakra Guide.” I will be taking questions in reference to the book. You’ll be able to pre-order the book… I think it’s November maybe I better not say. Maybe Liz can look that up real quick. I have should have reviewed that. I know we’ve got either November, December because the book goes on sale November 14th but you won’t have time to read it.

Oh, it is November. Maybe we’re shipping. I know we’re doing a pre-order bonus that we’re gonna announce November 1st and there’s good chance we’ll be shipping books right then too for my shipping services. We’ll keep you informed, okay. Yeah, we’re gonna be…okay. Liz is reminding me. The November 19th call will be focused on the chakras, okay. Some of you may have been able to read or get into the book by then. This one.

And then the healing plan that I just finished writing over the weekend, I go really deep on what I did. It’s like a deep dive when I have to write this kind of content. It will be launched in March next year, but I’m really excited about it. I’ve clearings for every chakra and some other great resources that we’ll be doing in a four-week healing plan. So you can look forward to that.

Tonight’s excerpt from “Mastering Affluence” is from the section… Let’s see if I can find it here. I’m not seeing it in my agenda so I might have to skip that tonight. So, flip open your “Mastering Affluence” copy to whatever page it comes to and you will get the message you need tonight. So let’s close up tonight’s fabulous coaching call. Again thank you, Fiona, for being willing to come on the call and be a representative for all of our members. I know a lot of people got some fabulous insights.

Our winners tonight are Amy Rushton, you have won the healthy oil and my book “Mastering Affluence.” “My big takeaway is how deeply my limiting beliefs go. I found out through the clearing walk 45 minutes long that I believe that I don’t deserve to heal the pain both physical and emotional. I carry the belief that I deserve pain.” Well, good for you that you’ve cleared that and you’re on your way to get rid of that and your body can be freed up from that. Congratulations the book and the I am healthy oil will support you in that.

And then Sharelle is our baking mix winner. “My biggest takeaway this week is that my body needs rest to regenerate at this time, even though my brain keeps trying to tell me that I need to keep pushing to get any kind of result. I can listen to my body.” Yes, you can. Give yourself that rest you need.

So look forward to supporting you. There’s one more week stick with it, the disease and healing plan, the third week is coming up. Congratulations on all the great work you’ve done so far. And we’ll keep supporting you here in the Facebook group and look forward to joining you on our next live coaching call on November 19th. Thanks for coming and being a part of tonight’s call.

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