Live Coaching Call October 2, 2018

1 hour, 10 minutes

What lessons are you meant to learn from your challenging experiences? In this call, Carol discusses obstacles you face that keep success just out of reach, how chronic illness affects your life, and ends with a powerful visualization to burn up memories of childhood trauma.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Obstacles keeping you from doing the Healing Plan

Chronic illness preventing you from living your life

Frustration that success is always out of reach

Fear that you’ve been cursed because life is hard

You Want To:

Raise your vibration and handle obstacles with ease

Heal your inner child who was shut down

Catch yourself when you repeat old patterns

Feel empowered to shift your deeper beliefs

Affirmation for this Session:

I am receiving the insight, support, reassurance, and encouragement I need as I go through my own healing experience.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 12:20

Session Transcript

Welcome’s to this month’s live Healing Center coaching call and Q&A. It’s good to be with you and I’m broadcasting from the North Shore of Oahu where we do have a home, which has great energy here. It’s very healing. I welcome you from wherever you are in the world. Say hello in a comment. If you go ahead and hit the emoji button and comment, it’ll start feeding it out to group members that we’re live right now. And yes, this will be recorded, so it will be actually archived here in the Facebook group and also these are being archived on the website under general category for healing sessions. You can find the previous three that we did during a launch of the Healing Center when we had the three calls for a lack healing plan for lack of self-confidence group supported experience.

We have these once a month and this is where I take your questions that have been submitted via this Facebook group and also through email and any live questions that might be pertinent to the group. We choose them based on their broad appeal and broad support for the group members and how they can be supportive for everyone involved here. And then also when we see a particular question that has repetition that others have similar questions. So that’s usually our selection process and how these are chosen. And I’d love for you to set an intention for this evening and/or while you’re watching this, because you may be watching the recording.

So the intention that serves everyone that’s very supportive is that you will receive insight, Aha, and support from taking the time to listen to this coaching call, that you will get your Aha, your insight, your next awareness. Maybe you just need reassurance, maybe you have gone through a more challenging time and you need to feel encouraged. Whatever it is that supportive to you right now will come through in this experience together and you’ll be able to have that benefit from this.

Couple other housekeeping items before I get into the questions, I will put on my posts that are replies. Typically when it’s a reply from me or a post that I have generated, you’ll see a #CT, so the group content is searchable if you want to see feedback on given information I’ve shared in a post, just put #CT and the search field and those will all come up for you to look at. And then I do, occasionally, we’ll share healing tips. Those have been created and archived into a new feature that Facebook has just recently launched in group experiences called units. When you go to that menu bar at the top of the group page and scroll across to the right, you’ll see units. All of the healing tips that I’ve posted thus far have been made into a unit. These are meant to be learning units, things that you can read to support your group experience. I liked this addition to the Facebook experience, Facebook group experience, because it allows us to use this platform and in conjunction with the Healing Center content, that it gives me another platform to share information that’s readily available to you. So study the units. That would be very supportive to you to go through each of the units so that you have that support and feedback from me.

And if you want the support team to give you support, just put #supportangels. I’ve three support members that are here very actively Monday through Friday as our active support days. We’ve got Cam, Coleen and Christine that are all very talented and versed in my work. And then ask yourself before you post a question, sometimes you’re just needing reassurance. You really know the answer. You can learn to reassure yourself by asking what feels correct to me? What is my answer? Do I already know the answer to this, yes, a good chance you already do. And what you’re not really looking for is the answer. You’re looking for reassurance. Be honest and post that, “I need reassurance in this,” or learn to reassure yourself by trusting your own intuitive guidance to know. That’s your best director in guiding you in life. Now maybe you don’t even need the reassurance. You just need to ask the question and getting your own answer is sufficient. So put that to practice.

I have a fabulous success story I wanna share with you tonight from Sylvia. Sylvia shares, “I just finished my first lesson in ‘Mastering Affluence,’ which was lesson two done in conjunction with the stress, anxiety and fear healing plan.” Lesson two in “Mastering Affluence” is how to create mental affluence, so she was reading that along with her healing plan for healing stress, anxiety, and fear. “I am blown away by the power of intention. Two weeks ago, when I started this plan, I completed the three-step process, set an intention to train my mind from prevention thinking to creation thinking. I revisited my intention the first two days of the plan, and then forgot about it until I was doing the reflection journaling exercise this morning. Apparently, I forgot, but my subconscious mind didn’t. I achieved my desired outcome multiple times during the last few weeks.”

So I say to myself and to you, Sylvia, you are a great creator. “During the journaling reflection exercise, I also became aware of why think and speak self-limiting thoughts. Now that I’m aware I can change my patterns, I am so grateful.” Now that isn’t a thank you, Sylvia. It’s a beautiful example of how these two resources work together and they really support the learning experience. You see, in the Healing Center, you have a lot of session experiences. You have a lot of videos, audios that are supporting you and processes. I did not put a lot of time in the videos explaining why you’re doing what you’re doing or coaching you on the more practical side of all of this, which is, here’s what you’re choosing to change and why. Well, that… Because they knew “Mastering Affluence” would be that…that would do the job. This is the schooling, the teaching, this is the life skills, the teaching of the why. Why are we doing this?

The Healing Center is the what to do to shift your energy. So they work very beautifully together, and I have written a unit. It’s in there. It’s a healing tip. There’s two ways to use “Mastering Affluence” and the Healing Center. This is written in a six-lesson format. There are 20 clearing sessions in the appendix, each categorized by the lesson. The six lessons are the same, six categories that are listed in the single session area of the Healing Center: spiritual, mental, emotional. Think of that as your inner world: spiritual, mental, emotional. That’s the inner workings of yourself, the inner world. We always start with healing the inner world because the outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

Then we move to your outer world, and I even write that in here. We’re gonna go first to your inner world, inner space. Then we’re gonna go to outer space, which is physical, the body, which is what do you do mostly? Where do you experience some of your biggest patterns and relationships and with money, so we have financial and we have relationships. Those six areas are categorized in the Healing Center, they’re the format of the book with the six lessons. So you read through it, you do a lesson a week, and then you do the clearing sessions in that category and the Healing Center. There’s 20 of them in the back here that have all been recorded. Plus, there’s others, you could just…let’s say you’re doing the healing the lesson one, How to Create Spiritual Affluence, which is becoming your own spiritual authority. You just go on the Healing Center and click on the spiritual category. There’s your session work, you do those.

The other way to navigate the two resources is every healing plan has recommended reading, one of the six lessons that you’re recommended to read in conjunction with that healing plan. They’re listed at the bottom. Some of you didn’t know this. Well, the reason was if you were one of the inaugural members in the first month, they weren’t on the site because the book wasn’t released yet. My dev team made a decision that they were going to list it once the book was published and available, so that went live on September 18th. So now they’re there. Because some of you are like, “Oh, I never saw that.” Well, because they weren’t there. Now they are. So you have those two ways to navigate this experience with these two resources.

So yeah. It’s funny, when I started writing, remembering wholeness, this is the synchronicity and power of following the energy, following what’s correct because I had not crafted the Healing Center yet. I was in conversation with my CEO about building a new Healing Center, watching any website that yet it appears that we very smartly crafted the two at the same time. I actually had the download for what the book needed to look like and just knew, you know, was given the inside information on what the Healing Center was meant to look like in now reflection and kind of relative to the book. And that’s how I do write books. I download the information. It comes to me. It’s a very, a more deep focus process for me. It’s sort of like I’m going in, I’m going in to do this again. So look forward to you having that experience. If you’ve not yet purchased “Mastering Affluence,” it’s available on Amazon. Just go to, it’ll link you over.

Right. Let’s get into our questions. We’ll go through, here’s the agenda for the rest of the call. I’m gonna respond to several questions that we’ve selected. Then I’m gonna take live questions, then we’re gonna do a healing exercise together. Then I’ll open up for your feedback about what that was like for you to have that experience to do as a group energy in the visualization we’re gonna do together. A few more announcements and then we’ll end the broadcast, and my intention is to wrap it up. So I wrapped the energy around the experience so that we come into completion by, I’m gonna say, 8:05 p.m. That’s the hit I get. This is meant to go to 8:05 p.m. We’re gonna wrap the energy around this experience and ask the two to work together, time and the experience to come together so that everything that wants to happen in that timeframe happens. That’s intention right there, how to get time to work for you.

First question, “Carol, the last 12 months have been some major challenges from job loss, pets dying, and major diagnosis of husband’s lymphoma. I have all of these things happening in my life, all indicating that I need emotional support and healing, but I’m struggling to use and follow the plan sessions that I thought would help me. Am I just not ready physically and mentally? How do I get past the challenges?” Well, okay, I find the way you’ve written the question interesting. How do you get past the challenges? Consider the possibility the vibration that you’re operating in right now is keeping you in the world of, “This is what life is.” See you live in the plane of… We all exist in a field of consciousness. What’s the vibratory rate of your field of consciousness?

Collectively, the field of consciousness is fairly low. A really interesting book that was written quite a while ago, probably 15 years ago, is the “Power Versus Force,” where he has a scale of consciousness. The author shows this sort of vibrational rate of, if you’re at this and, you know, bottom of the spectrum at this vibration, you’re in fear, in illness, disease, and you go on up, and it creates a very different experience as you raise your consciousness. See, so you’ve got to see this as life is showing you, you live in a low vibration. You do have these experiences. You can lose jobs. Pets are going to die. A lymphoma diagnosis is an opportunity. It’s a message from the body that there’s imbalance and disease that wants to be healed. So that’s telling you that. And so everybody, life is happening to you based on the vibration that you exist in.

So rather than, “I need all this to stop so I can do this,” no, you just need to do it knowing it’s going to affect all that. Maybe your motive for doing the healing plans is about past stuff thinking, “Well, I need to heal that from my past.” Well, apparently you need to heal because your past is still…the same story is writing itself. The vibration of your energy is writing the same story of struggle in the now. So you’re doing both simultaneously. See, you’re never just healing the past. Whatever you’ve not healed in the past is presenting in your current life story. They go together. See, the vibration is the same. Whatever vibration you knew in your childhood if you have not recreated that, you’re gonna create some version of that story because the vibration that you’re operating in is the same. And so there’s no waiting till the challenges die down. The challenges are a byproduct of not doing this work in so many ways.

And I’d always, you know, go back to the stuck clearing. Maybe that’s your number one issue. You’re stuck, you’re stuck, you feel stuck in life, you know, two sessions I’ve used for that is the Stuck Clearing that’s in the Healing Center or there’s the masterclass lineup of the three masterclass videos. You should probably put those in a unit, note to Christine. That would be some great links to. So they’re easily accessible to the group since they’re not…the clarity session’s in the Healing Center, but the clearing walk for being stuck and the three by five card trick are not in the Healing Center. So we could easily set a unit up for you to have access to those. But that clearing session for stuck and also the birth clearing, because if you’re stuck in the birth canal, that will… That vibration when life gets challenging because moving into the birth canal was challenging, so when life challenges you, your stuck energy might be getting turned on. Bam. It’s like, stuck. Challenging life events, stuck, because you froze up in the womb.

“I have a genetic condition where I interact quite easily. This manifested itself most prominently when I developed fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue over eight years ago. Nearly cluebomb type-3 here. I will begin to make progress healing from an injury and I can get injured just from someone knocking into me accidentally. And just as I’m regaining some strength, boom, another something will happen where I sustain my injury again. Then I have to rest. And while I’m resting, I lose the gains I made previously. I would love to know what is going on. Energetically, I feel I am a competent person who is learning more and more to speak her mind. I do my best not to overdo and respect my body’s boundaries. I admit I do shut down at times, but that is usually a choice I make because it’s not worth my energy to be up all the time. I feel this may be an emotional issue.”

Yeah, the hit I’m getting is your eight-year-old self does not want to get well. Your eight-year-old self wants to be hiding and it feels real safe to be tucked away in your house when it’s too risky to go live your life. That’s an eight-year-old. How do I get ages? I don’t know. They present themselves to me. There’s something happened when you were eight. Maybe that is when you subconsciously chose out of being your type-3 self that it was not safe. You’re gonna start to… You had to shut it down for various reasons. Alter your nature as best you could. And your eight-year-old is saying, “Hey, we need this condition. We need this.” And apparently, the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue wasn’t enough. It had to dial it up bigger because it’s like, “oh, wait, she’s still overriding this. We’re still too active in the world.” You know, it’s like, yeah, I really don’t work with that eight-year-old. Do the stage five of the wounded childhood or do the healing plan for the wounded inner child and protect, and so age eight is stage five. Stage five is when we feel safe going out into the world creating a network of friends. Makes sense, right?

Your subconscious self, see, the emotional self is represented in the inner child metaphor, both the mental and emotional field. You have four energy fields. I introduced you to this in remembering wholeness. The spiritual energy field is the highest vibration. Your mental energy field, the next highest, emotional, the next, physical, the most, the least, the most dense. That’s why we can touch and feel our bodies. Your inner child pretty much hangs in the emotional field. I like the metaphor of an inner child because our minds like story. We work well with story. So I used that in my work that you can relate to being in a story as a child. You were, your mind can work with that really easily. So emotionally you were shut down at age eight. And it wasn’t safe to go out into the world. And this illness is trying to keep you safe, based on your eight-year-old still running the show.

You gotta heal the eight-year-old so she recognizes you’re not the one alive anymore, and that story isn’t our story. And you’ve got to gain rapport with her so she trusts you. Because right now she’s more powerful than you, obviously. My 16-year-old. Oh, she was. Oh, man, she didn’t give in easy, I don’t have a lot of patience. I had to just keep showing up, and years, years and showing up for this part of me and going. And that’s why I love that I can help you because you don’t have to go years. I found the techniques that finally get to it faster. And boy, my 16-year-old wanted to run my life. And I’m like, no, no, it’s not a good thing.

“I have a pattern in my life of struggle with the thought that once I get through it, a good thing will be right around the corner. I’ve been waiting to round that corner for the last 15 years with every few good things showing up. Even when I thought I cleared this pattern and eventually shows up again, I don’t think I’m getting to the root of this problem. Is there something I can do to change this pattern of continuous struggle?” Read this. A lot of things you’re doing every day that are nuances that you’re heavily conditioned to, this shows you all the nuances that you play out. Go, oh, man. And it’s about repeatedly catching yourself and going, “There I am again.”

I would also do the energy sketching on this because this gives me a really strong visual of you… I don’t have a… Gonna remember in the future to always have a pad and paper here. I was looking for my husband. Christine, maybe you could text John, tell him to bring me a pen and paper. I’m seeing you standing here. And here’s a wall with a corner. Okay? Because you said this, around the corner is the good thing, okay? So think of a wall, a wall straight with a curb, and you’re standing on this side of the wall and you have to round the corner, and there’s your good thing. And maybe it’s not there when you round the corner.

So as I say, maybe it’s not there when you round the corner, it doesn’t last. But see, it’s never present. It’s never in your space right now. So I would get rid of the wall. See, I’d remove it. I draw new image. For some reason, your wall wants to stay and straighten itself out. Maybe that’s good for you so you don’t sway off the… You need the wall to keep you on the path. So I’d straighten the wall. So I’d draw the old image of you, the corner thing. I draw a new wall and put yourself straight in direction of what you want and make it closer. And then see yourself stepping into it. And then physically get up. Put what you want three steps ahead of you. Take those three steps and step into it. I’m receiving what I want. What would you be saying if you got what you want? How would you feel? What? Give it a smell. The more of your senses you can get involved. I’m experiencing what I want. It smells like I’m experiencing this very clearly what you want. It tastes like. It looks like. It feels like. What’s the aesthetic? You know, does it feel like cashmere? Does it feel like silk? Does it feel whatever, sight, sound? What’s its sound, if it had a sound? What’s its sound like? You’ve got to bring it into the physical. Those references, those are all physical senses. Bring it into the physical. And you would change the energy when you do the energy sketching on that.

“When my son was 14, he’s 34 now, he had a very serious sinus infection that required surgery. After surgery, he was left with devastating head pain that doctors cannot find the cause. He lives in constant pain and still lives at home. My heart and whole being is overcome with sadness and guilt and worry. How can I change my energy to be there for him and not let my sadness overwhelm me?” I don’t know where you live and I’m careful about throwing out practitioners’ names, but I worked with a gentleman that’s a true genius at what he does. You hear about him in this book. He was the key piece in me resolving my back and foot and leg issues. He is one of the… I would call him a master craniosacral therapist. He is phenomenal, but he’s in Utah. And people do fly in and see him, that there’s something going on that is compromised in his cranial and his nasal areas, in my sense, that’s a dysfunction that’s causing pain that no one has had the ability to just really locate and correct. Or maybe there’s a craniosacral therapist in your area, but the cranium is a whole skeletal structure of the head. And since he had that initial surgery, something is out of balance, out of whack.

I had had three head traumas by the time I was 20. I was hit in the head with a bat full on right here. I had a major waterskiing accident where I did a 360-degree somersault with like a whiplash, and I had a major skiing accident jamming my knee into my jaw, dislocating my jaw. All of those lead to my body correcting itself to take the pressure off my head. I was five inches forward on my feet, which finally 40 years later blew out my back and feet. And that’s all been corrected now. The craniosacral, how’s it’s placed. This is the key. This is the key to listening. This is, I don’t wanna promote, so I’m careful not to say go do this. You got to learn to listen to your body. I got those answers. Things showed up when I started to allow my body to be the doctor and put out the energy of what it needed instead of my mind, and I teach you that in “Mastering Affluence,” that the body is the doctor. I had a major epiphany on that. I teach you that in the book and how to start listening to your body and once you start doing that, the body will attract. Leopard Skin Jasper is the other piece that will really help. It’s a gemstone that once you wear it, it throws into your auric field, the vibration that attracts to you, what your body needs to heal, okay? So check out some of those things.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom and rely on my husband to provide for the family. He owns his own business and he has provided about half the money we’ve needed each month to cover the bills. When I talked to him about me getting a job, his usual response is, ‘Help me build my business.’ I feel I don’t know how to do that and what he expects me to do while taking care of two children, ages two and four, and I already do the bookkeeping for him. He is an entrepreneur and has had his own business for 20 years. But in looking at his history with money, he accumulated the most money when he had a job and the business has decreased his cashflow and increased his debt. When I was single, I always had enough money for my bills and to put into savings, invest etc. What else can I do to help the situation more than I’ve done so far? I’ve been keeping my energy open for quite a while to receive the money I want yet I still haven’t been given any money this month to cover the household bills.”

Well, it sounds they all do that, Healy. To me, it’s a relationship thing that what I’m picking up on is that there’s a deeper belief that men don’t support you and you’re very good on your own because, see, the evidence in that is if you’re on your own, you’ll support yourself. It’s now that you’ve given up this role, you have no…your mind thinks, “Well, I have no direct ability to influence this because I’m a stay-at-home mom.” So the number one thing that women will block their husbands from getting more money with is that they believe that unless they are in control in some way with a job that can create income, they’re now fully and 100% dependent on that male to do the job. And if you have beliefs that are your own or generational about men don’t support me, it really interferes with their potential to show up because you can honestly say, “He doesn’t support us financially the way he needs to, way I want him to. And I feel frustrated and powerless and at odds with this.” So go in…the relationship healing plan gets into a lot of that, not feeling supported, betrayal, anger, all of that. And so even if you were to go, let’s say you were to go get the job, that’s gonna shift the energy because you’re gonna feel like, “Okay, I’m finally in a position. I can make a difference here. I can change our income status.” But you’ll then most bear, if this is the deeper issue, you’ll resent the fact that you’ve got to make up the difference, that he can’t do it for the family. And you’ll move into harboring resentment because, “Yo, I can’t depend on you. You don’t do it. I’ve got to make up the difference for us,” and then there’s resentment over that. So check out the Relationship Healing Plan.

Okay. This is my last submitted question, so you could be preparing your live questions. You’d be laughing at me right now. I’m sitting on the porch over here because I’m getting a kitchen remodel as we speak inside the house. We’re putting in a new kitchen. I’m a type-3. We can make it happen. “Why do I feel like there’s a block out there or a curse that prevents really good things from happening to me? I’m a type-1 and I have a feeling that something really great is out there for me, but this block is not letting it come into reality, as if I was cursed. I feel as if I am living halfway because of this block. My daughter was abused and then abandoned by her father who divorced 11 years ago. She is 16 and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My ex-husband has completely set my son against me. He is 13 now. He refuses to see me or talk with me. In June, I lost my mother and her husband is fighting with me for the house and other properties my mom wanted me to have. My 78-year-old father lives with me and is recovering from cancer. It seems my life has been put through the meal grinder and got covered by a complete dark cloud. Can it be lifted?”

So this is condensed. The original question had the word curse in it probably three or four times. It was spoken to a lot, a lot of curse. I feel cursed and I find that interesting, that there’s a lot of healing options out there. I’ve done most of them. I worked with someone once and their big focus was clearing all these curses. Yeah, you get desperate and you’re like, “Okay. I’ll try this, and I’ll try this.” I did not find that was really necessary, intention of healing, whatever, whatever, whatever something comes from. It’s easily cleared these days. So what I’m suggesting, if you’ve not yet purchased “Mastering Affluence,” in the spiritual affluent section, in each of the lessons, you, the first thing you do is a clearing script. You’ll only find these in the book. They’re not in the Healing Center. It’s a script I’ve written. And then you do an activation script. Activate. Now on the clearing script for spiritual affluence, it says, repeat the following clearing script out loud to clean, release, hold spiritual beliefs and patterns of lack, pain and struggle. When you get into the curse ideology, you’re talking about the dark side of spirituality, okay? So this clearing script is gonna take care of that. If you think there’s something… I mean, you putting words on it is creating it. You can create what’s not there just by your reference to it.

But this is just, I’m gonna read a portion of the clearing script, “Remove, from my conscious and subconscious mind, an infinite number of lack and struggle beliefs and programs, including, ‘I think I need to suffer, struggle and go without. I believe I need to suffer, struggle and go without. I have to suffer, struggle and go without. I really must suffer, struggle and go without. I want to suffer, struggle and go without. I deserve to suffer, struggle and go without. I know I have to suffer, struggle and go without.'” And then it goes on to say, “Remove any and erase…Remove and erase any and all energetic blueprints in my spiritual, mental, and emotional physical energy bodies that I inherited from my family that have contributed to or created suffering and struggle in my life story.”

I’m just gonna go ahead and finish reading the whole thing. Even just listening to that is helping you. “Release all beliefs and programs that have attached suffering and sacrifice to bringing me closer to God.” See, catch that. That’s a catch-22. “Release all beliefs and programs that have attached suffering and sacrifice to bringing me closer to God,” that that has to happen if I’m gonna be close to God. “Release any inherited programs from my ancestors’ stories that suggest suffering and sacrifice are necessary to do God’s will. Release any and all beliefs and programs that keep me creating patterns of lack, including I must deny pleasure because that’s the spiritual path. It’s more spiritual to go without. Life needs to be hard in order for me to grow spiritually. I release these beliefs, programs and patterns with grace and ease.” That takes care of it.

Now, will an energy clearing nip it, like zip, it’s gone? Yes. Will you hold it? Most likely not. You will continue to create struggle and pain because it’s a habit. That’s why you have to learn new life skills. That’s what the book is mostly dedicated to. You need new life skills. The energy can recreate itself in the moment you start acting out the same old habit, sure. But the fact that you asked for this, commanded it in a way to now change, it can change that fast. When you, in the moment, wake up and go, I’m choosing this, I’m choosing to believe this again. This is all I get in life. See, any time you feel powerless and this is all I get in life and go, “I must be cursed,” you’re back in it. You’re back in that field of consciousness. And what do you experience from that vibration? More struggle. And how many times you have to do it in a day? Hence how many times you get yourself. That’s what birthing yourself into a whole new level of consciousness and new field of consciousness looks like. A lot of catching yourself and choosing again and again until it finally sticks and your choices look consistent now. And you remember when you used to choose the other, and it can be that easy.

So it’s not hard. It just takes repeated dedication. And that’s why it’s great to stay involved with the Healing Center because it gives you, you know, that’s why a three month membership, in my opinion, is gonna take you further than a one month. Knowing me, if I had been a customer of my own, I would have been in for a least a year because I understood where I needed accountability structure. I needed something that took me through a program. Because with all of my determination, I know I do better when I’ve invested in something. It’s kinda like fitness for me. I’m more committed when I pay somebody, and I’ve got to go show up and they’re gonna take me through the exercise regimen. I’ll do it all. I’ll kind of do it on my own, but not really.

All right. Let’s take some live questions, then we’re gonna do this really cool visualization. “My 85-year-old mother had a mitral valve clipping procedure in her heart last Thursday. She had a complication of a stroke around her right eye that was discovered a couple of days after the procedure. I am full of fear of the unknown for her, whether she will recover her sight in the affected eye or not. I am worrying and having terrible problems sleeping and wonder which healing plan could help me.”

The fact that you’re running all this emotion around it, what is the hookup for you? Why? What is this sphere really about? I’d start with a writing process. I do an open-ended sentence. “I’m really afraid because…” I’m really… Do that at least 10 to 12 times. I’m really fearful because… Is it really about her or is this… Most likely when it’s that much of an emotional trigger, it’s something in you this is triggering. It’s stirring it up. It’s bringing to the surface because certainly, there’s a big difference between you going into this kind of anxiety and overwhelm that it’s disrupting your sleep versus concern for a loved one. Concern for a loved one is a manageable emotion where you’re concerned, you want the best for them. Your mind is able to see the bigger picture. She’s elderly, you certainly want to do all you can to support her wellbeing. You just think from a more reasonable place where this emotion is about something else and you can get to the heart of that.

“I’m experiencing my type-4 inner rebel, stubborn and heels dug in. How can each type deal with their inner rebel? Well, I don’t know if everyone has an inner rebel. I don’t recall I really had an inner rebel. And even my type, my inner child or my inner teen, that part of me that was a teenager, she wasn’t rebellious. She just had a lot of fear to allow… It just, there’s a part of me where it was some really old, old acting out things I did that needed to be behavior modification. So I don’t know if everyone has an inner rebel, but that’s how you’re referring to it. You got to go in, at what age is this part of you, and you got to go create rapport and enroll them. So whatever the age is, that childhood stage of healing, and you’ve got to enroll this part of you that doesn’t trust you, you need to build trust. You’re an adult to this part of you. Wounded inner children don’t trust adults in a lot of cases. You may have had the experience, some of you, when you’re doing the visualization with your inner child where they’re like, “No, no, no, no, I don’t trust you and I’m not budging.” Some were ecstatic to see you and going, “What took you so long?” You can have both within your own developmental ages.

My five-year-old was like, “Finally! What took you so long? Am I not done enough to show you, you were not well?” The nine-year-old was a little skeptical. Like, you know, “Adults really don’t listen to me. I really have learned to run the show on my own.” My 16-year-old was sort of like, “What, who are you?” You know, like, just really dissociated from me. Really most disconnected part of me. Because by the time I was 16, I had really did had…my PTSD had created a pretty significant disconnect in my subconscious with my body. That’s why I had an eating disorder in high school, I had bulimia. Yes, I have vast experience to help you heal. Aren’t you glad, Carol Tuttle went through so much? She figured this… It’s sort of like, I look at my life and go, “Really? You’ve been through all that?” We’re gonna do a visualization with something tonight that in reference to a post that I put up earlier or a few days ago. And quite honestly, I’m kind of blown away by what some of the crazy and tragedy some of you have come through. I’m like, wow, I’ve got like major healers in my space. People that signed on to heal some pretty insane stuff in their family. Kudos to you because that’s a big job and you’re doing it.

“The last few days when I’m thinking about being involved in an unfamiliar circumstance, I’ve noticed, all of a sudden, in the back of my neck is stiffness when I start to prepare my mind. My neck will relax when I stop thinking about it. I have a feeling the stiffness is related to my thoughts. Is there a clearing I can use?” I’m gonna recommend you to some YouTube videos. This is anxiety most likely that’s presenting in the neck. If there’s a tightness, it’s going tight, there’s actually two videos I’ve produced. Anybody been on my YouTube channel lately? I’m doing “Heal with Carol.” I invite you to go check those out. Just look up There’s five up there right now. There’s two that have to deal with anxiety. “My top 10 affirmations to heal anxiety” and, “Two techniques to heal chest pain anxiety.” You could use those same two techniques to heal tightness in the neck. And I would go do those and recognize that there’s a fear, and then what is it that is triggering this fear. And that’s the bigger issue.

Okay. See, we’re gonna do these last three questions and then we’re going to do our visualization. “In the past two years, I’ve had a huge decrease in my health, which is hard for me because since I was 19, I’ve been on natural health journey and live a healthy, natural life, yet my body’s not responding.” Oh, this is all the same question. So this will be my last question. It was just three paragraphs.

“I’ve had several skin issues, thyroid and hormone imbalance, gained 50 pounds, concerns with my uterus. A few Facebook lives ago, you had a mom who was living life as a mom and not herself. I’m very aware that I’m doing this. And how do I stop and become more me again? My husband left a job to start his own business. He stresses about every detail and I’m trying to keep him level. The stress on money is on him and I’m trying to keep my energy clear and not worry. Are my health issues related and what do you recommend I do from here?” Can you tell me your age? It would be helpful for me to know your age. My first hit, was there some hormone stuff going on for you?

I am someone that’s done bioidentical hormones and worked with a naturopath to have all that checked. When I was 47, I started to gain weight. I have a history in my family generationally of hormone imbalance that’s extreme. I may have mentioned to you that my grandmother at 47 attempted suicide and I’m convinced that it was because of a really extreme hormone imbalance that was really influencing a suicidal depressive state. And I have repeated a lot of the patterns that were generational because I’ve had the consciousness to identify it and heal it. And so is there a generational pattern of women getting ill or kind of physically falling apart at a certain age, and letting themselves go and losing themselves? I would look at it from that point of view. Hormones come to mind.

And whenever someone says, “I’m very aware that I’m doing this, but my husband left a job. He stresses about every detail and I’m trying to keep him level.” See, you’ve taken on…that you’re probably taking on his energy. By the time you’re trying to keep him level, one of the most potent ways we will help someone else stay emotionally level from a subconscious design is taking on their energy. It’s like, “Well, I’ll take on your stuff, so you don’t feel, you know, you’re not out of balance. I’ll take it on, so you could be more balanced because I know I need you to be balanced because you’re gonna screw it up and you’re gonna attract everything we don’t want unless your energy’s running balanced. So I’ll take the energy on for you.” And you know, this is his life lesson. What is this here to teach him? Let him feel it. It’s like people have this… You know, when you do the… You need to do the giving the baggage back session, clearing other people’s energy. I don’t remember the official title of that, but you need to give him back his baggage and pray that it’ll only go as far that your family is supported, that he’ll wake up and be motivated to learn and grow with you without a disaster occurring, right? Maybe you got to let some stuff play out and things get ugly for him because discomfort motivates us, so give… That’s why I have you.

The title is “Visualization for Releasing Baggage That is Not Yours.” That’s why a lot of healers teach you to send it to the light. Put it back in the ground. I’m like, “No, give it back to the person.” It’s their teacher. You know, if everybody’s taken their stuff and they don’t ever have to account for it, what motivated you to show up and heal your life? Discomfort. Let them get uncomfortable. Let it play out. I’m like. That was like a massive aha for me to realize that and go, “What do we send it to the light for? I think it’d do them good to like, own it,” you know? It’s like, “Here you go.” Bam. Drop that baggage off. Anyway, I’ve done some interesting things at that. I even had helicopters, you know… You know, think of a helicopter in a net carrying a massive boom dropping it in their space. Here you go.

All right. We’re gonna do this visualization. I need to share my screen here. I’m gonna get that hooked up. Sorry about that. I didn’t have that in place because I wanna show you. You remember the posts that I put on an orange background that asked you to share your… I’m not gonna be able to do this. We’re gonna do it without that. And right after we’re done, I’m going to actually go in and delete. What we’re gonna do, that post, do you remember it? I said, what does it look like when you’re wounded as a child? Okay. And I said, it can be from anything to being spoken to…the range. The range is anything from a parent not knowing your type and just shutting you down, telling you to shush your whole life, like my example, shh and not understanding your substantial type-3 energy. That can be wounding all the way to really traumatic, abusive side of the spectrum. It’s very broad spectrum. It’s very wide.

And one of our members said it very nicely, which I created a second post out of, of anything that just causes us to feel less than who we are, that we’re not enough. And it brings up some level of emotional discomfort where we don’t feel safe to some degree, or free to be ourselves. So you can never qualify yours is worse than mine. They all have the same side effect, just in varying degrees. They all have the same side effect, we lose connection with our true self and we start operating in what is called defense sets. We start believing the world isn’t safe and we have to now be conscientious of that and make sure that we’re, you know, we’re creating defenses to protect ourselves and those defenses. And I don’t mean like being defensive, I mean just their defenses that are dysfunctional behaviors that support that wounded status, that belief.

And so there were some pretty crazy stories shared. I wanna… If you can’t deal with stuff like that, don’t read it. And I invite you to no longer post things like, “This breaks my heart.” We have a place for support here without having to be the poor me. Oh, I feel sorry for you. Because the inner child wants that. See, that keeps you stuck in the inner. Oh, somebody cares. Somebody cares. We want to reassure, from an adult to an adult, to say, you’ve got this, you can do it. I’m here for you. Yeah, it’s been a tough week. Not I’m sorry, little-wounded child. Somebody finally… You wanna be that person that gives that to yourself. You wanna be the one that your inner child turns to and goes, “I’m hurting,” and you go, “I know and I’m here for you.” I care. I’m gonna take care of you now. Not some adult out in the world that you’ve been looking for. And so be mindful of how you respond to those kinds of posts. Be mindful of how you post, so it’s coming from your more aware adult self speaking about that part of you.

And if those are not supported to where you are, don’t read the more intense stories people are sharing. I do find it’s healthy and it’s appropriate to share stories from an aware place because your story is worthy of being heard. It’s just where are you at with it, are you using it unknowingly to get a need met or are you choosing to share it because putting words to this in a place where people can honor and respect you is just incredibly valuable to your own journey. So again, it’s just the level of consciousness you’re operating from.

And so what we’re gonna do is for everyone that posted on that thread, it got quite long, we’re gonna use the visualization that’s in the Healing Center, that burning your patterns visualization. You’re gonna be an energy alchemist tonight. The value of this visualization, and I may do it a little bit different than the exact way I videotaped it in the session, but the power of this session is, you can instantly change energy by using the power of your mind. You can be an alchemist. Your mind doesn’t care if it’s out here or in here. Energy shifts based on what we focus on. You can shift energy that fast.

So what we’re gonna do is burn up all those stories. That’s why I’m gonna go on to the page right after I get off the call and I’m gonna delete the post. So if you didn’t post your story, I want you, and if you’re watching this after the fact, when this happened several months ago, because it’s recorded, you get what I’m talking about. It was a post on Facebook where a lot of stories were shared that had a lot of heavy energy. We’re gonna take that energy and we’re going to transform it into a higher vibration, so you could create something different with it. You’re gonna alchemize the energy and allow it to be available to you to create something you want now. And what I want you to do is throw your story. Imagine just seeing a post on Facebook and throw your story onto the post. Throw your story that’s been living you, your story where you’ve had to be the victim, your story where you’ve struggled, your story where you were hurt and betrayed, and you’re angry. All of that. You know your story. Put it on the post. And you can keep your eyes open or close them for this, whatever supports you. If you’re not someone that has real clear visual capacity and visualizations, your subconscious mind hears this and knows what to do.

So imagine seeing that post. It had an orange background from my recollect… orange or red, reddish orange. And imagine you could take it off the screen, so it’s sort of just suspended in air. You’re standing in a place that feels safe to you. It’s a place of…it could be more of a heavenly setting. It could be a nature, it could be anywhere. It just feels lovely and supportive to you. It can be in a place where all there is is light around you, white light. And I want you to imagine that post really, really, really big, huge. Like it fills the whole sky and all the replies to it. Let’s go down, down, down, down, down, down, down. Really, really, really, really big, big as you can imagine it. Maybe you can imagine as big as the planet. Now I want you to shrink it down so, so, so it’s tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, like it’s the size of like an ant could read it. Tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny. Here’s that tiny that’ll look that post got really, really, really tiny.

Now blow it up really big again. And now make it really, really small. Now just make it normal size. And I want you to draw a garbage can on a piece of paper, just draw a garbage can on a sketchpad. And I want you imagining that sketchpad is interactive for you. You can take the lid off and you can put it in the garbage can. Take that post and put it in the garbage can. Okay. Now I’m gonna light that paper on fire, burn it up and everything that was. Every story now is getting burned. It’s turning, it’s changing, fire changes. It’s an alchemist experience. It changes the form of the energy. It burns up and now it turns into ashes. And now you’re standing in your new field of consciousness.

You’re seeing that that ash turns into fertilizer and it’s growing and creating what you want. What are you seeing? What’s it growing for you? What is that energy coming into form now in this new level of consciousness, this higher level of consciousness and a new plane of awareness? The energy now is available to create what you want. Put that in your hands, palms up and bring that into your heart to allow every part of your physical being to receive it. And feel it wash over you, through you into every cell.

You can do this. It’s 4:05, we’re almost done, sharing a comment, what you saw, what it was creating for you or what your experience was with that. I’m gonna break down why we do it the way we do it because making whatever we’re burning up, you can burn up a pattern and add something you do. You can burn any… And what’s the pattern? It can be whatever. Okay. One of the reasons you grow it really big, really small, you see, you have the power over the pattern. You can change it. Then drawing the garbage can on the piece of paper and putting the pattern in the garbage can, we have a really strong awareness that you can burn paper, easily it transforms into ash. Ash, you could even make it like white light, the ash looks like white light, looked like green, whatever showed up for you. And that we know that ash is a fertilizing compound, helps grow new things. It’s a new life force energy. That’s why it’s used in that sequence because your mind relates to that, your ability and the power you have. So you can literally catch yourself acting out a pattern and put it out in front of you. Grow it up basically a big. See, it’s small, see the sketchpad, the garbage can. Throw your pattern in it, burn it up, take you all of 10 seconds to do this, change it into something else. It’s a clever way to change the energy.

All right. Christine, if anyone’s shared, I’d love to wrap up. Finish up with just a few thoughts of what people are sharing. I can see them here on the thread as well. I imagine a new garden of friends that honor me, I love that. It’s so cool. Out of my ashes grow a beautiful pink flower, a tulip with a white butterfly floating around. Now, what do you want that Tulip and butterfly to turn into? Make it something you want in your life. Like the friend thing that was really good. The ashes turned into flowers where I was standing near a river and huge vines that grew into a hat that engrossed me. I then peeked… I think I lost that one. I then peeked through the door and this huge white light was everywhere. I smiled big. Make it something physical, tangible you wanna create with that energy. Okay, take it to that next outcome.

Huge traumatic experience for me. I took and said, “What happens, happened being me will not betray family.” I know will not. You can burn up that, throw betrayal into the garbage can. Burn it up. Haha, I wondered why you posted that question. I love it, “You’ll delete the post tonight.” Let me tell you the story behind this because I didn’t do it with this in mind, but I knew I didn’t want it hanging out on the page. I was like, not really loving the energy that’s presenting here, but I also learned that it was a great way to invite people. And you might do the same with something you post and go, “You know, I’m good. I’m done with that. Boom. I’m gonna get rid of it.” If you don’t want the energy hanging around something you’ve said. So what is I posted it and I appreciate the Healing Center member that allowed me to have this dialogue with her about a scenario with her husband and there was some claims made by her that she wasn’t wounded as a child. And I was very adamant saying, “Well, that’s impossible. If you’re on planet earth, that’s just a given.” And I wanted people to understand, well, maybe they’re new to what healing is and that wounded doesn’t necessarily reference obvious traumas. It can be very, very subtle things that energy profiling actually sheds a lot of light on. And so I wanted to help educate group members that might need to understand what this term is referring to. So I think it’s easy to just conclude. It must be something really terrible that happened to you when I say, “You know what, being just too much can shut you down.” And I wanted to open up that, and really not there.

And the people that are with us that may not have had those tragedies that were really heavy duty, you’re here because you know there’s potential for you, good for you. Don’t make that a qualifier. You know, there’s no, like, there’s no hierarchy in healing. Okay? Everyone gets to heal. Everybody has stuff. Part of our makeup as humanity, it’s what brings us into new fields of consciousness. And so did you enjoy tonight’s call? What was helpful to you? I’d love to see that in a comment thread, on a comment. What was supportive to you? And what aha did you get? Let’s just share a few of those and we’ll be done.

So let me see if there’s any comments coming in with that. “During the visualization, I was able to grow what I want. Becoming an artist, having a supportive job. I grew up money tree and a lot of happiness. Such a nice feeling as it washed over my second and third Chakras.” Good for you. “I felt I’m enough right into my bones.” Nice. “Mine went through the house, getting rid of my clutter.” See there, there’s actual tangible. See, I love, yo, if any of you ended a, “I saw with a flower, I saw a vine,” you know, turn that into, that’s like that wants to become something because it’s energy.

Let’s see. Particularly, I liked what you said. There’s no hierarchy to healing. Now, I like that too. That’s pretty good. Huh? What I said it, this is how it comes to me. Part of my psychic ability is I have to be put on the spot and things like literally pulled out of me. Like that’s why I like getting your life experience challenges to say that’s why I just don’t want mechanical questions here on these coaching calls. For example, I wanna be able to tune and say, “Ah, you were eight years old then, blah, blah, blah.” Because I enjoy the experience of using this gift of being presented with a scenario and it’s like called out of me. What is it? And that was saying that there’s no hierarchy in healing. That was called out of me by wanting to teach that.

“I appreciate the instruction on how to use the Healing Center with the book, type-2 that always desires more detail.” Good. I’m glad that helped you. “Hearing that my inner child was looking for someone to care. That is so true. I went back to check and see if anyone noticed love be able to notice that for myself.” That’s a great takeaway. “I love the idea that we can change energy so easily.” Yes, and that amazing that you can change energy very, very easily. Again, you wanna stick it, you wanna stick it. That’s the practice. That’s the six lessons in “Mastering Affluence,” really honing new life skills and affirmative mind, emotional wellbeing, being able to get yourself back into that place of emotional centeredness, being peacefulness, grounded in peacefulness, being able to have that sense of my spiritual direction is inside of me first, I am my own authority spiritually. Having a relationship with your physical body where it’s working with you towards wellness and healing.

Knowing how to command the energy of money so it serves you, and how to be a creator of affluent relationships even if your partner doesn’t know anything about this. Whoever’s the most conscious in a partnership has the most power to shift it. And I love the section in there. Has anybody read the little section on the story of Adam and Eve in “The Role of Women in Today’s World?” Go grab the book and read that. It’s very interesting. Thank you for tuning in tonight. I look forward to our next coaching call which will be in November. That is scheduled right now. We have that on the calendar, which you can count on. November, no, I think we’re gonna do it October 30th. That’s four weeks from today. I may not, I need to update my support team because of some conflicts. I have the 1st of November. We’re gonna be going October 30th.

And then again, we’ll be December 4th. So if you wanna put those on your calendar, October 30th and December 4th. Thanks to everyone’s participation. I see you all healing amazing things and shifting from healing to now being focused on creating. That is the space I’m in now. I give more attention to creating my world than having to heal it now, which is a nice place to be. I look forward to all of you joining me there and that you’re increasingly experiencing that every day. You’re doing amazing work. Your ancestors, thank you. And your family, no matter their level of consciousness on some level, appreciates what you’re doing. Thanks, everyone.

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