Live Coaching Call September 24, 2019

1 hour, 18 minute video

Disease and illness—it can show up as inflammation, contention, and pain in your body. How can you get to the root of it to heal? This call is a powerful support tool as you move through Week 1 of the Healing Plan for Disease & Illness, with an emphasis on the power of the Clearing Walk along with instruction for Energy Sketching for your health.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Pain from grinding your teeth every night

Frustration from not healing what you set out to heal

Fear that unknown trauma energy is stuck in your body

Desperation over dealing with gut issues since childhood

You Want To:

Clear the deeper fear your inner child is still holding onto

Drop the expectation and get to the core issue

Heal your emotions in a preventative way before issues arise

Create a new start with your body where you truly love yourself

Affirmation for this Session:

I am grateful my physical body is whole and healed.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 13:45

Session Transcript

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Hello, welcome to this month’s coaching call that is dedicated to the group, “Supported Healing Plan for Disease and Illness.” I would love for you to comment what happens when you hit your emoji button, when you like it, love it, all the things you can do here on Facebook. It will start to show up on other group members’ feeds, and then it’ll prompt them that we’re live. So, just say hello in a comment. Hit the emoji button, and if you know certain group members, go ahead and tag them. And it will for sure show up on their feed that it’s good to be with you tonight. We’ve got someone tuning in from Victoria, Australia.

This is a global community. Thank you for all of the support you give each other. It has been so amazing to watch the support, especially in this particular group, “Supported Plan with Disease and Illness.” There’s been so many ahas coming through, so many brilliant insights to your…what’s feeding the imbalance in your body. And I love the camaraderie I’m seeing coming together to celebrate that insight, which just really makes it more fun to heal. It kind of turns us into a positive experience to be healing rather than something that just feels really draining and a challenge.

So a couple housekeeping items. People have been asking about the transcripts. Well, there is a transcript for a recession, but they’re only found in the single session in the healing centers. When you go in, you’ll see there’s healing plans in single sessions. Every session is listed in one of the seven categories.

Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, relationships with this…in general are the categories, and every session is cataloged in one of those categories. When you then click on the session, you’ll see as you scroll down on the left, show transcript, and the transcript will open. And it’s literally a transcript of what I say on the video. We just have those transcribed from the audio, and that’s what we use. You will be able to find all of those in that area.

We have a really awesome giveaway, two giveaways tonight. My friends at Gemmasphere, I reached out to them and asked them if they would donate a $25 gift card. So, we’re gonna give one of our live attendees tonight a $25 gift card to Gemmasphere. Oh, that’s next. No, I thought that was this week. No, actually…I’m talking to Liz, my show manager, my call manager. We were confused.

I had thought we would do it this week because they’re also extending a discount to several of their gems, which I’m gonna review that at the end of the call tonight. At the very end, I’ll go over some of their recommended gemstones for physical healing. But they are giving…we are giving away…they’re offering you a 10% discount on these specific gems I’ll be talking about at the end of the call tonight and the discount. Just so you know what it is, I’m gonna say it now. Healing tan is the code, but I’ll review the specific gems that can be applied to.

So in my mind, I was thinking let’s give away the gift card for $25 tonight to someone so you could use that sooner than later with this work we’re doing here. We’re also giving away [inaudible 00:03:58] I grab this book. I do need to show you this. This isn’t the finally. You can say it’s advanced reader copy.

You’ll be hearing from some of the group members in the next days or weeks that we selected that we’ll be reading the book and sharing their experience within here in the group. That will happen in all of my Facebook groups. But I’m so excited for this book and the things that are coming to the Healing Center about the chakras that…we’re on that later. But we’re also giving away this bundle, a copy of mastering affluence with the I am healthy oil that is recommended with this healing plan. So, if you have your oil, any of my oils, or any oil, go grab it right now. And I’m gonna put it on, and we’re gonna set an intention.

I love the I am healthy oil. I douse myself in it. And I’ve been bathing, and I am healthy because I’m gonna show you this really cool energy sketch that’s gonna help you that you’ll go, “That’s right. Healing is happening. This just infuses this truth of I am whole and healed.” All you’re doing is clearing out on the emotional and mental plane, all the stuff you carry that creates I’m sick and imbalanced. You’re getting rid of that. You’re freeing your body up to do what it naturally knows how to do, which is regenerate, get healthy.

It was just such a marvelous insight for me decades ago when I realized the body is this intelligent system that knows wellness. It’s a system of regenerative powers. When I remove all of the influences of toxicity, when I remove the interferences, when I remove that which clogs it up, my body knows how to heal, and it starts remembering.

And, you know, I’ll talk about this once they tell you the energy skips later, but I’m gonna talking about how a lot of pieces have shown up for me along the way in my healing journey of my body. And I’ve learned so much. So I can honestly say thank you, pain. Thank you, body. Thank you for all you’ve taught me. I have learned so much, and I wouldn’t be able to teach you what I know now or lead this with such great insight and really take a leadership role if I had not gone through this myself. So, I need to say that now that I’m on the other side of it.

Three years ago, I don’t know, but I always had to come back to that truth, “I am well. I am healed.” So, let’s set that intention. Get your oil. Put it on. And after we set the intention, I’ll tell you how you can win the giveaways tonight. Rub your hands together, get the energy moving, gonna fluff your energy up. It’s an evening for most of us. Fluff it out. Let your arch feel refluffing. All right. I am whole and healed. That’s the intention. I am whole and healed, or you can say, I am grateful my physical body is whole and healed. That feels correct tonight. That’s simple. That incorporates everything. Repeat that. Write it down. Really hold yourself in that truth.

To win either of our giveaways, which is the $25 gift card to Gemmasphere or the mastering affluence, I am healthy healing oil bundle, answer the question, what are your biggest takeaways from the work you’ve done so far in the healing plan for disease and illness? This will be really fabulous for everybody to read these because your insight prompts someone else receiving that and answering a scenario in their life. And so it’s always great to share your insights. It’s one of…the powerful functions of the Facebook group is the sharing of insight and aha because then it triggers it for someone else in a positive way.

Success story. Many of you saw this. I was so happy to see this. I loved the clearing lock. The first time I did the clearing lock was in 1998. I was training in the facility for my energy psychology and rapid eye therapy training at a master level. I was in the advanced training, and I work personally with the founder of that modality. I was very close to her.

And she was using some new modalities on me. One of which was the clearing walk, and she said, “Carol, I wanna try this on you because you just aren’t shifting. You know, we’ve done all this clearing from your emotional and mental energy, but your body’s hanging on to this stuff.” And so she had just recently developed this strategy. She’d learned a piece of it somewhere else and then really developed it to what it is.

And I did a clearing walk where I would put in one hand my belief…my truth and then anything that was opposing it. And she had me do it on stairs, two flights, going up and down. How long? Now, this is 1998. Things were a lot harder to clear in those days. The energy wasn’t as open. The frequency of the planet wasn’t as vibrant as it is. How long do you think it took me? How long do you think I did that walk for? And I had to do both sides. Three hours.

I lost track of time because I was just so encompassed by the emotion that was coming forward and how much my body carried. To this day, I have vivid memory of when I finally broke state and could say, in my other hand, the positive statement, I just dropped to my knees in a flood of tears, that my body carried so much shame for me.

It had been shamed my whole life from sexual abuse to a lot of toxicity in my family environment, a lot of male shaming from teasing and sarcasm, my shaming it over the years. And it was just incredible, and I knew that especially for this particular plan how important the clearing walk would be because it’s kind of a new understanding for a lot of people that are in the healing arts that you’ve got to clear the body with a technique that honors the body’s function. That’s movement. The power of that walk is so incredible, and I’ve been reading several posts that have shared the potent insights that you’ve gotten.

So this success story was shared by Angelina. She said, “I was doing my healing walk and saying all the negative things that came up for why I can’t have exactly what I want. When I finally felt cleared to say I can have exactly what I want with both hands, what actually came out when it came to my left hand is, ‘What I really want is to do this walk in my heels.’ So that’s what I did. I haven’t worn heels since my pain became overwhelming two years ago. Today, I felt badass walking on my red carpet in them. I really felt like I was walking in my truth.”‘ I love that, just that whole stats, and it’s like, “Oh, yeah, I’m connecting with who I am.”

So, how the rest of the call’s going to go. We have selected 10 submitted questions. There were a lot of questions. We choose the ones that best reflect the group questions and the ones that we feel have the greatest appeal and offering to support the entire group. Then I’m going to teach you my energy sketch exercise about how…to help you bring together all the pieces you need to support your healing.

Then we’ll open up for a live Q&A on the healing. You know, preferably the questions are for the healing plan. We’re focused on disease and illness, and then anything about the exercise I taught you tonight. And then we’ll do our giveaways, and I’ll go over the, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine gemstones that Christopher, our good friend at Gemmasphere, and Michelle, actually who is present here on the group, shared with me to recommend for your physical healing. And they’re all at various price points to support you.

Well, I’ll read a book excerpt. I’m actually gonna do it from…Liz always prepared on top of things. She found an excerpt from “Mastering Affluence,” but I’m gonna flip open the chakra book randomly for my book excerpt and see what I’m to read to you that’ll be fun. Then I’ll do the bonus content, which is the gemstones. So we’ll just switch that. Okay.

All right. Let’s go. Let’s get into the question. Set an intention that your ahas will be received, your insights will be given, and your answers will be known that you will take away from this exactly what you need right now, and you go, “That was so good. These are one of my favorite things I do. I love helping women with hair, but I love my healing work. I have a passion for it. I recognize very particular gifts that are unique to me that I can help people with, and so it’s just a treat to be with you.”

I would like your insights on teeth grinding. I do this in my sleep. What emotions are linked to this? What affirmations and clearings would you suggest to heal this? They’re very hard structure in our anatomy. So they’re just really tough, and so teeth represent this toughness, like I need to be tough. I need to be tough so I’m resistant to being taken out. Anything that grinding would do there’ll be…see, the grinding maybe, let’s say you…

My sense is the person that wrote this question had some fearful and anxiety provoking things happen early in their life, which caused this sort of need to have this tough exterior, but underneath, it is fear and anxiety and fear of something bad happening, which is just waiting for it to happen, you know. It’ll be like tapping your fingers. You know, this is what I’m picking up on for you.

Grinding could also agitation, anger, frustration, but for you, I’m getting it’s anxiety, and it’s kind of like, “I’m anxious. I’m nervous. Oh, when is it gonna come down?” So, it’s like, “Yeah. But if I have a tough exterior, I’ll protect myself because teeth are tough” then the grinding. And the fact that it’s done in your sleep, says you’re doing…it’s behind the scenes, the anxiety. You put the tough exterior out in front of you, but what’s behind that is that nervousness.

The inner child would hold the nervousness. The adult’s kind of…probably in your teen years, you made a decision consciously or subconsciously, “I’m just gonna have a tough exterior,” and you think, “I’m not gonna let things get to me.” But then what’s getting to you comes out in your teeth grinding.

I’ve had a migraine since I started this plan. What can I do…not do to move this along? Well, clearing for the headaches for sure. That actually came to be after I produced the plan, so it’s not listed. So have you done the clearing for headaches, because that seems to be a place your body is storing energy, and some journaling with the pain in your head just as you’re journaling with other physical conditions that present because I don’t know what you’re doing this for, what other conditions you might be dealing with at a physical level.

But talk to the headache, you know, “Why are you here? What do you want me to know?” And then have the headache talk back to you. My other hint is to get some pH water that your pH may be off, like you can buy Smartwater and pH water. I’m not a big fan of plastic containers. You know, we’re seeing more of the paper cartons, which is great, but some alkaline water and try the healing oil, the I am healthy healing oil. I think for you, you might be sensitive. So just take a whiff. Drink more water though, but pH gets your pH balanced.

This is my second try working with the disease and illness plan, and although some days are better than others, I’m not seeing a big improvement in the pain in my hips. Is there something I need to release to help this program be more effective? Yes. You need to release your expectations is huge. You’ve heard my story I think. I don’t know. I’ll go over briefly. I developed a chronic issue in my feet, lower legs, and lower back five and a half years ago. It had been developing over several months. I kind of thought, “It must be a tennis injury. It’s probably gonna go away.”

I wrote an article in the addressing your truth life style content recently on how each type deals…each types tendencies dealing with disease and illness. And that’s very type three thing ago, “I’m good. This will go away.” And I continue to just aggravate it with a lot of my…choices I was making with my body and the amount of tennis I was playing. And I realized one day…I remember the day, January 27, 2014, I woke up, and it was clear to me. It’s though the heavens open and said, “Carol, this is not going away. This is serious.” And then I thought, “Well, maybe it’ll be a few months.”

Well, I’m in the very last phase of healing these five and a half years later, and I’ve done all the things that I’m teaching you in this healing plan multiple times. I’d to learn to be very patient with my body. There were more lessons to learn. The focus wasn’t even healing my body anymore. It was what I was learning about my body to completely change my lifestyle with my body and to become one and partner with my body.

So if I had healed it in a shorter time period, I would not have learned the complexity and layers of lessons, and so when something’s still there and it’s…It challenged my belief. It was an opportunity for me to say, “How deeply and clearly do you believe this?” I knew. I had been given a clear prompting that I would…I had the capacity to heal if I followed inspiration and I listened to my body. I wasn’t given a timeline. And I had timelines, but I had to keep letting go of them. I no longer have a timeline. The timelines is gone.

I noticed the days that I am pain-free, and I celebrate that, and I really presents myself with that, “This is whole and healed. Notice it. Anchor it. Tap it in. Connect with this. This is my creation. This is the grace of God, you know, this kind of formula that’s allowing all this.”

The days that things are more aggravated, I just notice that, and I’m okay with it. I’m not opposed to it anymore. I’m not in conflict with it. It doesn’t make me…it doesn’t have an emotional impact on me anymore. It’s just there. And I take care of myself according to what it’s asking of me. But I’m not annoyed by it anymore. I’m not angry at it. I’m okay with it. I’m really okay with it, and it keeps improving.

So, I had to be free of all of that to really get to a place of allowing because, as long as I had expectation, demands, and an emotional responsive upset to it, I was still feeding it. It was being reinforced. So, those are all things you get to have the opportunity to learn from this. So I can’t give you a timeline. I guarantee you, though, you will approach your healing experience very differently as a result of the healing plan.

And hips are groin area that’s the area of reproduction, female power. I don’t know. I’m assuming a woman wrote this. You know, what are you carrying in that part of your body that was…how are you shamed as a female? What are you carrying in your groin area? That’s the area of your reproductive creative powers that either were generationally shamed in your family system or you experienced in your own life type. And get into that body walk. What’s there? Talk to the hip pain.

I’m 100% healthy, and I’ve always been. However, I wonder if my past traumatic events of sexual abuse are stuck somewhere. Can they still be having an impact on my body somehow? How do I know I am living the most vibrant life I can be? What would that vibrant health look like? I sometimes feel like the heart chakra is so closed up due to sadness, and I’m not living as fully as I think I can.

I’m not gonna move into chakra content because I can’t send you anywhere. I don’t have a book to read for you to yet. I don’t have a healing plan to send you to. So, it’s in my best interest to not get into that conversation. But sadness is something that if you’re carrying sadness, you will materialize physical issues at some point.

I would say if you’re feeling sad or in any way depressed, you know, that will affect your body. So you wanna address that so you don’t have to learn the lesson through your body that this needs to be healed, because that’s all that the body is showing us is the body started a little last in the chain of events to say, “Well, nobody paid attention to this yet, and it’s been going on in this family for six generations. And so now they get it when, you know, people just get this stuff.” It’s like so imprinted so strongly. The carrier aspect of it becomes so poignant that, you know, you go, “Why do I have this issue? Like, My father had the same issue I had. He died with it. I chose to heal it. And I was told in this very strong clear prompting, ‘You will be able to heal this.”‘

Yeah. If you do not do what you’re guided to do and, you know, following the inspiration and listening to your body, you can also die with this. It will never heal. And I saw that example of my father’s choices compared to mine. But I knew it was generational, and it really kind of made me angry at first because my father was really the brunt of a lot of the other stuff I was healing, and now I’m dealing with the same pain that he has. I’m like, wow, so to clear all that and heal that.

A lot of what we’re doing here can be preventative, and now a lot of my choices, I don’t wait till things go a mess or awry my body. The largest percentage of my practices and what I do are prevention oriented now rather than healing oriented because my body has gotten so healthy through all of this. So now I do a lot of preventative measures. So, you would do it with that intent.

I have gut issues. I’ve had problems with it since birth. It’s gotten so bad. I can barely tolerate food, and eating is a source of anxiety. I know I’m scared of being overweight again, and I know I have issues with my body image, but I know there are also illness issues too. I just don’t know where to go for help. The medical profession has given it in the blanket label, irritable bowel syndrome. Do you have any suggestions?

You know, your body issues, that’s the weight. I’d highly recommend you do the weight loss. We’re gonna be doing it as a group again the first part of January, the healing plan for weight loss. That addresses the weight and body issues and clearing all of that.

Gut issues is this. You really don’t like yourself, and you really don’t like your body, and it’s found its source of agitation in your gut. It’s like your gut response to yourself as yuck. Yuck. It’s like, “I don’t like that.” Now you’re projecting that on food. So food is like this yucky experience to you. So, you know, you dial that all back to your attitude towards yourself. If you’re not addressing your truth, I highly recommend you commit to that and really embrace your true nature and the expression of your body in your clothing, in your fashion, and get on the other side of this.

And I sense it’s generational that the women in your family line possibly have had a lot of weight and body image issues. You’re the next one in the generational extension of this, and you have…it’s like a disgust for yourself. Now food is a source of disgust and agitation to your gut.
And the females have not been very nice to themselves in their projection of themselves on themselves. So I’ll give you some stuff to work with. So do you have any suggestions? Yeah. I love them. I do. I don’t know if you’re in the disease and healing plan right now. I’d stick with that. The self as you could add the self-esteem one, the clearing for body issues session.

If you go into the physical section, you’re gonna see a lot of sessions related to body weight, and you could complement what you’re doing with the healing plan for disease and illness with some of the body stuff right now, because this has surfaced in really forefront for you, and then get the addressing your truth and going. And really do.

Really, I mean, I have come full circle with literally hating my body, hating it, honestly. And I am not someone that hates things. That’s a very strong word in my vocabulary. But as a young teen and in my…it wasn’t until addressing your truth that I fully and completely fell in love with my body because now I understand what to put on it that really adorns it in a way that supports my feeling beautiful and honors my body. And I make different choices from that place, and I have a whole different perception of myself.

I had come a long way in that, but that was kind of the frosting on the cake for really going the full measure of, I mean, loving my body, because every day you adorn it with things that really honor its truth and it feels good in, it’s just a happy partnership now, like my body likes the clothes I put on. It’s like, “Yeah. This is great. I have camo pants on today.” It’s like, “My body loves camo pants with riffs in them.” It’s like, yeah. It’s like our friend Angelina with her heels doing her walk.

I’m experiencing chronic discomfort on the right side of my body for almost three decades. My left side is predominately pain-free. I am becoming much more aware of this during the clearing walks. I’m a type one secondary form. My question is how does this relate to the yin yawn? When I first started the clearing walks, I used the affirmative, “I could truly have what I want,” and experienced a lot of resistance on my left side. This is clearing. You know, I am changing sides and using the affirmative on my left side. The right side is filled with a hot rage. I am so surprised by this, and I am continuing to clear it. I have so much fear of anger, because growing up, there was a lot of it. I feel so imbalanced in my body. Should I focus more on the right side to clear it or continue clearing both sides? This is so fascinating what’s coming to me.

Okay. Your left side is Yawn. It’s your more masculine Yawn energy. It’s the energy that goes out, the right side, the right side, which is for me seating here this side. The left side is the Yin, the feminine, the receiving, the bringing in. And what I’m picking up on is your mother was overpowered by your father.

Your father is the angry right side suppressing an outrage yelling at your mother, which is your left side. So it’s like you’re carrying the contention of your parents’ relationship in your body. It’s like dad’s on your right and mom’s on your left, and it’s being energetically played out in your own physical self. And so you need to let go my mom and dad energy in your body and claim your body back and get your body to work together. It’s almost like the right and left need to shake hands and say, “Let’s work together.”

It’s not really male or female. We referenced that. It’s really Yawn and Yin, and Yin needs to get along now. So, I do a visualization and basically send mom and dad out of the picture to have their healing angels come get them. If you were in a bubble, they’re standing in your energy bubble with you. And it’s like they’re fighting still, and mom will shut down a lot. I would love to know if this person’s on the call tonight. This feels [inaudible 00:31:50]. I am totally just seeing this. I’m like, “Uh, mom and dad are fighting energetically in your body.”

And it’s metaphorically. You just took the energy on because, as a child, all you knew was being in a state of conflict with these two. You were in an environment where this was playing out. So, your familiar point of reference energetically is, “I have to be in a contentious painful environment.” You don’t live with your mom and dad anymore, but you’ve created in your own physical body to continue the theme. It’s like all you know. It’s like, “This is my reference point for what my experience is, a painful situation that doesn’t get resolved with these two energetic expressions.” And you can shift that.

Go with what I’ve told you. See what comes to you. Use this with the body walk. I’m thinking what could you say, like I am…basically, I really I’m getting you want to release your parents’ energy, the energy of their contention from your body. So saying something like, “I am at peace or I am…” You’re trying to get each side in a place of peace, support, companionship, agreeability, working together. Oh, she’s here. Okay.

Did your parents fight a lot? Okay. She says, “I have very few memories of growing up,” and that’s because you don’t wanna remember it but feel this, “I have been told they fought a lot. I love the visualization idea.” Okay. Yeah. They fought a lot, but your dad ultimately shut down through his anger kind of the rage, which is the pain shut down the right side. Yeah. My left side is predominately…yeah. Okay. That’s it. This side is predominantly pain-free. It won. It won the argument because mom and dad fought. And the right side is the one that is shut. It got shut down by that. Yeah. This is that your mom, your mom, your mom’s pain, your mom’s pain by being kind of beaten down by your dad in these contentious environments.

I read in “Mastering Affluence” that the body’s nature is to store itself? I love this. I’m wondering how the aging process fits in here. It seems that our culture has resigned itself to the belief that our body starts to shut down and stop working as we age. I love to maintain good health. Are there things we just accept as part of life, for example, reading glasses, getting skin wrinkles, gray hair? Are all of those things symptoms of deeper issues as well? A lot of that is both. Yeah. We age ourselves prematurely. You can see in my…if you’ve been hanging around me for a while how much healthier I look and that I hear all the time, “You keep looking younger,” you know, because I’m very…

I’m into really restorative health practices with diet, lifestyle, sleep, all the things that I do. We spend a fair amount of money on preventative health measures and in health gadgets. We have a lot of cool stuff at our house. And we’re very committed to that, and I do think between emotional and mental negativity and repressed emotion, toxic environments, crappy diets, dressing in the wrong clothing and having the hairstyles all ages. I removed a good portion of that so that I can have the benefit of health without a reference to age.

I’m 61, and I don’t really think about it. If anything, I think about, “Wow, this is great,” because my perception of 61 30 years ago probably would have looked a lot different than what I currently am experiencing. So, I’ve let go of the culture of ageism, meaning I…People tend to comfortably give it that excuse, “Well, I’m just getting old,” because you really don’t know you can prevent it, or they just don’t wanna put forth the effort, time, money, and willpower to make the changes that would be required to reverse it and improve your health.

Dave Asprey, who is a podcaster for…owns a company, Bulletproof. You may have heard of Bulletproof coffee. He’s super well known for that. I listen to his podcast. I love his information. He says his goal’s to live 180 because he does all of these things that will support his body in being able to be restorative and that our bodies are built to live much longer than we are used to because of the many things that we choose and the deeper issues that we carry that will cause death and aging faster.

Ultimately, I believe your soul, and there’s a higher power in charge of your life timeline. So, you’re gonna live, but why not live in great vibrant health. You say, “That’s optional.” The length of your life, we don’t think necessarily in our hands. The quality of life I believe is. So I choose a high quality of life.

I’d like to know more about arthritis and inflammation in the body. I was diagnosed with grade 3 degenerative arthritis at 16 years old. I believe this must have been a generational issue to present at such young age for me. My 10 year old son had knee pain last year so badly that he could not play sports and had to sit out for several months. I don’t want him to have the same pattern of knee pain that I had. I’ve also broken my left ankle twice and have sprained my ankle so many times that I’m afraid to walk on any of the surface. I believe this may be from feeling unsupported when I spoke against my childhood abuser and no one believed me.

That’s so funny. When I was reading about inflammation at the very first sentence, I went, “I think she was sexually abused.” I got that hit really strong that the inflammation is anger towards the fact that you’ve never…it’s a part of you as a teen-self that’s so angry about what you went through and no support. And you’re right. Ankles are all about support.

These are just my thoughts after joining the Healing Center. And I have been trying to figure out why I am constantly getting injured. How do I clear? And part of that is the pattern of now. I didn’t realize this till a couple years ago that my choices were subconsciously keeping the pattern of abuse on my body going that I was now so consciously playing out my body gets abused in this lifetime. I was the one abusing it by poor choices, over doing it, even over doing the things, “This is classic. Take three send… Oh, if something’s good for you, more is better.” And then you overdo it, and you create another imbalance because, no, more isn’t better. More stretching isn’t better if it’s gonna be extreme, you know.
I’m still running. My body still has this pattern of abuse. Then I’m the perpetrator, and I needed to heal that after literally, you know, I’m going on. I started my journey of healing my abuse background in 1988. I swore. I still got a piece of this in my body. How crazy is that? It all be faster for all of you. I really examine faster and I figured a lot of stuff up now, and I made it easier for you. So don’t think, “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna be 25 years with this.” No, no, no, not when you’re here. It’ll be much quicker.

So, yes, the healing plan for abuse would be very timely for you after this one because that’s what you wanna get to. That one is setup to clear all that really deep set issues. Well, you’ve got your shed scrambler, you know, with this…Kim, do we have scrambler exercises? Are they in the…? I can’t remember if I’ve got. I think I’ve got scramblers in this healing plan. Anyway, that’s gonna give you the direction you need. And if you have more questions about what will support you, you can ask it in the group. I would love some clarification on the clearing walk. What do you do if you still have resistance coming up and have run out of time to spend on the clearing walk that day? Do you just stop, or do you switch to the positive, even though it is not all the way cleared up?

I would just kind of put it on hold. I even do a visualization where I think, “Okay. I’m gonna put my walk on the shelf.” Then I definitely make a…set a reminder in my smartphone to come back to because I don’t wanna leave the energy open because you’re opening energy. And when energy is open, now that energy can attract more of what that energy is vibrating into your life. That’s what you don’t go halfway through a clearing session, you know, “Let’s open this all up. Oh, my gosh, why is this all showing up in my life now?” You’ve gotta bring the energy for full circle. But if you put it on the shelf, it’s pausing it, and you can come back and complete the process.

And as you may have heard at the beginning of the call, my first clearing walk in 1998 was three hours. Yours will not be a three-hour process because energy is more open, and we clear things more quickly and readily these days. But if you’ve only got five minutes, that’s okay. Follow up with another round 10-15 minutes later that day but make sure you come back to it.

After journaling on, I need my pain because in doing the visualization at the end of the clearing to end the battle with chronic pain. I see my pain as my armor, my protector, a faithful companion of 20 years. I actually love my pain. As strange as it sounds, it’s scary to say goodbye to my protector. How can I do that in a place of openness and honor?

I had that. In “Mastering Affluence,” I talk about the pain a lot and how I…this is a lot of where this came from. You know, what I was doing for the healing plan, I knew the book would cover some of the teachings of the back story of it and give you more insights. So make sure you read “Mastering Affluence,” how to create physical affluence section because I’ve really good information in there about pain because you wanna fill the space with either your soul, your inner children. You don’t wanna, you know, feel that was my big aha. I’m like, “Well, I’ve always wanted something to support me. Pain shows up for me every day. I count on it.” I’m like, that’s when I realized I needed to start thanking it and say, “You’re always there for me. I can always depend on you,” which is something I never have in my childhood. So I was like, “Well, there you go,” what I was thinking, but it is there.

So, once I made friends with my pain, my pain and I are starting to depart. It’s letting go, and it’s close to being done. And I fill now with my own vibrant life light to my own health and my own connection with my soul. So, create another connection with a more high vibration sense of being supported in a companion. To me, that would be my soul and how my soul is there for me on a daily basis to guide and support me in my life, and so good for you if you get that aha.

Okay. Now, I’m gonna show you a little exercise that came to me recently. I’ve been in this journey of healing my body. I’ve healed my back. I’ve healed my lower legs. I still have some aggravation in my right foot, and I just have been very patient with it. I’ve done multiple things that have supported its healing. I had chronic plantar fascia and tendonitis that then had some nerve damage going on. And also I realized that my brain kept the pain going. I’ve worked with a psychiatrist at the Amen Clinic closely with this, and we resolved about three months ago that my pain centers were still running in my brain saying the pain. It’s like that phantom pain. There was more pain than there was. So we actually put me on Cymbalta to get this to quiet down, which is reduce the pain by 80%.

And so now what I’m dealing with is just a thick fascia. So, it’s like it never went back to its healthy state. It got stuck in kind of inflamed or thicker state like from being damaged. I’m not anti-medicine. There’s a place for it when that meant to happen, because quite honestly, I needed to like retrain my brain that the pain’s not there anymore. And so we’re doing that right now too. So it came to me as I recently was led to a practitioner, a doctor that specializes in healing feet. He does what’s called prolozone injections, and he does other things. He does PRP injections, and he does some other treatment. But he’s starting me on prolozone injections.

He has had a very chronic experience with his feet. He actually had fascia surgery where they clipped the fascia, and his fascia imploded. They burst, and he lost his fascia. He couldn’t walk for decades until he had some other therapies he did and was able to walk again. And I’m seeing him. I was lead to him. I was told, “Carol, this is the last piece of your puzzle, which then led me to put this energy sketch together, because healing my body has been like putting a puzzle together. The next piece showing up, learning to listen to my body and knowing from a place of faith and calmness this is correct rather than you’ll make different choices from a place of I am whole and healed then from a place of emotional upset, “And I got to get rid of this. And I’m tired of it. And I gotta fix this.” You’re gonna spend a lot of money and see a lot of people. When you get into that I am whole and healed, the pieces are gonna show up for me. I’m gonna have the support I need.

The body builds on itself in the healing. It’s like one piece, you know, and then the next piece shows up, and you’re restored. It’s like building a puzzle, and I’ve been building this puzzle. There’s about seven months into that first year being in the pain that I shifted gears and went from, “I’ve gotta fix this, and where’s the answer outside of me?” That’s why you wanna read “Mastering Affluence” because I talk about that big shift, your body is the doctor and the epiphany I had that as long as I’m focused on something outside of me fixing it, I’ll attract a lot of things and spend a lot of money and get very little results. We turned within, started to learn how to listen to my body and attract the things that my body knew would help it heal.

And so let me show what I’ve got here. Your puzzle’s gonna look different. So you can see I have a puzzle here. Now, I was told this is my last piece right here. So this last piece, which is what I’m now experiencing with this doctor, we’re doing one session a month, prolozone injections. I saw a lot of improvement with my first one last week. And that’s gonna go in.

And I chose to create that. I was told I could. It’s like, “You can now create this to be the last piece of the puzzle,” which is healing of my body. That’s the name of my puzzle, healing of my body, because I have an intention on the top. It says, “I’m grateful.” And you can write this down if you want. I am grateful that all the pieces of the puzzle of healing my body…I am grateful that all the pieces of the puzzle of healing my body are showing up and coming together, are showing up and coming together to create the perfect picture of health. I am grateful that all the pieces of the puzzle of healing my body are showing up and coming together to create the perfect picture of health.

Now, where you can start…now, when I do a puzzle, I build the border first. Okay. I was a big puzzle maker as a kid, and I still enjoy a good puzzle. It can’t be crazy hard. I gotta see results. You know, it’s gotta be challenging, but it has to have reasonable results. So, my puzzle may be further along than yours because I was told I can sketch it as the last pieces. This is the last piece that’s going to be put into place.

So, if you are kind of like your puzzle’s just getting started and you won, I would create your border and then have all the pieces on the side that represent all the pieces are showing up. So create them. So you’re gonna kind of do a sketch even with a pencil or just even what the puzzle piece shapes are, or it doesn’t matter. I mean, you could just do the bordering now. You put maybe you’re gonna have room for…and so many pieces, because every time something shows up, you can put it in there. So, follow your impressions of how to work with this. Put this sets into emotion that things are going to show up for you, the support, whether it’s a dietary change.

Healing of the body typically involves physical support systems, whether that’s education, information that you somehow come across or been shared with. You get a prompting you need to make that change with diet. You know, a part of this for me was it was really important to give up sugar that was really messing with my brain and adding to my tendency. I had a pattern of OCD with pain where I was fixated on it like all I could think about, which made the pain even worse. My brain was a big part of the pain experience.

And it could be a practitioner, a doctor, the right ones for you that…and there’s some really gifted people out there that have some remarkable insights and awareness about the body these days that are progressive in what they’re doing. So, start your puzzle and use the intention. You can use mind what I wrote on the top of mind. You can make up your own, whatever feels correct to you, but this will set into motion this’s starting to come together for you. Your puzzle will be built. You will have the perfect picture of health as a result of your puzzle being built.

And again, timelines are tricky. Again, getting to that place of letting go of timelines has been really supportive to me that it’s supported me in having…that I can have a great life in spite the fact that some days I’m not as comfortable as others. You know, it’s okay. I’m not waiting to be…have a great wonderful comfortable life. I chose that I would change that before I was completely free of the pain. So you can ask me any questions about this. Let’s open up for a live Q&A. There are already some coming in, a bunch coming in.

I see a lot of post about people getting deep insights into their pain and illness. Is it necessary for healing our bodies to know what the causes are? This is the second time for me doing the disease and illness plan, and I’m seeing improvements in my health and not getting any major ahas. So I need to know all of the details to heal.

No, you do not. It’s interesting why some do and some don’t. If you’re meant to have that, then great. If not and you’re getting good results and good chance, I’ve covered it in the clearing scripts anyway. I’ve thought of it already. So, it wasn’t like you needed to come up with the insight because there’s probably things that you’re saying during your clearings that you’re like, “Oh, yeah, I relate to that.” That was the whole point of me writing those, and not just saying, “Okay. Everybody come up with their own scripts.” I’m very good at tuning in to what the universal themes are that most people carry.

We all have our little addition to the universal themes we carry of our personal story in there. The majority will receive great benefits from what I’ve already tuned in to. So you don’t need to. I tend to overdo it. As a type three, how many scramblers in a week would be considered too much? They won’t be effective. Let’s say for you know more than two. They won’t. You’ll just be going through the motions. Your system can’t do anything with it because you’re demanding too much of it. It’s like it just goes into…you know, you’re just like verbally saying it, but your energy is like, “I can’t. I can’t keep up with this. I can’t integrate. I can’t make the shift.”

For the past couple of years, I’ve experienced pressure in my chest. It’s not related to my physical heart, and it’s also not anxiety. It’s just a pressure and uncomfortable. Today, it showed up pretty strongly. I did some an intuitive investigation. I discovered it’s trapped emotion of heartache, which began between two and three years old. Beginning of being abused, I have tapped. I have walked. I have prayed. I am wearing Gemmasphere…Let me just flip. I’m wearing Gemmasphere necklaces and have the healing oils. What else can I do to shift this energy of heartache?

That’s interesting to me that you think there’s something else you have to do. That what you’re doing isn’t enough. So I would suggest you do need [SP] scrambler, need scrambler [inaudible 00:56:07] in this. You’ve got your core belief and your need scramblers in this plan. So when that presents itself, I need I need to do more, you’ll believe you need to do more in order to heal. Otherwise, You wouldn’t be asking the question because you’re doing a lot.

And then I do the body walk with, “I am doing enough, the clearing walk. I am doing enough.” And then see what comes up. No, you’re not. You need to do more. So, you got something going on there because it’ll cancel out everything you’re doing. If you have a belief, it’ll overwrite it and say, “You need to do more. It’s still not enough. I wouldn’t give you any more than this. Go get your three-year-old and take her out it.” You know, there’s a visualization to do the visualization where you go find your child’s self and take them out of the traumatic environment they’re in.

I’ve really been trying to listen to my intuition and act on what I feel is right for me at the right time. I’ve locked up my emotions for so long, and it’s taken its toll on my health with autoimmune issues. I want to release my emotions but slowly and safely. I don’t want to be overwhelmed and going to avoidance mode, which has become my pattern. I want to feel better, but how can I move at a slower safe pace?

Just that the intention, “I am clearing and releasing the emotional energy in a graceful way that supports my highest good.” Just set that intention that that’s how it will be played out and believe that intention will be honored.

I have issues with fluid and inflammation around the heart. What could heart issues represent? Well, heart is our…you know, it’s that being your tenderness, your heartfelt, your grace, your so kindness. [inaudible 00:57:55] were you not treated kindly. Again, inflammation is anger. Fluid is retention, so you’re hanging on to something. Are you resentful that you’ve had to experience a lot of unkind experiences?

How much of a role did the healing crystals play along with the essential oils and the success of this plant? I don’t have either one, and I’m wondering if I should put more effort into obtaining them at this point or if the same results can be attained without them. You know, my experience is I like things that get me out of the way. I’ve talked to this many times. So, for some of you, this will be a repeat. The therapeutic gemstones, which I prefer to call them other than healing…that goes a little bit into the woowoo space for me calling them healing crystals. I believe they have a valid energetic healing effects on us just like food affects us. It’s a natural source of intervention.

They work directly to your energy, they remove your thinking mind from the experience, and they support you in a continual healing process so that it makes what you’re doing in the healing center easier, and you can get more potent results quicker. The essential oils do the same, and they train your brain to repattern. Scent is a powerful neural in your neurology to reorganize that thinking process in your emotional response to go, “Oh, yeah, I don’t have to like get triggered by that anymore.” It helps restore and bring into the foreground the new patterns you’re creating, and so do the therapeutic gemstones.

Does that mean anything about what kind of puzzle presents to us in the sketch? Mine just presented as a toddler shape-sorter sort of. I mean, I don’t know. I just saw it as a rectangle or square like most puzzles that I make. So, if I’d ask why did it present that way. Is there a part of your toddler…is there a toddler you that’s looking for healing? Does it go back to the roots of your pain? Connect to that time period of your life where you took things on that now are presenting in the body as imbalances. So there could be some points of reference for you. How can I discern how much of my fatigue is illness based…versus being a low energy person? I currently am unable to work. I can only do very few things. This is not a fulfilling life pattern for me, but I’m also highly introverted.

Okay. This is a misunderstanding about the lower energies. That does not mean I don’t have any energy to do anything. You know, I’m a go go go girl. I can definitely keep the motor running longer than a type two or type four. But you should have a vital life force energy to do…you know, accomplish a reasonable amount of activities in your day and feel uplifted, feel a sense of fulfillment, and vitality. If you’re not feeling that, that doesn’t…you know, you can be any type, and that’s a problem.

So your fatigue is fatigue, not a low energy. I would never say we’ll take twos. You know, they’re fatigued. They’re the fatigued type or type four is your fatigued. No, they just have a lower movement, meaning they need less movement around them. You know, they don’t do as well with so much people interaction, loud external noises, things going on around them, a lot of young energy in the space. They are like, “Whoa, overload, I gotta remove myself.” But that has nothing to do with their vitality of the energy they feel in their body, the life force energy. We all should have a healthy life force energy rather than our type.

An aha. I’m going to energy sketch, the puzzle, for my differently-abled son. What a great support for me as his caregiver and advocate. I feel like you do. Your job made my job easier. All the pieces to this puzzle showed easily for us. That is awesome, good. I’m really excited to see your post about your puzzles. Share them. Let’s see what your puzzles look like. What comes to you?

All right. Those are our questions. We’re an hour into this. So let’s move to our excerpts from the book, and then I’m gonna go over the gemstones that are being offered right now with a 10% off for you. There’s a group of them for physical healing using the code, the discount code, healing10, all one word. And 10 is the number 10.

All right. Let’s see where this shows up. Okay. Everybody just hold the energy out. Carlos turning to the exact page we need to hear from tonight. All right. I don’t know why they’re shifting from the old to the new energy of relationships. The stereotypical male-female relationship has played out for years, played out for years. I think I see a typo. Maybe that’s why we ended up here.

The stereotypical male-female relationship has played out fears out as…oh my gosh, I think that’s why I open. This book has been proofed by so many people, and there it is. As a dominant subordinate in energy construct with most relationships set up with the male playing the dominant role and the female playing the subordinate role. I recently received the following question from a member of the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. How do I heal being in relationships for men want to control me? I have found this to be a problem with many males in my life. I shared the following insights. It should be true for you too.

This is a very old energy that has most likely preceded you in previous generations. You’re the one to change this whole pattern completely. Due to all energies held in your third chakra, you’re still manifesting this in your relationships. You’re not the author of these patterns, but you’re still a carrier until you clear them and create new healthy patterns.

First, take a look at your childhood. Where is the evidence in your childhood that men were controlling? Was your father controlling to your mother? Was your father controlling in his parenting methods? What about your grandparents? How far back does this go? For your ancestors, it would have felt normal and correct to play in these roles. But since you are part of the current shift of the energies of the chakras, it does not feel supportive to you.

Another member asked this question. I would like help to clear the pattern of running my parents’ relationship in my own relationship. Now, this might have to do with you’re running the…the question that I responded to earlier about running your parents’ energy in your body. So this would be relevant to that too. I’d like help to clear the pattern of running my parents’ relationship in my own relationship, or we can say in my body.

I have a very supportive partner, but I feel like playing out or responding to things like I saw my parents do in their relationship. And you also could be creating your parents’ relationship with your relationship with your body. You’re either your mother and your body’s the father, or you’re the father and your body’s your mother. That’s a thought too.

I am very different from my mom, but I seems to respond to things like I observed her do. In her relationship with my dad, male is dominant, female is subordinate. It feels yucky. In response to your question, I recommended that this client go through certain clearing sessions in the Healing Center. What she found was that claiming her personal power was actually very simple and possible in her everyday life. You can experience that too. As you set the intention to take your power back, here’s the update this client shared.

I became aware of how much of a people-pleaser I am, how much I take on other people’s energy. My patterns had become to hold how I really felt inside of me telling myself it didn’t really matter when it really did matter to me until I would then explode in anger. It dawned on me how easy it was to change, and I just need to speak how I really felt and what I really wanted to just say what I need and to do without exploding. I made myself start practicing this, and it felt so right to use my power and my voice to share what is correct for me.

I looked at how simple the solution has always been and blown away and how I didn’t use my power in a healthy…in appropriate way. I realized now it was getting harder and harder to keep it in, and the anger explosions were happening more frequently. I understand personally what Carol means when she says, “In the time in which we live, it is harder to play out old patterns than to use our power to change them.” So, that could be a healing strategy for you as well. What are you not saying that your body is now holding on to that’s feeding your issue at a physical level? And so it might be as simple as using your voice, so your body doesn’t have to account for what you didn’t account for verbally.

Lots of ahas I hope that you got tonight. I’d love to hear some of them in the comment thread or on the Facebook page. What ahas did you get? If you would please each share an aha that you receive tonight because you’ll more deeply receive that by writing it out. The aha I received tonight is…just share that.

All right. Let’s close up with the gemstones that Gemmasphere is offering. Bloodstone is one of them. These are all what’s considered earth or physical related stones. Bloodstone connects you with the earth and helps the natural healing properties of the earth.

The one thing about nature is it has the…nature is programmed to restore. There’s a fire. Nature knows how to detox and restore on a continual basis, and the power of nature can be tapped into. So, bloodstone is a connection with the earth and the earth’s energy to help with that restorativeability.

Carnelian is another gemstone that creates optimism, hope, and restorative. It’s kind of what they call the vitamin C of gems. So, it just lifts your mood and lifts your attitude so that you believe you’ll heal. It also will help start attracting those puzzle pieces, the next correct steps that are meant to show up in your life because it has a point of attraction power for what is timely and correct for you.

I have a couple of carnelians. I’ve had them for years. You need to start believing, and I know long-term physical challenges can really deplete your hope and belief in something better. You just start to feel like, “I just have to accept this and not believe anymore,” because it can be exhausting. So this will help that. It also supports hormonal health. If you’ve got autoimmune type stuff that’s very hormone related is that carnelian will help you with that. And any other notes I would say. For bloodstone, it’s very dark. It’s a very dark.

The one particular benefit that it targets is allergies. And so allergies are this response to being interference in our system, and so you might even have an alert. It’s interesting. I was writing like some of the clearing scripts for the root chakra because I’m writing the healing plan for the chakras that will be published in March. And one of the things I was prompted to write in the clearing scrip was I’m allergic to my body. I don’t wanna be in it. So, bloodstone would be a good one to get if that is something you are you relating to.

Dark green aventurine. This is all of the green. Green is a really strong…you’ve got light green aventurine and dark green. These are all have physical healing properties and support. The difference in the two is just the potency. Dark green is gonna be more potent than light green. And you just may be too sensitive for the darker version. All you need is the light green. I chose to get the dark green, and I’ve had it for years as well. And for more information on these, you can look them up on the website. I’ve got a few notes that I grabbed to talk about it. So, if they’re calling to you, do some research you need to and call them.

Emerald is pure green. It’s the most precious of all the green gems, and so it’s gonna be the highest priced point, but most likely you won’t need emerald. It’s gonna be more expensive because it’s a precious versus a semi-precious. And the potency like is off-the-charts, and so unless you’re dealing with something at a real chronic level or a life-threatening degree, you probably don’t need emerald. But again, it carries the strongest green ray, which helps the physical body heal.

Then light green emerald. There’s some new. It’s been around for a long time, light green emerald. I’m gonna actually look that one up on their website. I’m not as familiar with that one. And these again are all available for the discount.

So, there’s dark green and light green emerald. And again, they’re gonna vary in their potency levels. They’ll help soothe. What it says on their website is they soothe physical and emotional discomfort, ease pain, congestion, inflammation, relax, and trust spirit. So, if you’ve got that inflammation and those joint issues, it sounds like emerald will be good.

Two new ones they’ve just released. One is jade, green jade, and blood tonic. And I’m really drawn to the green jade that has…what I noticed for myself that it really stood out for me is it had…the first time I’ve seen them released wristlets of the beads, strength and core vitality, slow aging. That’s probably what I noticed, connect with your ancestral wisdom, clarify your life’s purpose. I think it was those first two, strengthen core vitality. And some of the different therapies they were suggesting using both the necklace and the two wristlets looked intriguing to me.

Then blend tonic. Here’s…a pretty potent gem there. It’s not that expensive. I mean, I’ve spent a fair amount of money on these. So, some or some of some of $895. There’s obviously less, but it’s not $8,000. Optimize blood health, supports immune function, alleviates allergy, support detox, so really blood related. So, I’m just curious like what emerald is going for. I’m gonna look that up, and then we’ll wrap this up. Emerald. Yeah. You can pick up a nice emerald gemstone necklace for $66,000. That is there, or you can get yourself a really sweet car. Carol is always buying. I’ve never bought one at that price point. They start at 9,400, and the top emerald is…but, you know, I’m grateful they’re here. If that’s correct for you, the money will show up. So, choose what’s correct for.

Know, believe that the resources as part of your puzzle might be… Guess what this could be? Because I’ve created this in my life that I have the funds. So one of the puzzle pieces you might already put in there is the money because not…most of the resources I use aren’t covered by insurance. They’re outside that kind of traditional medical model. So, you could add the puzzle piece of, “I have the money to pay for all the pieces that show up.” So put that right in.

Thanks for being here on this call. We’ll see you in the Healing Center. The winners tonight are…and we have our next coaching call next Tuesday. I will have a volunteer that I’ll be working with that will represent all of you and proxy your stuff.

The $25 gift card goes to Jenny Lynn. My biggest takeaways are that most of my diseases are caused by inflammation in my body, and also the part of the cause of me being sick is to put a halt on my life because I’m going down the wrong path. Great insights, Jenny Lynn. You said $25 to. I think the carnelian would really help you open up that like path, lift your mood, brighten up your energy.

Oil and book, Laura Steve. I think my biggest takeaway so far is pain is trying to tell me when something is wrong and I need to take care of myself, or I need to resolve something. So what you wanna do with that, Laura, is not rely on pain to be that message giver but that you search tune in to it before pain needs to do the job. So you don’t need the paint anymore to do the job.

I’m now listening to what is timely and correct for me. So you would write an affirmation, “I am knowing how to take care of myself and when I am meant to resolve something through my intuition. So pain doesn’t have to be that message giver.” Thanks, everyone. We’ll see you in the group, and I’ll talk to you in the next coaching call.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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