Live Coaching Call September 4, 2018

55 minutes

You may still feel like you have zero confidence, even as you move through the final week of the Healing Plan for Self-Confidence. Carol focuses on these and other challenges you may be feeling right now and offers guidance so you can recognize old, stuck patterns in your life.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Uncertainty about how and why to journal daily

Distress that your mind wanders during sessions

Despair from feeling stuck in your life

Zero confidence—despite doing the healing plan

You Want To:

Get clear & eager to journal every day

Stay present and mindful during your sessions

Be free to grow and live the life you want

Honor your emotions and heal old patterns

Affirmation for this Session:

I am taking the time to become the observer of my mind and see my own patterns that need healing.

For Repeat Visits:

Questions begin at 15:30

Session Transcript

Good evening and welcome to the third and final support coaching call for the supported healing plan for lack of self-confidence.

I did wanna announce that we have more coaching calls scheduled. I’ll review what those are in the next before we sign off tonight. And if you’re watching live, say hello in a comment and tag somebody in the healing center so they know we’ve gone live now. I’ve got some great questions that have come in, both are in the area of support for life issues and also some questions just about healing in general and then how to use the Healing Center.

Before we get into all of that, a few housekeeping items. This is recorded and we are storing them in the meantime, under the general category and the single sessions section of the Healing Center. You’ll see that the first two calls were already posted. You can access those both here on the Facebook page and on the website, which will be a nice place to be for people that are just joining the Healing Center be able to go back and be able to consume that content.

I post my posts I tagged with #CT. and I often share healing tips with a #healingtips all one word. There is a file document that’s that one of my support team gathers all those and collect some and puts them in the file that you can find in the files section here on Facebook. I highly recommend you review those. If you’ve not read them all yet, they will support you in your experience here in the Healing Center. Those are continually added to as well, and we started putting dates on them so you can start to track your own progress so you know if you’ve read one or not because they recognized it wasn’t enough to just say healing tip. I do title them with what the subject matter is that I’m talking about in the healing tip.

We will offer Monday through Friday support here in the Healing Center, taking the weekends off. So make sure if you’re asking for specific support from a support angel or from myself, you do that Monday through Friday. And, we just launched who shared a comment, if you’ve taken the stuck quiz and the masterclass, which is the marketing tool we’re using here to sell the healing center with the masterclass and has this clearing for stuck energy, which you will find here in the Healing Center content on the website to other resources that are not included in the Healing Center that are in the masterclass.

The general clearing walk that I teach is in the Healing Center of it clearing per stuck energy with the specific script to use for that, as far as how to utilize that to move stuck energy out of your body is in the masterclass. So I highly, highly recommend that you go through, take the quiz, go through the masterclass, you can… Kim knows some way to save that so you can access those videos again.

And then the creation technique is not here in the Healing Center content. And it’s a really great process. I highly recommend you learn my three by five card creation trick. This is a fabulous resource to share with people. If they’re feeling stuck, they’re frustrated, there’s angst in their life, they’re really in turmoil, there’s certain degrees on the speculum of pain and the spectrum of pain and depending on where they’re at, this will speak to people, so it was designed to be a shareable tool. Just send them to and say you’ll click on the step quiz. That’s the best way to get to it, and then we’ll introduce them to the Healing Center. Of course, you can mention it and how much it’s helped you. That would be fabulous.

All right, now we’re at the final. We just finished today. It’s been three weeks. Woohoo! Good job. Hopefully, I trust that your cofidence has improved. Is it 100% stellar constant? That’d be amazing after three weeks. You’re going to have moments where you feel that, where you feel that alignment with your own sense of esteem, that inner source of our value that wells up within us and is presented at the core of who we are. Are you 100% grounded in that and full and complete connection so we’ll never…it never waivers or alters, most likely not. Some of you more than others depending on what healing history you’ve come into the Healing Center with.

I wouldn’t expect you to be, you know… You’re going to be further along than most of the planet though, but I wouldn’t expect you to be. I’m done. These are tools you’ve been given now to support you when you go off balance, you go into old patterns, you go into old ways, and responses, and thought. The thought patterns, emotional responses, behavioral tendencies that you’ll act out. You have tools now and you have resources to come back to. Your progress though is really… If it’s not consciously presenting to you, you have shifted on a subconscious level, I guarantee that. This work is done at a very deep level. Your conscious thinking mind may take some time to catch up with it. Some of you see it consciously, are aware of it consciously very quickly. There’s a variable they depending how much you’ve frozen over your emotions over the years.

And so, with that, week three, you were doing again the daily script to create an affirmative mind, affirmations to gain an affirmative mind, energy circles as a creation tool, positive self-talk, correcting any critical inner self-talk, positive affirmative self-talk. You completed your clearing session for low self-esteem, clearing session for emotional shaming in childhood, affirmations for your type and positive truth healing session. What’d you think of that positive truth healing session that was tapping only on positives? What was your experience with that? That can be a real breath of fresh air experience if you’re just feeling you need to focus on the positive. That’s one reason I’ve included it. Some of you respond very favorably to positives. You don’t wanna gloss over through any energy that holds shaming references. That’s why we include the negatives because we wanna lift that and clear it.

The clearing session for emotional shaming and childhood I feel is is one of the more powerful clearing sessions here in the Healing Center for the fact that when you don’t have an objective view of what happened to you emotionally in your childhood because it’s all you’ve known, you grew up developing your emotional experience with yourself based on the environment and the parental lack of support to support feedback you were given. You don’t have a sort of this bird’s eye view of your own emotional experience until you go through clearingly this and go, wow know I didn’t realize that I was shut down so much or question for my emotions or ridiculed or teased, even make fun of. And maybe I triggered a parent with even my positive feelings because their inner child was feeling bad and really resented the fact that I felt good as a five year old. That can happen, so emotional shaming and childhood is just such a potent clearing session that can be applied frequently in your life.

But we’ll talk more about what to do next at the end of today’s live coaching call. In the meantime, we’ve got some questions here I wanna answer. I did wanna speak to how each type can make their journaling experience true to their energy. There are four energy types. If you’re new to this modality and this model of understanding yourself, please go through the energy profile and course, that’s in the Healing Center to determine which of the four types you expressed the dominant energy in. Your true nature is seen in every aspect of your life. So when you draw upon that to implement your own gift and tendency and your own movement and your own processes, this can be very supportive. So something like journaling, the healing writing. That can be enhanced when you approach it with your types movement.

So for example, a type one, to get an inviting notebook, something that you can even draw in or sketch in or it has an animated quality to it. It’s bright, it’s friendly, there’s a sense of refreshment to it. It draws you to it. You look at it, you go, and that makes me happy. Even though what you may be writing at times isn’t necessarily lots of happy thoughts, you’re allowing your inner child that your body, your self, your current self. There’s just variables in the journaling and the healing writing, depending on what the healing plan is. Whatever that writing is focused on, you’ve got a safe place that supports your type one energy. You can also add to your healing statements. Maybe an image would be preferable to a word. When I’m teaching you to switch hands, not all healing writing exercises require you to switch from dominant to non-dominant, but when it does stick with that, there’s a process that occurs in our brains when we honor our hand in which one’s leading with the writing.

So you’re type one, what can you do to make your journaling inviting, a refreshing energy. Type two, something that I think it’s in your journaling process. It’s not so much. Yeah, you want to have the right tools. So those are details. The tools to support you in journaling and notebook, pen or pencil, and put the space created. Journaling space, when you feel supported and comfy, cozy, maybe even bring the lights down. Do you have a water feature you can run? You can even create the sound effects that are soothing to you through different apps that you can get on your smartphone. So what kind of sounds would support you in creating that comfort security that allows you to open up on the emotional level?

Type three, these are all a lot of these statements are open-ended questions where you just have to go with your hit. You don’t have to elaborate on that unless you moved here. This kind of healing writing is really supportive to a type three likes to like get to the point, make it swift in your time as far as how much time you give it. It’s not something that should require lots of times, so support the fact that it can be swifter for you, more to the point, and how you respond, and just make sure you follow through honoring that that can be achieved.

Type four, the privacy factor can come up for you that you don’t want anyone to see this, so you can buy notebooks that have a little locking key on it. You can put things in spaces that are inaccessible to others, that’s come up at different times. I told Diane I need to do a creative clearing called clearing for fear of journaling, but you may see that in the future. Not in the near future, probably next year. That’s obviously something you want to clear because it, you should, you’re meant to feel safe and that you can create your journal. Writing’s being private. That is your choice. And a nice writing instrument in lined paper, most likely would support you more. Something that’s just clean and has a bold quality to it with that you enjoy the writing process because of the tools you have and the privacy. So set that intention, my right healing writings are being kept private. There are always safe and secure and that will support you.

So what can you do to enhance your writing exercises true to your nature, to support you in being successful with that? It’s big part of every healing plan. It’s a daily practice and every healing plan, and it’s very, very important because emotion wants to be expressed. We tend to express it in dysfunctional ways, displace it on stories of the current events of our life, not recognizing it’s about childhood trauma that’s been trapped and repressed that wants to come up and express itself. And we recycle it when we’re not consciously aware of the fact that that’s not even about the now, that potent emotion was about something had happened at me at some other time in my life, and it does require expression. These are healthy forms of expression. Your validation of the emotion saying, I get it. I honor how you feel. I recognize your emotion. Whatever it is, I recognize your hurt, your pain. I validate you. That’s as good as a parent doing it.

You were typically looking for someone to validate how we’re feeling. We get very upset when our partners don’t do this for us because they become our surrogate parent accidentally as we enroll them in those roles because the emotion wants that. Give this to yourself. It’s incredibly healing. When I signed on to be the one to parent myself years ago, really things started to happen with my healing. You know, big stuff because I was always there to support me. I didn’t have to hope somebody else would show up. And the interesting thing about that, you will often enroll other people now in supporting you when you take the lead, is you’re now reflecting back to you what you have designed for yourself, so.

Do the writing. It’s really essential. Anxiety came up as a hot topic on the page and some email questions were sent in. Can anxiety during clearings block the emotion that should be clearing. I wasn’t sure if anxiety is actually an emotion, so I googled it and found an article that confirmed my suspicion that anxiety can be easier to feel than an emotion that you’re avoiding, so to… It is a response we can use to avoid our emotions. We’re Roselle gemstone help with getting to the emotions under the anxiety or doing the anxiety healing plan, or is it best to just feel anxiety and plug away?

I don’t necessarily agree with the article. That was probably referencing anxiety as a mental state of obsessive thoughts and overthinking things and not being able to control your thought-processes because emotion, I teach it as energy in motion, energy in motion. So anxiety is energy in motion. If that’s presenting, you go with it. You go with what’s presenting. See, this is how your mind is now analyzing or observing it going, is that right? Should I be feeling something else? Is this the wrong thing to feel? Well, if you were meant to feel something else, you would. It’s what’s presenting. And definitely the healing for anxiety plan, if that’s become a deep fault state of being. And yes, could it keep you from pursuing things in your life? Is it a safety net to keep you safe, you know, because your inner child is still believing this is a big bad world we live in. Certainly, anxiety could be purposeful for that reason. So yes, the healing plan for anxiety would be a great next step. Roselle, why don’t you throw that question up on the Facebook page here and tag Michelle at jumps down and let’s get her take on that. Definitely emotion or Roselle helps heal emotion, but I’d love for her to be able to give her broader wisdom on it as she’s available to us. Check in with her.

Is it normal for the mind to wander sometimes during healing sessions? Does it mean something? Does it mean something if that happens, like should we pay attention to the phrases that were sad or something? Should we rewrite and listen to the parts we didn’t hear? You know, and wouldn’t be too concerned about that. You can fall asleep, you’ll check out, the mind tries to distract you. It is its job. It doesn’t want us focused on that which is perceived as painful, uncomfortable. And the last time you felt, you know, many, many times she felt this stuff, it wasn’t in an unfocused environment saying, I’m choosing to feel this now. The mind has to learn, be trained to allow it. That doesn’t happen immediately. It’s a reminder to your mind. We’re letting… We want to feel this now.

I love that Jane Olson was commenting this past last week on the page that she was so thrilled that some triggers came up, so they went good for you. That’s exactly it. That is an awesome place to be to say, I wanna know what’s hanging out, what wants to be healed? The triggers are the signs and you’re now in a focused intent to feel, to allow feeling, to be bring triggers, to bring feeling, and so the mind is still gonna do it’s trick of trying to distract you.

I’ll leave that to your discretion whether you think it would be supportive for you to go back. That’s more an intuitive hit. You’ll know, I need to do that one again or I’m good. I checked out a lot on that one, but my subconscious mind heard it, my body heard it, my emotional body heard it, and that’s where you’re at. So you don’t wanna make this laborious, tedious, and so just time consuming that you’re gonna end up not doing it. So keep it friendly. Make the Healing Center friendly place rather than degrade it to be the next hard thing in your life. It can be challenging to do this kind of work. I get that. You need to add on… You don’t need to add hard on top of that.

I was wondering if the weather can play a factor in our healing. Kind of like the full moon. I asked because I hadn’t been feeling much even after the mayor session, as soon as we had very intense than your startups go through, it felt like everything all came together. I feel powerful and amazing just like the storm. Could be. Could be more of a person. I haven’t noticed that for myself necessarily. I’m sure that, you know, the climate changes, the humidity factors, the atmospheric pressure changes that could just… Sure, that affects us on all levels. So yeah, I’d say yes you can. I wouldn’t be looking for that necessarily. And maybe something you were just meant to notice that it was supportive to you.

Let’s see. I have felt a shift throughout the self-confidence course in the past when I’ve done similar programs, I felt beneficial results, but then every grasped or stopped improving after the program ended. What do you recommend so that changes will hold? Well, do the next plan that you feel moved to do because so the things contribute to a lack of or a presence of self-confidence. Definitely the healing plan for your wounded child selves and to be a big one. I mean they all do. They all have an effect on the underlying state of your esteem. And so whether you do this one again or access the tools and you always have the healing plan right there which session spoke to you? Which ones do you get the benefit from? It’s just it’s not a one and done thing. We will support you and creating a more constant state. You have access as long as you have a membership and you’re meant to get very familiar with what is supportive to your healing work and then your sustainability and creating it to be a new habit, your new lifestyle, your new way of being.

I have a question regarding the healing and healing sessions. I find some of them go a little too fast for my thinking processes, so it’s hard for me to know how you feel about the statement in that moment. Later in the day, I feel quite emotional. Does this mean in the brain processes and clears these emotions a little later, like a delayed reaction or should I pause the session in the moment and allow the brain to process the thoughts and the feelings come up at the time of the session? I would not do what you’re asking. Pause the session. You don’t want your mind to lead the healing. You actually don’t want your mind necessarily being able to see how it would it thinks about it. You don’t want the mind map time to go, what do I think about that statement? Do I have a feeling around that? See, now you’ve got the mine in charge of the feelings. You want the feelings to work with independent of the mind. You want them to get operating independent of the mind. You want to feel things independent of your mind trying to control the whole show. So we’re not slowing down and for you that’s just presenting that. You’re having a delayed response. I did write a healing tip about that. So make sure you read that healing tip in the file section.

Okay. I wanna get to some situations people presented today. They wanted some coaching on and then I’ll have got some more questions on moving on once we moved, get to that place. Let me, you’ve got to get into the thread that those are all posted on so I can just read them right. And I won’t be able to do all of these. I said in the post that I only pick a couple of them, so we’ll just go with that.

Okay. Excuse me. I also wanna redirect you to the parenting support I have at the So I’d recommend that if you have a question that’s very focused on parenting and issues with the child that you source the and all the podcasts there. It’s highly likely I’ve got that support for you. Now if it’s something with energy, I mean be discerning about that which they said would be appropriate to find your answer and you can actually send questions that we take. We select from for the podcast it [email protected]

Okay. So I had a question here. This is from Sarah. I feel stuck in my life and like the harder I try, the worse off I am. I’m 38 and currently living with my parents, worked part-time jobs and have never been married and eat healthy and dance, but always stay overweight. I’m trying to stay above despair. Sorry. This is negative.

Sarah, it’s really important. You know your energy type. I’m going to give you a lot of highs. Make sure you’ve got that in sight. And my sense is there’s a party that’s never grown up that still energetically, emotionally tied in with your parents. When you were a teenager, what was it like for you when you were around 16 to 18 years old? Was there this fear of moving out to the world? Did something happened at that point in your life where it felt like it would just be safer to stay within the energetic space of your parent?. It’s like something is created, an interference that’s never been cleared from an earlier time that got you on a treadmill like kinda the groundhog day. I’m still here. I’m still here. I’m 38. I’m still here. Make sure you do that clearing for stuck energy and masterclass. Well, it’s in here in the Healing Center, but there’s something going on that was between 16 to 18 years old. Do a visualization and find that part of you to find out why they don’t wanna grow up. Why do they not wanna move out on their own? Is there something about intimacy, having a committed relationship? And it’s like being an adult female with an adult male does that or some part of you that doesn’t feel safe about that, and the sexual experience somehow is connected there, not feeling that you could feel safe with an adult male. Those are tips. See what you get on that as far as insights.

And this is where writing can be a great value to write a letter, dear teenage self. Why are you so scared to grow up? That my sense… See? We get stuck somewhere and do the childhood development clearing for childhood development stage six now was the phase we were meant to create autonomy or parents are meant to support us and moving out into the world, preparing us for adulthood, having competence in us that we can be a successful adult. Now, are you still there taking care of your mum? Are you living at home because your mum needs you emotionally? I get it that there’s something there that you’re doing for mom rather than dad, that you can’t move out because mum needs you there for some reason, her inner child, are you parenting your mother. That gives you plenty of the look at.

Okay, we’ve got Sarah who asset a dream last week that I am still discerning. I’m in a body of water fighting the current as they try to get to my car, which has my person site. My initial thought was I’m still fighting my type two energy, but I wondered what my person a car had to do with it all. I’m always fighting to get money. Then my husband brought up how I have a tendency to struggle against the current and ended up where I started. No progress. How does this all fit together? I appreciate your insight on this.

I think you’ve got already. You’re dialing into this, that you’re not going with the flow. Why can’t you go with the flow? I think it’s a learned habit from your background that you had to fight for your own, you had to fight to be heard, you had to fight to be seen. You know your type two. And if you have a lot of louder, higher moving energies in your family system, your eyes, you’re going against their current. It’s like you gotta like I gotta try extra hard if anyone’s gonna notice me here. It’s harder than it needs to be. So to me, it’s not about, it’s you have a habit of making life harder than it needs to be. ”Mastering Affluence” is going to be a great tool for you to read along with Healing Center content with clearing session for struggle. The core belief though is it was your experience, it was. It harder for you as a child. It was harder as a teem in your family environment. Now it’s a habit. What was the experience has now become subconsciously how you create your life, which is I make things harder than they need to be. And that can stop now. You can shift that. You can recognize that it’s a habit. Learn from an earlier time that’s no longer serving you. Is it familiar? Yes. Is it supportive? No. Okay?

And money. Money is just one area. You do it really big in. See, it’s like you make money harder than it needs to be. When the money here, I don’t know if you’re a money cure graduate, but that is the deep immersion experience to shift your experience of money. There is a clearing for negative. It’s like it’s the healing plan for negativity about money and finances. Okay. Do that one at least because money cure is not open right now.

All right. Amanda asked, although I had been faithfully working on self-confidence plan, I’m experiencing higher than normal social anxiety lately. Last week, there was a women’s conference at Church and the whole time I felt so anxious and insecure, I could hardly stand it. How do I move past this insecurity and anxiety and live as the national economy or person I know that I can be? Well, at least you know it, so that’s a good thing. It’s an interesting phenomena that when we start to shift the synergy and open it up and change its function, its vibration, it comes. It’s like it can ramp up.

I often knew it was like on it’s last hurrah because I’m like, man, this thing is just, you know, bearing all of it’s in it’s hey. It’s just fireworks of the old pattern in the old energy is on its last big hurrah presenting itself and I would know it. I’d be like, this must be ready to clear because this thing is like blazing. It’s, you know, it’s so amplified. I knew if something was amplifying, it’s like the energy’s last stand. It’s like when you have that perspective too, you can go, Oh yeah, well, patted on the head. Nice try. We’re changing this. Things are shifting here. In the inner child could be like, are you sure? Are you sure? I kinda liked being cloaked in and stuck away in this corner. What are you doing, you know, bringing us all into wholeness? What’s the business here? You know? And so it’s just, it’s that clearing for psychological reversals can really support that even if you have to do them every day sometimes because that energy is just so pronounced amped up and it’s like it’s doing its thing before it shifts.

Let’s see. I’ll take two more of these. I wonder why I have to let go of so many things I’ve been good at in my life like playing the cello and she says how she did, how many years. She took lessons and she has full scholarship. Then she quit singing lead singer in a rock band for 15 years, but moved away after the band broke up. Collage distract her and practitioner would critic her for no reason. Just bored or something, but quit doing it for my own body even though I love it and have amazing results. Energy healing. Got Certified Emotion Code. She has this pattern. It seemed to have a pattern and becoming accomplished and things. But then letting them go. I would love to have your input on this. Well, there’s kind of like, you know, I’d say 17 years and a skull. I mean, you did it for us a fair amount of time. 15 years that you’re in a rock band. That’s not like five months. I mean, that’s was a full experience. Pilates, you don’t give you don’t give me a timeline on that.

You know, it may be that you are complete. You are ready to learn something new and your peer to be from Bonnie Lee year type three. You, you’d done your thing with it, and I’ve had many things in my life. I’ve a been there, done that. I’m complete. I recently hung up my tennis racket from the competitive tennis world after 25 years. It was kind of surprised me. I kept thinking it’s true for a type three, it’s sometimes challenging for us to let go of something we’d given a lot of time and money to because I’m like, I paid a lot of money and give that a ton of my time. How can I just stop? And yet I now filled it with the other activities that I find more fulfilling in that are more in harmony with my life. And so there may not be an issue here is what I’m saying. There may be okay. Maybe it’s just your perception that you need to change, not the experience.

Let’s take some live questions. What if your family isn’t supporting you and continually shaming you? Well, what are you sharing? And I don’t know what the construct of family means. Are we talking? Are you these adult siblings, extended family, parents, none of their business. Don’t tell them what you’re up to. You’d have to share something for them to know and for them to give you that negative feedback. Do not share with people that have never supported you and your healing from their stuff? That’s just a no brainer. Common Sense tells you why would I experience anything different with them. I’m in this space because of my experience with them. So I wouldn’t you. That’s just again, the inner child trying to get something that will just again repeat the pattern. It’s like your 12-year-olds going, well, maybe they’ll be nice to me this time. You know, you keep trying, you keep… Then you go talk to your 12-year-old self and say, hi. It’s not happening. We got to just quit this. They are not capable. We’re looking in the wrong place for the love that’s already there for us and so don’t hook in by playing the old game when those people haven’t shifted because you’re gonna get the same thing that will win you want once again. It’ll just give you another hit of the same, same thing you were used to.

How is it any different than what you used in this, what you’re healing from? Why am I so worried when I’m journaling is a three for parents. I mean I, I got very wordy. You had your, your inner self has a lot to say and it’s like finally, you’re listening. So I’m not suggesting is a type three you’ll always be swift and to the point. You need to know that’s an option in order to engage. And maybe when you engage in the writing exercises, it just starts coming and that’s a great thing

I’ve noticed I yawn every time we start clearing session, what could be, that’s clearing. Yawning is clearing. It’s you’re taking more oxygen in and out, which is really good for your brain. You’re shifting neural pathways.

How much our emotions connected with the hormone cycle. Is it okay to want to? Even that out, no longer experience, very low emotions during those times? Or is it possible? I’ve noticed before I started the healing center that I was getting very emotional depressed before administration or is approaching ovulation. Only felt I was clear minded for like a week out of a normal monthly cycle. I felt a lot better this month with the healing center, but also been questioning. There… So yeah, and emotion precedes the physical body. You’re gonna learn this in ”Mastering Affluence.” There’s an order or vibrational influence, mental, emotional, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. I actually introduce you to this and remembering wholeness. And spiritual, our spiritual body or spiritual knowing is our highest vibration. Mental is the next fastest, then emotional than the physical body. If you address physical issues, independent of healing, emotional and mental wounding, the body will just recreate another way to express the imbalance.

And so I would certainly, if you feel moved in the book, ”Mastering Affluence,” there a great lesson on creating physical affluence. I teach you how to start listening to your body so it tells you whether or not you should go get your hormones checked. There’s a piece for you there so it becomes integrated work where the body now is getting some of its needs met, but not independent of the healing work you’re doing here. That book will be out in two weeks from today. Thanks for sharing it with every single person you know on this planet because I really mean that. My goal is to hit the bestseller list on Amazon. The ”Child Whisperer” got to number six on the entire list in the first day. It could have gone higher but Amazon ran out of inventory, but I’ll take number six. So I’m excited to see what this book does because it’s, it’s a game changer book neon. It’s one of my best works yet, really is. It’s a phenomenal book. Thank you. If you’ve been reading it in the launch group or you were pre-reader, thanks for sharing your experience within a comment for everybody.

The relationship section usually deals with interaction with spouse and partner. What about a singles, chronically single desiring meaningful relationships, help? Do I have. I there a clearing for single in there. I think there is. Somebody look that up. Liz, if you can let me know. I’m pretty sure I mean there. I know there’s a clearing for divorce and separate separation and divorce clearing for single parenting single. You know that you don’t have a healing plan for the single person at this point. I don’t have feeling plans for a lot of things. So at this point, what is the underlying issue that might be driving that status? Are you wanting to be single? If so, there’s not an issue. There’s no plan. You don’t need a healing plan. But what is, that’s driving that focus on that focus on healing that because it’s interfering with desired outcomes and creating relationship experience.

I have one for single parenting, so not quite what you’re looking for. So don’t use that as a crutch though. That. What about us singles? It’s like, you know, you wanna make sure that you recognize that every, you know, I don’t catered it. Every certain scenario here in the Healing Center, we certainly have covered the broadest spectrum with what’s offered. Yeah. What can you do to make it specific to you? Even in the relationship, if you’ve been in relationships, which I assume you have, why haven’t they worked out for you? While there’s blame, control their sessions in there, check them out. There are stuff for you to do.

All right, we’ll take a couple more questions if there’s any live that I want you to talk about, some questions moving onto the next plan. Carol’s previously mentioned that you will need a break after healing plan before starting a new one. With the self-confidence plan ending, how long do I need to wait to start another healing plan? I wanna do the weight loss plan next, so I continue to listen to the daily scripts and affirmations, doing energy circles for the self-confidence plan even when I started a new plan.

This is what I’d call a lighter weight plan versus a heavyweight plan. The self-confidence one, certainly it’s been really deepened moving, so my felt a little heavier for some people, but clearing for abuse, obviously, it’s going to be a heavy plan. Clearing for the wounded for childhood wounding get a little heavy. The weight loss one can get a little heavy, so depending on how it’s affected you, has it been just really deep, sort of grueling? Really kind of took me out of work and you know, or people have commented, you know, they feel more tired. They’ve had to spend more time sleeping, they’ve had some days that had been just, you know, challenging, intense. That’s kind of your gauge that I take at least two, one to two days between a plan like this plan. Like if you’re reading this today, rapid avenue, you could start something on Thursday, Friday, what’s a good day for you to start a plan so that you stay in sync with that too. So think of that, which day of the week because now you’re on a, you know, you’re tracking yourself to keep moving from week to week.

You might need five to seven days off. You can continue with whatever healing plants, daily processes you’ve done, but don’t keep them going. Switch to the next healing plans daily practices once you start them is it’s really supportive to continue the positive mind training work and energy circles. I used to do those every day of my life for or I’m gonna take three. I don’t think it was every day, but good 90%of my week I would do energy circles really, really routinely, regularly. They were a big part of my creation process years ago and I did it for years. That just became… Instead of writing it all out, I would do an energy circle what I wanted to have a vision board, see I would do energy circles. So I liked the body, whole body experience and find that very effective that I’m inviting my whole body to participate because so much of the creation tools that are taught and the sort of awareness movement are all about mental activities, not body-based activities.

And I realize people are really good at creating this in their thoughts. There seems to be a blocking materializing as a physical form or real experience. And that’s what I got really committed to as I’m gonna bring this into manifestation. If I know something’s correct, no matter how long, if I’ve been given a confirmation, this is correct, I’ll stick with it. I have great tenacity for that. Sure, I have my days where I go, oh, this has never happened, that I, you know, I’m good at picking myself up off the floor and go on. I’m still here. I’m in a body. You know, how much time does this take? Not a lot. Let’s believe in it.

I talk about that and the physical section. There’s some things I share that I’ve never shared anywhere in ”Mastering Affluence,” I’ve never in depth written about the physical issues. I’ve had to heal the last four and a half years and my experience with that and I was really, really grateful that I’ve had this experience so I can teach what I learned from it. And then there’s things in the relationship lesson that specific to my husband and I that I’ve never shared in the manner in which I do in the book. And I’m really, really excited to share this with the world. There’s a sense of realness that I’ve been through these things and I’ve learned, I’ve learned, I’ve had to navigate them, and I choose to teach it for my authentic experience and grateful I can help so many people in that. So thanks for telling everybody you know on the planet about ”Mastering Affluence” on September 18th.

So we’re coming to an end. While I feel a difference, I don’t think I could ace a confidence exam, see low confidence anyway. Do we do it all again or do I move on to another healing plan and circle back to this one at a later date. When we finish your healing plan, do we stop doing the affirmations and daily script for that particular plan as we go to the next one? I really love the energy circles. They make me feel wonderful, but is it possible to see them too long so that it becomes counterproductive as well regarding the energy circle. In the self-confidence healing plan, was that just the demo or the affirmations in that video to be done every day?

So can we answered all those quickly. I already spoke to your acing a self-confidence plan at the first part of tonight’s coaching call. Re-watch that if you missed it. I spoke to the switch to the new, uh, daily practices. When you start a new healing plan, if energy circles really serve, you just answered that they can become a regular routine for you. Can be done too much? Yeah, it’s all you do day to day. You do anything, do much. It’s like, okay, you gotta have to leave your room to see what the universe wants to deliver to you as maybe they’re not gonna come knocking on your door and say, ”Hey, I hear you wanted.” So you might have inspired action is a big piece of how things materialize. You’re inspired to do certain things so it creates a cause and effect for you.

So next, what healing plan is speaking to you? That’s come up a lot. The childhood wounding, everyone benefits from that. The weight loss, there’s a lot of shame-based references to body, no matter you’re needing to, if your body would be healthier, if you lost some weight or not. It’s all so much in your head anyway, your perception of your body, whether it’s acceptable. That can be a great one. There’s just so many great choices. There’s eight other healing plans to choose from. I figured if you did every one with break, she’d be in here for several months, but you’d be changed human being.

And the coaching calls are going to be a huge asset for you for sustainability just to continue to on a monthly basis, be supportive by me. Our next coaching call is actually, there’ll be every. They will be Tuesday nights. It’s four weeks from now. It’s October second. In the meantime, I’ll be in the Facebook group supporting all of you with my amazing support team that’s there a lot. They’re the best. Let’s all given them a big thank you.

Okay. One last question. Is there a difference between I’m not sure this word. No. I’m gonna look it up. Being naive, I think. Naive. Is there a difference between being naive and faith? If it was spelled and she had to give it to me again, it just been spelled wrong. If I feel confident that something is going to happen, how do I know if I’m being naive or actually being faithful? Is being naïve a bad thing that should be avoided or does it have its place? Well, to be there? Two different things, believing in something is a response to a very strong impression, the confirmation of your inner self, your soul God, as you understand God and experienced God, a divine source impressing upon you that this is what’s right. This is what wants to happen. You’ve had an intuitive hit or a personal revelation. Personal insight, inspiration. There’s a lot of words. It’s Mantis we use to describe an inner knowing and then believing that that is possible is an act of faith. Being naive is more just sort of not invested in it, I don’t see them as the two too similar experiences. So sometimes it’s good that we’re not naive so that we don’t get our own way. We tend to create our own interferences more than anyone based on old habits of struggle and what we’re used to experiencing.

So how did tonight’s call go for you? How have you enjoyed the supported healing plan? I have another plan to do this again in a few months. You’ll hear me hearing about that when they’ll do another group supported plan. We’ll be scheduling these every so many months as we feel that we want you to have the freedom to customize your experience and then also have that support experience with me. So it kinda teaches you how to navigate this experience and be successful in using the resources here. So how have these calls helped you? I’d love to hear about that.

I’ll read a few comments right now. Love that you stress listening to intuition and trusting your gut. The last two weeks have brought up some forgotten memories for sure. I was able to be an observer of the memory without getting upset when like, ”Oh, that’s why I didn’t want to feel or express, but I wanna shut close, disappear.” Good for you. I talked about that in a previous call about becoming the observer. Deepak Chopra, I learned this from him, you know, decades ago of the concept of being the observer and the observed. And that’s when your mind starts to observe you and your pattern. It’s like you have a third party awareness of I’m doing it again, an objectivity to it and awareness of your pattern. So being an observer and the observed as a state of mindfulness that develops by doing this work, so that’s a fun thing to read that someone experience that. Thank you for sharing that.

Very intrigued with the idea that mind is trying to distract you. I am not noticing that necessarily and I’m still aware that I am needing to connect with myself. This is a longterm pattern with me. I disregard myself and find receiving to be a vague feeling. Sometimes, I will feel like nothing happened when I do a healing plan and then days or weeks later, realize it has changed something,typically, my subconscious is still working it out and then boom, shift. Good for you for noticing it. Good for you that have the awareness and the pace of life that you can see it, that you’re aware and you’re living at a pace of life that you’re taking time to see these things. That’s great.

Thanks again. I’ll see you on the Facebook page. I loved that were able to really focus that these calls are coaching calls. I have a gift to support you in tuning in to your experience, your energy, and give you feedback. Love to hear how that helped the people I was able to respond to their scenarios, how was that supportive to you and others? I’m sure got a lot of ahas also, when you come to these calls with intention that you’ll receive what’s perfect and timely for you. You always do. And to focus on these coaching calls rather than just Q&A’s about how to use the Healing Center and healing practices at large that I can really serve you by supporting you even if we were in a private session together and you were telling me your story and I was able to go, this is what I’m noticing. This is what I’m zeroing in on so that you can really get to the core of it and allow a shift to occur now with what you’re dealing with. So we know how those helped you tonight in the feedback and insights they shared based on those personal situations that I was able to serve tonight.

Thanks for watching, everyone. I’m just so grateful you’re all a part of this and thank you for sharing the Healing Center, but the next person that shows up, it’s looking for help, that’s ready to make a change for the positive in their lives. You will be the answer to that in which they desire by sending them here. I appreciate that you share this so willingly. Talk to you soon.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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