Sound Meditation to Heal Childhood Wounding

5 minutes

Carol custom-produced this sound meditation using her Tibetan healing bowls to help you move through all of the developmental stages from your birth to age 18. If you are stuck in one (or more) of those stages, you may be trying to make up the difference as an adult.

Listen to this sound meditation track to open and activate your energy centers as though you had an ideal childhood experience that supported you in growing into a confident and healthy adult.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Uncertainty about who you’re supposed to be

Confusion as you make choices that feel incorrect

Residue from old wounds you don’t know how to heal

A lack of confidence in your own voice

You Want To:

Feel grounded in your own energy

Make correct choices for yourself without question

Heal old wounds and be free to move on

Create a life every day where you feel confident


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