Visualization to Grow Yourself Up Emotionally

8 minutes

This visualization will help you integrate all of the energies of your emotional self between birth and your teen years. These were the years you were the most vulnerable to either learning to accept and express your emotional self, or to deny and repress your emotional self. Doing this visualization will help you reset your emotional energy to allow you to feel safe and confident in feeling and expressing what emotion is true for you.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear about expressing who you are

An urge to heal your inner child

Moments of emotional immaturity

A hunch that you’ve denied parts of yourself

You Want To:

Feel fully safe to be yourself

Tell your inner child what she needs to hear

Express yourself with wisdom and grace

Connect with yourself at all ages

Session Transcript

Sit in a comfortable position with your arms and legs uncrossed. Take three deep breaths. And with each exhale, let go of any thoughts running through your mind. Notice your whole body from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. Close your eyes and turn your energy inward. Imagine you are standing in the light of heaven with guides and or angels there to support you. Imagine yourself turning in the direction of your past.

See a timeline extending all the way into your past, all the way back to your birth. With the help of your guide or angels, they take you by the hand, and you easily and quickly glide all the way back along your timeline to the beginning of your life to the place of your birth. You find your infant self waiting there for you. You pick up this little baby and tell her or him how glad you are to see them and that you are emotionally bringing them home to you today.

Cuddle that little one and tell your little self how much they are loved. Tell them, “You are loved and wanted because you were born. There is nothing you have to do to be loved”. Embrace this infant self and meld the image and energy of your infant self into your heart, placing your hands on your heart. Move along the timeline until you see another younger part of yourself between the ages of two to three years old.

Your little toddler self has been waiting for you. Bend down on your knees so you can look this little self in the eyes and invite them to come to you as you open your arms to them. Tell this little toddler self, “It is safe for you to explore this world and see how you feel about it. Your feelings are always safe with me.” Embrace this little one and imagine the image and energy of this little self melding into your heart, placing your hands on your heart.

Move further along the timeline until you find the part of you that is between four to six years old. This is the part of you that started to go to school and learn about the world around you. Say hello to this younger self and let them know how glad you are to see them. They have been waiting for you and are eager to have your support. Bend down to talk to this younger self and tell them, “It is safe to think for yourself and have your own ideas and opinions, and I will always love you and support you.”

This little one has a big smile on their face and is so grateful to feel emotionally supported by you to live true to who they are. Embrace this little one and imagine the image and energy of this part of you melding into your heart. Place your hands on your heart.

As you continue along your timeline, you find an older part of you. It’s your grade-school self. You notice you are growing, and by this time in your life have decided if the world is a safe place to share your true feelings. This part of you is between seven to 12-years-old. This part of you may be hesitant to come to you depending on how much they trust adults. Let this part of you know who you are. “Hello, I am your adult self. I have come to take you home to be safe within my heart where you are free to feel whatever you need to feel.”

This part of you feels reassured as you walk towards each other. Bend over and give this part of you a hug and tell them, “You have a right to be your own person. You can try out different roles and ways of using your personal power.” This part of you feels a weight come off their shoulders as they are now free to live for themselves rather than adapting to live for everyone else, especially mom and dad. As you embrace this part of you, imagine the image and energy of this self melding into your heart. Place your hands on your heart.

You look back to your birth and see how far you’ve come. As you now move along your timeline to the time of your teenage years, you find your teenage self that is between the age of 13 to 20, the maturing part of you that is becoming an adult. You say hello and introduce yourself. This part of you is curious about why you are there. You let them know that they weren’t given the proper emotional support to enter into adulthood, feeling emotionally confident and mature. You are there to help make up that difference.

You take this part of you by the hand and give them a hug while you affirm to them, “You can know who you are and learn through your choices how you feel about people and experiences. You can take all the time you need to grow up and prepare yourself for your adult life.” This part of you feels very reassured and supported by you. Bring this part of you close to you and imagine the image and energy of this teenage self melding into your heart. Place your hands on your heart.

You see where you are on your timeline in relationship to the now of your life. You can glide along the timeline in the direction of the now. As you move along, you are like a magnet attracting all the emotional parts of you that you split from throughout your adult years. This energy melds into you, coming into balance and harmony with the truth of who you are. You arrive back at the point of now and take a deep breath.

Open your eyes and stand up. March in place or go for a walk to help your body integrate this emotional energy into your entire body and being.

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