Visualization to Release Ancestral Energy Patterns

9 minutes

This visualization will help you anytime you’re stuck in patterns that feel overwhelming and unmoveable. As a result of doing this visualization, you’ll experience more confidence and lightness. You’ll easily determine which percentage of the energy pattern is yours to heal, and how much of it is generational.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Overwhelm from a pattern you can’t shake

Recurring experiences that feel stuck and hard

Discomfort and frustration after each occurrence

Stress that lingers despite attempted healing

You Want To:

Release the heavy burden that’s not yours

Easily heal the portion that is yours

Feel relief and happiness about your healing

Create more freedom for yourself and others

Session Transcript

Sit down with your arms and your legs uncrossed. Take a deep inhale and exhale. Close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Take another deep inhale and exhale. Drop your shoulders. Feel your arms, your torso, and your legs. Relax. With your attention turned inward, imagine you’re standing in the light with your spiritual support team. Imagine as best as you can according to your spiritual beliefs, who’s there for you? Maybe it’s God the Father, God the Mother, Christ, ancient beings, your soul, angels, your higher self, whatever it is, see that this powerful source of support is there for you. They’re there to help you claim your truth, to feel the peace, the joy, and the fulfillment of being you.

Allow yourself to be in this light with this support. Take a deep inhale. Breathe in the light, and as you exhale, imagine the light grows brighter within you. Think of a pattern or an issue that you are choosing to heal at this time in your life. Something that you’ve dealt with that causes discomfort. You’ve been carrying this experience in your life for some time. Consider the possibility that this issue, this pattern may be rooted in a generational past and you’re now that one, and it’s time to heal it. It’s showing up at a perfect time for you to become aware of it so it can be healed. You’ve been working on it and you have such a great desire to be free of it. So, you ask your spiritual support team to help you with this. As you recognize that this is a pattern that’s been generational, that it is something that’s repeated itself through the lives of your ancestors. Maybe just your parents, maybe it goes back to your grandparents and beyond them, maybe their story with it looked a little different. But the underlying energy that’s creating it has come down through the generations. And your spirit support tells you this is not just yours, this comes from your family. And so, you do not have to carry all of it anymore. You can give back what others created in their lifetime and then as you create what part is yours, the whole pattern can be healed.

So, you ask your spirit support, what percent of this pattern is generational? And they show you maybe on a card or a number is presented to you. They’re showing you what percent is generational. You see that number and you realize you’re actually shocked how high that number is. Maybe it’s 70%, 80%, maybe even 90% of the energy comes from the generations that preceded you, that only a small portion is actually yours, and you feel a great relief from that. An overwhelming gratitude of, wow, this isn’t as hard as I thought. And so, whatever percent is remaining, let’s just imagine it’s 20% is yours. You give all that energy back. You can even imagine that there’s a body of people there that represent your ancestors, those that have preceded you. Some are still alive, but mostly the majority of them have moved on into spirit form and you give all that energy back. You give that 80% or whatever higher percent of energy is there, you just give it back to them. You give back what you no longer have to carry. And imagine the number that’s yours. That smaller number, much smaller number. You feel the weight lift from you. You feel the freedom of that and you imagine you’re holding that number in your hands and you’re okay with that. I can heal this. I’m choosing to heal this. I am successful at healing this, and you take that and you own it. Just kind of close your hands and you make it yours. That smaller percent is mine and I am choosing to heal it. You notice as you’ve given back that energy to your ancestor, to the generations that preceded you, they’re happy to take it and transmute that energy. They’re happy to take it away from you. They’re cheering you on now because they now know that you’ve given back this greater portion. You’re now more free to heal your own portion.

As they transmute this energy into light, you’re now free to transmute that small portion of this pattern, this issue, into light yourself. So, open your hands up again and now imagine that that energy that you were holding, that’s your portion, your percent has turned into a ball of light, a beautiful ball of light. It can be just like crystalline light. It can be a color, but it’s transmuted into light that you can now use to create what you desire, what you want to experience rather than what you have been experienced. Take a deep inhale and bring the palms of your hands and immerse that light into your heart. Putting your hands on the center of your chest, taking an inhale and deep exhale, deep inhale and exhale. And repeat after me. I am ready and able to now heal this percent which is mine. It is easy. I am doing it quickly. I am noticing this pattern changing readily, effortlessly. Thank your ancestors, the generations that showed up to take back this energy. Thank them for being accountable for their creations. Thank your spiritual support team for being there for you, for always being there for you. Thank the pattern for what it’s taught you, the lessons that have come from it, and you’re ready now to be free of it, that you have learned the lessons, experienced the growth that it’s meant to serve you with and you’re ready to have it transform.

Take another deep inhale and exhale. Bring your attention back to your body, feeling the surface that you’re sitting on, your feet on the floor, becoming aware of the space that you occupy, and comfortably open your eyes and notice the confidence and the relief that you feel. And remember when things feel immovable or overwhelming or so uncomfortable, come back to this resource to give that energy that’s not yours back to its authors and choose to be accountable for the portion that is yours. Give yourself that relief and allow yourself now to be 100% free of these old family patterns.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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