Visualization to Thaw Out Frozen Emotions

8 minutes

This visualization will help you get in touch with your emotions that have been frozen and shut down. You may have had an experience in your past that made you feel as though it was not safe to feel your emotions, so you protected yourself by turning them off in order to prevent emotional overwhelm. Doing this visualization will help you identify the real reason behind your frozen emotions and allow you to feel safe and confident in feeling and expressing your emotions again.

When to Use

You Are Experiencing:

Fear about feeling too “emotional”

Shameful memories from your past

Difficulty when trying to express yourself

Emotional wounds from your childhood

You Want To:

Feel safe to show all of your emotions

Be fully at peace with your past

Express yourself maturity and love

Heal your inner child with ease

Session Transcript

Allowing your feelings to open and flow so you can allow your emotional energy to heal, it is important to be able to feel your feelings. This does not mean that you have to be overcome with emotion or be processing emotion for extended periods of time. It means that you are in touch with how you feel. You notice your feelings and you are able to express them. Being able to write about your feelings in daily journaling practices is a safe and easy way to express unexpressed buried emotion. As you do this, healing occurs. Use this visualization to help you feel safe to allow your feelings to open, flow, and be expressed. You will need a pen and paper for an exercise you will do during the visualization. Pause the recording and grab those if you need to.

Repeat this affirmation after me, “I am now safe to feel my feelings and express them as part of my healing process.”

Close your eyes, uncross your arms and legs. Turn your attention inward and take three deep breaths. With each exhale, you’ll feel your body relax more. Take a deep breath and pull your shoulders up to your ears and tighten your shoulders. And as you exhale, relax your shoulders and arms. Shake your arms loose. Take a deep breath. And as you exhale, imagine your body is like a rag doll, sinking deeper into your chair. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, say to yourself, “I am relaxed, relaxed, relaxed.”

With your attention inward, imagine you are standing in a safe place. Maybe it’s a place in nature, a place in the light or a room you feel safe in. Imagine your spiritual support team is there to help you, and you feel the warmth and love of this divine energy, which is making you feel even more safe. You see a large block of ice off in the distance, and you quickly move to the block of ice until it is in front of you. You look into the block of ice, and you’re going to see one of two things inside the block of ice. As you look into the middle of the block of ice, you either notice your brain, or you notice a younger self that is frozen in the ice.

This image represents having to freeze your emotion at some point in your life to help you function. Your intent in freezing your emotion was so you would not become emotionally overwhelmed and not be able to function. If you are seeing your brain in the block of ice, it was your way of shutting down your limbic system, the part of your brain that processes emotion. If you see a younger self, this younger self represents an age you just had to stop feeling, and this part of you has been holding all of your emotions for you.

There was just too much to feel in your younger years, and it was not safe to feel it, or you just didn’t know you could or even how to feel it. Say to yourself, “I let go of this old pattern. I am safe now to feel my feelings.” You see a pair of heavy duty gloves that are there for you to put on. You put them on and pick up a block of ice. As you hold the block of ice, the ice easily and quickly melts away and frees up either your brain or your younger self. As the thawing of this part of you occurs, you see your brain or your younger self change form and turn into words that represent the emotions. You are ready to feel.

What feelings are being formed into words? Sadness, anger, frustration, powerlessness, eagerness, even positive emotions are thawing out. Joy, freedom, happiness, playfulness. What words do you see that represent the emotions you are ready to feel? You see the words that represent the energy of your emotion organizing themselves in a way that they can be felt in a comfortable and safe manner. How are they being organized? What are you noticing? Maybe there are angels there ready to hold the emotions for you. Maybe God or Christ is there to hold the emotion for you to feed it to you as you need to feel it. Maybe they are going into a Tibetan healing bowl being held there or some other container. You take a deep breath in and notice if you’re feeling any of this energy now.

Now, you’re going to take a moment for a writing exercise. Using your pen and paper, open your eyes and finish the sentence ten times. “I am feeling…” Fill in the blank ten times. You can even repeat the feelings in what you’re writing. Turn off the recording and do this now.

Take a deep breath, exhale and relax and congratulate yourself for getting in touch with your feelings. Take another deep breath in, then out. Repeat after me. “I am now safe to feel my feelings and express them as part of my healing process.” Cup your hands in front of you. Take all the energy of this visualization and all of the emotional energy you have connected with and place it in your cupped hands. Bring your hands to your heart and receive this energy. Take a deep breath in, exhale, and again repeat “I am now safe to feel my feelings and express them as part of my healing process.”

Good for you. Take time to notice when you are feeling your feelings as you move through the day. Stop and acknowledge this to continue to open yourself to all the beautiful feelings you are ready to feel.

Glossary: Energy Healing Terms & Meanings

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